Friday, November 09, 2007

Solana's "International Enrichment Centre"?

Javier Solana has made a new proposal that if successful would greatly increase his influence and control. It could also make him look like a global peacemaker.

He has proposed an "International Enrichment Centre" under "multilateral control" to take charge of nuclear enrichment so that all countries might take advantage of its cheaper energy while simultaneously reducing nuclear threats from "rogue nations."

"The only way of finding a lasting solution to these problems is. . .
by creating an international enrichment centre under multilateral
supervision. All states would have access to this enriched fuel on equal
terms and at competitive prices . . ."

Stay tuned!

"EU HR Javier Solana to visit the Middle East from Sunday, 11 November to Wednesday, 14 November 2007."

Have a pleasant evening.

A fellow watchwoman
P.S. A detailed agenda of Dr. Solana's upcoming Middle East trip:
doesn't Solana normally get a 1/2 birthday diplomatic present in mid to late November?
A fellow watchwoman- Thanks for the info. The second tiny url above wouldn't work. I even tried to type in the full long url but something fishy is going on. Now the same pages I looked at five minutes ago aren't there. Guess it must be the cyber bandit striking again. I had some other information I was trying to post tonight and it disappeared by the time I tried the links a second time. Oh well...big surprise.
Yes, also noticed yesterday that the link was a bit "squirrelly," Rudi:

Visit to the Middle East

Cairo (Egypt)

Meeting with the President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas

Visit to the Middle East

Cairo (Egypt)

Meeting with President Mubarak

Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Abul Gheit

Meeting with Secretary-General of the Arab League Amr Moussa

Visit to the Middle East

Ramallah (Palestinian Territories):

am :

Meeting with Prime Minister Sala Fayyad

Meeting with Chairman of the Palestinian negotiating Team Ahmed Ali Mohammed Qurel

Meeting with Head of the Palestinian Negotiating Team Saeb Erekat

Meeting with Secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee Yasser Abed Rabbo

Jericho (Palestinian Territories)

pm :

Visit to the EU Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories (EUPOL COPPS)

Visit of the Jericho Police Training Centre

Visit of the Jericho Police Headquarters

Visit to the Middle East - Israel


Meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Meeting with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

Meeting with Defence Minister Ehud Barak

(See link in 2nd post.)

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
Here is a link to the press release
A fellow watchwoman-Thanks for posting the agenda info. The press release link says- page not available. Rudi
I realize most may be aware already of the following information, but in light of my near disastrous experience this morning I'm going to re-post this information that I've just posted on Fulfilled Prophecy. Hopefully it could prevent any of you from infecting your computers with a virus. Several weeks, ago the tech section on msn had the following information posted for viewing: "In Pictures: Warning Signs of an Internet Attack"

( I checked and this long url can be cut and pasted and will work.) Please look at the 9 pictures that show 'tricks' that are being used to entice computer users to click on. The reason I'm posting this is, because I viewed this info some weeks ago, I was on the alert to something that happened to me this morning. I was googling and reading some articles in some on- line Israeli newspapers which we all look at. I was aware of the following warning posted on the Fox News and the Debka File websites relating to a possible cyber attack starting on Nov 11, which is tomorrow. Read the article here:,2933,307601,00.html

This morning, while reading an article on a trusted Israel news site a message similar to one of the warning pictures in the msn warnings pictured in the link above popped onto the screen. All I did was clicked the red X in the upper right hand corner to eliminate it as you would any cookie. It immediately started scanning my files. I quickly shut off the cumputer before it had a chance to go any further. Then I started running one of three security programs we have. The most deceptive part of the window that popped up was it had "Windows" up in the left corner and it's message was just informational. Although I knew not to even trust it in spite of "windows" logo, (because of the msn warning at the link above) I'm still posting this, because simply clicking on the red x to get rid of it was enough to activate it. So this is just a warning to everyone to be cautious. If something similar pops up on your screen it might be better to not touch it at all and shut down immediately. Rudi
Here is an article by author
Warren Smith from World Net Daily
dated Oct. 17, 2007. The article is titled "Rethinking Robert Schuller" Got the link from "shampoo" on FP.

