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Did General Paul E. Vallely assist Military Satanism? Sneak preview of NewswithViews Part 3 of 4

Front Title Page of MINDWAR - the expanded 1980 book by Michael Aquino and General Vallely re-released by Michael Aquino as a full 204 page book in 2013.

The front, side and back cover of MINDWAR.
2013 Copyrighting by Michael A. Aquino.

The dedication page of MindWar I have highlighted General Vallely as well as a couple of other interesting names.  There are several New Agers on this list as well including John C. Lilly and Dennis Kucinich.
I have sat on this Part 3 for some time and have also not submitted other items occupying my research time. Frankly, I was disappointed at the unusual disclaimer on my factually based article that the opinions expressed were solely my own.  I had other health issues and frankly much was delayed although I have been intensely going through my library in cataloging and indexing operations.
Today, I understand that Women Defending America will be having another event in my town and another one of the three Generals mentioned to me as instrumental in the founding of that organization will be speaking.  If my information is correct, it is General Boykin.
In the meantime, General Vallely evidently convinced the locals that

Interestingly enough, per the local communications director of that organization, General Vallely was aware of the 1986 article I wrote in my then NEW AGE MONITOR and had been aware of it since its release then.  That means that Michael Aquino was aware of it as well.  Perhaps that issuance was what inspired the obvious CYA (roughly translated:  “cover your posterior”) 1987 article by Michael Aquino demanding honesty and integrity in all military PsyOps.
If you would like a copy of my June 1986, Vol. I, No. 2 New Age Monitor sent to your email box, simply email me at  Please put “Aquino-Vallely” in your subject line so I can ferret out those requests and promptly respond.  As I received thousands of monthly emails, it is important that you label it such so I can do responsive searches and sends to your email address.
Well, Michael Aquino says he is militarily retired.  I have seen much in print claiming he is a director of NSA and its security operations.  I have not been able to verify that information and am personally leery of some of those sources.  However, Michael Aquino continues in his Satanic proselyting activities.  He also now claims to be the 13th Baron of Rachane.  It appears that this was a purchased, rather than an inherited title.  Per Wikipedia article, “Barons in Scotland”, “Scottish feudal baronies may be passed to any person of either sex, by inheritance OR CONVEYANCE.” 
Michael A. Aquino (or “Barony of Rachane” if he insists) continues his writing and Satanic proselyting on behalf of his Temple of Set.  He uses his “Barony” site to do so

Well, INTERNETARCHIVES.ORG has somewhat of a copy of the “book” that Michael Aquino and General Vallely co-authored in 1980.  General Vallely transmitted that paper to “various governmental offices, agencies, commands, and publications involved or interested in PSYOP.”

Well, internet archives has somewhat of a copy of the “book” that Michael Aquino and General Vallely co-authored in 1980.  General Vallely transmitted that paper to “various governmental offices, agencies, commands, and publications involved or interested in PSYOP.”

Well, from Amazon I learned that the Aquino/Vallely document is today a 204 plus page one.   Only Michael Aquino’s name remains on the “author/author” references.  But, General Vallely does appear in that book.  It appears as one of the prominent names on the dedication (“TO”) page.  Photographic copies of the book cover and relevant pages are attached here for your viewing.

Why the gratitude to Major General Paul E. Vallely?  To me, the answer is obvious.  The information I was given by a reliable informant in 1986 was that Aquino was actively promoting his Satanism in the United States Military and General Paul E. Vallely was his patron/protector.  That obviously appeared to be still true in 2013 when Michael Aquino again released their book. 
Part IV, coming very soon:  The methods to destroy faith (aka “taboos”) specified in MINDWAR.

Stay tuned!


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Best book about the EU is "The Great Deception" by Christopher Booker and Richard North. Easy to read, fully sourced, no wild spiritual speculation, and the title says it all. Well done the Brits for puncturing the balloon!
Dan Bryan said at 12:21 AM:

No of course not! What I am saying is that like they did in Baltimore, a bastion of Catholicism, they turned over their perfectly good Catholic hospital over to the heathen, instead of making a stand, find their backbone, against having to perform abortion under Obamacare. This I regret dearly as I loved that hospital even with all their crucifixes around every corner.

With respect, how do think the bishops should have done things differently? This is not a "trick" question because in this area a bishop's prudential judgement is not necessarily infallible.

I don't pretend to know all the answers with regard to how Christians are to take a stand against the secular powers apart from a "lock and load" mentality, but here is the rationale behind the closing of hospitals.

Obama Risks $100 Billion If Catholic Hospitals Close

Bishops May Close Facilities Rather than Bend to Contraception Dictate$100-Billion-if-Catholic-Hospitals-Close

In a word, the only way the Church would be able to continue to provide health care according to the article would be to cave to the mandate of secular powers that goes against Church teaching. The ends does not justify the means. However much the Catholic might be portrayed as "heartless" and "cruel" by her critics, evil means cannot be deployed in the service of producing what appear on the surface to be good ends without also poisoning the so-called "good" ends.

As T.S. Eliot so famously put it in MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL:

The last temptation is the greatest treason
To do the right thing for the wrong reason.

Marko 9:25 PM

Re: It's all about collectivism. I am suspicious of ANY collectivist arrangement, and that includes those within the Church. Yes, we are to share what we have with our brothers and sisters. But that's a voluntary arrangement. It's the involuntary ones that are evil.

God is all about uniqueness and the individual, not the "collective". Each person has intrinsic worth - he died for the pauper as much as he died for the prince.

Excellent comment!

In the early days of the Church, Christians VOLUNTARILY held all things in common. That pesky little word "voluntary" is usually AWOL in most collectivist Marxist propaganda which centers around the so-called "dictatorship of the proletariat" as well as the idea that God is "the opiate of the people."

Speaking of charitable giving being voluntary, I am reminded of the story of Ananias.

Acts chapter 4:32 closes by stating that the first followers of Jesus did not consider their possessions to be their own but rather held in common, in order to use what they had on behalf of those in want. For example, Barnabas, a Levite from Cyprus, sold a plot of land and donated the proceeds to the apostles.

As told at the beginning of Acts chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphira, following Barnabas' example, also sold their land but secretly withheld a portion of the proceeds. Ananias presented his donation to Peter. Peter replied, "Why is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit?" Peter pointed out that Ananias was in control of the money and could give or keep it as he saw fit, but had withheld a portion of it. Peter stated that Ananias had lied not to men, but to God. Ananias died on the spot and was carried out. Everyone who heard about the incident feared the Lord. Three hours after Ananias' death his wife arrived, unaware of what had happened. Peter asked her the price of the land that she and Ananias had sold, and she stated the same untruthful price that Ananias had given. She also fell dead.


Another analogous and interesting example of the difference between secular "largesse" and charity is to be found in James Russell's Lowell's THE VISION OF SIR LAUNFAL.

At the beginning of his quest, Sir Launfal is depicted as riding on his horse towards his destination when he meets a leper who asks for alms. Sir Launfal scornfully tosses a coin down to the the beggar from atop his high horse but the beggar won't accept the coin.


As Sir Launfal made morn through the darksome gate,
He was ware of a leper, crouched by the same,
Who begged with his hand and moaned as he sate;
And a loathing over Sir Launfal came,
The sunshine went out of his soul with a thrill,
The flesh 'neath his armor did shrink and crawl,
And midway its leap his heart stood still
Like a frozen waterfall;
For this man, so foul and bent of stature,
Rasped harshly against his dainty nature,
And seemed the one blot on the summer morn, –
So he tossed him a piece of gold in scorn.


The leper raised not the gold from the dust:
"Better to me the poor man's crust,
Better the blessing of the poor,
Though I turn me empty from his door;
That is no true alms which the hand can hold;
He gives nothing but worthless gold
Who gives from a sense of duty;
But he who gives a slender mite,
And gives to that which is out of sight,
That thread of the all-sustaining Beauty
Which runs through all and doth all unite, –
The hand cannot clasp the whole of his alms,
The heart outstretches its eager palms,
For a god goes with it and makes it store
To the soul that was starving in darkness before."

Later, after all his trials and tribulations Sir Launfal returns home having failed in his quest to find the Holy Grail with no other "coin" but but a moldy crust of bread. Again he sees the leper, but this time, he gets down of his horse, breaks the bread in half, sits beside the beggar and eats it with him.

At this point, the beggar is transformed into the vision Sir Launfal has sought all along during his quest....the vision of Christ... Who says to Sir Launfal:

Not what we give, but what we share
For the gift without the Giver is bare

Who gives himself with his alms feeds three
Himself, his hungry neighbor and Me.

with respect, that beggar's reaction is poetry not Scripture, the heart from which comes all deception. though the issue of motivation of giving is valid, and St. Paul says that whose who give all to the poor to the point they have to be cremated lacking funds for burial don't give his soul any merit if he has no charity in his heart.

but the beggar's reaction hints of his own sin of pride. AND NOTE THE PHRASING,

"For A GOD goes with it" HUH?! this is one of those subtle lofty emotion but covert pagan leaning type thing. do not be deceived.

poetry music and art appeal to the flesh.

Jesus said that if you must fear someone, fear God. or words to that effect. duty isn't that bad of a motive. love is better.

And exactly what does this have to do with the issue of welfare?

In maintaining a civil state as distinct from your personal spiritual condition, the model God showed involved mandatory access of the poor to perimeter crops on the edge of fields, leaving what you missed in harvesting not going back for it it is for the poor, and the third year tithe was for the levites and the poor and the producers (TITHING BY THE POOR ESPECIALLY WHO ARE NOT AGRICULTURAL PRODUCERS IS UNBIBLICAL BY THE WAY) WERE TO MAKE PUBLIC ACCOUNTING.

this was distinct from personal charity.

the discussion on voluntary vs. involuntary confuses the two.

