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France's Sarkozy muddies Solana's Barcelona waters

I expect things may quickly come to a head between Javier Solana and the Nation of France -- provided this is not all a mere part of "Armageddon Script" play acting! Recently divorced Nicolas Sarkozy is evidently sublimating by attempted Mediterranean power grabs. It will be fascinating to see who comes out on top. I suspect Solana is not happy about this, UNLESS, it was suggested that this might be a good way to create "crisis=opportunity" with this being the final straw to at last hand Javier Solana the full panoply of powers he has been long seeking.

Quoting from the EU Observer:

BlockquoteFrench president Nicolas Sarkozy has reiterated his plan to set up a Mediterranean Union, a loose grouping of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, in 2008 - a move that is likely to raise eyebrows in some parts of Europe."I invite all the heads of state and government of countries bordering the Mediterranean to meet in France in June 2008 to lay the foundations of a political, economic and cultural union founded on the principles of strict equality", Mr Sarkozy said during his visit to Morocco on Tuesday (23 October).

He added that "in the Mediterranean will be decided whether or not civilisations and religions will wage the most terrible of wars...whether or not the North and the South will clash".The idea of a Mediterranean Union is not a completely new one - it was floated by Mr Sarkozy leader during the French presidential campaign in spring of this year.Under the plans, the group should tie southern Europe with Northern Africa as well as Israel and its Arab neighbours and tackle topical issues such as counter-terrorism, immigration, energy, trade, water and sustainable development.However - after offering Turkey that it could be the backbone of the club - the project has been widely seen as another attempt to give Ankara an alternative for its bid for full EU membership. Mixed reactionsAccording to the European Commission, it is "good" to have initiatives promoting regional cooperation, however, they "should build on existing structures".There are fears that France's proposal would try to bypass the 12-year-old Barcelona process, designed to foster dialogue between the EU bloc and ten countries on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean - Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. Libya has observer status since 1999. "It is a successful process", the commission spokesperson said on Thursday (25 October), indicating the executive body will want more details on any new union. According to media reports, some EU capitals are also set to seek clarification of Mr Sarkozy's ideas, with a few even indicating it may be part of his efforts to push his own country's interests in the region.Only seven EU countries - Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain - would be part of the new bloc, the rest would have a role of silent observer. In his speech in Morocco, Mr Sarkozy himself drew a rather blurry picture of the project. On the one hand, he called on Mediterranean people "to do the same thing, with the same goal and the same method" as the 27-nation EU bloc has done, but at the same time, he said it would not be based on the EU model.



this brings up a question thats been in my head for a while. IF solana is supposedly the antichrist, what ever happened to the MAITREYA?
wasnt he supposed to be the antichrist? whos who in your view?

We're still looking through a glass darkly. Don't forget that there's an AC & a false prophet to account for. I certainly wouldn't go pinning any tails on any donkeys just yet. Maitreya, Mahdi...who knows?

The Sarkozy/Solana scenario really intrigues me. Through conflict things get to happen. Hyper Sarkozy will be motivated to do something now that he's single again and Solana is calm & resolute. Like a heavy weight boxing match?
I think I smell a plant.
"I think I smell a plant."

if by that you mean im trying to set someone up to then shoot them down, you're wrong.

all i want to know is if all the attention is being geared to solana, then what ever happened to maitreya?
because a lot of the same language and concern is being directed to solana as it was to maitreya in the 80's. so i just want to understand opinions on this and why the attention has shifted?

my comments and opinions are out in the open. im not trying to set anyone up. just want to understand why the shift of attention from one man to another?

Perhaps I'm interpreting your lack of knowledge incorrectly. Nevertheless, I have become highly suspicious of your motivation.
José Sócrates convenes on 26 October, in Mafra, with Vladimir Putin, for the 20th EU/Russia summit

EU/Russia Summit: Press conference expected to start at 15h00 (local time): Vladimir Putin, José Sócrates, José Manuel Barroso and Javier Solana
Date: 2007-10-26

There is supposed to be a live feed
available for viewing 10/26/07

There will be many false christs coming and saying "I am he" and if they say he is out in the wilderness, do not go there, and if they say "He is in the inner rooms" do not go there.

