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NEW: Link to Solana's Charlemagne Award speech!

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Picture on left: Benjamin Creme Picture on Right: King Juan Carlos of Spain
and Javier Solana at Charlemagne Award Ceremony in Aachen, Germany, May 18, 2007.

“Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision. Psalms, Chapter 2.

This blogspot article is prompted by some of my later disturbing discoveries of the Alliance of Civilizations. It is also fed by my intense research beginning in 1981 on the New Age Movement. Clearly, those involved sincerely believed something BIG would happen in 1982. They started much earlier in collaboration with many elements including but not limited to Lucis Trust, Rosicrucian, and Theosophical interests to put the pieces in place and build momentum for what they thought was coming. Alice Bailey had written that preparation for the “Reappearance of the Reappearance of the Christ” (one at least per the Alice Bailey writings neither Jesus nor Jewish) should go public on radio and television starting in 1975.1

Its been a little while since I have written about the Alliance of Civilizations, known to our British and Canadian friends as “Alliance of Civilisations.” Readers "Rich of Medford" and Dorothy Margraf have been valiantly keeping up with the subject as well. Lately, I started wondering about its connections with older efforts that started in the 60's. A bold New Age initiative was started by New York socialite Judith Hollister in 1960, 47 years ago.2 Rolland Gammon, a gossipy New Ager active in the days I was originally researching the New Age Movement in the early 1980s fortunately shared his then 20 year recollections in his 1980 book Nirvana Now:

“In fact, the 20-year-old Temple of Understanding is such a bold New Age concept and its founder Judith Hollister is such an Aquarian enchantress that these interfaith gatherings of world religion leaders cannot fail to be peace-making and faith-heartening to the hundreds who attend and the millions who read, see and hear about them in international media. As I attended the first one in Calcutta, India in 1968 . . . missed the second one in Geneva Switzerland in 1970 . . . it was assured that I would participate in the third one in October, 1971 at Harvard University . . . All living religions today are trying to function as an integrated spiritual grid . . .”3

Back to today's Alliance of Civilizations, it has long than we have suspected been in a phase of not just planning, but indeed of “implementation.” It further seems that since these statements were made in early 2006, that the process was much further along than their public “christening” which happened in December 2006 would indicate. This is very typical of my experience of the New Agers over the years: they never brag, they never show all their cards. If they tell you they've got something, they've got all that and much more! Fortunately for us, they don't hold all the cards. That's their Achilles heel and one that frustrated their earlier efforts to advance their agenda starting in the 1960s for what they hoped would grandly culminate in a 1982 “Reappearance of the Christ.”

If anybody thinks that the 1982 worldwide half a million dollar ad campaign featuring ads reading “The Christ is now here” was done for a mere prank, I have a bridge to sell them --Brooklyn or Chappaquiddick, take your pick! Obviously there were very serious purposes behind them.

I remember experiencing cold chills in mid 1982 upon hearing Benjamin Creme publicly blame me on San Antonio, Texas “The Allen Dale Show” back in 1982 for “interfering with the Christ's Reappearance.” I have now donated those tapes to the University of Michigan for archival in their Bentley Historical Library, but I remember hearing those threats which then seemed to me very imminent of threats of ultimate evil coming to be directed my way. I heard Creme say “Constance Cumbey will pay for her interference with the Christ's reappearance.”

I quipped to my friends, I suppose I might, but I suppose I'm going to get paid, too!” Looking at an aging Benjamin Creme these days, it doesn't appear that his “messiah” or the Lucifer that Creme has publicly espoused, has been particularly effective in maintaining his own New Age claimed “eternal youth.” But then, I suppose he expects "reincarnation" will rescue that. I would rather trust in "resurrection"!

Quoting from a recent UN report that clearly showed blending of Temple of Understanding and Alliance of Civilization interests, among many others of this frighteningly large coalition:

Ambassador Ilkin stressed that the second phase of their work would be much
more important, namely the implementation of the recommendations put forward in the report by the High-level Group

It seems from those UN reports that the Temple of Understanding is now headed by what can only be described as a highly apostate Roman Catholic nun, one Joan Kirby, RSCJ.

