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October 12, 2007
Submitted by Constance E. Cumbey, October 10, 2007

To my readers:

I don't know what went wrong with the transmission of my Karen Armstrong/Alliance of Civilizations/Share International article. The hyperlinks were missing on the NewswithViews transmission. Since I am on Eastern Time and they are on Pacific time there is a 3 hour time difference and needless to say, I could not phone those poor folk at 3:30 a.m. Pacific time and request a correction. Here is the story as published, WITH LINKS. I'm certain it will be corrected on the NWV edition later today.

P.S. It was promptly fixed and you can go to it by clicking here:


I decided it was time that I look in on the Alliance of Civilizations. Internet searching, I found a page on its UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations) website. It was labeled “HLG Analysis.” I went there. The first thing I noticed was a fairly new article by Karen Armstrong. Karen Armstrong is a former nun who considers herself a first rate theologian as well as an analytical scholar of world religions. Many others have given her credit for this as well, including but not limited to Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations who appointed her as one of the High Level Group of Personalities to oversee and make recommendations for governments to regulate religious school curriculums globally. Since Karen Armstrong spent years, per her account, in a convent, “under a veil,” I expected her to have some basic grasp of at least Christianity. She is perhaps the most prominent face and voice of the HLG (High Level Group).
Karen Armstrong writes lots of articles and gives lots of interviews. What initially distinguished this one for me was to whom she gave it: SHARE INTERNATIONAL! Share International is the official publication of the “Christ is now here” crowd, specifically Benjamin Crème and his “Maitreya the Christ” company. Sometimes they, with permission, reprint articles from other sources. I looked carefully to see if this was perhaps the case here. It was not. The article was an interview specifically for SHARE INTERNATIONAL by Andrea Bistrich. I am now wondering out loud if Karen Armstrong knew that SHARE INTERNATIONAL was (1) about a new ‘Christ’ who was decidedly not Jesus (and probably not Jewish either) and (2) was the official organ for a group officially seeking a “New World Religion.”
Since Karen Armstrong holds herself out as an expert in comparative religion, I assumed that if she knew even 1/100th of what she is reported to know, that she should have had knowledge of what Share International is about. I decided to “google” for myself. I assume Karen Armstrong is also as Javier Solana accused fundamentalists of doing, “taking full advantage of the global village” and doing her own due diligence google/yahoo searches before lending her name and prestige to one cause or another. Doing my own google search on “Share International” I didn't have to look far. The top ten hits were all about “Maitreya the World Teacher.” You may read the top hit by clicking here.
Well, certainly no ambiguity there! Well let’s go to the interview article itself and judge her theological and scriptural expertise by its content. A few quotes from her SHARE INTERNATIONAL interview will do:
“American Christian fundamentalists are not in favour of democracy; and it is true that many of the Neo-cons many of whom incline towards this fundamentalism, have very hard line, limited views.”
“The Arab-Israeli conflict has also become pivotal to Christian fundamentalists in the United States. The Christian Right believes that unless the Jews are in their land, fulfilling the ancient prophecies, Christ cannot return in glory in the Second Coming. So they are passionate Zionists, but this ideology is also anti-Semitic, because in the Last Days they believe that the Antichrist will massacre the Jews in the Holy Land if they do not accept baptism.”

