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Last acts of Obama administration -- throw Israel to wolves and incite war with Russia?

In my life and its memories, I have seen Presidents come and go.  My personal recall goes back to the last days of the first Truman administration.  He had entered office as a Vice President and became President when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945.  My personal memories of hearing the radio discussions about the upcoming election stem from 1948.  Truman was expected to become a "lame duck" in 1948, but it did not happen.  Truman went to bed with news that Dewey had won.  He awoke to learn that he, instead had prevailed.  Truman was succeeded in 1952 by Republican Dwight David Eisenhower.   My parents paid attention to that election where they had voted for Eisenhower in the first election and the Democratic candidate in the 1956 election.

President Eisenhower was succeed by the candidate of the opposite party by Democrat John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  That was 1960.  I was a Junior in high school.  I do not remember public rancor and anger during that transition, even though Richard Nixon, Eisenhower's Vice President had a surprise loss.  The Kennedy years were brief with his tragic assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  He was succeeded by Lyndon Baines Johnson, his Vice President.  Johnson was re-elected over Barry Goldwater in 1964.  The years to follow were tumultuous and very reminiscent of what is happening now.   Lyndon Johnson was exceedingly unpopular among many Democrats and did not seek re-election for what would have in effect been a third term in 1968.  Richard Nixon instead was elected.  Although the times were turbulent and the Cold War was on, I do not recall an ugly transition period -- at least in my then perception.

President Nixon was re-elected in 1972.  There was turbulence, but that turbulence seemed to stem more from Nixon's insecurities, the ongoing Vietnam War, and what was shaping up that we came to know as "Watergate."  Gerald Ford succeeded fallen and disgraced former Vice President Spiro Agnew in that office and then became President of the United States upon President Nixon's resignation in disgrace.  Although times were turbulent indeed, I do not recall an ugly transition period when Jimmy Carter took office as President of the United States (POTUS).  I do not recall, however, the December 1976 through January 1977 being an ugly or tumultuous period in terms of the Presidential succession.

Carter was a one-termer, having been defeated in 1980 by Ronald Reagan.  Although Democrats were saddened at the loss, I do not recall the transition period being an ugly one.  Ronald Reagan after serving two terms was succeeded by his Vice President George H. W. Bush who served only one term as President after having served two full terms as Vice President.  William Jefferson Clinton was elected President.  Although the Republicans were disappointed, I recall the inauguration and transition period proceeding smoothly and cooperatively.

There was real turbulence in 2000 when Vice Presidential Albert Gore and George W. Bush's races collided.  There were angry and politicized Supreme Court challenges that fell in favor of George W. Bush.  Nevertheless, the transition proceeded smoothly despite the rancor.

Then we came to 2008 when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a tumultuous primary race where Obama prevailed.  Obama was elected President over John McCain his first term and over Mitt Romney his second term.  The Bush-Obama transition went smoothly.

Now we come to the very last days of the Obama Administration.  Suddenly, globally precipitous moves are made by the outgoing administrtion, obviously designed to make the transition anything but smooth.  President Obama, in his declining days, it appears, has made war on both Israel and Russia.  I don't get classified briefings, nor do I know what the full facts are, but it is a safe bet that both countries have been actively spying on the other -- but the accusation that Hillary's defeat blamed first on FBI director James Comey and now on "the Russians" is unique in our history, at least as my personal recall goes.

It is my impression for better or for worse that what Barack Obama is doing is working actively to prevent a smooth transition of power and to create a far more dangerous world for Israel and for the United States than existed before.  The actions against Russia are provocative to say the least.

My prayer is that Russia does not take the bait!  May the Lord help us all!

Stay tuned!

The UK Criticizes Secretary Kerry over Israel Comments.

'Downing St Criticises US over Israel Comments', stating:

"It is not right to criticise the composition of a democratically elected government of an ally".
Obama's actions against Israel and against Russia are, in the end, actions against the United States. It brings to mind what Tom Fife's story seems to imply (you interviewed him, remember?): that Obama could actually have been prepared ahead of time by the Kremlin to be an "agent-provocateur" president, elected for the sole purpose of weakening / destroying the United States of America.

The anti-Western nations have always wanted control of the Middle East's vast oil reserves. Anything they can do to weaken the West's influence in that region, they will do. Anything they can do to weaken the West's ability to get its own sources of oil, they will do (as in, working through the environmentalists - green is the new red!)

Trump's inauguration day cannot come quick enough!

Russia will never sit by idly as Obama hits them. We hope it will be a measured response.

If Russia is guilty, they still have done the American people a great service by exposing filth, corruption and crony socialism.

Russia will do nothing to help the American people, unless it furthers their own interests even more. This is a foundational thesis from which I interpret events. History has given me no reason to reject it.

*IF* Obama is secretly working with the Russians to advance their agenda to bring an end to the American republic, his "hitting" Russia is all part of the plan to give Russia an excuse to strike back. They will appear justified in most of the world's eyes, as they "defend the motherland" against the "imperialist, evil, capitalist" West, especially America.

In short, Russia can now play an offensive hand, while having it appear defensive, the same as they have done in Crimea, Ukraine, and other places. That, I believe, has been their strategy all along. Maybe Obama is working with them, or maybe he just blundered and they are going to take advantage of it. The timing is odd; I really don't think it's a blunder.

The big question is: Why would Obama suddenly be doing all this now, when he had *years* to react to known Russian hacking? It's not like Russia has all of a sudden starting trying to hack into our stuff. They never stopped.

Anonymous Marko said...


Russia will do nothing to help the American people, unless it furthers their own interests even more. This is a foundational thesis from which I interpret events. History has given me no reason to reject it.


I believe nothing of what I read or hear and only 1/2 of what I see. I understand your view point, but think it to be too myopic.

Russia decides not to play tit-for-tat.

Russia will not expel American diplomats from the country in retaliation for new American sanctions.
The decision, published on the Russian presidential website, rejects an earlier plan to expel 35 American diplomats proposed by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In the official statement, President Vladimir Putin criticized the new U.S. sanctions as “provocation” and “intended to further undermine Russian-American relations.” Nonetheless, he said, Russia would not take any further measures against the U.S.

It now seems that it will be harder for bad actors to create a false-flag event over this bru-ha-ha.

Talks to be held January 15 to make a two state solution for Israel and Palestine. Israel is not invited.
Please plan on joining me on the air in the morning at We will be discussing this and other critical issues.

You may call in live by dialing 208-935-0094.


Hillary grumbling that Russia hacked her emails after she used an unencrypted server? You couldn't make this stuff up!

Some Scripture to ponder as we enter into a new year ...

"Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? Who hath gathered the wind in his fists? Who hath bound the waters in a garment? Who hath established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is his son's name, if thou canst tell? Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." Proverbs 30:4-6

God promises to be a "shield" unto those that put their trust in him. How do we trust God? By trusting in his word and believing that "every word of God is pure" and true.

If you are a "believer" but find that your faith is wavering, why not make a new start for this year by reading and contemplating what God is saying to us through his word?
Russia hacking code' found on Vermont utility computer
1 hour ago
From the section US & Canada
Electricity substation, undated imageImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
An electrical company in the US state of Vermont says it has found malware code allegedly used by Russian hackers on one of its company laptops.
The Burlington Electric Department said it had taken "immediate action to isolate" the computer, which was not connected to the electrical grid.
From the BBC news piece re: "Russian hacking in Vermont."

"Politicians in Vermont, including the Democrat Governor, Peter Shumlin, are calling for a full investigation into the incident."

"Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world's leading thugs, [Russian President] Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality-of-life, economy, health, and safety," he said in a statement.

Democratic congressman Peter Welch said the discovery showed "how rampant Russian hacking is".

"It's systemic, relentless, predatory," he added.

Note that there is NOTHING here that proves this alleged "hacking" is connected to the Russian government. Referring to Putin as a "thug" is a very provocative statement, as it is meant to be by these psychopath politicians (McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc., etc.).

There seems to be a bi-partisan effort on the part of politicians to get us into a shooting war with Russia, or, at the very least, have strained diplomatic relations. Why? Because Russian is a sovereign, independent world power that is not willing to participate in what the elites have planned for the entire world ... a One World Totalitarian Government, in which all individual liberty will be crushed.

The New World Order will stop at nothing to implement their evil plans. If it takes World War III in order to reach their end goals, so be it. After all, the elites have heavily fortified and supplied bunkers that they can flee to while the rest of us die above ground.

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?
The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take
council together, against the Lord, and against his anointed,
saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their
cords from us.
He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have
them in derision. (Psalms 2:1-4)

With that good word, Paul, I say to you, and the whole blog, God bless you all in the New Year!

God is still on the throne.
RayB, Paul,

Both scriptures are very fitting for the new year. We need to understand the sovereignty and power of our God. Nothing transpires outside of HIS will.

BBC News and the Vermont hacking? That same BBC that told us that building 7 had collapsed on 9-11, BEFORE it actually collapsed? Fake News is international.

Happy New Year in Jesus Christ.
Agree 100% with your observations and I don't think he will stop when he gets out either. Speaking of throwing Israel to the wolves:
This article is also published January 1, 2017 at

Happy New Year to all!

I am a Creation Spirituality New Age adherent who promotes Rev. Matthew Fox's worldview. In Paul's 2:57 PM post he presents the scripture (Psalms 2:1-4). This scripture says: WHY DO THE HEATH RAGE...? My answer to this question is presented in an article of mine entitled Bible verses advocate genocide against pagan/heathen natives. It is located at:

Happy New Year!
The NewswithViews article was published Saturday, December 31, 2016, not Januasry 1st. Sorry, my mistake. I didn't see it until 1 am and assumed it was Sunday's NOT Saturday article.

Let's all pray for the conversion of Thomas Dahlheimer!

To Dan Bryan @ 11:47 PM ...

I agree with your post 100%. For those that are in Christ due entirely to His sovereign grace and mercy, here is a great promise made to God's children:

Romans 8:38-39

38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Blogger Thomas Dahlheimer said...8:10

However, I have a New Age religion (or heathen) view and belief of who Jesus and God the Father are. And I, along with others, are taking council together, against the genocidal Lord, and against his genocidal Christian anointed...... And we are saying: "Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us."

Well I would then say Thomas, enjoy the derision?
Not all things done in the name of Christ is/was Christian, and not all that follow 'a Christ' are following Jesus.

