Monday, June 11, 2007

Beyond Babylon: Kosovo and Jerusalem

Beyond Babylon: Kosovo and Jerusalem

Kosovo and Jerusalem: The Role of the "International Community" in Dismantling Yugoslavia and Its Parallels in Ongoing Efforts to Destroy Israel
by Mr. Chaim Pekovic
UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Monday urged the Security Council not to “waste too much time” in making up its mind about endorsing the UN plan for Kosovo’s “supervised independence” from Serbia. “We should not waste too much time in making decisions,” the secretary general told reporters here....

Not surprising -- a sneak preview of what they no doubt intend to do to Jerusalem all too soon.
BEIJING, Nov. 19, according to Xinhua Taiwan's "Today" reported that Chen Shui-bian's four-day fasting guard for medical treatment, including the Oriental Hospital and the Panchiao to spend a wow power leveling total of nearly 20,000 yuan (NT, the same below) medical wow powerleveling expenses, as His health insurance card to stay in Taipei Detention Center, must first serve their own expense, the medical expenses from his detention in custody of the gold deduction, but Chen Shui-bian's custody, only 16,000 yuan deposit, the deduction is not enough, said the detention center, not wow gold part of the Will be asked to make up for the families or lawyers.

1 At about noon today, Chen Shui-bian ambulance ride to live for three days to leave the county medical Panchiao District Court, although power leveling the people left, but still have to pay money, including an ambulance referral to spend 800 yuan, into the ring adhere to the intensive care unit Fasting only saline water and glucose, a day to spend about 1500 yuan, plus medical expenses, hospital fees, in Panchiao powerleveling hospital guard spent a total of three million yuan.
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