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One of our most valued contributors, "Farmer," from Europe who has done so much for this site and Herb Peters' has launched his own blogspot and I urge all to regularly visit and join his discussions as well as those here. I am so grateful for his and for Rich of Medford's work.

I have placed a link to it on the side of this site. You may continue to "stay tuned" by going there after leaving here!
Awesome work, Farmer.

A fellow watchwoman
WooHoo for farmer! Excellent job.

Here is an interesting little thing on television. I hope you all can view it.

Just a note: while I do not care for everything this website or Dr. Mercola. I found this video fascinating and a must see.
Excellent work Farmer. Your blog and links provided me with information I didn't know of before. I tried to post comments, but it looks like you must approve comments before they can be viewed. Thank you for all your insightful research. -Rudi
Thanks Constance for this beautiful opening and farmer-linking...just good we have no "red face"-emoticons over here!
Thanks fw, dawn, rudi, Rich, wickus, Nony, and all you at FP for your great feedback!! God Bless you!
paul said:
"Furthermore, I own a Strongs Concordance
which, I'm sure a scholar like yourself knows,
will give me the exact Hebrew/Chaldee
translation of any word in question. I don't
speak Hebrew as you do, or Aramaic or
Greek, as you do, which I assume is the
reason for your condescending tone. It
must be hard to take: all these fools who
don't go to your unique church and don't
listen to the special teacher that you do."

i dont speak any of those languages. thats why i have a concordance as well. no you dont have to go to my church. you just have to go to one that teaches the bible.
but the best thing you can do is read it foryourself. i dont know everything, never said i did. im always learning.

again, i wont debate this any longer. i think ive said all i have to about it. keep watching.

Just in case someone wants to see another New Age "birds of a feather" list, check out

Dear Constance,
Not to change the subject
or anything, but the following
link will show what has been
classified info for the last
sixty years regarding who
was to blame for WWII.

Why was it classified?
I don't know, but the IG Farbin
company ( among others: big
pharma, big oil and others )
were found to be guilty of
planning the war and
funding the war and really
making sure the war continued
and that their own business
That George Bush is a descendant
of these same people has
been documented by a number
of researchers much more
thorough than I.
My point is, if they got away
with it then, and then were able
to cover their tracks, in spite
of the Nuremburgh trials, what
are they up to today?
The answer is that they are
still taking orders from the
Central Bank ( London ) just as
they were then.
George Bush is a lying Illuminati
shill for them. He is a puppet,
as are all the major candidates
for president including Hillary,
Obama, and Rudi, et al.
Now Al Gore wants to sneak
in the back door and he might
just do it.
This is still America.

I found a nice little summary article on the NWO by Peter Goodgame of There's also a link pointing to Maurice Strong's bio at the end of the article.

Click Here
Mac, thanks for directing my early morning attention to the WND article. I noticed that Dave Hunt was not going to be there. He was an early warning trumpet on R.S.but soon his books were banded from the church book store; soon I was gone! We might remember Lee Penn's quote from FALSE DAWN: "IT is in deed, among Christians themselves that the final decisive assault on Christianity has been mounted." Malcolm Muggeridge
Pray that they, we, might understand that the "WORD of GOD cannot be broken." "That the glory which the Father gave the SON He gives to us." To manipulate around this present evil age is a tendency from the carnal man; to herald God's Word, expose the darkness and to be living letters and "children of light" is enough. Thanks Mac for your contribution to that end on this Oct. 30' 2007
Yours in Christ:
Mac - the article is an eye opener and I am surprised at some of the Christian speakers and authors that will be there. I guess one never knows now days do they?!
Awesome blog Farmer! Lots of intriguing info!

Thanks Rudi for telling me about Constance's blog, don't know how I hadn't come across it before.

I've never used Blogger before, is there a way to send private messages? I'd love to pass on some interesting info to Constance.

Keep up the good fight!
Very excited about Farmers new blog spot! Adding it too my computer! Congratulations Farmer! It looks great!
Excellent Farmer!

Got your blog bookmarked!

On my comment who called you to preach I was being sarcasstic and in fact I thought It was hummorus. You must like parrots because somtimes you'll write about someones exact words and mock them just to try to make them angry. When you do that some of us are just laughing it off. Your so called debate is almost jokeable.
In fact, I knew someone alot like you who would love to make comments like you do and he had a hard time keeping friends and many times it turned into arrguments and he actually was made to leave places we were together as friends and after 3 years my time was just wasted. And it got to the point where it was't worth my time. In some cases parroting people is a sign of Autism or are you just trying to mock others peoples comments just to make them angry. If your trying to make me angry just to parrot then I'm going to laugh it off. If you have some Autism then that's different.