Thomas Dahlheimer at 8:10 Does your religion have a moral code or is it just exploration of what you think is the beyond, the supernatural? Is it some sort of academic exercise? Your link points to what you find abhorrent, but offers nothing in exchange. Where has your religion been practiced successfully? If what you are promoting offers no moral code to be followed, where should an individual's moral code come from? What do you have faith in and why?

Since it your belief which you have not clearly presented, it should not be my role to comment on it until you do so. Granted based on what you have presented and my own studies I have my own rebuttal, but I think you should feel free to write more clearly before it is given.
And this is another face of the New Age movement. One operates at the upper levels of society. This face attracts the average person who trusts those who say they care.

"We also have ‘conservative’ neo-fascist, ‘conservative’ neo-Nazis, conservative ethnic nationalists or identity politics.

Then we have conservative European New Right, Evolian Traditionalism and Christian Identity.

In the West we also have ‘conservative’ Nordic racial paganism, ‘conservative’ Esoteric Hitlerism, even Nazi Satanism.

And then we also have the new ‘conservative’ Alt Right which is sweeping throughout all of Europe and the U.S.

These are not ‘the skinheads, stupid’. These are but a massive force and exposing them gains you nothing but the label of being pro-Muslim immigration..."
And to top it all off, 1:00AM, we even have Zionism and it's racism and ethnic cleansing... but you had better not breathe a word about that!
Yep. The world's reaching the saturation point for evil, a whole lot of it cloaked as "good".

The world is screwed.

Must be time for Jesus to return.
Be very careful where you place confidence. Psalm 118:8
Come quickly Lord Jesus is my hope and answer to it all.

hi Constance, this is tony in vt. I see vids on u tube drawing connections to Robert Hugh Bensons "LORD of the WORLD" book from 1908 to our political religious stage of today. You are no doubt AWARE of these things in more ways than one but I thought I would mention it! ....Obama, pope francis, paris attack, etc... Blessings in the new year to all,...moment by moment*
Please Tony, give us the link. The book can be read on line at no cost. FYI I found the ending confusing. Perhaps someone who has read the book can give an opinion on that section. Constance did have a link up but if it's there now, I don't know which one it is. She is the one who let us New Age researchers know about the book. It may be free at other sites. Given that the book was written in 1907 and has so many topics that are being lived out today, that book and the H. G. Wells material are certainly proof that there is a pattern to events that was planned long in advance.
Dear Constance,

please ban (Mary) Christine Erikson aka Justina from this site. In her last post, right towards the end of the page of the previous topic (in which she attacks and falsely accuses physicist, swearing and cursing) she states all Noah's sons were not fully human, implying Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior must have had nephilim genes via his mother too. This gnostic nonsense of hers is utterly sickening and highly offensive. It may lead the young seeking Jesus Christ astray.

"got nephilim genes? do you love Jesus? do you determine to follow Jesus regardless of contrary thoughts
you might have? stop worrying about your genes. If ONLY Noah was pure human then none of us are
because his sons weren't."

She is once again twisting Holy Scripture. Until she seeks deliverance and truly repents, turning from her living in sin lifestyle,
Please ban her!

Is Thomas Dahlheimer aka Mike Tinge, MCE's 'resident seer'? I wouldn't be at all surprised!
Dahlheimer is definitely NOT Mike Tinge. Dahlheimer lives in Wisconsin. My belief is that Mike Tinge lives in California.

Dahlehimer is definitely a self-confessed New Ager. I don't know much about Tinge, except that I believe him to be a friend of Christine Erikson.

As Christine is now limited to one post per my blog article, you all have plenty of space to refute and correct her. She knows my opinions which definitely are not my opinions vis a vis subjects such as "Neanderthals", Nephilim, Aliens, etc., ad nauseum. Let's end the silly speculations on the other end, however, including that "Thomas Dahlehimer aka Mike Tinge."

Maybe Thomas Dahlheimer should review the book called SECRET ARCHIVES OF THE VATICAN (Ambrosini & Willis, 1969). In it (page 151) he might learn that Pope Paul III condemned slavery years before Great Britain or USA got around to it:

It was that unexpected reformer, Paul III ( 1534-1549 ), who brought
the ethical sense of the Church to bear on the subject of slavery. An old
Roman law provided that a slave who could reach the Campidoglio and
claim liberty became both free and a Roman citizen; Paul confirmed it
by papal authority. He also, at the urging of Las Casas, ordered a study
in comparative anthropology. The university science of the day, led by
Sepulveda and his colleagues at Salamanca and Oxford, held that Indians
were not fully human, and therefore not possessed of the natural
rights ordinarily granted to humans.
Paul III collected information from Jesuit, Franciscan, and Dominican
missionaries all over the world. The consensus was that the nonEuropean
races were fully human, and the Pope, in his encyclical Pastorale
officium of May 29, 1537, forbade the enslavement of Indians,
regardless of whether or not they were Christians. "These Indians, although
they live outside the bosom of the Church, nevertheless have not
been, nor are they to be, deprived of their freedom or of ownership of
their own possessions, since they are human beings and, consequently,
capable of faith and salvation." The following month the Pope declared
against all forms of slavery, stating that "people of color" also were "veri
homines" - true men - and affirming that they had the same rights and
the same duties, civil and religious, as Europeans. But it was already too
late; slavery was part of the new economy, and American gold was coming
to Europe.


“A lot of Americans don’t believe that we should be fighting and sending young Americans over to die in another country.”

Sure, John Kerry, maybe we need to send those old men like you and John McCain to show us how to do it?
Regarding the alleged "Russian hacking of the election"... or any other alleged hack....

The fact is, attribution, or determining who exactly is doing the hacking can be extremely difficult if not impossible. As John McAfee says, "any hacker who knows what he or she is doing can cover his tracks, make it look like someone else is the culprit."

For instance, if you are a Chinese hacker and want to cast suspicion on the Russians, just insert some Russian words, code, or known Russian techniques into your malicious software. Leave a few crumbs that implicate someone else.

Bottom line- Anybody who trusts in what the so-called "intelligence agencies" are reporting about hacking is a nitwit, especially since the FBI itself has proven incapable time and again of securing it's own network. It's just a shame the DNC, John Podesta and HRC couldn't have protected their information a bit better. Oh well. Tsk, tsk. The more important point is that we have no privacy, and America has absolutely no protection against hacks or cyber attack except for MAD. They kill our grid, we kill theirs, etc.
PowerGrid FakeNEWS Goes around the world thrice before truth has its pants on!

From Russian hackers burrowed deep within the US electrical grid, ready to plunge the nation into darkness at the flip of a switch, an hour and a half later the story suddenly became that a single non-grid laptop had a piece of malware on it and that the laptop was not connected to the utility grid in any way.
The Ukraine power grid was attacked. Now what makes them suspect the Russians had a hand in it. Here's background.
Just put Ukraine russia power grid into a search or cover it by saying Fake News.
Here's some information in response to Cumbey's 11:21 post:

'Sublimis Deus is a papal bull promulgated by Pope Paul III on June 2, 1537, which forbids the enslavement of the indigenous peoples of the Americas (called Indians of the West and the South) and all other people."

"The bull is cited at times as evidence of a strong condemnation by the church of slavery in general, but scholars point out that Paul sanctioned slavery elsewhere after the issuing of Sublimis Deus."

"Stogre (1992) notes that "Sublimis Deus" is not present in Denzinger, the authoritative compendium of official teachings of the Catholic Church, and that the executing brief for it ("Pastorale officium") was annulled the following year. Davis (1988) asserts it was annulled due to a dispute with the Spanish crown. The Council of The West Indies and the Crown concluded that the documents broke their patronato rights and the Pope withdrew them, ..."

"Maxwell (1975) notes that the bull did not change the traditional teaching that the enslavement of Indians was permissible if they were considered "enemies of Christendom" as this would be considered by the Church as a 'just war'."

"Falola asserts that the bull related to the native populations of the New World and did not condemn the transatlantic slave trade stimulated by the Spanish monarchy and the Holy Roman Emperor."

Mr Dahlheimer: Please can you cite where Paul III sanctioned slavery elsewhere?

I presume Mr. Dahlheimer is unable to answer the questions asked of him at 6:20 pm, suggesting that the religion he promotes is just an academic exercise with no foundations, reason for it not to be taken seriously. However the many who are being suckered into believing it has merit need to be warned it is a very large scale cult operation. Believing in its pretty word promotion is as dangerous as believing in Scientology. It can be presumed both are based on studies associated with the manipulation of thinking patterns commonly associated with mind control. It is being deliberately promoted as an alternative to Judaism and Christianity so as to make government control of populations easier. That there is a hierarchy of promoters is obvious.
What makes us think we can control lightning in a box?

The point about hacking is that anyone with creativity, training, and brains can do it. There is no defense capable of preventing it. Consider that nearly every country on earth has multitudes of people who's job it is is to gather intel and probe the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of their perceived enemies while also, of course, using computers to keep tabs on their own citizens. And then there are all those teenage computer nerds who spend every waking minute playing games or screwing around in the matrix just to pass the time, breaking into systems just because they can.

I am by no means a computer expert, in fact, I have no clue or interest in understanding how code even works. I just goof around on the Internet, commenting on Facebook and blogs, and using my computer to look up store locations and business hours. But I've known three highly experienced "hackers" whose entire lives have been devoted to working with computer code.(I use the term "hacker" to describe those who have an extraordinarily high degree of computer capability and knowledge.)

One of my friends taught IT security at the University level, which means he not only studied and taught about computer vulnerabilities, but had the requisite skills to exploit and expose those same vulnerabilities. He described his job as "teaching how to hack, so you know what to look for when you're called in to patch things." This person told me the only way to really prevent hacking was to use old technology and don't connect everything to everything else, which is exactly what John McAfee and other IT experts have said.

Another friend left his high paying IT job to go to work for the FBI's "top secret" IT center in Kansas City. I was actually interviewed by the FBI a couple years ago as part of his background check. All this particular friend could tell me is that he would be working on developing certain aspects of a more controlled version of Internet 2, which will apparently require users to use some type of digital identification.

My third friend quit working at the DOD's Cheyenne, Wyoming complex where he personally programmed the control software for U.S. military spy satellites. This particular friend walked away from the DOD in order to make tons more money using his skills in Hollywood where he specializes in creating graphics for advertising and movies.

