Monday, November 07, 2016

Please go vote!


We are at the end of what has been a tumultuous campaign season.  If anybody had told me a year ago that Donald Trump would be the presidential nominee for the Republicans, I would then have proclaimed them "crazy."  He was not my personal choice for nominee.  But, he is the Republican nominee and has proclaimed his own judicial nominations would be for judges who follow law as written -- not as they wish to write it.   Given Hillary Clinton's refusal to denounce partial-birth abortion and her enthusiastic endorsement of the totality and beyond of the LGBT agenda, I see no choice but to vote for Donald Trump and I will be casting my vote for him -- Donald J. Trump.

Sadly, nobody is perfect and sometimes we do need to choose between evils.  Donald Trump has demonstrated his human flaws to be certain, but it is my belief that he does not possess what I perceive as Hillary Clinton's outright hostility to Christians possessing millennia long traditional values on marriage, family, gender, etc., etc.

For sure it is not an easy time to be a Christian in our society.  That was clearly and repeatedly prophesied in Scripture.  But to take an expression from the old civil rights movement -- we have to "keep on keeping on."

Please -- go vote -- you have only yourself to blame if you fail to exercise that precious constitutionally guaranteed right!

Stay tuned!



Donald Trump may be flawed, but I do not believe that he is flawed in the same way that Hillary Clinton is flawed. While Donald Trump is certainly no saint, the depth of Hillary Clinton's corruption makes Donald Trump's peccadilloes seem trivial by comparison.

Moreover, Mr. Trump's choice of Mike Pence for his running mate is likely an indication of the kind of people he will be choosing for his cabinet once he is elected POTUS.

Praying that Donald is your next President.

From OZ
In the annals of American politics, the Clintons have reached depths of corruption that even the most debased politicians (and we have had many) never thought possible.

This hopefully will be Hillary's and the Clinton Crime Syndicate's day of reckoning.

Very little has been said in the MSM regarding the TEA Party. Remember what they were able to pull off in the mid-term elections of 2014, which shocked everyone. This election, I believe, will be equally shocking because of the massive voter rejection of the Obama/Clinton socialist mandate.

There is ONLY one viable choice in this Presidential election if we want to have a chance to return America to its Constitutional Republic roots ... DONALD J. TRUMP.

My husband and I prayed this morning and then went out and voted for Donald J. Trump.

DEPLORABLES UNITE (Do you Hear The People Sing?) Trump Anthem


I am cautiously optimistic about the election results. I think Trump will get support from groups that conventional wisdom has traditionally given to the Democrats. Michigan might even go red tonight! What do you think Constance?

I voted Trump. While at the polling place, one of the electronic machines had to be turned off because it wasn't working correctly.

I'm going to see what our state (Indiana) can do about returning to paper ballots. I don't trust electronic voting machines AT ALL. (And I work in Information Technology....)

The sad thing is that the voting software should have been one of the easiest to code. I highly suspect they were developed to have "glitches".

My home state is Indiana where I was born and raised -- Fort Wayne.

No chance of fighting the New Age movement with Trump in office. It's over. The mob which has bought into all of the cultural change is now convinced of its non-thinking brilliance. With Clinton in office there was a chance of opposition. Oh a little bit of a problem might be exposed here or there, meaningless. Congratulations to all of those who have wanted to cement the future.
Inexorable deplorables
It looks like Hilary got Trumped.
Great winning speech from Trump.
Hope all America comes together to make it great again.
Charity begins at home.

It would be a superlative act for Trump to pardon Hillary Clinton... making it totally clear just how much needs pardoning!

So, a philanderer in the White House... nothing like the Clinton era then.


You couldn't be more wrong about Trump and his supporters. As you like to say, "Do the research."

Congratulations to the electorate on making the right decision. I agree with Susanna, he is a flawed man but nothing compared to the Clintons. God has always used imperfect creatures to carry out his will. May God bless and guide Donald J. Trump as he appoints Supreme Court justices and leads the American people.

Trump had very powerful support from the Black churches. The most vocal Pro-Trump Youtubers are Black conservatives - Diamond and Silk, ET Williams, Leo Dunson, Anthony Brian Logan, etc. The Black community is waking up to how the liberals have used them to line their own pockets whilst crime and unemployment increases in the inner cities. Trump will be watched like a hawk by those who took a gamble on him. It is my view that his ego is so big that he will hold himself to his promises. He craves the approval of all Americans who have put their trust in him, and he will work to rightly earn this trust.

Of course if you are completely cynical (as many Watchmen are, such as Richie from Boston) you would say I am a gullible, uninformed, unsophisticated fool and that it's all Kabuki Theatre (as Ann Barnhardt says). The God of the Bible can turn all situations around. People of faith all over the world have been lifting up Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence in prayer for many weeks now. I spent most of yesterday in prayer. Perhaps we are all just naaive fools. I am siding with the simple explanation, that Mr. Trump is who he says he is with no hidden agenda and will keep his word. Only time will tell.
I believe the PTB will orchestrate a crash of the world economy and try to blame President Trump. Gird your loins, everyone.
The elites do not want to spend a decade of their lives living in a society that lacks the basics of civilization. The world economy is quite likely to crash anyway.
Anon. 9:09 says:

"The elites do not want to spend a decade of their lives living in a society that lacks the basics of civilization."

This is a truth that seems to get ignored in most analysis.
Indeed. The PTB want the serfs to perform those basic functions of civilisation. Destroying it (without a fool-proof back-up plan) is antithetical.
Regarding those who stated they'd leave the country under a Trump presidency, anybody want to assist them in the packing of their bags?
I'm awaiting Hilary's comments.

Trump campaign expenses: 100 million; Hilary 1 billion. Watching Hilary concede: priceless.
They are buying bunkers and islands to shield them from the coming destruction.
This was NOT a victory for Donald Trump ... it was a victory of the PEOPLE over the New World Order elitists.

1776 -- America's 1st. Revolution

2016 -- America's 2nd. Revolution

Not only that, but this will embolden freedom seeking people in Europe to have their own BREXIT against this despotic, globalist elite !!

Somewhere in the distance, I can hear the Freedom Bell ringing ...
Anonymous 8:05, Flawed, what a simplistic word. Perhaps Castro was just flawed. The blog is supposed to be an analysis of the effect on the culture by those involved in the New Age network. How do the contributors here analyze the future state of the New Age movement under Trump.
"Somewhere in the distance, I can hear the Freedom Bell ringing"
That's heaven calling. (the repentant hear that one)
There's no freedom on the earth. Anywhere. The new age will homogenize with apostate christianity, and finish the job of schmoozing the snoozing of this Laodicean age. Political theater (all over the globe actually) is one great big distraction. The battle ground is spiritual, principalities just over our heads are going at it as we speak.

Folks better double down and know the Lord's Word, to have it hidden in their hearts, because they are really going to need it. The biggest showdown of all time is right on course, with little time left...
Our true freedom is in Jesus Christ alone. It's past time to get ready, it's time to be ready.

2017 will be packing a whale of a punch.
A few comments here: Trump did meet with Kissinger, the head of Goldman Sachs and the Richard Haas of CFR, so let's hope and pray that he keeps his word and follows through on many of the promises he made. To some extent he will have to play ball or risk his life, if he really bucks the system.

Pray that he will become a man of his word and for his safety and protection and for wisdom in choosing to surround himself with the right advisors. The global response has been a mixed bag and some in EU will use this as an excuse to push the EU army idea. Remember Trump said we should stop funding NATO.

With our 20 trillion in debt and 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities ( social security etc) he will need nations to buy our treasury bonds, so defaulting on our debt obligations or renegotiating them as he mentioned during the campaign, may not be a very attractive option. Our treasuries have been being dumped at a rapid rate, and that is likely to increase due to uncertainty over his policies and because we have left the threat of law suits against Saudi Arabia for 911 on the table. The Saudis will try to pull their money out to protect themselves.

If the US continues its disasterous policy of QE our financial system lose all credibility. Trump did mention the debt, and he was one of the few to mention it. Let's see now if he helps the bankers, like Obama did in 2008 or he helps the people by not allowing the insane banking policies that have been in place to date. That would probably require him to get rid of the Fed, and doing that would be very dangerous for him. The central banks are the basis of the new world economic order. Anyone who raises rates at this point risks collapsing the system. If Yellen does this, then the comment of Anon 8:36am will certainly become a reality.
To 11:49 pm

I'm interested in your opinion as to why Trump would be the one to usher in the New Age -- it's certainly not impossible. It was my opinion that Hillary would have been the more likely of the two to do so given her aggressive promotion of partial birth abortion, same sex marriage, transgender bathrooms, etc., etc.

The riots tonight give me great pause. There was violence in Oakland, California. That is the Occupy chapter that was funded by the Threshold Foundation in a recent grant.

Here is a link to a UK Daily Mail piece on the "protests" that have been organized across the country by none other than Soros funded anarchist groups. The photos contained in the article are very telling ...

This entire anarchist movement has been modeled after the "secret society" organized French Revolution. They are employing the exact same tactics. We all know how that ended up. The danger is in suppressing this with the military (Fed troops must be requested by state Governors)and the military in effect sympathizes with the anarchists and consequently stands aside. When this happens, virtually nothing is left other than civil war. Highly improbable, but, it COULD happen.

I would like to add just another thought re: above.

Much of this anarchy has been fueled by the racially charged rhetoric of Obama for the better part of the last 8 years. Add to that, Hillary's divisive "campaign" with her charge of "deplorables ... you know ... xenophobics, racists, homophobics, etc." Her entire campaign was nothing more than an attack on Trump and his supporters, so the outcome (riots by anarchists) is extremely predictable.
I think the various elements embedded within America that have been working for our destruction -- agent provocateurs from hostile nation/states, radical Leftists/Marxists/Communists, Occupyists, globalists of all stripes, "nations without borders" peeps, radical New Agers (radical middle), and all the duped people (many of them age 30 and under) who have been indoctrinated via public education into supporting their agenda by default, plus others I'm forgetting to mention -- are now formed into a coalition that will not be silent or inactive any longer, and the push back against the push back that elected Trump will begin in earnest, and soon. Their anguish was on display as the election results came in, and after the anguish wears off, it will be replaced with anger and defiance.

I think the time between now and the inauguration will be a dangerous time, with the danger coming from many angles.

I hope I'm wrong.

I certainly don't think Trump is helping the New Age (or any other radical, globalist agenda) along - he (unknowingly) took a big swing at it, and rather successfully I think. Time will tell.


I agree with your comments 100%. The Fed Government has pushed the idea of "higher" education for virtually all high school grads. College education has not only been vastly downgraded, it has concentrated its collective efforts to radicalize their students with the lies of the French Revolution/Marxist/Secularism. I have attempted to reason with some of these people ... they are NOT open to any reason! They completely shut out any differing opinions and cling only to what they perceive to be "facts" (i.e. indoctrination of leftist ideology).

Recently, I had a "conversation" with one. He asserted that Bernie Sanders should have been nominated instead of Hillary. When I told him that Sanders and Clinton are both Marxists, he looked me dead in the eye and said "so what's wrong with that?" This is where we are; millions of dumbed-down "intellectuals" that have all the answers and refuse to hear anything that might force them to think.

I agree with you that we are in a very "dangerous time." A Russian political scientist awhile back stated that he believed America was heading for a regional breakup, a Balkanization of 4 separate regions. It very well could happen. There is a movement now working to do secede called Calexit ... in which California, Washington, and Oregon would split from the Union. I honestly think there may be enough radicals in that region (along with Nevada) to actually mount a serious effort ... and that might not be a bad thing! I might even contribute to their campaign.
RayB and Marko,

Millions In Funding For The Anti-Police Protests in the U.S. Has Come From a Single Person

By Jason W. Stevens —166 Comments


Anti-Trump rallies funded by the left

The anti-Trump riots are planned and funded by the left

I hope that creep Soros doesn't have a U.S. Visa. if he does, it should be revoked.

He was also a contributor to the Clinton Foundation and was a good friend of the Clintons.

Green Paper to White Paper continued (from Solana playbook)

Always jealous and ambitious, elitists are bad neighbors anyhow..

Yes, Susanna, creepy Soros is the lapdog of Solana and his cronies (accomplices).
Wise words Marko and anon 12:50. Trump is pro-life, Pence is strongly pro-life, both are pro-Israel. Trump plans to abolish Obamacare, Common Core (Commie Core), and NAFTA, and appoint judges in the mold of Scalia. He has exposed the traitorous corruption of the Clintons. His speech to Pastor Jackson's church in Detroit was amazing. Has there been a better Republican contender in my lifetime? Not that I can remember.

So why the complaint above that Trump is somehow helping the New Age? Did I waste my time trying to help get him elected when I should have instead been analysing ways to "fight the New Age"? Maybe I just need to listen to more Glenn Beck in order to become enlightened to the evils of Mr Trump (LOL) and how I have been wasting my time on him.
To all:

FYI: Trump got more than 81% of the Evangelical vote and 52% of the (observant) Catholic vote. It was they who gave him the key states that led to victory.

I Accidentally deleted Craig's comment re the campaign costs of Trump vs Hillary and "watching Hillary concede -- Priceless. Craig, can you repost? Thanks!


