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Do Pat Robertson and Hugo Chávez have more in common than meets the eye?


About a month ago, Pat Robertson generated headlines by his call for the assassination of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez. Today President Chávez generated his own headlines by calling for the UN to move from the United States, possibly to Jerusalem. Chávez said in his speech that others had suggested this alternative as well.
That was of particular interest to me on many fronts, not the least of which was the Pat Robertson one itself. Pat Robertson has been on my personal radar for many years for his own outrageous claims that he would “televise the Second Coming from the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem”.[1] I noted in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION, that this certainly matched no scriptural description of our Lord’s return. However, it did match with specificity, Alice Ann Bailey’s THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY descriptions of their new age counterfeit of this event:

"He is now waiting to descend. This descent into our unhappy world of men can present Him with no alluring picture. From the quiet mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity, and where He has trained His disciples, initiates and the new group of world servers, He must come forth and take His place prominently on the world stage, and take His part in the great drama which is there being played. This time, He will play His part, not in obscurity as He previously did, but before the eyes of the entire world. Because of the smallness of our little planet, and because of the prevalence of the radio, television and the rapidity of communication, His part will be watched by all, and the prospect must surely, for Him, hold certain horror, must present its tests and major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does not come as the omnipotent God of man's ignorant creation, but as the Christ, the Founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again to demonstrate divinity in far more difficult circumstances."

Pasted from <>

"His coming in the air might be interpreted literally to mean that at the right time He will come by plane from the place on earth where He has been for many generations, watching over the sons of men; the words [576] "every eye shall see Him" might mean that, by the time He comes, television will have been perfected and He will then be seen, by its means, from even the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian, the above will sound like the rankest blasphemy, but the question immediately arises: Why should it be blasphemy for Him to use modern methods?"

Pasted from <>

Well, it does seem that lots of people plan to get together very soon in Jerusalem! Javier Solana to “make permanent peace”; Pat Robertson to televise “the Second Coming”; and prominent UN’ers, perhaps Hugo Chávez, among them for a form of world government seated there.

Peter LeMesurier wrote a book called THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT. He called for staging a phony coming of Christ, from the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem, to satisfy certain archetypal expectations and discharge the possibility of unexpected fulfillment at a less convenient time. His book inspired the title of my second 1985 book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH. He concluded his book by saying that “their script is now written, subject only to last minute editing and stage direction . . . down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.”

What is happening is smelling more and more like, “The Armageddon Script.” Will we be smart enough to see through it? Was this a serious fight between Robertson and Chavez -- or are they all players in a possible "Armageddon Script"? Our Lord said there would be deception enough even for the elect? It certainly seems to be shaping up.

As usual, your comments are valued. What do you think?

[1] See SHOUT IT FROM THE HOUSETOPS by Pat Robertson, Coffee Table revised hardcover edition, 1986, pages 150, 156-157.

P.S. September 20, 2005: Sarah Leslie and Jewel Grewe (formerly known as Jewel VanderMerwe) have launched a most important and informative new blogspot. They call it "herescope". It has already answered some questions for me about ugly evangelical opposition I received starting in 1982 and continue to receive via Hexham and Johnson to this day. I rather suspect my early work on the New Age Movement upset a lot of little "evangelical" cum "New Age" applecarts. I knew about the Evangelical - Jeremy Rifkin interactions. I did not know about the Evangelical - Willis Harman interacting. Jewel and Sarah have brought this out quite cogently on their new blogspot and I thank them for it!
My reading shows that Chavez wants the UN capital "in the South" where developing countries are ... he did not say Jerusalem ... he just noted that others have suggested Jerusalem.

Chavez said U.N. headquarters should be moved from New York to international city "outside the sovereignty of any state," and noted that some have suggested Jerusalem.

"The new U.N. headquarters has to be in the South," which is home to most developing countries, he added.

Interesting point you make, however.
You may be right - however, different papers reported his remarks in different ways. I understand he spoke for 20 minutes and received rousing applause from UN delegates. The headlines generally were that he wanted it in Jerusalem, however, the text as I read it suggests that Jerusalem was an example. What was of even more interest to me was which personalities had suggested Jerusalem and why Chavez had focused on that as to other possible sites. The UN also has a headquarters and very large facilities in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Greeting everyone;

God's word tells us that Jerusalem will be the headquarter of the anti-christ.Here he will plant his palace in the glorious holy mountain,vs45 with the help of armies vs31

Dan 11v31: And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

32: And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

33: And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

34: Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

35: And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.

36: And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

37: Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

38: But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39: Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

40: And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

41: He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

42: He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

43: But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

44: But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

45: And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

We know the AD will stand in the holy place! also he will sit in a temple showing himself to be God!

Mt 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

2Thes 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

We also know that satan copies God to deceive people. So when we read in Prophecy that the law shall go forth from zion when the Lord returns. Satan will probaly do the same before Jesus coming.

Isa 2:3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Zech 8:3 Thus saith the LORD; I am returned unto Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem: and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth; and the mountain of the LORD of hosts the holy mountain.

Isa 66v18 For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.

19: And I will set a sign among them, and I will send those that escape of them unto the nations, to Tarshish, Pul, and Lud, that draw the bow, to Tubal, and Javan, to the isles afar off, that have not heard my fame, neither have seen my glory; and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles.

20: And they shall bring all your brethren for an offering unto the LORD out of all nations upon horses, and in chariots, and in litters, and upon mules, and upon swift beasts, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, saith the LORD, as the children of Israel bring an offering in a clean vessel into the house of the LORD.

21: And I will also take of them for priests and for Levites, saith the LORD.

22: For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.

23: And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

24: And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.

We also know that the Gentiles nations will tread the holy city for 42 months.

Rv 11:1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein

2: But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

It may be a safe bet to say that everthing international will come out of Jesusalem in the time of the anti-christ. We know that this will happen during Jesus 1000 year reign and the New Jesusalem coming down afterwards.


Could we perhaps quote the main portions of a section of Bible verses as opposed to all of it for the sake of space? OR just type the chapter and verse(s)? Just please show some conscientious effort towards my request.


P.S. Schroeder and his opposition (Merkel) were neck and neck an hour ago since I posted this--Merkel is leading. It would truly be miraculous (in my view) if Schroeder remains Chancellor. See this link.
I think that the EU3 are something to watch again, all of sudden because of Iran's nuclear proliferaion defiance. I wonder what Solana will do next. RUSSIA, China, and India are coming to Iran's rescue. I wonder how many more nations will join in Iran's defence... Perhaps Tunisia, Sudan, Morroco, Turkey, Algeria maybe. Perhaps a little more.