Maitreya, Mahdi, world teacher, whatever, they are all just versions of false christs that the deceived will follow when the time is right. The real anti-christ/man of lawlessness will come when God allows it, and some will be deceived into thinking that he is their awaited savior.

In history we know that many false christs came prior to Jesus' first coming, as everyone was given the timing of the Messiah's coming in Daniel's prophecy in Chapter 9. Many Jews during that time were confused as to who Jesus was because there were so many who came before him performing signs and claiming to be the Messiah.

Just the same, the time must be near as many false christs are emerging on the world scene once again.

Just my opinion, but many just might believe that this new world leader who is to come will be the messiah, the new age christ, the maitreya, the enlightened one, the mahdi, or whatever other thing they decide to believe. The alliance of civilizations will allow everyone to have their own beliefs-and according to them they will all be right. However Christians and Jews are counciled ahead of time as to what to expect, so as not to be deceived and not to fear.

ovi, you have a knowledge deficiency about "Maitreya" and the concept is that he/she/it possesses a human body as "the vehicle." Interesting that the BC (Benjamin Creme) crowd is featuring pictures and stories about Solana on their ShareInternational website. What if SOLANA is MAITREYA?
Hey, I just looked at OV!'s blogspot. We have a famous cartoonist in our midst!
Ov is pretty good isn't he. Cute cartoon drawings. What else do you draw Ov?
more Mexican slaughter?

"borderland" Film (2007)
"Director Zev Berman teams with screenwriter Eric Poppen to explore the occult-based Mexican border town murder spree that claimed the lives of sixty innocents between January and March of 1989 alone. ... Though all the elements were in place for the perfect weekend getaway, this hard-partying trio is about to find out just how quickly things can take a turn for the worse when you're a stranger in a strange land. Upon running afoul of an ancient blood cult in search of the perfect human sacrifice, the three unsuspecting students are abducted and prepared for the ritualistic execution that will give Mexican drug runners supernatural protection that reaches above and beyond the laws of man. Sean Astin, Rider Strong, and Jake Muxworthy star in an ominous tale of occult bloodletting inspired by actual events. Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide"

more on the background:

"Perhaps I'm interpreting your lack of knowledge incorrectly. Nevertheless, I have become highly suspicious of your motivation."

not even sure how to responed to that, but what are you so suspicious of? what do you think im gonna do? my "lack of knowledge" is your opinion, but since ive backed up every comment ive made with scripture and you havent i think your interpretation of my "lack of knowledge" is an empty one.

"Anonymous said...
Ov is pretty good isn't he. Cute cartoon drawings. What else do you draw Ov?"

thanks for the kind words about my work. i work mostly in animation but ive also done some comicbook work. i can pretty much drawing anything, more/less. just depends on the client and/or project.


do you believe in "rapture"? and that we will be gone before antichrist shows up?

Ovi, I am not bothered by your posts. Sometimes people will bait this group trying to needlessly cause trouble. My hope is that we'll follow DouhMI's advise and be challenged instead of threatened. I've said a number of times, make a post and let it ride. Arm twisting adds little to this site; information is what most of us want so we can warn others and make wise judgments.
"With much counsel is wisdom."
Yours in Christ:
Ovi, many of us have spent years reading long dry documents which plan world government. They are alarming--especially when they calmly discuss killing half of the world's population. This matches prophecy pertaining to the antichrist. Dictators don't just effortlessly materialize.

Your opening post RE Maitreya is one such example of your lack of knowledge. Anon 11:18 responds excellently.

I have no problem with inquiry, but there are times I begin to question the sincerity or motivation of such posts when they challenge the research every steop of the way. Then again, perhaps I am misinterpreting your questions.
I'm here to join in this discussion. I'm probably much younger than most of you here on this bloggin site.

I see this as the 7 year treaty. We ,as christians, are to act as if it is.

That means preaching on it in our churchs, preparing food for the end, and preparing our souls to meet their maker.

This could possibly be it, and if so, many christians will die.