Also, for any who would like to read what, in my view, is the best expose I've ever come across on the Contemplative Prayer/ Meditation infiltration within the church see:

The top link is Chapter five from Warren Smith's book titled,
"Meditation and Contemplative Prayer: Test the Spirits"
The second link gives access to the entire book.
Rudi, are these internet attacks illegal? If so, do you know why they go on? Could a lax enforcement be a back door approach to taxing the internet? I understand this may beyond you, but may be someone has ideas.
Thanks for the web sight.
Hi Setterman-
Your post got me thinking and it caused me to go back to Constance's Monday Sept 17, 2007 blog about "Contraction and Convergence-New Age Total Control?"
Everyone should go back and re-read it. Perhaps, of even greater significance to the question you posed about taxing the internet, read again Constance's News with Views article from April 18, 2007
titled, "A NEW GLOBAL CONSTITUTION AND A NEW INTERNET?" I've been going back and re-reading alot of Constances' blogs. There doesn't seem to be much "new" information to bring up here in the comments, that Constance hasn't already written about over the years. The best we can do here, even if we're posting information we're already somewhat aware of, is, keep one another in an ever vigilant state of awareness.

1 Peter 5:8-9
"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world."
Brave new world?

“There is an abundance of such embryos in any surgery or institution doing IVF [in vitro fertilisation]. The appeal is to make use of these embryos with the parents’ consent or to wash them down the sink.

“From a utilitarian point of view you can use them for what you believe is the good of humankind.”
Full human clones ‘a matter of time’
I picked this up from Joel Rosenberg's blog:
"Oprah and Friends" To Teach Course on New Age Christ

My take on Oprah is that she seems to feed off her audience's mindless approval. I can only stand watching her for a few minutes before I switch off. One cannot underestimate the influence this "high priestess" of the New Age has had on America.
One World Currency On The Way?
This week is going to be very interesting...

Plunging Dollar-Blessing In Disguise? []

11/11/2007 1:05:55 AM The value of the dollar is heading down the drain, but is anyone paying attention? Quite perplexing is the rumor that is swirling on the Street that the U.S. government is intentionally allowing the currency to depreciate. Rumor mills are churning out stories about how the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are working together to implement a slow devaluation of the dollar rather than allowing a collapse.

Hal Lindsay: "None dare call it 'conspiracy'":

Please check your e-mail. Give me a call if it gets burried and you can't find it.

Mac, my brother did the COURSE in MIRACLES, he was a true NAer traveling all over the world looking for healing from HIV, but before he died in Paris France he found that what we needed healing from is sin through the shed blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

Some thoughts for the "Bored."

Much of what I have been reading this week is about how careless the US is regarding “The Infection” of Islam into the West. Beyond the obvious: EU immigration, support for the subjugation of Yugoslavia, US denial of Saudi fundamentalism, and our failure to understand Palestinian intentions. We should remember how cavalier the US was and now is again toward Russian communism, the hegemony of China, and most importantly, the tentacles of the New Age. The waves of assimilation, reminds me of Rome. It didn’t matter what you believed as long as you would also bow to Caesar. These things got me wondering: what is it about the US which we bow that is so encompassing? In part, there is Righteous Liberty and freedom from tyranny. On that side of my thinking, most of the best of us are fighting in Iraq and other desolate places; places like Africa, places like town halls in our heart country fighting the ACLU, ATA and other Godless associations. There is another thought that comes to mind, one that I think is sobering and without patriotism or dignity, and that is what Francis Schaeffer referred to as: “My own personal peace and prosperity.” I was reflecting on Corrie Ten boom; her pastor didn’t want to get involved with saving the Jews , because of his fear for HIS family. Another example is illegal aliens who want stuff but not the nobility of what founded this “Land of the Free.”
Thanks for allowing me to muse with you. Jesus said: “count the cost.” The German theologian said: “Jesus bids me come and die.”
Setterman, yep, I did the CIM; Kriya Yoga; Cayce readings etc, etc. I've been trying to witness to the people viewing Neale Donald Walsch's YouTube presentations - talk about tough nuts to crack! The common denominators in all these philosophies is the denial of Jesus' work on the cross and the lie that the answers are in us. When you look at all the NA systems that differ in so many fine details yet are in unanimous agreement with those two things - then you know that there really is a Cosmic Conspiracy that began in Eden.