Finally, we none of us really own everything. God warned the Israelites that from His perspective they were sojourners in the land.

so let's get specific. language that you will understand.

sojourner = transient, homeless, no account bum, squatter, passing through.

The deeper meaning is just totally lost on you, Mary C. Erikson.
Your words show the reason you miss the point.
You can't give yourself away, your words are lifeless, revealing how hard and blind you are in your religiosity.

It amazes me that you miss so much, yet have so much to say to correct others.
and you just gave yourself away as one whose religiosity is of stirring words whose rythms and phrasings make you feel exalted. and like you got some deeper meaning going on, and so forth. fact is, the issue of motivation in personal giving is NOT the same issue as the poor whom God loves get some help. And the mandatory categories of help didn't involve motive other than obeying God in the divine statements about them. the more sporadic and spontaneous sort would obviously be motivated one way or another.

what I see is people discussing their possible motives for helping someone who sits there starving in filthy clothes with sores running ignored while you pursue your heights of philosophy and winged heartedness on stirring words to each other.


and speaking of bleah, I doubt Father Damian was thrilled with fun of dealing with diseased (and often badly behaved, preying on each other) lepers, up to an including the day he opened his sermon with "us" instead of "I" or "you" however the phrasing went, because he now knew he had the disease and was letting them know. this brings tears to my eyes now thinking of it.

The Catholic bishops were obviously right to close their adoption services where they were told that they would have to allocate children to homosexual couples. Children are designed to be brought up by their parents, or if they are dead then a man and woman who agape-love them and are themselves in a permanent intimate relationship. Even that is not perfect in a fallen world but anything else is less than it could be and impairs the child, sometimes in horrible ways. On top of which, the bishops would have been hanging their own employees out to dry by their consciences. They led from the front.

It is also iniquitous for the authorities to demand that an organisation hand out contraceptives just in case their employees are 'overcome' with lust and feel like a quickie in the broom cupboard without starting a baby. If they wish to indulge in such disgusting behavior then they can get their contraceptives from the world, not the church.

As a protestant I take Catholic matters issue by issue. I differ with the Catholic ban on (barrier) contraception within marriage, for instance. But about the things I have mentioned I stand shoulder to shoulder with the Catholic church - and I am willing to say that other Christians should, too.

it sounds like the loss Obama faces in costs increased by lack of the Catholic operations would be an arguing point.

I think that the old fashioned group home orphanage is a viable alternative to adoption and definitely to the temporary foster care system. Though these should be available, it would be a good thing to restore the orphanage scene instead of leaving the children the adoption service can't adopt out high and dry.

When the authorities took me away from the biological so called mother in 1959 in Washington DC I was ten days in the now gone Junior Village of the Blue Plains location in or just outside of DC. I recall it as the first decently structured life I'd had in years, I was 8 1/2 and still somewhat in the trance she had me chronically in but gradually got out of it. A little girl there my age I guess invited me to come to church and I did though I think I fell asleep don't remember much, it was a Roman Catholic church the first church I'd ever been to (and the last for many years to come which was my fault).
"what I see is people discussing their possible motives for helping someone who sits there starving in filthy clothes with sores running ignored while you pursue your heights of philosophy and winged heartedness on stirring words to each other. "

How nice always to hear from the preachy armchair "christian", who won't or can't seem to connect the dots, but always needlessly talks another's words down, whose rebellious life is an open sore right here in front of God and everybody.
Way to go, captain nobody.

"it sounds like the loss Obama faces in costs increased by lack of the Catholic operations would be an arguing point."

Go tell it to Obama, not the Catholic bishops!

Ponder this verse (truth)from Proverbs as it compares to the "pope's" declarations (lies) regarding homosexuals:

"An unjust man is an abomination to the just; and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked." Proverbs 29:27

The "pope" declares that "gays that "do good" will go to heaven (and atheists too!).
("Without faith it is impossible to please God.") ("Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.")

The "pope" also declares that Christians should "apologize" to homosexuals.

Should God apologize to homosexuals for destroying Sodom & Gomorrah as well?

Thank you, Susanna, for that wonderful illustration of the kind of giving that pleases the Lord.

Maybe one of the reasons God has allowed the welfare state to spring up is because the Church has abandoned one of its primary roles in the world - taking care of the needy. It's almost like God is saying to the Church "The needy WILL have their needs met, and if my own Church won't help, I'll find another way, although you probably won't like it. But you only have yourselves to blame!"

Kind of like when Israel kept yammering on about wanting a king, and God said "OK, but you aren't going to like it!"

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Thank you, Susanna and others for astute observations and encapsulations on this issue. It was right for the Catholic Church to close down an adoption agency rather than acquiesce in placing children in homosexual encouraging environments or to "same-sex" couples. I sadly believe we are in a serious time of religious persecution and it is worsening. Watching the President proclaim the Stonewall abomination in New York as a national monument and treasure was sickening to the nth degree!

Great post
Ray B
I'm wondering when the LGBT machine will bring a
class action lawsuit against the Almighty God
for his hand in the AIDS virus.
Paul ...

I'm at the point where many are; nothing is left in the world that should provoke surprise.

I remember when the AIDS virus broke out among Homosexuals and there was intense pressure from that "community" not to close down their "bath houses." Naturally, the spineless politicians kept them open. I also recall that Billy Graham originally said that AIDS was an obvious judgment by God, and then immediately backed off from that position due to the uproar by Homosexuals.

The pope wasn't the first one that offered apologies to Homosexuals. There are many so called "Protestants" that don't protest against anything. The apostate magazine Christianity Today is full of articles that are "pro-gay," etc. We are living in "the days of Noah" ... and it is global.
I agree RayB. Things are coming around full circle. Reaching the "saturation" point in society the world over.

I think it is full steam ahead in the prophetic, regardless of what today's headlines may say (and who can really trust the media anyway?), and who is running for office in America (and the choices are so great right?), because things are very fluid right now and still heading nowhere good....faster every day...
Certainly just before God judged in Noah's day (global) and in Lot's (local), things had gotten to a saturation point and then He acted unmistakenly to remove what was before His holy eyes. Now it is the whole world there again. Makes me recall Ps 119:126. It is time for You to act, O God, for they have made void Your law.

I just keep reading the Bible and praying to discern the times. The Lord told us beforehand how it is going to go. It is His cues I'm looking at.
Alvin Toffler dies at 87.

Anonymous ...

Very good post ... I agree 100%.

Many of the "churches" are going to be in for a big surprise, in my opinion. They attend air-conditioned churches with padded pews all while being entertained with "their kind of music," etc. In the mean time, the world continues to slip further and further into wickedness ... while "christians" (small "c" on purpose) look for the rapture to rescue them out of the mess that they have helped create by their own worldliness and disobedience to the word that they profess to believe in. Rather than confront evil (as believers of the past did), they have chosen a different path that seeks to "understand" and empathize with sinners and their situation. Rather than telling them the truth of their rebellion against a Holy God, they now are apologized to.

The professing church has pretty much morphed into what I term to be "religious humanism," whereby the focus is placed upon man, and not upon God (along with man's responsibility to obey God whether they are believers or not). Bible preachers and theologians in the distant past stressed this point, because they knew that sinners must be convicted of their sins before they can seek the TRUE Savior that God offers. This is precisely why the pope's claim regarding gays and atheists that "do good go to heaven" is so abominable.

Charles Spurgeon (mid 1800's)lived in similar times. He described his era as one of a moral downward spiral, and it was being led downward by the "church" of his day. He explained that in a downward spiral, each generation accepts as normal what the previous generation would have found unacceptable. As each generation passes, a new low-level of "normality" is reached, unless of course the pattern is dramatically broken. Sadly, our generation is at a much lower level than that of Spurgeon's. If there are any "signs" that point to our current own current downward spiral not continuing, I personally can't see them.

With all our religious "knowledge," multiple churches, along with the "gospel" being declared via TV, Radio, etc. are we really walking closer to Christ as a result, or have we been duped into believing in a false gospel that does not deliver us from our sinful behavior, but rather fools us into thinking we can remain in rebellion against God and still be "saved?" Jesus warned that when He returns, will "he find faith upon the earth?"
There is plenty of "faith" being declared in this wicked world; how much of it is true faith?

"There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness." Proverbs 30:12
Thanks RayB @ 2:18PM.

All you point out should be obvious to all, but sadly, many aren't awake enough to notice, or too lukewarm to care. Signs of the times......

Marko, 11:12 PM

Re:Maybe one of the reasons God has allowed the welfare state to spring up is because the Church has abandoned one of its primary roles in the world - taking care of the needy.

Bingo! You have echoed precisely what C.S. Lewis said about fascism and communism.

“Fascism and Communism, like all other evils, are potent because of the good they contain or imitate. (Diabolus simius Dei.) And of course, their occasion is the failure of those who left humanity starved of that particular good.

This does not for me alter the conviction that they are very bad indeed.

One of the things we must guard against is the penetration of both into Christianity..... Mark my words: you will frequently see both a Leftist and a Rightist pseudo-theology developing – the abomination will stand where it ought not.”

Our home "disaster" included the loss of a book FIRE IN THE MINDS OF MEN by James Billington. Gary North, back in the earlier 1980s when we were still speaking sent me a copy of that book along with one of his own authored ones. I was searching for the amount to turn in as part of our insurance claim for the water damage from our bottom leaking dishwasher that took many of my basement stored items in the furnace room with it. I was astonished at the present price of the very necessary reading volume, BUT, I searched on line and discovered you can pull down a very readable .pdf copy by going to this link and I recommend you add it to your electronic libraries:


"Googling might find you more places to find it. I used the ".pdf" as part of my search terms. The prices to buy it are very expensive and even the Kindle edition is costly.