I can still see the 10:11AM comment, but here it is again:

Trump campaign expenses: 100 million; Hilary 1 billion. Watching Hilary concede: priceless.
Wonder when all those who promised to leave the country if Donald won will actually leave and who will take them anyway!.
Liberal Hollyward degenerates arent as popular as their egos think they are overseas.

According to sources inside the Trump camp, Rep. Trey "the Bulldog" Gowdy is Trump's favorite for Attorney General.

In the past, Trump tweeted "under a Trump Presidency, Trey Gowdy for Attorney General."

Gowdy was an absolute pit bull during Congressional hearings on Benghazi, Clinton's email scandals, etc. while grilling Lynch, Comey, and Clinton. I'm sure the Clintons are aware of the possibility of Gowdy as AG ... they must be shaking in their boots!

This would be an outstanding pick.

PS: the FBI continues its investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and with a Trump Justice Department, this should be very interesting.

I wonder if Soros could be prosecuted under the RICO Act. Through his financial support, he certainly has conspired to "encourage others" to commit criminal acts, via rioting, etc. which has cost lives, put law enforcement officers' lives in danger and destroyed private proper, etc. At the very least, Soros is an agent provocateur that is determined to destroy America.

Somehow, Trump needs to find a way to drop the hammer on this anarchist.

Trump also spent next to nothing and defeated the well-financed Jeb! Bush campaign. Bush raised over $100 million, spent almost all of it during the primaries, and came up with nothing.

Try to imagine how all those corporate donors for Bush & Hillary feel. All that pre-paid money for influence, and all they end up with are two losers!

Trump is the first President elect since probably Calvin Coolidge that is not beholding to the power brokers behind the throne. It is going to be very interesting to see how all this plays out.
Anon 9:33pm,

See my comment at 9:34AM.

As I've been contemplating a Trump America and the potential fallout (keeping in mind also [see #11]), I thought of the Steely Dan song "King of the World" which describes a 'post-apocalyptic' (as per the current vernacular), a post-atomic bombed America. You can look up lyrics online. I just played this song on my turntable, which then led me to play the entire record (Countdown to Ecstasy), which includes the Song "Show Biz Kids". Some of the lyrics:

Show business kids making movies
Of themselves you know they
Don't give a f*** about anybody else

Though very leftist, Steely Dan has some very thought-provoking and humorous lyrics, poking fun at New Agers. On the same record above is a tune called "Bodhisattva", in which they sing facetiously:

I'm gonna sell my house in town

And I'll be there to shine in your Japan
To sparkle in your China, yes I'll be there

My absolute favorite is from their album Two Against Nature, titled "West of Hollywood":

Just a thrill away from punching through the cosmic realm

The chorus:

I'm way deep into nothing special
Riding the crest of a wave breaking just west of Hollywood


Incidentally, I think it has the absolute finest, most astonishing tenor sax solo of any rock-based song (the last 4 minutes of the song!) by Chris Potter (who is a jazz saxophonist). Amazing! (It rivals the outstanding guitars in the outro of "King of the World".)
Oregonians begin petition drive to put on the 2018 ballot a proposal to secede from the USA.

This isn't as crazy as it sounds. Oregon, like Washington state and California, is full of crackpots and weirdos that just might have the numbers to pull it off. Constitutionally, there is NOTHING to prevent a state from seceding.

Personally, I think the USA would be better off without them ... just my opinion.
Here is one of the many, many reasons I couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton.

Yes, lets hope that this gets rolled back under a Trump administration, but don't hold your breath waiting. James Corbett is pretty cynical about what Trump said versus what he will do. I'd like to keep a little bit of an open mind and wait to see what he does, but there are some ominous signs, like the possible selection of Newt Gingrich for a cabinet position.

Others pointed out that he did meet with both Kissinger, Richard Haass ( CFR) and the head of Goldman Sachs. The pressure on him to keep the status quo will be enormous.

Having said that she is a wicked woman and the information coming out about connections to a pedophile are horrible. There are rumors swirling on the internet that NYPD has a copy of Weiner's computer and it's not pretty. See some of the notes on the Corbett report.

I don't think the Clintons will be able to command quite so much money for their 15 minute talks, but whether she will be locked up we'll have to wait and see. He may have been brought in as the outsider to usher in the new world currency after the economy finally tanks. The markets have been artificially buoyed up with endless money printing. Trump is inheriting a mess, both economically and geopolitically, worse than the mess in 2008.

On a lighter note, we might see a little more gold on the White House.
The environmental wackos are in a “sky is falling” tizzy over the Trump victory. Here’s a response from the Center for Biological Diversity…obviously they intend to fight “the darkness” with a major fund raising effort….

Lash Out at the Darkness and Fight Like Hell

This newsletter usually describes the many things the Center for Biological Diversity is working on each week.

Not today. We're only thinking about one thing right now: stopping Donald Trump from destroying the planet.

If President Trump carries out the disastrous promises he made while campaigning, the Environmental Protection Agency will be gutted, the Endangered Species Act will be repealed, old-growth forests will be clearcut, hard-fought global climate change agreements will be undermined, and polluters will be given free rein over our water and air.

There's no way in hell we're letting that happen.

Like everyone else we woke up Wednesday morning in an ugly, depressed place. It was difficult to get out of bed knowing the world we thought we knew -- one that seemed to be moving in the right direction -- had taken a dark turn.

As individuals, we cried, we mourned, and we sat stunned in disbelief about what had happened to our country. We felt the impulse to stay home alone.
But then we came to work, and we began the fight. Together. Every Center for Biological Diversity staff member showed up Wednesday morning in Tucson, Oakland, Washington D.C., Anchorage, Denver and other offices around the country. We're back again today. We'll be here fighting next week, next month and every hour of the Trump administration.

We're warriors. It's what we do. We know what we're up against.

Trump and his friends in Congress will try to rip away the world's most important laws protecting endangered species, public lands, clean air and water, and a healthy climate for future generations.

Polluters will be put in charge of agencies that are supposed to clean up our environment. Wolf-haters and gun-worshippers will determine wildlife policies. Climate-deniers in the White House will say there's no reason to cut greenhouse gases. The Keystone XL pipeline will be back on the table, right alongside the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our precious, collectively held lands will be offered up to those who see them only as sources of private profit, for mining, drilling, logging and paving over.

But we -- and you -- will be there at every turn to fight for what we believe in. And to win.

The movement that stands for what's right -- for our environment, our wild animals and plants and places, and vulnerable people who've been preyed upon for far too long -- will grow stronger every day, every hour. Thousands will become millions. Millions will become tens of millions.

That's what it will take to win. And we will win.

Today our hearts still hurt as the ground has shifted beneath our feet. But that pain will be turned into power. Our sense of injustice will become energy. Our grief will become love. We will link arms, rise up together and fight like hell, lashing out at the darkness and demanding light.
Anon 11:51 PM

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I don't expect Trump will be able to pull the U.S. out of the deep trouble we've gotten into. Whether or not he's sincere in doing that remains to be seen. The machinery for global governance is firmly in place. Will he be tempted to take control of it or dismantle it? If he's being truthful then his stated position is that he opposes the direction globalization has taken the US. Clinton without a double would have utilized that machinery as she participated in the creation of some of it.

Clinton is on board with the Alliance of Civilizations and co-launched one of its interlocking initiatives--the Istanbul Process--a process which intends to seriously attack our First Amendment rights. We are potentially one Supreme Court justice away from this becoming a reality. I'm sure Clinton's nominee would have been an individual who would have sealed the deal.

A great deal of work was done in 2015 to integrate the Alliance of Civilizations into the US counter-terrorism strategy. The Strong Cities Network was part of that integration. The AoC identifies monotheistic faiths which hold exclusive truth claims to be the root cause of terrorism. It is the vehicle which ultimately intends to rid the world of terrorists (us). I believe any person who supports the killing a child during delivery is wicked and undeserving of my vote. I expect they wouldn't think twice about euthanizing those whom they consider to be a "burden"; people such as the elderly, handicapped or even an "unredeemable basket of deplorables". Clinton's deplorables comment reminded me of BM Hubbard's division of the earth into camps--1/4 being a cancer in the social body.

I wasn't happy that Trump was the republican nominee. He wouldn't have been even my last choice--I'd have reshuffled the deck and started over. But given the choices and who I personally considered the lesser of two evils, I had to reject Clinton.

Agreed Rich Peterson @ 1:06 AM.

Is going to be real interesting how this republican slam dunk (w/all 3 branches) will work out. If it even gets off the ground is what I wonder about should Trump even try to reverse it. Too many career politicians on both sides of the aisle still sitting fat and happy that actively and inactively participated for it to get this far because the machine for global governance is most assuredly firmly in place. I think too many among them are on board already, so I am of the mind that they'll basically maintain it and therefore allow it to further encroach (against us), but we'll see won't we?

Such times we are living in...
The U.N. is in full panic mode....ordering fast track of AGENDA 2030...

I've always liked the guitar solo by Larry Carlton in "Kid Charlemagne"... Also, same song, I remember sitting with some other guys in college and cracking up where Donald Fagan (I think it was him) sings the lines:

Is there gas in the car? Yes there's gas in the car..."

It's not what he sings, it's how he strains his voice when he sings it. Classic stuff!
Pope Francis goes silent on Trump's election, stating that he "does not make judgments on people or politicians ..." This comes from the man that stated in the past the Trump "was not a Christian" etc. It also comes from the man that enthusiastically supports the UN Agendas 21 & 30, which should be no surprise being that the Pope is actually a globalist that supports the idea of a One World Government, One World Religion, and a One World Economic Order.

Do you remember the Pope encouraging Catholics to "vote their conscience" in the Presidential election? Do you recall Hillary Clinton stating in a debate that the "unborn have no rights?" Do you recall Hillary Clinton defending partial-birth abortions? Do you recall Hillary Clinton defending homosexual "marriages?"

Shouldn't the Pope have stated that, based on moral issues alone, Catholics cannot vote for such a person?

Here is a link to the article re: the Pope's response to Trump's election:
RayB 9:43 PM

I don't know if Soros could be successfully prosecuted under the RICO Act because to be quite honest, I don't know everything that the RICO Act entails.

But I should think the fact that his various nonprofit organizations are little more than fronts for his many political activities - including his conspiring to "encourage others" to commit criminal acts, via rioting, etc. which has cost lives, put law enforcement officers' lives in danger and destroyed private proper, etc. - ought to be more than enough to provide grist for the federal prosecutorial mill.
RayB 10:51 PM

Interestingly, the state of Oregon which claims to want to secede is part of the Pacific Northwest that used to be called "Aryan Nations?" In fact, Grant County, Oregon is the place that was being considered in 2010 as headquarters for Aryan Nations. The reason why is because Grant County is very similar to their current headquarters in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Thankfully, the White Supremacists have not prevailed to my knowledge.

It wasn't that long ago that there was the beginning of a "harmonic convergence," so to speak, between the radical left, the radical right and radical Islam.

Actually, Pope Francis hasn't been silent on Trump's election.

Pope Francis is praying for Donald Trump

The spin by the lamestream news media about what Pope Francis allegedly says - or does not say - goes tandem with John Podesta's "Catholic" front organizations which were started for the purpose of causing a revolution in the Catholic Church.

TThat said, I would add that while the Pope can tell people how to vote their conscience with regard to certain moral issues, he seldom actually names the candidate we should vote for. I can say from experience that this is even true of our bishops here in the United States.

Christian concern for the poor and social justice according to the Gospels is all well and good, but there are some moral issues that are non-negotiable - issue number one being abortion.

I am not a single issue voter. But I am a priority issue voter. And that priority issue is abortion. I would never vote for a person who is pro abortion unless it is a matter of voting for the "lesser of two evils."

For example, here in Massachusetts, we have a RINO Governor Charles Baker who is "pro-abortion," but is considered "moderate" when compared with his radically pro-abortion opponent, Martha Coakley, who would have actively pursued legislation to further the pro abortion agenda. Ergo, in good conscience, I felt I had to hold my nose and vote for Baker. Not voting would have been a vote for Coakley.

Trump is not going to outlaw abortion or gay marriage. Most likely he'll let states decide on the issue. Rather than the current federal mandates we are seeing, to make people comply.


Could it be New Age, because they have seized upon this issue to create an uprising. Anti-Trump protests are spreading across the nation. They keep using the word "revolution".

I don't know if Dennis Cuddy is writing anymore or as prolifically as he used to, but years ago he had said that the globalists will bring in someone more trustworthy to roll out the NWO and the new world currency. That actually makes sense. He thought the opponents would be Clinton and Jeb Bush but Jeb Bush didn't last very long in the primaries. Supposedly, there were some very embarrassing details which would have come out if he stayed in the race. The Bush family is not very popular since George W. Trump is trustworthy from the standpoint of not being an insider.

Trump wouldn't have been my choice for a Rep. nominee either. He is deeply flawed, in spite of the fact that he is very successful. His status as an outsider and his many promises sold him to the conservative population and some of the moderates and even liberals. He does have a positive confident attitude, sometimes egotistical but I do think he cares about the country.

