Saturday, September 08, 2007


Hardly a surprise, at least to my readers and those of is this new NEWSWEEK article. You may read it by clicking on the link below:
Hi Constance,

Found that article quite interesting. More and more people are beginning to notice what's going on.

Actually was wanting to ask you if you knew what had happened to Slice of Laodicea in the past couple of days. I know Ingrid went on holidays, but the whole site seems to have gone down.

Keep up the great work!
Hi Constance, Just had a great thought come to mind.....why don't you apply for the new Attorney General position? You get big points being woman, and you can give us all a new white house perspective on your BLOG......? Just a thought. Who else better for the job? ~Sleepless in Seattle
Ingrid is aware that the site is down:
"Due to the fact that my other blog, Slice, is currently down, I have asked Pastor Ken Silva if he might point those Slice readers who also visit CRN to this explanation and update on the situation. Slice decided to go on vacation at the same time I did. The site went down in the early hours of Thursday morning. Due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, Slice’s host let the site go down."
See Christian Research Net

Lies and damn lies is the order of the day. You may have seen the latest news from Osama bin Laden regarding the end of war and strife if America would join the Islamic faith. It reminds me of the NA movement which believes in Ying and Yang, and that evil and good are one, yet they always seem to use the word evil to ascribe to the enemies of their agenda: by logic they should return to their deep cave. To illustrate the Islamic lie once again see what is still happening in Algeria: TERROR. So much for PETRODOLLARS. I’ve watched and warned for years of the ruthless slaughter of hundreds of thousands, many Children having their throats sliced, in an Islamic nation. This reminds me of another incursion, Yugoslavia. only that was the lie of JS and Billy Boy.

On that stormy sea it appeared that Jesus was sleeping; God never sleeps neither does He lie; I know who is in my boat!

Yours in Christ:
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