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This is the article I worked on till 5 a.m. Friday night/Saturday morning. It went up on I have taken the liberty of reprinting it here and have already received favorable comments from Canadian readers on its contents. We continue to mourn Herb Peters' recent death and ask our readers to remember his family in prayer. Holly is maintaining the link I have as "Herb Peters" at If you have not already ordered his book from Amazon or another supplier, I urge you do so while they are still available. As usual, I welcome your comments!


By: Attorney Constance CumbeyJune 17, 2007

In March of 1995, there was a near shooting war at high sea between Spain and Canada. Javier Solana was close to beginning his 6 month dual coinciding presidency terms as president of both the 10 nation Western European Union, a military federation and the EU itself. He had BIG plans that would definitely need Morocco's cooperation. Solana's larger agenda included the Barcelona Process. It would be opened by a "Barcelona Conference" scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain on November 27, 1995. It was to be a federation of 27 Mediterranean basin nations. He wanted it to: (1) Battle religious fundamentalism, worldwide; (2) Mutually advantageous trading terms over the area's resources leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by 2010; (3) Get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce its presence there.
Morocco was to pose a little problem and Solana was working to solve it. Historically there has been little or no love lost between Spain and Morocco. Solana could not put the Barcelona Process together and sell it to the Arab population countries without Moroccan support or at least lack of opposition. Morocco demanded concessions. Solana who enjoyed extraordinary powers for a mere cabinet official in Spain (he being the official spokesman for the country for many years) negotiated and gave Morocco what they sought. What they sought was (1) the ability to sell their produce in Europe. Although the concession deeply impacted the produce growing economy of the European Mediterranean and southern Atlantic countries of France, Greece, Portugal and Spain, this was granted. Next, Morocco demanded that Spanish fishermen stop fishing off her coastline. This was granted and the Spanish fishermen were ordered home.
It was March of 1995. Six hundred unemployed Spanish fishing trawlers with their owners and crews were sitting angrily unemployed in the Spanish harbors. It was suggested to them that they could and should "go fish Canada." They went to Canada's Newfoundland waters and fished the cod, halibut, and turbot fishing stocks nearly to extinction. Canadian correspondents tell me the stocks have never fully recovered. Canada, of course, was not happy about this. I was told by former American ambassador to Canada, former Michigan governor James Blanchard, that the United States at that time assisted Canada in detecting that the Spaniards were fishing using illegal methods. Blanchard confided in me that electronic devices had been employed in making this determination. Nothing much was done, however, until a Spanish trawler, the Estai, crossed the boundary from international waters into Canadian waters. When this occurred, Canadian authorities boarded the ship and took both ship and crew into custody.

At this point, Javier Solana leaped into action. He promptly dispatched three Spanish warships against Canada. Various scholars have worked in an intellectual vein to understand the event in terms of international law. Solana was most vocal about his differences with Canada, threatening the breaking of all diplomatic relations with her.[1] A political analysis would be much more relevant, but few have analyzed Dr. Solana and his broader motives.

Knowing this background and what it meant to the Canadian economy, I was more than a little puzzled when Canada joined with the USA in supplying the unanimous votes that boosted Solana to global power in early December, 1995 -- his NATO headship. Advantageously, shortly before the Barcelona conference began on November 27, 1995, Javier Solana made fishing peace with Morocco. This meant that Canada would be left alone with the few fish remaining as the Spaniards went happily back to their warmer water fishing grounds. The settlements were not advantageous for Spanish fishermen. The Gonzalez government of which Javier Solana had long been a part went down in disgrace. Javier Solana did not have to worry, however. He had a new job in Brussels -- overseeing NATO. There he would also chair the Transatlantic Alliance. The Spanish economy would suffer:

"Spain had also experienced a fishing conflict with Canada around the same time
of the conflict that banned her ships from Moroccan waters. The resolution of
both conflicts was not extremely favorable for Spain. Their fishing fleet had
been experiencing problems and the resolution of the Moroccan and Canadian
conflicts seriously reduced the fishing possibilities of the Spanish fleet. The
figures reflect Spain's fishing trouble. In 1994 and 1995, Spain's total catch
declined. Tangentially, Spanish consumers were faced with higher costs and less
supply. These aspects have caused Spanish fish consumption per capita to
decrease. The employment ramifications of the resolution of the Moroccan "fish
war" will have to be addressed, especially in Southern Spain. In Southern Spain
and the Canary Islands, over 25,00 people rely on the fishing industry around
Moroccan waters for their livelihood. These results will have to be addressed by
Spain's politicians. However, in 1996 Spain was fully integrated into the EU's
Common Fisheries Policy, which should help to mitigate the loss of catch in
Moroccan waters and its effects on the Spanish fishing industry."[2]

Canadian friends tell me that politicians upset at Solana about the fishing wars were suddenly and viciously marginalized in Canadian politics. Suddenly, very little was said about the economic earthquake. They and I both wondered why. I was curious as to why my own name, "Constance Cumbey" was associated on various search engines such as as a related name to that of Javier Solana. I was even more curious when Paul Martin's name appeared on that list. Paul Martin is a former Canadian Prime Minister. The only New Age flag Javier Solana really flew publicly was that of the Club of Rome. Canadian Alexander King was a co-founder of the Club of Rome. Canadian billionaire cum esotericist Maurice Strong was involved and was to become a leading UN figure in setting up a global governance mechanism that saw its fullest expression at a Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992. Maurice Strong has been photographed in group meditations at the New Age "Vatican City" of Findhorn. They were praying to whatever "source" they acknowledge for "the Reappearance of the Christ." By "Christ," they definitely did not mean Jesus. Strong was there as part of an excursion with Lucis Trust/World Goodwill folk under the auspices of something they call the "World Service Intergroup." Using their own words, "