To Marko and all -- recent comments and discussion are excellent. Marko, thanks for informing me of the death of Alvin Toffler. He has been a key figure in New Age circles along with his wife Heidi for many years. He discipled Newt Gingrich and Al Gore both.


sometimes you can find .doc or .pdf versions of things on

addresses several issues of concern to some here also includes a video from a Jewish researcher who debunks the common view of the Spanish Inquisition and another video refuting the idea Jesus suffered in hell instead of conquering in hell and severely crippling the devil.
Interesting discussion that touches on individualism vs. collectivism, or classical liberalism (free markets - free trade - globalism) vs. nationalism (trade between sovereign separate states):

Jeff's comments starting at 50:48 are excellent, but there is a lot of good material throughout. It's slightly over an hour long. I found it quite instructive.

It is relevant to the study of New Age Movement in that New Agers are collectivists / Utopians, who want to eliminate borders, and eliminate the nation-state (as does Communism).

Strong indications that Newt is about to be picked as VP - he gave an interview in Political tonight agreeing with Trump's NAFTA policies.

Damage control here. Blame it on a few, when the whole religion of Catholicism has been an abomination to God for centuries. Satan's master work, the RCC.

The unholy Roman Catholic Church since 300 A.D. has been set up by HELL itself as a counterfeit Christianity religion.

However, their Catholic Jesus and their Catholic Mother Mary and their Catholic heaven + hell have nothing to do with the real Bible and it's real claims.

It is RELIGION, made up by fallen-nature men as it suited them, and it was all started by paganism-loving, ruthless, bloody, Christian-hating ROMANS.
Marko, thanks for calling attention to Bukovsky. After looking him up I purchased his autobiography written in 1977. It is the most clearly written book I've ever read showing control tactics used by government and culture connected individuals I've come across. I wrote on almost every page in his book because the parallels with the manipulative tactics we face in the US compared to what happened in the USSR are so clear. Knowing who we can trust isn't always as clear as we want to believe. Though we don't have prisons and camps here that we know of, Susan's Lindauer's experience may or may not be an exception.
Why do we celebrate the 4th. of July? Here are a few "Americans" that demonstrate via their words what it means to them:
8:59 AM and 9:29 AM

Now THERE'S a convincing argument against Roman Catholicism! ( sarcasm on ).

It is said that if you want to find out what someone is really like, pay attention to what he/she accuses others of doing.

It is not the Roman Catholic Church that is looking to set up a "thousand year reich" called the "millennium" ruled by a bogus "Christ" out of Jerusalem after using the Jews and Israel as dupes and stepping stones to world power!

The Roman Catholic Church hasn't promoted "British Israelitism" and/or "salvation by RACE instead of grace."

It is you and people of your ilk who have invented your own PAGAN, bogus "private interpretation" of scriptures which is little more than propaganda for your own species of political messianism. A "messianism" which is both in and of this world.

The real reason people like you hate the Roman Catholic Church is because she continues to expose people like you while reminding people that Christ's kingdom "is not of this world."

Unfortunately for you, the Jews of Israel have also been wising up to your political IDEOLOGY disguised as "Christianity". It is no better than Liberation Theology which is also a political IDEOLOGY disguised as "Christianity." From the looks of things, the two IDEOLOGIES have ben converging.

As Susanna's quote from C.S. Lewis says:

Mark my words: you will frequently see both a Leftist AND a Rightist pseudo-theology developing – "THE ABOMINATION WILL STAND WHERE IT OUGHT NOT!"

Maybe you should go study the history of the "Deutsche Christen" ( "German Christians" ) in Nazi Germany.

Christine (and others)

For some time there has been conjecture about the existence of a further planet, which wilder speculators called Nibiru and assigned various implausible properties to. Meanwhile the planetary astrophysicists got on with their work. This non-technical summary

now shows that there very likely is another large planet a long way out there. The summary gives a link to the full paper, published earlier this year, but at the relevant journal's website there is a paywall and the paper can also be read in identical form here:

It is necessary to have the level of expertise needed to read and understand this work in order to discuss the 9th planet problem properly. But this is certainly exciting work.


anon 12:28

while Freudian projection is often an issue, it is not invariably correct that whatever someone is condemning is what they are up to, but SOMETIMES it is.

the main pointes denounced as satanic by anti RCers are present in Scripture and evidenced as the belief of pre 200s AD Christians from the writings of the second century (in one case the writer's life began in the first century and he was contemporaneous to John and in the line of succession from and heard therefore the teaching of Peter in Antioch). I have shown this in detail TWICE here but of course those who love their own teachers' clinging to the private interpretations of the Reformers prefer to ignore this.

Private interpretation however was described by Peter as how prophecy does NOT come about, so it doesn't mean what it is being made out to mean here. But the interpretation done by self exalting individuals, who take a few verses out of context and ignore the rest is similar to this.

the (in the aforementioned sense) private interpretation of Augustine and some others was exactly how Christ's literal rule on earth got "spiritualized" away. When He said His kingdom is not of this world He said "but NOW" it is not from hence or not of this world, THIS AGE not this physical world.

contra evangelicals etc. there is no "millennium" limited rule of Christ but a FOREVER rule of Christ. the first thousand years the devil is fully bound, can't tempt the nations, yet currently he tempts unbelievers and believers. The idea of RC and EO that he is fully bound at least as regards believers is false, or believers wouldn't be tempted. prelest or spiritual deception is an issue warned of by church fathers and monastic elders.

in the thousand years the devil will be fully bound instead of crippled. after that he is allowed to tempt mankind one more time resulting in a revolt against Christ's rule, which revolt fails. At some point after that is the general resurrection and judgement of all the dead, THEN the real New Jerusalem (note merely the foretaste which is the Church) descends from heaven to earth after there is a new heavens and new earth, so the laws of physics must be modified to support such a building that covers all the middle east and Egypt and is 1200 miles high.

not literal? only if you assume God is limited. The geography is approximately what was promised to Israel at one point, and only briefly partly accomplished under David.

the Jewish messiah is Jesus come back.

however, some lines of thought I have seen (including Shoebat's) could set the stage for a false messiah.
Hi Physicist,

you might need expertise to deal with some of the article, but the results of the calculations are straightforward enough. This is the old Nemesis theory with better backup apparently. Something out there that perturbs stuff sending unexpected asteroids our way now and then.

One thing that is never discussed by NASA at least in its orbit page, where you can run an orbit for years vis a vis the earth, is how these things relate to each other. All you need is a perturbed object crashing into one of them and its all bets off and new orbit and this could have happened already.

all these observations the article speaks of would have to be at most 200 years old most of them less. which means my theory might be correct:

most of the time it is out there where they figure it is now. but since Prof. Harrison noticed the downpull on Neptune and Uranus, this thing goes UNDER the ecliptic, so it also loops back over it, and never comes into, only parallel to, the inner solar system. effects here depend on where we are relevant to it. Not as extreme as some make out and NEVER anything like The Flood.

(the whole Velikovsky and Sitchin thing is an effort to write God out of the Bible and blame everything on strictly natural causes. which doesn't explain why only Noah would build an ark or how he heard of this and if the culture had good enough astronomers and that's how he knew why no one else was concerned.)

If this is a regular partner, it makes the solar system into a giant cross - the ecliptic and the cross ecliptic orbit of the extra planet.

Or, this might be something passing by, and moving slowly enough its effects have only been noticeable lately. STill means we could get hit with something nasty due to its affecting asteroid orbits or causing something maybe dragged along with it to hit an asteroid and send it our way.
I've no idea, Christine. Do use your theory to generate some testable predictions. I don't know what exactly your theory is but then we can put it to the test and see whether it is right (or not).

possibly we might expect to see some downward pull or other perturbations regarding Saturn and Jupiter sooner or later. That IF their orbits put them in range of its effects once it is parallel to their orbits as distinct from the planets themselves, they could be elsewhere in their orbits. If its cycle is long enough though, they would return to be in reach so to speak of it.

perhaps some ancient observations by the Mesopotamians might give a clue to something like this having happened in the past, detailed remarks not some condensed version used in making calculations from them now regarding the past. Given their obsession with these planets they considered gods, I would think anything odd would be mentioned. OF course they didn't have telescopes. But a delay or speeding up would have been noticed.
or a slight change in position relative to fixed stars, closer apparently to one normally below them than usual, or what is esteemed as usual changing over several hundred years of observations. A lot of tablets haven't been translated but these are mostly clerical stuff.
at the risk of clogging the blog, another idea. (can't delete and rewrite to cut space and number of posts or rayb will falsely accuse me of posting something evil and then deleting it.)

There is a possible oddity about that astronomer's death right in time to stop his planned observatory in New Zealand to spot this thing better. While the usual conspiracy theory is that he was murdered to prevent the public freaking out, and let elites prepare but not others, more likely it was to prevent him finding out that this is comparatively harmless, which would cost money for those who build the immense underground installations, military and private, in advance of this.
Where do you get 1,200 MILES as one side of that city
from what it says in the Scriptures ?
I think you should get your mind off Uranus, etc.
Why must you always have a newer, better, more clever interpretation
of the Bible?
You're the only one who believes a word you say.
Pleas stop spewing your nonsense here.
Question: Do you hear voices?

Elie Wiesel has Died

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor was 87.
July 2, 2016,


read the measurements in Revelation 21:16 convert to feet, and convert that to miles. think multilayer highrise. I think I recall someone before me had a similar idea.