I'm so glad your brother found salvation. Very comforting story.
Into the valley of shadow we go..

"A technical breakthrough has enabled scientists to create for the first time dozens of cloned embryos from adult monkeys, raising the prospect of the same procedure being used to make cloned human embryos."
Cloning: a giant step
Me again! I need to get a life! Interesting comments about my mate, Sarko...
What to Think of Sarkozy?
Well, we are becoming more aware of the accusation that Christian fundamentalism is as bad, or worse than Islamic terrorism, but the propaganda coming against the Jews is probably worse. A quote from REV.’ TUTU: like Hitler and other tyrants, Israel and "the Jewish lobby" would be brought down. . .
Well, like the leaders of Iran TUTU gets to come to trhe US and inflame the carnal mind; to blame Israel has worked for a long time. Carter, Tutu, join Arafat in being praised as peace makers. When the AC is awarded the same we can remember that “good called evil. . .”
fire in London..what is with FP? anybody else problems to open site?
Hopefully, just more "hiccups" in the server transfer process.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
This has happened before, a corrupt Foreign state comes in and decides which gospels are appropriate, burning the original gospels, and replacing them with a sanitiz3ed version.

Do you know why Does Jesus Mention Balaam in Revelation 2:14?
not sure i agree with everything said /presented in this video. But it is interesting none the less.
Dawn- I agree about the video, I found it interesting also, especially the ZZ/SS nazi part. Did you happen to watch the program Rich commented on a couple blogs back?
( Rich Peterson - Medford said...
There is an EXCELLENT program on National Geographic Network called Hitler and the Occult. It is running later this evening (11:00 central time) as well as tomorrow. It ties Hitler's world view to the writings of HP Blavatsky. Rich)
I've seen other programs which showed the occult/nazi connection, but none that showed its roots and directly connected it with HP Blavatsky.I'm going to put the program on a dvd. -Rudi
Somebody asked for the One Jerusalem story dealing with Arabs seeking Israeli citizenship. Here's the link. There's not much more to the story.
Was that on a cable channel? I don't have real cable just my local stations, Cspan, and the shopping channels.
Dawn- It was on the National Geographic Channel. We've got Dish
Network for our system. If there was a way for you to pm me over on FP I'd make a copy and get it to you. -Rudi

You rock! I will do that!
mac- Thanks for the radio interview link. I just finished listening. Excellent information!-Rudi
BEIJING, Nov. 19, according to Xinhua Taiwan's "Today" reported that Chen Shui-bian's four-day fasting guard for medical treatment, including the Oriental Hospital and the Panchiao to spend a wow power leveling total of nearly 20,000 yuan (NT, the same below) medical wow powerleveling expenses, as His health insurance card to stay in Taipei Detention Center, must first serve their own expense, the medical expenses from his detention in custody of the gold deduction, but Chen Shui-bian's custody, only 16,000 yuan deposit, the deduction is not enough, said the detention center, not wow gold part of the Will be asked to make up for the families or lawyers.

1 At about noon today, Chen Shui-bian ambulance ride to live for three days to leave the county medical Panchiao District Court, although power leveling the people left, but still have to pay money, including an ambulance referral to spend 800 yuan, into the ring adhere to the intensive care unit Fasting only saline water and glucose, a day to spend about 1500 yuan, plus medical expenses, hospital fees, in Panchiao powerleveling hospital guard spent a total of three million yuan.
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