On another note, why is Chavez so concerned about the UN headquarters location. Maybe when Chavez referred to the South he had Iraq in mind. (mmm) In general there was a lull during the latter part of August, but things seem to be really heating up all of sudden, especially since the UN is finally facing the fact that it will fade into utter uselessness, as it IS useless or reform. And think now, what are the odds of the UN's relevance to the world coming into question so conveniently at a time such as this (the rise of EU power--what other structure could replace the UN?!).

"Rice also used her U.N. speech to stress the need to reform the United Nations and equip the world body to tackle problems such as terrorism, weapons proliferation, pandemic disease and trafficking in human beings.

"For this institution to become an engine of change in the 21st century, it must now change itself. The United Nations must launch a lasting revolution of reform," said Rice.

World leaders on Friday endorsed moderate reforms of the United Nations at the end of a 60th anniversary summit that made only limited progress on critical global issues.

The United States has been among the most vocal critics of the United Nations, which many in Congress see as bloated and inefficient, particularly after revelations of corruption and mismanagement of the U.N.-run Iraq oil-for-food program and a sex abuse scandal involving peacekeepers." The report is here.

But coming back to Persia...Gee I sure do wonder what if it's bold enough to keep up its nuclear enrichment. And Gee, I wonder if its bodyguard (Russia) is going to reluctantly come to it's rescue. How is this going to play out? I just wonder. :)

Things that make you go hmmmm.
I doubt if Robertson is a christian then? The Bible clearly states at the second coming of Christ "The dead in Christ will rise first, then those who are living will join up to meet them in the air". If he's truly a christian he wont be down here to film anything!!! Ray
The book of Daniel says a "raiser of taxes" will arise briefly before he is discarded and the Beast takes over (Daniel 11:20-21). Perhaps the Clinton initiative is just that tax rasing.
I picked up the following from:

who also seems to have an eye for changes taking place. See comments there also.,,2-1779849,00.html
or use

September 14, 2005

Europe wins the power to jail British citizens
By Anthony Browne, Brussels Correspondent
BRUSSELS has been given the power to compel British courts to fine or imprison people for breaking EU laws, even if the Government and Parliament are opposed.

An unprecedented ruling yesterday by the supreme court in Europe gives Brussels the power to introduce harmonised criminal law across the EU, creating for the first time a body of European criminal law that all member states must adopt. The judgment by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg was bitterly fought by 11 EU governments, including Britain, and marks a dramatic transfer of power from national capitals to Brussels.
(more at link)
Very urgent news for everybody. Israel has said it would favorably consider EU policing of the Gaza strip to maintain Israeli-Palestinian peace!

Full Cite for that is:
If you get the History Channel, watch for a repeat of the show Saddam's Doctor. It is Dr. Ali Bashir's story of his 20 year association with Saddam. Apparently Saddam also fooled around with the occult.

Did you know that someone at has your CD and wrote a short article about Javier Solana quite some time ago?
Check out the European Voice:
Excerpt below:

Solana plans border mission for Gaza Strip
By Andrew Beatty

The EU might send a mission to monitor the frontier between Gaza and Egypt, it has emerged following Javier Solana's visit to the Middle East.
According to diplomats, the possibility of establishing a mission to the region was discussed in talks between the EU's high representative for foreign policy and his Israeli and Palestinian counterparts.
Such a move by the EU would constitute a major escalation in its involvement in the peace process.
Solana held meetings with the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, during his three-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories.
If the guy (Solana) is not the big AC, he sure is a good imitation!
Today a giant has fallen. Simon Wiesenthal who tirelessly tracked Nazi killers died quietly in his sleep. I had the privilege of meeting with Los Angeles Simon Wiesenthal Institute officials in 1986 over my concerns about Eustace Mullins and the Identity Movement. You may read about Dr. Wiesenthal's death at this link:
Here's another place as well:
Shrewd Condolences?

Javier Solana who said not one word on his website about the New Orleans flood victims did interestingly have condolences for Simon Wiesenthal's passing. This is interestingly timed as he seeks increasing hegemony over Israel via placing his EU troops on the Gaza borders! Was this sympathy? Or, was it pragmatism?
I wasn't aware that "anti-globalizationists" were "anti-semites"

Unless I'm reading this incorrectly. Here's a paragraph with a link:

"Katsav, on an official visit to Estonia, singled out right-wing and left-wing extremist organizations, the anti-globalization movement and "the extremists within the Muslim community" as sources of anti-Semitism."

That's 3 groups singled out. 4 if you count Right and Left as Two (2) groups.

#1-The Right wing and left wing Extremists.

#2-The anti-globalization movement.

#3-The extremists within the Muslim community.
Constance, Tony Blair's wife is a staunch New Ager. I totally didn't know this. Just look at this article heading: "Witchcraft and nail clippings: the weird world of Cherie Blair?"

Here's one excerpt:

"Mrs Blair, a human rights lawyer, has long been the subject of claims about her fondness for weird and wonderful treatments, ranging from a Mayan rebirthing ceremony to eating strawberry leaves to cure swollen ankles."

The whole article is here.

Blair to me, IS quite an enigmatic figure.

In the Soviet Union the nationalist parties are very antisemitic. Their belief system is similiar to the Nazi movement, complete with occult beliefs.
Did you happen to notice the UN reform topic was Millinium Global Development and theres a few things they wanted to have done by 2015. Things should be very intresting if Javier puts troops in gaza. Personally I don't think Robertson is a christian. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing. we also have the modernization to track every person on the planet,technology to show the second comming of Jesus Christ, but we must remember to stick to scpipture and much prayer in the times we live in so we won't be decieved.
Love in Christ
Constance I just did some reading did you know that their using RFID on people who died during the hurricane to store infomation and idenity on a veri chip.
Interesting (and just a little chilling) as usual with Constance's investigations. Doubling chilling the enormous 'dis-interest' prevalent amongst the mainstream churches.
September 20, 2005: Sarah Leslie and Jewel Grewe (formerly known as Jewel VanderMerwe) have launched a most important and informative new blogspot. They call it "herescope". It has already answered some questions for me about ugly evangelical opposition I received starting in 1982 and continue to receive via Hexham and Johnson to this day. I rather suspect my early work on the New Age Movement upset a lot of little "evangelical" cum "New Age" applecarts. I knew about the Evangelical - Jeremy Rifkin interactions. I did not know about the Evangelical - Willis Harman interacting. Jewel and Sarah have brought this out quite cogently on their new blogspot and I thank them for it!
I read that the high Kabbalist in Israel is calling for his people to return to the nation because of coming disasters on the world and the coming of their messiah, (who we know will be the antichrist). See the link here... Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel Ahead of Upcoming Disasters

Also there is an interesting blog on Clinton, who has called for a global summit and wants more power. He could be the one to rise again, his arrogance has no bounds.
Clinton – Appeasing Terror for World Control
I'm writing a blog posting about that. But I think what was among the most eye-popping that article is where Rabbi Kaduri said, ""We are now in the fourth year of what could be the seven-year Redemption period, according to the calculation of the Vilna Gaon. [However.] in the coming three years, uncertainty about the future will hang over our heads, unless we work and strive that the Mashiach be revealed. THE MASCHIACH [Messiah] IS ALREADY IN ISRAEL."