I do not hear voices.

question: do you actually read the Bible for detail and take it seriously?

please stop spewing your self assured ignorance here. The New Jerusalem - Giant Cube City - Bigger than you thought!

someone else thinks the same, and figures 1500 miles by 1500 miles instead of 1200.
I discovered a glaring error in the last paragraph of my article above. The paragraph which has been changed now reads correctly and as follows:

Why the gratitude to Major General Paul E. Vallely? To me, the answer is obvious. The information I was given by a reliable informant in 1986 was that Aquino was actively promoting his Satanism in the United States Military and General Paul E. Vallely was his patron/protector. That obviously appeared to be still true in 2013 when Michael Aquino again released their book.

If you have archived it, please resave it as it reads now.


though Aquino wouldn't need legal protection since satanism was legal before that, he would need protection from the then still Christian if only nominal bias that would mean social opprobrium to some extent. For instance, his getting to be in the psychological warfare scene was probably due to his concept of Lesser Black Magic. Greater Black Magic is ritual and demon conjuring, and is difficult, stressful and sometimes dangerous. Aquino wrote somewhere that usually after a while, magicians will quit this and concentrate on Lesser Black Magic which is essentially, screw with your head. And I don't mean paranormally but (mostly) strictly psychological gaming to get what you are after.

the applications to psychological warfare are obvious. Aquino as good material for promotion might need some help and protection. Aquino as shoo in for psychological warfare might need some help and protection, given that the expertise for this came from his satanism which was still back then kinda eyebrow raising stuff. but the whole philosophy of America and the military had always been highly pragmatic and win no matter what, which made all this easier.

The Babylonians did not have the technology (i.e., telescopes) needed to determine the orbits of the planets to sufficient accuracy to test for their gravitational effects on each other - which is how the outermost planets were found - nor did they have the inverse square law of gravitation to check their observations against. Isaac Newton found that law. (Corrections due to Einstein's relativity theories are too small to make a significant difference in this calculation.) The consequence of Newton's law is that planetary orbits are ellipses around the sun, and although the orbits of the innermost planets are almost circular (the circle is a special case of the ellipse) it makes a major difference for Pluto and for this new object. All of this is why the search for new planets based on their gravitational effects on palnets already known was only possible post-Newton. Ever since that time the game has been mathematical, and nobody who does not understand the mathematics can contribute usefully. Anybody who is serious, rather than a dilettante, will take the trouble to learn the mathematics. With a wealth of textbooks available and online, it has never been easier.



I know that. but none of those things are necessary. Jupiter and Saturn are visible to the naked eye, which is why they could be revered in the first place by the idolators who worshipped them. They kept observations of various planets and of eclipses.

you place far too much importance on math etc. math was worked out to deal with observations, and fine tuned a lot, but without the original non abstract things to deal with there would have been no math beyond keeping count of sheep or something.

very simply, if there is a normal pattern of Jupiter being in a certain place at a certain time relative to some real bright star like those in Orion that everyone can see with the naked eye, and then we find a century in which it is referred to as out of place, we got a hint something was wrong. and not necessarily with the obsessed observers eyesight.
it doesn't matter whether one even understands the shape of an orbit. if something is normally observed to be point A and then in the same time frame it should be there is now at point A - or something like that WE will know what it means, even though the ones recording it didn't.

very likely there are such observations on record, dismissed by moderns as errors. Maybe they weren't errors but reflected an actual perturbation of Jupiter or Saturn.
its like if you are looking for an okapi back before it was recognized by European science as existing. you don't want to find some euro educated native who will lecture you on taxonomy and that it is a relative of the giraffe and the differences between it and some striped wild asses.

you want to find the nearest ignorant native, drunk or sober, who will tell you where he last saw a striped antelope and what direction it was going in.

same thing here.
Granted that the mathematics simply expresses and makes precise qualitative ideas, Christine, but science is such that you only get those ideas if you are at the forefront, and in the theory of orbits this has involved mathematical facility for 350 years. The effects which indicated to the two guys who wrote that paper that Planet 9 was out there are such that this body is too light and too far from Jupiter or Saturn for it to be inferred from their orbits. But you need the math to know that, and only when you understand the math will you be qualified to say how important it is or isn't. Otherwise it is like someone who has never been near a piano saying that they understand how to play it, because they know that it involves hitting the right keys with their fingers in the right order.


you asked me to make a prediction based on my theory. of course it is supposed t be too far out to affect Jupiter or Saturn BUT IF IT IS INCOMING, IF ITS ORBIT GOES UNDER THEN OVER THE ECLIPTIC, if it was underneath Neptune Uranus in 1983 or thereabouts THEN IT WILL SART AFFECTING JUPITER AND SATURN AS IT PASSES UNDER THEM.
I remember distinctly that you have admitted you stink at math, MCE, so that's why you downplay that importance of the equations Physicist is pointing out. (FYI-there is so much you do not know).

It is wisdom to know there is much we don't have understood, and in awe of what we do. You, however, are wrong on both of those counts. You understand little, yet proudly broadcast your ignorance. If you had a clue to begin with, you would be pondering right now, instead of posting.
God's universe runs like clockwork so it is mathematical.
ou are posting above your pay grade again.
The only thing you excel at is googling and copycat posting information.

Cease and desist and sit down and shut up already.
When you are humble enough to do that, then you'll actually learn something worth posting, not before.
You ruin every topic...and that happens like clockwork...
No, Christine, it could perfectly well affect other things and throw them into other orbits without itself making an approach to the sun as close as the major planets. The observations in that paper are consistent with a Planet 9 in the ecliptic. Physics has developed a long way from the point you are at.


"I remember distinctly that you have admitted you stink at math, MCE, so that's why you downplay that importance of the equations Physicist is pointing out. (FYI-there is so much you do not know). "

yeah IO stink at math and I also know you don't need math to tell if your eyes or another's are showing something is somewhere or not. the math equations were developed from observation not vice versa.


"No, Christine, it could perfectly well affect other things and throw them into other orbits without itself making an approach to the sun as close as the major planets. The observations in that paper are consistent with a Planet 9 in the ecliptic. Physics has developed a long way from the point you are at."

I don't dispute that, however something with that long an orbit and the oort cloud and kuyper belts being a bit more diffuse than a planetary line of orbit it could be BOTH what the paper depicts, AND something that goes off the ecliptic, because observations made were while it is near the ecliptic.

And there could be more than one thing.

I already said that the theory of the paper is the same as the Nemesis theory of decades ago, with more support for it.

you brought it up in terms of my and other's interest in nibiru. I opined that it might not stay in the distance but have an orbit that crosswise to the ecliptic under and over it.

you asked me to make predictions based on that.

I therefore said that if this was earlier below Uranus and Neptune then pretty soon it should show some effect on Jupiter and Saturn IF these were parallel to it when it gets under them, having been under the others, their DOWNWARDS deflection OBSERVED by Harrison (I think that was his name) showing the thing was BELOW them so BELOW the ecliptic, but still in range to be affecting meteorites and asteroids and whatever was observed.

now you are shifting to the Nemesis theory which is fine, but the evidence for one overlaps the evidence for the other by necessity as long as it is near the end points of its orbit.

I pointed out that IF there is something in a CROSSWISE orbit then ancient observations would notice their false gods being closer to some sars at times than they should be.

now it is back to arguing about math.

math shmath. either something is where it is observed to be always at given times, or it isn't. if not, why. the math is invented to catalog and from that deduce reason for behaviors and predict future ones.

I don't need math to tell me some car is changing lanes too closely up ahead. the way things converge can be predicted from speed and motion extrapolated mentally as moving picture based on experience, or you can run numbers. The former takes less time and is the basis for the reactions your life will depend on.

now lets stop this. you're jumping around as usual shifting issues and someone now adding another.

as for dissing math you abstract thinkers have a real bad track record for dealing with things you don't expect blindsided by things developing in politics, life, the road, relationships, etc.

concrete and visual thinkers on the other hand often had a role in developing what you then figured out the rules running the phenomena, but often are left flabbergasted like the impossible microwave drive NASA is developing. shouldn't work so it doesn't so don't do it but when it IS tried it works. THEN some mathematicisn figures out how it is working.

but he wouldn't have tried to figure it out if the device wasn't working contra known rules. the physics are figured out AFTER the phenomena not prior, once figured out then you can engineer or predict, but sooner or later being finite you will have missed something and get blindsided again.

Well I, for one, would just feel right as rain if we made the number of planets 9 again. It was 9 my entire life until they demoted Pluto.

I have an odd, off-topic question for you Physicist. Are you taking questions?


Happy Independence Day!

May God's mercy still and always be found between the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic.
"concrete and visual thinkers on the other hand often had a role in developing what you then figured out"

Then you better get to the facts and stay there because you, as usual, are the one who is trusting what is nebulous. {(of a concept or idea) unclear, vague, or ill-defined}.

Your posts amount to "knowledge quicksand" with little that can stand up-near pointless because nothing solid to develop from them.
Out of your league..yet still posting.

Your posting quantity remains high while your posting quality continues to plummet.
Really, Christine Erikson?

Math is more concrete than concrete.

What is wrong with you?

math is abstractions to describe the concrete, and at various times forms of math had to be developed to map the realities they describe. all the forms of math we have now were developed at different times for different purposes. they are not useless, but they are not necessary to deal with very crude obvious stuff. the brain may be running algorithms and God knows what to make its calculations, but we don't experience it like that. usually.
Lets stop this math discussion before we clog the blog. if you want to discuss what's wrong with me email me or comment on my blogs.
Obama will be visiting North Carolina and then Poland soon. I can't help but think of North Carolina's efforts to stop men going into women's restrooms. Also, Poland is one of the strict prolife country in Europe. Obama is going to tell both of these peoples "how it is."

I expect Putin to do something to humiliate Obama while the President is in Poland. Watch for a snap mobilization of Russian forces.


Vis a Vis the math discussions, I will freely confess that one major reason I went to law school was because it was virtually the only curriculum in the whole university without a math requirement. I have been trying to remediate myself in math most of my adult life. I'm grateful for Excel and calculators!