Two of these friends, (and I suspect the third could do it also if he applied himself), are capable of sending me a personal email from any one of you, anonymous or not, and you wouldn't know he'd done it. None of these friends needs to know passwords in order to access my/your personal computer. I've seen them break into my own computer bypassing my passwords in just seconds.

So what's the point of blaming the Russians for hacking if everybody else is doing it also? How about generating fear, creating chaos, and then providing the solution....which can only be creating a society so totally controlled that no one can buy or sell without providing their digital fingerprint. But not to fear. No earthly system, even one devised by the devil himself, has proven to be without easily exploited vulnerabilities.

Bottom line: There is no such thing as cyber security. There is no such thing as privacy. There can be no such thing as a perfectly controlled society either. It's just not possible. There will always be hackers, always be dissenters, always be trouble makers....until the chief trouble maker Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, returns.

I remember a story written some years ago by Sherman Alexie, a native American author and self described trouble maker who summed the situation up quite nicely. I am paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact quote, but Alexie basically said, "The arrogance of men who think they can control lightning in a box is simply astonishing."

Yes it is.
Omots, What you say is true with exceptions. I do not think we as lay people have access to what the governments are doing. Those in the Ukraine had reason to suspect the Russians. The US government, the Russian government, the Ukraine government are not about to put on the internet all they know and suspect. Trump has just said don't put it on the internet, and that's the person who everyone thinks lets it all hang out. I'm reading Secret and Lies, and back in the 1950s they would not put secret information in the mail and would hand carry. If we don't watch for patterns of clues, we will know nothing of importance. It is rather foolish to shout Fake News when we disagree with something or because the controlled press labels it fake news. I know you didn't do that, but I've seen it so often these days from people who want to protect Trump's connection with Russia and Putin.
Tony, be in contact again.
Anonymous Anonymous said...11:23 AM
Omots, What you say is true with exceptions. I do not think we as lay people have access to what the governments are doing.

правда It is what the Soviet Union had as news. It was the 'truth' as presented by the KGB. правда or Pravda in English means truth.

Today our government created a 'truth' out of vapor and fed it to the Washington Post who ran with it, printed it with no fact checking. (Until they were called on it later)

Partial truth is not truth it is deception, it is FakeNews, it is правда.

Omots is 100% correct and yes governments also are not innocent as none of them are pure in spirit. Instead of seeking truth they are creating the правда needed to convince the sheeple what IS THEIR TRUTH.
Less than 50 years after Paul III ostensibly issued his 1537 Bull, those progenitors of the New Age Movement, the Jesuits were profiteering from slave labor on plantations in Maryland, the Midwest and the Deep South. Why, Georgetown University itself was built on the backs of slaves from Jesuits selling men, women and children from the 1780's and beyond, notwithstanding the infamous sale of 272 slaves in 1838 by 16 of Georgetown's Jesuit fathers.
Dan Bryan Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but what makes you so sure that you have the truth now? An internet search can be helpful and provide much information to the discerning. The problem is that with the internet now everyone is an instant expert about everything. Yes, blah blah blah the Washington Post is, but here is an article that show the legwork someone had to do to get details about Trump's charitable work. If that much had to be done to get some straight information about something that should easily be available, how much more would be necessary to get the truth behind the Vermont.

Yes, I am familiar with Soviet disinformation and I recognize how much disinformation there is out there coming from just about every place that considers themselves a source. I dug through many internet stories before I came to the conclusion that there was a lot more going on than Fake News name calling. Do I believe anyone's bottom line regarding the complete story? No. I do consider the possibility that the Fake News theme might be used to keep the populace calm about such a thing happening.
hard to take your stuff seriously - whilst you continue to deny the Holy Trinity - Dan Brian...
anonymous 5;28 thanks for the feedback on the Lord of this World book by Benson, you summed it up,...there is a plan of long ago being played out! WHY WHO'D OF EVER BELIEVED IT, BY GOLLY ! I am glad you brought up as a reminder those H.G. Wells books. This truly is, ALL TOO MUCH ! Shalom
On Lighthouse Trails' website there is an article entitled Trusted Evangelical Leaders Endorse The Papa Prayer. The following statement is presented in the article.

Our research over the last five years has confirmed that this “method of prayer” that Keating and Pennington teach is subversive to biblical Christianity and is panentheistic (God in all things) and pantheistic (all things are Divine, or God).

I believe that the above statement is misleading? I believe that God is panentheistic (transcendent and immanent, meaning God is both beyond the universe and also in all things) and pantheistic (all things are divine, or god, meaning after God emanated a part of itself and gave it a free will it sinned and became corrupted). Therefore it (god, or the cosmos, including the earth) is not worshipped by New Age adherents and Gnostics.

reference quotes:

"Gnostics have their own -- perhaps quite startling -- view of these matters: they hold that the world is flawed because it was created in a flawed manner."

"To worship the cosmos, or nature, or embodied creatures is thus tantamount to worshipping alienated and corrupt portions of the emanated divine essence."
As I suggested, an academic exercise that makes some comfortable with the unanswered questions of our existence. No moral code. No successful history of implementation. It does serve as a basis that some flawed creations can attempt to use to implement their belief in their superiority and attempt to control the government of the planet. A flawed world being run by flawed parts of that flawed world. That's really flawed reasoning.
Both Keating and Pennington were BAD liturgical actors!!!

New Beatitudes for a NewAge is inclusive of Pantheism, Eco-theism, and Ecumenism?

— Blessed are those who remain faithful while enduring evils inflicted on them by others and forgive them from their heart.
— Blessed are those who look into the eyes of the abandoned and marginalised and show them their closeness.
— Blessed are those who see God in every person and strive to make others also discover him.
— Blessed are those who protect and care for our common home.
— Blessed are those who renounce their own comfort in order to help others.
— Blessed are those who pray and work for full communion between Christians.

Honestly makes me long before armies surround Jerusalem as in Luke 21, and events in Mark 13, and Matthew 24?
_Cursed are those who proudly think that they can improve on the Beatitudes of the King of Kings.
_Cursed are those who add to the words of the Holy Scriptures.
_Cursed are those who, in their pride, think that they can improvise improvements on God's Word,
and reduce the words of the Lord of Lords to something changeable.
_Cursed is every one who does not fear the Lord.
_Cursed are those who pander to the simple minded and the ignorant, as they try to appear
wise beyond true wisdom, which begins with a reasonable fear of the Lord.
_Cursed are the wise in their own eyes.
_Cursed are those who talk about compassion, protection and care when they do not possess
those very qualities themselves, but lie in a most diabolical way.
_Foolish are the self proclaimed academics who do not fear the most high God.
_Foolish are those who pose as compassionate when they are in fact subversive and willfully
disobedient to the Only God, who is The Creator and Finisher.
_Cursed is any one who subtracts from, or adds to, the Word of God.
_Cursed is every one who implies that they are persecuted when they are in fact coddled and
loved by this world.

In my (above) 9:01 AM post I presented the following quote of a Gnostic bishop:
"Gnostics have their own -- perhaps quite startling -- view of these matters: they hold that the world is flawed because it was created in a flawed manner."

The Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church says: "Jesus came to restore creation to the purity of its origins" (CCC, n. 2336). A Biblical scripture states that "the creation itself, will be delivered from its bondage to corruption" (Romans 8:21).

According the Bible and Christian doctrine "the world was not created in a flawed
matter," but was created perfect and totally pure - and that it became corrupted/flawed when Adam, "the first human," sinned.

St. Symeon wrote: "Neither Eve nor Paradise were yet created, but the whole world had been brought into being by God as one thing, as a kind of paradise, at once incorruptible yet material and perceptible."

St. Basil the Great wrote: " is customary for vultures to feed on corpses, but since [before Adam sinned] there were not yet corpses, nor yet their stench, so there was not yet such food for vultures. But all followed the diet of swans and all grazed the meadows...[none] of the beasts were carnivores...such was the first creation [it was pure, no death nor corruption], and such will be the restoration after this."..."A Bible scripture says:...;the lion shall eat straw like the ox,..(Isaiah 65:25).

However, I believe that the truth is, the first human beings from which we are all descendants of came into existence around 200,000 years ago and violent complex carnivorous animals came into existence around 550 million years before "Adam and Eve."

Also, before "Adam and Eve" were created, six near total mass extinctions of all animals had occurred. These mass extinctions caused a lot of suffering. Hence, at that time (a time before "Adam and Eve") the creation was in a state of corruption, it was "flawed," like today's scientists, Gnostics and New Age adherents believe.
"My prayer is that Russia does not take the bait!"

Are you kidding? Putin is far more cunning and intelligent than Trump. Russia and Putin are not angels. He is quite sinister. Remember the man in London who died of polonium poisoning? He was about to tell all that Putin ordered the 1999 apartment building explosions as a reason to go into Chechnya.

We are not listed as actors in the coming great invasion of Israel. We're going to get either knocked out of commission by foreign elements or disemboweled from the usual group on the inside.

America, the 'hammer of the earth' is about to become the nail file of the earth.
Blogger Thomas Dahlheimer said...

"Gnostics have their own.......The Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church says: Thomas the NA philosopher says: I believe that the truth is, the first human beings from which we are all descendants of came into existence around 200,000 years ago and violent complex carnivorous animals came into existence around 550 million years before "Adam and Eve."

The greatest error in thinking is when men start speculating as to the true origin of the universe, God, and the human species. It is very easy to start creating theories about history, when so much has occurred in the past and is undocumented. This goes for any individual, or organization. As God says to Job;

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?
Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.
Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;
When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

I have mixed feelings about the Russia business. We pick countries, groups and make them our boggy men. We did this with Al
Qaeda and then we start arming them. We did this with Muslim Brotherhood, then we support them. There is a consistent pattern of needing an enemy to fight against. I'm afraid that Trump's will be China rather than Russia. 100% agree that Putin is not an angel or innocent and is very smart, but in reality he does nothing worse than us and I find our recent interference in Libya, Syria, Egypt much more deplorable than anything he has done.

By the way, making boggy men is how the media has always mobilized for war.

We looted Ukraine's gold and put our puppet in. Remember Valerie Jarrett's words "F...Europe". We hacked Angela Merkel's cellphone and numerous other countries. US tried to influence the Israeli election. All the things we accuse Russia of, we do.