Trump has been adamant that he wants national boundaries, but what happens if the economic system collapses, particularly the system with USD as world reserve currency? Signs of this are already on the horizon. I suspect he will be forced to do what the globalists want because he will not have the leverage to do otherwise. As for his sincerity, it's hard to say. He may have good intentions, but as you said, the plans are firmly in place for the globalist dream including all the UN initiatives like AoC and Strong Cities. One man is not going to be able to stop it. He is already backtracking on a number of the promises, and we are only a couple of days after the election.. Watching carefully and praying. Still very happy that Clinton did not get in, but maybe the anti-globalists will be blamed for the crash that eventually comes paving the way for the globalists to do whatever they want. That's at least one of the theories floating around out there.

It will be interesting to watch and see if he flip flops on climate change. The control of all natural resources is one of the keys to controlling the planet. It will also be interesting to see how this relationship with Russia develops. Since the Sochi Olympics tensions have been as high almost as they were during the Cold War. Right now Putin appears to be open to working with Trump, but Russia already has a tremendous advantage in the ME, thanks to some of the blunders of this administration, starting with Egypt Iraq, Iran, Syria and now Turkey who Russia is making deals with. Russia wants a multi-polar world, not a US dominated world.

Trump showed humility and respect for Obama after their meeting. Some of that is to be expected. You really have to wonder what Obama told that caused him to backtrack on Obamacare. He seems less positive about prosecuting Hillary too.

If George Soros really does control the voting machines in 14 states and there was a lot of cheating, all in favor of Clinton from reports, you would have to believe that the globalists allowed a Trump win for whatever their reasons. They don't leave elections to chance.

One last comment, Trump has a tower right in front of the UN. There is a German Christian group that conducts round the clock prayer from one of the apartments in his tower. It's a group very pro-Israel and very anti-UN agenda. The question is whether or not God's calendar for judgement over this world system is coming now or later. If it is, tyranny will arise, the saints will have to persevere and then we will see victory. We can pray, but I think we have to pray to see the current situation through the lens of Scripture, which has nothing to do with the US being great again. Many US Christians are hoping that Trump is the savior of the US and looking to him instead of the real savior. The savior laid down his life for us. I am not sure that Trump is willing to do that.
Many things to think about, anon 3:32. Thanks for your thoughts.

I remember back when Bill Clinton was in the middle of all of his problems. I was angry and disappointed with him as president just like a lot of others. God laid it on my heart, quite strongly, to look at him differently - to have compassion on the man, and to never think that someone is beyond the hope of salvation.

I get this same feeling with Trump. He might have seemed egotistical and arrogant throughout the campaign, but I think having gone through the digging up of his past has had a humbling effect on him. I think God is molding him, and getting him ready for something, possibly even to become a follower of Christ. He's had lots of exposure to Christian leaders over the past year or so. Who knows what effect that's had on him?

But ... he also could be part of the delusion coming into the Church as well - especially from the prophetic circles that talk about mantles and kingdom mandates and all that. They think he's God anointed, and I've already seen comments about Trump that essentially are trying to protect him from any criticism, because, you know, "touch not the anointed".

I think Rick Joyner and that whole bunch are trying to make Trump out to be one of "their guys" so as to push their Dominionism upon the rest of the world.

Former Troy Mayor Janice Daniels is doing my radio program on this morning. My sister and her husband are in town and I am going to leave early to have lunch with them 30 miles from where I'm sitting. They live in my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Of all the days to not do my radio program! It looks like the New Age revolution in the streets may be happening!

To 9:46 pm

My sentiments EXACTLY!

IMHO -- the biblically prophesied "Image of the Beast" is the "Whole Earth" image itself! The Biblical warning in Revelation 14: FEAR GOD AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGMENT IS COME -- WORSHIP GOD WHO CREATED . . .

These people are worshiping just about everything and everybody but our CREATOR GOD!

You said it, Constance.

This election and the whole election process is very contrived in my book, and the happenings and non-happenings thereafter, too, and likely not new just much worse now. I almost did not vote because of that actually, but like the Lord told Samuel to go and anoint Saul because the people wanted their own version of king and kingdom, did not want the Lord/His choice for them, so He gave them what they wanted....always be careful what you ask for and why!...and God still used it for His glory--the real point after all---for His glory!

God hasn't changed. I know the times do, names and places change, but God does not. I take much comfort in that, frankly. The prophetic is very much in play and even the "good" will do only so much of that (in God's terms and timing) is an evil time and the Revelation of Jesus Christ is not going to be stopped. There is mercy yet (again, that is only in God's terms (not dominionist, etc) and God's timing), but the hammer will continue to fall.

I count on God to be great, to be good....not mere men. I want to keep my sights set much higher so I don't care who they think they or who others think, they are.
It's all going by The Book.

I don't think Trump is a new age prop or anointed. He is however right about aggressive progressives. He just can't reverse cultural changes that have already taken place. At the most he might offer Christians an accommodation. We are in the storm, and we might be able to buy some time here, but not for long.

Hence we still need to prepare for whatever is coming.


If you have a few moments, I have a question for you. From a scientific perspective, is there any validity to the notion that time predates creation? I ask this because of the following assertion by an individual who purports to have earned a doctorate in philosophy at Oxford:

“Some real difficulties with the idea that God ‘created’ time. Yes, I know this is a typical idea, but the logical investigation of this produces a different conclusion. See my book, God, Time and the Limits of Omniscience.”

By the title, it sounds like the author could be an ‘Open Theist’, promoting the idea that God can be surprised by future events. I note that this book is self-published, as is all his other works. I’d think that with the clout of just being an Oxford graduate he could have had the book peer-reviewed and published by a recognized publishing house, perhaps even OUP. The cynic in me is led to believe that the intent was to escape peer review. But, hey, I can be a glass-half-empty kinda guy.

Science in general is not my thing. And I’ve never taken any philosophy courses, though I’ve read/skimmed a few books on philosophy, mostly from a Christian perspective.

The way I see it, time is a necessary construct of creation. I suppose one could attempt to argue that a Creator would have to exist in time in order to create. That is, e.g., by analogy, if I were to create something, there would logically be a time before I created the thing, the time involved during its creation, and the time after the thing was created. However, this would only apply because I myself am a created, material thing! Yet, God describes Himself as a (pre-)existent, spiritual, incorporeal Being – the I AM - which, to my way of thinking is precisely why He can be the Creator of all, including time.

In addition, it would seem to me that, even if one subscribes to the Big Bang Theory, one would have to eventually concede that there must be some sort of uncreated cause to effect the ‘Bang’. And this ‘uncreated cause’ must then ‘precede’ time/space, for time/space is one of the results of this ‘Bang’. Or am I missing something?

Recent exchange on Javier Solana's twitter feed:

Strobe Talbott ‏@strobetalbott 11h11 hours ago...

Left DC Tuesday p.m., arrived in Mexico as election ended. Hosts shocked but stoic. Returning home to what feels like a different country

Javier Solana ‏@javiersolana 5h5 hours ago...

Sin duda

There has been a massive 7.8 earthquake in New Zealand. A tsumani warning has been issued. Grant Sutton of New Zealand is a regular contributor to this blog. We need to pray for his safety and that of the others in New Zealand and the tsunami danger zone.

Physicist, didn't notice unreliability of your sources outsiders only get into from forums? results in vaccuum almost same as in air leaked NASA document not gossip on forums.

scientists too sure of selves so we get uniformitarian geology and darwin. possibility of destroying
world maybe whole universe with strangelets doesn't stop them building CERN. oops, whole cosmoligical theory CERN is chasing might be wrong in which case there are no strangelets possible. however, that means CERN is a waste of time. Higg or no Higgs universe is held together by the word of God's power and that won't show on detectors.

My own theory: most subatomic particles do not exist outside of an atom smasher or supernovas
they are like shards of a broken glass. Stars beyond a certain size are factories making elements
blow up to distribute smaller never go nova. universe is maybe 100k years old.

200 years later these ideas may be standard or may be in the dust bin along with the present notions. "the universe is expanding" "you're living in Brooklyn, Brooklyn is not expanding" Woody Allen as kid in movie in psychiatrist's office. Neither view does anything about making a good cup of coffee.

My choice of expression does not embarass me nor should it. hoity toity concerns have nothing to do with truth, and "....rules....drools" is typical university talk anyway. I am not interested in the social opinions of someone who shrugs off drinking clubs and suchlike. and shrugs off prime minister whatsisname's obscene initiation rite. you disgust me.

Nyquist source and other prophecies only 44 presidents - false prophets.

"It would be a superlative act for Trump to pardon Hillary Clinton... making it totally clear just how much needs pardoning!" typical twisting of Scripture concepts like forgiveness to promote corruption and vileness of every kind letting it go unpunished! shame on you! shame! you make God's word look foolish. GOD IS ALSO OF JUSTICE AND VENGEANCE He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. pardon is available but so is justice. WHAT YOU RECOMMEND IS HOW THE CHILD MOLESTERS STAY AS CLERGY IN RC!

Constance, Trump opposes a key new age plan, globalism (which conservatives approve when it is
serves American supremacy). anon apparently thinks only if things are really bad can you "expose" them or they might swing back like yin and yang. RayB that Constitution has no provision for secession from USA only from a state to be a new state. Madison said no such intent re Calhoun. might not be THE antichrist but is still trouble much information.

For a very well thought out analysis of the Trump election, along with its ramifications, check out this interesting article by Doug Casey posted on Zero Hedge:


All that is not God or part of him was created by him, and time is not divine, so it has to be part of the creation. That is why God is sovereign over time.

Einstein showed us that time and space are related, so that not only space but also time stems from the Big Bang. Philo of Alexandria, a Jew (On the Creation VII, 26; 1st century) and Augustine of Hippo, a Christian (City of God XI, ch.6; early 5th century) understood this fact, reasoning from the motion of created objects, although they obviously did not understand the details revealed in Einstein’s work; here, science has shed light on theology.

Asking what happened before the Big Bang is like asking what is north of the North Pole; the analogy is mathematically quite close. (The same wrong thinking is clear if you ask when God created time or where God created space.) It is meaningless to ask what God was doing before he created the universe, because before is a time-word. His name YAHUWEH is a verb meaning ‘eternal’ or ‘forever’, and his ways are not our ways – Isaiah 55:8. The answer to the who-created-God paradox also lies in this point: the question is predicated on a notion of causality that involves time, but this is a false premise.

I hope this helps. I've not read the book you mention but I know that where philosophers intersect with physical science nowadays they tend to be out of their depth, to put it kindly.



I'm well aware that my sources are not peer-reviewed papers giving sufficient detail to permit independent replication. That is why I said above that I support further research and we don't have to settle this issue today. You, however, cite documents of equal unreliability and consider the issue settled. Funny that it is you who go on about scientists being too sure of themselves.

Thank you for your theory of physics. Please use it to generate a testable prediction; then you would have said something.



Yes, that does help; thank you. I just wanted to be sure there was no scientific basis - even on the (legitimate) fringes - for an idea that time (and, by extension, space) was not part of creation.

With my own bent, having vast and useless knowledge of music trivia, and being less kind than you, I was reminded of the title of musician Elvis Costello's (Declan McManus) issue of rare and then-unreleased material titled "Out of Our Idiot", which I think may be a wry take on the phrase out of their element.

The author of said book is a 'former "Christian"' who still believes Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah, yet he denies that Jesus is divine in the sense that God the Father is divine, which, of course, means that he denies the Trinity. He's adhering to some sort of "Hebrew Roots" theology. I've been engaging on his blog in order to understand a unitarian/non-Trinitarian perspective (a reader of my own blog kept emailing me about this guy, emails I'd ignored for quite some time), with a view to assisting me in an apologetic for Trinitarianism.

He keeps surprising me with various statements, and I'm struck by the occasions in which he makes logical fallacies (false dichotomies, false analogies), something very strange, in my mind, for one with a doctorate in philosophy.
To contribute something positive, having just returned from grocery shopping, I was heartened to see that local and regional grocer HEB (San Antonio is their headquarters) has "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" on their plastic bags. I can't recall for certain, but I don't think "Merry Christmas" was on their bags last season. For multitude reasons I don't shop at WalMart, though one is right down the street, much closer than any HEB store; but, now I can feel even more proud to support HEB!
Mary C Erikson emits that 'nasty' woman image, so she doesn't apologize, anyway.

She's too toxic to be respected enough to be listened to, but thankfully, the nasty is reduced to once a week.
Is a pity that she no true moral high ground to stand on, or real science to rely on either.
This may be irrelevant, but Revelations 10:5-7

"And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea
and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven,
and swear by him that lives for ever and ever,
who created heaven and the things that therein
are, and the earth and the things that therein are,
and the sea and the things which are therein,
that there should be time no longer:
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God
should be finished, as he has declared to his
servants the prophets."


You wrote: I'm struck by the occasions in which he makes logical fallacies (false dichotomies, false analogies), something very strange, in my mind, for one with a doctorate in philosophy.

I couldn't possibly comment!


Craig, Physicist,

Re: I couldn't possibly comment!


I just wanted to contribute the following to the discussion about time.

Time is defined by Aristotle as "a measurement of change/movement."

