Sunday, September 16, 2007

More on Iranian spectre

This story about Bush Administration crafting plan to "take out Iran" before George W. Bush leaves office -- with the pushing of Vice President Cheney and reluctantant support of Condoleezza Rice who will go along if she has to, but according to this story would rather not was in British news today and up on Alex Jones' website. Again, I am not a pure Alex Jones' fan, but I wouldn't ignore a fire alarm just because a neighbor I was not particularly fond of sounded it.

I will have NEWSWITHVIEWS articles up on Monday and Tuesday this week. I have been scheduled to speak at the United Republicans of California convention on September 29th at Arcadia, California. They have asked me to speak to them about Javier Solana and the European Union. Needless to say, this is a breakthrough.

The NewswithViews articles are dealing with the hard pushed New Age Contraction and Convergence scheme to reduce global carbon emissions by 40 to 60 percent, repegging money to the carbon emissions allowable, and giving countries allowances for population pegged to the Year 2000 with no allowance made for increased populations thereafter. This is presumably so countries will not encourage population growth to gain bigger energy allowances.

It is based on dubious conclusions, but will have certain dastardly consequences. Mass starvation, freezing, riots, etc. would clearly be in the picture for this type of "New World Order."

Constance - Good luck in preparing your upcoming presentation to the United Republican Convention in CA. There is a lot going on and lots to report; you are in my prayers.

Rich from Medford has a thought provoking article on his site as well. I certainly will be surprised if this isn't the 70th week of Daniel; come Lord Jesus!!!!
SouthAmerica-EU Deal?

I too will be praying for you.
In case some of you missed this on thy Israel-Syrian tensions, check out Times on line. Sorry, I haven't been able to make the tiny-url work yet.
Yours in Christ,

An article on Drudge tells about the oil industry sleepwalking into disaster, and prices suddenly shooting up to $150 a barrel.

Daniel talks about people going to and fro in the latter days... maybe on diplomatic missions, or maybe because of wide travel with gasoline engines... maybe it alludes to both.
Thanks Constance -
excellent article!
seems you are more than ready for Saturday!

Great work Constance, I’ll put my two cents in.
“That these movements are again creepily converging in a "Contraction and Convergence" with Gaian components is frightening enough. That the program is obviously backed by the leading global governance proponent with a name frighteningly similar to "Solar Men" is even stranger. "Solar Men" should give all great pause.” This brings the idea of Heliocentric to a new level!

“Increases in population will not yield increased national quotas.” With this in mind I see two social causes gaining momentum, mercy killing and immigration control, both tools to reduce a country’s carbon quota; both appeal to opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Keep in mind what Bill Clinton said in the Democrat national convention: Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither has entered into the mind of men what we can do for ourselves. I’m quite sure this blaspheme is close.

Dan:7:18-20 “A mouth speaking very great things.

Yours in Christ:
Constance- Is it possible you are not being objective? Your posts increasingly sound like sound bites from the Republican party. I fear you are becoming a tool, not a messenger of truth.
Funny, I was always registered as a Democrat and never could bring myself to join the Republican Party. But, honestly, almost everytime I get around the Republicans, I remember why I was always a Democrat. When I get around the Democrats, I realize I haven't had a home there for a very long time, as well.

"Neither to the right hand, nor to the left, but strictly in the paths of the Lord!"

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