Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hallelujah! TheMicroEffect.com is back up and running

And we are honored to have Paul Walter, president of Walter Publishing Company and publisher of www.newswithviews.com join us as my guest today. My secretary showed me a book, THE COMING BATTLE: the true history of our national debt, written by M.W. Walbert in 1899. I said, "oh, Paul sent me his book." She said, "no, it was in your library for the past several years."

So, I invited Paul Walter on to talk about it. When I went to school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in all my history classes, I was taught that one of the greatest struggles in the early days of the USA was over the pro's and con's of a national bank. I was also taught that William Jennings Bryan had said, "thou shalt not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold," and that had referred to his belief that a silver standard could also be used.

This book talks about the national bank struggles and the de-monetization of silver -- all struggles prior to 1899. I'm anxious to hear what Paul has to say about it and whether it is also relevant for our time and what lessons we can learn from it.

We are on the air at 5 p.m. Eastern time, 2 p.m. Pacific time. Stay tuned!
Glad to hear that!
**sniff, sniff** I won't be able to join you all today. I have to pick up my dh at work, I wish I could listen in the car. Maybe someone can take notes!
We'll miss you, Dawn. Paul Walter publisher of NewswithViews.com is my guest today.

P.S. Drive carefully. We need you!
Anyone that wants to receive the report I wrote on the Ron Paul campaign, write to me at DorothyMargraf@sbcglobal.net. For those who have received the report and think that I'm off the wall when it comes to possibilities, check this old report.

Now that report appears to be an exaggeration of what was actually happening, but it is plausible. When it comes to researching the New Age/NWO movement, we know we told very little about what is happening behind the scenes. Every little piece of information has to be dug out with our fingernails.

The same applies to many other things that direct our lives. That's the problem. Ask yourself what you know about the CNP, or if the sheparding movement continues, or if there is militia movement today, or what are the networks of the global warming movement, the feminist movement, the left or the right behind antisemitism or antichristianity. We pick all of this up in bits and pieces. The public or private organizations who know what is going on control what we on the outside can learn.

This situation makes it possible for disinformation agents to step in and control the direction of public opinion. We trust some, don't trust others, all on an individual level. I care because I think everyone should have the opportunity to get as much information as they can before they decide which direction to go.

I may be right or I may be wrong about Paul. Only time will tell. Like everyone else, I try to put together the pieces of the puzzle, doing it pretty much on my own. The Ron Paul supporters trouble me because I don't know what will cause them to take unreasoned action as time moves on. Frustration is a dangerous catalyst.

Put it on the table. The book, The Coming Battle by Walbert (1899) discussed today on the show may not be antisemitic, and it may show the problems of the banking system. Here we come to the divide. Because the book mentions the Rothchilds, a Jewish family, it is used by the antisemites as material to attack the Jewish community as the group who caused te destruction of the German community.

The average person doesn't do a lot of work to learn what is happening in the world around them. They are directed by the groups they trust to go in certain directions. If a book mentions the Rothchilds as one of a number of banking groups out to fleece them, they will only remember the name Rothchilds. They will not analyze the role of the Rothchilds in the Jewish community. They will just remember they are Jews. If they look for more information, they will be directed to any number of antisemitic books. I will admit this concerns me very much.

To ignore this history is dangerous. If the book is a warning about the banking system, what should be the role of those who reprint it? Should they not reprint it? Should there be a disclaimer? Should they just leave it up to the reader to learn how the book is being used?

These are difficult questions They should not be ignored.
Those are difficult issues and should not be ignored, you are correct, a little info can be dangerous, especially if mixed with disinformation or down right lies. One can not deny the Rothchild's involvement, the being aid, simply because they are of Jeiwsh origin should we look the othr way? Let us not forget how uninformed and shall I say - ignorant ans unyeilding to the truth people can be. The current president's family helped finance the WWII German war machine who was no friend of the Jew. There is much more than can be said about this entire subject that can fill a small library, but if an individual choses to be hateful, they have made that personal decision. If they chose to base an entire outlook on one book written by man, that is also thier choice. I do not support any hateful outlook or action, but I do support truth and understanding. If I am to make a choice and base my outlook on one book, I chose what God has written from Genesis to Revelation. No more - no less.