When there was no movement there was no time.

Aristotle: Time is the Measure of Change

From Aristotle�s Physics (Book IV, part 10-13)

See also:



Thomas Aquinas was philosophically an Aristotelian. One of Thomas Aquinas' five "proofs" ( proofs beyond a reasonable doubt ) for the existence of God is the "argument from motion."

First Way: The Argument From Motion

Aquinas had Five Proofs for the Existence of God. Let us consider his First argument, the so-called Argument from Motion. Aquinas begins with an observation:

Of the things we observe, all things have been placed in motion. No thing has placed itself in motion.

Working from the assumption that if a thing is in motion then it has been caused to be in motion by another thing, Aquinas also notes that an infinite chain of things-in-motion and things-causing-things-to-be-in-motion can not be correct. If an infinite chain or regression existed among things-in-motion and things-causing-things-to-be-in-motion then we could not account for the motion we observe. If we move backwards from the things we observe in motion to their cause, and then to that cause of motion within those things that caused motion, and so on, then we could continuing moving backwards ad infinitum. It would be like trying to count all of the points in a line segment, moving from point B to point A. We would never get to point A. Yet point A must exist as we know there is a line segment. Similarly, if the cause-and-effect chain did not have a starting point then we could not account for the motion we observe around us. Since there is motion, the cause and effect chain (accounting for motion) must have had a starting point. We now have a second point:


The cause and effect relationship among things-being-moved and things-moving must have a starting point. At one point in time, the relationship was set in motion. Thus, there must be a First Cause which set all other things in motion.

What else can we know about the First Cause? The first cause must have been uncaused. If it were caused by another thing, then we have not resolved the problem of the infinite regression. So, in order to account for the motion that we observe, it is necessary to posit a beginning to the cause and effect relationship underlying the observed motion. It is also necessary to claim that the First Cause has not been caused by some other thing. It is not set in motion by another entity.

The First Cause is also the Unmoved Mover. The Unmoved Mover is that being whom set all other entities in motion and is the cause of all other beings. For Aquinas, the Unmoved Mover is that which we call God.

For Aquinas the term motion meant not just motion as with billiard balls moving from point A to point B or a thing literally moving from one place to another. Another sense of the term motion is one that appreciates the Aristotelian sense of moving from a state of potentiality towards a state of actuality. When understood in this way, motion reflects the becoming inherent in the world around us. God as First Cause becomes that entity which designed and set in motion all things in their quest to become. In the least, it is a more poetic understanding of motion.

St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274) was a theologian, Aristotelian scholar, and philosopher. Called the Doctor Angelicus (the Angelic Doctor,) Aquinas is considered one the greatest Christian philosophers to have ever lived....

Thanks for your comment. I admit that I was initially taken aback by "that there should be time no longer", as my NIV1984 states, "there shall be no more delay". The Greek word for time/delay in this verse is chronos, from which we get chronology, of course; but, the meaning is clearly "delay" as opposed to "time". I had to check some references on this, just to be sure. Of the three commentaries I checked, they all affirmed "delay" as correct, though one chose to translate the clause "there shall be no more interval of time".


LOL! I think I know where you're coming from on this. What I meant is that, surely, a PhD in Philosophy should have taken some courses formal logic. Of course, that doesn't mean said individual would actually apply logic in their pursuit of philosophical ideas. However, I'd think that with this knowledge base fruit would be borne in more common, everyday situations such that they'd not fall prey to logical fallacies. But, then again, perhaps it's the 'discipline' itself that makes one susceptible to such faulty conclusions...
Blogs | Nov. 12, 2016

Latest Pope-Scalfari 'Interview' Again Written From Memory

Director of a semi-official Vatican news site says interview in which the Pope is supposed to have said "communists think like Christians" is "unsupportable".

Edward Pentin
Is anybody here paying attention to the rioting in the streets over the Trump election?! I submit this is your New Age revolution in full throttle gear! Michael Moore is boasting he will make it a far bigger movement -- make the OCCUPY MOVEMENT (of which it is already a part) look small and put MILLIONS in the streets. I understand they are back in the streets tonight. And then, New Zealand had a 7.8 mw earthquake today with a tsunami warning! Could we be approaching apocalyptic times? At minimum, we are approaching very disturbing times!

To anonymous 9:46. Remember the New Age maxim "Crisis = Opportunity." They've had LOTS of opportunity this past week! Yes, they think they are executing their "revolution."

We had a swarm of earthquakes largest at 7.5 they were happening at one to three minite intervals.
Some in my City Auckland felt the 7.5 which epicentre was 500 miles away as the crow flies.
Earthquakes were happening all over a 250 mile area includeing the middle of the North Island National park region which is like Yellow Stone park on a grand scale with sleeping Volcanos including Lake Taupo which is one of the largest Calderas in the world (one massive volcanic creator lake) which its original eruption sent the Earth into a nuclear like winter according to fossil records.

Geonet is showing we have had 30 quakes in the last 49minites.
"There shall be earthquakes in divers[e] places and upon the sea distress of nations . . ." Jesus - Matthew 24.

Sounds like New Zealand got some of both of the above today. We are praying for you and your safety, Grant.

I just read this on MSN news sources:

New Zealand's capital Wellington was a virtual ghost town with workers ordered to stay away while the city council assessed the risk to buildings. Severe weather with 140 km per hour (85 mph), gale-force winds was forecast for the area.
The new tremor, a 6.2 quake recorded at about 1.45 p.m. local time (0045 GMT), was the most powerful of hundreds of aftershocks in the South Pacific country. It rattled frayed nerves in an area where memories of a deadly 2011 quake are still fresh.
Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealand's ruggedly beautiful South Island, is still recovering from the 6.3 quake in 2011, which killed 185 people.
In the upper South Island, powerlines and telecommunications were down, with huge cracks in roads, land slips and other damage to infrastructure making it hard to reach the worst-affected areas.
"It's just utter devastation, I just don't know ... that's months of work," New Zealand Prime Minister John Key told Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee after flying over the area, according to Twitter statement issued by Brownlee.

GrantNZ said...11:13 PM

Volcanos including Lake Taupo which is one of the largest Calderas in the world (one massive volcanic creator lake) which its original eruption sent the Earth into a nuclear like winter according to fossil records.

General Assembly President outlines strategy for stepped-up implementing UN 2030 Agenda

In order to implement items 1&2 of 17 of 2030 agenda, allot of people need to die.
Tripping Taupo or Yellowstone would go along way to accomplish this.

I believe they do know how to set these off with HAARP as they did in Haiti and Japan.

Strange lights in the sky during earthquake confuse onlookers
Great post
Great post
Craig, Susanna

Time can be used to measure the motion of objects, but I suggest that this is not its intrinsic character. You also need space in order to measure the motion of objects. Einstein showed that space and time are deeply interrelated. The special thing about time is that it passes; it is unidirectional. Physical scientists have not the faintest idea why this might so, meaning an explanation in terms of anything conceptually deeper. As ever, you can find speculations, but they don't impress me. I think that physicists prefer speculation to an honest manly "We don't know" rather more today than they did a generation ago.

Anyway, as Cicero declared,

Nihil tam absurde dici postest quod non dicatur ab aliquo philosophorum.

[Nothing can be said that is so absurd that some philosopher has not said it.]

PS I'm Physicist (at 8.01am immediately above)
Scientists may have found quake warning signal

According to a team of NASA and Russian space and physical scientists, in the days before the March 11 Tohoku earthquake in Japan, the atmosphere directly above the epicenter rapidly heated up.

Physicist have you done any reading and studying about HAARP?
Could this be a causal element in these earthquakes?


That's an interesting observation. It's from 2011, though, and I can't find much development since, which is odd given the stakes. You can make your own decision based on the information in the later paragraphs of this article from Physics World:

Physicist have you done any reading and studying about HAARP?

Yes; I discuss it extensively on the June 24, 2012 thread at this blog, and explain to someone insistent that it has a major clandestine effect on human affairs that this claim is not true.

Could this be a causal element in these earthquakes?

No. Earthquakes might induce atmospheric anomalies but not vice-versa, because the energy involved in HAARP is a factor of millions less than the energy involved in an earthquake.



Michael Moore is an instigator. He uses Marxist class warfare to pit groups against each other. And yesterday on 60 minutes, Trump said gay marriage is here to stay.

We can now turn our focus to working on religious freedom measures. As I said before cultural changes can't be reversed at this stage.

Constance, you mentioned Norman Grubb critically on a recent thread. Would you say more, please? I don't know very much about him but I had considered him a regular evangelical.

Re:Time can be used to measure the motion of objects, but I suggest that this is not its intrinsic character. You also need space in order to measure the motion of objects. Einstein showed that space and time are deeply interrelated.

Perhaps, but philosophically ( not scientifically )speaking, space, insofar as it is a part of the physical universe, is also something that would have had a beginning along with the physical universe in order to provide created physical objects places in which to move.

I am certainly no professional physicist, but I would venture a suggestion that if space and time are deeply interrelated it is with respect to the speed of said movement of physical objects through space which IS something that can be scientifically measured.

Theologically speaking, if the universe did not have a beginning, then we would be assigning to the universe an attribute that belongs only to God.

Please do not mistake my meaning. That the universe had a beginning is something that must ultimately be taken on faith. But when one weighs the arguments for and against the belief that the universe had a beginning, a universe that had no beginning gives rise to far more problems than a universe that did have a beginning.....pantheism being foremost among said problems.

Any further comments you may have to offer are most welcome.
P.S. Physicist,

The previous discussion may also beg the question "what is space?"

As long as a physical object can move from point A to point B, I would think that space is not something that can be dismissed as "non-physical" - even if only in terms of its ability to "contain" whatever physical object happens to be present.

I believe (and am not disputing) that space and time are ontologically real. They are the arena for physical objects, and remain real even if no objects happen to be present. I am suggesting that philosophers have made a little too much of the notion of "motion" in discussions about space and time; this is a derived concept, not one on a similar basis. Velocity of one object relative to another is equal to the change in distance between them divided by time elapsed.

I fully accept the Big Bang; if it is "just a theory" then so is the claim that a coin will fall towards the earth rather than the sky when you release it from between your fingers. In each case scientific truth is of the same sort. The remarkable thing is that space, time and matter all have their origin in the Big Bang; in that sense they are indeed intertangled. As an aside, it pains me to see fundamentalist brothers in Christ decrying the Big Bang on grounds of timescale when the basic accord between the opening sentence of the Book of Genesis and this scientific theory stands out in contrast to pagan assertions that the universe was always there.

Isn't the Big Bang settled science anyway?
It's no longer referred to as the Big Bang Theory,
Is it?

Have you heard about the new transgender mandate. It's forcing doctors to perform sex change operations, even on children. As many as 900,000 doctors are being affected. I hope Trump deals with this issue soon.

Interesting stuff with further links to the usual suspects
Michael Savage said it:

Let's hope not. Obama said that Trump was not an ideologue but a pragmatist. That's code for he said a bunch of things in his campaign but when push comes to shove, he's not going to buck the system too much.

Cosmetically, the presidency will look different but it will probably end there. He wants to play Let's Make a Deal between the Palestinians and Israel. Spiritually speaking, let's hope he is not the one who ends up dividing the Land. Many Evangelicals are talking about him in glowing terms, but he will not overturn gay marriage. I doubt he will get far with abortion. Row v.s Wade has been in effect for many years now.

Again, he's not the savior that some of the Evangelicals have painted him to be, but so far he has not exceeded Richard Nixon in criminal behavior, like some other unnamed candidates so I guess we're better off. Time will tell.
Physicist 3:32 PM

Re: I am suggesting that philosophers have made a little too much of the notion of "motion" in discussions about space and time;

By motion, philosophers are not exclusively referring to the movement from point A to point B. They are aso referring to the "movement" from pure potentiality ( what we understand as "nothing" ) to actuality......the movement called "becoming."

By the way, I also accept the "Big Bang" theory as long as it is not interpreted in any way to mean that the thing that "banged" was a magnitude of concentrated matter which always existed.
Paul: It depends who you ask! Young-earthers still call it the Big Bang *Theory*, and the main scientist who held out against it (Fred Hoyle) died as recently as 2001.

Susanna: you explain that philosophers mean by motion something more general than physical movement, and as you put it "the "movement" from pure potentiality ( what we understand as "nothing" ) to actuality......the movement called "becoming." " Please would you give an example of this principle (other than physical movement)? I'm not yet sure what you mean by the phrase.


Mike Pence is a young earth creationist, and is coming under fire for his beliefs. Yes, only an ignorant "radical christian" would believe such nonsense, don't ya know.
The Main Stream Media has been collectively reporting the lie that the anti-Trump "protests" are spontaneous demonstrations by local citizens.

Here is proof they aren't locals at all, but bused in, hired "protesters":

PS: this is the same tactic which was used against the monarchy during the French Revolution. History is written by the victors, and the French Revolution's history is fraught with lies to this day. They had their propagandists back then to spew out lies about the monarchy (still widely believed to this day by the masses), just as the MSM does today against conservative, Christian cultural values.
Anon@12:35 am,

I don't expect Trump to accomplish much on abortion or gay marriage. He is not a conservative Christian who shares our cultural values. What I do expect is for him to honor conscience rights. I am tired of aggressive progressives, waging war on everybody who is not like them. These are the same people, who preach tolerance, but don't practice it. They are way too self-rigtheous to admit it.