Constance, sorry for the frequency but like I said, I can't delete and rewrite to add an idea, or I risk being falsely accused of posting something I didn't post.
Yes, Christine, as you say, "math is abstractions to describe the concrete", but describe it very precisely. That is the level of precision needed to make progress in physics today, and in planetary orbit theory it has been necessary since Isaac Newton 350 years ago. You are like somebody who has been put in the pilot's seat of an aircraft and you hear the instruction from Air Traffic Control "Bearing 320" and you reply, "Er, is that left or right?" You say you are not good at math and nobody condemns you for that but you should accept your limitations and understand that they disqualify you from useful comment on this subject.

I do not intend to email you or comment on your blog, because I wish to remain anonymous from you.


PS Marko - I'm working flat out for a conference deadline at the moment but do ask me your question when I next post as Physicist anytime from August.


Sorry for being denser than a spoonful of material from a neutron star, but do you mean for me to wait to ask my question until sometime in August because of how busy you are?

Good luck at the conference.

Yes please, Marko.
"Constance, sorry for the frequency but like I said, I can't delete and rewrite to add an idea, or I risk being falsely accused of posting something I didn't post."

You're not sorry. This is what you live for.

You actually believe that we are all eagerly anticipating every word you post?
(can't get enough of yourself can you Erikson?)
So predictable.

It's got to be living hell under your roof, you poor miserable soul, driven to think the world revolves around what you think and constantly have to say. God help you.

Once again, stopping by to look at the latest, but it is the same old monotony in the so-called life and times (not worth telling about) of Mary C Erikson.
There are no men on Mars, Cretina, but maybe there's a fly stuck on Uranus?
petition Oklahoma City to stop the scheduled black mass of aug. 15 at the OKC civic Center.
11:33 PM, (unlike you, I and the overwhelming majority here) no doubt that fly is hanging onto every word of her verbal / typed diarrhea!
"... black mass of aug. 15 at the OKC civic Center."

I wonder if Old Mick, Erikson's Res. Seer will be in attendance?
I'm surprised she's not placed any ads for them, 2:38 PM. Maybe her post, 8:41 AM, is her subtle way of doing so...

Dear Susanna, Marko

I have been out of town for a while, I hope it is not too late to weigh in on Social Justice and Redistribution of Wealth.

I believe that first and foremost we see that those that stand at the judgment seat are not organizations, governments or even churches, but individuals. IMO as individuals, we will not be able to turn and point to the various institutions as an answer as to what we did for the poor, so I think we must turn our attention to what we personally are doing.

Totally right, Dan! However, it's a pity MCE is misappropriating State welfare and thereby depriving those truly in need.
Just my opinion ...
Counting the cost of following Christ is a personal, individual thing, not some decision arrived at by any group or body of people. It has to do with identity. The collectivists want to destroy any identity you have as an individual, and ALSO any group identity you have (family, race / nation, religion, etc). I find it interesting / confusing / funny that while collectivists have been saying for generations now that it isn't right to discriminate based on those facets of identity listed above (which would seem to impart some degree of importance to the notion of "identity"), they say at the same time that no one identity is fundamentally different from another, thus destroying the entire notion of "identity".

Having said that.... your identity is something you must be willing to give up, if you are to follow Christ. HE is our identity from the point of conversion on. There's always a struggle after that, between what Christ would have us become, and what we want to salvage of our old selves.

Wanna be challenged? Watch the video at the end of this piece:


Let's hope Ms Erikson, refusing to be Mrs Tinge so she can continue to manipulate State funds, watches it and comes to repentance (and thereby refusing to be shacked up out of wedlock with her co-fornicator, and refraining from such behavior not just because of Mike's 'heart condition' but because her heart condition has improved!)... We live in hope!
Big positive article on Newt today from Time
"Well done the Brits for puncturing the balloon!"

Let us not kid ourselves. Not in a million years will this derail the European project.
Richard, I think they of the European project will only double down now.
This is as Babel of old.
Man makes his plans, but GOD directs their steps.
Some to salvation and some to destruction depending on the freewill choice of those who choose to abandon their own plans for His Plan. Eternity with or without God hangs in the balance.
This course is set because it is going according to the Bible.

I think he is changing his tune on trade in order to make points with Trump. If he were in as VP on the basis of experience getting legislation done, as Trump indicated he was looking for, he might well sabotage legislation with loopholes.
May I recommend the following episode of the UK Column News for a brilliant analysis of post-Brexit affairs in Europe and beyond by a young man named Alex Thomson, a polymath, ex-civil servant and a Christian who really knows his stuff. The description below the video gives approximate times of different subjects, which is rather useful, isn't it? For the busy folks among us....

Ruth, what's the URL?

I wouldn't be so pessimistic. As a Brit I think the crucial thing is to enact the result of the Brexit referendum, because THEY are going to try to say it was just a temperature gauge and not binding. But the Eurocrats in Brussels actually want us gone now, as they know that we shall never be happy with the next steps they are proposing toward federalism. That will help. Please, all Americans, be aware that the Brexit referendum result does not mean that we are out of the EU as of that moment. We have to negotiate our way out.

Yet this result is a huge shock for the EU. After Germany we are the next biggest economy in the organisation, and this is a body blow to the whole project, which is already under strain from the Euro currency being monetary without fiscal union (causing mass unemployment in Greece) and from the Schengen open internal borders agreement now that Merkel has invited half the Muslim world in. As time passes there are going to be more Brexit referendums in other countries and the whole project could just implode. As one who loves Europe but hates the EU, I'd be delighted.

the strains on the whole project are growing

Dan, Marko,

I agree with both of you that following Christ is ultimately a personal choice freely made.


RE: Having said that.... your identity is something you must be willing to give up, if you are to follow Christ. HE is our identity from the point of conversion on. There's always a struggle after that, between what Christ would have us become, and what we want to salvage of our old selves.

In the Gospels we learn of Jesus' prayer during His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Not as I will, but your will be done!" He accepted the Father's will even though it meant horrendous suffering. And St. Paul told us that because of his obedience, the Father greatly exalted him. For Jesus eternal life means perfect union with the Father's will.

Something similar applies to us. Eternal life means that we become sons and daughters of God - in Jesus. This is a hard concept to grasp, but the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri described the concept with clarity in his beautiful poem called the Divine Comedy which is the story of Dante's spiritual journey.

Finally he gets up to spheres of heaven. In the lowest sphere are those who broke their vows, but repented before they died. There Dante meets a woman who he recognizes. Piccarda is her name. Dante asks her if the souls on this lowest sphere aren't perhaps a little bit unhappy and maybe yearn for a higher place in heaven.

But Piccarda gently smiles and she seems "to glow with the first fire of love." She explains to Dante that the essence of heaven is to dwell within God's holy will. Then she speaks what is the most famous single verse in the Divine Comedy, "In his will is our peace."

"the strains on the whole project are growing"

Crisis in the making of a global opportunity. How convenient that makes all this for the "reset". Get ready for the new and improved version to roll off the showroom floor.

Global governance anyone?
Collectivism: the poor (in the Deep South for instance) shouldn't have to pay for roads elsewhere, etc, they will never probably use.

In a decent and civilised society we have rights AND DUTIES!

We are commanded to treat the stranger well, to feed the poor and tend to the sick. Where such laws of God are not obeyed individually they should be implemented collectively. America is a nation of selfish greed and hyper-individualism (if you can afford it) , where duty has become choice for the rich and rights are only truly enjoyed by the same.

It is a nation which worships a false Jesus. The American Jesus is one which demands to take from the poor and give to the rich, one which advocates individuals bearing lethal weapons (imagine how different the scene would have been when Jesus was arrested if it were the American Jesus un his place!), prays for bombs to land on far off lands the populous no nothing of, whose followers secretly cheer when Palestinians (10% of whom are Christian, and the vast majority of which have been shown to have as much Jewish blood as any Israeli ) are carpet bombed with phosphorus bombs , etc, in THEIR LAND, the American Jesus demands we cheer on Rothschild's Antichrist Israel, where preaching the Bible can land you five years in jail!

Down with the American false Jesus and his promised land built on the blood and suffering of untold numbers of Palestinian men, women and children!

Praise be to God in Jesus Christ's Holy Name!
anon 5:47

I agree with you up to a point, but as for "Palestinians" the so called Jewish blood in them is irrelevant for two reasons. firstly, instead of being Jewish it is more likely the shared background the JEws came from. God reminds the Jews at one point "thy father was an Amorite and thy mother was a Hittite" or vice versa.

secondly, JEwish identity is not just blood but the tribal identity which is more flexible. adoption erases non Jewish blood, ergo for that reason alone David could count as Israelite and be legal to be king. Ruth last several verses shows Ruth's son is later called Naomi's son and I Chronicles shows a man who married his daughter to his Egyptian slave and raised the child to his own name, both were prohibited from counting as of Israel for ten generations in Moabite case or three in Egyptian case.

The Palestinians don't exist. there was never a Palestine until the Romans used the name to irritate the Jews, it was only a geographic desgination not national.

Israel does NOT occupy any Palestinian land.

It occupies JORDANIAN land

you have been fed a pack of lies, and the Christian who side with the mosly moslem Palestinian cause are empowering people who will persecute them if they gain power.

where did you get the garbage about five years in jail for preaching the Bible? I suppose if you did so outside a synagogue that might happen.

anon 5:47

I concur completely with Christine's comment below and repeat it for emphasis:

"you have been fed a pack of lies, and the Christian who side with the mosly moslem Palestinian cause are empowering people who will persecute them if they gain power."

The Palestinian cause (whatever it may have started out as) has been a revolutionary, leftist cause for many decades now that seeks nothing but the destruction of Israel. There might be fringe people living in Palestine who do not want that, but they have no say in what the Palestinian radicals do or seek.

