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Reading about "block chain" technology, I get a type of creepy feeling, similar to one I get when I hear Ray Kurzweil talk about not missing "the Singularity."  For the life of me, I don't see how the block chain system can be implemented without human connection.  Revelation 13 and 14 prophecies come immediately to mind as perhaps being possible real events happening now in real time.

Among the headlines on MicroSoft news this morning was a GUARDIAN one that might have been overlooked by many in the heat of the Trump inauguration hoopla:

"SWIFT adopts Blockchain as global payment initiative"

Succumbing to my worst fears, I googled and the first items I came up with were these:

It appears that things prophetically warned of may well be happening -- now -- in time, in space, in history.  Are we ready?

Stay tuned!


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I now see that has HIDDEN DANGERS in a collection of very suspect books, including very, very despicable Eustace Mullins ones.

One big happy family...
Yes, Trump was selected (just like Obama). The Jesuits are still in the Whitehouse playing Hegelian dialectics ... nothing new!
I don't know in which section of the site you found your book, but it's a fascinating site. Apparently where I saw it Mullins was nowhere around and your book got 22,156 views. Pretty impressive. Then again in another place I found the places where your book was mentioned. I now also learned the Wayback Machine is called It's so up to date that when I searched America First, Trump's speech came up. Thanks.
Anonymous 6:04 Yes, it's pretty clear that future plans are constantly in the works. Not by chance would we be forced to vote for one of two hated individuals. However there isn't enough proof to say who is behind it all and I just can't picture Gates, Rockefeller or Warburg being pushed around by Jesuits or Jews.

Jesuits have seized the Whitehouse by Pastor Walter Veith.

Btw, the Rothschilds are called the treasurers of the Vatican!

Exposing the Jesuit Order 1/2 by Pastor Walter Veith

Exposing the Jesuit Order 2/2 by Pastor Walter Veith

The Trump Card by Pastor Walter Veith

..said the Global Puppet...
What is everybody's reaction to the massive worldwide demonstrations today using Trump as their excuse to hold same?


Veith has many good points and covers fascinating topics. For instance, I think the Roman church must have had some connection with early Islam. Even today the friendly overtures to one another should raise suspicions enough. However he believes in an obscure 'prophetess' and soul-sleep fantasies, things which shouldn't even enter the minds of serious Christians.

Ms. Cumbey, I suspect that the supporters of Clinton were hoping that with her win instead, she would have gone after her 'deplorables', perhaps Mao style. However, now with Trump's win, they are probably terrified that what they expected and hoped to be done to HIS supporters, HE will do to THEM now.

It's incredible how awesome and comprehensive the power of the press and media is in this world. It's twice that of an nuclear weapon.

Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna after singer says she wants to BLOW UP the White House in expletive-filled rant at women's march


Regarding this weekend's protest and march...

As far as being 'offended' by Donald Trump's locker room talk... where were these hypocrites when Bill Clinton was RAPING women from the time he was Governor of Arkansas all through his presidency?

I have divided this weekend's demonstraters into 3 groups...

1) Those who were hired and paid for by George Soros.

2) Those celebrities who demonstrated against one issue... when, in reality, it's just a smokescreen for their real concern... Trump's anti-Globalism agenda and how that will affect them. (Maybe they need to be reminded that they have also offended millions of American citizens who voted for Trump... and how that same group may decide to turn on them and boycott their future projects... hitting them in the pocketbook.)

3) Those 'snowflakes' who were just throwing one giant hissy fit and temper tantrum because their candidate lost the election last November.

Constance Cumbey said...
What is everybody's reaction

I firmly believe that in ourselves, there is not much we can do to effect outcomes.
However I do believe that the prayer of one righteous (wo)man avails much.

I also believe that nothing is going to take place that will 'surprise' God.
Everything will be on his timetable, his time line of events.

The Trump election put a monkey wrench in the plans.
When an election of a person is hated by all established parties, bankers and governments, that is a good thing.

I think the demonstrations would have better served for chaos if they had occurred right after the election, maybe with enough chaos Obama could have declared martial law.
There are many videos by this fellow. watch, very very interesting:

Thanks to wikileaks and other sources.
"The Trump election put a monkey wrench in the plans"

Is it possible that a last minute decision was made and Trump got the green light instead? Perhaps Hillary was too hated, too baggage-ridden and too power-crazed to be controlled. I can't figure out if it is indeed a monkey wrench or if it's part of a more subtle plan.

This man is not a savior on a white horse. He cannot have come so far in those social circles of New York without rubbing shoulders with certain money powers. One doesn't get into that White House without that leash of world government.

Trump as selected - he's never been to Bilderberg. someone complained he never
received any initiations. Trump is a breath of fresh air not the phony smooth
dignified quasi human "statesmanlike" garbage we are used to. Doesn't
go along to get along.

Trump demonstrations - I agree with anon. 12:22 am.

Blockchain doesn't require implants never did that is a new angle.

paul, "There is no evidence in the scriptures or in Jasher or in Enoch that Noah was
anything other than pure human...."

you can't get anything right can you?
Noah's purity was never at issue (spiritual or genetic) ONLY NOAH (not his sons) WAS PURE.

Jasher, Enoch and Jubilees have no authority. OT never mentions enoch writing.
Jasher and/or Jubilees contradict Genesis. I HAVE READ ALL THOSE BOOKS

Genesis says nephilim existed BEFORE the angels came to earth and AFTER that
when they acquired women. almost everyone misses this,

"Also, it's just so Christine Erickson of you to quote what some fool said about you, "

I EXPOSED what really goes on with some of you oh so proper hypocrites.

"You once swore that I had been to your website and then you repeated the lie."
your style posting small p for paul and failed effort to correct. My opinion is
that you lie. others can read the posts and decide for themselves.

"her "information" here is very tainted... "

my information is tools you can destroy new age arguments with turn them against
the NAM saying soething doesn't exist because mislabelled divine is like saying the
moon doesn't exist because some worshipped it.

not likely most convert many Christians espec. charismatics use trance but you can
get fewer to listen to spirits and illuminated politics so less trouble for us.

""never refuted just talked past me"...Not about physics!" that's what I mean.
ignored something missed in standard physics models, arguments and assertions
that bypass issue.

paul and Dahlheimer, this scenario of Dahlheimer's is classical gnosticism. "AGAINST
HEresies" online by Irenaeus and Nag Hammadi library. that RC sometimes treats Mary
as an all encomappsing legendary mythic figure doesn't mean she is one.

Emmet O'Regan argues that an implant is not even necessary. Simply requiring the mobile phone to process all financial transactions, like through the blockchain as one example, is enough to satisfy the Revelation 13 description.

We are one major terrorist attack or war away from governments requiring total "transparency" to all financial transactions.
Before this era of mass social 2-way media there were no flash mobs.
Now every hot button issue will produce multiple flash mobs.
Mass Hysteria is the new norm.
Watching the Women's marches and hearing the sound-bite interviews,
and reading the hand held signs, I'm struck by how aimless it all really is;
most reporters ask "why did you come here today?" and the responses
are nothing but vague solidarity with all the core issues of Progressivism,
which, to quote Joe Biden after the devastating loss, are the Core Issues
that are non-negotiable even if the party needs to re-adjust and re-think
for the next time around.
To whit: Abortion Rights, (Her body,her choice), LGBT Rights; (nothing is
ever wrong if it's sexual), unregulated open borders for anyone and
everyone; ( No human is illegal ) _ and of course Love. They are adamant
about grabbing that admittedly higher ground. Love Trumps Hate, they say
with their fists and fingers raised in the air and their hatred pouring out.
I pretty sure God isn't happy about people who hijack the meaning
of love. At least love defined correctly would be a legitimate core issue.
It's like the traveling freak show has taken over the whole culture.
Social media=Mass Hysteria=chaos=anarchy. Voila the NEW AGE.
Buckle your seat belts. No, pray and study the Bible and then pray
some more and fill your lamp with the oil of the Holy Spirit and keep it

Thank you. I feel honered to be on your sh*t list. Move over Physicist.


The globalist, New World Order Pope Francis is at it AGAIN ... this time, he very cleverly implies that "populist" movements have a lot in common with Hitler! He states that Hitler too was in favor of "walls and barbed wire" to protect Germans (think Trump here). THEN, after clearly connecting the dots of populist movements with Hitler, he says, regarding Trump, "we'll have to wait and see before passing judgment on him." Kind of like saying "I won't pass judgment on you until you tell me how many times a month you beat your wife."

All this comes as the radical left, the elite establishment, the globalists, etc., etc., are all united in their attempt to defeat Trump's movement before it has a chance to implement his plan to save the country.

Here's a link to the article that reports on the Pope's statements:


Very well stated. You summed it up very, very well!

Attention rioters, looters, etc.

THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN. You will no longer be allowed to destroy private property and put the lives of innocent people (including the police & fire fighters) at risk. Riot, destroy property as a MOB, and you will now face up to 10 YEARS in prison along with a $250,000 fine!

Who says elections don't have consequences?

Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington

What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s quite significant...
Thanks Ray,
Your "I won't pass judgment on you until you tell me how many times a month you beat your wife."
is a riot. And it's an accurate reading of the times.
When did Trump say he was declaring war on immigrants or women or the LGBT special, perpetual
victims ?
I must have missed that speech. I thought he just wanted to begin to enforce the immigration laws
that have been on the books for centuries but were disregarded with the prophet Obama.
But it's true that Trump said something incredibly stupid and sexually juvenile that time twenty years
ago... and, that not ONE of those women at that march on the mall have ever said a single thing like
it in their lives. Women NEVER talk that way. Especially not lesbian women, unless they're professional
comediennes. NEVER. Not in Junior High or High School or College. Nope. They are all innocent of
all such language and perfectly right in condemning Trump and reducing him to subhuman status,
because, as I said no women ever, ever talk that way, period.
Paul ...

You are hitting on all cylinders today! Another great post!

Kind of funny how these feminists seemingly have no problem with all that trash talk being put out by Hollyweird, the Hip-Hop and Rap culture, etc. Maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that this is "entertainment" being provided by the Left?
But then again, that would make them hypocrites ... and we all know the Left cannot be hypocrites (and racist Blacks can't be racists).
Richard 1:21 I agree with you about Trump. The controlled MSM lets his followers pretend that everyone who finds fault with him must be a Democrat, leftist, Soros supporter who just doesn't see Trump's wisdom, brilliance, well-meaning, caring for the little American folks, bringer of greatness to America picture of him as clearly as they do. According to them anyone who sees a flaw in Trump's image must be looking at Trump's shining image through dark glasses. Those who say they only voted for him because they couldn't vote for Hillary just are covering their butts if Trump doesn't work out as promised. One never hears them writing or saying what others should watch out for. That would be sticking their necks out and they prefer being turtles. Consequently there is no open discussion about what is going on.

Richard, I do congratulate you on having the patience to listen to Veith. I tried the first ten minutes of two of the videos. I couldn't take more of his chewing gum style of talking. Doesn't get to the point, much like the videotube astrologers who go on and on before they say something specific for 2017. I looked at a few out of curiosity. I can't take them either. Perpetually setting the stage before one specific comes out.

