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Tony Blair is appointed as Quartet envoy to Middle East

News flash: We will be doing two hours of radio time this Saturday on
My guests will be:
1. Barry Chamish 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Time, (11 a.m. Pacific Time) on ISRAEL AND THE EUROPEAN UNION;
2. Attorney Peter Vellenga and I will be discussing from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.: THE MEGIDDO PROJECT.
Please tune in and "stay tuned" for both. Thank you!

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Who knows what sort of back room deals were made, but for the present, Tony Blair, the just departed Prime Minister of Great Britain is the new Middle East envoy for "The Quartet." The Quartet consists of the United Nations (BanKi Moon), the United States (Condoleezza Rice), the European Union (Javier Solana) and Russia (Sergei Lavrov). As I wrote yesterday, it was reporte that Javier Solana was against the appointment because he thought it would detract from his primary role in the Middle East Peace Process. Javier Solana has been the only constant among all the configurations, starting in 1991 (perhaps even earlier). At any rate, it appears that there was eventual compromise and "consensus" on the appointment. It should now be extremely interesting to watch events play out.
Also, I have a brand new article about extremely disturbing new developments on the implantable microchip scene. You may link to it by clicking here:
As usual, I appreciate your comments and suggestions, and as Herb Peters always reminded us, "Stay tuned."

German FM "Mr Steinmeier stressed that Mr Blair’s nomination would not impact of the role of Javier Solana, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs. ”Mr Solana is a member of the Quartet while Mr Blair will be working for the Quartet. The difference is clear” he said. "


Thanks for the important clarification. Important how fragile Solana's ego has been through this. It is edifying to listen to the audio recordings of Solana on 3/21/2007 at the Brookings Institution and then compare them to the transcript which contains numerous errors. Solana made it very clear that he was unhappy about what he calls "the You tube effect," meaning that everybody was as he saw it empowered to oppose their agenda. He repeatedly said in effect that everybody wants to be the head -- nobody wants to OBEY. Presumably, he would like for all to obey him, as I currently see it at least!

From Javier Solana's website comes a Quartret statement outlining Tony Blair's new duties. It seems he is to help the Palestinians develop their economy and government, and to get international support for them. And
"Tony Blair will be supported in this workby a small team of experts, based in Jerusalem, to be seconded by partner countries and institutions."
constance- concerning your article on chip implants, i was watching O'reilly on fox news & he had a guest on his show who had a dog who ended up in the hands of the city animal control. they would not release this pet to the owner unless he agreed to several stipulations, which one of these was CHIP IMPLANT. He of course refused & went to court over this matter.
Two ideas have been considered with the Blair/Solana situation. One is that Mr. Blair is no more than a puppet who will be taking orders from Mr. Solana. The other is Blair is being set up to fail so Solana came come in and save the day.

If Solana truly opposes Blair's appointment as stated, and Blair appears to gain success in his new position, I wonder if we shall witness an example of what happens to those who attempt to get in the way of Mr. Solana! Not directly related but the Bible does tell us that the A.C. will subdue 3 of the 10 kings that help bring him to power. This is not someone you want as a political enemy!

Good comments from all and thanks. Please note the update I put at the top of my blogspot about Saturday's live radio programs!

"Javier Solana, EU foreign policy chief,
with a long track-record in the region,
is also unhappy, Brussels sources say..."

see also: "Quartet games"

Sometimes it takes several refresh movements to get the entire right side of the first page up.

seems as Dr.S. needs to receive a special big birthday present this year...

connie,i see tony as a member of that family dinner on that interesting page of CLINTON WARS. the internationalist brothering runs deep. But there is one is takles all the problems>>>

have you heard aaron russo's claims about Nick Rockafella
the wars may have begun today..
This is a huge deal. Blair met with the Pope in the last week or so...and it wasn't for milk and cookies. I am sure an endorsement was on the menu. The Popes live like Caesar's of Rome. What do they have in common with the apostles? I don't remember the apostles facilitating child molestation or living like kings while children starve and while the elderly are euthanized. How can a church not excommunicate a member who supports the taking of a fetus. Who alive was not once a fetus? Two questions that the brilliant Newton and Einstein could not answer are these...where does mankind come from and why does mankind exist. Without using speculation, theory or conjecture they could not answer these questions. Good thing Newton was a devout Christian. He didn't live in vain not knowing from which he came and why. He bowed down to his creator and now looks down on those who fail to succumb to the truth. Don't wait. The world is being prepared for control. And the world's inhabitants can't stop it. God could..but He won't. It is written that it shall pass. You will either turn to Jesus or you will turn to Satan. You relish in the world, you will perish. The meek shall inherit the earth. These aren't bumper stickers. These are the truest things ever uttered in human language. Don't wait until it is too late. Surrender to Jesus and live forever in peace and harmony. Only a fool wouldn't accept such an offer.

