Saturday, October 05, 2013

Peggy Cuddy's Amazing New Age Movement Chart

To my readers:

Last week I interviewed Dennis Cuddy the second hour of my internet radio program.  Dennis mentioned his mother Peggy who has been researching the New Age Movement for many years herself had developed a remarkable chart on the New Age Movement.  Peggy Cuddy's independent research was one of the very first to be sent to my attention after my local work became nationally publicized in 1982.  I had the pleasure of talking with Peggy Cuddy, Dennis' mother a few times.  Dennis I have spoken with often and highly respect his work.  Dennis sent me a copy of his mother's chart and I'm reproducing it here for you.  Valuable work it is indeed!  Enjoy!  Click on the chart to enlarge them to full page.  Feel free to reproduce them and pass them on to those in need of accurate information on the New Age Movement in its many stems and branches.


To receive a full 11 x 17 pdf version of this, email me with subject line "Cuddy Chart" and I will email it back to your email address as an attachment.


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Anonymous said...

"Pope Pius XII did lay down his life for the Jews of Rome and for the escaped Allied POW soldiers just by remaining in Rome. His decision to remain in Rome when he could have fled to safety speaks volumes all by itself."

I entirely agree that this was a brave and right decision (although it is absurd to say that he laid down his life for the Jews of Rome and escaping PoWs). My criticism is for what he didn't do but could have, as I've explained often enough above.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Which is precisely why Orthodoxy IS a religion of state. When you say it isn't, what do you mean?"

It recognizes the govt. of whatever locality and insofar as that govt. is itself Christian in general or Orthodox in particular, consisting of Orthodox rulers or officials, they work together.

A near identical situation unofficially exists between the charismatic evangelical right wing and their elements in Congress now.

There are proper limits, however, to Romans 13 which have probably been crossed at various times and definitely it has been misapplied and probably will be so again.

In general with Orthodoxy things are a bit more nuanced than with RC. Orthodoxy did tend to take cooperation too far at times, and has submitted to world standards sometimes, as when it went along with Roman law in the Eastern Empire (Byzantium) in prohibiting the marriage of slave men and free women, and other things. These however were in the disciplinary canons, which though they might include things to enforce the dogmatic definitions, were always separate from the dogmatic definitions, which alone can be assumed to be infallible at all times and in all places.

Constance Cumbey said...

The FITCH GROUP Corporation has just put the USA on a AAA negative watch rating. Ominous news.

My personal opinion? I believe we are seeing the Armageddon Script as outlined by LeMesurier in partial action and this is a replay of what Jose Arguelles was claiming to be coming in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence -- the USA coming down in favor of world government, ooops, "global governance."


Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 2:45 WHAT BOOK are you referring to?


Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 2:45 WHAT BOOK are you referring to?


Constance Cumbey said...

Just watched New Ager cum "Conservative" Newt Gingrich on CNN, he's there now. He looks so happy, it's sickening.


Anonymous said...

"MArch 1, 1944. Just as Pius was sitting down to his dinner he heard the roar of a low-flying plane followed by six explosions that shook the ancient walls. One of the bombs was so close that fragments fell in the Court of St. Damaso within a few feet of the outer wall of the Holy Father's apartment"

Millions of people were getting bombed out of their homes and machine gunned and were unsure of their next meal and we are supposed to worry that someone suffered a near miss while at dinner? How could Pius have best helped such people - that is the question.

"This debate... is about the hijacking of the Holocaust and the calumniation of a Pope for the purpose of driving a wedge between the Jewish people/Israel and the Catholic Papacy with a view to furthering an irreligious agenda which is 100% in sync with New Age."