The purpose of the World Service Intergroup is to generate a focused, conscious
and deliberate intergroup effort to specifically assist the Externalization of
the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ. . . . One of our tasks is to
recognize them ["hierarchy"], and assist them by preparing humanity for the
imminent reappearance of the World Teacher. This World Teacher, or The Coming
One is known by many different names in the various spiritual traditions:
Christ; Maitreya; Messiah; Imam Mahdi etc. This reappearance will be preceded by
a widespread opening of the heart of humanity, and a recognition of the inner
teacher in each one of us, manifesting as a consciousness of love and service to

I have had more than a sneaking suspicion over the years that Javier Solana, too, was involved in this push. Sometimes I have even suspected he might even be a prime candidate as the person for which all this psychological and global governance preparation was about. Maurice Strong is strongly dedicated to the “emergence” of their New Age “messiah.” He was photographed with a World Service Initiative trip to Findhorn.

Curiously, this World Service Intergroup was organized in Washington, D.C. in 1995 by Gordon Davidson, husband of Corrine McLaughlin. They were also organizers of the Sirius Community. Gordon Davidson claimed credit for developing "the Valdez Principles" which basically committed corporate America to sharing in the financial and organizational life by incorporating environmentalists on their boards and in their finances.

Is this "New Age"? Most definitely, yes! Are they consciously working both politically and as they put it as advancing their eerie Luciferic rituals, "spiritually"? Yes! Organizer Gordon Davidson, never afraid to witness his convictions writes on their website:

New York 2000 . . . In April, 2000 we met during the Aries Full Moon in New York focusing on the descent of the Shamballa Force in the year 2000, with the keynote, “The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action.” We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years. A few of the multitude of ideas regarding the Shamballa force that impressed the group were: it signifies humanity leaving adolescence to mediate between the higher and lower kingdoms; it is a power taking humanity to a neutral zone where you see a different world which gives a new vision; the forces of destruction and synthesis are working at the same time, and if the motive is wrong we will have synthesis that brings destruction; every individual and group will have to ask what is my/our purpose? We also worked with the energy of synthesis during that conclave to create a shared intergroup keynote that all the groups would use as they chose in the coming year. The keynote was “Creating world unity, peace and plenty through universal thinking, unifying love and synthesizing will.” Pasted from

Now, how does all of this tie together with the ubiquitous Dr. Javier Solana? In 2003, Paul Edgar Philippe Martin Martin became the Prime Minister of Canada. It was under his watch that Canadian soldiers would be impressed into Javier Solana's European army. In fact, now relations between Canada and Solana's EU are so cozy, one would think Solana helped them raise fish rather than exterminate them. What might the common thread be then and now but “global governance” of which Dr. Solana with the active assistance of the Brookings Institution are now so very much in play? Canada’s former Prime Minister Paul Martin was mentored by Maurice Strong. Paul Martin and Maurice Strong remain close. Both are obviously "initiate" in the occult mysteries.

Maurice Strong has put his money where his mouth is on this. Maurice Strong is deeply involved with those running the World Service Intergroup. Paul Martin remains active in Canadian circles. Canada has deeply involved itself in "global governance" as well as "the Law of the Sea" with which George W. Bush has also announced intentions to bind the USA. Amusingly, the Law of the Sea "global governance" people are now telling Canada that its waters contain two species of sharks which must be preserved.

Maybe the Canadians need to know that they face land sharks as well as those in the water!

1, New York Times article, Saturday, March 14, 19952, ICE Case Studies, Morocco, Spain and fishing3, World service Intergroup
© 2007 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

Here is a piece you may want to archive if you haven't already done so.


Canada, fishing rights, Solana, Strong and Martin information may go over the heads of some of the readers here because they do not see it has having a part in their immediate lives. Other may find it invaluable information, such as those who put out the website Canada Free Press. They picked up the story.

Whichever group you are in, I am strongly suggesting that everyone go to the above link that Connie posted as part of the story. Read closely what these followers of the occult have planned for the near future.

Reminder to non-Christians. The occult has its own description of who the Christ is, and it has nothing to do with Christianity.

"Javier Solana - Antichrist?"
Written by Chris Perver
Saturday, 16 June 2007
Hi Constance, thank you so much for your recent article. What a very interesting connection. Javier always seems to connect with whoever he meets using power, politics, or spirituality. He knows how to work it. I thought you would also like to know what the recent news is on Kosovo. Javier is moving in his military:

Keeping each other informed

Kera, Rich in Medford, and Dorothy: Thanks for the kind words! I've had much reaction on this. I have also found Maurice Strong on another very interesting and disturbing project: The IRPC
Interreligious Peace Colloquium which was starting in 1975 -- the exact year Alice Bailey told "initiates" to "go public" for promoting their new "Christ's" reappearance. Strong was on the Board of this organization which shamlessly sought to merge religion and politics for the New World Order. Joseph Gremillion, a priest, and a William Ryan, were involved in this project (not the William A. Ryan, the Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives I once worked for). Gremillion, interestingly, was also involved with a Catholic New Age project called "Grailville" in Loveland, Ohio. I am shortly going to be posting on this as well!
Have you read this article at the website shown, that shows what could be an incriminating tie between Clinton and Paul Martin from the 1980's, while Clinton was governor?

select: The Clinton Mafia at the left

from TPDL 1999-May-21, from the Ottawa Citizen, by Mark Kennedy:
Tainted-blood sleuth firebombed
Intimidation campaign suspected as Arkansas clinic razed, Montreal office ransacked