Anonymous 12:58 Thanks for the challenging video. It's one that forces me to learn a lot more before I come to an opinion. It will take time to look into some of those names, but at least I will be learning something new.

I never thought I'd say it, but Christine is a nice break from the perpetual opinion posts of Ray B, Paul and Dan. No complaint about all of them, freedom of speech and all that, but the break-ins by others are appreciated.
Constance, regarding the protests, entertainment and diversion for the masses, something to talk about. Those arrested were let out and told to come back to court in February. Next step? Warrants out for their arrest. Will even five of the 250 suffer as a result of what they did? I'll not hold my breath. Main result? Higher premiums to be paid by those who buy insurance as the costs of destruction have to be covered by someone.
"I never thought I'd say it, but Christine is a nice break from the perpetual opinion posts of Ray B, Paul and Dan. No complaint about all of them, freedom of speech and all that"

Yes, it's free speech on her part too...but thank God Constance has freed her blog up for some free speech without MCE. Keep right on posting RayB, paul, and Dan, because you stay current and relevant, unlike the aforementioned former blog hog of this site.

She is free once a week to post her meaningless titfortat retorts from the dredges of long past posts that come from her bitter well of lots of nothing to say.

She needs something constructive to do.
Getting a job and earning her keep would be a good start.
Oh she's got plenty to do as she is now lurking about Shoebat
and bloviating over there, at least until he gets hip to her
ssubverssive sstyle and unceremoniously gives her the boot,
unlike the extremely patient Constance, who let it go on and on.

Anon. 2:40
Please put my comments on block and don't read them or even have to see them.
I'm sorry to bring you down.
If you find Christines Gnosticism to be more entertaining I understand. Just block my name
and know that I'm sorry.
Regarding the protests, this page might be of interest to some. Much good information on how individuals or groups are controlled. Just an FYI thought. It's not only the left that is controlled in these ways, making real information difficult to get out and stifling anyone who wants to be an activist outside of an organized group.

Paul, never reading what you post would be a very foolish thing to do.
So why hasn't Madonna been arrested?
She said she wanted to blow up the White House.
Others have been arrested for similar comments in the past.
In fact others have done hard time for similar comments.
I almost got suckered in by the promotion of "The left is labeling everything fake news that isn't liberal news because they don't want people to learn the truth." In reality fake news is used to favor Trump and expose Clinton wrong doings. The little bit exposed about Trump is generally quite trivial and rightly ignored. What is interesting is how much fake new is being used by antisemitic connected operations thus supporting the New Age agenda. I wonder why Clinton information is so quickly exposed while no one appears to be outing the New Age movement, all of its international links and leaders. Let's keep exposing the Clinton corruption, but the exposes shouldn't stop there. 32 pages long

Sure Paul, those bad Clinton supporting people who are nothing like the God fearing all American supporters of Clinton. And we can believe the MSM to tell us the truth!!!
It was sarcasm Paul. Put it in context with the rest of today's posts.
As far as fake news goes, granted we can't believe anything we read.
That's good. So we don't have to guess, just don't believe any of it.
Jesus didn't judge by what he heard or by what he saw. He judged
them by their fruits, and that's what he told us to do. So for me it's
simplified: the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party is truly
corrupt, up and down. Their non-negotiables are all re-defined
and re-disguised sins; abortion (murder) becomes a womans
"reproductive rights" and sexual depravity (sodomy, mutilation,
and the wrecking of the sacrament of marriage), becomes a civil
right (rite), and on and on.
I'm sure I don't know what The Donald is going to do over the next
four years, but right now he's getting behind a beleaguered and
hated Israel. So far so good.
There IS going to be a war and the lines are being clearly drawn
right now.
The bulk of Europe is obviously antisemitic, especially France.
The U.S has been heading down that road under the
Muslim Obama for the last eight years, (and at 90mph for the last
two months.)
Whatever the MSN reports or the alternate news reports, judge
them by their fruits. Watch what they do to Israel.

Okey 7:30,
My bad. Sorry.
To Grant of New Zealand,

I see the anti-Trump "Women's Rally" protesters were out in Auckland, New Zealand yesterday. What can you share with us about your observations about participants there?

After this link I'll shut up for awhile.
Paul, the only way most everyone knows what is going on is through the news we check out. Because of the internet that means not only the sources we were familiar with before 1992 or so, it means every website. From what I read in books, etc. those living in Russia are generally skeptical of everything they are fed. That's how a Putin and his crew stay in power. Here in America we are very trusting and calling anyone directly a liar is not pc or courteous. We don't want to do it and so we tend to believe what we are comfortable believing. That's the very hard part, being skeptical of almost everyone and everything, including me and everyone who posts here. I can see why many say they don't want to follow what is going on in the world and just to put faith in what they read in the Bible, without anyone's interpretation. But if we want to protect ourselves from those who would do evil to us, our friends, family and country, we just can't give up. My guess is nothing I said started you thinking. I know you follow Walid Shoebat and the fourth in the series is up today at You probably read what he wrote. Posted with no further comment. Part 4

This is what New Age is about. I don't know why Shoebat only mentioned New Age once, and that was after I pointed out what it was in numerous posts. Maybe he needs to be taught more about the New Age movement. Give it a try.
Anon 10:28
You said: "My guess is nothing I said started you thinking."
First of all I don't know who you are so how can I know what you posted? There are numerous anons.
But to the Shoebat article, I've been a fan of his for about five years and read all sorts of his
stuff. I've read the recent series, or two of the three so far, about the rise of paganism and antisemitism
all over the world. I hope you don't infer from my comments that I advocate to stop reading anything
but the Bible. I don't.

We are climbing Jacob's ladder
We are climbing Jacob's ladder
We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Soldiers of the cross

Anonymous Anonymous said...4:45 PM
Regarding the protests, this page might be of interest to some.

Thanks for the link to this page!

PS: with a name like Anonymous, Anonymous maybe you comment more than Ray B, Paul and myself combined? ;o)

On the topic of Block Chain technology, here are some power points by the Blockchain Theorist, Melanie Swan.

New technologies are most often presented with a positive spin on all the good it can do for society. Reading these PP side presentations, it does not take a leap in understanding that if one can conduct Bio-Nano DNA repair, then the dark side of this technology is not a stretch..... creating the demon seed? Maybe Christine can comment?

She has posted allot of reference materials in her slides.

In case you missed it, watch this perfect illustration of the Dishonest Media at work.
NBC's Chuck Todd badgers Kellyanne Conway (Special Counsel to Pres. Trump) for 13+ minutes with ONE question, over and over again.

As you watch this, ask yourself ... do you recall the Media EVER badgering Obama's or Clinton's people like this on ANYTHING? The short answer is a resounding NO!

PS: Kellyanne absolutely mopped the floor with the wimp.

From the sidelines he continually keeps his eye peeled on American politics and how it impacts the world he wants to see happen.
Does he want to get back in the game?
Stopped in and see Mary Christine Erikson is still arguing with wallpaper at 3:22 AM.

Since restricted to once a week here, I'm glad she is dumping somewhere else.
Not into Shoebat, but maybe he'll catch on to her, too.
Constance, if you google *anything* to do with payment options together with "human implants" then you will get results that are very 666-like. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology but (1) many other things can be usefully based on blockchain, (2) bitcoin is working fine just now without implants, and (3) many things that have nothing to do with payment or blockchain can (creepily!) go on a microchip inside your body, eg your ID, blood group, medications etc. Target your criticism carefully! And keep in mind that anybody could start an alternative bitcoin at any time.

Paul, you know why I post anonymously. Now I'm sure his information has played a role. Just an FYI, Shoebat posted #4 in the series yesterday. That with the interview his son did with the populist makes it 5 things everyone should read. Christine has posted over there, but as she did here, her posts are not in context so they are ignored.

Dan Bryan, I know your comment is meant to be humorous. It's true I've been posting more lately, but I'm sure you know that there are many who post that way. I stayed away for a long time, but again I feel a compulsion to get information out about the New Age movement to anyone who has eyes and ears. If I could skywrite it, I would. I do believe we are in the calm before the storm. Maybe I overpost. I'll try to step back.

I mean, just scroll down through the comments and marvel at the sheer volume of MCE, all of which is condemning judgmental and lashing out. She's getting worse. She's attacking everyone at once!
Poor thing.
Paul, you are correct. I was concentrating on the series. I can't get into the "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" religious discussions which are just time consuming showoff pieces.
Here's a Shoebat response :
Walid Shoebat Mod Kamau41 • 7 hours ago
You are one of few whom I can confidently say read the article, most others did what they typically do by using the comment section as a cigarette smoking hangout to discuss any other subject.
To 10:42

He (Javier Solana) was NEVER out of the game. He and his confederates (Strobe Talbott included) are using Donald Trump, Brexit, etc., etc. as an excuse to expedite GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

This is 10:42 AM and I agree, Constance.
His "retirement" has been constant activity, but as I said, from the sidelines. Will there be calls for him to be back in the game in an official capacity? That is what I was referring to and I think that is very possible. He is the seasoned veteran for such a monumental task, after, all when the real "crisis" comes...
The White Book compilation kept him very busy, the road tour to promote all things global kept him busy, as well as leading as a convenor and advising Mogherini have been priorities to this man.
They aren't having it..this populism stuff. I think Solana and buddies are about to shift into overdrive.
As I saw in a comment under a YouTube video recently, "So many things are happening every day now, it's hard to keep up." That is so true!

I have conflicting thoughts about Trump, and I would categorize them into two main camps: political and religious.

Politically, I think it is disingenuous to suggest that the "powers that be" have installed Trump as their puppet. He is (at least publicly) against everything the globalists (who are TPTB, right?) want to accomplish. They want a world without borders, and want to unite humanity into one big happy family so they can build their New Perfect World - Tower of Babel II. Trump stands against all that, and wants to keep our national identity and borders. Brexit was born of the same impulse - a defense of their national identity against the idea of a global melting pot of cultures, religions and peoples. They are both a kind of backlash against the advances that globalists have made for the past 25 or 30 years.

Religiously, I think there is a lot of potential for danger. There are "prophets" who claim he is anointed by God to make this country "Christian" again. There are watchmen, like Nathan Leal, who have written extensively about how evil the man is from a Christian perspective, and they have many points to back their beliefs up. My hope is that he allows himself to be humbled by God, and becomes a new man in Christ. Wouldn't *that* be great?

What I find most people (including myself) doing now is starting with forgone conclusions, and then bolstering their views by finding something "out there" to support them. There is so much bad information out there, and so much manipulation of perception, that one cannot be 100% certain anymore of anything but obvious and commonplace info. Satan is a master of deception and distraction, and he certainly has been busy lately in both areas!

General observation: Trump has upset and angered all the right people, and in many different places, so to me that says he was NOT a plant or puppet and is a monkey wrench in the globalists plans.

Another general observation: People see what they want to see. If Hillary had been elected, it would have been seen as part of the plans of the Illuminati. Since Trump won, why *HE* must be the one the Illuminati wanted to be in power. It doesn't matter what happens, it is a foregone conclusion that TPTB are running the show.