Physicist 4:27 AM

Agreed, there is physical movement which can be measured in time. But according to Scholastic philosophy and theology, there is a spiritual movement which can be measured in the "othertime" called "aeveternity" which is the mean between time and eternity and which takes place with the speed of thought. It consists in being changeless in all things except objects of choice. This would account for the angelic "becoming."

Moreover, in the Book of Revelation 21:17, the reference to the angels "measuring the temple" according to human measure seems to imply the existence of an "angelic measure." Otherwise, why specify the standard of measure used?

The word "become," which is "time-talk" as well as "aeveternal talk" cannot properly be used with reference to God except when referring to the created human nature of Our Lord Jesus Christ who "became" in time. However this is not to be taken to mean that God changed. It means that human nature changed from a state in which it was not united to God to a state in which it was united to God vis a vis the Incarnation of God the Son, Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

As Aquinas put it in his Treatise on the Incarnation:

Reply to Objection 1. The mystery of Incarnation was not completed through God being changed in any way from the state in which He had been from eternity, but through His having united Himself to the creature in a new way, or rather through having united it to Himself. But it is fitting that a creature which by nature is mutable, should not always be in one way. And therefore, as the creature began to be, although it had not been before, so likewise, not having been previously united to God in Person, it was afterwards united to Him.

In the language of "eternity," GOD IS. It is the creature that becomes.

In the argument for the existence of God from motion - in both its philosophical and scientific aspects - it is necessarily true that there can never be any such thing as "absolute nothing."

Even though we may be talking philosophically and scientifically, and even though the idea that the universe had a beginning is something that must be taken on faith, there are passages in the Sacred Scriptures support these arguments.

For example:

"In the beginning was the Word....." John 1:1

"Before Abraham came to be, I AM." John 8:58

We should specifically recall that God instructed Moses to tell the Hebrews "I AM has sent you". God tells Moses "I AM that I am."

Important to understand here is the continuity of existence, specifically Jesus' claim to an uncreated existence in virtue of His divine Nature.

He did not say "before Abraham was made, I was made." He said very specifically "I am". There was no time where He was not. Very truly therefore, do we say that Christ was eternally begotten, not made.

P.S. Physicist,

The movement called "becoming" is when creation (seen and unseen) "moved" from being pure potentiality ( a.k.a. "nothing" ) to a composite of actuality and potentiality. Unlike God, no creature possesses all of its being all at once. It is a composite of being AND becoming. Moreover, while a creature HAS being, it is not what it has.

Only God is Pure Actuality. Only God possesses all of His Being all at once. He not only HAS Being. He IS Being.

"Becoming" implies a privation of being and cannot properly be used in reference to God.
The rumored pedophile ring incudes links to Lt. Colonel Acquino among others. So there is connection to all that is going on.
Thank you Susanna. Personally I'd start from a word study in OT and NT (the latter involving chronos and kairos) but it's interesting to consider as many facets as possible - Physicist


Re: Personally I'd start from a word study in OT and NT (the latter involving chronos and kairos)....

I don't necessarily have a problem with that approach as long as it is understood that when we are talking about Chronos ( our time ) and Kairos (God's "Time"), we are talking about the difference between internal and external procession with respect to the Holy Trinity.

External procession - "Chronos"/our time - is with respect to creatures and occurs "one after another." Internal procession - "Kairos"/Eternity - is with respect to the Holy Trinity and takes place "all at once" in an absolute eternal NOW.

In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, Kairos indicates an intersection between time and eternity.....i.e. the Incarnation, the Holy Liturgy, etc.

That said, I would offer the caveat that one has to be careful when considering any interpretation of "kairos" which subjects God to our time (chronos).....which gives priority to becoming over being.

In the Kairos Document, an example of liberation theology in South Africa under apartheid, the term kairos is used to denote "the appointed time", "the crucial time" into which the document or text is spoken.

The Kairos Document is a prime example of contextual theology and liberation theology - or "theology from below" - in South Africa, and has served as an example for attempted, similarly critical writing at decisive moments in several other countries and contexts (Latin America, Europe, Zimbabwe, India, Palestine, etc.).

Among the dissident "Catholic" theologians who radically advocated "doing theology from below" was Father Hans Kung of Tuebengen whose "missio canonica" (license to teach Catholic theology ) was revoked by the Vatican under Pope John Paul II.

It sounds like it was this radical "Kairos" thinking that led to the socialist/progressive Alinskyite mantra "Never let a crisis go to waste."



Before he became Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger who headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope John Paul II was responsible for leading the war against liberation theology and enforcing Catholic dogma worldwide. Among the prominent Catholic theologians investigated and disciplined by Cardinal Ratzinger were German theologian, Hans Kung; left-wing, California priest, Matthew Fox; Belgian priest, Jacques Dupuis; Brazilian liberation theologian, Leonardo Boff; and Peruvian priest, Gustavo Gutierrez, who actually coined the term “liberation theology.”

More recently, a "Kairos Palestine Document" has been criticized by the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

This "Kairos Palestine Document" which is a text issued in December 2009 by a group of anti-Israel activists in the Palestinian Christian community, de-legitimizes Israel as a Jewish state while soft-pedaling the misdeeds of the Palestinians, and has been described as “supersessionist and antisemitic” by the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), with good reason.

One salient problem with the text is that it fails to address a historical reality that Israeli decision makers must contend with – that Israeli withdrawals and peace offers have been met with violence and rejectionism – for decades.

Instead of addressing this reality the document blames Palestinian violence solely on Israeli policies, asserting that “If there were no occupation, there would be no resistance, no fear and insecurity.” The notion that Israel’s presence in the West Bank is the source of insecurity ignores a troubling reality – that things have gotten much worse in the Gaza Strip after Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip during the summer of 2005 more...



Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

CCAR Resolution on the 2009 Kairos Document

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
April 15, 2010





Dear Susanna

I am well aware of the Kairos Palestinian document and how insidious it is! And I share your repugnance at church liberals whether Catholic or protestant. I have seen at first hand collusion involving a prominent Catholic liberal and Anglican liberal (you might be surprised how prominent), and how they have more in common with each other than with those who accept the Bible as God's word. It is said that Lenin spoke of fellow-travellers within the West as "useful idiots" and I am in no doubt that Satan takes that view of church liberals.

Yours ever

Christine, please try to make next Sunday's post more upbeat and not so loathsome for a change. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
Dear Physicist,

These Kairos Documents are a perfect example of the Gramscian-style infiltration of Christianity by Marxists/Leninists.

The reason I posted the link to Palestinian Liberation Theology is to show that there are Palestinian Marxists, who, under the guise of "Christianity" are trying to demonize, delegitimize and undermine the state of Israel.

A central tenet of PLT is that the Bible cannot be taken literally. It needs continuous interpretation ( i.e. Kairos moments/context/"doing theology from below" ) to ensure every passage matches PLT's notion of God. This means most of
Palestinian churches have changed the Psalms by removing every reference to "Israel" and "Zion."

The Torah, including Joshua, Judges, I and II Samuel, and I and II Kings are thrown out. In fact, according to Ateek, only the prophetic books of the Old Testament are accepted as Scripture, for they alone present a "truly mature vision of God."

Replacement Theology teaches that the Church superseded Jews as the benefactor of God's covenants. PLT goes one step further saying that the Jews never had a place of favor in the first place. In some cases, they erase Israel from the Bible altogether. Many Palestinian churches that teach PLT have changed the Psalms by removing every reference to "Israel" and "Zion."

Palestinians are also inserted into Biblical narratives in the place of Israel. The narratives are read metaphorically, with Israel assuming the role of oppressor. For example, in the story of David and Goliath, the powerless and humble David represents the Palestinians who bring down the bloodthirsty Goliath, representing Israel. The centerpiece of PLT is the story of Exodus, in which Palestinians are the Hebrew Egyptians bound in slavery and Israel is the obstinate Pharaoh who refuses to grant them freedom and a state of their own.
read more......

Very Truly Yours,


Dear Physicist,

Here is more information on the Palestinian priest who is spearheading Palestinian Liberation Theology.


Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

Among the American supporters of Palestinian Liberation Theology is none other than uber liberal "Catholic" feminist "theologian" Rosemary Radford Reuther who is also lobbying for women's ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood. She is closely associated with the "wiccan" named Starhawk who is also a co-founder of the radical group Code Pink which was involved in the Gaza Flotilla fiasco a few years ago. Starhawk was at one time closely affiliated with the now- excommunicated Dominican priest Matthew Fox who hired her to teach at a Catholic college.


Marc Ellis is a Jewish American liberation theologian and is an associate of Naim Ateek and Rosemary Radford Reuther.


I'm on to Naim Ateek, Kairos, Sabeel as enemies of Israel and I have crossed swords with one of their close associates in England. Separately, I'm well aware of Miriam Simos, the (ethnic Jewish) New Ager who calls herself Starhawk and a practising witch; to its great shame, St James Anglican church in Piccadilly, central London, invited her to speak there a couple of decades ago. (This church has long led the New Age push into Anglicanism.) What I hadn't known was the "Starhawk" - Code Pink - Gaza flotilla connection. That's interesting; thank you.


Are the wannabees going to get their way?
Trump, Clinton latest 2016 presidential election results: Clinton's popular vote total grows, Trump praises Electoral College

…As Clinton's popular vote total grows, so do longshot efforts to have the election overturned.

Attempts by Clinton supporters calling for Electoral College delegates to ignore their state results or party pledges and cast ballots for the Democratic nominee have amassed more than 4.4 million signatures on Another petition calling for the abolition of the Electoral College has more than 525,000 signatures.

The chances of that happening is extraordinarily slim, according to Robert Alexander, a professor of political science at Ohio Northern University.

"It is highly unlikely we will see any Republican electors vote for Hillary Clinton. So the outcome of the election is almost certainly not going to change…”

First of all, I must admit I had no idea that “Electoral College delegates” can overturn the Electoral College ‘vote’ in the manner mentioned above. And, I’d bet I’m not the only one. From my perspective, this idea in and of itself seems very undemocratic. It’s like changing the rules after the game’s already been played.

In fact, I nearly didn’t vote for Trump because my state of residence, Texas, is decidedly Republican; so, I didn’t think my vote would really matter all that much. I’m sure the same is true both pro and con on both sides of the aisle. For example, perhaps some Republicans in California didn’t bother because their state would end up blue; and, on the other hand, perhaps some Democrats didn’t vote because they knew that Hillary was going to win their state decisively.

Trump knew what he had to do to win the election. Had the system in place been the popular vote instead, I’d bet his strategy would have been vastly different. Same with Clinton.

So, for all these folks crying over the outcome of the election: grow up. Do you think there were folks who didn’t like the results of 2012? Did they whine and cry, protest and riot? (And I was really disappointed with professing Christians who didn’t vote for Romney just because he is a Mormon.)


The abolition of the Electoral College would require a Constitutional Amendment ... a very difficult task. Virtually all the states outside of New York and California would oppose it ... so it is going nowhere.

Incidentally, those that are "protesting and rioting" are mainly being hired by George Soros and are being bused in from other areas in large numbers. This is a well-documented fact. These outsiders are stirring up the local, non-thinking, easily pliable youths that have been brainwashed into believing Trump is an American "Hitler." They make great noise about a few "KKK" lunatics that supported Trump, yet, remain silent that the Communist Party USA officially endorsed both Obama (twice) and Clinton. Communism is directly responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people, yet, it is embraced by the loony left!

Back to Soros ... he should be prosecuted for inciting violence against innocent business owners, etc.

'Constance Cumbey said...
Is anybody here paying attention to the rioting in the streets over the Trump election?! I submit this is your New Age revolution in full throttle gear! Michael Moore is boasting he will make it a far bigger movement -- make the OCCUPY MOVEMENT (of which it is already a part) look small and put MILLIONS in the streets. I understand they are back in the streets tonight. And then, New Zealand had a 7.8 mw earthquake today with a tsunami warning! Could we be approaching apocalyptic times? At minimum, we are approaching very disturbing times!


10:28 PM'

Dear Constance
In UK we are seeing a similar wave of New Age/Marxist backlash against the Brexit vote. All my old school friends (we went to a private, conservative style boarding school) are spitting feathers against the results of the Referendum and at least one of them, a schoolteacher, is talking fondly of revolution....alas, they who love Big Brother do not need to fear - we no longer have viable British armed forces and our wise overlords are disregarding the majority vote and moving us swiftly into a European army, inter alia. Lots of information on this from the UK Column here:

Dark times indeed.
Just curious. Has anyone read the novel An End to Ordinary History by Michael Murphy? If so, what is your take on it. Murphy was associated with the Esalen Institute out in California. Do you know if any of his other writings cover the same interests? The book was written in 1982. I was led in this direction by If you think it's just old material with no value any more, feel free to share that thought. There are articles out there with a Trump-Putin tie in which is why I am concerned.

