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We've had some discussion back and forth on the blog between "Evangelical" who thinks the Turkish rioters are fighting forced Islam and deserve our support vs. myself who maintains they are New Age instigated and led.

Today, investigating the various websites of prominent New Agers Steve & Barbara Rother, I found the following.  It is most revealing.  If you had doubts that this was a New Age exercise in progress, this should tell you that indeed it was and is.

Also, TIME Magazine has a significant article in its June 24, 2013 issue.  Ours arrived yesterday.  The theme was "The Informers:  Why a New Generation of Hacktivists is driven to spill the government's secrets."  The author is Michael Scherer.  Reading it, I recalled my earliest reading of New Age sources back in 1981.  The very night I drafted the first few chapters of THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, I commented on how they valued survival skills and back to nature instincts while at the same time calling for the entire world to be interconnected with computers with incredible snooping capabilities.  I certainly agree that the government had vastly overreached and we had a right to know that they were snooping on us.  However, the motivation to reveal it may well have been a type of New Age religious impulse on a generation raised on New Age thinking.

Here is a link for the video:

Watch it and also read the TIME MAGAZINE article for necessary insights into the continuing New Age revolution in progress.  Interestingly, the interviewer on the video is one more claiming that their "shift occurred" on December 22, 2012, as did Barbara Marx Hubbard.

According to Carol Brooks who has an informative material on "The Global Alliance" which can be found at, Steve Rother has presented his rather dubious "channeled" material at the UN at least 5 times.

Perilous times are coming?  No, perilous times are obviously here!

Stay tuned!

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Here is an article by Alan Morrison about "The Occult Character of the United Nations" that has telling information on one of the Rother presentations




I urge you not to let your acute awareness and good exposees of one form of evil (New Age) blind you to the threat of another (Islam). I have no wish to get into a battle of words with you about which is more evil. It is legitimate for Turks not to wish to see their country fall under Sharia Law.

Update: June 17, 2013

Turkey threatens to deploy army to end unrest

Deputy PM says army could be called into action to restore order, as unions go on strike to protest police crackdown.


Tear gas and bulldozers: Istanbul riot police clear Gezi Park protest camp

Hezbollah seems to be of some good use for a while, since they and their Iranian backers are shia and al Qaeda is sunni, Hezbollah is being sent in to support Assad. they already kicked some al Qaeda from Syria out of Lebanon, don't understand what they were doing there but oh, well.

As for Turkey, regardless of who wins the uprising scene, there are probably enough hardline islamists that an election would bring them into power if the govt. fell.

New Age tends to support any disruption against anything old and outdated so to speak (except themselves), and to read all kinds of mystical crap into anything, but they may well be among the instigators of the riots. This whole thing, starting over the issue of a park, reminds me of how the Berkeley riots started. Like an attempted replay?

The combination of back to nature and survival skills with high tech and unified organized etc., is perhaps the New Age weak point, how their globalist element might find themselves opposed by their back to nature element.

Agenda 21 would be a case in point, the short term effects and long term goals are so extreme, that all sides of the political spectrum hate it, and perverts and you can be sure tree hugging ruralist types are in the fight against it, along with Christians and sensible mixed rural urban type people.
I just heard from Lee Penn who told me that very similar riots have broken out all over Brazil. I googled "Brazil" and "riots" as my search terms and much current news immediately filled my screen. The New Agers believe that their "shift" happened on 12-22-2013 and are now busy making things happen to make the reality match their delusions even though they claim that the rest of us are acting under ILLUSION.
"Evangelical": I rather suspect you are a "Martin Palmer" one rather than a Jesus Christ one.

I hope I'm wrong.


You didn't watch the video I referenced, did you? If you did, I pity your lack of discernment.

Here is the link Lee Penn sent me in tinyurl form:

Check it out!


Thanks for keeping watch!

Constance: I just wanted to call your attention to this comparison of Superman to Jesus!!!

How Hollywood is marketing the movie "Man of Steel" to Christians . . .

It will be hard for even casual Christians to miss the messianic metaphors in "Man of Steel."

The movie focuses on the origins of Superman, who was sent from the planet Krypton as an infant to save his species.

He is raised by surrogate parents who help him grapple with his special powers, even though they don’t fully understand the source of his extraordinary abilities.

When he turns 33, Superman must willingly sacrifice himself to save the human race.

Much more . . .

Google’s Project Loon fills internet gaps with solar-powered balloons

The goal is to provide broadband-like internet for the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have access to a reliable internet connection.


