Friday, April 08, 2005

Cheer Up Evangelicals: Monbiot hates Catholics too!

by Constance E. Cumbey*
April 8, 2005

*For more background on author, see

In my first two blogs, I wrote about two cheery personalities: George Monbiot and Bill Moyers. Both had harshly taken on the Evangelical world, branding them 'dangerous extremists.' I found their opposition somewhat hypocritical in view of their open evangelism of the far more bizarre and extreme New Age religions. Today on a very different search, I found a piece indicating that Monbiot had not taken on just what he calls "bonkers," i.e., fundamentalists. He hates Roman Catholics in general and the recently passed Pope John Paul II, in particular, going so far as to accuse the good Pope of "genocide" for what actions? For condemning condom use.

Read this particular pithy piece of Monbiot "wisdom" here:

"Every year the Pope kills tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable people by the simple expedient of forbidding Catholics to use condoms. While his imprecations are dismissed by most churchgoers in the First World as a load of papal bull, in countries in which there is little access to alternative sources of information and in which women have few rights, every papal decree against contraception sentences thousands to a lingering death.
And what would 'gentle George' so appreciated by Bill Moyers have done to the good Pope who is now hopefully 'safe in the arms of Jesus'? Let him tell us in his own words:

"The Vatican wants to celebrate the year 2000 by canonising Pius XII for helping the oppressed. A better way to mark the millennium would surely be the indictment of John Paul II for crimes against humanity"

Aren't you glad these New Age 'reformers' (so-called) such as Monbiot and Moyers are for 'peace, light and love'? Whatever would they be like if they weren't? What wonderful equal opportunity haters they have turned out to be!

Again, I pose the question to George Monbiot? Just who’s calling whom ‘bonkers? My friend, methinks it's thee!

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