The controversial story involving tainted plasma from Arkansas prisoners that was shipped to Canada in the 1980s while Bill Clinton was state governor has taken a mysterious and chilling new turn.
Two crimes that occurred within hours of each other Tuesday night, hundreds of kilometres apart, have raised questions about whether someone is trying to intimidate or silence those who are asking questions about the prison-blood fiasco.
In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, someone firebombed a prosthetics clinic owned by Michael Galster, who has been pushing hard for a U.S. government investigation. The clinic was burned to its shell and fire officials, who found a gas container in Mr. Galster's attic -- where he kept his documents -- say they're "90-per-cent sure" the fire was arson.
In Montreal, someone broke into the offices of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, which recently unearthed documents that showed Finance Minister Paul Martin was a board member of the corporation that owned Connaught Laboratories, the company that fractionated and distributed the Arkansas prison plasma in Canada.
Hemophilia Society officials say thieves stole a computer and three telephones. They also stole documents from a box labeled "Hepatitis C, Krever Commission, Reform of the blood system, HIV-AIDS."
Police are investigating both incidents.
Mike McCarthy, a Canadian hemophiliac at the forefront of pushing for answers into the prison plasma scandal, says he's convinced the two crimes are connected.
"It's too much of a coincidence," he said, adding that someone is worried Mr. Galster and the victims are probing too close to the truth.
"They're trying to find out what we know and erase the trail if they can."
"I think they're also sending a message. They're trying to scare us into backing off. They're trying to put the fear of God into us, that if we pursue the truth it can get worse. That the next action might not just be buildings and records."
The RCMP are examining the prison-blood scheme as part of their criminal investigation into the tainted-blood scandal. RCMP Cpl. Gilles Moreau said yesterday that the Mounties are willing to review any evidence local police in Montreal and Arkansas uncover.
"We do not work in a vacuum," said Cpl. Moreau. "If there's information that is linked to the blood distribution system for the period that we're investigating, we're certainly not going to close our eyes to that information. We welcome any information that comes our way."
The story of how prison plasma was collected and found its way into the bloodstreams of unsuspecting Canadians stands as one of the most shocking aspects of the tainted-blood tragedy.
It's not known how many Canadians contracted HIV and hepatitis C from the plasma of Arkansas prisoners, who were paid $7 a unit, although it's likely that several hundred people were infected by the tainted products.
At the time, U.S. companies that fractionate blood products had stopped buying prison blood because it was widely understood that, since many inmates practised unsafe sex or were intravenous drug addicts, their blood posed a high risk of carrying the AIDS virus.
In Arkansas, a private firm, Health Management Associates, was given a contract by the state government to collect the prisoners' plasma. The firm had difficulty locating a U.S. customer but found a willing buyer in a Montreal blood broker, Continental Pharma Cryosan, which then sold the plasma to Toronto-based Connaught Laboratories. Connaught apparently didn't realize the plasma had come from prisoners.
Canadians learned of the prison plasma scheme in 1995, when Justice Horace Krever's inquiry unearthed some aspects of the story. Last September, the Citizen revealed further details.
Also last fall, Mr. Galster went public with his accusations about the Arkansas prison system, where he conducted orthopedic clinics during the 1980s. Mr. Galster published a book, Blood Trail, which is a fictionalized account of how the prison-plasma program worked.
He wrote under a pseudonym because he feared reprisals. Soon after media stories began appearing, he revealed his true identity. In February, he organized and participated in a news conference in Washington where Canadian victims called for a probe by the U.S. Justice Department and announced plans to depose Mr. Clinton.
Mr. Galster said yesterday he is reeling with shock from the firebombing of his clinic, which he has owned for 21 years.
He said he worked until about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and was later called at home about the fire.
"I'm trying not to get too paranoid about it. I pray to God that it was just a coincidence."
Mr. Galster said that if someone is trying to silence him, it won't work.
"They're barking up the wrong tree. They can't erase the victims who are seeking the truth."
Pine Bluff's fire marshal, Capt. Randy Rushing, said the state crime lab has been called in to help with the arson investigation.
Capt. Rushing said fire officials have a "couple of leads," but have no evidence on a motive.
In Montreal, hemophilia society officials are puzzled.
In recent days, the group learned that Mr. Martin was a director of the Canada Development Corporation (CDC) from 1981 to 1986 - - the key years of the tainted blood scandal. The CDC was created with federal seed money to promote the country's leading industries and owned a variety of firms, including Connaught.
The Citizen published details of the story on Saturday, and indicated that Mr. Martin has no recollection of any discussions about tainted blood while a CDC board member. The article stated that Mr. Martin's connection to the CDC had been "unearthed" by the hemophilia society.
Just three days later, the break-in occurred. Thieves entered the office of executive director Pierre Desmarais and were selective in what they took.
Mr. Desmarais said that because the thieves stole documents -- not just computer equipment -- it appears they were looking for information, not goods.
"It's really frightening. This is the kind of thing you see in movies."
I talked with the NewswithViews publisher last night. Evidently when he got this story, he called the Canada Free Press and told them he had a story involving Canadian personalities. They told him to shoot it over the wire to them which he did. He said they called him back within minutes and said they were making it their lead story for Sunday, June 17, 2007!
The Arkansas - Canada connection story is extremely troubling!
From Canada to the EU with love:

Spokesperson of the Secretary General, High Representative for CFSP
 + 32 (0)2 285 6467 / 6217 / 8239 / 5150/ 5151  + 32 (0)2 285 5694
Brussels, 24 November 2005
Javier Solana signs EU-Canada Agreement
establishing a framework for the participation of Canada
in EU crisis management operations
Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and Canadian
Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman today signed an Agreement between the European Union and Canada
establishing a framework for the participation of Canada in the European Union crisis management
operations under the ESDP (European Security and Defence Policy).
The agreement, which was signed in the margins of the EU-Canada leaders' video-conference, will
facilitate Canada's participation in civilian and military crisis management operations conducted by
the EU.
Canada has participated or is currently participating in several EU-led operations: the EU Police
mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUPM), Operation Artemis in the Democratic Republic of
Congo (in 2003), Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU Police mission in the
Democratic Republic of Congo (EUPOL Kinshasa). Until now this was done on the basis of ad hoc
arrangements. The EU is grateful for these contributions and welcomes Canada's involvement,
which contributes to strengthening transatlantic relations in the field of security and crisis
management. This agreement further underscores the open character of ESDP.
Where is everybody?
Hello again, Constance!

I left the article about Clinton and Martin's connection from the tainted-blood scandal. I read a lot more about that and realized it went very far and wide. I also found that Clinton's organization, called clinton global initiative, (.org), has a list of featured attendees. Lo and behold, Solana, Martin, and many others are among Bill's new friends. Then, given that Solana and Clinton shored each other up at a time when their power was needing a boost (the Kosovo invasion, when Solana needed credential enhancements and Clinton needed diversion from scandals, including the blood thing), well--they are beholden to each other. This was my fear.

So, Clinton received the Charlemagne prize a few years before Solana (the prize given to those who promote the revived Holy Roman Empire)and his clinton foundation website describes his global initiative this way:
"President Bill Clinton and the William J. Clinton Foundation launched CGI in 2005 with the mission of helping our world move beyond the current state of globalization to a more integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values." I'm afraid that Clinton may have the global governance bug, and that he has a pretty good chance of being one of the influential people even in the European Union, because of the ties he already has with Solana and Martin (and by extension Strong) and others. It's a very scary prospect, if even a portion of the scandals around Clinton were true.

The tie between Clinton and Solana seemed to be really established in the Kosovo stuff, when Clinton put Wesley Clark under Solana's direction. This was unconstitutional, but being able to command the U.S. troops into battle no doubt enhanced Solana's status, helping to propel him forward toward future leadership roles. From reports I've read, the reasons given for fighting the Serbs were manufactured. If true, then Solana willingly led an unjustified invasion, likely to build his resume and pay back his benefactor, Clinton, which shows him as an opportunist without scruples.

The tie among Clinton, Martin, and Solana speaks a lot to me. It shows that the global governance people may say and believe whatever "noble" things they want, but the reality is that it's a power grab and that power-hungry opportunists are positioning themselves to be the world leaders when they have subdued the world by stealth.

However, God will do right for His people and we can always run under His wing and find love, shelter and comfort. How His light will shine as things seem to grow darker!!

God bless you, Constance. I hope that you can sometimes take a break; I can imagine that you are under pretty constant pressure.
I want to add that I understand like you that many of these power-hungry individuals have been strongly influenced by Theosophist plans.
To Anonymous 12:01

Several times I started an article on the Clinton Global Initiative and just never got around to finishing it -- the information on it was so overwhelming it almost took both Herb's and my breath away. Thank you for a WONDERFUL post!


check this out guys!
Re: the theosophist society, etc.

how interesting that the complex symbol of theosophism is built around the star of repham. Otherwise recognized in occult circles as the star of David. We see this most often as the 6 pointed star on the flag of political Israel. Few people have even a clue of the connections of the occult with the Jewish Kabballah. Of course, the word 'occult' means 'hidden', so I guess this is not surprising.

Question to ponder: Why did political Zionism take one of the most potent occult symbols as it's representation?

REMEMBER: Jesus said - "... the truth will make you free." Don't bury your head in own preconceptions.

Now to me it is OBVIOUS that political Zionism is ANTI-Christ. In fact, the New Testament says so. But if you are hornswaggled by the anti-christ television preachers, you may think that Zionism is God's project.
No, that is a terrible deception. Terrible because it is so palpably absurd, and so easily exposed to those who love the scriptures more than the charismatics of tv personalties. Zionism is a key to the great deception of our end times. Once you see that, you begin to see a great deal more.

It should be so easy to understand that Zionism is anti-christ when the Holy Book you reverence says it is. For in the epistle of John is is written that many anti-chirsts are in the world, and that whoever denies Christ is anti-christ. Of course it is a simple matter of fact that Zionism denies Jesus. And so, by N.T. definition, it is anti-christ.

THEREFORE I ASK: Is heaven divided against itself? Does the Father uphold and honor and anti-christ system??? Be very careful now that you give real consideration to this. Because if you are going to claim that 'yes' the Father upholds and anti-christ system, then is that not blasmphemy? Does that not undercut the entire authority of the New Testament?

What am I saying if I say they can deny Christ and still be God's people. How can you be 'chosen' and yet an enemy to Christ? Did not Jesus say those who are not with him are against him?

In the epistle to the Hebrews, it is CLEARLY STATED that the seed of
Abraham is Chirst. And Jesus warned the Jews that if they rejected him, God could raise up chosen seed from the stones and rocks if he chose to. In other words, if they rejected Jesus, they rejected GOD himself, and were no different than Esau who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage and then could not get it back though he sought it with tears.

Jesus said, "He that denies me, I will deny before my Father." That was not a threat. That was a promise.
So now the foolish virgins are calling the deniers of Chirst the "Chosen People". How foolish can you be!!