Terry, you make the prospect of recieving salvation sound about as appealing as enduring a shakedown.
"Succumb to the truth"? Is that like 'succumbing' to rescue and healing and the gift of love?
While Tony Blair is moving into position the Iranians are executing its children and propagandizing the West in English; I wonder if a proabortion Great Brit will find grounds for disagreement, maybe in another language! Once again the consequence of justifing our sin will be to placate even greater sin. Psalms 12:8 "The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted."
Yours in Christ,
Constance- Do you know if this man, Keith Bailey, is related to Alice and Foster Bailey? Please see second on the list at:

for a mini-bio. He is the founder of the, Masonic Order,Grand Lodge,Ancient Universal Mysteries (A.U.M.) as well as Fiery World Music- the two groups who sponsored the Maitreya Sangha Conference in Southern CA several weeks ago.

I've yet to find a report on the outcome of that conference. Maybe, (hopefully) it was a dud.
I see the first link I gave above only seems to work if I type the whole thing manually. Otherwise just go to
and look under the top heading
"Conferences" for the 2007 Presenters.
Rudi, I don't know about the Bailey guy, but the links to that site are numerous and very interesting. I did know that Seven Rays goes back to the Lucis Trust network, but haven't looked at it in a long time. Now that New Group of World Servers doesn't link to groups on the face of its website, it will be good to direct individuals to the Seven Rays links.

Picked up over at FP from the European on line newspaper:

Palestinian peace
Blair not to mediate in Middle East, Solana says Friday 29 June 2007 13:01Middle East quartet envoy Tony Blair will not be charged with mediating in the Middle East conflict, but with channelling aid towards the construction of a Palestinian state, European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana was Friday quoted as saying.Former British Premier Blair, whose appointment has been met with skepticism in parts of the region, will not conduct a peace process, the Spanish daily El Pais quoted Solana as saying in Lisbon.

Blair's task will be to mobilize political and economic aid, "will and solidarity" to create a government structure for a Palestinian state, Solana explained.

The current situation in the Palestinian territories, with the confrontation between Fatah and Hamas, did not make Blair's task easy, Solana added.

Comment: So now Blair is Solana's poodle?

Dorothy- The Unity in Diversity site has also just added some new info:
Unity in Diversity I was familiar with, but as usual I hadn't visited it in a while. With your link I was noodling around the website, just checking the links out, and I went to
From the website:
WiserEarth is a community directory and networking forum for not for profit and non-governmental organizations addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights, and more. Content is created by people like you from around the world.
suggests it is a pretty big organization and it lists 106125 organizations as part of its system.

Wiser Earth lists upcoming events, one of which was or

the United States Social Forum, meeting right now in Atlanta, Georgia. Since they claim they have had 100,000 people attending theWorld Social Forum, I thought it could be worth checking out the conference schedule.

Folks, take a look at the calender. It covers the New Age culture changes very well. So many people busily absorbing the messages, ready to pass them on to their neighbors, friends and group members. One or even ten people can't keep up with what is going on here in the US as the culture changers plan our future. Do we conservatives have anything like this going on our side?

Oh yes, Benjamin Creme's group is there.
as well as many leftist religious groups.

Why isn't this covered by Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, Medved, Hewitt and the rest of the talkers and writers?
To Rudi, I suppose your final question is rhetorical, however I have always thought that either they did not believe, or they are part of the plan; Tony Snow used host Rush's program on a regular basis, I believbe he is with the CFR. I have always found it strange that these "conservatives" would support a trade policy which has armed China and Iran.
Yours in Christ,
Setterman, Dorothy posed a great question at the close of her comments. It sure gets us thinking doesn't it? I believe there's only ONE who truly knows the answer as to "the motives of men's hearts" for the choices they make.
Most likely it relates to what their world-view is.
A long time ago I read a line that startled me in a Beatrice Webb book, My Diary. The Webbs were involved in developing the Socialist Fabian movemenet. The line was "provision must be made for dissidents." The idea is that if there are people who disagree with the direction the government is going, leadership must be provided for them to keep them in check.

That about sums it up.

Dorothy, would you characterize Rush as a manipulated dissident as part of a Hegelian dialectic? I find he "doth protest too much" when supporting the Bush administration.
Yours in Christ,
Limbaugh was put on the air by Phil Donahue's organization, a decidedly liberal/leftist organization. In the early days he bragged about his political connections, how he was at the White House, etc. The best thing about his shows were the musical takeoffs on pop tunes. That went by the wayside a long time ago.

He doesn't want people to think for themselves. He wants to do the thinking for them, always a dangerous thing. A peacock couldn't plump himself up prettier than Limbaugh does. If you miss a week's worth of shows, you miss nothing. Everything is covered somwhere else.

Here in Chicago we have WLS as a conservative talk station. Limbaugh is on there. Hannity is there in the evening. We also have WIND. Every year there is a State Street Fair and WLS does their show outside in front of the station. I was talking with a staffer who scoffed at me when I asked why they didn't bring up a certain topic. He pointed out that acceptable topics are gleaned through surveys of what people will listen to and what they want to hear. It's all geared to audience reaction.

This says to me that there is nothing spontaneous about what is being said on coservative talk shows.
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