This portion of his words in bold are revealing in terms of the Jewish expectation of a FIRST AND FINAL coming of the Messiah for an everlasting peace on earth. This spells trouble to me because their expecting the wrong person (which to us Christians is the "man of lawlessness"). At any rate, his general message of the nearness of what they expect to be the coming of the true Messiah goes to show how down to the wire things really are.

ALL of this above is what shot through my mind as I read the article on the Kabbalist's Warning-Call.

I'm convinced that we truly approaching the end. And Herbert Peters' and Constance's research on the EU and Recommendation 666 has given me a place to verify my long held conviction for this age and it's soon consummation. (I have a different opinion on the timing and a strongly believe in a slight precursor to the start of the 7-year tribulation [Eze. 38 & 39]--it's shaping up exactly as it is written in the Bible as I type. It's compelling!!) Other than that, thank you, thank you Constance and Herbert!

But if we are not in fact approaching the final hurrah, then MY GOODNESS--what IS going on? Too much has fallen into place for the current time to not be the time of the end.

Oh Lord, please let it be!
New Age has a lot to do with making pacts with things that "go bump in the night." As Christians and Jews we are warned not to make such pacts. Now some people may think there is nothing that goes "bump in the night." They should check out the story that appeared on Drudge today. Apparently some of the soldiers in New Orleans say they have encountered the strange, and it was reported on a television station in the Frisco area.
Constance as usual Herb's web site was intresting again 666 in the background of the UN. "WOW" The Lord is comming
Love in Christ
I read the article on Drudge about the military and what some of them have seen. It is very eerie. The part most interesting is that the book of revelations was open to the same passages at two totally separate places!

It the report is really true, (and there's no reason to believe otherwise) then the Lord is indeed warning us, bigtime!

I don't think Hurricane Rita is a coincidence or caused by "global warming." It looks like we have headed for or are now in the tribulations, but no peace treaty has yet been signed that we know of.

So these hurricanes could be a final warning to America and other nations not to divide Israel, which is still set for further evacuations in the West Bank.

In their desire for peace and security at Isael's expense, these "world" leaders seem to have blinders on, not realizing they are bringing about these things on the nations, in spite of God's obvious warnings.

We all need to be praying constantly, now.
You say you read the article on the Drudge. I am only able to get the video link. I am on dial up and it takes too long for the video to load. Can you give me a link to an article I can read regarding the troops in New Orleans. I am curious, did it list the specific passages from Revelation? If so, what are they?
This Rabbi Kaduri is a Kabalist. What is this Kabala religion. Is it a splinter group of the Jewish religion? Is he recognized by the Sanhedrin?

What would the Orthodox Rabbi's think of his statements?
Here is what was on the television story.

It was a brief report on San Francisco, September 16, Eyewitness News. Reporter a name sounding like Janet D. She was talking about soldiers from the California National Guard who during the video were shown doing their work of saving people.

What was interesting to me was that there were a number of soldiers who were willing to be filmed and gave their names. I'm only going to give the highlights as I see them rather than describe every scene.

It started with a comment about New Orleans having a reputation for vampires to voodoo, a city of sin.
The location for the incidents was the Sophie D. Wright school which was occupied by the soldiers. It opened with a soldier doing an exorcism thru the building. Sgt. Hairston said he saw a little girl in the doorway. Spc. Learner said she saw a shadow moving.

The reporter said she experienced something strange in the bathroom long before anyone told her their story and described it. There was also a hole in the ceiling that seemed to bother the soldiers.

On the other side of the wall in the supply closet was something more erie. A soldier described seeing a little girl as she went to get supplies.

The video then went to a marina which had been overturned. A bible was found lying open to Revelations 10 and 11. Then it was mentioned that in a church a bible was found opened to the same section which dealt with a three day flood, bodies in the street. Interestingly, 10 talks about an angel who has one foot in the sea and the other on land.
Kabbalism is not a true representation of Judaism. It is a Jewish-ish manifestation of the influence theosophic ideologies that really began to appear beginning in as late as 1150 A.D. in the south of France (Provence-languedoc-Roussilon). Despite the nebulous claims of "Pop" Kabbalist rabbis in America that it's an ancient practice that became secret, Kabbalism is a relatively young and an apostate offshoot of the Jewish faith. Kind of how the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a cult of Hinduism.
Kabbalah has many spellings. First of all you need to understand that in Judaism there is not a pyramid structure as there is in Catholicism. No one is an official anything. Particularly among the Orthodox there are recognized sages who are revered for the depth of their study and understanding. Different groups may honor certain sages who are part of their community because they have been tried and tested by others in the community. While the system is definitely not perfect, the studying and testing goes on continuously. Probably how Jews got the reputation that they like to argue. No one is to undertake the study of Kabbalah until they understand deeply the laws of Judaism. There is no legitimate school that teaches Kabbalah without the student having been first immersed deeply in the study of Judaism. For example, the Kabbalah Centre (not a spelling mistake) is a cult rather than a legitimate source.

I have a lot of problems with the sources of Kabbalah books as do others, but there are many Jews who do not. Kabbalah is generally the study of esoteric knowledge, information about the universe that is not limited by the state of science studies at a particular time. Without getting specific, it is a study of things on what could be called the other side of the veil between everyday reality and the bigger picture.

In one simple respect it could be called the Jewish version of those Christians who interpret end time messages from Revelations. Many Christians interpret Revelations without studying religious history and others interpret it after studying for many, many years.

Serious study of Kabbalah has to come after acceptance of the laws of Judaism, just as serious study of end times has to come after deeply understanding Christianity.

The Sanhedrin was active in the past. There were many attempts to revive it that failed. The Sanhedrin was again just revived recently. Those who participate in it believe it to be legitimate. Others don't believe it has any legitimacy. As I said, Judaism is not a pyramid structure. Somebody has to prove themselves among many, many arguers to gain any kind of reputation. Since I haven't followed Kaduri's history, I have no idea where he is or is not respected. You will have to search on google or in other places to see where is respected.

