Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trouble in Israel today along two military fronts

Here's another one I wish Herb Peters were around to gain his perspective. As I logged onto my email today, I received breaking news of big military trouble in Israel -- one along the Syrian border and the other of Palestinian rockets being launched from Gaza.

Here is a tiny url to read about it. Stay tuned!

This is an article from 2003 by Hal Lindsey called "Solana's 'Theory of Relativity'". Even though it is a few years old, it is still worthwhile looking at.
Solana is in the middle of that Syria-Israel thing:

"Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, said Saturday in Portugal both sides were looking for ways to ratchet down the tension.

"I think that everybody wants to calm down the situation, to cool it off. Nobody wants to keep the temperature high," he told AFP."


"The London-based daily Al-Hayyat reported yesterday that Israel had conveyed a calming message to Damascus via European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana. The paper quoted Moallem as saying that Solana informed him on Wednesday night during a meeting in Cairo that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Solana that Israel will decrease its military presence in the Golan Heights.

Moallem reportedly said that Solana had informed him of Israel's intention to withdraw most Israel Defense Forces troops stationed in the area to ease increasing tensions with Syria.

Moallem reportedly told the diplomats that the message was just a "preparation for the penetration of planes into Syrian skies, just hours later."

Haaretz has learned that Moallem told European diplomats that the calming message before the strike proved that Israel was interested in war rather than peace.

The next day Moallem called Solana, reports Al-Hayyat, to inform him of the incident, and told him that it came in direct contrast to Olmert's message and to Israel's declarations that it has peaceful intentions.

Meanwhile, former MK Azmi Bishara said he believes Israel carried out a military operation in Syria."


I found this on Christian Research Net. It looks like Slice is finished for now. I think the circumstances need investigation and there may be an ominous lesson here.


Here is an offcial announcement from Ingrid Schlueter, founder of Christian Research Net, concerning the website Slice of Laodicea:

Last week I attempted to take a few days off, but Thursday morning I learned that Slice was inaccessible for some reason. After days of attempting to learn what the problem was from the hosting company, iPower, after hours on hold and even with the help of several people, we finally learned today that Slice’s database was deleted by the company. There’s nothing left of it. The countless hours of work I put into the writing on that site are lost. I would warn anyone who uses iPower as a hosting company that this could also happen to you. I owned the copyright on the material and they never even checked with me before taking the word of another person that the site was gone and deleting it. Worse still, I could not even get a straight answer on what had actually happened for days. Whatever you think of Slice, it is very difficult to lose the work that you spent so much time doing. I will not be starting over. I want to thank every single reader who added to the important discussions about the church.

The sole motivation I had in publishing Slice was to show readers why the church has gone off the rails and to point them back to the Scriptures. I know that something terrible has happened to the American church because I have witnessed all on a very personal level. I was never cynically writing about things, I believed with all my heart every word that I wrote. I don’t believe that the old paths are right because they are old. The old paths spiritually are right because they were rooted in Holy Scripture. I long and yearn for more churches like this, where men of God stop pandering to the fleshly desires of carnal men and begin once again to preach with utter confidence in the Holy Spirit and His work through the Word.

Publishing Slice has been a learning experience. I have never in my life had worse insults hurled at me at a personal level and from men who claim that they love Jesus. Women, as a rule, were respectful in their disagreement. The men were vicious. I will always remember one comment on a hate site. One of the contributors had dared to say something kind about a post I had put up. A commenter by the name of "Rick" wrote, "finding a good article on Slice is like finding a nickel in a spittoon." When you pour your heart and soul into something and this is the response from "fellow Christians", cheap shots that ignore the countless sermons, devotionals, hymns and encouragement posted, it can be devastating.

But I have seen something else in publishing Slice–believers all over the world who truly care about truth. There are still so many who truly love Jesus Christ and who care about the purity of the Gospel. They don’t want to be part of the lukewarm compromised evangelicalism that abounds today. This is what encourages me that all is not lost. There will always be those who spit at you. Look what they did to the Lord of glory! My advice to all who love truth is to persevere and don’t give up because of the hatred that comes at you. Just carry on each day, doing what the Lord puts in front of you to do, however mundane or simple it is. The Lord rewards faithfulness. The Lord bless all of you, and may our love for Him be a shining light in the darkness. I will continue blogging at my personal site, A Quiet Place, for those who need respite and occasional encouragement.

Ingrid Schlueter
Christos Kurios

Constance, make sure all is backed up. You too, Rich.
For, for example the United States as constitutional democracy, specifically allows for peaceful demonstrations to address social and/or political grievances and specifically allows the freedom of assembly to express these grievances. In the ‘New-Europe’ Capital it is now abundantly clear one has no such rights.

Tiny url for Solana in middle of Syria-Israel thing:

I am so very sorry Ingrid Schlueter was having trouble -- she has done valuable work. BUT, this should reinforce my admonition to ARCHIVE EVERYTHING. Had that happened, she could have reposted it elsewhere.

I'm off to archive now, taking my own advice!

Thanks for the tip Mac. Not only archive everything, back it up too. My PC crashed last January and I could not recover a lot of material. I fortunately print off everything that I absolutely do not want to loose.

I would recommend that Ingrid start asking questions of the hosting company how often they performed backups of their servers.

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