I don't buy that kind of thinking, and never will - it's lazy. Only God runs the show. When we make ourselves available to be used by Him, by submitting to His will, and to His wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit, and do not let ourselves be led by the flesh (believing what we want to be true in our own wisdom), the plans of the king of this world (Satan) CAN be thwarted, and in a big way. For a while, anyway. He will have reign here until Jesus Christ comes back, gives him the boot, and establishes His Kingdom that will last forever and ever. AMEN!
Marko, You wrote, " There is so much bad information out there, and so much manipulation of perception, that one cannot be 100% certain any more of anything but obvious and commonplace info." Take it personally that with that statement you are a person with a very closed mind.

It is clear to me that one can be certain about many things that are happening It takes a tremendous amount of research, time, energy and money which few people are willing to put out though. There is no knowing all there is to know about big topics like New Age, communism, Christianity, Judaism, but break them down into smaller parts and start to put the parts together to learn. Anyone who is successful in a profession knows 100% about a lot of things.

If you want to put everything in God's hands and blame or credit Him for everything going on, might as well get the chips out and put on the television. We can't be sure that God appreciates all of your flattery. I do believe He he has said He created humans for more than his own amusement and He isn't playing a large scale video game.

As a side note give a thought to all of the government controls needed to run a culture populist style. Those controls can be implemented on an international level. All that's needed is cooperation among those at the top levels of governments. Here's a nice populist site for you to check out.
The Shoebat articles have really brought it home, finally, to me what this is all about.
Oh dear God in heaven...

A universal basic income? I found the following in this past Sunday’s San Antonio Express-News:

A radical idea: Universal basic income

…Careful readers of this space will notice that last week’s column — on a poverty eradication experiment in Africa of giving no-strings-attached cash — was a bit of a Trojan horse for opening minds to this week’s radical idea: UBI is the idea of granting all adults a small amount of income, for life.

UBI is having a moment right now. Finland launched an experiment in 2017 to address joblessness with basic income, and the Netherlands is also attempting small-scale trials. Swiss voters rejected it in a referendum in 2016, but Swiss UBI supporters rejoice that it at least came up for a vote. A Silicon Valley startup, Y-Combinator, plans to launch a basic income experiment in Oakland, California, this year.

Futurists see UBI as the solution to the automation problem, when robots eliminate all of the human jobs. (Except finance columnists, obviously, who can never be automated.)

The best advocate in the United States for UBI that I’ve read is Charles Murray, in his 2016 version of his book “In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State,” in which he calls for a universal basic income of $13,000 for every adult in the United States. Somewhat to my surprise, I found his book, and the ideas, very compelling…

There’s a similar article in Forbes.
For some reason, the Express-News hyperlink did not come through; so, here it is:
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Marko said:

He [Trump] is (at least publicly) against everything the globalists (...) want to accomplish. They want a world without borders, and want to unite humanity into one big happy family so they can build their New Perfect World - ...

I am a New Age globalist and this is what I want. My website's introduction to my New Age mission reads:

Here I present articles, letters and videos about my indigenous peoples' rights advocacy initiatives, accomplishments and related leadership mission within today's hippie counterculture movement.

A 2015 Time Magazine article promotes a book that "chronicles today’s hippie counterculture movement throughout the U.S. and in parts of Europe." A few years before this magazine article was published the world's largest Indian news source, Indian Country Today Media Network, published an article that promoted a book entitled Hippies, Indians and the Fight for Red Power. This same book is promoted in a 2015 article by Dina Gilio-Whitaker, an associate scholar at the Center for World Indigenous Studies. In the article, Gilio-Whitaker wrote: "The uproar about the Rainbow Family Gathering in the Black Hills reminds us that the counterculture is alive and well in the U.S. Not just a relic of a forgotten era..." In the article she also states that "in the 1960's and 70's counterculture hippies were important allies" who "helped advance" the Red Power movement.

"Those who attend Rainbow Gatherings usually share an interest in intentional communities, ecology, New Age spirituality and entheogens." (ref.) ... "From a historical perspective, the New Age phenomenon [i.e., New Age movement] is rooted in the counterculture of the 1960's." (Wikipedia ref.) (pontifical council ref.)

The ultimate goal of the hippie counterculture New Age movement is to unite the world's religions and cultures to create, in effect, a one-world religion (i.e., a single spiritual philosophy) and global culture wherein all of humanity will live harmoniously together as one. My mission is to lead the way toward accomplishing the ultimate goal of this movement. This movement represents a particular type of globalization. It is promoted in the lyrics of John Lennon's song Imagine: "I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."

More about this topic is presented in a segment (below) entitled: An introduction to my hippie counterculture New Age mission.

My website is located at:

P.S., I am getting a couple of paragraphs ready to add to the segment of my website entitled: An introduction to my hippie counterculture New Age mission. Here they are:

Psalms 2: 1-2 reads: "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed..."

There is evidence that indicates that this Bible scripture prophesy will soon be fulfilled. The Indigenous people's global decolonization movement is merging with the United Nations' led, New Age\New World Order, global ethics movement and its leaders will soon help gather the "kings of the earth" (nation states' civil government rulers) together to "take council together, against the Lord, and against his anointed." And when these "kings of the earth" come together they will quickly but an end to the "Lord's" (Jehovah's) Abrahamic religions and then usher in an everlasting new age of peace and security.

Here are the links to two articles that present evidence that this bible scripture prophecy will soon be fulfilled.,HolySee.html

A while back I read an article that said that as a result of transhumanist projections, automation and the robot technology, plans should be made so everyone gets a small house, just enough to live in, minimal medical care and a tiny income. We've seen how that has worked out in the inner cities and the rural areas north of Los Angeles.

Now how could the government improve on that? Control religion with all of its disrupting ideas. All of the rituals and beautiful things could stay. Needed: something like Common Core to program the humans into thinking alike. Make thinking outside the group very unpleasant. Keep a close eye on everyone, like having the medical people ask a lot of questions. Bread and circuses. I don't think it's ever been tried. Oh the lessons that can be learned by studying how Scientologists do it. Watching the Leah Remini series it's clear that telling the subjects that they are needed to make the world a better place works.
I'm going to read the entire Shoebat series, and do my best to set aside my own preconceived notions of "how things run". (I'll also have to take off my grammar police hat, somehow.)
Anonymous 3:03 Excellent article. I just want to respond to one part. Yes, police have a hard job, but those facing the police have some justification for their accusations of corruption.
"In 2007, police consultant Lou Reiter testified in court that the department’s lack of
effective oversight was the product of “deliberate indifference” by CPD leaders.
The lack of an effective crackdown on police misconduct can be inferred from a 2007 study by University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman. He found that only 19 of 10,149 (or less than 2%) civilian complaints of excessive force, illegal searches, racial abuse, sexual abuse and false arrests between 2002 and 2004 led to police suspensions of a week or more."

I'm not sure what the big push to honor every person who joins the police force a hero is about, but the article sheds some light on the reality.

Regarding the Womens March towards Islam article at 3:03 PM, I was less interested in the police references than the fact that the march was used as a breeding ground to recruit American dissatisfied women to Islam. Everyone knows about Soros, but this tidbit was news to me and very alarming. The leader was a radical and using the poster with the flag wrapped as a head scarf is revealing indeed.

Anonymous said @ 4:28 PM (in part) ...

The lack of an effective crackdown on police misconduct can be inferred from a 2007 study by University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman. He found that only 19 of 10,149 (or less than 2%) civilian complaints of excessive force, illegal searches, racial abuse, sexual abuse and false arrests between 2002 and 2004 led to police suspensions of a week or more."

The operative word here is "complaints ..."

Criminal "suspects" almost ALWAYS use excuses such as "racial abuse" or police brutality, or "illegal searches," etc. when apprehended by police. Are there bad cops? Sure there are. Just as there are bad prosecutors, and bad judges, but there are also very bad criminals out there that the police have to deal with on a daily basis ... and they all have one thing in common: they hate the cops that are assigned the duty to stop their criminal activity.

Another case to consider to back up my assertion; visit a prison and you'll find out real quick that everyone there proclaims their innocence, and, you'll hear numerous "complaints" too as to how they are being treated.

Registering a complaint (which in police work, is extremely common) does not necessitate guilt, and it is almost always the suspect's word against the police. Who do you think would have more credibility?

In a book entitled, From Gaia to Selfish Genes: Selected Writings in the Life Sciences, its author wrote:

"The belief that the Earth is alive and to be revered is still held in such remote places as the west of Ireland and the rural parts of some Latin countries. In these places, the shrines to the Virgin Mary seem to mean more, and to attach more loving care and attention, than do the church itself. The shines are always in the open, exposed to the rain and to the sun, and surrounded by carefully tended flowers and shrubs. I cannot help but think that these country folk are worshipping something more than the Christian maiden."

"There is little time left to prevent the destruction of the forest of the humid tropics with consequences far-reaching both for Gaia and for humans. The country folk, who are destroying their own forests, are often Christians and venerate the Holy Virgin Mary. If their hearts and minds could be moved to see in her the embodiment of Gaia, then they might become aware that the victim of their destruction was indeed the Mother of humanity and the source of everlasting life."


I honor Mary, I do not worship her, but I do "see in her the embodiment of Gaia," who is not "the ultimate source, or the Creator," as stated by New Age leader David Spangler. He compares Gaia to "a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth." James Lovelock wrote: "What if Mary is another name for Gaia.
Ray B I've lived for many decades in the Chicago area. From personal experience I know how corrupt the cops are. If that's all you have to offer, some nice generalizations that anyone could pull off the top of their head, skip it. I really don't think you are more intelligent than those who did the study.
Anonymous ...

Please give us exactly what your "experiences" were that proves your assertion as stated below. If you are unable to be precise in proving your point, then it is you that is guilty of "some nice generalizations," not me.

"From personal experience I know how corrupt the cops are."

PS: of course, any statement by Anonymous regarding "personal experiences" is only representing just one side of Anon's story. And, of course, Anon's statements cannot be verified in any way, so I guess we'll just have to trust Anonymous ... a person that won't even provide us with a screen name! LOL !


One basically has to generalize until specifics are given, but specifics have to be proven true. Anybody can over generalize either direction 1:15 PM. Maybe you did that, for all we know, maybe you didn't.

Is this going to be a spittin' match on your part or something worth reading? And is this the time and place for that?

Anonymous ...

You made a specific claim that you "know how corrupt the cops are."

I simply made a request for you to give specific proof based upon, what you claim to be your "personal experiences."

Simply provide us with ample proof to back up your claim. Otherwise, we'll be forced to conclude that you are using this forum to further spread unsubstantiated attacks upon the Police forces of this nation.
Using Ray B as your name is just saying Anonymous in another way. I look forward to your reference to a study backing up your generalization. The specifics I referred to are in the study I cited. Until then, it's only your opinion without any basis vs the study. No, I do not intend to discuss your generalizations with more specific information. It would be a waste of time. Sorry sweetie, it's not an "us" vs "me." Go argue with those who did the study and do give them your qualifications.

Blogger Thomas Dahlheimer said...
In a book entitled, From Gaia to Selfish Genes: Selected Writings in the Life Sciences, its author wrote:

In so much as you or anyone would like to attribute some statue to be 'Mary' of the bible or the 'Goddess likeness of Gaia' It is nothing but a stone, the workings of a man's hand. Another good reason for the commandment against imagery in the Bible.