As a side note, this article seems a little off key with me. I won't say why except to ask if this is the Obama we know? It's long. If no one wants to take the time to finish it, I can understand. Feel free to skip it as it doesn't tie in to New Age directly. It may be revisionist history for the masses. Oh well. Thought I'd ask as readers here have been on the trail for longer than any other researching group.

Coebin, Emerald City, Islam, Wizard of Oz, the Soviets, just what little nest of information sits around the corner. On many occasions Constance has pointed out the connection to the Theosophical Society? Is the information still alive or has it all been passed by with time. Is the New Age movement alive or dead? Changed in direction or steadfast. Who is doing what, if anything?


Yes, I realize that overturning the Electoral College would require a Constitutional amendment – something not likely. I was just commenting that I wasn’t aware that the Constitution allowed for “delegates” to potentially overturn the results of an election, in which a candidate has clearly won via the Electoral College system.

Speaking of Soros, I saw this video – an old 60 Minutes interview. Very interesting! He’s an atheist, but he sure seems to have a God complex. Has footage of Hillary with Soros when she was First Lady.

First comment on YouTube: "i cannot and do not care about the social consequences of what i do." explains it right there folks.....

At 13:04: “George Soros is, in a way, Donald Trump without the humility.” LOL!

Anon. 9:55,

Great article! (Esalen trying to build bridges between the US and the Soviet Union.) I haven't read the whole thing yet, but so far, it's good info.

If I recall correctly, Barbara Marx Hubbard was another big New Age name at that time who was trying to defuse the Cold War and build bridges between the US and the USSR. I think back then it was on a lot of New Ager's minds.

That all leads me to speculate that the Soviets, who are always thinking strategically, probably saw the well-meaning intentions of the New Agers as an opportunity to add another group of gullibles to their long list of "useful idiots", so they played along with whatever games the New Agers came up with. There might have been one or two connections on the Soviet side who were truly New Age in their thinking, but probably not very many. Gorbachev was probably one of them. I say probably, because although he wants to be portrayed as someone who broke from his Communist past, to seek a better world for all, I am not convinced that the break was a complete one.

There is MUCH literature from the past to be dug up and re-read that can shed clues into the games that were played back then. The connections between New Agers and Communists vis a vis The Presidio have already been discussed here. In fact, in scanning the rest of the article, I see other names who are important to understanding these connections: California Gov. Jerry Brown, Jim Garrison, and of course, Gorbachev.

Thanks for posting it!

One name that I didn't see is Nancy Pelosi's. Pelosi was instrumental in getting the Presidio repurposed for use by a handful of New Agey and Communist groups like the Gorbachev Foundation, which was initially called the Tamalpais Institute of San Francisco, so as not to alarm people regarding its ties to Gorbachev.

As a followup comment to the above post, I would add that my concerns about Trump's ties to Putin aren't as great as they were, since he truly seems opposed to everything that the Globalists and other revolutionaries want to do to this world. He is very pro-nation/state, and very against the idea of a "borderless" world, and not just in a "let's keep out the illegals" kind of way.

Here's an interesting news clip about that, from April of this year:

Quite a heartening video clip, in my opinion.

I will be doing my internet radio program in the morning at 10 am and please join me at "listen live" and "chatroom" buttons.

Last night I was elected at the County Republican Convention of precinct delegates to the Executive Committee of the Oakland County [Michigan] Republican Party. I was happily surprised at this development.

See you "on the air" in the morning!

If Trump makes an agreement with Russia to get tough on Islam, should we be cheering or booing?
Michael Savage has been mentioned on this blog a few times over the years. I thought the following article was quite interesting - I have never heard before that he is a Catholic-baiter:
To Anonymous @ 7:58 AM ...

Thank you for posting the piece that included an amazing attack on Michael Savage. It is one of the finest examples of demagoguery I have seen in quite awhile. What is nice about using such a tactic, particularly when it comes to the alleged SPOKEN word is that it makes such unsubstantiated attacks virtually impossible to prove. But hey, lies do work when one appeals to the emotions.

I have listened off and on to Michael Savage for a number of years. I know what this man stands for, and I can assure you without any hesitation whatsoever that the claims made in your "Catholic=baiter" article is just what I said it was; demagoguery based entirely on lies. If you want to prove me wrong, give SPECIFIC, EXACT quotations of what Savage said. I don't expect to hear from you anytime soon.

The closest thing I have heard Savage say about the Catholic Church is his criticism of Pope Francis, particularly regarding his affinity on Global Warming, a Global Economy, Global Government, his Marxist ideology, and his love affair with open borders (while remaining behind the Vatican's 40 ft.+ walls).

I don't believe, nor do I defend EVERYTHING Savage says or writes. Having said that, I detest any effort to silence ANYONE by labeling them with the label of "bigot" or "racist" or whatever when there is no merit for such a claim.

Just now going on air!


Dear Anonymous 6:40 AM

IMHO I think it is more likely that Trump will figure out a way to make it EXPEDIENT for Russia to get tough on Islam whether Russia happens to "agree" or not.

The former Soviet Union used Islamist jihadists among other similar organizations as surrogates to destabilize rival powers, it shouldn't surprise us if we learn that Russia has been doing the same thing - especially considering Russia's cozy relations with Syria and Iran.

Russia's cozy ties with Iran can be traced to Strobe Talbott, who served as the Deputy Secretary of State from 1994 to 2001 and who, under the Clinton administration was largely responsible for the Russian transfer of missile technology to Iran.


Missiles for Iran

A mistaken sense of priorities also characterizes Talbott's handling of Russia's transfer of missile technology to Iran, an issue he has tried to sweep under the rug for more than a year.

Because of U.S. inaction, the CIA now believes the Iranians will be able to field an entire arsenal of long-range missiles equipped with chemical, biological, and possibly nuclear warheads within 12 to 18 months. If they succeed, those missiles will have Strobe Talbott's name written all over them.

Israel began warning the U.S. of these transfers in October 1996, when the research director of Israeli Military Intelligence raised the subject during a routine intelligence exchange in Washington. When the Americans failed to take any action, the official, Brigadier General Amos Gilad, returned to Washington in late January 1997 with a dog and pony show. After laying out in great detail what the Israelis had gathered from their sources in Russian defense plants and in Iran, Gilad presented the Americans with an alarming conclusion: unless the transfers were stopped very soon, Iran would field an entire arsenal of these new missiles, called Shahab-3, that would give it the ability to attack Israel directly for the first time. General Gilad urged his American counterparts to use all their political capital with the Russians to stop the transfers, but his plea fell on deaf ears. "They told us they knew of a missile program that was being aided by the North Koreans and the Chinese," one official told me in Tel Aviv, "but that it was not considered to be very close to success. What we were talking about was something completely different. These contracts have been signed between industries - companies - that are at least partially-owned by the Russian government. This is not a private operation by some crazy engineers. This is seen by Russia as a strategic option." And it was all happening with breakneck speed.


Gilad shared his information with key members of Congress, and eventually the word reached the White House. Vice President Gore made an initial query about the transfers during a February 6 meeting in Washington with Russian Premier Viktor Chernomyrdin, but the Russian feigned ignorance. Because the issue involved Russia, it was officially turned over to Strobe Talbott. According to knowledgeable sources in Washington and Tel Aviv, Talbott dismissed the idea that Russia was transferring missile technology to Iran as Israeli alarmism. "Strobe basically told our people not to worry, he was taking care of it," one senior Israeli told me. "But in fact, he merely swept the whole issue under the rug."

In April 1997, a U.S. spy satellite picked up a plume of fire shooting several hundred feet back from a known missile test site just east of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Using environmental sampling techniques, the CIA was able to determine that the Iranians had conducted a test of a liquid-fueled rocket booster, which appeared to be similar to a Soviet SS-4 strategic missile. It was the first piece of hard evidence the Americans had from their own sources that verified what the Israelis had been saying. By June, the CIA and the DIA had picked up signs of specific transfers of equipment from Russian to Iran that indicated the Iranians were working on a long-range missile, similar to the SS-4 which the Russians were supposed to have destroyed under the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty signed by Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev in 1987. They reported their findings to Congressional oversight committees. By mid-summer, the U.S. assessment that the Russian government was transferring missile technology to Iran matched that of the Israelis. This was the same Russian government, led by Boris Yeltsin, that Strobe Talbott argued was America's best chance for a peaceful world in the future.

The man briefing Congress on Russia's cooperation with Iran was Gordon Oehler, a career intelligence officer who headed the CIA's Nonproliferation Center. For his candor, Oehler was forced into earlier retirement last autumn - a move which Congressional sources and CIA insiders said was prompted after intense pressure from Strobe Talbott.

You are the most rude and obnoxious Catholic-baiter this website has seen in many years ergo your opinion on this matter is rendered highly suspect to put it politely. Let the people of good will judge for themselves.

If you were genuinely interested in correcting the record regarding Savage and getting to the truth of the matter you would have challenged Nightwind directly on his blog.
Marko says, "Trump's ties to Putin aren't as great as they were, since he truly seems opposed to everything that the Globalists and other revolutionaries want to do to this world"

Just a two pennies opinion. We should be cautios with this Putin, a man from the KGB who has connections to the Russian mafias. So he appears to be against the world govt element. He is a sly fox and very intelligent, more intelligent and tactical than Trump. The fear is that Putin will take advantage of Trump and that will bode badly for us. Those in the Kremlin are not our friends, although they can work with us in essential matters.

Rather than going on a 'thank-you tour', Trump should be in intensive training for what he will face in his new post. Do what you promised to those voters without amnesia like a politician; that is the best way to 'thank' them. Another one I don't trust is that Kushner fellow. Why did Ivanka have to convert to Judaism when she married him? Why did she really marry him?

Richard, I don't think any of the Trumps take religion seriously. Donald married Melania, a supposedly Roman Catholic woman who carried a rosary in an Episcopal church wedding ceremony. There are a huge number of very lewd pictures of her on the net, not just the three or four that were made popular. She was raised as a communist and communism doesn't hold religion very seriously. In her case I think the rosary was a cultural connection rather than a religious one, a throwback to some sort of past. Interesting that Donald bought support from some major conservative organizations at the start of the primary. He paid. They supported him. Check it out on the net putting in Trump Graham $100,000.

Some presume Eric Trump married a Jewish woman, but no, she's Christian. Ivanka converted, but though she's officially Jewish, the rabbi who converted her, Rabbi Lookstein, has had trouble getting credentials in Israel. Though the Kushner family keeps Jewish rituals, there is no indication of a connection with a synagogue that I could find. She wasn't forced to convert. Maybe she just appreciates Judaism after being raised in a no religion household.

You are right not to trust Putin or the Trump-Putin connection. Lots of background on why not

Kushner is another one not to be trusted. Ivanka probably met him in the upper class money circles of NYC. Trump territory. Oh the pretty gloss being put on everything connected with Trump.

A little bit of New Age for the record. Just scroll down to the name Satan for a bit of a shocker.
Constance, yes " At minimum, we are approaching very disturbing times!" but two key flaws of the "prophecy experts" is taking America and Europe too seriously and repeptition of 1800s writer's mistake ID Gog, Rosh and Meschech as Russia (locations in Anatolia aka Turkey).

re aliens THEY ARE OF ONE BLOOD WITH US BECAUSE DESCENDED FROM ADAM plus reptile insect etc. dna added GMO human ancestors offworld during flood mostly human type returned later only way to get population enough for civilizations and armies in Abraham's time. DARPA is working on super soldiers specs indicate animal genes needed would such be one blood with us? of course because descended from Adam. Even if separate creation elsewhere they would if genetically compatible with us effectively of one blood. PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE odd turn of phrase if pure humans alone are relevant. you are reciting lines that prove my position not yours! Trump Pulls World From Brink Of Nuclear War: Soros Outraged

re NZ earthquakes, there is a major overhaul creating a new plate going on on the seabed not far
from New Zeland for several years now.

Physicist, " sources are not peer-reviewed papers giving sufficient detail.... You, however, cite documents of equal unreliability and consider the issue settled." you aren't paying attention that was a LEAKED NASA DOCUMENT not second hand report on a forum possibly from someone who wanted to torpedo the project. the power produced less than in China who may be better at this.

Physicist, I doubt HAARP can do earthquake b/c aimed skyward. re comparative power the issue is LEVERAGE. to find the one trigger point and hit that, then everything else goes. SuspiciousObserver youtube channel has found some corellations between sun activity and EQs.

Susanna this could help: a cup of water has engaged in "motion" when it changes from liquid to ice change of quality is motion from one condition to another. Debunking the Palestine Lie a good quick overview
of facts to correct propaganda in your mind and those of others.

Palestinian liberation theology - shocking a Christian would change Scripture, reminds me of heretic Marcion who wrote OT God and Jews out of NT by snipping. Taught that OT God is God of wrath, NT is different God and of mercy. Starhawk is also part of the feri anderson witchcraft lineage but I think one that stopped doing those initiations because the current passed is too destabilizing. The
original lineage was run by a guy calling himself Caradoc ap Cador now deceased good riddance, the
focus of a murder investigation in SF couldn't prove anything. These Palestinianist Christians
make trouble then scream Israel persecutes Christians.