The Palestinian is a made up entity just as Jordan is a British prop from days gone by.
A short change from those with dual interests.
Israel today is still Israel of the bible (that God has reserved his own way to deal with) and has it's place in the sun, in that land, because God said so. All is happening on cue from on high. He will be finishing his business with them-----------and with the world, that dares to touch the apple of his eye--his miracle child....
True Bible believing christians know this is true.

The world has wrath stored up for it. Just read the word of God and take it to heart. God will leave no stone unturned.
"Israel does NOT occupy any Palestinian land.

It occupies JORDANIAN land"

The last statement is part of the lie.
Israel lives (occupies) the land the LORD GOD gave them, but only a sliver of it. They are the ones dealing with occupiers. Go back and look at the 1920 mandate (among other things on this subject). Go research how the Jordanian king got his "kingdom". Highly interesting stuff that most have no clue or interest about, but has helped set the stage for what is happening right up to today, and one day the world will find out how it really gotten it wrong regarding Israel.

The truth will come out.
anon 3:53

yes Israel lives in the land the Lord God gave them, but in terms of modern
political statements, if you are going to talk about "occupation" its the
wrong name for the occupied country.

that entire land promise was briefly under David almost entirely accomplished
and quickly unaccomplished, the measurements on the New Jerusalem as per
Revelation have it covering pretty much that entire land mass.
The promise of the LORD GOD still holds regardless of your idea of lending credence to modern political statements. The not-too-distant future will prove it was always true. Israel did it's part to get uprooted from the land and others greedily, arrogantly capitalize on that (for a while). Man's political whatever has no leg to stand on, as God will one day open his record books and remove all the doubt and expose what and who went against his word.

As usual, many people set their sights too low, making statements like that, and in ignorance still buy into and perpetuate the lies.

The truth is out there and it will be God that will hold people accountable for what they stayed ignorant about, and some willful about, and many turned a blind eye to.

The world has no excuse about the many injustices concerning all of this and many more besides...
Hi Constance.
I hope you are healing up well after the bad fall.
a little detail that many people (including the more liberal moslems) don't know about shariah, but yeah, a non moslem can be kidnapped and raped if she isn't paying the jizzya tax that makes her dhimmi "protected"

"Before leftists refute that these were, in fact, Muslim men, the police report states that the men were yelling “jihad” and even told the female resident that the could kidnap, rape, and marry the already married woman because it was legal under “Shawra (Sharia) Law.” As expected, even the station that picked up the story somehow “missed” these references."
Fast and pray for this country.

I feel we have started down a very dark path with what has happened in Dallas last night.

The atmosphere for civil war and chaos is ripe.

Nathan Leal had a vision several years ago that I feel is very relevant. For those interested, here is a link to the transcripts of a radio program where he shared this vision (along with a couple others):

For my Catholic friends, us Protestants have people who have visions and dreams and prophecies as well. I've found Nathan's to be very reflective of God's heart. I don't always agree with everything he says, but the article above is very important and apropos to what's going on right now in America.

If only we would hear and obey the following scripture, things might turn around, but I am not overly optimistic. I feel like someone in a canoe who has found himself in a rapids, with the speed of the stream increasing as well as the number of rocks jutting from the surface, and up ahead I can see what looks like the mist from a waterfall....

"Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." -- Psalm 34:14

Ya know, after reading over my post above, this sounds really stupid:

"For my Catholic friends, us Protestants have people who have visions and dreams and prophecies as well."

I'm quite certain you already know that. So I ask that you gracefully ignore the stupid things I write. :-P
I am not optimistic for this nation.
The floodgates of evil are opening more wide everyday now.
My prayer is not for America, but for American souls (just as I pray for souls in other places in the world).
It is too late for America the nation, but not too late for God's grace in the midst of the evil onslaught.
Darkness is falling--but----there is Light to run to.
The age of apostasy is full on, so to use your analogy, we can see Niagara Falls is dead on.
I pray for the kingdom of God to increase-souls added daily, increasingly-as this earthly kingdom decreases.
Jesus still receives the sinful who cry out, turning to him.

What junk in the mind of Juncker. Not making this stuff up.
Many events this week -- much to talk about in morning. Join me at at 10 am Eastern Time; 7 am. Pacific time. You can call in and talk to me on the air by calling 208-935-0642 and/or 208-935-0994.


Use TINYURL.COM to shorten links. and paste the link you want to use and only paste the shortened link here. Thank you!

[Posted this to my FB page.... everyone here already knows what I write here, but many of my FB friends don't. I post it here for the article linked to. It's the kind of article I wish more people wrote.]

Someone (James Simpson to be exact) has done his homework, and for that I am thankful.

Every wonder how "Black Lives Matter" got started, and who is really behind it (and/or who is hijacking it for their own gain)? The linked article is highly informative and very well-documented. And it is sobering (as in "put on the armor of God NOW because of the battle that we are in" kind of sobering), because after reading it, you really get a sense of the WILLFUL attempt at the destruction of America by certain people and groups, and of how successful they have been. I think more and more people know and understand this, but it's bracing to see it in black and white. And lets admit it - Satan would love to see America disappear from the Earth (he just loves destruction in general, but has a special hatred for America I believe). And because of our sins and rebellion against God and our insistence on having our own way, I believe God is reaching a point (or has already reached it) where he allows Satan to "have his way" with us.

I guess that's why I post these kinds of things - to wake you up to the point where you get serious about this battle we are engaged in, and forget about all the petty things that don't matter. Rid yourselves of anger, unforgiveness, hatred, jealousy, gossip.... the list goes on. The enemy of your soul doesn't rest, ever. Your defense against his attacks shouldn't either.

Anyway, in case you thought Black Lives Matter was just a nice group of people who want to end the violence, well, you're wrong. Period. It's OK to be wrong. Nobody is right all the time. Most of us are right probably far less than we'd like to admit. (Reading the Bible - the only truly vital source of Truth, can help with that!)

So here's the article:

It's from Trevor Loudon's site, but the article is originally from AIM (Accuracy in Media).

Admitting to what?
Glad somebody is...
anon 2:11

great article, here's another from that site, excerpted her for those who don't want to go read it all.

"At a recent conference called "Christ at the Checkpoint," for example, we noticed Christian dhimmis, ruled by the Palestinian Authority, acting aggressively against the sole democratic state in the region, Israel, where the Christian community is actually thriving. The Christians at "Christ at the Checkpoint" tried falsely to rewrite history. Like good dhimmis, they denied any relation of Jesus to Jewish roots -- even though the Last Supper was a Jewish Passover Seder -- and thereby even to our own to Christian roots, and the purpose of God's appearance as a human on Earth, through the Jewish people, as written in the Bible.

Moreover, the conference's organizers, like its participants, ignored any current or historic persecution of Christians by Muslims. In fact, by their announcements, they even denied their own beliefs as mentioned in the holy Bible. The only concern that led them at each step, every second and every moment, was fawningly to satisfy the Islamic Arab majority in its fight against Jewish state.

Coexistence is not the issue for Christians here, but rather fears for their own existence and total lack of freedom under the Palestinian Authority, as in all Arab states. The PA and other Arab Islamic regimes are smart enough to smell this weakness. They plan activities, pay salaries and fund anti-Israeli Christian dhimmi organizations, in order to make Western Christians believe in the "Palestinian cause" -- by which they mean the establishment of another Arab-Islamic dictatorship state with no human rights in it.

Their method is to use Christians temporarily, pitting them against their Jewish brothers, with whom the Christians share the same roots and the same holy books. The Palestinian Authority constitution, in Article 4, states clearly: "The principles of Islamic Shari'a shall be the main source of legislation."

If this country is defined as Islamic, it assures Islamic superiority upon all other religions and prevents any person from ever leaving Islam. It is important for the West to understand that all matters relating to human rights and freedom of religion mentioned are irrelevant, and are there just to attract temporary Western support. The Western democratic world -- with all Christian churches worldwide -- should be aware of this tactic. They should also acknowledge, for their own survival, that Israel has democratically enshrined, and abides by, human rights laws for Christians and all its other citizens. The West should stop funding Palestinian Arabs so easily, and put pressure on Palestinian leaders to assure that they provide human rights, security, equality and freedom for their own people, as well as for the local Christian community. Israel is not the problem; Israel is the solution."

"The Christians at "Christ at the Checkpoint" tried falsely to rewrite history."

Yes. And also guilty of rewriting the Bible.
Perhaps Lynne Hybels and those like her need fresh eyes from the Bible's perspective...or just believe it in the first place and quit trying to write the Jews out of the land given to them by God.
Thanks Marko. I've shared your information.
"what it is to be indoctrinated, and not just that, they still have that spirit hovering over them. The whole entire time this person prayed over me, I prayed silently to God "If what they are saying is from you, then let me receive, if it's not from you then protect me and let it fall by the waste side..." Needless to say I received nothing..."

these people had come out of the more extreme charismatic stuff was still into the same practices. this spirit picked up there more than ideas but a person or persons incorporeal, or a contaminated energy flow whatever, was still with them, still influencing their feelings and still giving them comfort and false assurance.

start with the first article at the bottom or near the bottom of the page if you
want this in sequence.

It didn't take long for the cloven hoof to reveal itself did it?

Putin Signs Measure Revoking Religious Freedom: ‘Most Restrictive in Post-Soviet History’ doesn't sound that bad and keeps the goddam Mormons and jws off your doorstep so far I can't find an actual copy of this law and I suspect its overblown
"The obligation on every believer to have a special permit to spread his or her beliefs, as well as hand out religious literature and material outside of places of worship and used structures, is not only absurd and offensive, but also creates the basis for mass persecution of believers for violating these provisions,"
but with permits they are allowed to do so. so get yer damn permits.
"...but with permits they are allowed to do so. so get yer damn permits...."