I think it important for me not to search out truths in a bipolar world of Lucifer, (a created being in his own right), but seek my Creator God and see what he might gift to me by his spirit and through his word.

The following quote sums up NewAge philosophy for me. I believe we have a higher purpose.

But what's to be done if the sole and express purpose of every intelligent man is babble--that is, a deliberate pouring from empty into void.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Mr Dahlheimer
What a load of bleeding heart bull you sling.
Spangler, Lovelock, Gaiia, on and on. Do you have day-glo posters in your house, complete with backlights?
Your neo hippie culture smells really really funky to someone like me who has already had to wade through
that silly nonsense back in the dippie 60's in a culture which has already collapsed on itself and returned to
the compost that it is.
Really guy, take it outside, it's rotten already.

By the way, I am an arborist and formerly a logger from the state of Maine, which I am glad to be, because despite your notions about how we are destroying the planet, the State of Maine is a virtual wall to wall carpet of trees from one end to the other. Lumberjacks going back to the 1700's selectively cut all the largest and tallest trees to cut and harvest way back then. Boo Hoo you say? Not really, the selective husbandry of our vibrant forests only opened up the younger undergrowth and sapling trees and exposed them to the sunlight which in turn stimulated the new growth, over and over for many generations all the way up to today. If you were to fly over the State of Maine right now, all you would see is trees.
Now, other places and other peoples weren't so wise and they clearcut the forests and caused runaway erosion of the soil and in their greed they damaged the ecosystem too much. And deserts were the result. That's stupid and greedy, agreed.
But the answer isn't in your cry baby stop-all-cutting reactions. It's not ban all logging. It's return to the wisdom of the old days.
The earth will always regenerate itself if you give it a chance.
I'm so tired of your hippie bull; talking out your rear end like you know anything at all about the earth. You obviously don't.
The earth is the Lords' and the fullness thereof. He made it for us. For mankind. Your gaia is idoltry and heathen foolishness.

Thanks, paul.

The truth never gets old.
Why is it always the very people who know nothing about a given subject are the very ones who want to hijack that subject and claim it as their own?
Like the women at those rallies carrying signs that say Love Trumps Hate, implying that they own the higher ground of love when in fact they are the ones who decided to wreck their families and kick out the father, and deprive the children of fathers love and steal the father's input and love away from the children so that they can rule the whole domain which they really are not equipped to rule.

And you knuckleheads who talk about gaia earth and how she is our mother and she is so stressed out and needs our help but all the bad old patriarchal ugly evil men just want to boss all the poor innocent sweet lesbians around. They dragged their children to these social media events to indoctrinate them against mean old bad evil Trump.
But these people in particular know little or nothing about the planet earth. Your understanding of Earth is right out of the imaginings of a three year old.
The earth is the most amazing miracle in the known universe, but it's not a living thing. It is a creation of God which creates. and Recreates. It is a perpetual motion machine with a liquid nickle core which swirls around in a giant figure eight from pole to pole.
It uses magnetism, electricity, three different laws of Thermodynamics, heat from within and the cold of space from the outside,
solar radiation, liquid water, solid water, gaseous water, but that doesn't even begin to explain it.
It's the Lords own masterpiece flying through space; creating millions of species of life every season out of itself, yet it is not alive itself. God created it and then rested and it's been working perfectly ever since. Mankind couldn't ruin the earth if mankind tried.
Praise God.
Lord of Hosts is his name.
Creator and sustainer, is He.
Give God the glory for He is worthy.
Amen Paul ... very well stated !


Two questions for Mr Dahlheimer ...

Do you believe the Universe is infinite?

Do you agree with Einstein that "matter cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed?"
Paul 8:24 and 8:45 Beautifully written. Dahlheimer just appears to have accepted a gnostic explanation for the supernatural, one that may appear intellectually challenging but it's rather useless, as has been said, in helping one and society thru life.

Why the big push for gnosticism these days? Then, "If the words “ethics” or “morality” are taken to mean a system of rules, then Gnosticism is opposed to them both. Such systems usually originate with the Demiurge and are covertly designed to serve his purposes. If, on the other hand, morality is said to consist of an inner integrity arising from the illumination of the indwelling spark, then the Gnostic will embrace this spiritually informed existential ethic as ideal." Whatever that means. It's really double talk for let the government set the rules.

It's quite seductive. For instance whether it's at the website or Ancient Origins on Facebook, or through the continuous informative mailings one starts to think, "Well maybe..." without even knowing where the leads are taking one and why. Jews and Christians need to organize and confront those who would eliminate the monotheistic belief system.

A Harvard paper on Global Governance vs. Populism


Thomas Dahlheimer is obviously a card carrying New Ager. He's well beyond mere "gnosticism."

Hindus believe that Shiva taught his wife Parvati transcendent knowledge while she gave him the knowledge of the cosmos. I believe that both Shiva and Jesus represent oneness with the transcendent God beyond the cosmos ("Our Father in Heaven"), and that both Parvati and Mother Mary represent oneness with Mother Earth (Gaia) and the cosmos.
What you "believe" hasn't stood up to the test of time, and does not stand up as true in any of the sciences, either. So what if millions of Hindus have chosen to swallow it (and stomach it)? That does not make it true. I personally know former Hindus who no longer swallow those lies.

You're trying awfully hard, Mr Dahlheimer, and have no takers. Not here anyway. Why do you bring this old rehash of pagan nonsense here then?

The one you're trying so hard to convince in this case, is really yourself.

One thing good about it, though. The actual truth stands up beautifully against your "beliefs", so thanks for letting the truth advance at your expense.
Constance, how do you see a difference between New Age spirituality and gnosticism in your opinion? As I see it, Blavatsky and Bailey didn't come up with something new. The only change I see is the addition of an updated political system (well relatively). Mere gnosticism? With that history? It's like saying mere Christianity, mere Judaism, or mere Islam. Nothing mere about it as I read it.
Constance, the link you gave to a study at Harvard goes nowhere. Doing a search putting in "Harvard global governance vs populism" brings up many interesting pages, but it is unclear to which one you are referring.
Well put, 11:24 AM! Sadly, unless Mr. Dahlheimer repents of his blind faith in lies, it will be an eternal cost for him too! I encourage him to read The New Age Nightmare, by Randall Baer (a former national New Age leader who found the truth and became a born again Christian), murdered for his new found faith but now in Paradise with the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, he should read the Beautiful Side of Evil, another ex-New Ager who turned to Jesus Christ. Let's hope he repents and accepts Jesus Christ's gift of eternal life, where all was paid in full on the cross for anyone who chooses to accept Him.
That should read: 'Inside The New Age Nightmare".
Anon 12:35PM,

It's this one:

Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism - Harvard University
The above pdf notes that the paper was for a roundtable titled “Rage against the Machine: Populist Politics in the U.S., Europe and Latin America”. For those not aware of the reference for “Rage against the Machine”, the following video explains it. The music may not be to everyone’s liking, but at least watch the imagery and the read the post-musical written commentary (after Ralph Nader) – so apt for this past election:

How that Hinduism working for the subcontinent of India?
What's the average lifespan in India? What's the quality of life scale say?
India passed one billion population around ten years ago?
How's everyone doing there? How's that Vedic medicine system working out?
I mean I know it's really cool because it's not American but how's it
really treating the people of India? Have they taken good care of their resources?
Do they have enough trees left to build things or even make a big funeral pyre
and incinerate dead bodies? How's that Ganges River doing? Are there dead
bodies floating down it daily while people wade into it to bathe and defecate
and wash their clothes?
Yes they really know how to live.
So spiritual and mystical and sexuallly free, unlike we repressed westerners.
Right TD?

Hiduism is so "spiritual" and groovy:
Craig, I got through about half the very long paper. I have some thoughts about it. As Shoebat states, "I don't care what someone says; I watch what they do." If those aren't his exact words, they state what he has said, and I agree. Anyone knows that New Age planners think very long term, not short term. Without specifically using the term New Age, the authors of the paper suggest that populism is a refutation of what we call New Age ideas. What needs to be explored is what kind of conditioning of the public over decades by New Age planners has made such a large percentage of the population able to support populist ideas.

Nowhere across the political spectrum are individuals encouraged to know the specifics of what is going on. "I think, I know, I believe, I feel" replace "I have learned." The first four come about by the information presented to them which they accept as truth. Populist support of authoritarian control accepts the idea that authoritarianism is the only possible political control and they will work to replace another authoritarian system with one of their own.

Under New Age conditioning, individuals are trained to be self-centered, so when the new authoritarian uses the term "we", they assume the individual is talking about all group members who thinks as they do. They never ask "Who is this we" and does everyone in the "we" group think exactly the same as them. The authoritarian leader does not speak in specifics, and they emotionally are trained not to ask questions which might dispel the euphoria.

In elementary physics there it is stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I think it's also true in politics. Others talk in terms of a pendulum. Early on Beatrice Webb said that if their movement is to succeed, provision must be made for dissidents. An understanding of New Age is needed to understand the populist, alt-right movement. This needs to be explored further.
Anon 7:13
"Under New Age conditioning, individuals are trained to be self-centered, so when the new authoritarian uses the term "we", they assume the individual is talking about all group members who thinks as they do. They never ask "Who is this we" and does everyone in the "we" group think exactly the same as them. The authoritarian leader does not speak in specifics, and they emotionally are trained not to ask questions which might dispel the euphoria. "

It ought to be read twice.
It was on display at the womens marches after the election.
_Angry hippie women holding obscene signs up with one hand and dragging their little children along for the ride with the other hand. Furious that Trump has said something obscene and reacting by "I'll see you that and raise you a thousand", wearing "pussy hats" and following the bright lights of madonna the wise and cher the ancient plastic surgery poster gal.
Where are they leading their children?

Cashless Biometrics and India’s Demonetization Experiment
January 27, 2017, by James Corbett

...the effort to biometrically register the population and the effort to transition into a cashless economy are, in fact, intimately related.... And wouldn’t you know it, the latest word from the World Economic Forum at Davos is that India is going to skip right over card-based cashless payments and go straight to biometric e-payments.

Dave in CA

Paul, I was talking about the authoritarian style which also covers Trump and his followers. Trump keeps speaking about "we." Under New Age conditioning looking for others to speak with becomes very difficult. There are no neutral discussion possibilities. Talking with a Trump supporter either one has to agree totally to his perfection or the generalized "I'm not a Trump supporter but.." or be accused of being a Clinton supporter and a leftist. The same when encountering a leftist or Clinton supporter. Agree totally or be accused of being a retarded Trump supporter. The only publicly third acceptable choice is to keep quiet and listen. "We" never includes individuals who are allowed to think for themselves. Good people do not disagree with the leader provided for them thanks to New Age conditioning. The authoritarian leadership really doesn't give a damn what citizens think. They just have to do enough to keep unrest down. The Republican party did that for how long? We can't ignore what New Age is basically about...control on the way to end results.
Anon 7:13PM,

It's late, and I'm tired, so I'll defer thoughts until later. I only skimmed portions of that paper, though I read the abstract and conclusion.

In any case, for myriad reasons, I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading the associated comments to get a pulse on what's going on. It's quite informative! I came across the guy in the following the other day, who guys by the handle "SomeBlackGuy" (for the record, I'm white). From the few of his videos I've seen, I agree with most of what he says, but it's great coming from a black man. The following is on "white guilt". I'll caution up front on his use of colorful language - wait! can I say that without being labeled a racist?