You refer to a leaked NASA document, but don't give a weblink at 3:00am. It is unclear from links you have given which NASA document you refer to. Please give a link where extracts from this document can be read in their own words. Then tell us: Does it refer to experiments in air or in vacuum? Are the effects close to the noise threshold or clearly above it?

As I have said, the issue warrants further research, not least because no peer-reviewed paper giving sufficient detail for others to replicate the experiments have been published. Meanwhile, I back conservation of momentum. Feel free to differ.

If you want to start an earthquake, you do indeed do better to find the point along a fault where there is high pressure and an appropriate configuration. But those are very difficult to know in advance, because epicentres are located some kilometres down. For that reason HAARP radiation could never penetrate. (You'd do better to drill a hole and drop a nuke in.)


Congratulations on your OCRP position Constance !!

Cheers, from OZ
Richard 3:15,

Good point. I think your assessment of Putin and the danger Trump poses in his current ignorance of who Putin is and what he is after is spot on, so I admit my reduced level of concern was ill-founded.

What I think is interesting is how much the media has focused on the Trump-Russia connection, as if, for the first time EVER, they are suddenly concerned about anyone having ties to Russia. And there's also the fact that much more solid ties to Russia and Communists can be found in the Clintons, but somehow that completely escaped their watchful eyes.

I wonder how Trump will "work with" Russia regarding Syria. That will be interesting to watch. Hopefully he wakes up to the real intentions of Moscow, and that he also is educated on just how unstrustworthy the Russians are in deal-making. He needs to go back to the START treaties and work his way forward, to see how they have cheated on every treaty we have signed with them.

"Treaties are like pie crusts, made to be broken." -- V. Lenin

Revelation 22:13 (KJV)
13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

Revelation 1:8 (KJV)
8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

"re aliens THEY ARE OF ONE BLOOD WITH US BECAUSE DESCENDED FROM ADAM plus reptile insect etc. dna "

God through Christ redeemed those made in His image, not these whatevers you are making up or someone has made up on the fly and outside the bounds of Scripture, to say they should be given the Gospel. You aren't even in the ballpark with Genesis 6 to couple the creatures you mention as redeemable along with us.

You can't just be a regular ole garden variety hell bound sinner like the rest of us can you, so you must correct and redirect the Gospel too?

You've heard of us, the people who have been humbled by the truth and grace of the Gospel. You keep no company there with just regular us, since you have your own "answers" and "liberties" "your own path" to God but try to lip-sync a real testimony, so with that yuge ego of yours, it's your penchant to bend and twist Scripture, making light of salvation. Blasphemy on your part then?

Your still batting zero with the Bible and your own unsubstantiated version of science, also.
I'd laugh at you but that would be wrong, given your state of heart and mind, because you truly believe your own tripe.
Anon@8:39 pm,

Yes, Steve Bannon has me concerned. He supports what's known as the alternative right.


I agree with you, Anonymous, about the religions of the Trumps. In my view they are a superficial people with wealth, not deep thinkers or believers in anything other than amassing money. Someone once told me that maybe Ivanka was 'given' as a gift to this Kushner for who knows what kind of business deal. Perhaps you are right.

However, God sees the hearts. Although he is already back tracking and that is bad sign, I hope he will do many good things as he promised. For me though I am interested in how the ground is being laid for Gog and Magog. Who knows how this will unfold. Perhaps after Trump is in, and ISIS is done, Assad and Russia will turn their eyes on that giant old pot in the Golan.

But there are many ugly questions for people who support him:

Does anyone think how odd that 8 years ago we had a 'savior' political character for the 'left' rise up from nowhere, and now we have the same type of persona yet for the 'right conservative' side, suddenly rise up? Could this man and his kids have gotten so far without being members of lodges or whatever else dark power demands?

If the world government fanatics have power over which stooge runs for president, then Trump must be on a leash too, right? Was he put there to rile and rally up the people who are tired of things that have been allowed to get out of hand, then push them into the arms of fascism while they think he is saving us?

Is he planning to close the Fed or audit it first, and introduce an alternative real currency? Would he dare do that? This has to be the most pressing problem we have. He has never spoken about this, it's incredible.

Will he start to close our military bases (over 500!) around the world and bring service men back here for the border areas? Think of the money saved instead of building a wall of China. These damn wars are too expensive. Put soldiers near the borders, lay down signs of 'Land Mines, Minas' at the borders.

What about the cultural problem here? He NEVER makes no mention of White Caucasians, of whom he is a member, being in the gravest danger in this changing demographics.

The social problems are also pressing. No more gay parades, no more slut walks, no more affirmative action, no more harassing of Christian business owners.


It seems like Trump is just capitalizing, on what the cultural left has already mainstreamed. When you overuse the words racist, sexist etc, they no longer mean anything. Even when they could be real. It's a case of crisis equals opportunity, as Constance brought up.

The other side wants to resist him at all costs, but he's a reflection of them. They have alienated people, who are not like them, by shouting them down. And now they are faced with a leader, who does not care what they think.

If we don't learn from this, and gain some civic emphathy. I am afraid there's going to be a civil war.

Pope extends power to forgive abortion to all Roman Catholic priests
Massive earthquake hits Fukushima area ... Tsunami "warning" has been upgraded to EVACUATE!

This is the catastrophe that many scientists have been fearful of. The Nuclear plant continues to emit highly radioactive water from its damaged reactors. This could be a world changing event of monumental proportions, whereby millions of people worldwide will die due to radioactive exposure.

As I see it. Trump's focus is going to be the economy. Not social issues that concern Christians. For instance there are many anti-globalists, anti-Marxists who support socially liberal causes such as gay marriage.

At this point, I am reluctant to join any political movement, on the right or left.

We need to stop looking for political Messiah's.

I wonder if this would make more sense read backwards?

re aliens THEY ARE OF ONE BLOOD WITH US BECAUSE DESCENDED FROM ADAM plus reptile insect etc. dna added GMO human ancestors offworld during flood mostly human type returned later only way to get population enough for civilizations and armies in Abraham's time. DARPA is working on super soldiers specs indicate animal genes needed would such be one blood with us? of course because descended from Adam. Even if separate creation elsewhere they would if genetically compatible with us effectively of one blood. PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE odd turn of phrase if pure humans alone are relevant. you are reciting lines that prove my position not yours!
What makes sense is that the poor Erikson woman cannot make sense of it, no matter what or how she tries because the Bible itself tells us it is spiritually discerned. Her attempts to calculate (her word) that Holy Spirit written book all by her lonesome, without the aid of the Spirit to open it to her heart and mind, means all her wild guesses tank.
Thankfully, the blog host has her limited to once a week.


Yes, there is only one Messiah and we don't expect a thing to happen until he comes. But I would say that for a good president, social and cultural problems are just as critical as sorting economic problems. This country was meant for a moral people. Look at the shambles of a culture we have now. Europe is under grave threat with Islam and the Third World, and here at home we are imploding with the beginnings of race wars.
But the fight is just starting.

BTW, I have just heard this morning that Trump is NOT going to make the investigation of Hillary after all. I hope at least the Congress goes after her. Step by step they are still at it !!! This is so shameful and isn't this the state where Mike Pence hails from? I wonder what he makes of this? Not sure how things work in the US but can a Mayor actually make such a change?

From OZ
Two monarch butterflies headed south for the year, were responsible for setting of a harmonically distorted energy vibration that triggered earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. This rare occurrence happens only when the two monarch butterflies incidentally lifted off together simultaneously, with their wings being 90 degrees displaced from the other, one orientated north to south and the others, west to east. Their flight remained in sync for several minutes after starting at the exact microsecond, some 37.564 days earlier than the recent earthquakes. It is believed that one left Plano TX and the other from Sedona AZ Scientists at NASA are now trying to figure out how to capture this energy phenomenon to propel man to Mars.

Physicist, would you care to provide your thoughts on this inconclusive news article about EM drives?

To Dan Bryan:

Is this for real? Sounds like a gigantic spoof to me!

To Anonymous 9:55

I have Michael Murphy's book AN END TO ORDINARY HISTORY -- I will have to now review it. Thanks! Interestingly, Michael Moore prognosticated in his TRUMPLAND that if Trump were elected, it would be our last election. Time and events will tell. Moore is certainly doing his part to facilitate riots and unrest. He's from Flint, Michigan -- 28 miles north of where I live.

Reviewing AN END TO ORDINARY HISTORY: First thing I notice, it is published by TARCHER, Marilyn Ferguson's publisher of THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY.


At last a paper that gives enough detail for people in other laboratories to replicate the experiment! I welcome this publication and I look forward to reports of further experiments elsewhere, hopefully including in space. Until they are done, don't believe anybody at this website or elsewhere who insists that the question is now settled. Science is confident in its conclusions because it rests on *replicable* research. As I said above, time will tell.

The theoretical explanation given in the paper is nonsense, however. Pilot-wave theory is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that does not differ in any testable prediction from other interpretations, and the quantum vacuum has no rest frame as it looks the same at all velocities.

The absence of a theoretical explanation and the incompatibility of the effect with the laws of physics known today does not, of course, rule out the effect. If forced to bet today then I'd bet that the observations re due to some effect that is understood but unaccounted for. But I recognise the freedom of others to differ without their being irrational at this stage.

[Constance: the work is not a spoof.]



We know the schemes of the left already, but I find it equally disturbing that former Christian nations, fed up with liberalism are not turning to repentance. But, nationalism and self-preservation. They pay lip service to Christianity, but are not going to do a thing about, social or moral decline. Do Christians really expect a thrice-married, casino owner, who supports gay marriage, to stop social and moral decline? That's wishful thinking.

This is why I am done with politics, on both sides.
PS Dan: What was all that stuff about butterfly wings? Nothing to do with the article you linked to, and a mildly amusing (and scientifically specious) parody of this:


10:05 AM :

You are right on the money. No repentance, no restoration.
Forward from here then >>> here comes 2017! The global world is turnkey now.....

For those who won't bother to get the book. The author ran Esalan. Contents: Islam. Russsia. America. Emerald City. Theosophy. Scientific Mysticism through experimentation. 70s. Military interest hinted at. A warner is ridiculed by the establishment. It's old New Age history, but the author says it is veiled truth. Other information says he is correct. Anyone have more background? Other than scientific mysticism seems to be what transhumanism is about at its base, I'm stumped.
10:05 is not "right on the money".

In the first place, the presumption that America was ever a "Christian" nation is false. Therefore, expecting America to return to it's former roots as a Christian nation (which it never was and never will be), even by some act of mass national repentance, is absurd.

America was founded through violent rebellion based on a prideful sense of "entitlement". (See paragraph 1- Declaration of Independence). Those who refer to America as a "Christian nation" (past or present) are simply looking for a way to disregard, or rationalize, corporate sin.

Throughout American history, "liberty" has always been viewed as the highest American value or ideal, with serious theological implications. The capital building itself sits under the feet of "Libertas", an ancient pagan deity. Most of the buildings, monuments, artwork, and even the lay-out of the streets of America's capital reflect Masonic origin and pagan symbolism. Do I really need to remind the Christian reader that it is Satan himself who desires absolute liberty, the ability to "do what thou wilt" and who promoted rebellion by tempting Eve with the same desire?

Granted, there were many Christians involved in the founding of this nation, and many involved in working to sustain it, even to this day. Also granted, much of U.S. law was/is built on Judeo-Christian ethics. But that does not make a nation "Christian". People are Christian believers in Christ, not nations.

Christians are a people of many nationalities, who, by definition, do not place their hope in any of the governments of this world. Christians have faithfully served under tyrants and despots, good and evil kings as well as democratically elected presidents. Our witness should always be the same regardless, especially when our form of government, as John Adams warned, proves inadequate to govern a people who are no longer constrained by religion or morality.

This is not on topic with the discussion here, but I would very much like Constance and others from this blog to give their opinion of this video??? Topic - Anti Semitism - Zionism???

Thank you - KC

This is 10:54 AM.
American Christians are not by and large repenting, but buying in, OMOTS. The most are buying the nationalism and self-preservation gig. No change of heart among those who should be/could be making all the difference in the direction of the national narrative. Superficial fire extinquisher prayers are not prayer from the standpoint of how we got here as a nation and where all is headed. America is "going the way of all the earth", like every other nation has ever done and fulfilling it's place in the prophetic. Kingdoms rising and falling is nothing new is it?

It may have been cursory and superficial, but American law and governing was founded upon Jewish/Christian ethics and morals so there has been a platform to launch from, at the least in name, but that has was taken out to the trash heap quite a long while back. There's been a secular America and a Christian idea of America all along, though.

There has always and only been a remnant of real believers in the Lord anywhere, no matter the era or place, and they actually only operate in, but not of, any instituted anything. Pilgrims and sojourners still....and till God's kingdom comes.

There is such a thing as a nation repenting. Example, Israel.
God described it in a number of times in the Bible in the history of that nation and he acted accordingly.
To KC @ 11:53 AM ...

Regarding the video you posted, I would be curious to hear your own personal opinions on it.

Anon 12:37 and 1:57,

I readily acknowledge that corporate sin does exist, and an entire population can repent, as seen in scripture numerous times.