Constance and everyone,

Aquarian Gospel - THE MOVIE - Set to Release in 2009.

FYI on another strategic Hollywood deception, its called "Aquarian Gospel" the movie. I can easily see it being an AoC indoctrinating seed.

I've posted two articles on it with various sources hyperlinked at my new blogsite http://www.SayNoToGlobal Governance.blogspot.com

Just cutting through the facts for clarity, please feel free to visit and post anytime there.

Beginning January 2008 Oprah is taking her viewers through the "Course of Miracles" one lesson each day for the year.
Talk about indoctrinating seed. And Christians still watch her. Go figure.
Sorry for the long url.

Thanking God_Shalom
The book doesn't stand alone. Do a websearch and see how many different sources are noting the book and who they are. You can read it online in several places. These are not your standard, academic, neutral sources. Reading the book will not enable anyone to change the system as it exists or to really understand the monetary system. Keep in mind that whatever the system is, it has kept the US as a superpower for over 100 years.

So what's the purpose of such a huge push for the book. The overall message to the reader is "You are being taken advantage of; you are a sucker; someone is stealing your money." People are ripe for such as message as the dollar and the stock market are dropping, and their homes are worth less. What do I see the New Age network on the right doing with a riled up mass of people? I see them sending people on a witchhunt, and that worries me.

I went to a few militia type meetings a number of years ago to see what was going on. The meetings were publicized and open to the public. The leaders were skilled in manipulation. They invited someone from the the Federal Reserve to come and speak. Neither side understood the other. He talked one language; they talked another. There was no communication. The group thought of him as a manipulator and were unwilling to learn. He must have thought of them as emotional rednecks and looked scared during the entire presentation.

Frankly, whatever its merits, I see the book as something to whip up a crowd rather than a neutral learning tool. Remember that the New Age movement leaders had started their manipulations at this time. But that's just me.

Hi Doropthy, was that your post on the Rothchilds @ 9:55?
I too have had many conversations and contacts back in the mid late 90s with the militia types and thier leaders (we may have been at the same meetings or have even met?) I have not totally read or reviewed the book, I was writing in answer to what I thought was one's idea that simply because they mention the Rothchilds that it would create an antisemitic feeling. In some people - that may be exactly what would happen, and no one can stop it.
I have tried for over 24 years of showing evidence (as many of us here have - including yourself I am guessing) to uninformed individulas, who despite written, verbal and confirmation from form other sources still will not accept it.
A micro vision of this exists in the "church" ranks with some of the "pastors" and "teachings" that go on today and are excepted despite being so heretical they should be outright condemned.
You are so correct, people are ready for that type of message - which is fertile ground for the anti christ to ride the back of, and where ever that mind set exists, be it the church, new agers, monetary, government, health care, where ever - I personally perceive no aspect of life untouched by this mind set and that, is exactly what it will take to have this individual (anti christ) take control.
I appreciate your thoughts, insight and abilities Dorothy, I do not disagree with you at all. I just wanted to clarify where I was coming from.
Your brother in Christ Jesus
Johnny congratulations on your blog. Very fascinating reading.

Does anyone else feel that things are moving at a much faster pace than before?
Thank you Dawn!

And yes, I feel the relentless pace also.
Yes - I absolutely do - I think if we spent time we could document it even.

"For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another. "
A man I greatly admire is Dave Hunt. As with all of us, he too has his detractors. He does not have all the answers. I have heard him called a "witch hunter." We are one body and of, I hope, of one Spirit. I take from Dave what I can assimilate; the rest I leave, but I don't go to "war" with. Same as this site. I have only so much time: ten hour days at work and a family, but still I try to grasp as much as my small IQ mind can. Elitism has no bounds. I think it was Rudi who quoted the scripture about being as if we weren't married, or having as if we didn't own; If we have all knowledge, but do not LOVE we are not going to offer the lost anything. There is a tenor here that sometimes finds its way to the surface and for that I'm sorry; I find it in my own life. I can only be glad that He is faithful and just to forgive.
Happy Thanksgiving friends and family,
Quite the blog Johnny! Loved it!