Judaism requires much hard work, and most of us are hard pressed to live up to the standards without adding the Kabbalah aspect. It's like those who say to Christians act like Christians and then study end times messages.
John, part of your message is accurate. I do believe that some Jewish teachers were influenced by the Merovigians in southern France many hundred of years ago. This does not preclude that Jewish scholars attempted to pierce beyond the veil. Christians are different in that they will easily accept what is taught to them about what is beyond the veil. I have no problem with this until they say this is the final word. Jews argue and say give me more evidence. This method has worked for Jews for thousands of years before Christianity. It has stopped them from accepting many who have called themselves Messiahs.

Christianity has continued itself for two thousand years, a truly impressive time.

It's not Christianity is false and Judaism is true in my belief, but that real Christians, not the oppressors, carried forward a moral message to a larger community than Jews could. Turning each against each other only helps the pagan enemy.
To those Christians who are wont to simplify Jewish messages, check out this information. Judaism is very complex.
or use
So DOES the Sanhedrin recognize Rabbi Kaduri as any form of an authority worth listening to?

If they do, what now is the significance of his recent delcaration?
Oh, and thanks anonymous. May I ask for any trustworthy book, journal, and/or internet sources that I may use to learn of the Kabbalah's history?
Read this to understand that the Sanhedrin is a self-appointed group, not an official organization representing the Jewish religion. If you put Kaduri and Sanhedrin into a google search you are on your way to see how the discussion is taking place.

It is the same with Kabbalah. It's one word that opens up into a mountain of information with everyone having a point of view slightly different from the person next to them. I told you, Jews have a reputation for arguing. There is no box or book that encompasses everything to be said. Just know that a lot of current Kabbalah musings are coming from the New Age community that can manipulate the vision of the words. Example: talking about "kindness" is not the same as describing a walnut, something you can see, touch, smell, break open, analyze under a microscope.
Just in case some of you reading here think that there is no New Age religion to speak of, Yahoo thinks differently. While checking out what Yahoo offers, I went into the Yahoo News and Media section and checked out what they had on Religion. Here's what was there:
edia Formats by Faith

* Bahá'í Faith@
* Buddhism@
* Christianity@
* Hinduism@
* Islam@
* Judaism@
* New Age@
* Paganism@
* Scientology@
* Sikhism@
>I don't think Hurricane Rita is a >coincidence or caused by "global >warming." It looks like we have >headed for or are now in the >tribulations, but no peace treaty >has yet been signed that we know >of.


Indeed the "peace treaty" was signed and was done so on November 20, 1995 by Javier Solana on behalf of the EU and Shimon Peres on behalf of Israel. It was known as the "Treaty of Association." It was finally ratified on June 1, 2000. It is up for a 7 year renewal as part of the European Neighborhood Policy and/or Barcelona Process for the years 2007 through 2013. Just because Tim LaHaye or Hal Lindsey didn't announce it doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Most clearly, it has. Read Herb Peters' and my pages more carefully!
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I note with cynicism the journalist Paul Taylor's suggestion that these days Javier Solana walks with a little less spring in his step

"because "he knows" he will "never be Foreign Minister." Javier Solana is no doubt greatly consoled by his headship of the European Defence Agency -- in short, he has all the weapons and all the guns and a whole bunch of money for same. Follow those guns and the money! Currently, as I see it, I would put my money on Solana over the EU3, were I a betting person.
Constance, I really believe something big is about to happen. Is Solana about to step aside? (Read Herbs post) As for Robertson he is getting stranger by the day , some of his comments he has made on the 700 club remind me of a dirty old man. Could the false prophet be makeing his move also?
I haven't seen the 700 Club lately -- maybe I need to start keeping up with it again. I personally do not believe for even one moment that Solana is about to step aside. That Robertson could be an excellent candidate for 'the false prophet' is a true statement. Don't know at this time if he is the real mccoy or one more wannabe.
After reading Herb's latest on Solana, I believe that it creates an opening for Javier to make more moves for consolidating his power.

In other words, he's not going anywhere and will continue working on his global vision. I wonder if he will involve himself in the Iran nuclear issue and the Arab's desire for the UN's censuring of Israel? See this article: Arab states at UN urge censure of Israel's nuclear program

In any case, having come this far, Solana is not about to abandon all his work and dreams. This may make him take some drastic steps to achieve his goals.
The academics are always several years behind the pioneers in the field such as Constance. First they considered it too flakey to study and now they want to dominate the information. Oh well. We were realistic when we researched New Age a quarter of a century ago and we are still realistic when we know what we can expect from the academics. They haven't discovered the political side of the movement yet.

For those still researching the New Age movement, here is the website of academics studying New Age and Alternative Spiritualities

Here is also a good time to mention that in 1994 a book came out in Germany showing the connection between the views of the New Agers and the Nazis. There seems to have been quite a lot of discussion in Germany on the topic based on the mentions on google.
From the University of Calgary website in a piece authored by Hexham:
"Nazi Roots?
Peter Kratz's brilliant and highly provocative Die Götter des New Age (Berlin: Elefanten Press, 1994) has been left to the last because of its highly controversial nature. Kratz convincingly demonstrates that most, if not all, New Age beliefs are identical with the esotericism that promoted fascism in German society during the 1920's and 1930's. He then traces the history of New Age ideas to document their origins in the works of fascist writers. Finally, he shows that a significant number of key figures in the German New Age movement are, or were, Nazis who never repudiated National Socialism."

The author who disrespect's Constance's work would be in a mild state of shock to learn where her papers are archived. I am posting this information for those who are just learning about the serious side of the New Age movement and who have come to this blog to learn more.
Robertson the false prophet!? I have serious doubts about that.
Can someone lay some substantial proofs for why I should believe otherwise about Robertson?
Another thorough researcher, Israeli housewife (yes, housewife!!) Hannah Newman, has written an excellent book available on-line called "the Rainbow Swastika," about New Age anti-semitism. It is available through the philologos website. Highly recommended and highly informative, especially for those who have not read "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow."
To "John 14:6": Some reasons to suspect why Robertson might at least be a wannabe:

1. He claims he was chosen by God with a prophecy "For I have chosen you to usher in the coming of my Son."
2. He claims he will be televising the 2nd coming and has made serious preparation for that.
3. The man who allegedly led him to the Lord, Cornelius Vanderbreggen, was a long time activist with deeply anti-Semitic THE SPOTLIGHT (Willis Carto publication).
4. Robertson told Christians they could take the Digital Angel/Verichip implant without spiritual danger.
5. Nobody, and I mean, nobody, fought me harder or uglier on getting the facts out on the New Age Movement -- the work which I started in 1981.