What I still don't understand is when before the second term Obama said to the PM of Russia, "Tell Vlad I'll have more flexibility after the election". It sounds like he was working with him, not against him, so what can we make of that? Shortly after the whole Ukraine situation started and ever since we have been provoking Russia. Russia is actually the one killing the terrorists in Syria. Unfortunately, those terrorists are funded and equipped by us, so as many like to say ISIS is usis. I think the strategy to redraw the ME map has been in effect for a few administrations and now there has been a change from the shadows. Trump's job is to support Israel. He's going to have one heck of a time after the way US strengthened Iran, messed up in Syria and gave Russia dominance and a strategic foothold in ME militarily.

Trump has got his work cut out for him and I expect it will be not so easy to make America great as he says.
"All the things we accuse Russia of, we do." --Anon. 12:23 AM

Yes, of course! How could I forget the forced starvation of millions of Americans by our government planners in... let's see... I forget. What year was that again?

And too bad we tore down that wall on our southern border that was just like the one between East and West Germany, with barbed wire and armed guards, to keep people from escaping our country, else we could have used it for Trump's wall. We tore that down in, um, I forget. When was that?

And of course let's not forget all those countries we swallowed up after WWII, making them part of our empire, hoisting the American flag over their capitals, and installing Voice of America radio stations in them (and forbidding all others to broadcast), enforcing our will with tanks and troops in the streets and gulags in the town centers and out in the country hidden away from the world media's prying eyes, and doing what we could to take over other parts of the world... yes, we engaged in quite an expansionist enterprise, didn't we? We are so evil....

I am sick of the Moral Equivalence argument saying that we are no better than Russia.

When you're the good guys, you don't invent enemies - they just appear, because evil hates good, and wants to destroy it. It's the nature of the world we live in. I'm not saying we're perfect (and I'm getting sick of having to say that all the time as well, so I won't anymore), but we're still the good guys, and even though there's a ton of rot and corruption within, if we go down, the entire West goes down, and the REAL darkness and evil get a free pass for a while. Maybe for a long while, as in, a New Dark Age.

"What I still don't understand is when before the second term Obama said to the PM of Russia, "Tell Vlad I'll have more flexibility after the election". It sounds like he was working with him, not against him, so what can we make of that? Shortly after the whole Ukraine situation started and ever since we have been provoking Russia."

You answered your own question perhaps? He IS working with Putin. It's a staged provocation. If it sounds like a duck....

I think we have been given little moments of grace, by Providence, as they used to say in the days of our founding - little glimpses into the evil that surrounds us: Obama's "off-mic" comment, Wikileaks, Hillary's meltdown after the election. Let us not squander away those gifts, but instead renew our fight against the darkness with the imperfect tools we have been given.


"When you're the good guys, you don't invent enemies"

Obama did. He has been hailed as a good guy hasn't he? He's had lots of help, inside (some directly, some indirectly-few really opposed) and outside of our government (loads of them).
We do have to differentiate between the American people and her leadership.
There are still some good folks here.

God help us.

Marko, perhaps you don't forget nuking (unnecessarily Japan even though they were about to surrender ((,including Christian Hiroshima))) Vietnam, guatamala, Panama, Lybia, Iraq, Nicaragua, Granada, putting Pinochet in power via CIA manipulation, the murder of uncountable numbers of Palestinian Christians with US. money, financing Isis and other Islamist militants in Syria, faking 911, etc, etc, etc.
So America has seldom been in the right according to you 4:10 PM?

That's going too far.

Too far.
Obama is the worst president of this nation for all time. Yes, some of our leadership has been part of bringing America down before him, but not all was as wrong as you think. God has used America for good in the world, even still, in spite of current governing.

Am I too assume you live in the U.S.A.?

Why do you live here then to benefit from the living it provides, since you are "morally superior" or whatever notion that is, that you're believing?
Most of those things you mention, 4:10, were the good guys doing the work of trying to minimize the death and destruction brought on by the bad guys.

We weren't the initial aggressors in any of that you listed. (Yes, the military-industrial complex probably pushed an agenda that lined their pockets, but that wasn't the controlling factor. They were taking advantage after the fact, not creating the fact.)

We were trying (and often failed, spectacularly) to stop more bad from happening. That is the very definition of the moral NON-equivalence between the West and her enemies. Because of the level of infiltration by various enemies at all levels of strategic decision-making, we were tricked, coerced, or convinced into "doing good" badly. Check out Diana West's latest book for a great accounting of that truth. Lots of examples in there.

There are enemies within. Elites in the West - the Intelligentsia - are trying to make a New World, and what they have planned is worse even than the bad things we saw in the 20th century, and they are more dangerous even than the "obvious" enemies we fought.

Please understand that without the United States of America the world would be a much worse place. Whatever reason one comes up with for explaining why that is the case, to deny it is to deny reality. I don't see how anyone could ever come to a different conclusion. Well, actually, I do see how someone could come to a different conclusion - they weren't educated, they were propagandized. Just look at the students coming out of our educational systems these days. They almost ALL believe as you do - America is the center of evil, both now and down through history. It's the world view promulgated by books like Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States", which, unfortunately, is a widely-used textbook in many of our schools now.

And it's because of that I say that unless something major turns the brains of this nation back to our founding principles, and the hearts of this nation back to God, we are toast. Heck, we aren't even a "nation" anymore, in the classic sense of the word. We have no national identity anymore. It has been trampled by Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, and the "long march" through our institutions of an ideology that is destructive of the very system that helped propagate it.

God help us, indeed!

Your very capital city is built with a map of masonic signs, your government buildings the same, very few of you have ever set foot outside of your goven State let alone country or even the Americas. You have painted blasphemy upon the inside of your Capitol, turning George Washington into a god being lifted up by the angels. Do you know what that painting is called and if so, what those words mean? Then there is a G. Washington statue in that same building depicted as Baphomet, and fascist symbols each side of the speaker of the house: need I go on?

Your United States Union was set up by a bunch of Christ rejecting deists and your country, more often the bad guys than not, has caused more wars than any other in the same time period. You forgot to mention McCarthyism, etc. You also believe that any social justice implemented is de facto Communist. You are the most violent Western country there is, arrogant, insular, and disliked place by right thinking people the World over. Your prison population is one of the largest, if not the largest in the World, many people are without recurse to health care or a proper education if they can't wave enough dollars about, your racial and class divisions are stark and draconian, and most of you have no idea about the places, peoples and cultures you set out to destroy in the World. You are a bunch of mindless bloodthirsty loudmouths, most not all, and no, thankfully I don't live in your arrogant and ignorant (so much so you forget Colombians, Hondurans, Canadians, Mexicans, etc are Americans too, not just those of the USA), uncaring and loveless entity you call America aka the USA.

I hope that answers your question and lets you know how most of the World, and how most Christians around the World (especially in the Middle East and Latin America) see you!
Yes, you answered the question.
Ok, you don't live in the U.S.

You sound quite bitter 10:10 PM.
And all the rest of the world is just peachy...why sure it is.
I 12:23am would qualify my comments by saying the leadership is at fault in the US. Particularly elements within our intel agencies who we know from the get go were founded with the Nazis of WWII. Absolute power corrupts .

The lack of term limits on our legislative branch is also a huge problem. These people like Nancy Pelosi get imbedded in there and you listen to them and ask why? I've never heard the woman say anything intelligent.

Then you have the problem of Presidential races where there is campaign finance reform so you have only the people who can raise billions presenting as candidates and then you have controlled media companies. There should be laws against having the same Board of Directors sitting on the six major companies.

Then you have the problem of the tax exempt Foundations such as Rockefeller and so on. You can listen to Norman Dodd on those:

There is the Federal Reserve Bank which is not federal at all. Our government does not have to borrow money at interest. The fiat system will always lead us to indebtedness.

Then there is the Pharmaceutical Military Industrial Complex. Need I go further.

Oh yes, let's not forget Monsanto who destroys our food supply. I would immediately abolish the FDA and EPA. Two of the most worthless agencies on the planet. What does the FDA protect us from?

Other countries share some of these problems. I think the people of America are separate from the leadership. I know lots of God-fearing people that are appalled at what goes on in the halls of power.
I did take the time to night to read the "Report" on alleged Russian attempts to influence our election. I will comment on it in the morning and invite you to do so also.

Also, there are some very important developments regarding the Saturday morning radio program on that may influence the continuation of the program. We need somehow to find a sponsor/sponsors. Joe McNeill has given me this bully pulpit for what will be 10 years in April and he found sponsors for me or carried it himself. As my husband and I now exist primarily on Social Security carrying it ourselves will be difficult. The amount is only $200 per month, but that amount is critical to our limited budget and ongoing expenses. If any of you have sources or resources it would be important as this outlet has given me an important platform during times that many have sought to foreclose me from any outlet. This blogspot has also been important. I know we have a wide listening base for the audience. It might be an important promotional tool for say a book publisher or dealer or distributor.

Please think about it and let's talk about it in the morning at 10 am Eastern time, 7 am Pacific time. Also, if say about 10 plus of your would subscribe to internet archives at $20 per month. I carried a radio program in Detroit for 13 years and it was a much heavier burden than this. I still often hear from former listeners here in the Detroit area to that former WMUZ broadcast.

Thanks for consideration.

Has anyone here read Emmett O'Regan's blog or book? I found some of this theories interesting.

Which "report" are you talking about?
Do New Age adherents worship the Earth? And if they do, are Roman Catholic's headed that way?

A paragraph in my article Native Rights, Pope Francis and the New World Order reads: In Cumbey's second post about the Pontiff's new environmental mission, she provides a link to an article by Mary Jo Anderson, a renowned Catholic writer and speaker, who has been a frequent guest on Abundant Life, an EWTN global Catholic television program, and her Global Watch radio program is heard on EWTN radio affiliates nationwide. In her post, Cumbey wrote: I had talks about it [this topic] in the past and she [Anderson] agreed with my analysis: Earth Worship was definitely where they [Catholics] were headed. The link in Cumbey's post goes to Anderson's 2002 article, Neo Gnostics at the End of the Age.

Pope John Paul II wrote: "It [New Age spirituality] is only a new way of practicing Gnosticism..."

I am a New Age Gnostic. In my 9:01 AM post I wrote: I believe that God is panentheistic (transcendent and immanent, meaning God is both beyond the universe and also in all things) and pantheistic (all things are divine, or god, meaning after God emanated a part of itself and gave it a free will it sinned and became corrupted). Therefore it (god, or the cosmos, including the earth) is not worshipped by New Age adherents and Gnostics.

reference quotes:

"Gnostics have their own -- perhaps quite startling -- view of these matters: they hold that the world is flawed because it was created in a flawed manner."