So, let's see, we now have:
1) "The Golden Compass" (Based on "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman" Set in a British world where everyone has a personal “daemon,” the manifestation of his or her soul in animal form.) The trilogy is a top Christmas seller at Walmart and Costco.

2) "Narnia Prince Caspian" ("A New Age Has Begun")- No hiding the intent of this one- the message is loud and clear as seen on the poster for the movie)


3) "The Aquarian Gospel" (“In the film we are looking beyond the canonised gospels to the 'lost' gospels,") See Johnny's blog

4) "The 11th Hour ( "SOS Save Ourselves from Mankind’s Darkest Hour”)

5) “A Course in Miracles”-Thank you Shalom, see link at Shalom's comments ( “A unique, universal, self-study spiritual thought system that teaches the way to Love and Inner Peace” – demonically transmitted)– Oprah’s leading the pack again- As usual, just as when she promoted “The Secret” people WILL follow. She is also on the campaign trail for Obama . Don’t think for a minute her influence won’t help his campaign.

6)"Sage-ing While Age-ing." Shirley Maclaine’s “Kharma-geddon” (loved that one Constance) More demonic deception.

This stuff is in just the past few month’s in the “self-help” entertainment area.
We’ve got wars and rumors of wars, we’ve got earthquakes in divers places, we’ve got cyclones killing thousands, we’ve got floods, we’ve got Jerusalem on the front page, We’ve got a United Roman Empire and powerful positions being assumed by powerful men, we’re seeing world religions uniting, and world currencies combining and a system of personally identifying man and beast alike. Everything that can be shaken is about to be shaken. Not all believe the Bible prophecies. Not all will acknowledge the clear sign of Israel becoming a nation as a warning to wake up. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. The wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand .( Daniel 12)
Thanks everyone for all the great, informative comments. Thanksgiving blessings to all. -Rudi
I hope you all will pardon this long entry.
This is intended to be a kind of follow-up to my previous post, and may be not so interesting, but I sense that we might not want to alienate those, who for the most part advocate policies favorable to our country. When something she says is wrong or misguided, then I want to be informed. Does that taint everything she says as bad? Of course it doesn’t. Dave Hunt used to be on Jim Swaggart’s fourm; did that make him bad?
Phyllis Schafly reminds me in some ways of Dave Hunt, she doesn’t have all the answers but what she does advocate is often powerful and on our side. She is against the UN Law of the Sea Treaty the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child, and the UN Treaty on Women (known as CEDAW). She would prevent illegal entry into our country which includes amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens now in our country. Schafly advocates that the Government protect parents' rights in public schools, and rejecting trade deals that are unfair to American workers and allow foreign countries to discriminate against U.S. producers and products by subsidies and tax-rebates. She says of our future President that we want to hear a presidential candidate's plan to get us out from under the hostility of the World Trade Organization which has ruled against us in 40 out of 47 cases. Americans want to hear whether or not their presidential candidate supports the "global economy . . .” will never allow the United States to be economically integrated with Mexico and Canada, and will never allow the free movement of labor across open borders. In her hostility toward the NEA she says: “Two of the NEA's favorite words in its resolutions and policies are diversity (that means teaching that gay behavior is OK), and multiculturalism (that means stressing negative things about America and positive things about non-Christian cultures).” If someone has an unambiguous anti-Christian message from her, then I want to know, and would like to confront her. Frankly, I get sick of the Alex Jones’ and the hate speech which follows him; I’m inclined to think that their attitude is finding an unwelcome home in the Ron Paul campaign, and I will seek him out in N.H. to ask him about it.

Statement of Faith

By Rep. Ron Paul, MD.

The Covenant News ~ July 21, 2007

We live in times of great uncertainty when men of faith must stand up for our values and our traditions lest they be washed away in a sea of fear and relativism. As you likely know, I am running for President of the United States, and I am asking for your support.

I have never been one who is comfortable talking about my faith in the political arena. In fact, the pandering that typically occurs in the election season I find to be distasteful. But for those who have asked, I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do. I know, as you do, that our freedoms come not from man, but from God. My record of public service reflects my reverence for the Natural Rights with which we have been endowed by a loving Creator.

