Monday, June 25, 2007

Javier Solana expected to get powerful new EU post

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Anonymous said...

Great tribute to Herb! ("Read about it here")
Now again Luke 9: Just found a variation of the cited verse (see last comments section)in the Berliner Zeitung relating to the last EU-summit and EU-Foreign Policy:
"The constitution should live on, but please only in secrecy -- this sort of false labelling will come back to haunt the EU in the long run. And the fact that the Charter of Fundamental Rights is no longer pan-European doesn't just affect the British. It weakens a foundation of the union that has been preserved for 50 years -- its common values. What use is it to Europe if it wins more influence in the world but damages its soul?"

(from Spiegel citing Berliner Zeitung:),1518,490535,00.html


Anonymous said...

complete link:
"Has Europe Damaged Its Soul?"

Anonymous said...

also from there:
"Europe's fate rests on how it organizes its relationship to its immediate neighbors. That includes a lasting peace in the Balkans, an balanced relationship with Russia and a close link with Turkey. The EU also has to represent its interests in relation to the other powers in the world, such as the US and China. This is where the new EU foreign minister will play a central role, even if the British insist he is only to be called 'high representative.'"


Anonymous said...

At the above website you can download the two shows Constance did on Saturday. At 11 a.m there is her show which she did with Joanna Michaelson and Caryl Matrianna, both excellent specialists on the New Age movement. It is important that we remember that the New Age movement is still growing and that the EU/Solana information is only one part of New Age.

At 2 pm she was interviewed by Gianni (pronounced Johnny) Hayes.
This second show is particularly interesting because Hayes seems to have been unduly influenced by the disinformation guests she has had on her show. Connie was in full lawyer mode here.

Looking at the others who have shows on Micro, it looks as if we have the far right out in full force. Mark Koerneke was a leader in the fully government infiltrated militia movement in the past, and there was talk he was a government agent acting as an agent provacateur at the same time. Pam Schuffert whose show I listened to seems to be another along those lines.

Ron Paul is promoted at that site also. Be very careful whose information you swallow when you listen to the shows at Micro.

Gianni was incorrect when she said Constance's books were difficult to find. At Amazon you can find

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism by Constance Cumbey (Paperback - Oct 1, 1985)
102 Used & new from $0.01
plus shipping which runs around $4.00.

A Planned Deception The Staging of a New Age "Messiah" by Constance Cumbey (Paperback - Feb 1986)
19 Used & new from $4.26 plus shipping.

There are also other online used book sellers that carry used copies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dorothy!

"NZZ: From the former US-Foreign minister Kissinger comes the complaint,
That Europe has no telefonnumber, which can be dealt in case of emergency.

Solana: in the meantime we all have E-mail, telefonenumbers…no seriously: this number exists,
it is mine.

NZZ: But you are still in rivality with 25 Foreign ministers, and a same number of Heads of State and Primeministers and several EU-Commissars who are active in Foreign Policy.

Solana: This will not change, as the EU is not a State. But what will change with the ratificated constitution is that I will preside over the Council of Foreign-ministers and receive a diplomatic service for my own.

From: interview NZZ am Sonntag, already at 17.10.2004
(the constitution was signed 29.10.2004 in Rome), page 2.

translated by

Anonymous said...

full link

Dawn said...


I was able to find both of her books on Ebay. I think I paid 3.00 for one and 5 for the other.


Anonymous said...

Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dictatorship

This article by Glenn Greenwald of the Brussels Journal is about Vladimir Bukovsky and his fears as per the above headline -


Anonymous said...

Try this link -


Anonymous said...

Informative interview with Vladimir Bukovksy regarding EU.


Anonymous said... has other interesting stories.
So Now We Are Terrorists
From the desk of Elaib Harvey on Fri, 2007-06-15 16:58
According to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, a former Communist hardliner, Eurosceptics are “psychological terrorists” because they suggest that there is a growing “European superstate.” Napolitano said this when he and Horst K√∂hler, the President of Germany, addressed a group of students at the University of Siena. The EU is not a European superstate, Napolitano said, it is a “a new form of democracy.”

What Mr Napolitano apparently means is that EU decisions are made without reference to the population, indeed against the wishes of a majority of the population in many cases. This is the current comprehension of democracy within the elites that have the temerity to believe they act in our name. It is in fact “post democracy.”

‘Post democracy’ is a term coined by Colin Crouch in an excellent pamphlet for the Fabian Society and more recently here. Basically it means that with the great complication that exists in the modern world, it is only reasonable that our governance is expropriated by those with the intellectual capacity to deal it. The common mass, ignorant and stupid as they are, are not equipped to comprehend the intricacy of politics. (Prof Crouch is not an exemplar of this approach though he sympathises with it). It is a concept that has been taken up with alacrity by many on the inside track in Brussels. European Commissioner Peter Mandelson was referring to this when in a speech in Germany he uttered the infamous words “the era of pure representative democracy is slowly coming to an end.” (more at link)


Anonymous said...

