Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Do you find this as disturbing as I do? Why doesn't he just pose with Benjamin Creme promoting the new "Maitreya the Christ"?
President Bush professes to be a Christian. The Dalai Lama is an aggressive promoter of the New World Religion and "Maitreya the Christ."
What next?

Constance, did you see H. Payne’s cartoon SCHIP or treat; funny and scary!
Rudi, this chip is for you.

Constance, this quote appears to me, as the heart of your post, and is worthy of memorizing. “And suppose that this person was the grandson of one who convinced the League of Nations to admit Mexico which persecuted hundreds of thousands of Christians to their death in the 1920's-1930's at the time when the New Agers then thought they had their new messiah in the form of Krishnamurti (while the persecution of Christians was happening, the Theosophists built a handsome new headquarters in Mexico City), maybe it is time to go hmmmmmm
Now whether this is the grand event or not, it certainly means we had better tighten our belts and realize the seriousness of our times.”

Ovi Says:“ You have to remember, antichrist isn’t after you flesh body, he is after your SOUL.” Hitler, a type was satisfied to kill millions. There is a deception of peace in most of America even as we are at war, and I would imagine that is the way it is in most of Europe, South America, Australia, Russia and many other areas of the world.
Don’t forget, with all the peace Christ Jesus our Lord embodied he still wept because of what was to come. Ovi, to get a PERSPECTIVE on this site it will be helpful to archive past articles and postings. I can assure you that ninety nine percent of the bloggers are devout, lovely, and courageous Christians.
Yours in Christ,
Constance I seriously have my doubts about Bush, but the Dalai Lama is not a holy man. He, like Bush, is a political leader. Seen in this context makes perfect sense, birds of a feather.

His Holiness (a title like the Pope) is in a war wiht the Chinese and seeks to show his people as victims, unfairly treated.

Constance, politicians other than “W” welcoming the Dalai Lama.
Yours in Christ,
I think it has almost nothing to do with religion. It's an "in your face move" to China, showing that the US is willing to take a stand that China doesn't like. A small move, but a move nonetheless. or

The Dali Lama is trotted around by New Agers to show what kind of religion they like...not Judaism or Christianity. When I saw him speak, he appeared to be a nice man with an IQ of about 110. All cliches and no deep thoughts. He a symbol, but not a leader of any kind. It's very safe to honor him. He doesn't cause trouble. My guess is that Bush didn't have much to say about the visit which was undoubtedly "arranged."
The last post doesn't mean I do not see the push for Buddhism as the acceptable religion taking place. Pinning what Buddhism is down is like catching a slippery fish. There are so many different kinds of Buddhism and so many different interpretations it could easily be seen as a one size fits all religion. What it does have to offer New Age leaders is it does make followers passive.

Setterman, Hitler was after the souls of his followers. He had an occult belief system all set up.

Follow this line of thinking: New Age of Aquarius bringing in a new religion. According to them the Age of Pisces religion (fish), Christianity, is done with, finished, over. The Jews were the Age of Aries (ram) religion. According to NA, it should have died off 2,000 years ago, and when it didn't, it held back the fulfillment of Christianity. Hitler said that. NAgers like Hubbard say it now. Too badfor us. Age of Christianity is now over with also. Hitler, et al, didn't want anything holding back their new religion. Christians were to die after the war and after the Jews.

That's the non-academic version.


Dear Constance I think you'll find Creme is actually standing next to Bush.
Bob - while it looks like Creme- it is actually Senator Bird -
Christian, Jewish and Muslim experts met this week to add context to passages that have been perceived as hostile toward other faiths.
Scholars try to reconcile 'problematic' religious texts

"God is challenging us to take the idea of troubling texts to the next level, to begin a new conversation across faiths and throughout the world, with the goal of realizing God's own hope that all God's creation may learn to live harmoniously together."

A quote from the article I linked to above.


Hey Bob - we would be happy to ship that one over to you guys - what do you think?

Check out Berit Kjos' article about Bush on - good stff -
Yes, Constance--it bothers me, too. This is the President who, only a little while ago was saying to the media that he wanted his fellow citizens and the world to see him celebrating a Mubarak [sp?] Ramadan.

Apparenly, President Bush falls in to the "all religions are equally valid" category--which is utter nonsense, and intrinsically evil, in and of itself. Only God knows the truthful status of someone's salvation; but, if GWB actually is a Christian, he's one with a suspect understanding of Christianity. How in the world could someone indwelt by the Holy Spirit say that "all religions pray to the same God?"

The Apostle Paul said that he would not that new Christians be still held under the dictates and strictures of the Mosaic law; since, in Christ, they were new creations (while still acknowledging that his sole and authentic preaching was "Christ, and Him crucified"). How perceptive he was in introducing strong meat from easily-digestible milk.

I do hope that the President doesn't call himself introducing a sort of Milquetoast Approach to God--i.e.--it really doesn't matter how we get there. This would be a supreme corruption of Paul's Spirit-led message of the sole way of salvation!

Who knows how much harm the President is potentially doing to unsure, new, or even possibly future Christians with these actions?
Does anyone know if it is true that EU law is based on "Guilty till proven innocent"??

Greetings Constance, should be no surprise, Bush has had Romadon dinner for the past 6 years, put a Quran in the White House Library, has said the god of Muslems is the same God we worship (Commandment 2)
has helped fund the terrorist i.e. Abbas who is a terrorist from way back, (remember the Jew in the wheelchair, being thrown overboard?) etc. etc. He is not a Christian in any way shape or form. He is leading this nation's judgement from God, the one true I AM. JJ

wow! Thanks for drawing my attentin to the EU Shapes globalisation article . . . an excerpt from it dated TODAY, 10-22-2007!:

"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Having finally put six years of institutional wrangling behind it with last week's agreement on a new treaty, the 27-nation EU says it is now confident to face outside challenges.

"In December, EU leaders are expected to adopt a declaration, which should underline the bloc's change of priorities – moving from institutional matters towards issues such as globalisation and climate change.
Everyone the term Christian is so widely misused not only in the USA but in other countries as well. Bush isn't a friend of the Christian people. We just need to wake up and realize that fact. He just pretends to be so he can continue to malnipulate the people. If he was a real born again Christian he wouldn't continue to manipulate the people. This real ID act is more than what we think it is and I think this war is going to get bigger stop and think people WAKE UP!!!

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