I have worked tirelessly to defend and restore those rights for all Americans, born and unborn alike. The right of an innocent, unborn child to life is at the heart of the American ideal of liberty. My professional and legislative record demonstrates my strong commitment to this pro-life principle.

In 40 years of medical practice, I never once considered performing an abortion, nor did I ever find abortion necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman. In Congress, I have authored legislation that seeks to define life as beginning at conception, H.R. 1094. I am also the prime sponsor of H.R. 300, which would negate the effect of Roe v Wade by removing the ability of federal courts to interfere with state legislation to protect life. This is a practical, direct approach to ending federal court tyranny which threatens our constitutional republic and has caused the deaths of 45 million of the unborn. I have also authored H.R. 1095, which prevents federal funds to be used for so-called “population control.” Many talk about being pro-life. I have taken and will continue to advocate direct action to restore protection for the unborn.

I have also acted to protect the lives of Americans by my adherence to the doctrine of “just war.” This doctrine, as articulated by Augustine, suggested that war must only be waged as a last resort--- for a discernible moral and public good, with the right intentions, vetted through established legal authorities (a constitutionally required declaration of the Congress), and with a likely probability of success.

It has been and remains my firm belief that the current United Nations-mandated, no-win police action in Iraq fails to meet the high moral threshold required to wage just war. That is why I have offered moral and practical opposition to the invasion, occupation and social engineering police exercise now underway in Iraq. It is my belief, borne out by five years of abject failure and tens of thousands of lost lives, that the Iraq operation has been a dangerous diversion from the rightful and appropriate focus of our efforts to bring to justice to the jihadists that have attacked us and seek still to undermine our nation, our values, and our way of life.

I opposed giving the president power to wage unlimited and unchecked aggression, However, I did vote to support the use of force in Afghanistan. I also authored H.R. 3076, the September 11 Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001. A letter of marque and reprisal is a constitutional tool specifically designed to give the president the authority to respond with appropriate force to those non-state actors who wage aggression against the United States while limiting his authority to only those responsible for the atrocities of that day. Such a limited authorization is consistent with the doctrine of just war and the practical aim of keeping Americans safe while minimizing the costs in blood and treasure of waging such an operation.

On September 17, 2001, I stated on the house floor that “…striking out at six or eight or even ten different countries could well expand this war of which we wanted no part. Without defining the enemy there is no way to know our precise goal or to know when the war is over. Inadvertently more casual acceptance of civilian deaths as part of this war I'm certain will prolong the agony and increase the chances of even more American casualties. We must guard against this if at all possible.” I’m sorry to say that history has proven this to be true.

I am running for president to restore the rule of law and to stand up for our divinely inspired Constitution. I have never voted for legislation that is not specifically authorized by the Constitution. As president, I will never sign a piece of legislation, nor use the power of the executive, in a manner inconsistent with the limitations that the founders envisioned.

Many have given up on America as an exemplar for the world, as a model of freedom, self-government, and self-control. I have not. There is hope for America. I ask you to join me, and to be a part of it.


Ron Paul
Ron Paul and Phyllis Schlafly, two of a kind. All talk and no action.

I was involved with Eagle Forum back in the '80s. It was a joke operation. She and a few people from the organization were on all of the talk shows. When they wanted a spokesman against the ERA, there she was. Her operation was presented by the media as a large national organization. In fact, there was hardly anything going on. Any reporter could have gone in and exposed the entire thing. Who benefited? The feminists. They used the phony information to organize and funraise in order to opposed the non-existent Schlafly people.

So what happened when parents tried to use the Schlafly information to fight what was going on in the schools? The unprepared parents had no support system to turn to and generally had their heads put on a platter by the organized and prepared school administration staff.

Many, many things on the right are not as they appear to be. Conservatives are as easily conned by their leadership as those on the left are. Many of the things that go on are "provisions made for dissidents."