This is Evangelical. As you have called my faith into question, let me state it explicitly in my own words. I believe there is one God, who created all that is not Him - the universe, the earth, the human race, and the angels both loyal (eg Michael, Gabriel) and disloyal (led by Satan). I worship this creator God only, and worship nothing that He created. He forged a covenant with Israel as the OT relates. He is Trinitarian in nature and sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ, wholly God and wholly man, born of a virgin, who died on a cross then miraculously came back to life. I have accepted God's merciful invitation to believe in Him and have my sins forgiven. I also believe that the gospels were written by and for everyday people, not modern university academics who disbelieve the supernatural; in other words I reject the sophistry that is liberal theology.

I am generally unable to watch videos online as the internet connection where I live is too slow, but I am currently travelling with my laptop and, following your prompting, have just viewed the clip you link to, in which a committed New Ager in the West interviews one in Turkey who supports the riots. I continue to assert that the protesters are an informal coalition against PM Erdogan's Islamisation program. Because Islam is hostile to NA pantheism, there will be a NA component among those demonstrators. But I do not believe that they dominate, and I support the demonstrators' wish to stop the creep toward Sharia law with beheading for apostasy, wifebeating on suspicion, polygamy etc.

Islam is a politico-religious system and its political facet is highly intolerant and coercive. You can read this for yourself in the Quran and Hadith; among Muslims this is stated openly. Moreover Islam is powerful in today's world and is nobody's stooge.

I find that I cannot do better than repeat my words to you above: I urge you not to let your acute awareness and good exposees of one form of evil (New Age) blind you to the threat of another (Islam).


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Those comparing "Superman" to Jesus as an allegory might well consider that it could equally well or even better be supreme psychological preparation for the anti-Christ, with the New Age belief that we get new avatars for the "New Age".


During the 1980s I became well used to "Christian" change agents who were very adept at putting out mimeographed statements of faith with all the right elements, while going right on with their agenda of sanitizing the New Age Movement and desensitizing Christians to same. I hope you are one of the victims of the latter rather than one of the propagators of the former. It is quite clear to me that you have no clear understanding of the New Age Movement, its scope and ramifications to all monotheists. If you did, you would not think New Age rebellion, no matter how anti-Sharia you perceive it to be, quite so wonderful. Maybe you equate all "fundamentalisms" with worthy of destruction. Remember, many are calling USA Christians opposed to abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia, as "the Taliban." I opened a file early in my work and labeled a clear trend I was witnessing as "war on fundamentalism." The elements rioting in Turkey were not protesting Sharia law. Turkey is a relatively secular society and has a long time secular government. Alliance of Civilizations co-founder Erdogan is hardly an Islamic fundamentalist. This is something far more basic -- the dangerous alliance of New Agers and anarchists, including the very New Age Green Movements coming together to destroy society, pit the fundamentalist elements against each other and be the torch igniting civilization so that they can rebuild as the "New Phoenix" arising from our ashes. Ditto to what is happening in Turkey to what is presently happening in Brazil.


Today, something very serious that obviously was in the works for a long time came together. The G20 came out with resolutions and proposed measures that they said (David Cameron speech) had been agreed upon to share all tax information on all citizens and nationals of all countries with all other countries to make sure that all countries collected their taxes. According to the BBC story I read, the USA said it already had its system in place. The Brits were finishing theirs, Russia had theirs, etc., etc. It sounds like the "global governance" thing is clearly and rapidly going from de facto to de jure world government.

See the LOUGH ERNE DECLARATION here and download in .pdf form



This is Evangelical. I have learned much about the New Age from your own work and am grateful. I agree pretty much with your take on it. My differences with you on this and occasionally on other subjects here are all of one sort: it seems to me that you write as if NA is the only thing going on out there, whereas I believe that, although it is very significant, some of the subjects you cover are more multistranded.

For instance, the West has moved since the 1960s from secular materialist humanism to occult humanism aka New Age. (I acknowledge that NA was brewing long before that, but this is when it went mainstream.) There are plenty of old-fashioned materialist atheists like Richard Dawkins out there, and theirs is the generation currently in power, although increasingly they share power with NA types who represent the next generation. The split is not only between generations and individuals but probably to some extent within quite a few people too. But I would not label secular materialists as New Age or as dupes thereof.