Much more, but that's probably enough to get you started. If you have access to my second book, read the chapter, "A Planned Deception."
Correction, read the chapter in A PLANNED DECEPTION entitled "A SECRET KINGDOM?"
Matthew Fox who started out as a Catholic priest but who was booted out and became an Angelican has been immersed in New Age religion for at least 22 years. His new book 95 theses is based on Martin Luther's 95.

While these ideas are not going to appeal to well-grounded Christians and Jews, they should know what is being peddled out there. When somebody says they are a Christian, it's a good idea to know what that means to them.

In Fox's new book called "A New Reformation!" he proclaims that we are in fact confronted with two churches: one expressed by the image of the Punitive Father, personified by a rigidly hierarchical church structure, repression of the feminine, spreading of homophobia and the elimination of internal dissent; and the other expressed by the feminine figure of Wisdom, personified by a Mother/Father God of justice and compassion. It is time for Christians to choose whom it will follow: an angry exclusionary god or the loving open path of wisdom.

Table of Contents
I. The Reformation Yesterday and Today
II. Two Christianities:Time For a Divorce?
III.Fundamentalists in Their Own Words
IV. This Historic Moment
V. 95 Theses or Articles of Faith for a Christianity for a Third Millennium

The website give the 95 theses. It starts out with:
1 God is both Mother and Father.
2 At this time in history, God is more Mother than Father because the feminine is most missing and it is important to bring gender balance back.

It's a pain in the neck to read because the English is followed by a German translation. It's worth it because there are some real gems in that group.
Pat Robertson false prophet? impossible I would think.
He does profess Jesus is the messiah and that Jesus Christ is Lord.The false prophet commands worship of the a.c. Revalation says the false prophet comes from the land wich usually refers to Israel.In this case I dont know for sure.Possibly someone from the reformed sanhiedran? Jesus did tell the scribes and pharacies since they would not recieve him in his fathers name,if someone else comes in their own name him you will recieve.
I do think there are some Christians in the arena for recognition,but to have the recognition of being a possible candidate for the false prophet?A real Bible believing Christian,NO WAY! A false wanna be christian ok I can except that.
The purpose for the false prophet is to say that the anti christ is the Messiah.
I believe the sanhedran reformed last oct 4.The purpose is for the finding of the exact location for the temple to sit as well as for the positive identification of the coming messiah, AKA anti-christ.
>Pat Robertson false prophet? >impossible I would think.
>He does profess Jesus is the >messiah and that Jesus Christ is >Lord.The false prophet commands >worship of the a.c. Revalation >says the false prophet comes from >the land wich usually refers to >Israel.In this case I dont know >for sure.Possibly someone from the >reformed sanhiedran? Jesus did >tell the scribes and pharacies >since they would not recieve him >in his fathers name,if someone >else comes in their own name him >you will recieve.

There's a big difference between
SAYING something and BELIEVING
something. There are also folks
who study our culture and lie in wait to deceive. The Apostle Paul said, "but what I do, that they who boast may be found such as we, for such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into Apostles of Christ, and no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light, therefore, it is no marvel if his ministers be transformed as ministers of righteoutness. Could anybody who really believes Jesus is Christ with 4 years of seminary and a Yale law degree (although he did flunk the bar) tell Christians with a straight face, as Robertson has:

1. He is going to televise the 2nd
2. He has been chosen by God to "usher in the coming of my Son"?
3. Tell Christians its ok to take the chip?
4. Write a book such as his NEW WORLD ORDER, plagiarizing in part the work of yours truly and then delivering a reverse message that "the Jews dunnit" -- presenting well known insidious "International Jew" theories coming from the pens of vicious anti-Semites such as Eustace Mullins. I don't think so. I vote at least for the wannabe -- or maybe somebody who has made billions from the Christian community. Why would anybody with their entire work and career with the Lord with a contributory ministry wind up personally a billionaire? "And with feigned words, through covetousness shall they make merchandise of you"
Well, I'm going to pray for Mr. Robertson and hope to see him in heaven when I get there. What else can I do for the man, IF he is a false convert. I'll put him on my church's prayer list. I pray God will guide his decisions.

Thanks for the thoughts and information.

I read a commentary in the Chicago Tribune about Bill and Hillary Clinton being set to make another run for the White House. "He's Southern spice; she's Northern ice. It's a marketing duo made in political heaven."

Watch out for these two, who nearly destroyed the nation before and may finish the job if they get the chance. Rest assured that Clinton was up to his eyeballs concerning 9/11, knowing full-well it was coming, just as he did the OKC bombing that by his own admission saved his presidency. It was no coincidence that all the corporate corruption happened under his watch either!

The new farce of a tv show about a woman becoming president has plenty of backing from the Hillary camp. They are using it as a test for getting people used to the idea.

If it works, then 'Ol Slick's mouth will be back with his puppet master 'wife' in control. They will surely end the war by pulling out before the job is finished in Iraq, and give the EU/UN' whatever they want, including our sovereignty to Javier Solana.

Remember that those in the EU love the Clinton's. Why? Because they promise everything and deliver nothing but more problems for the U.S..

Will Iran wait for '08 to see what gives? Bill and Hill would surely give the Palestinians Jerusalem, as they nearly did with Arafat.

I'd say by 2010, most everything will be quite bad if those two are put back in charge of America.

I'm sure they'd sell whatever souls they have for it too, if they haven't already. Who knows to whom, what deals Bubba and/or HIllary made to be saved from his heart attack?
Dear Constance,
It's "me" again, after so many years, since I first contacted you by snail mail about 1991-92. WHAT ABOUT the predicted APOSTASY, Constance? Wouldn't this - if acknowledged, figure in to how you evaluate what's going on in Christendom?
Hillary Clinton and the New Age movement
Time to remember the Clinton's relationship with New Agers such as Jean Houston and Michael Lerner. Remember when Hillary Clinton talked to Eleanor Roosevelt and believed ER talked to her?
or use
More on Hillary and New Age
New World Order = New Age Global Fascism
.....One does not have to guess or try to read his mind to predict what Bush will do. The present and future policies, positions and actions of Bush, the Clintons and Kerry fully reflect their belief and adherence in a socialistic world government system consistent with communitarianism. Sometimes they say the opposite of what they intend and make agreements and promises they intend to break to camouflage their true intentions, but in the end what they have done and will do is in concert with the communitarianistic, New Age, socialistic world government agenda.....
Hillary supports a national ID
"When asked about requiring a national identifying system of all U.S. citizens, she replied, "at least a visa ID. And, you know, perhaps, although I'm not a big fan of it, we might have to move towards an ID system for citizens."