"Joan Kirby, RCSJ stressed the need for dialogue and education and how important it was to have inter-religious understanding and cooperation between the diverse groups. She highlighted another initiative, namely the Tri-Party Forum which brings together the UN system agencies, UN Member States and the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN to create innovative partnerships across traditional boundaries to seek together new forms of effective, just and global cooperation. She also expressed interest to cooperate with the Alliance of Civilizations.”5

Well, in my quest to understand just how far along these shameless proponents of a New World Religion, one that particularly compromised monotheistic believers were, I decided I should check out “DPI/NGO.” Their googled link had moved and I was redirected to a site found at an internet address of “DPI/NGO” stands for “Departmentof Public Information/Non Governmental Organizations.” I was most interested in the Temple of Understanding's role in that system. I was also interested in seeing the influence of Lucis Trust. In the 1980s, former Lucis Trust administrator Donald Keys (also a former SANE head, World Federalist head, and Club of Rome contributor as well as Planetary Citizens founder) bragged that he had “started many a trend at the United Nations.” I wondered if that influence was continuing and who was carrying on the now apparently disappeared Donald Keys legacy?

My Chicago area friend, Dorothy Margraf, is fond of reminding me that so many of the younger people are not aware of the basics of the New Age Movement that we ferreted out in the early 1980s. She is probably right and my book is getting increasingly harder to find, although NewswithViews, Human Life International, Dr. Stanley Monteith, and Southwest Radio Church, to the best of my present knowledge still have copies. I have found an excellent online article that summarizes so very much of what is important to know about the “Hidden Dangers” of the New Age “rainbow” in an article conveniently available for online download. It is by one Alan Morrison and may be found at the web address of

On line reporters I respect have written cautionary articles about Alan Morrison, but in biblical parlance, and I have not investigated claims either for or against him, “take the wheat, but leave the chaff.”7 The article as far as it concerns the UN and Lucis Trust is verifiable information.

So many things are converging that it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up as “global village/global governance” collaboraters such as Javier Solana come to the forefront. Today Javier Solana, a key figure in the putting together of the Alliance of Civilizations, received the “Karlspreis” otherwise known as “Charlemagne Award” in Aachen, Germany. Perhaps conveniently, perhaps not, he was not present at the European Union summit with Russia. His diplomatic skills were no doubt sorely missed. The media reported the summit was an acrimonious disaster. Solana's Aachen speech centered about the need for the European Union to enact that constitution giving him, Javier Solana, unprecedented “democratic deficit” powers forthwith – before Germany was done with its term. No doubt the vaccuum created by Solana's Russian absence today will add to his leverage.

I'm told that Herb Peters is a little under the weather and your prayers and support are needed. That goes for Yours Truly as well. Stay tuned! I am seeking clarification on Javier Solana's apparent fuzzing of his family ties. I am convinced that he has thrown a deliberate veil of confusion over his relationship with Salvador de Madariaga and it is more than likely not because of de Madariaga's richly documentable “invisible college” pursuits. As soon as I have this information a little more solidified, I will continue my series on the Javier Solana story.

Oh, and what's the difference between now and the early 1980s? Why do they (the New Agers, Alliance of Civilizations, New World Order proponents) think they will now succeed where in the past they failed? They, in my opinion, are not so sure they will -- they are angrily suspicious now of attempts to interfere with their initiatives, including but not limited to our internet ones. I think there is a significant difference, however, between the times. Many, many more people have had fair warning! I have long believed that God would restrain their efforts until people have been fairly warned of the "hidden dangers." Are you ready?


1There is an excellent online article summarizing many of the Bailey concepts with page references that may be found on line and available for download at The article is aptly titled “An absolute manifestation of absolute evil.” I concur!

2Gammon, Roland. NIRVANA NOW. New York: 1980, see pages 16, 21, 189, and 371.
3Ibid., page 21.
4 Also, for pdf form see
5Ibid., op. Cited.

Constance, we are always thanking for your efforts, but understand it is part of the Christian nature to do so. As one who read THDofTrainbow in 1983, and saw Mr. Creme in 1982, and not trying to be pedantic, the time for His appearnace depends entirely on: "only He who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way."
"Even now are there many antichrists;" we face the much vaunted paradigm shift, and I am sad to see the "love of many" grow cold. "Jesus wept"
May we all pray to be "strengthened with might in the inner man..."
Yours in Christ,
Media being used to change our minds. Here is a new show on the CW network.
Aliens in America: A comedy about a Muslim foreign exchange student living with an American family.
Thank you for your excelent, timely, and awakening articles.