I am most certainly not a propagator of NA ideas. I abhor them. If you regard me as a victim or a dupe then demonstrate it to me. I took the trouble to wrote up my creed in my own words specifically so that you could see me doing more than just saying I affirm the gospel or the Nicene creed, so I am surprised to find you suspicious in your response, about mimeographed statements of faith. Just what words would you accept from a person as meaning that they are a committed Christian?

Fundamentalism? Better define it first. But a Christian who lives out the faith recorded in his scriptures will be a man of peace, whereas a Muslim who does the same will be a man of war. Islam has spontaneously fought the West for 1300 years without any prompting by NA gnostics.

If this is going to be constructive then it is up to both of us to find out more about what Erdogan has done to Islamise Turkey, what he looks like doing, and what a decent cross-section of protesters (not just one or two) say are their concerns.


Some context about the tax thing... people in Britain are quite heavily taxed, and are very fed up - it is a common subject of popular conversation - that multinational companies can sell products made in Britain to British people yet pay a MUCH smaller rate of tax than British businesses would. This is a legitimate grievance, and the sums involved are large. Perhaps the international sharing of tax information is a worse evil, but there are two sides to this debate and I hope that those people who are registering concern at multinational behaviour will not just be thoughtlessly labelled as dupes of the New Age masters of the universe.
someone has recently asked me, how is islam going to take to the AoC?, and its new global ethic of tolerance/solidarity/universalism;...anti-fundalmentalism??? Constance or anyone else, can you help on this one. and by the way what is come of the alliance of it progressing?///tony in vt.
socialism through immigration:
June 19, 2013

A local Turkish broadcaster has been ordered to shut down for reporting on the current protests in the midst of a media blackout.

June 19, 2013

Obama offends Catholics in the UK, says religious schools are divisive....

The Catholic media is up in arms over comments President Obama made during a speech while in Northern Ireland for the G8 summit. Obama made what is described as “an alarming call for an end to Catholic education,” in spite of the fact that it is considered “a critical component of the Church.”

In front of an audience of about 2,000 young people, including many Catholics, Obama claimed that Catholic education divides people and blocks peace, according to the Scottish Catholic Observer.

“If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation,” Obama said.

Obama might have called that one correctly when you look at the history of N Ireland.
Anonymous @ 4:35

If you don't have anything intelligent to post, please do us all a favor and don't say anything at all.
Anonymous @ 5:28

Ditto. Except that I do not presume to speak on behalf of others. And I am going to give praise where Obama gets something right. I wish he were not president but he is the only president the USA has got just now.

I know personally Christians who successfully reconciled terrorists from both sides in Ulster. Seeing at school age that the other side is flesh and blood too helps. For clarification, my comment was not intended to be anti-Catholic but anti-segregation on both sides.

Anonymous @ 4:35

Of the protesters in Sao Paolo, Brazil:

84% back no political party
77% have higher education
71% are first-time protesters
56% say they are protesting against increased public transport fares
40% say they are protesting against corruption
31% say they are protesting against violence/repression
27% say they are protesting for a better public transport system
24% are protesting against politicians

(you can say you are protesting against more than one thing)

Source: Datafolha, 18 June 2013
Constance, it does worry me that you are siding with some pretty brutal and corrupt politicians or dictators against demonstrators whose actions are entirely peaceful.
Anonymous @ 5:40

One day in the future, all traditional Protestants, Catholics and Jews will be FORBIDDEN (and no longer free) to openly practice their faith. They will be forced to make a decision to join the One World Religion and bow down and worship the Anti-Christ....or, be put to death.

But, hey - as long as there is no more 'segregation'....I guess that's all that matters to you.

Anonymous @ 6.12

I know that unhappy fact very well. What has it to do with segregation and church disunity - about which you appear to care remarkably little - in Northern Ireland?

Anon @ 5.40

Anonymous @ 6:55

Well, unlike you, I am looking at the bigger picture here.

Where does the President of the United States get off calling for 'an end to Catholic education' in the UK....or anywhere else for that matter???

Do you really believe for one minute that Obama gives a flying fig about whether Protestants and Catholics are 'divided' in Northern Ireland???

This is obviously a smokescreen for sewing the seeds (paving the way) for the future One World Religion.

Wake up and smell Obama's transparency....along with his very 'selective' positions on numerous issues (not to mention disrespecting the U. S. Constitution) when it suits his global NWO agenda!!!

Google claims that they will be uploading our entire minds within the next 32 years...

Anon 10:34,

I think some minds will require substantially less time to upload than others...
Leana Korthuis who posted here in the past posts at the Facebook page Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards. She has found sources which show Common Core standards being put into schools in the US are tied to the movement to put these standards into schools across the world.