Hillary fits in with the political and religious occult end of the New Age movement. Shouldn't we be talking again about this?
It's almost as though there is both apostasy and repentance -- coming from two different camps. The prophecies in Ezekiel and Revelation concerning the "inner and outer court" with the outer court of the temple being given over to the gentiles for 3 1/2 years looks like it might well be happening. There's been plenty of apostasy out there. I spotted it when I wrote my first book on the New Age Movement in 1981 (book was released in 1983) and so much more has happened since. There has been some recognition of New Age apostasy and some repentance -- in other quarters, a moving closer to it. Check out Sarah Leslie's and Jewel Grewe (VanderMerwe) blogspot,
Correction on website addresss
which should be
If the link is too long, just go to and put in New Age Movement.

A website for those of you still asking what the New Age movement is. It's far from complete because it doesn't deal with the political end of the New Age movement which is really quite large.

There's always something new to learn however. I wasn't aware of the scientific journal dealing with the alternative health movement. Yes, there is a definite relation to New Age in that most of the alternative health practices had their roots in some kind of occult or magic beliefs. And, boy oh boy, will the promise of miracles that can be performed drag people away from rational thinking.

The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine - One article: Carl Jung, Stanislav Grof, and New Age Medical Mysticism
Constance said,

"The prophecies in Ezekiel and Revelation concerning the "inner and outer court" with the outer court of the temple being given over to the gentiles for 3 1/2 years looks like it might well be happening."

I'm really not sure what you were trying to say here. When you say "it might well be happening" did you mean "it might [as] well be happening [now]" or were basically saying it IS happening now--that is the giving over of the court to the gentiles for 3 1/2 years PRESENTLY?

If it is the latter, do you believe that we're in the 70th week of Daniel now? Or yet to come?

Could you clear that up for me?

Dear David:

I think we could well be in the very seals of Revelation and probably have been for some time now. As regards the "inner and outer court" and the 3 1/2 years -- IF it corresponds with the 70th week of Daniel, it most likely would start with the confirmation of the existing treaty with Israel -- Herb's guess that it might be when the new EU budget for the Barcelona / Neighbourhood Policy begins for the years 2007 through 2013 is, in my opinion, a good one. As we all see through glass darkly for now, as I said on my disk, "your guess is as good as mine" -- HOWEVER, these could well be EDUCATED guesses!

Hope this helps!

An interesting site to learn about globalism in religion, government, economics, etc. New Age = one world government, one world religion.
Another attack on Christianity and Judaism--,,2-1798944,00.html
or use

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'
By Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent

RELIGIOUS belief can cause damage to a society, contributing towards high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according to research published today.

According to the study, belief in and worship of God are not only unnecessary for a healthy society but may actually contribute to social problems. (more at link)

Remember what Adler said: Judaism and Christianity are not acceptable religions for a global government, but the Eastern religions are.
Wonder if they included the Puritan and Pilgrim societies in their study...
I did a google check on "Javier Solana" tonight, September 29, 2005 and was stunned to see there were 4,040,000 hits on him -- that is more than double the most I have seen in the past. When I started tracking him in 1995, there were relatively few places to read about him -- even on the internet. And to think some people suggest he may be slowing down. I don't think so!
EU Wants Shared Control of Internet

This comes as no shock. The UN (aka Useless Nuisance) wanted to do this itself first, but the EU rejected this plan rather harshly! See United Nations seeks to Control the Internet.

The EU is sinking its teeth into EVERYTHING.
Who is the anti-christ, but he who denieth the Father, and the Son.

So, where does that put Judaism and the Zionists?

Many Christians think of Jews as our spiritual cousins. Are YOU a Christian 'Zionist'? Are YOU a blindly enthusiastic supporter of the State of Isreal?

Better read this:

Think and pray. Pay close attention to the Word, and the principles of truth in the New Testament.
Just reviewing a website where I first thought was Christian. However it was not, I could not believe some of the things I read when doing a study on fluoride use. Anyway, just goes to show how the New Age has gotten into everything. Talking about the Being of Light appearing to her.
By the way, forgot to mention got into that site from the above posting. I think not so good a place for information.
Oh heck, Rense is a person who has a huge following because he supposedly gives out secretive information. When reading Rense, one must be very selective, knowing what is truth and what is not. Most is not. That is up to the reader who has to do a lot of follow-up. It's said that the best propaganda has 70 percent truth and the rest bull. It's up to you to know what is truth and what is bull. I hate to burst your bubble, but every piece of information you run into should be checked out thorughly. Constance's information checks out. Those who get all excited about a piece of information need some seasoning. The battle we are in is more serious than the dabbler knows. If you really care about what is going on, you'll work your head off to understand the background and not depend on simplistic ideas about the number of years something is into.

Christianity and Judaism are not voodo sciences. They give everyone guidelines by which to live. If you follow those guidelines you will be aware of what is happening around you because it will conflict with what you are told to do.
To Romastarling,
I suggested the article with the Rense link because that is where I found it. I was not promoting the Rense site, nor even necessarily all of the claims made in the article by author Alton Raines. I think the thoughts and observations on the N.T. teachings expounded in the article stand on their own merit. If the observations are valid, it doesn't matter what website they came from. Therefore, my adjuration was to "think and pray".

I thought the article made some extremely important points; points that are missed by a great many seemingly Bible-believing Christians. The primary point being that the cardinal objective of Zionism is to re-establish Old Covenant temple ritual worship, so the Jews can enter into God's acceptance by fulfilling the rituals of the law. The effect of this is to utterly disregard and therefore deny the salvation wrought by Christ's offer of himself upon the cross, whereby he fulfilled the Old Covenant and established a New Covenant. Zionism is therefore a Christ-denying movement, and so must necessarily be inspired by the anti-christ spirit just as surely as any New Age spirituality schemes. This is an extremely important realization that many Christians, such as myself, have been misled from. Zionism seems "biblical", and many popular "Christian" leaders implicitly encouraging and support it. Many Christians seems to think and speak as if the State of Israel is almost tantamount with the Kingdom of God. If you read and understand these questions as they are covered in the article in the light of the simple principles of truth stated in the New Testament, it becomes obvious that the fundamental premises of the Zionist movement are in grievious, grievious error. The articles' author uses New Testament truths to identify Zionism as an anti-christ movement, and then makes some connections and raises the warning of how it appears the devil is orchestrating the Jesus-denying Zionist movement for the purpose of working anti-christ delusions upon the the world, so that 'even the very elect would be deceived, if it were possible'.

