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Dear Friends and listeners:

Joe McNeil called today to say that a specialist from Seattle was going to onsite to the Idaho facilities of the MicroEffect radio facilities. A transmission tower blew down in storms last Friday and they are still trying to get back up. They MIGHT be on line today, but it may not be ready today. Poor Joe!

As was the case Tuesday, the chatroom is still fortunately open 24/7. After initial problems connecting myself, I got on line Tuesday. I was online with chatroom participants until 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, nearly two hours. The participation and questions were excellent!

I talked at length with Warren Smith. He is on standby in case we go today. Otherwise, we have rescheduled him for next Friday when Joe assures me all should, God willing, be fixed and ready.

So we can all stay in practice I would love to join all those with questions, comments, again in the chatroom. I will go on line at approximately 4:55 p.m. Eastern Time (1:55 Eastern Time) to may sure all is working and for those signing on for the first time, here's how:

1. Go to internet address:
2. Select the chatroom option from the menu.
3. Give yourself a name.
4. Don’t worry about the password part. Right now, it’s not necessary.
5. Pose your questions live and I’ll answer them as fast as I can type in real time.

In hopes of "staying tuned" to put it in Herb Peters' beloved terminology, see you there!

There goes the Prince of
the power of the air again.

Hi Paul,

But many of us still had a great time in the chatroom. Wish you had joined us there!

was great to talk to all of you!

disturbing news:

David Lynch to open
New Age/ Nazi - Universities
in Europe:

Farmer, farmer, farmer... What a 'can o' worms' you've opened up for me this morning with your distubing news regarding David Lynch! He has been VERY busy on this side of the pond. I did some Google searching this morning to update myself on the progression of "meditation techniques" in our public schools in the US and what part David Lynch and his foundation have played. The following is some of what I've found. This first link is to the website of the David Lynch Foundation:

Of the most interest to me on this website was the "News" section where there you can view programs featured on PBS,CBS,NBC,ABC as well as The National Education Association. An excerpt at the top of this page reads,
"“The benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program for education and health, and the success of the David Lynch Foundation is bringing this program to schools worldwide, have been featured in many thousands of press reports.”

David Lynch has a "MySpace" page.

The New York Times on-line had a June 16, 2007 story titled, "In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind" If you have any problem reading the article, (if you get a message saying you must subscribe) do a Google search using the title or part of the title and the article will be available.

A couple other items I found very helpful were:
"Mindfulness 101"

"the new ABC's -- learning and leading a balanced life."

The following essay titled, "Take a Breath"

Even more disturbing than the "public" realm where these "breathing exercises" and "meditation techniques" are being used with our children is the way these same practices have infiltrated the church. Warren Smith:
"Meditation and Contemplative Prayer: Test the Spirits"

Lighthouse Trails Article:

Recommended Reading:
"Like Lambs to the Slaughter" by
Johanna Michaelsen
"Questions and Answers on Electronic Tagging of Sheep and Goats"
This new (11/16/07) press release on the EUROPA website was just posted by "Prayer/watcher/warrior"
over on Fulfilled Prophecy.

I've been trying to find an online copy of this article but haven't had much success. Is this one available to you?

The Security Council as ‘Global Legislator’: Ultra Vires or Ultra Innovative,”. Fordham International Law Journal, vol. 28, May 2005
Dear Constance,
Thank you so much!
I'll try to stop by in the future.

Re the chat room, I'm going to have to make an effort too at some stage though I'm on the underbelly of this tired planet. Speaking about Nazis: here's a current article from American Thinker. We are seeing the same drivers in our societies that occurred in Hitler's day.
The Nazis and Christianity


Here is a link you may find interesting.

BTW, some time ago I was asked how to do the URL auto link but I couldn’t post an example without it becoming a link. One of the posters at Joel Rosenberg’s blog posted a clever way of showing it. If anyone is still interested….here it is:

<a href="">Text that shows in blue</a>
Yipes! I just read the recent Herescope entries about the Course of Miracles and Oprah Winfrey's year long broadcast on XM. What I read was chilling. It's not just the obvious indoctrination to the New Age Movement, but the conditioning of the rejection of Jesus and to us Christians who follow Him.
Carrie Tomko and I don't agree on a lot of things, but her website, linked on the first page here, quite often contains information of importance. Readers here should watch it.

I am concerned that while too many readers are busy watching Europe where changes are taking place that will affect us in the US, what is happening here in the US is being ignored.

Here is an article on populatoion control issues in Japan that will play out here. Read it.

BEIJING, Nov. 19, according to Xinhua Taiwan's "Today" reported that Chen Shui-bian's four-day fasting guard for medical treatment, including the Oriental Hospital and the Panchiao to spend a wow power leveling total of nearly 20,000 yuan (NT, the same below) medical wow powerleveling expenses, as His health insurance card to stay in Taipei Detention Center, must first serve their own expense, the medical expenses from his detention in custody of the gold deduction, but Chen Shui-bian's custody, only 16,000 yuan deposit, the deduction is not enough, said the detention center, not wow gold part of the Will be asked to make up for the families or lawyers.

1 At about noon today, Chen Shui-bian ambulance ride to live for three days to leave the county medical Panchiao District Court, although power leveling the people left, but still have to pay money, including an ambulance referral to spend 800 yuan, into the ring adhere to the intensive care unit Fasting only saline water and glucose, a day to spend about 1500 yuan, plus medical expenses, hospital fees, in Panchiao powerleveling hospital guard spent a total of three million yuan.
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