That said, blaming America's degenerative state on Christians who are “buying in” instead of resisting the obvious moral decline, or who do not stand firm on their beliefs, implies that Christians are responsible for America’s failings as well as its successes. I am not buying in to such a dominionist world view.

Even the use of “most” when generalizing about Christians is arguable, especially when you insinuate that the majority of believers are in need of a “change of heart” in order to “make a difference in the direction of the national narrative.”

How many Christians would you say need to make a “change of heart” in order to change the direction of our nation? Do all need to repent, or just most? Would it be sufficient if just those select few holding positions of authority turned from their wicked ways? Would that make America great again?

While I have readily acknowledged the influence of Christians in America, and Judeo-Christian ethics on American law, the scriptures, OT or NT, are NOT the foundation of the American republic. America's foundation was/is LIBERTY, which makes our degenerate laws legalizing abortion, euthanasia, narcotic drug use, homosexual marriage, etc. not an aberration but perfectly in line with America’s founding doctrine. Again I say, America was never a "Christian nation". America, as a nation, has not drifted away from its religious foundations, but has in fact, made steady progress towards its destiny.

Dominionism is a false doctrine, and the failure of so-called "Christians" to take dominion, or exercise dominion, over this world's political systems is not to be mourned, but to be expected.

This is 12:37 PM.
Well, you seem to have missed that point. Maybe my wording didn't suit you..whatever. I was showing the distinction between secular and christian but you didn't pick up on that. But in reality, the American Church (broad) is quite worldly (secular) and in need of repentance as so many have bought into the nationalism and self-preservation "ideals" if you will (a lot of cares of this world thinking is what I hear as motivation having to do with "changing America" to their liking) as was first mentioned.

Not dominionist in the slightest and I am not laying that at the feet of Christians-I'm talking about the unrepentant (who may or may not be just name only) are just part of the direction things are going. If God wants to save a lot of people in a big spiritual turnaround He can, but if so sure does not have to include the nation (broad term). I don't see that happening. That is His prerogative because He can do whatever He wants and when. Globalism is turnkey and that is my opinion (I think based on many facts).

America is going the way of all the earth and Christianity is very apostate out there now. That is Biblical and happening in the same time frame. Yes, that is the broad brush view, because it's true.
I'm not saying I determine anything about any individual's spiritual state in a "change of heart" (why would you suggest that?), but is easy to see in the collective where this is.

The times we are in are quite something to behold.
Thanks, you make a lot of sense.
And the narrative that the "West" is the problem is right out of mr schwartz,
er, Mr Soros handbook...which he's making up as he goes along, thinking
that he's immortal.
But he's mortal.
That went zing right over the top.

The West isn't the problem! America has a spiritual problem, but she is not the fault of the world's problems and why globalism is on everyone's doorstep, for goodness sakes. Did anybody just try to say that?

The times are the focus...

Let's recap, just for clarification.

Anon 10:05 wrote,

"We know the schemes of the left already, but I find it equally disturbing that former Christian nations, fed up with liberalism are not turning to repentance. But, nationalism and self-preservation. They pay lip service to Christianity, but are not going to do a thing about, social or moral decline. Do Christians really expect a thrice-married, casino owner, who supports gay marriage, to stop social and moral decline? That's wishful thinking."

I surely did not miss the point. The words of that particular comment are quite clear, if not outright pretentious. My response clearly addressed what I perceive to be a faulty un-Biblical dominionist world view inherent in that opening sentence.

But lets just say that I am, as anon now seems to claim, just too dense to fathom what he/she intended to say. So, one more time, please clarify for me exactly when you think America was a Christian nation, and while you're at it, please define what it means to be a "Christian nation".

Explain why you believe that believers in Christ have failed to stand up and do this or that. Tell us again how we Christians are all apostates, while you yourself hide from public view behind the curtain of anonymity. Yes, anon, it's your prerogative to remain a "secret" witness, posting comments and sly accusations without accepting accountability. And I might add, without building any credibility.


I am the person, you addressed this too. I do not hold to a dominist world-view, far from it. America is starting to sound a lot like the right in Europe. Trying to curb immigration, in order to ensure our own values and identity. I am not saying, all American Christians hold this view. But, that we think globalism is the main source of our problems, and hence are willing to find common ground with whoever opposes it, including those who might not share our morals.

This is the point, I have been trying to make.

America did once have a Judeo-Christian value system, even if it was not etched in stone. Yes, believers in Christ have failed to stand up to rabid individualism, that brought us to this stage.

You say, America was founded on rabid individualism, and was therefore, not a Christian nation. But,majority of it's citizens were Christians and continue to identify as such. Even if nominally.

Anon 8:15

I never said, nor do I believe, that "America was founded on rabid individualism".

I wrote that the foundation of the nation called America was the idea of LIBERTY, defined as "the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority that controls or negatively impacts on one's choices, way of life, religion, behavior, or political views."

There have always been limits on the expression of liberty in America, and much of those limits were/are based on the Judeo/Christian world view/morality. Taken to the extreme, LIBERTY means doing whatever one wants without accountability, such as putting words in people's mouths.
"Anonymous Anonymous said...
10:05 AM :

You are right on the money. No repentance, no restoration.
Forward from here then >>> here comes 2017! The global world is turnkey now.....

10:20 AM"

10:20 Am is me and also at 12:37 PM.

Notice I agreed with 10:05 about no repentance and no restoration. That is right on the money in my opinion because it is what fits under the great big blanket of what is called Christianity in this post-modern age (yet not all is). Mormons, as only one for instance, are called Christian but I know they are not (very nationalistic with their own version of prophecy to back it up). Post-modern sentiment is spread far and wide now. Things on this order have been discussed here often because of the infiltration of many things, New Age teachings certainly included, and gone pretty much mainstream. The Bible describes apostasy for us and fits the times and season we are currently in. And did I clarify that God can do as He pleases along lines of restoring, but would be at His prerogative so that does not fit Dominionist thinking and doing. Meaning: it isn't really about any of us in the big picture, anyway, God is fulfilling what He said long ago and those watching can see it happening.

And I also said American laws and governing were based on Jewish/Christian morals and ethics. That is not calling it a Christian nation but the pattern from that premise did come into play at America's founding and made the point that those same morals and ethics have been abandoned to the trash heap long time ago. Yes, quite secular..but many many Christians have lived and served this nation gladly and well over time. There are still some out there, thank God, so by no means are all apostate and you are wrong to try to say I said that too, but it is always a remnant that is true to the Lord, that I did say. That has been true since Genesis for goodness sakes. He is in charge of that. The wheat and the tares have grown together on the American landscape. That isn't new to the world in time past, either. God will be sorting all this shortly spools up and His kingdom (not somebody else's version of it) will be reality.

Why are you reading in what I did not say? That is why I think you have missed my point. I was trying to make it clearer, but perhaps my wording still didn't suit you? So excuse me then...because opinion is opinion, anonymous or not. You don't have to like mine, but don't say what I didn't. I think you, OMOTS, took some "liberty" with what I was trying to say (and maybe could have should have said better (?).
George Shwartz, is personally responsible for a lot
of the manufactured tension in our world today. The little man
thinks that he is a god and he is most definitely the source
( soros?) of such loaded lies as "black lives matter" (no one
said they didn't), to "move" (move on to what?), and
he personally funded the Fergusen riots and is complicit in
multiple cop killings. He is behind the media circus that
follows every time a policeman shoots a citizen,
when it is a white policeman and a black victim.
George Soros is a very evil man who is playing games with
human lives for his own megalomaniacal reasons, all
over the world.
I'm not saying that the world would suddenly be all better,
but he should be tried and hanged for encouraging murder
and extreme unrest on a massive scale. He's just plain evil.


Yes, he is Paul.
We probably have not even seen the half of what he has been up to. He is good ole boy buddy (lapdog) of Solana and all the other globalist ilk that he gladly does his bidding and spending for, to create havoc (manufactured crisis) in the world to bring on the "global solution". His "work" has spanned the globe to get the heavy lifting done to get this massive tension and trouble stirred. And I think America is a particular "jewel" for his "crown" in his sick demented reasoning, perhaps because the last on that frontier to conquer..

He is a power player in his mind, but you are right. He is just an evil mortal.
God has his number.

I don't think it will be a whole lot longer and the sheer weight of the trouble stirred will be coming down to bear upon the whole world. The many evil one world governance faces aren't hiding their plans anymore. Soros (among many others) is out and proud.
Christian, be ready for more persecution.......and to share the glorious Gospel, regardless. The false (apostate) church will cave in to globalist demands, (gradually but increasingly happening now and is the "falling away" in 2 Thess) but the true Church of our Lord Jesus Christ will not.
The Lord's people will rise to the occasion.

In spite of the world, all this evil afoot (when was it not full of trouble as the sparks fly upward?)...there is so much to praise and thank the Lord for. HE has great things yet to accomplish.

Yes praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Thanksgiving every day.
Speaking of corporate sin, not sure how many are following Pizzagate. . Here is one feed on it. Pretty horrible images.

One of the feeds that had info was shut down, but lots of people are not letting this go away.

One of the artists featured at the Pizza parlor in question:

This is a short an very succinct explanations about pizzagate. Disturbing to say the least:

Please address the current trend, of people who practice Yoga, who bow and greet everyone with the word: "Namaste."

I understand that the greeting is used by Hindus and Buddhists... and that the Sanskrit translation is: "I bow to the divine in you."

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this topic.

The website has exposed a lot of information on PizzaGate and it is quite disturbing!!!
Sad how so many comments here, after all these years, still reflect an ignorance of the Gospel. Christianity was never about conquering cities or nations. The Gospel is not about leading the world into some millennial kingdom or preserving this present world from judgment. It was never about keeping a specific nation from decay. The Gospel is NOT about winning territory or holding onto territory, or blaming others for losing ground.

The Gospel is about truth. The Gospel is about people being saved from this world, out of this world, by God, for all eternity, through faith in Christ Jesus.

At its best, this blog serves to uncover lies and deception. It serves to unmask those working to deceive others and distort or pollute the Gospel message. At it's best, this blog helps folks understand the true meaning of the Gospel message as it relates to this world.

At its worst, the comment section here often becomes a vehicle for the petty and self righteous to make themselves sound wise by spewing rhetoric, then spinning what they spewed, telling any reader who questions what they wrote that they can't read plain English, or the words they use don't actually mean what they mean.

Christians are called to present the Gospel without shame. We are called to present a message that can be heard by all those with ears to hear. Yet it seems to me that those who are not afraid to identify themselves usually choose their words with more care, while those who hide behind the curtain of anonymity, with a few exceptions, are often a lot more careless and/or rude.

Jesus said, "“My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”

How sad then, to read comments from those who lament how "Christians" are responsible for losing our nation, our world, presumably after having lost their first love and joining with those who pursue the evils of globalism, new ageism, social tolerance, or some other worldly system that contradicts the Word of God.

Yes, darkness is spreading. Yes, deception and lies affects our brothers and sisters in Christ. Yes, sound a warning. But don't blame your brothers and sisters in Christ for losing their salt when you are walking in the darkness of false doctrine.

Our hope is not in the things of this world, or in making this world getting better or right. Stand firm on the truth, but don't be in mourning for a nation that has been slouching towards Gomorrah ever since its inception. Don't blame others for the decline of America, look to your own soul first.

Treasure each day, although they may be getting darker, each day is a day closer to our grand entrance into God's banquet hall, at least for those of us who are called by His name. If you are not called by His name, then you are right to live in lamentation and fear, for your days are numbered.

Well-said, omots.

It is and will be sad to see how many Christians are supportive of the current and coming Utopian "let's build our heaven on earth" projects, whether religious or political in scope. At some point soon those two scopes will be joined and unified in one massive project. In fact there are many projects now that have already joined the two, but the Big One has not yet been introduced to the world.

There are "Coercive Utopians" everywhere these days.


For those following Carl Teichrib, he is getting closer to publishing his latest book. He posted the current bibliography for it on his Facebook page, and it's a pretty fascinating one, and will give you an idea of what's in the book:

Marko, That is going on in many circles, and that is sad. When I read this discussion, what I got from omots remarks is there should be more difference highlighted between christian people and christendom (institutionalized) just like more difference made to separate believers within denominations from denominationalism (institutionalized). Those are two separate things.

"Yet it seems to me that those who are not afraid to identify themselves usually choose their words with more care"

Identifying yourself did not prevent you from assuming, somewhat carelessly, that you knew what somebody else was trying to say. Was that self-righteous of you?

I thought your answers were fine but probably your tone could have been better.
That Carl T link doesn't work.
Try this under Forcing Change at Facebook Carl Teichrib

November 24 at 4:12pm ·
I updated my manuscript’s working bibliography this afternoon. This is how it stands as of today.
The following is not an exhaustive bibliography, as material found in the footnotes may or may not be included, along with supporting texts consulted but not cited.
Adler, Margot. “Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today” (The Viking Press, 1979).
Akin, William E. “Technocracy and the American Dream: The Technocrat Movement, 1900-1941” (University of California Press, 1977).
Anderson, Walter Truett. “The Upstart Spring: Esalen and the American Awakening” (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1983).
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