I'll list scriptures ,if people want, to show that they're most likely isn't a rapture before the tribulation.
i believe based on scripture that although satans evil spirit is here working/setting up a NWO based on "dry doctuments" to try and pull off this world evil plan of enslavement and extermination, the REAL battle begins when this plan is wounded by the sword/truth/people and it will be at that moment when the world is in chaos that antichrist shows up just in time to heal it and bring in the NEW "peaceful" AGE.
the NWO is just a set up to put people in FEAR to then worship antichrist when he comes down with his peace message for mankind and "seemingly" brings peace/salvation to all by playing God.
solana is just a TYPE of antichrist but i dont think he IS THE ACTUAL ANTICHRIST.
well because how in the world can he get the "whole world" to worship him as God? do you think muslims, buddhists and christians (like us here) think he is our savior or christ returned? NO.
antichrist will pretend to be God, that means he will act and do all the things God would do. the "death" antichrist brings in the bible is talking about a SPIRITUAL DEATH. the devil wants your soul and eternal life, not your stupid flesh body.

solana will decieve NO ONE that he is God. just the fact that we are here talking about him as antichrist says that no one thinks he is God.
im not saying this to try and insult anyones intelligence but you have to give the devil more credit here. do you think all of these documents coming out, people talking about it in the news, radio and internet (9/11, NWO, wars, NEW AGE etc) isnt part of the plan?
you think people just happened to stumble upon this info?
this is all part of the plan and mass deception about to happen when the people rise up against the NWO thereby bringing a deadly wound to the movement, but at the same time bringing in world chaos because the system that controlled them also ran world operations.
now during this transitional period of the old materialistic world and the birth of the new "spritual" age people will be confused (babylon) and chaos will ensue. but just then ANTICHRIST will show up on the scene to not only heal the deadly wound to the beast system/NWO but play God with his peace message. THIS IS THE APOSTASY. when the whole world will worship antichrist with open arms thinking he IS Christ/God returned.
new agers will think their teacher has finally arrived, buddhists will think he is buddha, muslims the imam, hindus krishna, and of course christians will think its Christ come back to "rapture" them away.
there are 2 christs, 2 weddings, one false(comes first) and the second the true Christ. this is why Paul said to stay a virgin(spiritually) until the true christ returns. which groom and wedding will you attend?

antichrist will decieve the world with love, kindness and peace. all while performing miracles and doing wonders in the sight of men. just because solana is trying to spread peace, so what. bush and everyone else is talking the same peace message. doesnt mean they are going to stand in the temple claiming to be God.

there are 2 fundamental things i believe based on scripture:

1: lucifer/the serpent/the dragon/satan/the devil/false prophet and THE ANTICHRIST are the same person. he plays differnt roles for differnt reasons, signs and times.

2: there are 2 weddings/Christs coming here. one false/antichrist (the first) and one TRUE/Jesus Christ.

heres how you tell whos who. IF you are still in a flesh body when antichrist is in the temple claiming to be God, pinch yourself. if you are still in a flesh body, its NOT the true Christ.
when the true Christ returns, we are all changed in spiritual bodies, in the twinkle of an eye.

Well given current energy prices, if Solana pulls off his ITER (rhymes with bitter) fusion energy program, and achieves "peace," in the middle east that results in a stabilization and even lowering of oil prices, he may well look like a savior to many people!

The Constanzo voodoo / Mexican murder piece nearly blew me away! We are staring ultimate evil in the face from the ultimate enemy of the human race!

Anyone heard about this one?
Schuller's latest gathering of "minds" in January 2008

Some friendly advice regarding discussing the timing of the rapture...Don't go there! :-)
Some friendly advice regarding discussing the timing of the rapture...Don't go there! :-)"

why not. people teach it, so i want to know why.