Let's look at the Vatican's attitude to the Jews at the political level in the years after the war. In 1947 Britain gave notice that it intended to end its rule (Mandate) in Palestine. The newly formed UN proposed a partition of the land between Arabs and Jews. Jerusalem was to be an international zone. The Vatican lobbied ardently for this component, and not a Jewish-administered Jerusalem. Cardinal Spellman in New York telegraphed Papal nuncios to Latin American countries to urge their hosts to press for the internationalization of Jerusalem. The argument was to guarantee Jews, Christians and Muslims access to their holy places.

The UN partition plan was rejected by the Arabs, triggering a Jew-Arab civil war and, when the British left in 1948, Arab invasion. The Arabs held East Jerusalem until 1967 during which time they denied Jews access to their holy places, but the Vatican did not repeat the call for internationalization. In 1967 the Jews regained East Jerusalem in the 6-day war of 1967 and guaranteed all three faiths access to their holy places, but the Vatican began renewing its calls for internationalization. This suggests that some other agenda is driving Vatican policy; not a New Age one, I hope. Here is an interview with an Archbishop who is a Vatican diplomat stating that Jerusalem should be made an internationally administered city, ie taken from the Jews:

Anonymous said...

"Orthodoxy did tend to take cooperation too far at times, and has submitted to world standards sometimes, as when it went along with Roman law in the Eastern Empire (Byzantium) in prohibiting the marriage of slave men and free women, and other things."

Not to mention, in its 'symphony' with the authorities, advocating the sword for theological dualists. (No - don't mention that!)

Anonymous said...

Constance, since I have no space to have a library or office, the book is mixed in somewhere among the hundreds that I have piled up in stacks.

What I remember most is why a boat was kept out of coastal waters, the people who were kept as unpaid servants to keep the rich Scientologists comfortable at all times, the way people were blackmailed with the information gained on them as they became "cleared", the way people were suckered into paying for levels of clearing, etc.

As I read the book quite a long time ago, it could have been the Bare-Faced Messiah which came out in 1987 and is no longer in print. Here it is on-line,

While trying to remember the title of the book, I found this report on the organization to be recommended,

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

what are "theological dualists?"

Anonymous said...

It looks as if Scientology hasn't changed over the years. Trying to remember the book, I came across this information.

Well at least from going to Amazon I learned I shouldn't give the book away or sell it for 50 cents. Some good came from all of the time I wasted. (Laughing loudly)

Constance Cumbey said...

Just watched New Ager cum "Conservative" Newt Gingrich on CNN, he's there now. He looks so happy, it's sickening.


P.S. Thought I had posted this about 6 pm which was when Newt appeared.

Constance Cumbey said...

Am I the only one on here concerned about the budget crisis in Washington?


Anonymous said...

Bare Faced Messiah is an excellent book, a biography of L Ron Hubbard written from the standpoint of a secular man who thought him a charlatan. The secularness of it does not prevent the author detailing Hubbard's extensive involvement with the occult, and the author did his homework painstakingly and well. If it is out of print then I am glad it can be read online.

Marko said...


I fully believe that there is an Armageddon script that has been planned for a long time now, as you have repeatedly described it.

I also believe that there is another Armageddon script that has been written by Russia and China and other Communist bloc nations.

I don't believe they are the same.

The question in my mind, always, is: Which one will go into effect first?

The evidence, I believe, points to the one by Russia and China as being the one that is playing out now - that evidence being open source writings and speeches by those in power in those countries to destroy America, as well as Obama's obvious connection to the Communist roots of these nations, and his willingness to fundamentally transform America.

If some connection could be made between the Communists and LeMesurier and Arguelles, then I would consider the possibility of some kind of linkage between the two scripts.

One starting place might be the occult roots of Marxism. Perhaps it is a two-pronged attack by Satan to finish off the light shining from the City on a Hill (America), which used to be a base of operations for the Good Guys, spreading the gospel around the world. (Actually, it still is! To some extent.)

Anonymous said...