Kayak River
"On my comment who called you to preach I was being sarcasstic and in fact I thought It was hummorus. You must like parrots because somtimes you'll write about someones exact words and mock them just to try to make them angry. When you do that some of us are just laughing it off. Your so called debate is almost jokeable.
In fact, I knew someone alot like you who would love to make comments like you do and he had a hard time keeping friends and many times it turned into arrguments and he actually was made to leave places we were together as friends and after 3 years my time was just wasted. And it got to the point where it was't worth my time. In some cases parroting people is a sign of Autism or are you just trying to mock others peoples comments just to make them angry. If your trying to make me angry just to parrot then I'm going to laugh it off. If you have some Autism then that's different.

Kayak River"

i have no idea what you're talking about, but i really dont care. i told i was done with this.

no i dont have autism, but im glad a good ol' "christian" like yourself makes light of it and thinks its funny. we need more people like you in this world (sarcasm).

OVi your a joke. You said you were done with this well I guess your not other wise you wouldn't have posted it. By coping what I wrote that is parroting it's like saying something over again. HA HA.
Kayak River
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kayak river,

wow you must really be bored. but i supose i am too because i keep responding to you. ha.
first, im not "parroting" as you say. its called "QUOTING": Quoting means including original text from the news article you are answering to in your own article.

i do this to put my reply in context and also so that people dont have to go back and try and read what im replying to. it makes it easier for the reader to follow along the thought and issues discussed. what im trying to do is make life easier for people.

on the other hand,
"PARROTING", Simply means to repeat what the other person has said works like this:

Other: I want to come with you.
You: You want to come with me?
Other: I am not sure what to do.
You: So, you're not sure what to do...

see, knowing is half the battle. but thanks for your comments i have to say that you made me laugh as well and i needed it. its a slow day at work. we can still be friends.

Lord Jesus I pray your presence on this site. I pray blessings on those who wish to know more of Your word and truth and to blow away the chaff. Thank you Constance for your love for Jesus, your persistence for His truth, your encouragement to others to do the same.
1 Corinthians, chapter 3:1-3

1: And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.
2: I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.
3: For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?

what do you think of alex jones and his new film"ENDGAME"?

i find he has some good research.

Kera, I prayed your prayer and was blessed; thank you.
OV! I'm glad you shrugged off the criticism and continue to post here.
Please be gentle, my son is Autistic; no offense taken.
Yours in Christ:
Attacks have occurred on Joel Rosenberg's site as well. As Christians we need to remember to love one another and our enemies and that our most powerful weapon is prayer.

BTW, good work, Farmer.

i was only trying to show "Kayak river" sarcastically how rediculous he/she was being by even bringing up a serious condition like autism in order to justify/accuse my comments as "parroting & jokeable". saying i must be autistic to even post such comments.

i also suspect autism in my family, so no i dont think its funny.

God bless>oVi

ps. i dont scare easy, ill continue to post here. thanks.
Here's an FYI link to update
everyone on one of
the latest maneuvers
from the EU.

You can go to copy and paste the web address into the space. Hit the button, "Make tiny URL". Then you can copy your website that looks like it is relatively important over here and it doesn't get clipped.

Yoga in the Needham, MA high school. God, and Christmas out and mysticism in. I’ve been told that it will be mandatory in grades 11 and 12; I’m working on that documentation.
Yours in Christ:
Has anyone seen this yet?
thanks kERA AND maC,
sETTERMAN, Curious to learn more about that education thing! (the link does not work though...)
I realize this post is VERY long and I've included many links. I couldn't figure out any other way to convey the magnitude of this New Global Marshall Plan. The global political, environmental, religious, and social aspects of this and what it could mean couldn't even be expressed in this space. I hope Constance will tell me I'm over-reacting and that this is old news.-Rudi


"In 2003, a group of visionary Europeans prominent in government, civil society, and business created an initiative to bring a new marshall plan to the world’s people. They were inspired in part by their experience with the historic Marshall Plan (1948-1951) that helped rescue their families from the devastation of World War II. Their memories of U.S. generosity, combined with their deep knowledge of current inequalities in global aid, trade and finance, inspired them to imagine a great leap forward in global organization and assistance, called the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. Now named the Convention on the Global Commons, that Initiative is represented in the United States by the Centre for Global Negotiations."