Hi Ov,
I've been reading your comments with interest although I am not in agreement with a large part of what you've said. Several themes do consistantly run throughout. Your main questions, as they relate to Constance and those of us who post here have been about:
1. 'rapture' beliefs

"...also, do you believe in the pre-trib rapture and how do you think it all ties into this?" (12:13 AM, 1:44AM Oct.15, 2:11AM)

2. Do any of us think a particular individual is 'the anti-christ'

Javier/Solana and "...are you suggesting this person is the antichrist?"(3:05 AM ,5:53 PM,Oct 18, 2:17 PM )

Other, somewhat odd sounding teachings having to do with satan,
the beast/false prophet, ent times)
(Oct 21&25 comments)

Anyway, I went back to your original post on Oct. 15 where you
mentioned that you got the name of Constance's book from your church (Sherherds Chapel) and pastor Murray's cd study on humanism. Doing on google on Shepherd's Chapel and Arnold Murray has cleared up for me, questions I had regarding the source of some of your end time beliefs as stated in your comments. You are probably aware of warnings regarding Shepherd's Chapel and Arnold Murray's teachings but if you're interested, here are a couple links on the topic. In all fairness I've also posted the links to Murray's Answers to Critics and his statement of faith. Keep seeking the Lord OV I believe you really want to know him and He wants to reveal Himself to you and all of us.- Rudi

Jeremiah 29:13
"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart."
Sorry, forgot Murray's statement of faith. Statement of faith Page 2 page 3
While people feel that they can prove a particular rapture theory by citing certain verses, others will look at those same verses and disagree. There were pages and pages of arguments on Joel Rosenberg's blog just recently over this topic. Personally, I see Constance's site as primarily an intelligence sharing area. Discussing the timing of the rapture can only end in tears. My take is that NO ONE knows and we were probably not meant to know exactly when.

yup, i study with the chapel and have been for about 10 years or so. i was raised pentecostal, moved out when i was 18(for school), attended numerous churches to try and "FIND" the truth. all the way from baptist, Calvinism, and you name it.
but i never found a church that actually TOUGHT the bible verse by verse and gave meaning and answers from the Bible instead of confusion and peoples opinions. I wanted answers from the bible and the original greek and hebrew scripts. Whether i agreed with it or not was up to me, but i liked the fact that chapel taught verse by verse so that you could follow along and see if they were in fact talking out of their rear, or really teaching the truth.
i am WELL aware of the critics that say the church is a "cult" and everything else under the sun, but id challenge anyone to actually listen to the to what is taught there before make a conclusion or taking someones opinion or word for it. internet/rumor/etc.
Trust me, i've done my homework.
first, a cult is a place that doesn't allow questions, which the chapel does and encourages it all the time. Infact ½ of their daily sudy is only a Q&A segment where people write in questions and ask for documentation for what they are teaching. The morman church would fall apart if this was ever allowed. whether you like the answer or not documented from the bible is up to you to choose.
no one is holding a gun to your head or threatening you.
second i very much enjoy a pastor actually reading the bible instead of just reading a few verses and then going off about such and such and nice motivational stories. that is entertainment, not bible study. so you make the choice which is more important for your life both flesh and spiritual.

if you look at the new age movement they have taken over the churches of today and replaced them with entertainment, church growth and new age teachings that have more to do with spirituality/human potential/and entertainment than actually reading the scripture with explanation and teaching the bible.
im not saying the chapel is PERFECT, as no one is, but i feel that they have a real authentic view and teaching of the bible and what is really being said there.
i would invite you to listen to the daily broadcast and see what you think.

i have no problem with people thinking they are a cult because i know its a lie. Until you research it, dont spread rumors. im sure thats what people thought of Jesus when he was spreading the truth. in fact, they killed him for it. The truth is always kept under, people dont ever like to hear it. Thats just how man is, they like the easy way out or the message that tickles their brain instead of stimulating it.

dont just follow what people say about someone else. thats a rumor. look into it for yourself and if you dont like it, thats fine.

Think for yourself and research what you believe.

There always has to be
a private, newer, special
interpretation of the Bible
for some folks. As for me
"Give me that old time religion
it's good enough for me"
There always has to be a
new twist.
Whats hard to uderstand about
"as it was in the days of Noah
so shall it be before the coming
of the Son of Man. They were
eating and drinking, marrying
and giving in marriage right
up until the time that Noah
entered into the ark."
Does it sound like Noah had to
tread water for awhile before
he was saved from the wrath of God?
No, he entered in to the ark
and then the flood came.
Was it spiritual rain ?
No, it was H2O rain, and a
mist that rose up out of the
Was it a spiritual ark?


let me ask you, do you think Paul or the other apostles walked around with a "good ol' king james bible"?
you see, whats "old" for you is actually very new in the span of the last 2000 years. there is NOTHING NEW about Gods word, but i guess it seems like a "new" teaching when youve been brainwashed by new age bible teachings and churches for the past 100 years. but you wouldnt know it since obviously you have done your home work. i suspect you probably read a NIV bible.
you need to always take scripture back to the original scripts(hebrew/greek) or else you are asking for deception.