Baptism? I’m sure she meant to say, “initiation.” The New Agers of whom she has said nothing in expressing her alleged worries over various “fundamentalisms” have clearly written in so many of their books by so many of their prominent writers (Alice Bailey, Gina Cerminara, Benjamin Crème, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and David Spangler to name but a few) that there will be violence against, “the sword of cleavage” and death to those who fail to accept their New Age “Christ.” A relatively less publicized version of the Great Invocation that Lucis Trust promotes as the new world prayer for the New Age contains a stanza, “let light and love and power and death fulfill the purpose of the coming one.”
Well, maybe their New Age Christ repented and decided everybody should be baptized to protect them from his god Lucifer! Fat chance!
Well, now about her theology. Again, I found she was a much better and closer reader than me. Maybe her contemplative time in the monastery showed her hidden texts or was it her post-nunnery Akashic record meditations? Her Christology is certainly most unique for a former religious:
“Luke’s gospel calls Jesus a prophet from start to finish; the idea that Jesus was divine was a later development, often misunderstood by Christians.”
Well, now I know for certain that Karen Armstrong is certainly both a superior reader and theologian to Yours Truly. I have read the Gospel of Luke many times and certainly missed the points that Karen Armstrong raised to Share International the purveyors of a very foreign gospel proclaiming that Jesus is not the Christ, but this “Maitreya”/Betraya or whatever his/its name is supposed to be is divine.
I decided to again read the Gospel of Luke for myself. Far from finding what Karen Armstrong claimed it said, here’s what it said about Jesus’ divinity:
“Fear not Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end. (Luke 1:31-33)
“Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.” (Luke 1:34-35)
“And it came to pass, that when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? (Luke 1:42-43)
“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11-12)
“And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him. And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. . . . Then took he him [Baby Jesus] up in his arms, and blessed God, and said, “Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word: For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.” . . . And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against(Luke 2:26-31)
May I disrespectfully guess that Karen Armstrong in her own inimical way is striving to fulfill the prophetic musings of Simeon? And then, also in the Gospel of Luke was the prophetess Anna, also finding the Baby Jesus in the temple.
“And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.” (Luke 2:17)
Well, Karen Armstrong is a busy person. Maybe she has no time, given her busy media and Alliance of Civilizations schedule to read the Book of Luke for herself. If she had, she might have noticed this statement from Jesus as recorded in the Book of Luke:
The law and the prophets lasted up until John. From that time the kingdom of God is proclaimed and every man presses into it.
Well you get the point. The Book of Luke from start to finish clearly proclaims the Divinity of Jesus. Perhaps Karen Armstrong confused the statements about Jesus with the statements about John!
Well, I’ve got to put a charitable interpretation on all of this. My most unkind observation is to say that since she left the convent, she has obviously made her divorce from Jesus very final. My charitable interpretation is maybe she, an ex-nun, just got out of the habit!
Finally, maybe her knowledge is so specialized, she just plain doesn’t know. If Karen Armstrong needs a reading list of the Hidden Dangers of the folks she gave that Share International interview to, I could help!

Constance Cumbey said...
I am very worried about this Al Gore development, especially when considering his relationship to global governance and Javier Solana!

I was also thinking about this. We're probably all also on the same page as to what the next breaking news is going to be. I've had an uneasy feeling for the past six month's Gore will end up getting in the race, get the Democratic nomination and choose Hillary as his running mate. Hope I'm wrong, but at the head-spinning
pace world events are taking place, I'll be more surprised if it wouldn't work out this way. It would certainly fit right in with the global governance agenda.

The other item I wanted you to please take a look at is this link
I saw on the National Association of Evangelicals website. I found it while scrolling down in their "News and Events" section

Paradise 2008
The NAE encourages youth to participate in the Paradise Gathering, May 25, 2008.

The statement of faith on the Paradise 2008 website sounded like what I'd expect on any "Christian" site but as I read through each of the various dicriptive 'tags' for this event, the whole feel of it sounds more like something more disturbing. Jesus is mentioned here and there, but phrases are used such as "sacred pilgrimages"," accelerating out of Paradise","a Christ awakening" etc. I also noticed in the Q&A section the following:

Q:"In whom did God first plant the vision for 'Paradise'?"

A:"In decades past, telegrams sometimes arrived that changed history. With all attention on the telegram, no one ever wondered who the telegraph boy was. Similiarly, it is not important now. All that matters is that the King has invited a generation to assemble." ('Paradise' refers to this 2008 upcoming event)

This sounds more like the mystical words that would come from a spirit channeler than a true worship leader.
I would appreciate everyone's input on this event. Thank you-Rudi
Rudi - I think your on to something with Gore/Hilary running. I don't think the U.S. is ready for a female president but the duo mentioned...I think it would be a strong possibility. Lord help us!
I can see that possibility Rudi with Gore and Clinton one more time.

From the telegraph

"Al Gore, the environmental campaigner and former US vice president, has heightened speculation he might mount a dramatic bid for the White House after jointly winning the Nobel Peace Prize".

OZONE MAN set to launch across the presidential heavens.

Mr. Solana congratulates Al Gore on winning the Nobel prize.
This is the only thing about AL Gore running. I just don't perceive that Hilliary would want anything less than president. She is already running what is referred to as a "general election campaign".

Yes, it is true I think that that combo would be unstoppable (except the Lord's will).
I hate to say it, but the prospect of Al Gore and Rudy Giulani being my prospective choices makes Hillary look relatively good to me!