"To worship the cosmos, or nature, or embodied creatures is thus tantamount to worshipping alienated and corrupt portions of the emanated divine essence."


Information on Lucis Trust's New Age website reads: Religion in the new age must be based on truths which are universally accepted. These are: 1. The fact of God, both transcendent and immanent. Today we have a rapidly growing emphasis upon God immanent in every human being and in every created form. Today, we should have the churches presenting a synthesis of these two ideas..."God transcendent, out side His creation, an Onlooker" and God immanent.

David Spangler, a leading figure of the New Age movement, wrote: This world soul is usually conceived as a "formative force," an active, intelligent, purposeful spiritual presence at work in the material world to guide and guard the course of planetary evolution. It is generally not accorded the status of being the ultimate source or Creator [meaning, the God that emanated/"created" a lesser Being (a Spiritual Universe), who sinned, causing our flawed physical universe to come into existence] but might be looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth [Gaia].

"James Lovelock wrote: "What if Mary is another name for Gaia?" Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is not worshiped.
Dear 10.10pm,

Is that why most of the Third World would emigrate to the USA if it could?

I'm British, by the way.

11:34 PM,

This is 3:48 PM.
You went further and much more specific than I did, thank you for that. What you mention only scratches the surface of what has been happening and in every corner of the earth.

All the things you mention were quite a while in the making while the American people were being "softened up" (and too often willfully ignorant by and large--I say this to our shame) and this only points out how these Laodecian days have worked things the direction it's been going. Very timely from the Bible point of view.

The person rebutting @ 10:10 PM from another country, has to be blind not to see the same issues going on in the rest of the world, so to that person I can only think and say that they need to open their eyes.
What do we expect in this fallen world? All the nations, (we are all of only one race--the human race) are under the curse of the fall. If this one claims to be a Christian then has missed the boat by miles to not understand the condition of this entire globe. All the nations are a drop in that bucket.
To him/her, I say lose the bitterness, stop the blaming, own your own share of guilt, and pray...looking to God, our only Savior, Jesus Christ.

Listening to your show. Everyone who voted for Trump is now responsible for whatever comes about in the next four years in which he has a hand. The only exceptions would be those who worked very very hard against Trump and for any other candidate on the Republican ticket. Anyone would have been better than Trump.

Trump and his cohorts, campaign staff, have close ties with Russia and businesses in Russia. Helping Trump in any way they helped him get into office. Yes, Clinton made her own bed and was forced to lay in it. All of the research Assange provided on Clinton was not done by American journalists who just picked up Wikileaks information and ran with it. Wikileaks has never exposed the dirt on Russia or China. Assange never exposed any dirt on Trump or the Republican party that was also hacked, just as no dirt on Russia or China comes from that source. Bottom line, as far as the big boys, Clinton's time was over. Trump, being what he is, is much more malleable. Before coming to any conclusions at least read ten different articles from different sources on the issue.

As you have continuously said, New Age is an international movement with fingers in every country. Again, read the Shoebat article on the coming evil and the comments.
Dear 10:10 PM,
Everybody has peed in the pool.
Anybody from anywhere should know that.
Yah sure media said Trump didn't have a chance. Great ploy. It worked. Clinton people were overconfident. She didn't work hard. Her followers didn't work the streets. Trump's supporters were energized...we'll show them. They were clanging the cymbals at events, on Facebook and anywhere they could get media attention. It's a ploy that's been used before. Remember...CONTROLLED MEDIA!!!!!
Sorry I missed the show... anyone care to give a synopsis of what was covered?

Regarding the Shoebat article, I forwarded that along to a scholarly friend of mine, and this was her response (I completely agree with her first statement about his dire need of an editor; and I agree with the general gist of the rest of what she had to say):

Wow, this guy needs to get out of his own way & hire a ruthless editor, stat.
I don't consider the various nationalist groups arising in response to the Islamic invasion of Europe neo-Nazi/pagan, their sometime use of pagan symbols notwithstanding. They are certainly not globalists-in-hiding, I doubt THE AntiChrist will arise from them. They are made up of thoroughly secularized people who have had their Christian heritage taken away from them by previous generations, & they have no other means to assert a distinct identity & culture against the Islamic tidal wave & its tragically stupid & suicidal enablers amongst the EU globalist elites. Hillaire Belloc said that if Europe rejected the Faith, it would die, b/c "Europe is the Faith & the Faith is Europe." Only the renewal of Christian faith & practice can save it; no purely nationalist movement can defeat the Islamic juggernaut b/c they are mere flesh & blood fighting against something increasingly demonic.

Marko, Sure 'n tootin, I'm an anonymous scholar too. Obviously she knows nothing about the New Age movement, it's history, its growth. She appears to know nothing about Shoebat and his history. She is talking off the top of her head, so maybe she is some sort of academic scholar. Most of them tend to do that because their audience is composed of young people just learning about the world. I'm not going to try and pick apart her simplistic comments. It wouldn't be worth my time. I'm not surprised that you didn't read the article. This whole blog is based on the idea that there is a New Age movement which Cumbey spent many years of her life documenting. Somewhere along the line you jumped in and said you disagree and there is no New Age movement. It's been said of those like you, you are intelligent but far from wise. However, you do help to keep the blog going, so you have some value.

If someone wants to intelligently discuss the article I will do so.
So what if people are at differing levels of understanding what is what re: the New Age Movement. That some are interested enough to want to know what the agenda is, without getting into the total swamp of details some "veterans" like you say you know ALL about, that does not have to be the big deal you make it to be. Reasoning people do catch on. The sun rises and sets in what people know that is true according to the Bible, more than your new age "bible" know-how.

Overly simplistic? Maybe so. That does not have to be to people's peril if at least paying decent attention, because they can be brought up to speed.
However, those caught up in making a career out of it so they can tell others how little they know, is bombastic and unhelpful. I think your attitude is in the way of whatever message you have that is so much more compelling according to you, 5:10 PM.
OK Constance, tell Anonymous what the New Age movement is so he or she can understand what you spent so many years researching. As requested, do not present the "swamp of details" Tell anonymous if you think we should worry about anything. Do not be bombastic and unhelpful. Your show Constance.
5:10 typed:

"I'm not going to try and pick apart her simplistic comments. It wouldn't be worth my time. I'm not surprised that you didn't read the article. This whole blog is based on the idea that there is a New Age movement which Cumbey spent many years of her life documenting. Somewhere along the line you jumped in and said you disagree and there is no New Age movement."

A. They are not simplistic, they are quite insightful, given that she hasn't focused her entire life on studying just this one thing called the New Age Movement, which is NOT the overarching, controlling hand of history you make it out to be. Like those who see the devil under every rock and behind every tree, you see the New Age Movement in everything. It would LIKE to be that, and has plans to be that, but it ain't. Not yet. Someday there will be a worldwide religious and political unity of sorts, but it won't be completely unified (Satanic groups rarely are), and will, after a short while, at the time the Father has ordained, be overthrown by Jesus Christ's second advent.
B. You don't consider it worth your time because you already have everything figured out. What a place to be. What's it like up there?
C. I did read the article. I'm not surprised you jumped to the conclusion that I didn't.
D. This is a blog about the New Age Movement? (bites tongue to refrain from sarcasm....)
E. I never said there was no New Age Movement. If you can find it somewhere, please cite the html reference.

I've known about the NAM as long as you have. Constance came to our church, at my and one other person's request, in 1983 (or '84?).

It's just that as I research the various currents of history, I see a tapestry of beliefs, thoughts, dogmas, and philosophies that sometimes converge, and sometimes fight against each other. Satan has many roads toward the same end, and not all roads are called "NAM Street".



When I asked about the nexus between Red Communist/Marxist movements, and Green environmentalist movements, Carl Teichrib, an excellent researcher that I'm going to say I've seen no equal to in regards to most of the topics covered here (which I guess puts me in the doghouse with both yourself AND Constance), replied with this:

Yes, there is alignment between Red and Green, even as groups and organizations with similar goals find themselves in competition. It's not so much one big happy family, but ideological and spiritual cousins who desire similar goals, yet find themselves wanting to direct human progress in their own fashion. I've seen, first-hand, this antagonism and cooperation. Sometimes this makes for mixed signals, especially when trying to communicate the nuances. Nevertheless, it's a reminder that our research needs to be thorough and placed in the proper context.

(Emphasis mine)

So that's my story - why I post the things I do. To try and put things in the proper context. I'm not always right, and when I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it. But I like to toss things out there for people to think about. I've given up on trying to convince the conspiracy theorists out there that they've gone too far down the rabbit hole, and the lack of oxygen has affected their thinking (and in fact, plays into the hands of our enemy). If someone comes to power, then it must be because the Illuminati wanted them there. If they fail to come to power, their fall was planned from the beginning. Whatever happens, they already had it figured out ahead of time, or they make it fit somehow into their view of the world.

I know of a watchman who is now claiming that Trump's rise to the presidency was telegraphed years ago by the Illuminati. He shows all this "proof" that is tenuous at best. If Hillary had won, I'd bet a steak dinner he would have gone back and found the same kind of "proof" that her rise to the presidency was planned ahead of time as well.

There is no reasoning with that kind of mindset. It has become for the most part an unteachable mind. And unteachable minds are open to deception, which is what I have always felt is my calling to keep people from falling into. Because of that, I can come across as a know-it-all and arrogant, and for that I apologize. I probably never will learn to speak the truth in love and to be humble to the point the Lord would have me to be.

So have you reached that point of unteachability? Is there nothing else to learn, because you've figured it all out already?

Anon. 5:41:

"Overly simplistic? Maybe so. That does not have to be to people's peril if at least paying decent attention, because they can be brought up to speed."

Exactly. Ya know, there will be people in Heaven, worshiping at the feet of Jesus, who have never even HEARD of the New Age Movement. And maybe even some who have heard of it, but didn't connect the dots correctly. Ain't that somethin'? :^)

Hi Constance

What do you see the relationship is between the global political in general and the NewAge religion?

We have allot of necessary chatter on your blog about the political but the tie-in to NewAge religion is rather vague?

Could the religion and the political be the clay and the iron respectively of this final age as depicted in Nebuchadnezzar's dream in Daniel 2? Surely the depiction of 'miry clay is a fitting descriptor of what one goes through trying to sort or figure out the NewAge religion?