Through Common Core the government gathers much information on students and their families, information which goes into a government database.

It's not just standards that are found through the input of Common Core. It is plain old brainwashing and mind manipulation of children based on the material used and how that material is taught and interpreted.

You will have to go to this Facebook page:
and then look for her several posts on this topic. It is impossible to summarize what is going on just for convenience. If you want freedom, you will have to work for it. Standardization in everything is the goal for one world government and one world religion. Unless you know how it is coming about, you won't be able to protect your own thinking and the thinking of family members.

One of the links she gives will be found here: This is the html version of the file

I know not everyone can handle understanding at that level, but those who can shouldn't run away from the responsibility.

Anonymous @ 7.48pm,

No I don't think Obama cares about the people of N Ireland. I didn't suggest he did. I would prefer it if he were not President. But I agree with his words on this occasion. And we should pray for him because, whether we like it or not, he is influential.

As for the big picture, church unity is pretty important don't you think?

Anon @ 6.55 pm

Anonymous @ 5:29 AM

Yes, 'church unity' is very important...especially in recognizing that the traditional Protestants, Catholics and Jews will be the true VICTIMS in the NWO Global Elite's long term goal and agenda to create a One World Religion.

So, let's never lose sight of that fact...and cease and desist all of the 'divisiveness' that has been happening on this blog (for too many years to count) once and for all.

And you can start by not giving a not-so-thinly-disguised 'thumbs up' to Obama for wanting to close Catholic schools in the UK!!!

I also wouldn't say that Obama is 'influential' any more, since the number of people who showed up yesterday in Berlin to hear him speak was estimated to be only about 4,500...compared to 200,000 people back in 2008.

BRAVO to you, Leana.

Great job doing your research!!!!
Anonymous @ 1047 am

Anybody who thinks that the President of the USA is not influential can safely be ignored. I trust people to read my words for themselves and not fall for your distortions of them. Segregated schooling in Ulster did a lot to preserve an evil status quo in both the Catholic and protestant communities.

Anon @ 5.29am
Anonymous @ 11:57

For your information, various media sources have reported the declining numbers who showed up in Berlin yesterday. So, I didn't 'distort' anything.

Your actions are proof that you have no desire for any kind of 'unity' as you are obviously filled with false pride.

So, continue being comfortable with your ignoring Obama's true motives and evil agenda behind his UK speech.

Uhhh, let's see -- doesn't that make President Obama an 'elitist hypocrite' for sending his two daughters to Sidwell Friends, the Quaker school in Washington, D.C. (rather than the perfectly good 'integrated' schools)?

Yes, Obama is influential among New Age followers and leaders. Stalin was influential in the communist community. Castro is influential in communist Cuba. As for the rest of us, Obama does not influence us in any way though we need to be aware of the influence he has on those who do not see through his intentions or who agree with them.

To understand what is happening and Obama's role in it, it is wise to have knowledge of the history of the New Age movement and not just some superficial feelings about what is going on.

An Obama Cyber Warrior can't just go into this block of information and attempt to turn those who have followed this blog for a long time. This is not some fluffy group with no standards. I would suggest that those who think they can turn this group go find some information playpen where they might have success.
Anonymous @1240 pm

I accused you specifically of distorting words of mine, something which readers can check for themselves. As for your claim that Obama is not influential any more because far fewer people turned out for him in Berlin, O how I wish he were not influential! I actually share your view of him but I will give credit where it is due to his words about segregated schooling. I suspect I know rather more than you about that in northern Ireland, and black Americans know a bit about it too.

If you think he is not influential then why are people here (rightly) concerned about his continuing policies and their likely effects?

Anon @ 1157

Obama is a New Age leader based on the things he openly stands for. That and his support from the New Age Princeton group. The New Age movement leaders have taken a particularly strong stand against the Catholic faith since the beginning over a hundred years ago. If you know what the 100 piece puzzle picture looks like, you know where a particular puzzle piece fits in.

Thanks! Here is another good link as to what is happening in education and how it is connected to the global governance movement.

Uh...that's been the story line of Superman since his comic book debut back in the 1930's perhaps. I wouldn't worry too much about Superman. He's fictional and becomes weakened if the Sun turns red or he wears a green rock.
Anonymous @ 1:42 PM

I do not feel that I distorted your words. I simply felt that you were refusing to see the forest for the trees.