Anonymous 8:30 PM- I appreciate the link but I couldn't get it to work-said I wasn't authorized to view it. Here is a tiny url that worked for me in case any one else had a problem.
Rudi also ref. to that - Paradise Gathering thing - what an input!
"Your are right that global
leadership and new ideas are indispensable for a serious international response to climate change.
You should have no doubt about the commitment of the European Union and myself in this regard."

ref. to post above:

Mr. Solana congratulates Al Gore on winning the Nobel prize.

More on LOST from WorldNetDaily.
LOST: U.S. senators' spines
Click Here
It looks as if the Nobel Peace Prize which Gore got has nothing to do with the other Nobel prizes, a fact not spelled out by our media.

From a piece over at Umbrella Blog, which is part of EUreferendum. There's a neat picture of the Goracle at work there also.

"This is it, Mr Berlau says, the 105 year old Nobel Prize is finished. Well, not so, say I. Schooled by one of our readers I know that the Peace Prize is a completely separate entity from the rest of the Nobel circus and is awarded by the Norwegian Parliament, whose members clearly have nothing better to do with their time.

"Looking at the prizes in various sciences I am duly impressed. The recipients do seem to have achieved a great deal and have advanced knowledge and increased humanity’s well-being. Of course, the relevant scientific communities are no doubt arguing bitterly about the laureates but that is part and parcel of academic life. Alfred Nobel’s vision lives on and he had not actually intended there to be a Peace Prize. Presumably, he had a clear idea of how idiotic that idea was."

I decided to check out the facts and the peace prize may have been in the will. However, unlike the other awards the Peace prize is given out by five people who are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament. Whoopie!!
"The Nobel Prize Awarders
Who selects the Nobel Laureates? In his last will and testament, Alfred Nobel specifically designated the institutions responsible for the prizes he wished to be established: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry, Karolinska Institute for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Swedish Academy for the Nobel Prize in Literature, and a Committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Parliament (Storting) for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1968, the Sveriges Riksbank established the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economics in Memory of Alfred Nobel. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was given the task to select the Economics Prize Laureates starting in 1969."

From the writer's lips to God's ear.
Will Gore Fall Prey to the 'Nobel Curse'?
by Eric Weiner, October 12, 2007 · Now that he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore joins an elite club, one that includes presidents, activists and holy men. It is also a club that is, by some accounts, cursed. Past winners have fallen into ill repute, been assassinated — and simply faded from public view.

Perhaps significant, perhaps not, but on Euronews today was an article (and video) entitled "EU citizens get a taste of Brussels."

"This weekend sees another European Union innovation taking place at the European parliament. "Tomorrow's Europe" is a forum set up by Stanford University professor James Fishkin. It attempts to establish a truly representative sample of 400 ordinary people from all 27 EU members. This from a much bigger pool of 3500 who have all been asked their opinions on a range of some of the EU's most important issues.

Over the weekend the delegates in Brussels will function as if the whole of Europe had been brought into one room to discuss Economic and Social welfare - in a world of global competition - and the EU's role in the world. It is an attempt to prove Europe's politicians are not talking over people's heads and can listen to them.

They will be basing their conclusions on the same information the elected decision-makers use, and Brussels hopes it will boost public interest - and trust - in EU institutions."

Tiny url:

A google search of "James Fishkin, Javier Solana" brought up an interesting connection at Symi Symposium, 2005 (note Dr. Solana's name at the very bottom, center):

Tiny url:

The webpage "Symi 2007" states as follows:

Symi 2007

"The 10th Annual Symi Symposium will take place July 15-21, 2007 on Paros, Greece. It will bring together about 30 of the most interesting thinkers, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, politicians, religious leaders, diplomats, scientists, and activists to explore strategies for addressing climate change. Participants will discuss its consequences for our policies on the environment, development, energy security, and international governance..."

Tiny url:

May be a connection between the above and Constance's past references to Stanford University as a "clearing house for the NWO" (my words).

Have a pleasant evening.