6:26 PM
Constance does just great and gives us plenty to see and pursue for our understanding without your know-it-all attitude.
We can know what and whom to look into as needed and be kept informed without the overly smug take from somebody who wants to look down on others for not knowing what you "know". And who says we don't already know a lot anyway? We can come here and follow links and comments to learn the latest or followups that Constance and others keep track of.
You make a mistake thinking I don't know anything about the New Age movement and have posted links here for a couple of years now that pertain and have been noted at times by Constance and others as important.

But go on ahead and keep trying to get in the way of the message. You are easily bypassed.
Won't stop Constance or others who are here to promote real understanding of the topic, without your divisiveness.
Well, the 2nd half of my (cont...) piece is gone, either deleted or into the spam bin. Just so you know. The 8:49 post is not my "continuation". The real continuation was posted at 8:42pm.
The Alliance of Civilizations is still pumping out their rhetoric to coincide with global politics. Religion in many circles pulls the politics card and visa versa.

The two are hand in glove working together as shown repeatedly by Constance and for a long while. Her archives are full of multi-denominational examples. Soup to nuts..
The heavyweight champ for religio/politico mass marketing to us poor slobs who need them to tell us our right hand from left (ha!) is the current Pope who is a huge help to the political world with his tireless efforts to get all the religions blended for one great thrust at "saving the world".

I think the dream of Nebuchadnezzar is recycling for the times we are living in.

Dear 6:26 PM.

How presumptuous of you.

And snarky.

Are you the same one who has snarked here at What Constance thinks a number of times before?
(...cont from 8:20)

When I asked about the nexus between Red Communist/Marxist movements, and Green environmentalist movements, Carl Teichrib, an excellent researcher that I'm going to say I've seen no equal to in regards to most of the topics covered here (which I guess puts me in the doghouse with both yourself AND Constance), replied with this:

Yes, there is alignment between Red and Green, even as groups and organizations with similar goals find themselves in competition. It's not so much one big happy family, but ideological and spiritual cousins who desire similar goals, yet find themselves wanting to direct human progress in their own fashion. I've seen, first-hand, this antagonism and cooperation. Sometimes this makes for mixed signals, especially when trying to communicate the nuances. Nevertheless, it's a reminder that our research needs to be thorough and placed in the proper context.

(Emphasis mine)

So that's my story - why I post the things I do. To try and put things in the proper context. I'm not always right, and when I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it. But I like to toss things out there for people to think about. I've given up on trying to convince the conspiracy theorists out there that they've gone too far down the rabbit hole, and the lack of oxygen has affected their thinking (and in fact, plays into the hands of our enemy). If someone comes to power, then it must be because the Illuminati wanted them there. If they fail to come to power, their fall was planned from the beginning. Whatever happens, they already had it figured out ahead of time, or they make it fit somehow into their view of the world.

I know of a watchman who is now claiming that Trump's rise to the presidency was telegraphed years ago by the Illuminati. He shows all this "proof" that is tenuous at best. If Hillary had won, I'd bet a steak dinner he would have gone back and found the same kind of "proof" that her rise to the presidency was planned ahead of time as well.

There is no reasoning with that kind of mindset. It has become for the most part an unteachable mind. And unteachable minds are open to deception, which is what I have always felt is my calling to keep people from falling into. Because of that, I can come across as a know-it-all and arrogant, and for that I apologize. I probably never will learn to speak the truth in love and to be humble to the point the Lord would have me to be.

Part 1
My goodness did I kick up an anthill. Here I just suggested Constance do the work of telling Scholarly Friend what the NA movement is. It's Constance's blog and she takes the lead here informing others what it is, though not everywhere. I didn't want to override her and make some kind of mistake on her blog. Now all of you or some of you other posters may have all of the pertinent information, but frankly it doesn't look like it.

It really doesn't surprise me that there are people who just want to close their eyes to the changes taking place and the dangers involved. Fighting the NA movement is just as dangerous as fighting the Nazi dinformation was during the '30s and '40s. The NA movement is a resurgence of the Nazi philosophy. Huge numbers of people knew of the labor camps and killing camps where millions were killed. Many were killed trying to escape to warn Europe. When the few got out no one would listen. Ordinary people, Germans, Poles, Americans, Protestants, Jews just closed their ears. They began to know who was behind the Nazi propaganda here in the US. They refused to stick their necks out. Many just went along. After all it wasn't in their backyard. Many knew of the millions being killed in Russia during the early years of the communist party. Even as late as the '70s people who spoke out in Russia fought a hard battle. (Continued Must try to outsmart the spam information filter.)

Part 2 of 3
The world is filled with "I see nothing moments." Or "After all we are at war and must not...." Or "We can not do anything because...." Or "I can't do anything by myself." Or "I tried but...." Or "I can't believe that such a thing is going on." Or the very famous "Nothing going on here. Move along." Do I understand it happening? Human nature. It has happened for thousands of years. It is happening now. I wonder if those Christians being burned to death now die wondering where the rest of the world is. Let's say you seriously learn what is going on. Can you do anything about it? At the very least one can stop helping the perps by closing one's eyes.

There may be one or two quiet readers who follow what I've shared. Should I spend time caring about the feelings of all those who attack me? Should I stop because I'm insulted? Do the Christians posting here stop doing their missionary work because it bothers someone? Of course not. They believe and have faith in what they believe. For the longest time I stayed away, sharing the information about the changes being brought about by those suckered into believing the NA movement's lies which I found elsewhere. I came back to give it another try. Others felt as I do and just left, never to come back. Good solid researchers about the NA movement. Constance may have gotten the ball rolling, but there is a small number of other researchers out there doing solid work. They also encounter huge opposition to wider sharing. Many just stop following what is going on and sharing it. Life is hard enough without another hassle. Continued
Part 3 of 3 Is NA the only problem facing the world? Of course not. It is however the overriding reason for the cultural changes, the attack on religion, the push for one world government and one world religion. Remember the cultural changes allow the political changes to happen. It's planned that way. I've found so much else I don't share. Too bad it can't be described in 15 words or less.
Anonymous, just go read some Dennis Cuddy books and widen your horizons.
Marko, I get shocked when I read your comments about the New Age movement, but they aren't important enough for anyone to become your biographer. After all I too am a Scholar. Prove I'm not. Sarcasm intended.
10:51 PM
You assume by your comments that we are see nothings/do nothings about the New Age movement.
Nobody was saying it wasn't dangerous. Nobody implied that, or thinks that, that frequents here or they wouldn't see the need to read here (unless a detractor that shows up from time to time) so people are here to learn.....and do, but you are a lot more than implying that people here are very uninformed, unlike yourself.

Constance has done, is still doing, what she set out to do quite a while back, and you pulled her into it too, as though she isn't getting through to her audience. So maybe she is more thorough, than you were giving her credit for?

You were insulting in your critique of others.
"I probably never will learn to speak the truth in love and to be humble to the point the Lord would have me to be."
I beg to differ with this statement.
You do just fine, Marko.

Your posts are often insightful and helpful.....and don't put down others.
Anonymous 11:21 " implying that people here are very uninformed, unlike yourself."

Based on the shortage of postings here containing information about the growing political New Age movement, yes I know more than others posting here. Then again, maybe the many posters here are keeping the information about New Age to themselves. When I do find something that could be shared with others, I thank he person who posted it. Prove me wrong. Start linking to information on the international movement. "You were insulting in your critique of others." OK Snowflake. I understand your feelings are move important than the death of many.
Oh Oh. The spam filter strikes again. I had responded to you 11:21. I guess your magic is too powerful for me.
Why is it always so ugly here on this blog? It's really interesting that the dynamics are so hateful, especially so many professed Christians of ones or or another.

Just asking.
Lee Penn, author of the New Age expose False Dawn shared this in connection with the Shoebat link. "This is a 3-4 minute video of Trump speeches, the revolutionary song from Les Miserables, and scenes from nationalist and rightist parties worldwide. I had not thought that propaganda for a global extreme-right movement could work, but here it is. It looks like an instance of false messianism to me."
1:02 PM... Can you provide a link to Penn's article or whatever it was where he shared the video? Was it from Twitter? Or where was it?

There certainly is a danger that the anti-globalist populist movement that is reflected in things like Brexit, Trump's election, etc, can be hijacked by bad characters. It's how they operate. For example, Soviets saw the rise of anti-Communist groups in America, so to "control the opposition" they tried to infiltrate the far right and conservatism in this country. Standard Sun Tzu warfare tactics.

But the very fact that the globalists and the "borderless society" people like Soros, Clinton, etc fought hard against Trump and Nigel Farage and others like them gives the populist leaders high marks in my book. Geert Wilders is another example of a person who is fighting the Islamic hordes invading his country, and he is paying the price for it.

Is it "racist" or "bigoted" to want to protect your nation, your culture, your heritage? That is how it is being portrayed in the media, and is DEFINITELY how New Agers and globalists view such a love of country.

So with that in mind, I see Shoebat as too alarmist in this case.

Yes, be on the guard. But let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.

1:02 am I meant....
I guess my point is you can be a nationalist without being a fascist or Nazi. There is a good nationalism, and it is the kind that hates the UN and all it stands for.
Part 2 of a planned 4 part series. Christine (Infowolf1) made it over there and is in the comments. In this part Shoebat warns of the paganism which is warned against in the Bible.

Lee Penn wrote: "I first saw the Trump video on a right-wing survivalist site that I visit to see their perspective on the news. They loved the video, and are ecstatic about the coming change in DC." He posted the commentary on a Catholic site that he shared the video with, but was unable to pull up the commentary for me. Lee Penn can be reached through Facebook or perhaps through a website.
Perhaps not you Marko, but many who innocently support a nationalist point of view can easily be manipulated into accepting other things along with it if they are not warned in advance what is happening. Much information shared about the New Age movement is not of street level help.
True 2:06 PM, but those who know what the Bible says, trust the Lord, and believe what He has told us can distinguish these things. There are still those among us, just as there are many who won't care no matter how many facts you put in front of them.
Thanks for the link anon. 1:59. I'll have to read it later... got some errands to run. I had an email for Lee Penn a while ago, but I'm not sure it's current.

Regarding the "Russian Hacking" story.... Here's an excellent interview with Dr. Peter Vincent Fry, who is quite an expert when it comes to national security, defense, and the warfare threats facing us. Probably the best analysis I've seen yet covering all aspects of this narrative. It's a little over an hour long, but if you watch it, I don't think you'll come away with the thought that you've wasted your time.

