Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This coming Saturday, I have invited former country singer and Christian apologetics specialist Dwayna Litz to discuss her concerns about "Evangelical Feminism." To her horror, she found they were

1) Using terminology of "Mother God"

2) Suggesting that Adam may have been androgynous (both male and female in one body)

3) Using popular apologetics ministries at a very prominent level to gain ground.

Should be a fascinating discussion. You can ask her about the country music field as well! I know there are country music fans listening, Joe McNeil included!

Looks like United Religions has things going on:
I spent some time this morning looking at Dwayna Litzs' blogspot
called "Lighting The Way Worldwide" and would encourage others to take time as well. I plan to visit her site often. The Micro Effect program this Sat should be very interesting.

I've been taking another look at some information I've had bookmarked and am hoping the following will be addressed during the interview Saturday.
'The Lutheran Feminist/Womanist Movement' (God/dess worship as they call it) at Ebenezer Lutheran Church, San Francisco-ELCA.

I cringe to even use the word church or God in the same sentence as it relates to this group.
Depraved doesn't even scratch the surface.
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