This story at referrered to previously:

Secularist Europe Silences Pro-Lifers and Creationists
From the desk of Paul Belien on Sat, 2007-06-23 18:53
Last week, a German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor to one year in jail for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people) because he compared the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the holocaust. Next week, the Council of Europe is going to vote on a resolution imposing Darwinism as Europe’s official ideology. The European governments are asked to fight the expression of creationist opinions, such as young earth and intelligent design theories. According to the Council of Europe these theories are “undemocratic” and “a threat to human rights.”

"...Indeed, next Tuesday, the Council of Europe (CoE), Europe’s main human-rights body, will vote on a proposal which advocates the fight against creationism, “young earth” and “intelligent design” in its 47 member states.

According to a report of the CoE’s Parliamentary Assembly, creationists are dangerous “religious fundamentalists” who propagate “forms of religious extremism” and “could become a threat to human rights.” The report adds that the acceptance of the science of evolutionism “is crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies.”

(more at link)


Anonymous said...

I don't remember where I picked this one up. It's not EU. It's UN.

Religious Education by Parents is "Child Abuse": Center for Inquiry Proposal
States "In one form or another, all religions violate the rights of children."

By Peter J. Smith

NEW YORK, June 18, 2007 ( - Religious education is a form of child abuse and violates the rights of children, contends a thesis to be considered by secular humanists at the Center for Inquiry's congress in Beijing this October.

The Center for Inquiry, an organisation recently awarded special consultative status as an NGO at the United Nations (UN) will consider the proposals of Innaiah Narisetti, the chairman of the Center for Inquiry's India chapter, that portend the next stage in the assault on the rights of parents to educate their children.

Nasiretti called the influence of religion a "severe shortcoming in the global campaign to protect children" and a contributor to child abuse saying, "In one form or another, all religions violate the rights of children.".....

...."This gives holy books and scriptures, as well as those who teach them, an early grip on the developing minds of young people, leaving an indelible impression on them," said Narisetti, calling Sunday schools, madrassas, or Jewish or Hindu temples, centers of indoctrination for children.

Nasiretti's proposal would reject the long-recognized inherent rights of parents to educate and provide for their children's religious instruction in favor of regulating children's exposure to religious influence by world governments abiding by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
(more at the link)


Anonymous said...

So this is what the Summer Solstice of 2007, the longest day of the year, gave the world.
Early morning rites with the largest public pagan gathering of 24,000 at Stonehenge, late night covenants progressing the EU global influence, interreligious amplification stemming from the possible proclamation of Blair’s Catholic conversion to his dialogue with the Vatican, and the subtle swelling of power to one man, Javier Solana …yet here in America this secret flood continues its momentum with barely a scanter from mainstream Christian media. Several days later I know now why my spirit was so unsettling that day… something eerily was moving into position…. something so unbelievable was preparing to unveil herself…the quiet breath of the empire energizing. Daniel 7: 19-22

Anonymous said...

Johnny, so glad we know that the Ancient of days has the final word! In the mean time so much suffering.
Dorothy, thanks so much for all the info regarding the EU's democratic desolation. When MS. Clinton is elected we will see a snow ball effect here.
I forward this stuff to as many as will listen, but so many Christians just don't get it.
How to warn, to get the message out to the general public is a challenge.
Those who misappropriate the psychology of behavior, understand that when the carnal "basic necessities" are perceived to be met it will take quite a disruption to shake their complacency.
Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you've already read
the latest articles by "Share
International," (new agers) but here are the links:

Constance Cumbey said...

All very brilliant comments: Farmer, Dorothy, Setterman, Dawn, and the various articulate "Anonymous" -- thanks to all and remember you can click on the pictures for a full size view. Same goes with the newest post about Tony Blair, the Quartet and Javier Solana."

Anonymous said...

More on an earlier link I posted.
I posted:

Secularist Europe Silences Pro-Lifers and Creationists
From the desk of Paul Belien on Sat, 2007-06-23 18:53
Last week, a German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor to one year in jail for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people) because he compared the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the holocaust."

Well I learned today that this wasn't an accurate story about the Lutherean pastor although it has been carried in many places. In Germany Holocaust denial is a crime. Germany has a need to keep the remnants of the Nazi community from coming to power again.

It turns out that the pastor is a Holocaust denier and has been jailed six times for that crime. Brussels Journal, to their credit, had this comment after the story.

"Mr Steyn, to bolster his argument, uses the distorted "reporting" regarding the Lerle case which has been spread about on various blogs, including this one. He would do well to check the following web pages:

I can see how this happens. Pro-life people do compare the killing of millions of children to the Holocaust, something that upsets the liberal community who want to deny the humanity of the unborn. Pro-life people expect the tactics of the liberal community to be less than honest, fair and decent. Jailing a pastor for comparing the abortion industry to the Holocaust is expected. Even though Joe Schiedler won the Rico case against him in the Supreme Court, he has yet to see those who attacked his efforts pay for the damage they caused, and many years have already gone by.

I know pro-lifers do not support Holocaust denial as they value human life.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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