You have an entire epistle in the New Testament (Hebrews) that was written to make one primary point very clear: The seed of Abraham is Christ, and therefore all those who are in Christ and belong to him as part of his body.

Do you understand nothing at all?

Now the star of David is loved by the occult because it is a graphical representation of 666. A six sided hexagon, surrounded by six triangles, creating six points.

The name 'Israel' like all names in Hebrew has literal meaning. It means: Prevails with God. Now have you read in Romans the one and ONLY way to prevail with God? You should know this, and so say it to yourself if you do. This means you to Constance. How can anyone ever prevail with God. What is the ONLY name by which ANYONE can come to God? Can the the political state of 'Israel' prevail with God - even while they still to this day suppress the very preaching of the name of Jesus?

So who is the ONE who truly prevailed with God? And therefore who is the true Israel in the eyes of God today? Is it the anti-christ system that denies Jesus? Is that "Israel", is that system going to prevail with God? Or will God put an end to that anti-christ system?

Oh, but I will hear people say, "they will sooner or later accept Jesus." Well that's fine. But until then who is their father? Is it not that spirit who was a liar from the beginning? The one who Jesus identified as their real father when they tried to claimed Abraham? Are today's Zionists any different than those who crucified Christ?
one more thing.
"7:46 a.m. June 22, 2007

BRUSSELS – European Union leaders reached broad agreement on Friday on the job title, role and powers of the 27-nation bloc's future foreign policy representative, diplomats said.
The provisional accord came on the second day of a crucial summit meant to launch negotiations on a treaty to reform the bloc's institutions, replacing the defunct EU constitution.

Under the deal, the foreign policy chief would be called High Representative of the European Union and serve also as vice-president of the executive European Commission, but would not get the title of 'foreign minister' as in the constitution.
'It is mostly out of the way along those lines,' an EU diplomat said.

The new figure would combine the positions now held by foreign policy chief Javier Solana, who reports to EU governments and does mostly crisis management, and External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, who controls the European Commission's aid budget and external relations staff.

Both of their terms expire in 2009, when the reform treaty would come into force, provided EU leaders agree on other, more difficult issues such as the voting system in decision making.

The new foreign policy chief would chair meetings of EU foreign ministers and head a combined external action service drawing on both national and EU diplomats.

Richard North wrote this in the comments section over at More commentary over there.

By accepting that the European Council can, as a (quasi) institution of the European Union, negotiate a treaty, you are accepting, de facto that the European Union has the right to define its own powers. What is accepted de fatco has a nasty habit, in the fullness of time, of becoming de jure.

You are, in effect, according the European Union the status of a federal government, allowing it to define its powers, without even the checks and balances of a constitution or a constitutional court. You will have your United States of Europe in the bag.

Next, the European Council agrees its decisions by simple majority voting - the IGC requires unanimity. By accepting the European Council's authority to define the terms of a treaty you are, in practice, abolishing the national veto.

Next, when an IGC is convened, different rules apply, the nation states have sole authority and the Commission has no locus. Within a European Council, the agenda and the procedure is controlled by the EU and the Commission has formal standing - as indeed does the EU Parliament.

The post expire in 2009? So we will see a "Superdiplomat" in 2010? Hmm I think that year sounds familiar.

Sorry I missed your radio program. Now I will have to wait a whole week for download. I hope it all went well.


Sorry, NOT SOBER ENOUGH! If you had done a modicum of research on the Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust, etc., you would see that what you are saying about the Jews cum "Zionism" is EXACTLY what Alice Bailey, the co-founder of Lucis (Lucifer) Trust wrote about the Jews. Nesta Webster and Lady Jane Queensborough were guilty of the same thing. If you don't believe, go to any of AAB's books and look up Jews in the index and you will see how close your own world view is to that of a woman who diligently worked for none other than Lucifer cum Sastan cum "Angel of Light" cum "Prince of Darkness" himself. What you have expressed was the mindset of Hitler. All monotheists, by the way are targets -- another well defined strategy is to pit all target groups off against each other. Which agenda is yours or are you hopefully doing it out of uninformed ignorance or misinformation? I hope sincerely you are doing it out of ignorance and not malevolence!
Hi Dawn,

I'm doing the program again tomorrow. Johanna Michaelsen and possibly Caryl Matrisciana who has a new video will be joining me. I hope we have an active crew, yourself included in the chatroom or better still with live call-ins!

Friday night, still working on research at the office -- Oops, I am doing the program at 2 pm Eastern Time (11 a.m. Pacific time) later TODAY!

To all Herb Peters fans:

I had a nice chat with Linda Peters, Herb's widow, this afternoon. She wants to be kept "in the loop" of what's happening and I plan to stay in close telephone contact with her. Holly Peters Pevic has posted some good links over at

Constance, I too was bothered by Sober K. The 1st. letter from John kept coming to mind:
"Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last time.
They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us; but they went out, that they might be manifest that they were not all of us." The antichrists are among us, they have tasted but have not drunk; they "know not spirit ye are of."
Once again, Jesus wept over Israel; we need to pray and weep as well.
Yours in Christ,
Dear Constance:
I am indeed fully sober. And I am certainly not malevolent toward anyone in anyway, although I would mean to denounce and oppose the works of those who oppress and exploit the helpless to whatever degree it may ever be within my agency to do so. I have an abiding respect for you and the work you do. I can even tolerate being chastised by you, as it seems you are of the mistaken impression my comments come from malice. However, I should like to aver to you that my comments are not of malice. Therefore, I would think you would be little more circumspect in the manner you address your guests here on your blog. If my understanding differing from your understanding renders my comments unwelcome here, I will respect your wishes and bother your forum no more. Of course you are a very busy woman, and doubtlessly must often read and interpret the comments of others quickly and then reply, if you so chose, with haste as well. I can understand that it could be easy to make an unintentionally emotional reply to a viewpoint you may, obviously, find distasteful, while not taking, or having, the time to duly consider and weigh the arguments made by the other.