No Constance, you are not the only one concerned. Our politicians are pretty predictable. They will come up with the solution even if it is not enacted for a few days because technically the default doesn't really come into effect at midnight. We are not going to stop paying our creditors. That's not the big problem. The media is hyping this up to create fear. The politicians know the truth. That's why Wall St. has not reacted dramatically with the exception of a 150 selloff on the Dow yesterday.

The problem is that the damage has already been done. Confidence in the US dollar has already been greatly undermined internationally. Christine LaGarde or IMF was warning Washington, China, now Fitch. Chances are the politicians will come up with some short-term fix until the next crisis.

This crisis has really undermined the Republicans which means that Obama will be able to spend, spend, spend us into oblivion, especially with his new choice of Fed chairwoman known for her easy money policies. Remember, the dollar is a ponzi scheme. The only thing that holds it afloat is the fact that it is backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. Lack of interest in our treasury auctions will increase yields on bonds. A downgrade will definitely increase yields because investors will want to be rewarded for the increased risk of owning US treasuries. This is historically unprecedented.

The western economies are still pretty fragile at the moment and any increase in yields in the bond market is very negative for world stock markets and for any economic recovery.

The call for "de-americanization" by the Chinese is indicative of what direction this will go in. Our dollar is buoyed up because countries have to be in dollar investments to buy oil, but that could change very quickly. Our relations with the Saudis have deteriorated since we kicked out Mubarak, and now we are negotiating with Iran. It's all pretty ominous, and if the stock market reacts the fear factor will grow.

This does look like it's all going according to script. You are probably right the Armageddon Script.

Whether this is the final nail in the coffin of the US economy or whether it will drag on a bit longer is the real question right now. The general direction we are heading in is obvious.


Marko said...

Constance, Dan:

Dan is right. This is going to end up changing how things are done in Washington - the Constitution is more and more becoming just a piece of paper without real meaning.

Check this article out:

Obama should be renamed Apollyon - which means "Destroyer" - which is what he truly is doing to America and the American people.

Anyone not concerned about this should be.

Anonymous said...

Constance, have you seen this yet? Last year she set up Sister Giant and the likes of Barbara Marx Hubbard and Deepak Chopra and friends all made supporting videos for Marianne. As we know, they jump in when there is a 'crisis',,,like we've recently seen in the US congress. Here they go !!

concerned, from OZ

Craig said...

concerned, from OZ:

Constance has a newer post, so you may wish to repost your comment there.

Anonymous said...

We have been assured repeatedly in this thread that the attempt to blacken Pius XII's name with the claim of silence came from the communist bloc after the war (in Pacepa and Rychlak's 2013 book Disinformation).

This is untrue. No doubt the Kremlin did all it could to further the claim, but it did not invent it. According to Harold Tittman of the US mission to the Holy See, writing in summer 1942, Pius was "having to withstand a constant stream of criticism from pro-ally sources for refusing to speak out against the violations of the moral and natural laws perpetrated by the Axis powers... it is felt that as a consequence... the great moral authority enjoyed by the papacy... has... been notably diminished."

This report back to Washington would have been based on awareness of the feeling in the circle of diplomats of many countries represented at the Vatican.

In particular, in September four predominantly Catholic Latin American neutral countries explicitly warned Pius that his silence was dissipating the moral authority of the papacy. Such a warning cannot be written off as unfriendly; it was the exact opposite. The same month, Bishop Radonski of Poland, forced into exile, wrote two strong letters to the Vatican about its silence over the Nazi persecution of Polish Catholics, a silence which lasted from the beginning of that persecution in 1939 until 1943. One letter included the phrase "the Pope keeps silent as though these matters are of no interest to him".

Pacepa might genuinely believe that the 'silence' smear came from the communist bloc after the war, but it actually began with committed Catholics during the war.

(Michael Phayer: Pius XII, the Holocaust and the Cold War, p30-31 &48-49; fully sourced in Phayer's references.)

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Roxanne said...

hi constance, would love to have a copy of this chart! please sent it to this email--

thanks so much,

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