Dorothy, what do you purpose?
Who are you supporting? I'm glad to see you've finally come out and said that Ron Paul is a joke. At least he understands that killing our most patriotic citizens in Iraq is wrong. I'm also glad that you have finally tiered the "good" and the "bad" Christians.
Setterman, I write one thing and you read something else. Ron Paul isn't a joke. He is a spokesman for a very large movement, parts of which I find troubling. On his own he has done very, very little. Those organizing his supporters have done much. I know good people support him. What I'm missing are indepth stories about his campaign, his inner operators and their background. Do you have that information?

Looking back to the '80s, Schlafly's most important support came from CNP and the MSM, something I learned only over time.

Good and bad Christians? I have no idea what you are talking about. The Ron Paul campaign is not a Christian campaign.

What do I propose? I don't lead a movement nor have I joined a group. The only thing I propose is that people learn as much as they can before they jump on bandwagons, and that applies to everything.

Today is Thanksgiving and it is our family tradition to openly acknowledge all for which we are thankfull. So to all who contribute to this site with dedication and who are earnestly seeking the truth, I am thankfull. To Constance in her obedience to do the work which the Lord has called her to do, I am thankfull. For family, friends new and old, I am thankfull. Most of all I am thankfull to Our God who reigns from heaven above who because of his love sent his Son Jesus Christ!
Blessings to all, Happy Thanksgiving
I second that Bev,
Happy Thanksgiving to all and your famalies.
I thank God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for more blessings than my tiny mind can even wrap itself around or I am able to even express.

From what you've written then,Dorothy-(Constance, Herb Peters, Phyllis Schlafly, Joe McNeil, Warren Smith, DR. Stanley Monteith, Dr. Dennis Cuddy,) I could name a hundred contributors who would fall into the catagory of "being all talk and no action" if you believe unless someone actually is respondsible for getting a law changed, or has the kind of power to make the changes in society. Who do you know of who isn't a Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Ted Turner who has the money and is in a position powerful enough to change laws to "really make a difference?" On the contrary, it is the Phyllis Schlafly's, the Constance Cunbey's, the Dorothy Margrafs, the Settermans and even the Ron Paul's of the world who use their right to speak and write and research to help the world in any way they can. There are important "unseen changes" taking place all around you. There are many of us Dorothy, who are not as gullible and uninformed as your comments have expressed. We don't all believe everything we read or hear. True a majority probably do accept a lot of false statements from politicians and presidents. That's just the way things are. Your comments seemed directed at those who would possibly look up for leadership from certain individuals who have been spot-lighted by the media.(perhaps Christians in particular) I read your comments the same way Setterman did. Your comments to Setterman also sounded like you were taking another poke at the disability he has mentioned to us.
Guess I must also be seeing or reading something that isn't there. -Rudi
Rudi, my son is on disability. Back in the '70s I was involved with the Association for Children With Learning Disabilities. My comments to Setterman had nothing to do with a physical learning disability. He was putting words in my mouth that I never said. I don't play that game.

Anyone can be an activist. It just takes effort. Activists do not only do things on a large scale. Organizing others, political campaign activity, appearing before a school or library board, going to public meetings, calling into talk shows, doing a protest, being a guest on a talk show, flyering school boards, writing a report, speaking at a church, synagogue, at an ALA meeting, or a public hall, working on a telephone tree, advising other activists, developing files and a library, are only some of the things I've done, and I'm considered small potatoes. I did all of this while working and raising a family. Nobody funded me and I received no support from mainstream conservative groups. Many political activists do this and more. You just don't hear much about the conservative side. All of the attention and funding goes to the big name CNP conservative people.

People fall into different categories. There are activists who make things happen. Leftists are very skilled at this. That's why their movement is so large. While I do not agree with leftist goals, I am saying they really work at promoting their agenda.
There are others who create the illusion that something is happening when nothing is.

I would never put Constance in the same category as Schlafly. Constance has never had her information path greased by the MSM as Schlafly has. Constance would never be asked to speak before a CNP meeting. In the past 27 years has Constance gotten MSM attention?

Pro-life people are major activists. I respect their efforts and before I started researching the New Age movement, I got one of Joe Schidler's Dirty Dozen awards. (It's a good thing.)