***Global Marshall Plan Initiative
'Convention On The Global Commons'

***Press Release: Sept 1,2007

***Center for Global Negotiations

Announcing the 2010 Convention on the Global Commons:

***'The Convention On The Global Commons'

***"Groups involved in the development of the consultation process as well as international agencies responsible to the themes included in the Convention on the Global Commons." see Links:

Look Who's Talkin' About It:

***Nicolas Sarkozy/Jose' Manuel/Al Gore:

***The Club of Budapest/World Wisdom Council: "We support the Global Marshall Plan"

***Robert Muller:"Now there are two superpowers: the US and the merging voice of the people of the world." First published March 10,2003 Updated 1 January 2007

***Rabbi Michael Lerner (Network of Spiritual Progressives):

***Al Gore: A new Marshall Plan is needed

Global Marshall Plan Initiative
Rudi, Rampant Information Trauma Syndrome. No wonder I get nightmares!

Ov!, your video link didn't help my paranoia. I'm going to check under my bed tonight. Seriously, I can verify that at least the Eugenics info is true. The sale of body parts from China is monstrous if true. Thanks for the link.
More on Global Marshall Plan. Down the right hand column at:

"Brainstroming meeting in Brussels"

"Brainstroming meeting in Brussels
Stress the added value of the Initiative
The meeting "The Global Marshall Plan – approaches for its implementation on the European level" took place in the Renewable Energy House in Brussels on October 5 2007.

Issues and starting points for implementing the Global Marshall Plan Initiative in Brussels were worked out. The results as well as the gist of further interviews will now feed into the strategic planning.
The discussion about climate change and its adoption as well as European or global taxes could be a peg for moving onto the European level. Further pegs could be the coherence of the EU's development and trade policies. There was agreement that the Initiative's unique selling point needs to be stressed when presenting it."

Source: ÖSFO

Open two or more 'windows' on your monitor when you go to the OSFO link above. Then copy and paste the web address for OSFO into the translate box here:

translate from German to English and you can read the information. You should be able to keep clicking and reading while at the OSFO site without going back to keep translating, as long as you don't leave it for a different web address.-Rudi
Duh. The OSFO page has a little flag in upper left corner to translate. -Rudi
Farmer, this should get you there, but I am waiting for the results from an inquiry to confirm the "mandatory" aspect.

Thanks !

Dear Setterman,

You may want to contact me privately regarding oyour post -- I have some information for your that I don't want to share publicly. One of those of whom you write has played a very interesting game!

Dear Green Agenda and Setterman,

You may email me privately at
Let's all mind our manners. I don't always (even often) agree with OV1, a most gifted cartoonist who from the cartoon work I read appears well motivated, BUT let's disagree respectfully or as our mothers said, "keep a civil tongue in our mouths."

The "Global Marshall Plan" definitely looks like SHARE INTERNATIONAL and here is a tinyurl to one of their pivotal documents:
Thanks Setterman and Constance!
the author of the Global Marshall Plan Franz Josef Radermacher is also member of the Club of Rome and in 2004 he received the "Planetary Consciousness Prize" from the Club of Budapest.
the Club is also named in the authorship. Channeling lady Jane Roberts is on board...
from the last link (pp79/80):
"Religious fundamentalists in many parts of the world, particularly
in the US, have been jeopardizing the consensus
of Cairo and international strategies for the enforcement of
reproductive rights of people in poorer countries since
several years, aiming to deprive people in the poor world of
what is a matter of course in the rich countries...The US were the only country which explicitly dismissed the human right for reproductive self-determination..."
do they mean abortion?
They clearly state:
"The fundamentalist opposition, particularly of influential
powers from the "bible belt" in the US, is the underlying reason
why the UN Millennium Development Goals address the
issue of demographic development less clearly and openly
than the situation factually require" (sic)

look out - here comes the Bali Climate Control Meeitng - this link is John Kerry's speech listed on the council on frgein relations web sight ;


theres nothing to fear except fear itself. i think that film has some really good, right on, material. but yes the china human body parts trafficing is real:

thanks for being patient with my comments and views. again, im not here to start trouble but to engage in thoughtful issues.
did you get a chance to see the ENDGAME film? im really curious on your take on it. and no, im not "setting you up". i promise.


ps, thanks for the kind words about my work.

Christian Pastors Embracing Scientology -
(defectors from the faith - seducing spirits and doctrines of demons) -

Hey OV - I agree - drawings are very cool - my daughetr would love to have the oportunity - she attends an art acedemy


cool, what does she major? animation, fine art, illustration, fashion?


I also have a son with autism. I myself have Asperger's. I guess it runs in the family.

David in Battle Creek
Dear Constance,
Thanks for the tiny URL
Wow a Global Marshall Plan.
My quick glance landed on
the global taxes on both sales
and trade. How clever.
I also noticed right up
front in the overview that
they want to appeal to
"enterpreneurs" among others.
I find that interesting,
considering how aggresive
and diabolical they are.