Would you not agree, however, that ideally it is to be highly preferred, in genuine and civil discourse, to give all due consideration to the substance of the other’s arguments and to limit our responses to intelligent and engaging discussion of the same. Thereby we may secure the greatest mutual benefit, for both ourselves and any others who may monitor our exchanges. After all, is that not what a blog forum is for? Are you not willing to consider reasonable arguments that may fall outside your opinions, just as you also make such arguments to convey your understanding to others? What is more beautiful than to come to a better understanding on a matter than we may presently have? And why should it ever be belittling to us to do so publicly? Little children do this readily and without shame. We know that Jesus said of such is the kingdom of heaven. For the least among us will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Meek and lowly of heart. Unashamed to learn. To love the truth more than our opinions and the security of our own understanding. To be teachable.

I wish to point out one primary matter to you. That is that my previous comments were all based directly on specific passages of scripture in the N.T. Instead of responding to my comments within the context of the scriptures to which I referred, you seem to have resorted to an ad hominem upbraiding of my intellectual competence and/or motivations. I invite you to return to my original remarks and consider those remarks in view of the scriptures I referred to. Then if you can show how my references to those particular scriptures are in error, please explain any errors I may hold. If there are any errors in my understanding, I will not be surprised. I am fallible as any little child might be. If, on the other hand, you should perceive any validity in my arguments, then I leave it to you to consider what your own attitude might be.
Constance, of course I see your point about baily's writing, etc. But first, I think that what matters is what the scriptures say.

Then I pose this question:

Is the serpent not the most subtle beast? Weaving truths with lies in order to decieve.

It is like the little conundrum where someone says "I never tell the truth". Now, is he telling the truth or not? Even so, not everything the evil side says is false. If we believe everything they say is a lie, then they can decieve us by simply speaking the truth!!
In his temptations, the Lord answered the devils statements by quoting the relevant scripture, and then simply disregarding the devil's suggestions. (Which were essentially true, in each case, by the way).

So follow Jesus example. Quote the relevant scripture in the proper context.

So, Matthew 23:

37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

So now I ask under what condition did Jesus say the Jews of Jerusalem will be brought under Jesus' wing? When they turn to him, of course. And until then...?? "Your house is left desolate".
Anonymous 7:33

Do you really want to help here? Then why don't you have a go at analyzing this document for us which was just passed in Brussels. You seem to have a lot of verbal skills, but it really isn't polite to hijack a comments section for your own agenda. It's called stealing and is listed as a no no in the commandments. Why don't you reread the goals of this blog and try to avoid theft.

There are many other websites that deal with bible commentary. Are you afraid to take your chances with serious bible scholars?

Ok, I still think I havn't clarified what I really mean.

The Jews are not in faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God. So, God is not pleased with Judah. They are still disobedient, because they still refuse Moses who testifies of Christ. Christian are not to disdain them or anyone else, because it is only by mercy by which any Christian stands. Even faith is by grace. They too will be restored at the end.

Until then, their house is left desolate unto them, that is spiritually, because they still deny Christ. Therefore the State of Israel is NOT, according to the word of Jesus, part of the household of faith. No big deal in that, because no political kingdom is, and certainly not the USA either. THEREFORE, the political state of 'Israel' is NOTHING BUT another division of the kingdoms of this world, and is in NO WAY special. They are still trying to get their birthright back, like Esau, by tears, instead of by faith in Chirst. They are moving outside the will of God, and that is why there is nothing but blood and anger and hate over there.

THEREFORE, there is NO OBLIGATION for Christians or anyone else to support the political state of Israel, either emotionally or monitarily. You might as well support Russia or China or Canada. The notion that we will be blessed for blessing 'Israel' is preposterous. The USA has been propping Israel up for the past 60 years, and during that time this country's spiritual and temporal soundness has dramatically deteriorated. So if God wants us to be supporting 'Israel', with any promises attached, then he hasn't been keeping his word. So, No, No, No. The political state of Israel is a spiritual fraud. It is a false zion, an anti-Zion, because they still have rejected the true Cornerstone.

So ask yourself: Would Jesus be building a political kingdom in this world against his own word? And if Jesus is not building it, then who is?? And why is the national symbol an occult symbol hexagram signifying 666?

Don't listen to the money preachers, who think gain is godliness. Don't be decieved by them. Don't be decieved by wolves in sheep's clothing.
sober k,
where do you stand on theft, i.e. hijacing a comments section for your own agenda?
Oh I am so embarrassed.
Today is Saturday. I was all upset because I had thought I had missed it.

Sober K

Thanks Constance for correcting the wrong understanding of Sober K. The correction of error is essential, and so appreciated, when the perversion of truth is so rampant these days.