I wish Jeff would fix his mic....
great post
I guess my point is you can be a nationalist without being a fascist or Nazi. There is a good nationalism, and it is the kind that hates the UN and all it stands for.

Indeed Marko; the point is to love your country without hating others.
It was Jehovah God who instituted soveriegn nations. It was and is
the Lord who makes war and makes peace.
The Lord is a mighty man of war.
He scattered the people at Babel after He confused the single
language into many varied languages.
This globalism and dream of a single government over the whole
earth is just the new Tower of Babel.
It too will fail and fabulously fall. But right now for a little while is
"their hour and the power of darkness".

After reading Shoebats article on the horrific storm... and reading the new american article on The new age roots,dark foundations of the new world order,.... well,it brings it all back home to me. Jews and Christians will be slaughtered
Great post Paul @ 6:08 PM.

Very informative Russian produced video on the LGBT global agenda. You will NOT see this type of documentary produced by any main stream news outlet here in the USA.

Video also exposes the Tavistock Institute's roll in promoting LGBT as a means to destroy the traditional family unit. Tavistock is heavily involved in the New Age Movement. Interesting stuff ... BUT ... the video contains some scenes that are not for children, most of which is blocked out.
Constance ...

I posted a link to a Russian produced video exposing the LGBT global agenda, along with its links to the NAM ... and it "disappeared."

Here is the link again:
CONSTANCE, my detractors PREACH THE DEMONIC DECEPTION that human purity is key to salvation.
(This also tends to overlook the Fall.) they think DNA alteration and/or transgenics and/or nephilim
genes from alleged second visit would make you NOT redeemable. this idea is false because:

nonhuman DNA in a human does not rule the human appearing hybrid out of salvation
BECAUSE Rev. 5:13 shows animals and lower in the kingdom of heaven praising God. THEREFORE
their DNA wouldn't ruin us.
(all of one blood IRRELEVANT because hybrids are one blood with purebred because
descended from Adam hence one blood.)

ONLY THE FIRST GENERATION OF HYBRIDS (who were nasty anyway) were damned.
no mention in Enoch of their descendants being cursed. Horn, Missler, etc. and the person wanting
me banned ARE TWISTING SCRIPTURE crazy notions of male providing the spririt of a
child are unbiblical the male provides x and y sperms is IRRELEVANT to this issue.

nephilim nonsense potentially classes as exterminatable those blacks, some American Indians a few
celts and non messianic Jews because ancestors were near giants so likely part nephilim.
(as for neanderthal descent of whites THIS RUINS NAZI RACIAL THEORY. RUINS IT.)

anon 2:47 hoity toity the description the verses cited isn't like what I do and "pissed off" doesn't
qualify as swearing and cursing and was singular not plural anyone reading
what Physicist wrote and what he was answering can see I am not falsely accusing him. Those
with any memory know he was falsely accusing me in that post. i suspect you
have far more serious logs in your eye you need to deal with. (Vainglory? Pride? Ambition?
Jingoist patriotism that wants to destroy everyone else? Greed? Covetousness? Jealousy?

" she states all Noah's sons were not fully human,"

Gen. 6:9 says he was perfect in his generations, and Gen. 7:1 says "thee have I seen righteous
before Me in this generation," implies ONLY Noah was righteous (okay) and if you buy the genetic
HAD GOD SEEN RIGHTEOUS. Only Noah. period. end of subject. the idea God provided a pure
human wife for him and wives for his sons is pure speculation.

"implying Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
must have had nephilim genes via his mother too. This gnostic nonsense..."

gnosticism rejects material universe, and denies the full humanity of Christ. (and rejects
sacramentalism because of anti material bias.)

"...may lead the young seeking Jesus Christ astray." HOW? astray from the idea they
have no hope of salvation because they might have nephilim genes? we are all 96 to 98%
gene identical to chimp only 100,000 to 300,000 specific genes are human only.
Agreed RayB @ 6:08 PM.

And in the center of all those happenings that Paul is referring to, is the stumbling stone, the cup of trembling for the whole world, that Zechariah 12 speaks of. Israel is the Sign of all signs to the world for knowing what our times are spelling out. The Tower of Babel as Paul mentions is the recycled and concerted effort of the proud, sinful, and faithless world against God and the EU (east to west) looks like the Roman Beast trying to make it's way back into power with global ("peace and safety") plans now more than ever, that will find the way with demonic empowerment to come together at a point in time to rail against the Almighty.
The Lord has business to finish with Israel and the nations, and watching it all is only pointing to the return of Jesus Christ to come totally address the darkness and the very hour of evil that is fast enveloping the world. The Light is working too, however!
The information age & still so many refuse to know the truth, but thankfully..not all...

i think you comment Paul was outstanding, however i have another idea in my spirit concerning this whole thing about GLOBALISM. Please consider this,...Lucifer himself creates Globalism as 911` was created as an engineered crisis by the Elite. now when i say Lucifer, i mean the Ruler of the New Age Movement, so... you can insert the NAM in place of Lucifer and use the 2 terms interchangeably. So...., for the 911 crisis [problem] they came up w/ a [reaction],called the Patriot Act.,...which yielded a SOLUTION in the form of a furthering of their POWER n CONTROL mechanism over the masses [in the form of increased surveillance]. NOW with respect to the Satanic inspired, NAM's orchestrated crisis of Globalism they come up w/ a reaction of Ultra-Nationalism!!!, ta da*,....which will yield a SOLUTION in the form of a furthering of Lucifers POWER n CONTROL mechanism over the masses by causing total CHAOS [in the form of barbarism / war n death] stemming from an OVER-REACTION to this anti-god awful Globalism threat.///// FACISM styled, Christian identity infested, Ultra Nationalism against The Paganistic, power hungry, earth GAIA worshipping agenda 21 Globalist movement. Two wrongs don't make a right...and Satan laughs w/ delight.....until Yahweh of Psalm 2 comes on the scene with the last laugh,...a laugh of derision, whilst He devours evil w/ the sword of His mouth and the Brightness of His coming*..........geeze, listen to me,....i could be off by a longshot!,...or i may be onto something in connection w/ the enemies strategy of using the false flag hegalian dialectic to ultimately get their way. Can you see my point on this at all people?
Trump (Drumpf) is being used in apparently more ways than you think. Notice how he wants to encourage the capital of Israel to be moved to Jerusalem, and his desire now to move our embassy there from Tel Aviv. It is also noteworthy the number of Jews he is surrounding himself with.

The anti-Christ will rule from Jerusalem, according to prophecy. The ball will start rolling soon.
This was known about Trump last February. Mafia or Russian control. Take your pick.
Yes indeed: Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and Hegel would all be proud of the globalists these days. But God is still in control and He is still in the saving business: see__

_and bless His holy name

Like Christine I am happy for people to judge that exchange involving her and me for themselves.



Noah was human as human gets.
Cursed by the fall like everybody else.

What was pure in the Lord's eyes was his faith in the One True God (like Abraham's was counted for righteousness so was Noah's before him). He was saved because he believed God and obeyed Him. Noah was of Seth's line and from what I read Mrs Noah was from Cain's line, but all were born with the fallen human nature. God honored faith that was placed in Himself and made the way of escape from the judgment the world brought upon itself. Through Seth's line God preserved His promise and preserved those who trusted the promise was true. God preserved His promise and kept it pure and over the course of time with finality, made the ultimate way of escape in through the sinless life, atoning death, and powerful resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, the Lord of all.

You appear to have made a "god" of your own thinking, so because of that you get the Bible so wrong so often, causing you to screw up every major doctrinal theme of it from cover to cover. (you screw up science nearly as frequently and Physicist rightly refutes you). Your take on genetics and dna is based on bad humanistic science too evidently.

So why even come here? You have no "believers" in your warped thinking and you insult everyone right up to the blog host because you're so self-righteous in your grandiose error. Just go back and spew your trash doctrine over at your own blog of disinformation.

Yes, we can easily judge for ourselves between Physicist and Chritine. Her multitudes of wrong secular human (and therefore New Age and of the Occult) beliefs have made her near about nuts.
Well, let's keep praying for Thomas Dahlheimer's opportunity/motivation to read the Bible in its entirety and for his conversion, thereafter.

I changed my own Windows password last week after receiving an email message from my router manufacturer suggesting an immediate firmware upgrade by software download because of found vulnerabilities. You may want to consider doing likewise for your system's protection.


I have to agree with your 12:08 post above. It looks like much is taking place to attempt to derail our incoming USA presidency.

Some Scripture for Thomas Dahlheimer (and everybody else) to solemnly consider in light of the obvious earth worship trends: Revelation (Apocalypse) chapter 14

6And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel [as opposed to "ever-changing] to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, 7Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

8And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

9And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: 11And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. 12Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

To Marko:

I have no issues with Carl Teichrib. I'm sure we don't agree on everything, but I do agree he is doing an excellent job with his research and exposition.

I have a very funny feeling about something I am increasingly hearing about called "block chain" -- a globalized interconnected information base and economy. I certainly claim no present expertise on it -- you can bet I'll find out. I would like to know what you out there think of "block chain" and its ramifications. Does it play into the Daniel/Revelation prophecies? I am thinking it well might, but I would value the opinion of you more sophisticated in economics and science than I -- Physicist, OMOTS, Rich of Medford, perhaps?


It's the technology used for a crypto-currency called Bitcoin. I believe there are others less popular. There is nothing whatsoever backing Bitcoin so in this sense the value is created out of thin air like fiat currencies which banks produce. The difference is Bitcoin boasts of privacy for owners and is theoretically non-manipulated although more recently some of the founders of Bitcoin have tried to stabilize the price. The difference is they have to actually buy and sell the Bitcoin at the actual price to make the price rise or fall.

Any manipulation of price thus costs a lot more money than using options or derivative type products which allow the use of leverage to make large price moments.

Personally, my sense of it is that it is that it could be a beta-test for a cashless society because there is no physical currency issued only digits and value created on a computer by a kind of programming which is supposedly difficult or impossible to hack. Since I am not a tech person, but a financial person I don't completely understand the nature of the block-chain technology other than to say it is supposed to afford a person or institution privacy from all kinds of authorities.

Because people are concerned about vulnerability of the economy and bank bail-ins which are now legal in most countries, this is seen as another alternative to protect ones resources or a diversification. There are arguments within the Bitcoin community evidently ( I am not one who holds bitcoin) to discuss certain changes depending on the size of ones transactions. There is controversy because some of the changes could effect privacy if I am understanding correctly.