Yours truly,
Hey OV,
she goes to a charter school instaed of regular high school -it is an art academy - her thing is drawing & illustration more than anything - she is 18 & graduates this year -my oldest just married this past month - time goes by doesn't it?
I just found out Albert Synder of York, Pa. won an 11 million $ verdict against that Kansas church proresting at Mr.Snyder's son funeral; though I think what they do is unchristian, I am concerned for OUR freedom; remember RICCO, remember having to be just so far from abortion clinics. I'm sure Constance is a better judge of this, but my gut tells me WE, here could be plausably targets.
Setterman I do agree that it may not bode well for others due to groups and individuals who are like the Phelps group. It will give them backing for the hate crimes / speech legislation that will make the ability to quote scripture such as Romans 1st chapetr in public an aresstable offense. All the more reason we as individuals need to be obdeient to the entire word of God - the tongue can be a viscious thing.

I have a younger brother that has Autism and totally disabled. I've been around it all my life and I'm very understanding when it comes to Autism.

Kayak River
Hey did you know Alex Jones is a White racist.
Hey did you know Alex Jones is a White racist."

really? why?

documentation? evidence?


i dont agree with everything he says, but i think he has some good material.
Your cartoons look like crap.Where did you learn how to draw? Your comments are so so far out in left field that you don't know how to get back to home plate.

In Missouri
Your cartoons look like crap.Where did you learn how to draw? Your comments are so so far out in left field that you don't know how to get back to home plate.

In Missouri"

well, you must be one of those really good "christians". all i asked for is some documentation as to why alex jones is a "white racist" and instead of helping me out by showing me some evidence to change my mind about him, you instead insult me and my work.
if you dont like my artwork, thats fine. you dont have to look at it and i respect your opinion.
but what good does it do to insult me because i ask for information about alex jones?

remember i said i dont agree with everything alex says. or did you miss that part?

he also talks about the NWO just as constance does. so why are you here on this blog?

Everyone might already know this, but received an email from a friend today re: a warning to Christians on the Neale Donald Walsch "God" books i.e., "Conversations with God". Apparently these books are showing up in Church book stores. He is completely new age. On his site under About Neale you can hear him say and read it " Words are the least reliable purveyor of truth" He also had other very typical new age expressions on feelings and such, but this quote stuck out to me because it is a deliberate shot at the Word of God. to see his site:
just posted 2 new articles on my blog

Neale Donald Walsch has a big following on the YouTube circuit. I've had some interraction with some of his devotees but they're totally blinded by his rubbish.
Mac, good find. I thought others might like a quote from it:
Councils must act to "ensure children mix and are able to form friendships with pupils from different backgrounds".

Those who follow The Templeton might be interested in another post by Jenny:
Jenny Says:
November 1st, 2007 at 3:08 pm
Benjamin C
The Templeton Foundation people are committed Darwinists and are in the same boat as Miller at Brown University. Actually in the past they have supported a number of ID supporters but got so much bad press that they caved into the pressure. What can only be described as a hate movement now exists against ID.
Yours in Christ:
Mac, that is truly an indication of where things are headed in the US and other countries.

I do have a problem trying to decide whether the goal is to change us to be more like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

The Nazis set up a all manner of pagan rituals to replace Christian celebrations. At the time they weren't thinking of replacing Jewish celebrations because they were just going to kill off all of the Jews anyway.

The Soviets turned Christmas into
"Winter Holidays" and all manner of secular type things such as gift giving, sled rides, trees, etc. were incorporated.
This line is the one I found insidious..."...and the state".

"Parents, their friends and family and the state [would] agree to work in partnership to support and bring up their child."
Constance and Readers, Have you seen this site?
You need to read under the various headers...things like the Revealing the fifth kingdom, Prayer for Children under the heading 'synthesis'; Security and other 'spiritual' teaching...very bad stuff, and those against it are the enemy.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous 1:39 am
New Group of World Servers is a group started by and affiliated with Lucis Trust. Over time they've cut back on revealing the true number of groups associated with their work when you go to their basic website.

However go here and you'll find an extended list of affiliated organizations. I would suggest you make a copy for your own files as the information might disappear in the future.

Dear ov1,

I have not see that particular Alex Jones work. I do have a couple of other ones that I must confess I found significant. Where can it get "End Game" ? Is it up on the web?


The info on the NGWS was stupendous. Didn't know that online resource was there and thanks! I have archived it!

I have not agreed with all of ov1's writings, but I would vehemently disagree that he lacks talent as a cartoonist. I've been to his site and found his artwork indicative of being somebody very gifted! Please, let's try to keep our discussions civil!

first off, nice job farmer. On another note, has anyone else had trouble getting onto fulfilled prophecy? I haven't been able to connect to them all weekend. Thanks.

Have not been able to connect myself yesterday and today.
the main page is now up, I just can't get into the forums or into Adam's or Holly's articles.
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