...says Russian apologist and KGB troll wannabe Christine.


Yes, Susanna, and it's only going to get worse. The mask is finally about completely off now. Cooperation between China and Russia is gaining momentum via the BRICS and SCO blocs, thereby setting the stage to allow Iran (who only has "observer" status in the SCO) to be a full-fledged member. There is talk of it now. If Iran, Russia and China form an economic-military alliance, with projects like opening up a new silk road and the trans-Siberian railway gaining speed, this can only mean one thing: Preparation to invade Europe.

War is coming, and nobody sees it because "Russia is our friend in the war on terror" and "China would never stop trading with us because it would be suicide". Two lies that have little basis in reality. Another lie is that there is a large rift or split between China and Russia. Whatever rift there is has been exaggerated.

"There is talk of it now. If Iran, Russia and China form an economic-military alliance, with projects like opening up a new silk road.."

Yep. And consider Ezekiel 38-39. Something will "hook" them to attempt to take spoils from Israel. Will it be Israel's rich natural fuels? (wondering out loud)

Ezekiel 37 is Israel that will be "fleshed out" fully and the breath breathed into them will be the Spirit of God who will open their eyes to finally see Christ Jesus.

I agree with your statement about MC Erikson. She throws America under the bus while she chugs Russian koolaid.

I don't chug Russian or American koolaid. I keep track of what's going on. As for Magog and Togarmah of the uttermost north, eh, if these refer to Scythic and Turkic people not just locations, then Magog (land of Gog) can be the entire swath of Russia AND North and South America (where you end up if you head north and keep going across the pole).
mark my words - EU is going to fall apart and there won't be any revived Roman empire of ten nations, or if there is it won't be in Europe any of it, maybe one piece at most.

the antichrist is the eleventh horn that displaces three on the ten horned beast, yet he is an individual not a nation, so the rest are individual kings also, not nations or segments of a larger nation. this is a lineage of rulers ending with a triumvirate that is displaced or gives up power to the antichrist because of his flatteries.

before you complain of new bible interpretations no one ever heard of (and you were wrong the last time paul, as I showed I'm not the only one noticing the measurements of the New Jerusalem and what it in context implies) compare this to Daniel 7 THE BIBLE NOT WHAT YOUR TEACHERS TOLD YOU IT MEANS.

Also on the basis of this I predicted China and Russia would be in the Middle East and they have begun to be so.

That goes for you "teach". And, you predicted nothing. Anybody paying the least bit of attention can see where these were headed, still headed.

"The ten" have already morphed, having handed over their power. Constance has posted on this already a while back now. This has been happening like slow motion but steady as she goes for quite a while now and much is already in place for the next phase of Daniel's prophecy. There are many layers to all this, all happening at differing rates, but still going straight to fulfillment. Jesus said watch, not assume you have it figured out. God keeps this fluid on purpose because there is more going on than we can possibly know but there is real mass formed already when you stick with what and who to watch in the first place. That is Israel and who is involved to dictate and marginalize them into an impossible scenario and using what means to do it. Why don't you stay current with this since you want to speak to this subject?
So, why won't you just read the Bible and forget your own interpretations and simply watch this unfold in real time just the way God has planned it to happen? You're usual play by play remarks do prophecy no justice, since you have no credibility or authority with this subject. You make a lousy seer so you are not speaking on behalf of God. Speculate all you want...but call it that, instead of thinking you understand it all already. You cannot read God's mind, so why not be humble enough to watch so he can unfold the story without your added and constant static...unless that is your purpose--to be a jammer with this topic too.

I think, you think you think, you think like God. Well, you don't. You have another think coming......

"you predicted nothing."

oh yes I did. Aug. 4

and "Meanwhile, look for Russia and China to become major presences in the
Middle East first, perhaps China is the four headed leopard, or perhaps
Russia will crush Turkey and Kurdistan (which would also fit the leopard)
will be established. Time will tell." JUNE 4

followed by
SEPT. 30

I am well acquainted with the ten nation revived Roman empire stuff but it is all wrong because you people (and all the prophecy "experts" are working from unexamined premises.

firstly to you the roman empire is Europe. But that is only the western section.

if the 10 nation theory is correct, NOT ONE OF THEM HAS TO BE IN EUROPE.

not one. not a single one. ever. at all.

secondly, this house of card is built on two flaws, a failure to look at ancient history and a failure to read the Bible carefully.

the statue dream ends with a boulder cut out of a mountain that pounds the statue to dust, and Daniel says that each different metal part is a different kingdom,
sequential. as for ten toes, how many toes do you expect a man's statue to have?

the setting up of the Kingdom of Heaven that will never be overthrown is the boulder. When did that happen? first coming of Christ. there is no reference to judgement or resurrection or persecution of saints or anything. AND THE KINGDOMS ARE SEQUENTIAL.

the four beasts dream is ASSUMED (and self evidently wrongly) to be a rehash of the statue dream.

as does the drastic trampling and stamping of the other beasts by the fourth. This is not inheriting its nature from them but conquering them.

the angel told Daniel these are four kings (or kingdoms) that would arise AFTER his time. If this was about antiquity, a rehash of the statue dream, the angel would have said THREE kingdoms because Daniel already lived in the time of the first (if this is the statue dream referenced).

the fourth beast persecutes the saints until the Second Coming and there is judgement and the saints rule. the other beasts continue to exist the fourth is
destroyed, it having become the kingdom of the antichrist, though it was not so originally.

this is not "my own interpretation" THIS IS WHAT THE BOOK SAYS, read verse 12 for yourself that one alone TOTALLY DESTROYS THE STANDARD INTERPRETATION THAT THESE ARE ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS.

the ten toes have nothing to do with the ten horns, and the fourth beast conquers the whole world, and it is one kingdom not a unified ten. if the ten horns were ten separate nations, how are three displaced by flattery by an 11th? reducing it to

This is not world unity by agreement. this is world unity by conquest and it is an empire that doesn't exist yet. the only peace and flattery angle is to take it over AFTER it exists.
Good comments, 12:17 am.

I tend to remain open to various interpretations of what events mean in regards to prophecy. Quite often our predetermined views blind us to more obvious things that are happening. How many here don't agree with the pre-trib rapture? Does holding such a view skew your interpretation of what's going on in the world? It can. Suppose some tyrant rises to power and starts persecuting Christians. "Well, he can't be the antichrist, because I'm still here!"

That's kind of a fuzzy example, but I hope my meaning is clear.

Focus on the obvious, and work out from there. If in your "working out from there" leads you to a place where what you think about something or someone contradicts the obvious you started with, then you need to reverse direction and admit the error of this latest trail you took, and walk back and start over.

Focus on the obvious as well with events that are in motion, as in: it's obvious (to me anyway) that Putin is a dangerous person, and that some kind of alliance is forming and rising up in the East that is anti-Western, and anti-US. That causes me to focus on preparing for the eventuality that we might be attacked at some point in the future - not so that I can spend my days and nights worrying about it, but because I am instructed by scripture to do something: "The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it." Proverbs 22:3

Hide myself indeed - in Christ!

"This is not world unity by agreement. this is world unity by conquest..."

I've often thought that myself, Christine. We've tried the world unity by consensus for a hundred years now, and things only get worse. World government will only happen by force, and there will always be an underground or remnant who resists that force.

Excellent comment Marko @ 8:54 AM.

Jesus said watch, not assume. Pride parades assumptions (MCE). But we are to be sure of the Lord, and nothing else and all is not revealed as yet. The devil loves to counterfeit God's work on earth so he may deceive, but those whose hearts and minds are stayed on Him will know what they need to know, when they need to know it...he has promised. God will beautifully fill in all the blanks while we watch what he does in the here and now, with the past and the future (as well as today) resting in what he has already spoken. We must go through much of our lives rather misunderstandingly in our walk with the Lord so we learn humility with the things of God and to make us careful of his reputation because we represent him and identify with him as his own, so we see through a glass darkly in many things at this time in life, but remain sure that in our relationship with God our Father through Christ his son, that we hear his voice to guide us every step of the way. This goes for prophecy too.

"the only peace and flattery angle is to take it over AFTER it exists."

Those very things, "peace" and "flattery" are the deceptive tools being used right now to build the devil's once for all time kingdom that becomes the epic fail of mankind's attempt "to be like God". The false "peace and security" angle is one of the huge things to be looking for, and who is all about this (garnering and giving many flatteries going on right now-how pompous and loud are the leaderships around the world in these very things, and one from among them will rise to the top job) in today's world to see how the antichrist kingdom is being built as we speak. Yes, there are two legs, and two feet standing representing east and west, duh...there is always more to this than many think, and even you.
Are you already being deceived MCE? You have missed much to be looking at while you have been so busy trying to convince us all about your "mars theories" bad theology, and the many etc's) Reread The Book all the way, cover to cover and ask God for the faith to believe it, as it says it. You need humility in your heart to handle the word of God. Your spiritual pride trips you up every time. I'm remaining open to see how the Lord does all this so that means I quickly dismiss your "teachings".
"Reread The Book all the way, cover to cover and ask God for the faith to believe it, as it says it."

that's exactly how I got where I am.

a human shaped statue is going to have two legs. duh. even if there is some implication east and west like you say, how do you know it is the west - major driver of depravities exported, wars, and host to the illuminati and so forth - that is the good guy? suppose there are no good guys?

to be in prophecy except as a brief aside you need to be in the Middle East. the statue represented ancient civilizations not modern, so all parts would be Middle Eastern and was. The Roman empire was split into two, East and West, there's your two legs. they attempted to prop their empire up by admitting to legion membership and citizen status all kinds of foreigners didn't work there's your ten toes, clay and iron that didn't mix or rather the whole feet were like this.

it ends not with the second coming but the beginning of the eternal kingdom, while the four beasts vision ends with a clear second coming.