It was being used widely in China because of fears there, but the government recently made some statements which cause a substantial correction. China seems to be doing more capital controls. The actually community of Bitcoin owners discuss and decide on changes made to the crypto currency but to have wider circulation they probably will have to make some kind of changes to the current format. I can't say whether or not the founders see Bitcoin as related to the Mark, but certainly governments and banking people are watching the behavior of Bitcoin and analyzing it. Whether there is any deliberate infiltration of the management of Bitcoin I cannot say with any certainty.
I would add that anything that represents the Beast system would have to be invasive. The Bible says it would be stamped or engraved on the hand or forehead. Bitcoin exists on your computer screen. There are efforts underway to get the entire world set up for internet to the most remote places. There already is very invasive technology for tracking, storing bank information which would mix with our own DNA.

The concept of some electronic currency will be married with some kind of invasive perhaps DNA altering technology that would render someone half man half machine as Ray Kurzweil would like to see. In this regard Bitcoin is a way off from Beast technology but it does represent one aspect of a future system which is cashless, electronic currency and how do people become accustomed to this and what is their behavior. A future Beast system will strip us of privacy and control in my opinion.

It would be interesting to hear Patrick Wood's thoughts on Bitcoin as it related to a technocratic dictatorship. As for the claims of inability to hack Bitcoin or manipulate it because of the technology, I am not placed to discuss that but it does seem that there is nothing today that is completely hack proof. Maybe some of the techies could address this. .
Constance the first part of my post disappeared. It was a long explanation about Bitcoin. Not sure i you can retrieve it. Don't have time to rewrite it now.
Ask the Futurists: 10 Bold Predictions for 2030
The Internet of Things will transform a lot more than cars and appliances

DNA modifications are coming? Not to worry?
All things that have breath will learn to praise their lord?
I just retrieved a number of posts from "Spam" that shouldn't have landed there. I'm wondering about the algorithms Google's bots use.

Mine was in response to your question about Bitcoin and I was just saying that it's a crypto-currency with absolutely nothing backing it that could be beta-tested for a NWO mark of the Beast. I cannot say this is the intent of the founders or not, but we know all web activity and behavior is analyzed not only by marketing companies but by governments.

The block chain technology is supposedly completely private although lately there are discussions about expanding Bitcoin that would perhaps make it less private. The selling point is that it is not manipulated by the use of leveraged types of instruments and therefore any price manipulation at all is costly because one must pay the full price of the Bitcoin to buy and sell it. Because it is cashless, there is no doubt that governments are watching the behavior of participants and I believe there are government players buying and selling Bitcoin.

Personally, I would not own it because it has nothing whatsoever backing it and I don't want to be a guinea pig for the cashless society coming. It is not THE mark, but it is providing a convenient way to condition a segment of the population to cashless.

It is also seen by financial professionals as a diversification out of fiat currency. People like Julius Assange, are paid with Bitcoin because it is difficult for him to receive other funding. My comments were erased so this is a brief synopsis of what I said earlier along with the contd comment above at 12:35am.

When cashless is married to invasive technology we will have the Mark, but this is perhaps just one of the preliminary conditioning tools along with other things like body piercing and tattoos. It is also a way to monitor behavior since it is internet based and also to see what happens when an non-leveraged crypto-currency is used by a certain test group. Not saying anything about the intent of the founders because I honestly have not heard that they have any evil intentions.

The group of Bitcoin holders are the community who discuss decisions about where to go with the future of Bitcoin, so it is a kind of group managed operation. If there is not consensus some members of the group can find alternatives and probably disrupt the price by leaving. This is my understanding without having used it.

People are seeing it as an alternative to our overly-manipulated markets where banks can bail you in at any moment. That's one of the selling points as well as the privacy, but the value is established without any backing and it exists only in cyber space.
This is also very disturbing technology:

One company in Sweden who has gone cashless is already using it.
Interesting article with regards to Bitcoin although it's not specifically mentioned:
One more. Bitcoin made a large move down lately, after a large move up:


This is Physicist. I'm familiar with the blockchain technology although it has nothing to do with basic physics. I'll outline what it is, but please try to mentally decouple it from bitcoin, which is just one application of the technology; there are many others.

The basic idea is that internet security is enacted by everybody involved having a copy of the history of each bitcoin or whatever other entity is involved. Everybody can see whose account a bitcoin has been part of. But in the list sitting on your computer those accounts are specified by encrypted codes, so that you and others have no idea who account no. 338642901 (say) actually belongs to. Only the account holder knows. The neat thing is that in order to steal a bitcoin you'd have to hack not just one computer, but everybody's; a hacked computer can be compared against all of the rest and the truth restored.

thank you Paul for the feedback, Ozark,...great news link!
think, accelerated rate of change!,...exponential growth,...and the exponential growth of exponential growth!! its all going to happen sooo fast, so quick, SO SOON!!! God be w/ us. When the scientific elite, technocrats w/ their Cern operation break thru into the inconceivable realm and God allows them to remove the veil that holds back full blown demonic hellfire, Satans rev.12 unfoldment shall all at once be unleashed...there is no stopping it now, honestly take a look at where we truly are as a race of fallen creatures on this planet and surrender it all up to Our father in Heaven who is most certainly going to intervene in our world. He Has Plans of HIS OWN. Develop Faith, cultivate it, keep it,....pray, watch and move as the Spirit of Truth moves you, in peace. Shalom is real and like others have said on this blog, God is in control. We must see this reality, through the eyes of Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen which are far more real than what we do see with our physical eyes . Gods Love to all.... hopefully this will take you to Carl Teichrib interview w/ Sheila Zilinsky on the return of paganism
Speaking of bad technology:
12:10 PM,
Your rebuke and rebuttal of MCE is spot on! Ironically, I would say there's something off the fallen angel inhabiting her flesh right now... her fruits tell us she is of her father the Devil, however no, she's not a nephalim but she does exhibit signs of demon possession!

I don't quite agree with your final comment, 12:10, where you wrote she is near about nuts.... no, 12:10, she is way, way, way beyond nuts This is the correct link Ozark. It's IgLta not lgl.ta. Interesting video.
don't move the embassy, mr trump

That is a bunch of crap and you sound very anti-Semitic.

Do you know anything about the British Mandate but more importantly, the Bible.

God will enter into judgment with those who divide His Land and scatter His People. Read the prophet Joel.
I've just posted a new article on this blogspot. Please refresh your browser. Join me in the morning on the radio, at You may call in live to 208-935-0094.


USA Preparing for war. Sends 3600 Tanks throughout the front.
The context for this aggressive front is in answer to Ukraine? Seems to be a day late and a dime short? The hacking rhetoric seems to have been a plan to elevate tensions.

This troop mobilization is occurring today but the orders to move were issued months to a year before this. Again we pray Russia does not bite. But there may be another false flag trigger to start the conflagration?

Alternative News Romania - Google translate to read
When the scientific elite, technocrats w/ their Cern operation break thru into the inconceivable realm and God allows them to remove the veil that holds back full blown demonic hellfire

Utter nonsense, Ozark. I am a committed Christian and a research...


Hi PHYSICIST, thanks for your feedback,...sometimes I can't help but to postulate... I bet you know more than I imagination soars and I formulate thoughts and, and, and seek feedback
if you were to elaborate on this,...I would be listening
By all means, ozark. Please tell me what you mean by the phrase I quoted.

ok,...a cern video on youtube made mention of what CERN scientists have labeled a 'wall' that they are trying to cross over or break through... otherwise known as a 'veil'. This will bring them into the 'inconceivable realm' of Antimatter, according to the speaker who [I recognized his voice] is known as ''Mike from around the world.'' /// Mike has been interviewed by Pastor Paul Begely many times and I believe he is or was a NASA scientist. He is a Christian and he speaks well. I believe Mike has a web site named, ?...council of time. /// The way I postulated in my thoughts, is that this is most likely to be speaking about a demonic sphere into a 'spiritual dimension'. The reason I jumped to this conclusion is in part because of all I have come to know, or suppose to be true, about CERN in the first place. HELLO, I said to myself,...the INCONCEIVABLE REALM?! woe! Instantly I thought this veil is what is RESTRAINING full blown EVIL from being unleashed!,...the restrainer that with holdeth until He lets that which is being held back, was God Himself or the Holy Spirit of TRUTH, who finally steps aside and gives mankind what it has been asking for, what its been craving in its state of rebellion against its Creator! He allows these arrogant prideful technocrat scientific elites to break thru this veil to bring forth the demonic world which shall bring Strong Delusion! The anti Christ follows and the GREAT TRIBULATION is in everyones face...! this is my thesis in a bit of a nutshell. you may think I am way off, and you might be right. There is more I could have added to this on why I think the way I do on these matters....but hey I think you can perhaps figure that much out. Lets see where all this goes as we converse. perhaps folks will view this as a waste of time. At least I have spoke out, it took me some courage although I did speak it out in a "LISTEN UP FOLKS" type of way. Lord help me! I had just said to myself a week or so ago, ''Geeze I don't really know anything for sure", then BOOM, all of a sudden i'm mysteriously, "in the know".
I meant to direct the above to Physicist obviously.
Ozark, please see my comments (signed "Physicist" at their bottom) on the threads here of December 23rd last year and September 10th 2015. That just about covers it.

I truly believe that we need Gods Holy Spirit of TRUTH to seal us so that we will be able to discern CERN and all falsehood for exactly what it truly is. Thanks Physicist, the Light I'm me honors the Light in you. The dialogue on the dec 23rd thread was fabulous!
whoop's that's, The Light in me honors the Light in you. also , the video was called: THE CERN DECEPTION THE EVIL FROM GENEVA 2016!A MUST WATCH! by The World We LiveIn 30 mins he begins to speak about the wall, the veil...and the realm of darkness. blessings Physicist
Ozark, I have discerned exactly what CERN is: a giant physics experiment about subatomic particles, nothing else. It is conducted by people having just about every belief system, secular materialist, New Age, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, whatever, but that isn't the same thing. You can't drill into the spiritual using a material drill; that's a fundamental ontological confusion - Physicist

got it! thanks again, i am glad you pointed me to the dec 23rd thread, it was interesting,...later i will also look at the other thread from sept 2015 that you had mentioned. Cheers! to you Physicist, Shalom
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9Well, let's keep praying for Thomas Dahlheimer's opportunity/motivation to read the Bible in its entirety and for his conversion, thereafter.

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