Basically, there are individuals - apparently, quite a few - who are not afraid to think for themselves and not conform to either the left or right narrative. I count myself as one of those. But, that is despite the efforts of New Age ideals being thrust into all public spheres.
I already sent this to you:

The German version looks like it's geared towards making the new Uberman:

Sounds like slavery:

One more link. I think the comments are interesting. There is a movement out there that is comparing bitcoin to silver a gold. One is created out of thin air and one comes from the ground and can be touched. It's a very interesting argument.

the Bitcoin fans are trying to convince us that Bitcoin can't be manipulated because there's no leverage involved. another words, price changes require someone to buy the full value or sell the full value, so this I understand. . The value has been created out of air though just like fiat currency. I guess the creators of bitcoin are really rich just like banks.

Still think Bitcoin is about conditioning people to go cashless.

More evidence for that..
To Anon 11:24 AM,

"The one you're trying so hard to convince in this case, is really yourself."

Interesting perception because I had been thinking exactly the same thing.
Trumps border to be stonewalled by the Endangered Species Act? See OMOTS post:


Anonymous Dave in CA said...
Cashless Biometrics and India’s Demonetization Experiment

Thanks for the link Dave.
It is timely and important. I was wondering how subjugation of the world would be accomplished. Using India makes sense.

How timely. EU is going the way of India. Hopefully the masses will wake up from their slumber:
"When the black van came and took away my neighbor I out of fear said nothing. When they came for me there was no one left to speak for me". That is shaping up to be the reality of Trump's "Great America". In Republican run states new laws are being enacted prohibiting anti-Trump street demonstrations and to "use any force whatsoever on the demonstrators to prevent them". A US model for tranny.
In connection with Shoebat articles and 11:57, let me add this speculation, which I understand just may be political gossip. In connection with Trump's idea to send in the "feds" to control Chicago's murders, I've seen some articles that suggest that he might use what Obama worked to set up and what was called Obama's Gestapo. and this old one

Don't miss the main point. Trump's border wall clearly conflicts with Federal laws, the ESA, and signed international agreements.

There is a coalition forming between the State of California (Eric Holder), all of the major environmental organizations, the Democrat party, and the United Nations, as each, for it's own reasons, is determined to stop the construction of a "high, permanent barrier" on our southern border.

Multiple Federal lawsuits are in the works. If Trump is stymied in court, and I think he will be, he will have no other choice but to invoke executive authority and declare a "state of emergency" in order to fulfill his campaign pledge to build a wall.

FYI- Mexican authorities have already approached the U.N. to voice their complaint that Trump's unilateral action to build a border wall violates international agreements signed by previous U.S. administrations. In a show of support, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias affirmed that:

“All countries have interdependence with respect to the environment and biodiversity, so no country can be totally self-sufficient in biodiversity-related issues...”
George Webb video series - Where is Eric Braverman - this one talks about Doug Coe.


Absolutely, 1:13 PM! The powers that be have played this just like they did the thesis of the Weimar Republic and its antithesis of National Socialist Germany. Complete with the scenario of inside jobs such as 911, Hitler's burning of the Reichstag, or Nero's burning of Rome! There's nothing new under the Sun! Yes, 1984, complete with Airstrip One: buckle up folks, we're all in for a rough landing!

Anonymous said @ 11:57 AM ...

"In Republican run states new laws are being enacted prohibiting anti-Trump street demonstrations and to "use any force whatsoever on the demonstrators to prevent them". A US model for tranny (sic)."

Provide the states along with the legislation that specifically states that "anti-Trump demonstrations" are prohibited, or any specific legislation that has even been proposed.

The left's lunacy is really something to behold. They are becoming completely unhinged.
RayB I've asked a number of people if they have heard anything more about this telling them it was posted on this blog. No one has gotten back to me at this time. Have you reached out to others outside of this blog asking if they have heard from more from others? You do know that this blog isn't a paid research center and we all have to work ourselves to verify what we've come across. There is opinion and there is research. I do hope, for your sake, that Anonymous 11:57 does the research for you. Just so you know, Anonymous 11:57 and I are two different people. Signed Anonymous 1:13 "WILTON, Iowa -- Iowa Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, (R) Wilton, is borrowing a saying for disgruntled farm hands to describe legislation aimed at anti-Trump protests."
Saw that and sent it to Constance. Great series. Everyone should watch it. Webb has done an excellent job of exposing and explaining the crooked Clinton foundation and their degenerate activities. This goes a long way to starting the war of religion Constance talks about when they start wars with Muslim countries to control all the pipelines, but more importantly the child trafficking is just an abomination and must be stopped.

Webb is nicer than I would be,. He says he just wants it stop but doesn't care if they are prosecuted. I think for justice to be served, they must be prosecuted and the system must be exposed. It would probably take down the US as a world power because it is so absolutely despicable. Most people are too naive to think we are capable of this kind of corruption but it is not everyone. It is specifically Clintons and the people that they worked with.

Webb surprisingly exonerates Obama and claims that he was not aware of all of this. I'm not sure, but he certainly did not pardon Hillary Clinton. It's a huge Pandora's box and if opened, many will be implicated . It would be lovely if this swamp is really drained but I'm not holding my breath.
Interesting article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Especially the paragraph where he says, that the Muslim threat is a hoax created by the military industrial complex etc.

Our wars have created the monster, especially if you don't believe the party line on 9-11 which was the catalyst for all of this. Given that Prescott Bush helped fund Hitler, George Bush was CIA-another Nazi organization at it's core, it's not to difficult to imagine that the CIA-funded Osama Bin Laden ( whose family was quickly flown out after the towers went down) was a bit of a myth created to fund perpetual war or as Dr. Stanley Monteith used to say, "to create the best enemies money can buy".

Again, George Webb does a great job of tying all this together. Look at the mess that we've created in N.Africa and ME. Is this normally the way a country acts? US created the refugee crisis that we now see in the West. It's time that Americans really stand against these terrible wars that kill or mess up our young men and women and create enemies for no good reason.

I'm not defending the terrorism in ME, just saying where did they get their weapons from. Follow the money.
paul said...

In Paul's 6:58 post he mockingly wrote, Hinduism is so "spiritual" and "groovy." In this post of his he also presented a link to an article.

In my article entitled "Christian Atrocities Committed Against Non-Christian Peoples" I present the "holy" and "good" history of Christianity.

6:58 PM
anon 12:35 am:

You said "Our wars have created the monster, especially if you don't believe the party line on 9-11 which was the catalyst for all of this."

There is much wrong with this statement, in my opinion, and Roberts' narrative is a false one (one that he has parroted for years).

The "monster" was in existence long before 9/11. Modern radical Islamic terrorism was groomed and then utilized the KGB as a tool to weaken the West by proxy, in the 60s and 70s especially. The ideologies of Marxism / Communism and radical Islam are of the same cloth. Prior to that, the Islamic radicals vis a vis the Muslim Brotherhood were allied with Nazi Germany. Search for an article called "Red, Green, Brown alliance: the Three Totalitarianisms" (or something similar) by Alexandre del Valle. It is an excellent overview of the history of these ideologies in the 20th century.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a fine example of a person whose views are so far right that they coincide with most of the views of the far left. Far right meets Far left on the political spectrum, which is more of a circle than a straight line that goes from left to right.

Certainly there are sinister elements in high places that seek to profit from war. I'm not denying that. But it's important to get history correct. It's not always just about following the money.

For an engaging political discussion about Trump and current events, I found the latest Update Brazil interesting. They miss the New Age and religious aspects of what's going on, but that wasn't the focus of the discussion:

I agree with your 12:49 PM statements, Marko.

Sometimes I think evil just gets a bit too much credit.
We have to factor God's plans in what is happening in the world, too.
Evil is powerful, but not the most powerful.

Evil will have it's day for total disorder and destruction. We are close, but not quite there yet. Way too many conspiracy theories scattered abroad, many running parallel, are in sync vying for attention, has become a tool the devil is using now for distraction purposes. Distraction is one of his most effective ploys, and some of it is just beyond ridiculous. The devil's real slight of hand is in the works, certainly much hidden in plain sight of the masses, but God hasn't given him the green light just yet, and too quickly assuming the worst in absolutely every scenario, sure helps out his side in the interim.
Some may agree, some not.
I'm just staying tuned. God won't neglect to show (the good and bad) to those watching what He wants watched during the devil's shell game.

Anonymous said @ 11:33 PM (re: legislation proposing penalties for Trump "protesters")

" "WILTON, Iowa -- Iowa Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, (R) Wilton, is borrowing a saying for disgruntled farm hands to describe legislation aimed at anti-Trump protests."

The operative word here is "protesters." Rep. Kaufmann is NOT seeking to punish LEGITIMATE protesters, because by doing so, such legislation would be in direct conflict with the 1st. Amendment. What he IS proposing is prosecuting RIOTERS that loot, destroy private and public property, etc.

The Left has a habit of not telling the truth. They love to make wild assertions that have no basis in fact ... such as:

Anonymous said @ 11:57 AM ...

"In Republican run states new laws are being enacted prohibiting anti-Trump street demonstrations and to "use any force whatsoever on the demonstrators to prevent them". A US model for tranny (sic)."
RayB You tell em. You've got the Word. Why should anyone bother to read anything outside of your comments to us here. Prophet RayB!!!!! Someday in the future you will have your own book in the New Bible.

Sorry to upset you so much Anonymous @ 11:57 AM.

I know it must be awful hard to be called upon to substantiate your wild, utterly false claims that "In Republican run states new laws are being enacted prohibiting anti-Trump street demonstrations and to "use any force whatsoever on the demonstrators to prevent them". A US model for tranny (sic)."

You really ought to take lying very seriously. In the final chapter of the book of Revelation, there appears two verses that you need to take to heart:

"Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates unto the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie." Revelation 22: 14,15
Why did Trump get some black voters, while not getting some whites?:
RayB Not everyone recognizes the pearls you cast. So sad. You are such a good Prophet.
Wash. legislator wants to criminalize anti-Trump protests

I respect the right to protest, BUT WHEN IT ENDANGERS PEOPLE'S LIVES AND PROPERTY, it goes too far,” Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen, a Republican, said in a statement. "FEAR, INTIMIDATION AND VANDALISM ARE NOT A LEGITIMATE FORM OF POLITICAL EXPRESSION. Those who employ it must be called to account."

The headline and legislator's proposals don't match. Another liberal media bias.

From a link at the Intercept article. Economic terrorism would be penalized. '“This really comes from movements in Washington State and throughout the country (that) harm a person's ability to make a living.” Lots of people make a living doing abortions, and pro-life protesters would seem to harm someone's ability to make a living. There is already a crackdown on protesting that has taken place. At some major events protesters, on the right and on the left, are herded off into areas that aren't seen by attendees. Pro-life people are kept at a distance from abortion clinic entrances. It would seem that a better approach would be to strengthen the laws dealing with vandalism and deliberate disruption of traffic rather than make new laws aimed at protesters. When "fear and intimidation" are added to that which has to be controlled by the government, we are really opening a pandora's box.

Something that's been "coalescing" in my mind recently is the concept of narrative.