Sober K, God, who is sovereign, has made covenants with Israel that are based on His Grace, Mercy, and faithfulness and stand no matter what Israel does.
hmmm, isn't there a limit to how large a comment one can make here? ;) sober k is muy verbioso --pardon my spanish
constance here is the article I was talking about
did you all see this on

So was Norman Vincent Peale part of new age as well?
Sober K. You DEMAND relevant scripture: "love is not puffed up, thou shall not lie: "I have an abiding respect for you..., not malevolent in ANYWAY. preconceptions...The Holy Book you reverence...,Be very carful now that you give real consideration to this..., How foolish can you be..., Do you understand nothing at all?, You should know...and this means you Constance...," and here you imply hasty, emotional and unintellgent. You appeal to civil discourse in an uncivil way.
The apostle Paul would have given his salvation for the salvation of Israel, so would have Moses, but you compare Israel to China! I pray for you. In Christianity, this spirit with which you have approached this subject has always filled me with sadness. Prayerfully read Ro 10, maybe love may find you.
Yours in Christ,
Thanks Dawn. I was able to use your two stories together for a post over at Let me encourage everyone to check them out. One denigrates monotheism and says teaching children religion is wrong while New Age is being promoted.

Two excellent shows today Connie. Your show featured two extremely knowledgeable guests on the religious part of the New Age movement.

The Hayes show was the most intense interview show I've heard in a long time. G. Hayes has been subtly indoctrinated by the line of guests she has used to fill her show. She may not even realize it. Connie was in full lawyer mode as she answered the questions with fact after fact being banged out in response. In summary I can say if I was in court I would be scared to have her on the other side. If you like lawyer shows, you have got to hear this show if it is archived. INTENSE!!!

Everybody should read the following post from Dorothy:

Next, when an IGC is convened, different rules apply, the nation states have sole authority and the Commission has no locus. Within a European Council, the agenda and the procedure is controlled by the EU and the Commission has formal standing - as indeed does the EU Parliament.


7:04 PM
D said...
did you all see this on

So was Norman Vincent Peale part of new age as well?

5:25 PM

To Farmer:

Do you think Javier Solana will get this post, or should we look for another?

Dear Dawn,

All I can say is WOW! and thanks for this link! It looks like the anti-Christian, anti-God agenda is coming to us from many sources now powerfully converging!


What is the difference between this blog and the "Constance Cumbey's Perspective" blog?

bondservanttoJesus at FP posted the article about "religious education is child abuse". A very good friend of mine sent me the same article the same day I saw it there.

The Yahoo article I saw while waiting for the second program to start.
gosh I need to go to bed. I found this interview with Larry King while googling something else. I found it interesting.

To: krw0315 said...

What is the difference between this blog and the "Constance Cumbey's Perspective" blog?


12:01 AM

ANSWER: No difference: the other went up when I thought I had to switch to another blog account, but fixed the problem allowing me to continue on this site so I didn't have to sacrifice my archives. Thanks for asking!

What most people don't realize is that this is a variation of the belief in karma, that you bring down on your own head the results of your actions. Illness, depression, poverty, all of the negatives in one's life are the result of one's own actions and beliefs. Only with reincarnation it's from one life to the next and these guys say it is all happening now.

The New Age publications are full of ads for practioners of this kind of thinking. If you put out money for their seminars, sometimes costing in the hundreds of dollars, if you buy their books, pay for a consultation, you sure as heck can't sue them if you don't get what you are promised because they just told you that the problem is you, not their advice.

You can sue a medical doctor if he makes a wrong call, but you can't sue these snake oil salesmen.

Next step they'll have us thinking that charity is useless because whatever happens to someone is because of their own actions.

I know you didn't post it because you agree with the King guests. This is just some additional commentary from me.


Regarding karma, I have long been trying to reconcile the Bible passage(s) about "reaping what we sow" with the Hindu karma doctrine. I don't know enough about Hinduism to see the difference.


Please try and get your archive of your radio program up somewhere. I missed your discussions with Johanna Michelson. I have both of her books. Excellent!

I listen to you on Dr. Stan's program, and if I could get your archive of your programs, I could hear more of you. Are they posted anywhere yet??

I am Canadian and living in America. I do think the article was accurate, even though I was either too young or the fact that I didn't care about the incident then. I certainly did wonder why the issue was an all-of-a-sudden thing. I know more about it now.

Thanks for your work. We are all a part of the body of Christ, and we all have different purposes. Yours is one I respect. Sober may not believe like you, I may not believe like Sober does, but God never said we have to agree. When two people agree on something, one is unneccesary.

Sober: Let's learn from one another because all of us can help one another.
Sober K

I have read many comments on the Jewish nation of Israel that you have posted. And obviously it is really messed up in about 75% if not more. We have seen this commenting on here about this stuff before. Others have spoken right in refuting you. They are well said. However I think a little bit more needs to be said concerning this anti Israel garbage that is being accepted among many of today's churches. So that people just cruising by don't get sucked into your way of thinking, as it clearly is against the word of God regarding the nation of Israel.

Ezekial 35 has a clear outline of the restoration of the nation of Israel and why He does it. It is regardless of human opinion or the actions of man. Argue it with God.

Ezekial ch. 35

vs. 22 Therefore say to the house of Israel, 'Thus says the Lord God: "I do not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for My holy names sake, which you have profaned amoung the nations wherever you went.
vs. 23 "And I will sanctify My great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst; and the nations shall know that I am the Lord," says the Lord God, "when I am hallowed in you before their eyes.

vs.24 "For I will take you from among the nations, gather you of all countries, and bring you into your own land.