The Alliance of Civilizations, although in the works for many years as you point out, is a major shift in thinking for the average person, many of whom are totally unaware. What key events / actions can you think of that would allow them to align the world with their plans? Many people won't go there without some major "push." Since the promoters of the PLAN are concerned about growing resistance, won't this cause them to act as quickly as possible?
Constance- This may sound kinky (which is okay anyway by today's standards) but maybe Solana's grandfather is also his uncle at the same time through some type of inscest. I've been thinking that for awhile. I don't know if that can be possible, however, even with inscest, unless the grandfather married on of JS's aunts.
With regards to the media claims that all religions are just as good as each other, I still remember an episode of Saved by the Bell where somehow they were talking about character traits and heredity and suggested one is born with one's religion. I know that is mostly true, but the way it sounded on the show was that it is almost like a genetic trait, like being born white or black.
Maybe Solana's mother was a jackal -- at least that's what Mr. 666's mother was in THE OMEN!
You can read Solana's Charlemagne Award speech by going to this website link:

Sorry, I tried the link I just posted which did not work. Try this:

That should finally yield the Solana speech.
Interestingly, Solana makes no mention in his speech of deMadariaga as either "great uncle" or "grandfather." He only says "two members of the same family."

Thanks for an excellent and helpful post--it helps to more clearly see the culmination of the many binding ties.

I've finished with my semester so I can get back to reporting ON MY AoC findings. Over the past couple of momnths the Lord has piled up homework also. I must admit that even though this material is dry and boring, I much prefer reading for the Lord than solving calculus problems.

The Alliance of Civilization's next phase is most disturbing. It is the heart of the UN's global counter-terrorism strategy. I will be writing an article on this very soon. I'll send you a copy once I have it completed.


You post an excellent question. There are often unusual twists and turns so it is sometimes difficult to predict what will happen to align the masses with the AoC thinking. One thing we know for certain is that they openly say that crisis = opportunity and I can almost guarantee it will stem out of a crisis situation. Interestingly, Germany touts Solana as the EU's crisis manager.

The AoC writings have openly identified a sovereign United States as a hinderance to the new civilization. They have formed various alliances to "counter the dominance of the United States." It appears to me that they intend to cause an economic collapse, which would send shock waves throughout the entire world.

We might also see this in the form of a terrorist act. Since the AoC is now the UN's centerpiece for combatting terrorism, this type of crisis situation could bring them into action as well.

Speak of the devil...Benjamin Creme...and his messiah "Lord Maitreya" Sun. I was listening to my 50's/60's music station WFNT 1470 AM radio from Burton, MI and I heard an ad (2x) that said to call 800-870-6108 for Free literature on the messiah's return (Share International).

It would be good for others to join me in calling the Station Manager, Dan Foley, Mon. at 810-743-1080 to complain about this ad.
Hi there. Does anyone know what this actually means with regard to trying to access FP?
All I get is this message -

"This domain has temporarily been disabled.
To restore the domain, contact your Customer Support."


I can't get onto FP either. What has happened?

Phil and Martha, Connie followed up to let Herb know what was going on in the event he didn't know. Thanks.
I figured that Herb's domain name had just expired, but after looking at WHOIS, I see that won't expire until 2014. Maybe it's just a server problem?

I'm getting concerned. :(

He knew. It's a problem with bandwidth that should be cleared up by tomorrow am.
Herb's problem is that it is almost too successful. The mp3 files (including my two files) have consumed too much bandwidth problems for his server and Herb won't be able to address it until tomorrow. The mp3 files may have to come down which would be sad, but may be necessary. I don't know if a blogspot could accommodate them or if Herb could find a backup site for them.

I was offered the opportunity of hosting my own web radio show and I will unfortunately have to get you more particulars later. I will be interviewing (or we will be conversing) with Herb Peters this Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard time which is 11 a.m. Pacific Time. I will post particulars on my blogspot before Saturday. Also, Gianni Hayes will be interviewing me next Saturday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, I think. Brian Davis called me re same Sunday.
Well, it appears there is no honor among thieves. Now Texe Marrs who appears from this site to know little or nothing about Javier Solana claims he has done "tremendous research" on him. He claims that the EU just elected Javier Solana to head its foreign policy. Evidently his research wasn't tremendous enough to know that the job was created for him in December 1998 by Europa Code Section 666! What a character!

Well, if even Texe Marrs who seemed never to notice Solana before is trying to profiteer from what clearly is Constance and Herb's original research, the end must be VERY NEAR. Notice that he is selling his material for a handsome sum. You never saw Herb nor Constance try to profiteer like that. Marrs is SHAMELESS in addition to being both a Jew and Catholic basher (not to mention sheer liar) . . .
Look at Marrs' drivel -- he is not even capable of blushing!!!!