I couldn't agree more with you when you say "Way too many conspiracy theories scattered abroad, many running parallel, are in sync vying for attention, has become a tool the devil is using now for distraction purposes. Distraction is one of his most effective ploys, and some of it is just beyond ridiculous."

"Fake news", conspiracy theories of all kinds - these are all different narratives that people come to see as truth, but which are only partial truths. What percentage is truth and what percentage is falsehood varies from one to another. I would add a second "d" to the devil's toolbox - deception. As I've stated here before, the best deceptions are mostly true, so as to be more believable.

Whoever manufactures and/or controls the narratives that are out there, has a LOT of power. This concept of competing narratives has for me been a great help lately in sorting out fact from fiction. It's not just about following the money, but about identifying the sources and promoters of the narratives, and understanding what they have to gain by creating or promoting them. These gains are based in many different things, not just money or wealth. There is pride, power, long-standing cultural or national/racial histories, bloodlines (which is kind of a combination of all of those), Utopian ideologies, and just plain old selfishness, to name a few. These and other elements become entwined in various combinations, and propel individuals and groups to create their own false narratives to control people and coerce them into "joining the cause", knowingly (perps) or not (dupes), to build whatever version of the "perfect world" / New Age / New World Order / global village / etc. fits their particular narrative.

Sometimes these narratives are at odds with each other; sometimes they are in sync. This is what makes it so difficult to pin down who is doing what, and why.

I believe all of these false narratives have at their root a rejection of the Biblical narrative of absolute Truth as given to us by God through the Holy Spirit. Thus, God causes them to believe a lie, because they refused to believe the only real truth worth discovering, which is incarnated in His Son, Jesus Christ.

8:33 I like your way of simplifying history and everything else. Let's start with the creation story. So many different creation stories from so many places around the world. So many different different religious stories. Then science sticks its nose in and tries to tell us what happened at the beginning of time. Not only one view coming from science, but several. Then we have Darwin sticking his nose in also. All of these can't be true at the same time.

"Sometimes these narratives are at odds with each other; sometimes they are in sync. This is what makes it so difficult to pin down who is doing what, and why." How appropriate your words are.

What shall one do. I know. Pick a topic. Put all the possibilities on the table. They must all be false narratives with one exception. At this point everyone can put in what they believe and why. Everyone is happy and correct in their own heads and lots of time is saved. Can you tell us where you work. I think we would all like to work somewhere where everyone is correct based on what they think is right and where in one's head everything else is false.

Watch creation scientist Dr. Hovine destroy 3 evolution scientists.

paul - my posts on shoebat you say are judgemental attacking everyone - I am attacking 2 or 3 who
say Jesus is okay with you denying Him and even subscribing to a false religion to save your life if
you don't really mean it in your heart. (actually what such a person means in their heart is that their
top priority is themselves.) you cannot consider my attack on such soul endagering evil teachings
as "judgemental" if you are devoted to Jesus Christ.

That woman who apostasied possibly is forgiven by God because of her HEARTFELT view she should
ATTACK. Peter denied Christ and Christ sought him out and had him affirm Him as many times as he
had denied Him, then said Peter would be martyred. DID NOT SAY WHAT HE DID WAS NOT SIN.

this idea of only what matters is what's in your heart even if you deny Christ is pure gnosticism, the
radical separation of soul/spirit and body that the soul is not affected by what the body does which is
why some gnostics were sexually promiscuous (non monogamous many partners and orgies) and even
perversions and did other evils at will. (others were radically ascetic, all denied the Incarnation of
Christ, incl. the Albigensian and bogomil heroes of ignorant Landmark Baptists and others.)


RayB, Dahleimer's claim the God of Abraham sinned and made the universe physical and that Jesus
was His disobedient son is not "based entirely upon his own sinful imagination" IT IS GNOSTICISM
FROM ANTIQUITY and your reaction shows that you, like everyone calling things I say gnostic, don't
know what you are talking about. Rich of Medford refs sophianism but still doesn't know or would nail
it: Basilides, Valentinus, Cerinthus etc. anon 12:22 on this thread seems to get it.

Gnosticism is one thing only, in varying formats: a lesser being than The Most High made the
material universe, that we and maybe everything has a divine spark in it which is consubstantial with
the Most High, and needs to escape matter which is thought inherently evil. they had secret teachings
for a select elite. the whole mess is claimed to be a secret tradition.

gnosticism has nothing to do with issues of aliens, hybridization, whatever, all would be dismissed
as evil because material. Pure gnosticism would reject this but would also reject Blavatsky and
Dahlheimer for honoring the earth (remember, physical material universe all matter is evil by gnostic
definitions) and getting into (evil because material) concerns of evolution of mankind through different
root races and aryans and whatnot.

anon 11:07 you are blinded by fear of government. Dahlheimer's rejection of rules is obviously not
"double talk for let the government set the rules" but radical individualism no rules at all.

persecution, tribulation, you "escape all these things" by hiding, running, fighting or dying rather than
giving in.
In a major statement of the Roman Catholic Church's position on the theory of evolution, Pope John Paul II has proclaimed that the theory is "more than just a hypothesis" and that evolution is compatible with Christian faith. In a written message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the pope said the theory of evolution has been buttressed by scientific studies and discoveries since Charles Darwin. It is indeed remarkable that this theory has progressively taken root in the minds of researchers following a series of discoveries made in different spheres of knowledge', the pope said in his message. The convergence, neither sought nor provoked, of results of studies undertaken independently from each other constitutes, in itself, a significant argument in favor of this theory."

The way that scientists use the word 'theory' is different than how it is commonly used in the lay public. Most people use the word 'theory' to mean an idea or hunch that someone has, but in science the word 'theory' refers to the way that facts are interpreted. Evolution is a fact but the overarching theories about evolution, the way that scientists think all of the facts go together might change as new observations of evolution are made." There is the scientific "gravitational theory," it's a "theory," but this does not mean that scientists are not sure if gravity exist and is real. Likewise, scientist know that evolution exist and is real. Evolution is a fact and it is not compatible with the Catholic faith.

The Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church says: "Jesus came to restore creation to the purity of its origins" (CCC, n. 2336). A Biblical scripture states that "the creation itself will be delivered from its bondage to corruption" (Romans 8:21).

St. Symeon wrote: "Neither Eve nor Paradise were yet created, but the whole world had been brought into being by God as one thing, as a kind of paradise, at once incorruptible yet material and perceptible."

St. Basil the Great wrote: " is customary for vultures to feed on corpses, but since [before Adam sinned] there were not yet corpses, nor yet their stench, so there was not yet such food for vultures. But all followed the diet of swans and all grazed the meadows...[none] of the beasts were carnivores...such was the first creation [it was pure, no death nor corruption], and such will be the restoration after this."..."A Bible scripture says:...;the lion shall eat straw like the ox,..(Isaiah 65:25).

Evolution teaches us that the first human beings from which we are all descendants came into existence around 200,000 years ago and violent complex carnivorous animals came into existence around 550 million years before "Adam and Eve." Therefore, the creation can not be "restored to the purity of its origins." Evolution teaches us that the creation has never been pure.
In her 8:16 AM post Christine Erikson wrote: RayB, Dahleimer's claim the God of Abraham sinned and made the universe physical and that Jesus was His disobedient son is not "based entirely upon his own sinful imagination."

I have never claimed that Jesus was the God of Abraham's disobedient son. In my post I stated that I believe that the God of Abraham is the disobedient son of Jesus's Father in Heaven.

The Hindus believe that Shiva and Vishu are One and that they represent the transcendent
God beyond the cosmos and that Brahma is the transcendent God's disobedient son who created the physical universe by corrupting God's "created"/emanated pure spiritual universe. I equate the God of Abraham with Brahma.

Erikson also wrote: Gnosticism is one thing only, in varying formats: a lesser being than The Most High made the material universe, that we and maybe everything has a divine spark in it which is consubstantial with the Most High, and needs to escape matter which is thought inherently evil. ... Pure gnosticism would ... reject Blavatsky and
Dahlheimer for honoring the earth (remember, physical material universe all matter is evil by gnostic definitions).." Because I "honor the earth" this does not mean that my ultimate goal is not to escape matter and become one with the Infinite, it IS my ultimate goal.
Christine, I'm not blinded by fear of government. I recognize what is bringing gnosticism forefront these days. You and Dahlheimer are very much alike. You are so full of your own thoughts that it's like a cooking, bubbling stew in there. You have no room in your head for the reality around us. Peek out occasionally.
Even Dahlheimer corrected the all knowing Christine.
Dahlheimer, my old country father said over in Europe some believed that this earth is the hell to which people are sent if they do wrong somewhere else, God knows where. Then there are people who believe those who do evil are reincarnated as animals until they get human understanding. Lucis Trust people believe we just go through many incarnations in order to be "wise." All kinds of theories, but since no one actually hard rock knows what happens after we die, speculation should be tied to something here and now, if it's not to be just chewing the fat.

We can go in several directions. Is our soul plopped into a body each time and from scratch we are by chance to learn how to become a better soul? Are we born with memories attached to our soul, plopped into a body and circumstances of the choosing made by a "wiser" soul so we have a chance to learn more? There are a lot of "it looks to me like" combinations, speculations made by fertile brains.

Just what are we to learn to become better souls? Does it have anything to do with community? Does it have anything to do with the complexity of the community in which one has been plopped? Is there a set of things to learn in order to graduate into this matterless state which exists somewhere in your thoughts?

Just what are the guidelines? Are we to learn them from whoever is running the community in which our soul has landed? For me that doesn't work as souls in matter aren't at the supposed wise stage where they have left their matter. That would lead nowhere as we would just be learning from the still stupid.

On the very practical level, Judaism and Christianity have carried forward a set of guidelines over thousands of years which help an individual soul encased in matter make it through the set of circumstances they are in for the limited number of years they have on this planet. In addition those guidelines help the community in which a soul finds himself. It maybe just me, but I would rather have a rope to hang on to as I make my way rather than wandering around in the dark groundless world of speculation. Now that rope doesn't have to explain the entire universe in detail. I've only got a limited amount of time to work the system in the best way possible. Others have the same problem. Letting them know that there is a rope they can use is a good thing.
Since you view all physical existence as sinful and corrupting.
Since you wish to become one one with the infinite, there is a simple ultimate solution to escaping what binds you to this earth, destroying your sinful flesh?
If your 'transcended' God has a disobedient son, why does he not chastise him and destroy the works of his hands returning the universe to the void from which it came?
Yet your Panentheism might say your god nature is intrinsically attached to all creation as to himself and your pet rock, why the hurry to transcend, isn't he not already one with his creation?