I do not consider those who read this blog are gullible and uninformed in all conservative and leftist matters. Attempting to not be gullible and uninformed takes much, much work. In all of the years I've been involved I've been taken in many times I'll admit. However, knowing about New Age does not mean knowing everything there is to know about the conservative movement.

Anyone who has been around the movements for more than a few years learns that there are many levels to the information and sometimes when a person thinks they've learned all there is, another pops up.

I don't judge what people do or not do politically on their religion. What anyone does depends on their knowledge, level of commitment, their worries, physical ability and concern for the community in which they live.
"2) "Narnia Prince Caspian" ("A New Age Has Begun")- No hiding the intent of this one- the message is loud and clear as seen on the poster for the movie)"

Rudi, have you read Lewis' Narnian chronicles? While I know many discernment ministries attack Lewis, the main them throughout his books is Christian. Yes, he has elements of mythology but I must say that as a young teen in a secular school many years ago, finding Lewis' books was like finding an oasis in a desert - despite his critics.

Happy Thanksgiving all.
Sorry,I was offline the past couple of days -- missed the lively debate. The Paul Walter book by Walthert said very little about the Rothschilds. It had a great deal to say about English bankers and Anglo-Saxon banking houses. The book predated THE GARBAGE of Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins -- I will confess that I didn't expect to be back up on line with themicroeffect.com and when my secretary presented me with a part of my library that I didn't remember I had (I probably bought it because I was deeply suspicious about most books warning about the banking system because the ugly tentacles of Eustace Mullins and the ugly forgery, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" tainted most of them.

I had also been taught all through grade school in Indiana about early debates in America about a national bank and gold vs. silver. I also had air time to fill and so, we discussed it on the air. I guess I'll have to get my copy of the book or another one like it to Dorothy because I do so very much value her opinions.

DENNIS CUDDY will be my guest next Tuesday. WARREN SMITH is on tomorrow!

Happy what remains of Thanksgiving Day to you all. I am starting to think of the virtues of the old Roman institution of a VOMITORIUM!
Hi Mac-
No, actually I never have read through all of the Lewis' Narnian chronicles. Twenty or so years ago I read "The Screwtape Letters", "The Great Divorce","Mere Christianity" and "Miracles". As a fairly new Christian I'm positive I read with a far less discerning frame of reference than I would today. Until recently, I disregarded most of the criticism concerning his work. I'm still of the opinion that
it isn't fair to criticize the dead when they aren't around to defend themselves. Never the less I'd have plenty of questions to ask him if he were alive. I plan to re-read some of his material and "see" for myself whether or not the theme is truly "Christian"
or intellectually "spiritual-sounding". I do understand what you've said about finding Lewis' books being like finding an oasis in a desert. I was very intrigued by his way of writing also. However, several weeks ago we were discussing this latest "Narnia Prince Caspian" movie on farmer's blog and Dawn (who posts here) gave me an excellent link with an honest, fair, and well documented assessment of his work, which helped me to in turn be honest with myself and make a decision on the content of some of his books. Not the content of his heart, but on what his books actually say. Maybe it'll be helpful to you also. -Rudi
BEIJING, Nov. 19, according to Xinhua Taiwan's "Today" reported that Chen Shui-bian's four-day fasting guard for medical treatment, including the Oriental Hospital and the Panchiao to spend a wow power leveling total of nearly 20,000 yuan (NT, the same below) medical wow powerleveling expenses, as His health insurance card to stay in Taipei Detention Center, must first serve their own expense, the medical expenses from his detention in custody of the gold deduction, but Chen Shui-bian's custody, only 16,000 yuan deposit, the deduction is not enough, said the detention center, not wow gold part of the Will be asked to make up for the families or lawyers.

1 At about noon today, Chen Shui-bian ambulance ride to live for three days to leave the county medical Panchiao District Court, although power leveling the people left, but still have to pay money, including an ambulance referral to spend 800 yuan, into the ring adhere to the intensive care unit Fasting only saline water and glucose, a day to spend about 1500 yuan, plus medical expenses, hospital fees, in Panchiao powerleveling hospital guard spent a total of three million yuan.
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