A fellow watchwoman
yes, also Standford Research Institute is big into NWO kneading..and now EU starts launching a big information campaign towards the public opinion of the EU citizens...
thanks fww and Dorothy!
Thanks for posting the alternate link, I found it interesting this came out of BRUSSELS, especially after reading this archived information just recently.
"Here in the United States, it has been announced that beginning January 1, 2005, just over two years from now, all bar codes will go from 12 digits to 13 digits. (25) According to Thomas Friedman, president of Retail Systems Research Services, "The bar code is the linchpin upon which everything in retail depends." Now let us look at Revelation 13:17 in the light of what Mr. Friedman said. "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." John Terwilliger, vice president of global markets at the Universal Code Council, said that they must go to 13 digits for two reasons. One reason is that more codes are needed, and the second reason is to conform with 99 other nations. He continued to say that 13-digit bar codes are used almost everywhere else in the world, and the oversight of this global numbering system is maintained by EAN International in Brussels, Belgium. The 13-digit bar codes are called European Article Numbers. Thus, once again the European Union is being accommodated, and the 13-digit bar code must be adopted to unify the beast empire. The fact that it is controlled from BRUSSELS also fits the profile perfectly for that is where the massive and powerful computer, which has been named "the beast", is kept.
(25)The New York Times, Aug. 12, 2002, by Kate Murphy, New York, NY
RE: Rudi's first post on this thread.
Quoting from the Last Trumpet Newletter.
"The Washington Post Newspaper with a very thought-provoking message. The ad features a picture of President Clinton standing in the doorway of Air Force One, and above the picture are the words, "Sooner Or Later Every Political Leader Leaves Washington." Below the picture are the words, "Except One." (11) The implication is that Bill Clinton does not intend to leave office. Time will tell. The concept of global governance is already being innovated in many areas."
(11)The Washington Post, On Politics advertisement. - Shalom
Constance, in an earlier post you stsated being concerned over Gore's award of the Nobel prize, other than some of the more obvious reasons, is 1 one of them that he is attempting to chnage times and seasons?
I do understand some of his other trappings addressed by individuals like Fritz Springmeier,anything beyond that? I do not think personally that Hillary will be up for anything other than the grand prize itself, but then again - I do not think Bush is leaving office, if he declares marshal law, he can be president for 7 more years. His executive orders over the past few months have give him extrodinary powers. Prior to his 1st election, we were addressing the issue with promise keepers and how before Hitler took power, these mega type gatherings were occuring.
The post regarding "paradise" is disturbing on many levels - in particular for the dominionist types who seek to establish God's kingdom on earth - themselves.

Shalom- I had planned to spend a nice quiet Sunday, just relaxing, and now, thanks to your 'bar-code,
BRUSSELS' laden post, (really, thank you for the information and disturbing prompt) a simple google search on EAN (European Article Number) has opened up another, eye-opening can of worms. I haven't even scratched the surface on the EU info. After that, there's still THIS 'side of the pond' to explore. Thanks to Constance, farmer, Dorothy, Dawn, Johnny,fww,Mac & Doug for all the info and responses. Rudi

**BRIDGE: A European Project

**European passive RFID Market Sizing 2007-2022

**" On RFID: The Next step to the Internet of Things "

Portugal 2007: Conference & Exhibition "Organised under the Portuguese Presidency with the Suppoet of the European Commission DG Information Society and Media"

"The present conference hosted during the Portuguese Presidency of the EU is an opportunity to discuss the existing barriers and concerns to the wide acceptance of RFID and the answer provided by the business and technical communities, the standardization bodies and the public policies for governance of resources."

"Furthermore, all submitted expressions of interest will be invited in early 2008, for a presentation and debate at a workshop to be organised by DG Information Society and Media in BRUSSELS. Results of this workshop will be exploited to frame the research activities of the next FP7 ICT Work Programme (2009-2010) in the field and also to prepare shorter term actions in the context of the elaboration of the 2009 Work-programme of the ICT element of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP)."

Joshua 1:9
"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."
Call me paranoid, but the use of language can be so telling, imho. From Rudi's post: "Results of this workshop will be exploited..." Why not "utilized" or "employed," for example. Because, underneath there is, no doubt, a dark agenda of deception.

Have a nice afternoon.

A fellow watchwoman
P.S. Farmer, re. "EU starts launching a big information campaign towards the public opinion of the EU citizens...," reminiscent of "short on content, long of wind."
Rudi, you have to do a show with Constance. One of the problems we face as we try to share information with others is fragmentation. We all continue to find new pieces of the puzzle, but getting an overview and then putting the pieces in place is necessary. Look at it like seeing the picture on top of the box and then trying to put the pieces in place. Even if the entire picture isn't there, we need to see what others see as the picture on the box at this point in time.

There are so many pieces to this thousand piece puzzle.


Pray your afternoon will still be quiet and full of relaxation even in the midst of any research you do.

If you didn't read this article
(thanks to Rudi 9:01pm)

"Brussels, 12 October 2007
Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, congratulates Al Gore on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize"
you would not have understood the Brussels connection. So for anyone who didn't read it this is where the BRUSSELS link came into play.