Could not it be said that this very spiritual consciousness of which you desire, would be devoid of any basis for existence, when stripped of all the intangible illusion, to which it seems to be intricately connected or attached?
My comment at 1:12 was meant for T. Dahlheimer

Do you really think it's normal that we were in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and provoked Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt?
what does the former Soviet Union have to do with this. We were the one who trained Bin Laden to bog down the Soviets in Afghanistan and then he turned on us supposedly.. Islam lends itself to being radicalized but the Brits also have played a role in manipulating the Middle East by creating countries that never existed. Hitler worked with the Mufti of Jerusalem but my understanding is that the Muslim Brotherhood is an MI6 creation

Sadam was also a US operative until we had no more use for him. US foreign policy is pretty bad. Much of it has to do with controlling the pipelines in ME. Watch the series on Clinton and her crowd:
I would just add that one would be naive to think that the Russians are angels and don't have their own agenda. Nations ac according to their own interests . Roberts is not the only one who thinks this way about the US. A former intel officer McGovern says similar things as do many others

if you speak to people from the Baltics they are very scared of Russia so it's a question of historical perspective. I do think most the nations do things that we would find very distasteful if we knew all the details. US actions in the past couple of decades leaves much to be desired though.
Is there anyone left around here who puts the current political situation both nationally and internationally in the context of the information that has been shared about the New Age movement? Undoubtedly trolls have been planted to discredit the idea that there is such a movement and to distract from anything that can be learned about it. It's very clear that information about it is kept from the public as much as information about communism has been kept from individuals in communist countries and as information about Scientology is kept from Scientologists. I truly doubt that the powers that be would forget what was a major source of information about New Age for a few decades.
It is a blessing Christine's posts have been limited. However, I have looked at her comments over at Shoebat's blog and they are as she claims them to be. Her points are correct. So, it's clear Paul has attacked her without cause here, as his Catholic bashing sidekick, Ray B, has done so in the past. I wonder how they both equate their bully tactics with the Christian walk? Perhaps those "pearls" of Ray B's someone mentioned earlier are nothing more than shifting sands beneath his feet!
If Ray B had any pearls to begin with, it is clear he's the one who's trampled them into the sands with his unchristian tantrums, attacking at whim (among others) Susanna, Constance even falsely accusing them through inuendo and implication of being one and the same person or part of a nepharious cabal.Yet some of you take this guy seriously with his Anti-Catholic and bigoted rants?
I went over to the Shoebat site after Paul made mention of what insight he said he has gained from it so I could see for myself.
I think it is somewhat a mixed bag over there, but perhaps there are somethings he has to say I should look at more closely.

I did look at the comments section while there.
I didn't totally disagree with Christine, but Paul is right, she is not nice at that blog either. I had seen enough.
Even when she happens to be right (depends on the subject, she is off the wall on many) she is still wrong because she lacks grace..a lot.
She can bully subject matter at times, but making that worse, she bullies people.
She really isn't readable, anywhere, poor lady.

For those wondering, I looked into it and found Eric Braverman has a new position and is not missing. It doesn't take away the questions around what he knows.
The CIA has released Stargate files. These files deal with the government's experiments with psychics, etc. Many articles and links to this information on the internet. Just put "CIA Stargate" into a web search and go to whatever link sounds interesting to you. Geller has been giving interviews based on what is on line. There is a whole section in the book on the CIA, Secrets and Lies by Gordon on this topic. The rest of the book is overwhelmingly shocking for other reasons. Secrets and Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare Sep 1, 2008 by Thomas Gordon I thought I knew political dirt, but that book is a shocker, not only about the US but also about what went on and what is going on in Russia and other countries.

George Webb has talked about Braverman working for Google. Snopes has lost legitimacy but that's a different subject. It was outed as a CIA operation, but so is Google for that matter.

As far as the comments about New Age from the anonymous poster, we know there are new age plans to create confusion around the globe and to see many people die through the insane wars. There is also the religious wars which are well under way. Trump's decision to ban immigrants from certain countries plays into this and yet it is a kind of common sense move. My only question is why did he omit Saudi Arabia and Turkey and a number of other countries who have caught many Islamic militants like Morocco and Tunisia. Algeria has been surprisingly quiet after years of death and destruction there.

We could add to the list Chechnya, and so on. Syrians are more interested in going back to their own country and having it free of war. They are not the source of the problems but more the victims. Oddly, many of the terrorists that conducted the recent terrorist attacks probably hold EU passports. Not sure that the choice of countries or the way that the ban was announced is the most effective, but reviewing the policy is wise. I would add, we should probably stop allowing students from Saudi and some of the Gulf nations, not to be racist, but for security reasons. Of course this will not happen.

The young Muslim people are being played. Most are unemployed and lost and especially those living in the West. Islam and Western values tend to be at odds with one another. Saudi Arabia funds plenty of mosques and radical preachers. Syria on the other hand was a largely secular nation. Our military strategy is to knock out the secular leaders and allow the radicalization of the countries like Libya, Iraq and so on. This plays into the new age strategy to create religious war. The Brits did this to with their carving up of the Middle East. The West is always playing one group against another to control the region.

I am not a racist or against someone from another religion but we do need a more coherent immigration policy. Even our ancestors who came over were screened.
p.s. I am glad that Trump wants to take care of the persecuted Christians that Obama neglected. That is an American value, but the press is distorting all of this. Soros is the one behind much confusion and division, but that should surprise none of us. He is an operative for some of the powerful globalist families and seems to have unlimited resources at his disposal to create confusion with. He has been banned from Hungary and Russia has an arrest warrant for him. I wish he would be one the foreigners banned or better put in jail where he belongs. He's a traitor to everyone, the Jewish people, his host country and so on and so forth.
One other point. ISIS has already threatened Jews and Christians on US soil. Is this part of the new age plan? Perhaps? Nonetheless, the President has a responsibility to protect the citizens on our soil. This is a tall task and I'm not sure it is even possible to protect the citizens 100% but imagine if Trump does not try and something happens.

The same despicable lying media that is criticizing him now would rip him apart.
12:47 and so on Your posts sound more like a Trump supporter press release than they show any connections to the New Age movement. Try again.
Yes 12:51 AM, but a vast amount of those Christians are Catholic or Syrian Orthodox. Ray B. won't be at all happy with that, according to him it's the Catholics who are the problem...
1:54 I do prefer Trump over Hillary Clinton but that is a left-handed compliment. Since you are the expert on the New Age moment, why don't you enlighten all of us here on the blog instead of beating around the bush. Be careful though, because when you do you will open yourself up to criticism. This is a rough crowd here.
Don't worry 7:46 AM, the 1:54 poster sounds like some bitter old lady with more venom than a black mamba...

1:54 AM... hello "Illinois", do keep taking your meds...
Constance, I know some here have found Christine difficult to deal with yet they haven't always been fair with her either. Is there anyway you could find it in your heart to allow her two posts a week, so if she needs to clarify something she can do? She wrote the following on her blog at

"Christine Erikson (aka Justina)January 25, 2017 at 7:50 PM
thank you, I am limited by Constance to one post a week, probably because I haven't been able to ignore those bullies and their responses to my response just floods the blog.

perhaps you could post this concern over there, ask her to allow me two posts a week?"
Constance - Did you get a chance to read this article??

Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it got lost in all the posts.

Thank you,

7:46 Trump supporter or Clinton supporter. Doesn't matter. As Constance has said, New Age planners work both sides of the street. "Be careful though, because when you do you will open yourself up to criticism. This is a rough crowd here." Yes, some are intellectually rough.
But others? "...sounds like some bitter old lady with more venom than a black mamba... 1:54 AM... hello "Illinois", do keep taking your meds..." To respond at their level one could only say, "Don't speak out of the bottom of your body. Try speaking from the opening at the top."
That level of exchange, the only one they are capable of, gets so boring. They probably are the little trolls sent to disrupt the flow of dialogue and keep others from learning about the New Age "moment." (Yes, a typo, but a funny one as the tolls would have others believe NA lasted only a moment.) Have those trolls been around a long time?

In his 1:12 PM post Dan Bryan said to me: If your 'transcended' God has a disobedient son, why does he not chastise him and destroy the works of his hands returning the universe to the void from which it came?

My question to Dan Bryan is: If your 'transcendent' God has a disobedient angle (Satan) living and raising hell in His creation why does He (God) not destroy the works of his hands and then deliver His "creation from its bondage to corruption?" What is your God waiting for? Romans 8: 21 says, "the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption." I think your answer will be: When sin is committed (including Lucifer's revolt and Adam's original sin) God's justice demands that a time of punishment (suffering) is required before He can restore that which was corrupted by disobedience to His will.

My answer to Dan Bryan's question is: My 'transcendent' God's justice demands that a time of punishment is required before It can restore that which was corrupted by disobedience to Its will.

I believe that original sin occurred prior to the creation of the physical universe and that it (sin) actually caused God's originally "created"\emanated, pure spiritual universe to become physically manifested. Modern day science informs us that life on earth began three and one half billion years ago and that death and corruption began when life first came forth on earth and that its been raising hell on earth right up to this present day. The Bible and Christian doctrine contradict modern day science by saying that death and corruption began when the first human sinned. Modern day science says that the first human came forth on earth about three and one half billion years after life began on earth and that death and corruption have been on earth since life began.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote: According to the widely accepted scientific account, the universe erupted 15 billion years ago in an explosion called the 'Big Bang' and has been expanding and cooling ever since. Later there gradually emerged the conditions necessary for the formation of atoms, still later the condensation of galaxies and stars, and about 10 billion years later the formation of planets. In our own solar system and on earth (formed about 4.5 billion years ago), the conditions have been favorable to the emergence of life. While there is little consensus among scientists about how the origin of this first microscopic life is to be explained, there is general agreement among them that the first organism dwelt on this planet about 3.5–4 billion years ago. Since it has been demonstrated that all living organisms on earth are genetically related, it is virtually certain that all living organisms have descended from this first organism.

9:46 AM

No correction on her part for past real indiscretions then? No apology to the blog host as well as her readers? She needs to at least be ready to apologize. And that should be wholesale, without her comebacks of unending blameshaming. There would be mercy for her if she did, but give her a carte blanche because she sounds pitiful, not apologetic? That is either underhanded or ignorant on your part. You decide which. This blog has benefited greatly with her restricted as Constance herself decided to once a week.
Being so restricted should have helped her post more succinctly and properly and respectfully.
A truly civil person would decide to correct themselves.
That hasn't happened.
Be honest.
Should "extreme vetting" of Christine Erikson's posts be in order before she's allowed back?

Her far and wide "travels" around the internet have left a lot of evidence that she is hostile and creates havoc.
To Thomas Dahlheimer: You wrote: "My answer to Dan Bryan's question is: My 'transcendent' God's justice demands that a time of punishment is required before It can restore that which was corrupted by disobedience to Its will."

Using your belief system, please define the words "God's justice", punishment, restore, disobedience, corrupted and "Its will."

KC @ 10:17 AM ...

For what it is worth, I took the time to read the article that you posted:

All of the players mentioned in this article are of the Globalist/New World Order
ilk, including "pope" Francis. From its inception, the Vatican has always been involved in international political/economic/social intrigue. In order for this coup mentioned in the article to be successful, they would have needed a lot of cooperation among the Cardinals, etc. And too, there is a very powerful "gay" faction within the Vatican, which may have contributed to bringing Francis to power, due to the fact that he is very pro-homosexual, going so far as to say that "gays that do good will go to heaven ... who am I to judge?" He also said "atheists that do good go to heaven" too. All this fits in very nicely with the planned, anti-Christ One World Religion(prophesied in the Bible for the end times).