First Off God explains why He is restoring the land as a nation. It is to show the nations that He will do what He says He will do in the Psalms and Genesis regarding the promisses about the land itself. Its not about the church, its not symbolic of anything else, it is the physical land itself. However the church will be affected negatively if we will not accept the promise to the Jewish people. But also notice that God says He is not restoring them to the land for their sakes because they profaned God everywhere. He is restoring them to the land because of who He is, not them. However his promise of the land is to them. He cannot lie...ever! Also it is quite clear that your way of thinking will build in the end times because the Lord says that He will be hallowed in you before their eyes. So obviously there has to be anti-Jewish views for this to be able to happen. Such views that you hold about the Jews lead to there persecution. Just as it did with the holocost. The Christians were the ones turning in the Jews before it all started. Well guess what...Hitler also then turned on the Christians. Satan convices us that the Jews are basically just gentiles. Pride, envy, jealousy and then strife occur. Its a slippery slope. Your views do not just hurt you, they damage the body of Christ. You had better do a little more research on the Jews concerning their own identity and promisses especially if you are claming to be called by God and are a follower of Jesus Christ. It is your resonable service. You do owe it to the Jews, especially to Jesus where He Is The King of the Jews as stated by both Jew and Gentile in the book of John and the other gospels.
This is humorous, right? You can't take this kind of extremely tenuous conspiracy theory seriously, can you?

As humour it is pretty entertaining. Especially liked how you referred to "Canada Free Press" as if it were some kind of actual news organization, rather than a one-person site for the spectacularly loony Judi McLeod, who is a real hoot.

Anyhow, lots of fun. You must also enjoy Colbert report.
To the last anonymous,
I had to look up the Colbert name to see it is connected with Jon Stewart's comedy news show. I can see where it is easier for some to be cynical and laugh rather than even consider that more is going on in the world than is reported in the newspapers.

No one here claimed that Canada Free Press was a major news source. Judi McLeod (first time I've heard the name) seems to be more perceptive than you are. Is that what bothers you? Does it bother you that others are reading from many sources rather than the one trick pony people in Ratherland?

Go back to your childlike world of name calling. There will always be people who have moved on to adulthood. You aren't ready to pass judgment on adults. Stay out of the adult world where we attempt to make sense of a very complex world however imperfectly we may try to do so.

When you have something to offer, even if it is simplistic, other than name calling and cynicism, come on back.


The problem is I actually know and have worked with many of the people conspiracy theorists on the far right write about. For this reason the outlandish conspiracies attributed to them on a near daily basis are humorous to me. Constructing elaborate webs of implied treachery is really quite easy and I suppose it would be entertaining if it weren't a little dangerous.

As for namecalling, well, that is the stock in trade of the fringe right, so carry on.
Anonymous 8:50 am
As usual, you added nothing to the discussion except to claim credentials for yourself that can't be verified.

You do realize, I hope, that you are anonymous. You could claim to be the King of Siam, but that wouldn't mean we have to believe anything you say. Your opinions do not automatically become fact as you write them.

Again, if you have something to add that can be verified from another source, please feel free to post it here. Feel free to disagree, but do back up your opinions if you want to be taken seriously.


You hit one nail on the head, albeit inadvertently. Opinions never are "fact". This is a fundamental problem with much of what is contantly written in the fringes of the far right blogosphere.

"Verified from another source" - like a trusted source like Canada Free Press?


Have a good day, this is a complete waste of time.
Anonymous, it's only your arrogance that makes you think I made the comment inadvertently.

You still haven't added any facts to the discussion. You've suggested that you are in contact with people who might have been linked into conspiracy theories. It's very nice that you are so supportive of possibly naive individuals who are your friends. Or maybe you are the innocent one in the picture.

Check out a book called French Connections. I haven't seen anything equivalent regarding American politics, but a lot of us have seen similar networks in the US.

At this point I consider you a very nice innocent sweetie.

Dorothy, good exchange with the critic of the Canada free press; reminds me of the person riding my bumper on the highway: a big joke until I had to break.
Interesting Anon can with one sweep brush all the facts of globalism, loss of US sovereignty, the wholesale undermining of Christianity away, the gathering storm over Israel, but let him and all others sweep away what the scripture says: JESUS SPEAKING OF THE LAST DAYS, "And except that the Lord shortened those days, no flesh should be saved... And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet..."Zech 14:12 My uncle told my cousin not to climb this cedar tree because the branches were weak; he did it anyway and broke his arm: the Lord warns out of love, a love that took our place on the cross. Jesus I pray for Anon, may your Word and Spirit open his, her eyes. Thank you.
Yours in Christ,
Additional information for those who saw my mention of the book French Connections.

I am really surprised I didn't hear about this book before. Although the focus is on what is happening in France and is extremely detailed, it parallels what happens everywhere. It reminded me how useless posting on the net is when in the real world power is held by those individuals who work together in person.

French Connections: Networks of Influence (Paperback)
by Sophie Coignard (Author), Marie-Therese Guichard (AuthorEditorial Reviews

Book Description
Political partners and alumni groups, Masons and the Mafia, Jews and Protestants -- we are enmeshed in a network of networks, working for and against each other's interests. They explain the decisions, the nominations, the deals that take place. How much influence do they really have? This book enumerates the ways in which members of "old-boys' clubs" maneuver to help each other through.
Political leaders, gang leaders, corporate chiefs, and smugglers -- they all form a very small world. From dinner clubs to juntas ... it's not only business deals that go on behind those doors!

From the one customer review:
"book illustrates how informal connections and actions -- not formal rules and officially prescribed and claimed actions -- rule in French political and social life. The authors look at many different levels of French society -- from low-life to high-life slices of society; they found the same picture: it's not the Constitution or the law but who you know that decide what you can get or can get away with.

"Nice food for uncomfortable thought about the society you're so smug about (YOUR society -- don't pretend you don't hear me!)"
Setterman, thanks for the nice support. It's my belief that the individual posting is one I have been crossing swords with at another website. His entire offering is to tell me I'm wrong. I could post that there is weather, and he would say I'm mistaken. It's as if he resents my writing that his view of his world might need some scrutiny, but he's not secure enough to put his worldview up for analysis.
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