>>Secrets (Volume 127): Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not touch: (1) Some in Congress are pushing for the military draft to be reinstated. Texe says, "Great! And we should start by drafting into military service the Bush daughters, Barbara and Jenna, and all those war-mongers in Washington, D.C., like Newt "the Lizard" Gingrich and the sons and daughters of our privileged U.S. Congress.; (2) Environmentalists pushing the hoax of "global warming" now are proposing that a layer of dirty pollution be spewed into the atmosphere over earth to block out the sun’s rays; (3) Devil messages are allegedly discovered in the speaking-in-tongues of charismatic prosperity preachers Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and others; (4) Former Louisiana Senator David Duke eloquently exposes CNN broadcaster Wolf Blitzer as a paid secret agent of a Jewish criminal spy group—and he does it to Blitzer’s face on international TV; (5) Former President Jimmy Carter’s bombshell new book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, strikes sensitive nerve of ruling Jewish clique in America. Now, they and their media stooges are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the ex-President. Carter’s being called anti-Semite, Jew-hater, liar, Moslem dunce, and worse.

Blood Red Prophecy 2007—The Sun, The Moon, and the Cabalistic Year of 666 Evil: A Texe Marrs Special Report. Strange doings are afoot. In New York, a new Secretary-General of the United Nations has been chosen—South Korean diplomat Ban-Ki Moon. Meanwhile, the European Union has elected Spain’s socialist politician, Javier Solana, to take the reins of power. The name "Solana" means Sun, and so we have the "Moon" and the "Sun" in high places of power as we move into year 2007. That number 2007, in occult numerology, translates into the number of the beast, 666 (Revelation 13). Equally eye-opening is the fact that Javier Solana’s name and birthdate translate to the number 666. Bible prophecy warns of the blood and horror that will wrought in the last days by two demonic beings and planetary entities called the "Sun" and the "Moon." Do the very names of the new leaders of the European Union and the United Nations have prophetic significance? Some say Javier Solana fits all the characteristics of the Antichrist, the beast 666 prophesied to rule the world. Texe reveals some of his tremendous research into the history, heritage, and possible future of both Mr. Moon of the UN and Mr. Sun (Solana) of the EU in this fascinating audiotape/CD report.
Well, I wondered how long it would take Texe to try to make money off our Javier Solana research. I wondered how long it would take him to understand. Obviously he does not, but maybe he will increase awareness of him a little more, but it will be so discredited with his clear anti-Jewish agenda -- that should give Texe Marrs just about everything in common with Solana as I currently see it!
I hope that Herb will upload the mp3s to somewhere like so that we can still listen in. I still haven't heard the first part of his interview.

PS: Sorry for hijacking your comments page, Constance. Thanks for keeping us informed about the situation over at FP!

No surprise to see the involvement of the RSCJs (Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus-religious de sacra coer de jesus). They hosted the International Teilhard du Chardin gathering a couple of years ago in Manhattan. They have long established ties to the Kennedy clan--many of the family attended Sacred Heart schools. The Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan has hosted receptions for the family following Jackie's funeral, among others. I have personal aquaintance with one of their head of school who stated publically she was a New Ager. They are connected to some of the wealthiest families in the world.
"Israel had wanted EU monitors to take on greater powers for carrying out arrests..., but EU diplomats said the mandate of the extended mission will be unaltered."

Thanks for info about
looking forward to the Radioshow on Saturday!
Hi Constance,
This has little to do with your latest blog (which I like but are often too long for me to read at work!), but I was just doing a late-night check-in at Herb's FP site and I got the following:

This domain has temporarily been disabled.
To restore the domain, contact your Customer Support.

Any idea what that is all about? or what it means?

Hoping in Jesus,
Oh, never mind. I didn't read everyone's comments! scratch that, and thanks for the info! I had a little flash of paranoid there for a second!! LOL
The RCSJ nun heads the Temple of Understanding, and also chairs the UN Committee dealing with interreligious dialogue.
I can hear Texe Marrs now in his Texan dialect say ever so grandly . . .


That's what he used to say about the New Age Movement work he copied from the legitimate researchers . . .
Why would Herb's site come up with:
This domain has temporarily been disabled.
To restore the domain, contact your Customer Support.
Wondered if anyone else reading tonight has the same issue.....? Linda
Oops, Carolyn and me BAD! Saw your notes......thanks Linda

I really feel bad about hijacking your site sbout Herb's (which is up this AM by the way).