It is very important to learn to evaluate truth on its own merits and on its own terms. This is developing the spirit of discernment. If I find a Bible in a garbage can, it is still the truth. On the other hand, Paul wrote, "though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel ... let them be accursed." (Galatians 1:8)
How's this? Think of the Jews as the Children of God. Not to say that we aren't but these people were chosen so that specific future events could be identified through the existance of these people. The Jews denied the Cornerstone of the Temple and will be around during the darkest hours of the tribulation. Their knees will bend, as all others and through their stiff necks attitudes and resulting discipline, illumination of the idenity of the Son of God will penetrate the rest of the world. How big and fast flowing will be their tears when they realize that their actions and attitudes facilitated the crucifixion of the Prince Of Peace. Their guilt and discipline will be horrific but Gods love is constant. I petition all of us to look inside of our heart and really think of the Love we have for Jesus. Pray for the Jews as they look but do not see.
I am proud to say I am a zionist supporter!You read Jeremiah ch.30 and tell me again not to be.God has commanded it!The Bible is seperated in to 3 groups of people,Jews,Gentiles,Church nothing else in the natural.God still has a future plan for the Jews.It will not be stopped.Our job is to spread the word,even to the Jews.You are not correct in identifying them as basically evil pauns for the anti christ.That is very unfortunate for us as a nation here in the U.S. to even except that premise.We will be judged for this as christians for not being FULLY knowledeable about how God feals about the Jews.Thus it will lead to more persecution of them.I do not put the jews above us christians nor us christians above anyone else.Yes God will allow the Jews to be decieved,but dont put yourself on a pedestal because your eyes have been opened by the grace of God.God has allowed them to be blinded for a period of time, so that His plan will superbly show the rest of the world,that he is the supreme athority.Remember the Jews eyes will be opened during the tribulation.Pray for them.Ask for miracles,and study God's word and SEEK the plan God has for the jews,before the judgement falls on us for our lack of knowledge.
Tronicus..Please reread the Bible and underline Gods plan for the Jews.I hope your not getting sucked in to this replacement theory B.S.!
We all probably need to study and understand God's word better. And I would be grateful if anyone can give me a real explanation as to exactly where and how and why my understanding might be in error. The value of blog discussions is often lost because people just lob opinions and suppositions, without explanations to show what and why they hold a particular understanding.

And we should be sure we are clear on our terminology.

Israel (biblical) - Jacob and his 12 tribes whom Jehovah established a covenant with. Now largely of uncertain identity, scattered amongst the nations due to their disobediance and rejection of the covenant relationship with Jehovah.

Judah - one of those 12 tribes.

Jews (ancient)- descendants of the tribe of Judah. Generally in state of apostate religious corruption since long before the time of Jesus.

Jews (modern) - descendents of, or to a large extent, other converted adherents to the religio-cultural traditions of the tribe. Vast majority explicitly reject Jesus and the New Covenant, and therefore, have rejected the Father as well.

(Of those who do accept Jesus, Paul wrote in Galations, "3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, ... for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
3:29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."
When the Jews boasted they were children of Abraham, Jesus said God could raise up stones as children of Abraham. The new covenant based on the blood of the Son of God is far superior and completely supercedes the old covenants based upon the offering of the blood of animals, the temple and the ark of the covenant, which went missing by the time of the Babylonian captivity)

Judaism - a religious and cultural tradition based upon the Old Testament and even more so upon the Talmud, a body of uninspired, non-scriptural writings of the apostate descendents of the tribe of Judah.

Israel (modern) - The secular Jewish state occupying the land of Palestine, which Jehovah promised to the descendents of Abraham.

Zionism - the Jewish movement to establish the messianic kinddom, centered upon a yet to be re-constructed temple on the original site in Jerusalem, and to include full implementation of the Levitical sacrificial temple service rituals. Originally established by God to foreshadow the sacrificial offering of his Son for the redemption of man, these temple rituals would now be a denial of the blood of Christ, and would thus constitute an anti-Christ abomination.

It is the Zionist anti-Chris dream of building a millenial new world order kingdom of Man, crowned with a temple made with hands, and the abomination of resumed blood sacrifices, and thus still rejecting and denying the Chief Cornerstone, and Lamb of God, that members of Christ should recognize as the desire of Satan and not the work of God. The anti-Christ Zionist agenda to decieve the nations, comes from the pit of hell, and not from the throne of heaven.
I guess you should still review God's agenda for the Jews and learn to accept it.
I'm not trying to offend anyone but the reality of Israel's reformation eventually fits to the anti-christ agenda but it eventually goes to God.I really dont see too many people converting to worship with the Jews.And if you study the news lately all the tribes of Israel have been genetically identified. God also promissed to bring the remnant back to the land.He has.If we can identify them genetically dont you think God could? Tronicus,I do believe the Jews are being decieved.Its definately unfortunate,but it is following God's plan exactly. Nowadays I dont refer to the state of Israel as palestine, especially as occupiers of palestine.I seem to be catching a hint of jealousy with the reference to the Jews.By the way the tribes of Israel are the direct descendants of Abraham,Issac,and Jacob no exceptions!We as christians are the decendance of Abraham with Gods's promise.We are not the physical descendants of all 3,Abraham Issac,and Jacob.God has also promised to redeem them in the tribulation when they realised whom they pierced.The 144,000 JEWS in Revelation ch.7 is NOT the church! It is in extreme detail even a child could see. And by the way the anti-christ is not a zionist,he wants to kill them.We still have the responsability to witness to them just as everyone else.I will ad you to my prayer list along with the Jews.
Your friend in Christ.
Constance or any one with info.
Why would it be wrong at this point to take the chip? I personally would not want to because its just 1 step closer to the beast keeping track of every movement. At this point I dont believe that anyone knows the mark of the beast other than possibly 666.In Rev. ch 13 vs.16,17 the word 'mark' in the greek origin meens branded or tatoo. But I would like to hear other thoughts on this.
You have a wonderful blog site. Please keep up the great work. I'm a Christian with my own blog on this site a appreciate the information you provide. God Bless.
Dear Readers:

Flu hit me like a ton of bricks on Thursday night. This is first time back at computer since then. Herb Peters and I are due to speak together for first time next Saturday in Southfield (Detroit area), Michigan. You can obtain more information at his website,
>Anonymous said...
>Matthew Fox who started out as a >Catholic priest but who was >booted out and became an >Angelican has been immersed in >New Age religion for at least 22 >years. His new book 95 theses is >based on Martin Luther's 95.