Daniel 7:12 (right after the destruction of the antichrist in verse 11)
"As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time."

So these three other beasts are kingdoms that will be alive when Jesus comes back, were under the antichrist's heel, and wlll continue to exist after the Second Coming.


whther the antichrist comes in our lifetimes or 600 years later doesn't matter, we have to be prepared to run and hide or fight or die because persecution happens anyway. WATCH and imminence are relevant in terms of watching for Jesus' arrival only after the antichrist has been persecuting those who reject him for 3 1/2 years, towards the end, you won't know the hour or day but you can figure the week.
Given that there are several calendars he could use which might not be one God is going by this could get imprecise.

watch and be ALWAYS good servants and good stewards is something for all time not just then. live as if Jesus is due back at any moment. you will face Him when you die anyway.

Mars theories - if life is found elsewhere, intelligent life, even if it is a fraud planted there genetically modified humans looking weird by a secret space program using antigravity whatever, it will be used to challenge Christianity. My "mars theories" give an answer to this, even if you depend on a literal six day creation view, you can have life originating here and gone elsewhere before the Flood.

what's wrong with that? one of my anti new age weapons that you people despise.

"bad theology"? define theology. that is study of God, exactly what heresies regarding the Holy Trinity the Incarnation Crucifixion and REsurrection and Second Coming of Christ and regarding The Holy Spirit being person not force have I expressed? I want a cut and paste not some deranged misremembering like when you said I had claimed I read the Bible straight through AFTER becoming ORthodox and not before. I had to use some more blog space to correct you.

God is very current and you are missing it, as in the days of Noah.
Have a nice life (if you can).
no YOU are missing it.

of course God is current, but I wasn't talking about God but about past vs. current events. you didn't mind talking in terms of current events but now suddenly pretend (dishonestly) that I am addressing God's currentness or lack thereof which wasn't in my mind and not in my written words.

You have no clue what is current about what the Lord is doing, or probably even ever did, or will do in the future, but that's fine. Your words prove you see nothing of what can be and should be seen, even right up to this moment for someone who thinks they know the subject or you could and would speak about it! Constance has had much to say on these very topics right here on her blog. You must have missed it while busy posting your 'stuff' while wrongly thinking it is your blog.

But...have a nice life (if you can).

More nuts every day.
anon 2:50

if your understanding of what God is doing (or allowing) in current events is based on wrong interpretation of key points in prophecy wrong identification of players, then you will be blindsided (or else nothing will happen at all). e.g. Russia as Gog Magog (Gugu in Assyrian, Magog is land of Gog, aka Gyges the SW Anatolian king) and ten toes and ten horns as ten EUROPEAN kings who unite and transfer power, is crippling your understanding and Constance's understanding and everyone else's understanding. USED TO CRIPPLE MY UNDERSTANDING ALSO.

what God is doing....hmmmm. I keep suspecting from your phrasing that you see God as the force of history and hidden hand and so forth of Hegel and Adam Smith.

you say a transfer has occurred, so that means you think the antichrist is already here. I suppose this is about the doomed plan to make an EU army under Solana. Old rivalries are resurfacing and EU elements fracturing about Russia and many want out (66% of Danes want out).
"I had to use some more blog space to correct you."

Christine, can you please try to assume the attitude that you are contributing to a discussion among equals with differing opinions about a certain topic, instead of the attitude of "I Am the Great Corrector of Error Wherever I Find It"?

I think you'd find people less combative if you really gave it an effort.


When I say something I get attacked. you for one and others feel free to despair of this country's future because of its sins (and usually miss the spiritual sins while focusing on the physical except for cults) yet complain I throw America under the bus and chug Russian kool aid because I take this line of talk and thought SERIOUSLY and do not limit myself to preferred persons who see AMERICA! and THE WEST! as the glorious city on a hill (a remark Jesus made that was about visibility not about some country or politics) and are stuck in a Cold War mode that never examines how the adopted Nazi element on both sides deliberately kept the pot boiling to drain us both and work their own agenda mostly through the west.

don't you see the inherent contradiction here? America is esteemed holy, anything anti American or anti western is EEEVILL but America and the west are depraved and going to get judged by God. Yes Russia and China will likely be God's tools to judge us, letting our leaders go mad and follow the lead of elites with hidden agendas into provoking the bear and China. you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Sorry if you find this insulting but how else can I say it? you and others like this are doing just that, a weird split of the mind is involved.

Paul snipes insultingly at me and refers to unheard of before bible interpretations, when the first I ever heard of the New Jerusalem as a huge cube was in THE REVELATION OF JOHN Vol. 2 p. 271 if the Daily Study Bible series edited by William Barclay 1st edition nov. 1959 and Jan. 1960, second edition June 1960.

then some anonymous plays the shifting ground style, if facts can be used to help Israel about whose land it is occupying using Palestinian language it is wrong to use any terms but the Bible they and secular writers don't believe anyway but the historical facts they CAN listen to. I let that go, but then probably the same starts playing the same game and saying I have to read the whole Bible to get away from my wrong thinking which is exactly how I got my supposedly wrong thinking so then its I don't understand current events and never predicted anything and I prove I did predict (not by prophetic ability or spirit or being a seer I don't even try that but by connecting dots and looking at what's happening) so then its off to saying God is always current to imply I said He was out of date when I showed how the statue is over and the four beasts are current. all these games.

so yeah, there is error to correct. error that is crippling its believers and risking their faith and the faith of others who think the Bible said something it didn't say, but they were told it did say that.

I used to think a lot like most here but I learned better. it took decades.
"is crippling your understanding and Constance's understanding and everyone else's understanding. USED TO CRIPPLE MY UNDERSTANDING ALSO."

the tendency to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others.
"a culture of dogmatism and fanaticism"

Get over yourself. All you have for the most part is speculation but you won't even remotely imply that. According to your information, it is totally correct and already set in stone.
Go take up space to be dogmatic at your own blog, while others here gladly have regular discussions without The Big Atittude you display.

Your dogmatism over things with still so much yet to be revealed, and without consideration for what others are seeing as probably relevant or at the very least ballpark to the subject at hand, tells me you are most likely crippled too high for crutches.

"a weird split of the mind is involved"

The one who has a weird split in the personality, the mind, and forked at the tongue, would most certainly be you, Mary C Erikson.
Marko, 11:17 P.M.

Re Another lie is that there is a large rift or split between China and Russia. Whatever rift there is has been exaggerated.

This bogus "rift" was mentioned by Cliff Kincaid in his excellent book The Sword of Revolution and the Communist Apocalypse

The following is from one of the blurbs.

“International communism is not dead but more powerful and insidious than ever before.” That’s the message of this new book by veteran journalist and media critic Cliff Kincaid. The subject is the Marxist dialectic and communism’s worldwide advance. Chinese Red Army Commander Lin Biao called Marxist dialectics, the communist ideology of struggle and deception, a “spiritual atom bomb,” far superior to the real thing. Lenin called it the “living soul” of Marxism. The Sword of Revolution and the Communist Apocalypse explains this dangerous and sinister ideology. For the first time, a former U.S. intelligence agency official explains how the Sino-Soviet “split” deceived U.S. policymakers and weakened the Free World.
Dear Susanna and Marko,

Cliff and I chatted this morning via SKYPE when I was still "morning ugly" and in glasses. Worrying about Newt Gingrich, I turned to my computers very early and then SKYPED Cliff where we chatted face to face via that medium. I'm going to get him on my Saturday morning program again very soon vis a vis his newest book.

Speaking of Gingrich, I resorted to reprinting my 2011 NWV article so please refresh your browser here.



ONCE AGAIN -- TMI, TMW!!!!!!!!!!


Constance Cumbey said...

ONCE AGAIN -- TMI, TMW!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, Constance?
Christine has co-opted your blog as her own.
That is what is going on here.

I have been informed by a Druze (or so he says) online at youtube that I am an "ignorant barbarian." I am sure some here will consider this appropriate. I might adopt it as a handle/

I have Cliff's book and it's quite good.

Nevin Gussack is probably the best researcher I know regarding the fake Sino-Soviet split. He's even written a book on just that topic, which can be found on Amazon. The title is "Golitsyn Vindicated?: A Second Look at "Splits" in the Communist World During the Cold War". I haven't bought that one yet, but probably will.

I have in my collection of papers a symposium that National Review published (Nov. 5, 1960) where various authors investigated the question of the Sino-Soviet split. It is an excellent "backgrounder" to gain a good understanding of what was going on at that time.

There is so much we have missed on a strategic level regarding the Soviet Union, Communism, and the push for a world revolution. It is now at our doorstep - in fact, it has gained entry into our house, and was let in by the Great Divider himself - Obama. And a house divided will not stand, which was the plan all along. And, like Trevor Loudon says, if the United States goes down, so does the rest of the Western world. If you think we are living in dark days now, imagine what that would look like.

I'm not trying to say America is perfect or place it up in a pedestal, but if it weren't for the US and the UK standing firm against the Soviet empire during the Cold War, the worldwide communist revolution would have probably already taken place by now.

Agreed Marko @ 10:40 AM.
God has used the freedoms He gave (that we have abused terribly by now) to further the Gospel to the world all the while. And we know that His plan for the kingdoms of this world eclipses all others so all earthly things under the sun perish under it. When this is all said and done we will know how God worked marvelously in our day and time, in spite of the darkness that is falling. You wrote: "Hide myself indeed - in Christ!" Amen. (and there comes a Day!...)

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven....He hath made everything beautiful in His time: also He hath set the world in their heart, so that man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.
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