If it's any consolation, I read your blog regularly, but don't post because I'm new to this and you all know so much more than me!

Thank you and everyone else for all the info--Solana appears to be a scary guy and we'd do well to keep an eye on him, not to mention the AoC.

Thanks again, and back into "lurker-ville" I go!

Hey Martha, not a hi-jacking! We welcome both "lurkers" and posters. Feel free to post. Herb and I work together, so his space is my space and vice versa, I hope!

I actually saved the first part of herbs interview on my computer to listen to later. I didn't get a chance to do the same with the second part. I hope they will be up somewhere. Constance, I can't wait for the interview on Saturday, will you please post a link to the archive as in the past?
I have placed the link in my blogspot column. This is it as well:

Has anybody else had a problem in accessing the forum at FP? I've been banned, although I'm really only a lurker and haven't posted in a year! I've never had any issues with any forum members and can't understand what has happened - I forwarded an e-mail nearly 2 weeks ago querying what had happened, but no response yet.

Keep up the great work. I've been reading your work and Herb's daily since I first discovered them about a month ago, (as have everyone I can tell about).

Keep on posting, and we'll keep passing on the word. Thanks.

Steve Evans
"banned at fp"
could be a problem of the computer you are using, or if you use more than one pc to access fp, as sometimes I get this message, when I want to use fp at work (for example today)..
so it doesn't have to be 'personal'...
hope it helps...
A member of Herb's discussion board has kindly posted Herb's two recent interviews on his website. Links are as follows:

1st Interview (05/12/07):

2nd Interview (05/19/07):

The address of the hosting website is

The link to the FP thread re. same is:

Have a nice day.

A fellow watcher.
P.S. Apparently the last link did not copy over correctly. The FP thread re. same is:


A fellow watcher.
Anonymous 6:41.

Have posted your concern to the mods and admins at the FP discussion board. Hopefully, the problem will soon be rectified.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watcher.
Dear Steve Evans,

Thanks for the kind and thoughtful words!

Thanks for letting us know about the upcoming program. Are you the one on the right or on the left in the picture? (Smiley face!!)

Use Your Driver's License as a Debit Card:


No need, hopefully, to mention possible ramifications in light of the proposed standardization of all state driver's licenses, courtesy Real ID Act.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watcher
Check this interesting perspective on Javier Solana and "Eurabia"!!

If anyone is having a problem with getting Herb's interviews...they have been posted (at least for a little while) on my page at the Arizona Free Press.

The link doesn't appear to fit i've tied it to "Herb's Interviews" above in the name spot. Just click there, and the shows are on the right.

Jackie is working at putting up an archive on the microeffect site.

Check the top of my spots as I have learned I can edit in between times with updates and links!

Radio Program Saturday with Constance Cumbey and Herb Peters, 2 p.m. Eastern Time, 11 a.m. Pacific Standard time. Internet link and live chat rooms at and/or . I (Constance Cumbey) will be hosting the program and have the pleasure of again presenting Herb Peters as we used to do on our old WMUZ days!
Just received word that Herb Peters is gravely ill and will probably need emergency surgery. He is expected to recover, but is under the weather for now. I have invited Mike and LaMelva Eubanks of THE WATCHMAN SPEAKS who sponsored the last two Michigan conferences where Herb and I jointly spoke to join us. I don't know if I can get them or not, but have left word. PRAY FOR HERB!
Herb Peters is ill. The president of Human Life International is in the Detroit metro area tonight to speak to Mothers and Unborn Baby Care and he has graciously consented to do our program tomorrow. We are extremely fortunate to have him as he is in great worldwide demand. I spoke many times for his organization in the 1980s and 1990s on both the New Age Movement and Dr. Kevorkian related issues an I am happy that he is willing on such short notice to return the favor.
If the Eubanks are willing (I was unable to make contact today), they will be my guests next week on
If the Eubanks are willing (I was unable to make contact today), they will be my guests next week on
guys, please keep an eye and ear out for what kevin warrick is doing and proposing, it could lead to marking
Ms. Cumbey, I am new to this blog site and I first want to tell you how delighted I am to have discovered your website.

I remember the infamous "The Christ is Now Here Campaign" spearheaded by Benjamin Creme when he took out an ad in the Los Angeles Times on April 25, 1982.