Matthew Fox was coming on all fronts -- Catholic, Methodist, Sojourners Magazine, even Baptist churches. I probably started the criticism of him in the early 1980s. His was some of the first material I found that led me to identify the New Age Movement. I have an entire chapter about "THE INCREDIBLE HERESIES OF MATTHEW FOX" in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION (1985). Fox blamed two people for his Vatican woes in his book CONFESSIONS. The two he blamed were yours truly and Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI). Ratzinger was mailed materials I had found from Circle Network News in November 1983 about Starhawk Teaching at Holy Names and he opened his file on Matthew Fox that eventually led to the 1988 silencing and then the 1993 excommunication.
Continued from last:

I did not mail the materials to Ratzinger. That was done by a "Frank Riley" if I am recalling name correctly, a Catholic gentleman who heard me speak in Seattle about Fox in 1983.
Here in Chicago there was a group of Catholics who knew what was happening up at Loyola. Chicago was hotbed of heresy under Cardinal Bernardin. Matthew Fox wasn't the only one. They weren't getting anywhere trying to talk to the staff at Loyola. Religious talk can be used as very good double talk. So, they decided to get some attention. Being very proper, they fit in well at a big reception for the school's donors. They stood at the bottom of the stairs handing out a folded paper to everyone going to the reception. The people receiving it thought it was a program and carried it to the table. It was a description of what was being taught by Fox and company at Loyola. A big number of flyers were passed out before someone read one. Fun times.
Some of Matthew Fox's principal protectors: Cardinal Bernardin; Cardinal Mahoney; Bishop Hunthausen; Archbishop Rembert Weakland; Bishop Gumbleton
To anonymous 12:55pm

I guess you should still read the article I linked to:

And I guess you should read the book of Hebrews too. Hebrews was originally written to Israelite(mostly Jewish) Christians, who still did not fully understand how completely the ceremonial law had been fulfilled by Christ. Its whole purpose is to explain to the Judahite converts why they should no longer observe the ceremonial law. Most specifically, why there "is no more sacrifice for sin". If you were to read the Book of Hebrews, you would know that from the time Jesus said, "It is finished", God would will never again inspire anyone to build a temple and offer sacrifices for sin. Because, for the past near 2000 years, that would be a denial of Christs sacred blood offered on the cross. Pat Robertson may be in favor of it. Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye may think it is a keen idea. Your own pastor might see nothing wrong with the thought. But I ask you, what does the Spirit and the Word say?
There is only one name by which you, me and the Jews may come unto the Father. Only a thief tries to break in some other way. The truth is simple. It is not God leading the Jews to build a temple so they might offer the blood of bulls to atone for their sins. They are being led by a different spirit, tha same spirit of rejection of their Lord, just as it was 2000 years ago.
If I am in error, show me the error. If you cannot, then do not pray for me, but rather seek the mind of God for yourself.
tronicus: Im not trying to be mean spirited here, but do you understand God's path for the Jews? The Bible says clearly this will happen. I completely understand it was not Jesus's preference. It is definately a hard pill to swallow. There following a seriously dissasterous plan. But you also have to realise this is the plan that God has for them. Not my plan, not Hal's plan, not the anti-christ plan. God is allowing them to be decieved for a time. Its very unfortunate. But since we already know what the plan is through Daniel,Jeremiah,Ezekial,Jesus and John through Revelation, and others in the Bible including Moses. This is a historical plan as well as A future plan. God caused them to come back together as the nation of Israel, He's caused the Jews as A nation to be decieved, He's going to cause the temple to be rebuilt, He's going to cause the anti-christ to rule and desroy them for there disbelief in Jesus. We already know the final out come. But it is a necessary evil the world can't go without. But God is going to use Israel to finish his final plans, not mine or yours or Hal's plans. So when you see these things occur pray for them that some will see the light, but also rejoice cause our redemption draweth nye. I do not tell you this to refute Jesus at all. It is the process of prophecy being fullfilled right before our eyes. And we are the ONLY generation that will see it! Its amazing! Rejoice! But the final events will be fullfilled by the Jews here. Israel is the road map that God has chose for us to watch,but to also pray for. And I do Know what Hebrews says. Do you know what Revelation says? This is not intended to be a harsh statement at all. Love from brother in Christ.
Tronicus: sorry but why would you not want me to pray for you? I would voluntarily pray for you even without controversy of any kind. I also hope you would do the same for me. Jesus and paul did say we can have all the gifts and all knowledge but it amounts to nothing without love. I do have to ask you a question. Do you support the nation of Israel? I,m just trying to figure out why you seem so harsh on them. If i'm wrong about this assumption please let me know and I will stand corrected.
Between Anonymous 3:50 and Tronicus, no wonder Jews don't trust Christians. Perhaps you should be worrying about your own sins rather than what you consider the sins of others. You might start with the sin of pride. Pride in believing you have the only interpretation of God's word. Pride because you think that being born a Christian is somehow a gift from God to you because of your own perfection.

Your interpretation of Judaism is your own. Just that. Not the word of God. Not the truth. Just your own interpretation.

Leave to God his own determinations of what he is to do and what he wants. Instead just remember what living a Christian life entails.
I ony wish I could be even close to being a pecentage of what jesus wants.
I,m sorry I didnt intend for this to be dragged out. I'll have no more to say. My appologies.
Again, let me just say go read the article. It makes some very good points. I don’t think it is ‘mean spirited’ to have a difference of views or opinions. But I do think empty controversies are fruitless. If you did not bother to read and give thought to the article I brought up for your consideration, why do you even reply at all?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just a note regarding the Jews or the nation of Israel. I have read the article on Rense as well as many others with the same point of view. I can only say that both views can be interpreted from scripture I think. One thing I am sure of, however, is that all have to come to belief in Jesus Christ as the true Messiah. Israel will not be saved by going back to sacrifices, because Jesus finished that work. But we do not know for sure how God will finish out this time we live in now. I pray for all of the people on earth to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, no matter what nationality or race. Many Jews have come to Jesus, including the first disciples and Paul and many others. What will happen to the nation as a whole, it is tough to say. It is just like the hurricanes, did God do this, or did Satan do this and God allow it for the time we are in. A lot of bad things will happen and God will allow them for his own reasons. So just remember it is ok to disagree for even the apostles at times had disagreements, but we pray for all believers to come to more and more understanding of God's word. Just keep reading and praying.
I just did a google search on Javier Solana -- as of this morning, October 4, 2005, Javier Solana had 4,100,000 hits! Doesn't exactly look to me like he is going away!
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Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
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