Just dipped into one of the leads you recently posted Rudi, the "Portugal 2007" and one of their conferences coming up which is
"Organised under the Portuguese Presidency with the support of the European Commission - DG Information Society and Media.
Dates: 15th and 16th of November 07
Venue: Lagoas Park Conference Center"

One of their breakout session's agenda reads as such:
Focus on business cases and models for RFID in areas such as:

Supply Chain Management
Specialized logistics
Quality Control and Anti-counterfeiting
Mobility and Transports
Forest , Agriculture and Environment

Looks like their covering all the bases for society. - Shalom
This is a very enjoyable insight from Amir Tsarfari, a Jewish believer posted on Rapture Alert.
Amir Tsarfati, a Messianic Jew, preaches on current events related to Israel, including some GREAT information on Syria, Iran and Turkey. A timely and prophetic sermon by a Messianic Jew:
Click Here
Dorothy said:
"Rudi, you have to do a show with Constance."
You're funny Dorothy :)
That would be like having Inspector Gadget getting together with Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes I think I've got WAY too much time on my hands.-Rudi
Rudi, I would definitely listen to what you have to say. Yes, Constance is very knowledgeable, but every teacher needs followers who can carry the message further by doing their own research in new ways. A good teacher encourages this as Constance does by having a comments section to her blog.

I would like to learn what made you concerned enough to actually do something, what you think is happening, how you go about your search for new information, for instance.

Don't answer here. I can wait until you get on the radio. Your thoughts might inspire someone else to contribute their efforts to fighting this overwhelming menace.

*** THE ELDERS: Official website

*ABC News July 18, 2007
"It was an extraordinary gathering; a who's who of famous international leaders, with enough emotion to move some of them to tears.

*July 19, 2007 news article from The Christian Science Monitor:
"This group of elders will bring hope and wisdom back into the world," said British businessman Richard Branson.
Dear Doug in Michigan:

I am terribly behind in everything with both personal business and my law practice -- what caught my eye as I glanced through the latest postings was your reference to Fritz Springmeier.

BE VERY CAREFUL. For many reasons I do not consider him a reliable source. I don't know if he is as bad as Eustace Mullins but what I have seen of his materials gives me DEEP PAUSE.


Hi Constance, yes I am aware of the issues with him and his work, and thank you for the heads up.
As I said before, we have (at least 1) mutual friend who I used to do a radio show wih in the area - I hosted in his absence - if that is a clue to who that person is. He was interviewed on that program.
I appreciate you taking a moment for your busy schedule - thanls gain.
Just a word in response to Dorothy and the observation that the other Nobel Prize winners have no relation to Al Gore. I am not entirely clear if you mean the other prize winners this year or past Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Note that Wangari Maathai, and the International Atomic Energy Commision are very much tied to New Age--and both are 2004 and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winners respectively. The Nobel Committee seems very attuned to environmentalism rather than peace.

Also, read about the Nobel prize in the October 13, 2007 in the Seattle Times going to a UN group of scientists. Note that Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) aka Batelle is involved. Batelle cofounded the Club of Rome. Seems the Nobel Committee is well practiced in advancing the NWO agenda.
The Nobel Peace prize appears to be a political plum given without any kind of peer review. The other prizes are awarded, as given, through institutes.

Wangari Maathai got a Nobel Peace Prize. The IAEA and its director general, Mohamed ElBaradei, won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2005.
Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize as follows:
"Ole D Mjøs, leader of the committee that's appointed by the Norwegian Parliament to award the Peace Prize, said the prize was to be awarded in two equal parts, to Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

While you are correct about Theimann being one of the founders of the Club of Rome, Battelle appears to be a huge, international organization involved in many areas of research.

"Battelle is the world's largest independent research and development organization, with 20,000 employees in more than 120 locations worldwide, including five national laboratories Battelle manages or co-manages for the U.S. Department of Energy. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Battelle conducts $3.7 billion in R&D annually through contract research, laboratory management, and technology commercialization. Battelle provides innovative solutions to some of the world's most important problems including global climate change, sustainable energy technologies, high performance materials, next generation healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics, and advanced security solutions for people, infrastructure, and the nation. Battelle has a long history of developing successful commercial products in collaboration with its clients, ranging from products to fight diabetes, cancer and heart disease to the development of the office copier machine (Xerox). As a non-profit charitable trust with an eye toward the future, Battelle actively supports and promotes science and math education."

I think that is more significant than any connection to the Club of Rome as far as the Nobel Prize in Physics is concerned.

Here is something even worse from Karen Armstrong!
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