"Was it spiritual rain ?
No, it was H2O rain, and a
mist that rose up out of the
Was it a spiritual ark?
No. CMON!"

with that thinking, i supposed there will be an actual beast with 7 heads and 10 crowns coming out of the water soon. and locusts with faces of men and teeth of a lion?

REV 12
14: And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
15; And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
16; And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth."

yes noahs flood was a real flood. but you need to go a little deeper to understand that the battle of END TIMES isnt really a battle for flesh, but a battle of ideas and souls. a spiritual battle! all this war and rumors of war must pass, but the end not yet. why? because the real battle comes when antichrist comes down with peace and salvation claiming to be God.
satan has a flood to, a flood of LIES. can you escape it? only the truth will save you.
thats why it says to put on your GOSPEL armor (not literal armor as in metal and iron.) , meaning the truth of Gods word to stand against the arrows of satan. that means his lies, not actual arrows.


if you cant understand this about end times than you are going to have a hard time realizing antichrist from the real one.

do your research. i dont say this to insult, but to warn. if you disagree than thats fine. but just think about it before you kill the thought.

Paul, I agree. Smells like strange incense. Ovi has the antichrist sounding like a pretty good guy--halting genocide, religious persecution, and many other evil things. Sounds like these are none of the attributes of the antichrist.
"Paul, I agree. Smells like strange incense. Ovi has the antichrist sounding like a pretty good guy--halting genocide, religious persecution, and many other evil things. Sounds like these are none of the attributes of the antichrist."

i dont have him soundling like anything but what the bible sounds him as.someone claiming to be God.

but im going to reat my case, i think ive said what ive had to. everyone has a mind to use for themselves and will answer for themselves in the end.

ill continue to visit here. i think CC and others have done a lot of good work and i dont want to let some disagreements come between the message we are all trying to put out against the "new age".

oVi - well, pariase be to the Lord Jesus Christ- we can all agree to disagree on some of these subjects - please - join us all in discusiions that are not devisive that lead to divisions, we all need to - and yes I totally include myself - walk with discernment, ley us all continue with the owrk that the Lord Jesus has given us each to do - together. I do think that these things that have been spoken of need to be discussed as do amny other - so I ask you do not misunderstand me, please. One day - we can all sit together and ask the Lord jesus Christ face to face to explain what each one of us did not understand totally, and yes - I do include myself.

Your brother and friend in Christ Jesus
I can tell the difference between symbolic
language and literal. It's usually very
I read The KJV, Darby, and the Lamsa
from the Peshitta which is the Orthodox
Church of the East version. The relevent
thing about the various versions is not
that they differ but that they are almost
exactly alike.
Furthermore, I own a Strongs Concordance
which, I'm sure a scholar like yourself knows,
will give me the exact Hebrew/Chaldee
translation of any word in question. I don't
speak Hebrew as you do, or Aramaic or
Greek, as you do, which I assume is the
reason for your condescending tone. It
must be hard to take: all these fools who
don't go to your unique church and don't
listen to the special teacher that you do.

I remember reading L.Ron Hubbard once.
His first book made such good sense for
the first three or four chapters. It really
sounded scientific, but he was insane.
Ditto Wilhelm Reich; The Murder of Christ
Perfect and enthralling logic right up until
one realizes that he was a nut.
Ditto Mrs White and her Seventh Day Adventist
church. She was a megalomaniac.
Ditto The Sabbateans. Flawless logic and
scripture to back it all up. I almost became
one...till I realized that they reject Jesus.
Ditto so many others.
A little leaven leavens the whole lump.
But thank you for the advice. I will try to
THINK as you instructed me.

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