Benjamin Creme's "Christ" was the Buddhist Bodhisattva "Maitreya."


That was when I first read your book THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. As a conservative Roman Catholic, I was impressed with your understanding of the 1907 anti-modernist encyclical PASCENDI DOMINI as well as your understanding of who and what is the real enemy of Christendom.

I am not yet familiar with Javier Solana, but thanks to your informative website that is about to change.

>>The Synagogue of Satan
The Secret History of Jewish World Domination

The Synagogue of Satan is the first book ever to document the secret history of the evil conspirators responsible for wars, revolutions, and financial debacles around the world. It is a virtual encyclopedia of fresh new information and facts unmasking the Jewish Illuminati elite and their sinister goals and hidden influence. Here is just a part of the secrets you will discover in this eye-opening 320 page book.
These High Priests of Lucifer possess ownership of almost every major book publishing firm in the world. (page 8)
Rothschild draws up plans for the creation of the Order of the Illuminati and entrusts Adam Weishaupt with its development. (page 32)
Rothschild gains control of America’s money system by setting up a central bank. (page 37)
The Rothschild's use their money power to foment the bloody U.S. Civil War, 1860-1865. (page 62)

The Jewish Encyclopedia admits that the rich and powerful Rothschild family are now the "guardians of the papal treasure." (page 87)

President Roosevelt, controlled by overseer Bernard Baruch, orders the pyramid, all-seeing eye and Latin inscription, "Novus Ordo Seclorum," be placed on the U.S. one dollar bill. (page 128)

Jewish banker James Paul Warburg tells U.S. Senate, "We shall have World conquest or by consent." (page 160)

Jewish commandant tortures innocent victims, murdering babies by bashing in their heads and raping Gentile women, then flees to Israel who will not extradite to face charges. (page 226)

Israeli secret agents, in concert with rogue Bush Administration high-ups and Jewish groups in the U.S.A., engineer 9/11 and the bombing of the World Trade Center towers. (page 25)
Just listen to the last 45 minutes of your first radio program! It comes at a great time for me since the kids are in their quiet time. I look forward to next week.
Dear Dawn,

THANKS! and I am greatly encouraged by your feedback. It was a scary thing for me to go back on the air.

I'm pinching myself -- yesterday, and I don't believe I'm dreaming -- there was something on CNN about tracking lost soldiers. They showed some getting implanted microchips and said the units getting these "tracking devices" were being kept secret!
An update on Herb's condition from his daughter, Holly (from the FP website):


Hi all,

I wanted to update you on my dad's condition. Doctors have told him that it looks like his gallbladder is the problem, and he will need surgery to get it removed. He's going to have an ultrasound to confirm the condition. (His ongoing back condition is different from this one.) The good news is that the gallbladder surgery is fairly simple. The bad news is he's in constant, severe pain until the surgery can take place, and he hasn't slept in a long time and can't eat much. Please keep him in your prayers. I know it means a lot to him! Also, please remember his need for continued financial support through this time.



Have a nice day.

A fellow watcher
Dear Fellow Watcher,

Thanks for the update on Herb!

To Susanna,

Thanks SO VERY MUCH for your welcome and encouraging words!

The quirky problem continues. When I first come, nothing appears on the right side of the page after Connie's picture. If I refresh, the information generally comes up. If I tap the up-down bar on the right, some things may appear. No consistency.

Hi Constance - quick question, I see the pic on your blog with Solona and Juan carlos of Spain - Does Carlos still bear s part of his official title king of Jerusalem?
"And you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

Today I came across this article that was interesting to me, perhaps to you as well. IT is from the Fox News website.,2933,276335,00.html

The article is entitled: Iran Rejects Suspending Nuke Enrichment Ahead of Talks with EU

The last sentence of the article reads:

“Solana is empowered by the world's major powers — the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany as well as the EU — to explore the scope for formal negotiations on a package of economic, technological and political initiatives if Iran suspends enrichment.”

Quite a range of major powers proclaiming to back this man...


Shades of the technology on the television series "24". Now one can go to google and get a street level view of many places, close enough to identify faces and license plate numbers. The story is up on Drudge today, Wednesday 5/30, complete with two links. I couldn't tell if the view would be ongoing or whether it was just pictures over time. While it might be fun to travel via the computer to see things in places around the world that one might never otherwise see, I do wonder if they can see me taking out the garbage in my unkempt clothes and messed up hair.

Please keep both Dorothy and Herb in your prayers for their health.
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