Keep in mind, that ANY attempt to expose the Vatican's role in the New World Order will typically be met with contempt by most Catholics. Satan's activities are not limited to the NAM, as some seem to believe. He can be found wearing religious garb, while appearing as an angel of light, and a minister of righteousness. What most people can't seem to grasp is that Satan LOVES religion, provided it is the religion that diminishes the truth as found in God's Word.

Anyways, I found the article entirely plausible. I would encourage all to go to the link and read the article for themselves. It will be interesting to read Constance's take on it.

Ray B Wrote at 5:52 PM: "Anyways, I found the article entirely plausible. I would encourage all to go to the link and read the article for themselves. It will be interesting to read Constance's take on it."

And Susanna's!

P.S., don't hold your breath on that one, Ray B.
Christine's posts here was like a toilet bowl that never got flushed. The air is finally clearing. Please don't return the blog to that situation again.
Constance, RayB

In response to the article "Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican,"I am posting the following article by conservative traditional priest Father John Zuhlsdorf that I just received in my e-mail from the National Catholic Register. it certainly goes a long way to giving us some insights into the mystery of why Pope Francis assigned Cardinal Burke to the Knights of Malta.

Pope Francis, Freemasonry, 2017

Posted on 13 January 2017 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

The National Catholic Register is a News Service of EWTN which was once headed by the late Mother Angelica.
The following is a national Catholic Register article by Edward Pentin. He has also written about Pope Benedict's resignation.

Vatican | Jan. 7, 2017

Disorder in the Order of Malta

Last month’s dismissal of the order’s grand chancellor by its grand master, over the order’s involvement in the distribution of artificial contraceptives, has precipitated a serious rift with the Holy See.

Edward Pentin

VATICAN CITY — The dismissal of a senior figure in the Sovereign Order of Malta over the distribution of contraceptives in parts of the developing world has provoked a serious rift between the Knights of Malta and the Holy See, but one both parties hope will be swiftly resolved.

The dispute, which has led to a controversial intervention by the Holy See, has exposed a divergent approach to dealing with practices that the Church has always taught to be gravely immoral. It has also revealed allegations of ambitions of the Knights’ German association to extend its influence within the ancient chivalric order, a papal wish to rid the order of Freemasonry, and a mysterious 120 million Swiss Franc ($118 million) donation to the more....


As we can see, the issue was not just about condom distribution by a Catholic organization - as bad as that is in and of itself.

Anonymous 6:40 PM,

I'm the poster who suggested a little more leaway for her. Having looked back over the blog history, even her recent posts are cluttered with the bizarre and her unrelenting bullying of the poster "Physicist" shows me she's noone to blame for her predicament but herself. I am of the opinion expressed above by another poster that she should repent and apologize to all those she's offended here over the years it seems. Given that, I regret having suggested she be given more room for her baloney, and one post weekly is more than generous (if not indulgent) under the circumstances.
The following article has been mentioned previously on this blog, but I am reposting it here in light of the latest developments. I wouldn't be surprised if the "Mafia" mentioned by Danneels was the Masonic Lodge and that it has been among those conspiring to portray Pope Francis as a radical liberal.

Cardinal Danneels Admits to Being Part of 'Mafia' Club Opposed to Benedict XVI

New authorised biography also reveals papal delegate at upcoming synod wrote letter to Belgium government supporting same-sex "marriage" legislation because it ended discrimination against LGBT groups

Edward Pentin
Mother Angelica Heresy and EWTN

Mother Angelica promotes ecumenicism with Christ denying Judaism and Islam.

In the following article, I have posted a paragraph which is most revealing.


October 2, 2015 by Frank de Varona - Bear Witness Central

.....During the Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in 2014, Cardinal Kasper told reporters that since African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries have a “taboo” against homosexuality, “They should not tell us too much what we have to do.” This seems to indicate that Cardenal Kasper is in favor of same-sex marriage. Once the story broke, Cardinal Kasper denied that he made any such comment. The reporter, who wrote the story, Edward Pentin, subsequently produced a recording of the conversation, which verified that the Cardinal had made those statements. Cardinal Raymond Burke called Cardinal Kasper’s remarks “profoundly sad and scandalous”. Cardenal Kasper admitted that he had lied and subsequently confirmed that he had had the conversation......

Bottom line, Cardinal Raymond Burke has been working for Pope Francis all along to rid the Knights of Malta of Freemasonry.
This is one of the more recent articles on the subject of Pope Benedict XVI. |

Nov. 5, 2015

Still Controversial: Cardinal Danneels and the Conclave of 2005

German journalist Paul Badde recounts the actions of the Belgian cardinal — whose participation in the recent family synod drew criticism — at the time of Pope Benedict XVI’s election.

Here is an opposing point of view by Phil Lawler.

A conspiracy to elect Pope Francis? Don't believe it.

By Phil Lawler (bio - articles - email) | Sep 28, 2015

The following is Letter #4 by Robert Moynihan writing for INSIDE THE VATICAN

January 25, 2017, Wednesday — Knights of Malta and Freemasonry

The article suggests that Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke have a different relationship than the one most of the world seems to have concluded they have.

I hope the information I have posted here has been helpful.
,Just so this doesn't get overlooked or lost in the shuffle, I'm reposting it:

Mother Angelica Heresy and EWTN

Mother Angelica promotes ecumenicism with Christ denying Judaism and Islam.
ETWN And Mother Angelica Exposed.
Agree with you, 7:25 PM.

I don't miss the flaky, bizarre "stuff", the half-baked science, and "bible knowledge" she claimed was correct to the exclusion of all others (while she badly misrepresented others statements and opinions). She rammed and crammed upon this blog every day and only occasionally she was helpful with a good solid post, but mostly not, so very unhelpful overall.

If she had a change of heart and attitude her posts would reflect that. If she would take instruction sometimes, rather than perpetually demand we take hers, there could be some exchange perhaps, but would have to be huge change on her part.

Just glad she has to spend her time somewhere else. That let Constance have her blog back.
I enjoy reading here, even if I don't quite agree sometimes. You make room for people who are trying, just like yourself, to understand the big topics discussed on this blog.

Trying to herd posters back into discussing New Age is like trying to rope mavericks into staying with the herd. They go wandering all over the place. Christine just wandered all around the internet and came back to drop what she found, kind of like a cat that just kept bringing dozens of dead mice back into the house thinking the house owner will be pleased. About the same amount of usefulness.

As for Trump or Clinton being two sides of the same coin, perhaps however I would have had constant nausea if she was in office. Personally, her criminality was pretty blatant and the child trafficking despicable. Watch the George Webb "Where is Eric Braverman" series.

So far there is no evidence that Trump is doing anything like this.

I would still like to hear how you think Trump will serve the New Age agenda. You have not really explained this.

Perhaps this article will somewhat answer my own question:
Sanhedrin Blesses Trump Calls President To Uphold [implement?!] The Seven Noahide Laws.
Dear Constance

Please do not increase the number of posts you permit Christine. If anything, please reduce her allocation from one per week to one per month. Your blog is much better for the present reduction and I believe it would improve further.

With thanks,

Below, I present the link to a short article by Ray Yungen about why and how the Christian Churches are now incorporating New Age spirituality.

I believe that in the Bible the deceptive "God of Abraham" indirectly prophesied that in the "end-times of the last days" there will be a "falling away" [from the truth] occurring in the churches (or, within traditional Christianity) and that the "Antichrist" will then appear and usher in a new world order. I believe that the "falling away" is actually an awakening [to the truth] and that the "Antichrist" is not anti-Christ. I believe that He is the "Christian"/New Age prophet who will usher in the New Age/New World Order.

1:33 What I could understand of the article you posted does show the New Age connection I commented about. Overall it makes clear why we are being sold with a hammer on the notion to follow and support whatever Trump does. This sentence in the article sounds good. "This means higher GDP, reduced debt-to-GDP ratio, and more jobs for Americans." However, the article doesn't make clear what it means when it comes to wages, savings or pensions, the small dollars most of deal with. As you seem to understand financial matters, can you explain that.

I did want to see what else might be said about Trump so I went to the Donald Trump link where I found many interesting articles. This comment in particular struck home with me, so I did a search on the words. "Koch himself raised a broader concern about the new administration's use of executive authority. The billionaire industrialist did not mention Trump by name as he warned that the nation is facing a moment of "tremendous danger." He said the nation could "go the authoritarian route ... or we can move toward a free and open society. So this is our opportunity."

That authoritarian part concerns me. I see the push to put king like status in Trump's hands. I see Trump's liking for Putin style government. Control of citizens in many ways by the government will lead to more New Age government which already has deep roots in the US government. Under Clinton people might have fought it. Under Trump his followers will make a fight against it impossible.

Thanks for the article.
Here's the link to the equote.
5:20 am The Sanhedrin hasn't been an official Jewish body for hundreds and hundreds of years. Look up Sanhedrin Wikipedia and Modern Attempts in Israel. The group calling itself a Sanhedrin and pushing for the Noahide laws appears to have a lot of involvement from the Jews for Jesus camp, kind of a push for a New Age One World Religion. Orthodox Jews as well as secular Jews do not support the movement although there may be some individual rabbis who do.

warned that the nation is facing a moment of "tremendous danger." He said the nation could "go the authoritarian route ... or we can move toward a free and open society. So this is our opportunity."
I think it is the great big wait and see about who Trump really is. Under Obama and then Killary it was absolutely the authoritarian route. Under Trump it is possible that the intent is a free and open society, but too many previous policies left behind massive hurdles that can't be totally overturned or damage cleaned up fast enough to allow it. Or perhaps the globalist mantra is so well versed in people's minds they prefer that "known" as opposed to the "unknown" risk of free capitalism and thwart it to go completely under authoritarian rule. I think it is all coming down to choice between globalism or sovereign freedoms and up for grabs now. This ship has sailed and choices made either way aren't going to change much, if anything.

What I am sure of is that the Bible's prophecies are about to go into fast forward into fulfillment.
12:23 Too much wait and see and it may be too late. We already know who Trump is. He's not about to change his personality at his age. That is unless you believe God touched him on the shoulder and announced he is the new whatever.
And you propose to change this how in the light of what you think?

I'll wait and see concerning him, meanwhile I'm watching for truth among the lies to know which end is up. trump isn't my savior.
The Bible is the only 100% truth and is and will continue to guide me through the maze and haze of the times we are living. God will not neglect to tell me through His word since I believe Him to do just that. What He does with and through Mr Trump is His business. I'm not against him, but don't know that I'm for him in a long term. Heck, everything is perishable these days so what is a long term anything anymore? Like life is just lived in only 15 minute intervals or something.
It is what it is.

1:47 Whatever all of that means I'm not sure.
Anonymous 8:12 PM

"Brother" Peter Dimond who produced the video you posted and his brother, "Brother" Michael are apostates whose excommunicated sedevacantist cult, THE MOST HOLY FAMILY MONASTERY, has been designated as a hate group as well as a fraud-mongering racket.

This monastery is heir to the heresy of Fr. Leonard Feeney ( "all non-Catholics automatically go to hell" ). No wonder they are whining so vehemently about what they think is Mother Angelica's "ecumenism."

Lastly, the one thing the Dimond brothers are NOT is Benedictine monks!!!

You can simply take it or leave it 2:40 PM. Makes not one bit of difference, just like what you said to me.

Be at peace with what you know.
I'm taking things in stride. I have to.
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