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To my readers:

As most of you probably know, Herb Peters and I have shared information, research, insights, and many, many long distant hours of discussion since 1999. He was to have been my guest on my first internet radio program only three weeks ago. We postponed it when Herb was told that he would need emergency gall bladder surgery. Herb then told me he was still awaiting the needed surgery and they were straightening out insurance details. Confident that the surgery was over and giving him sufficient time to feel a little better, I called and spoke with Linda Peters last Wednesday and then I spoke for several minutes with Herb Peters himself. He told me the doctors had given him two months only to live. This would be the last time I would ever speak with him. I am weeping as I write this but remembering with comfort the words from Revelation: "Blessed are those who die in the Lord." That is clearly where Herb was! Needless to say, Holly will be busy Saturday as they prepare to mourn Herb's loss and celebrate the blessings of God having given us Herb's life. Pray for his family. Support his family. Pray for me too as the work Herb and I were doing as a team must continue. I will reschedule Holly as soon as possible. I will post details here after I get to my office for those of you who wish to mail condolences to Herb's family. Forgive me for the brevity. I am in shock. I have taken the liberty of reprinting Holly's words from below.

As regards the picture. It is a picture I never really (grin) forgave Herb for publishing. The "they made it happen" refers to Mike and LaMelva Eubanks, who coordinated THE WATCHMAN SPEAKS conference in Michigan where Herb and I after many years of talking first shared a speaker's platform. I was in bad photogenic form -- my sister Linda Butler Kanyuh Ragatz had just died and I was just leaving for her funeral in Fort Wayne, Indiana, having to cut my attendance short at the Eubanks' wonderful conference. The photograph of Herb and I was shot by Linda Peters, Herb's wife, just before I left. It was a bad hair day, but now I am grateful to have this remembrance of one of my most valued associates.

May he rest in peace.


Herb Peters' Funeral Details
Herb's funeral has been scheduled for this Saturday, June 16, at 11 a.m., at the First Baptist Church of Lake Isabella (3701 Suhre, Lake Isabella, CA 93240). The church phone number is: (760) 379-5615. To get there, take Highway 178 East from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella until it hits Highway 155. The church is just to your right. Just to warn you, the drive from Bakersfield to Lake Isabella includes an approximately 30-mile, very winding canyon road. All who wish to honor Herb's memory are invited to attend. If you need more information, please e-mail:

From Holly Peters Pevic:

Herb Has Passed
Early this morning, my father, Herb Peters, went to be with Jesus. He is and will be missed. We will give an update as soon as we can with the funeral time and location. He died much more quickly than we anticipated since we were told he had two to three months left. But during the past week, he declined very quickly and, in the last couple days, all of us realized it might take place much sooner than we had thought. We're thankful for the quality time we got to spend with my dad in his last days on earth. It was an incredible time with much loved shared. Thank you for your prayers. Our family has felt them.

When I saw the message about Herb on the website this AM I was in shock. He will be greatly missed. I will continue to pray for his family. I am very thankful for the great work God has done in this man. I have gain understanding of the fullfilment of Scripture reading his website. May the work of God continue and the Saints be warned. God Bless.
Herb took the message about the New Age movement and showed it to the Christian community. What other Christians can do is take up where he left off, get on the computer, show what is happening to the world around us. Warn what are the dangers. Do not let his information die. Do not wait until someone else works at the warnings. Do it yourself.
I want to give my condolences to Constance and all of you who worked closely with Herb Peters. His sudden death is a shock to this community. He will be sorely missed, and I trust the Lord's mercy on each of you who will grieve his passing. Herb was such a beacon of light. May he rest eternally in the arms of our Savior.
God bless you Herb.

Wow, what a shock. I've been reading both Constance and Herb for the last year or so. I can only guess that he fulfilled his mission to spread word about biblical prophecy. Then it's no surprise he went to be with the Lord so much sooner than expected. I've faith that his family and friends will take comfort in the huge impact he's made. I look forward to continue following both FP and My Perspective.
Love ya Constance, run with that torch!
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