Any 'message' received in Obama's speech regarding 'segregated schooling' was completely 'lost in translation' to I saw it as the obvious DIVERSION that it was....and wondered how any reasonable person could possibly ignore Obama's very transparent motive and agenda.

Obama is a NWO Global Elite (Bilderberg-approved) puppet. Therefore, his so-called 'influence' is highly questionable....since any 'news' we receive is from the carefully controlled mainstream media. So, how can we believe just WHO he is actually 'influencing'?

By the way, my grandparents moved over to this country from Ireland, (and I also have friends who live in Ireland) I do, in fact, know something about the political situation over there.

Anonymous @ 7.28pm

I'm well aware of Obama's agenda. But nobody, including him, gets everything wrong - or right, as we Christians would do well to remember. I don't feel the need to preface everything I say about him with a disclaimer about his ghastly credentials, and I regret that you misinferred my position from the fact I didn't. I think that that is not solid reasoning. Do your contacts in Northern Ireland agree that segregated schooling (on BOTH sides) was inimical to peace?

Anon @ 1.42pm

My contacts in Ireland strongly feel that the strife in their country has always been much more political (territorial and about British control) than religious.

To suggest that to do away with religious education (Catholic or Protestant) will bring peace is not only ignorant, but outrageous.

Would he dare to make that same suggestion in a speech to a Muslim country? I don't think so.

Also, it clearly reveals that Obama is the ultimate hypocrite for sending his own two daughters to a Quaker school in Washington, DC (rather than an 'integrated' school).

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. That’s his lowest overall approval rating since last August - 10 months ago. Fifty-five percent (55%) now disapprove.

Today’s figures include 23% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 41% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -18.
Yes it is obviously true that the self-defined 'protestants' and 'Catholics' in N Ireland who took up the gun and the bomb are nominal Christians who badly need to read the warning in Matt 7:21-3 about how some self-defined Christians are going to get a shock on the day of judgement. But if you run a politicised church - and both sides did - then you can't just wash your hands and say it is a political rather than a religious issue.

I agree with you about Obama. (I always did; I simply wanted to talk more about Ulster than about him.)

The Protestants and Catholics who took up guns were Irish PEOPLE fighting over British control of their county.

Also, who are YOU to set yourself up as judge and jury of the people of Ireland? Maybe you should concentrate on those 'self-defined Christians' right here in the U.S. who may also 'get a shock on the day of judgment'....for supporting the Iraq war (which had nothing to do with 9/11). There are many Americans who still don't understand why we're there 10 years later.

That's a gross distortion of the facts because what you don't say is that one of those sides comprising Irish people called themselves loyalists to Britain. (No, I am not taking sides in that dispute.) And deciding that someone who uses guns and bombs is a nominal Christian is no more or less judgemental than deciding that your fiance(e) is a committed rather than a nominal Christian - a call that most of us have to make. You use a specious analogy when you call me judge and jury because I am using words, not putting anybody in prison or against a firing squad. I accept responsibility for my words.

I don't agree with you that I am distorting the the entire 'tone' of this debate reveals that you most certainly ARE setting yourself up as judge and jury.

It is refreshing to hear that you are taking responsibility for your words though.
To anonymous 4:46
Credentials are not something a person is born with. His choices and behavior created Obama's credentials. His credentials are very much a part of his current agenda. They are part of his autobiography.

Of course no one gets everything wrong. What can be wrong about his choosing eggs over oatmeal for breakfast? Other than his choices in those kinds of circumstances, I can't think of anything he has done that can't be challenged.

We are all conditioned by life around us. So he has been conditioned. What is missing is the larger picture.

The tone of this debate is set by you at least as much as me. You accused me of being judge and jury of the people of Northern Ireland when I was commenting, not passing sentence, and only on a minority, ie those who took up bombs and bullets. I admire your powers of distortion.
Thank you for that link on common core education. It is very interesting to see what is entering our education system worldwide and that it seems the U.S. is paying for most of it. It was especially interesting to me the environmentalism that is being taught even including a new world spirituality with the earth.
To Anonymous @ 7:33 PM

You were clearly 'passing sentence' when you said the following in your earlier 2:42 PM post....

"Yes it is obviously true that the self-defined 'protestants' and 'Catholics' in N Ireland who took up the gun and the bomb are nominal Christians who badly need to read the warning in Matt 7:21-3 about how some self-defined Christians are going to get a shock on the day of judgment."

Tomorrow on radio -- I had an extremely busy week as a lawyer -- I will be doing radio program tomorrow without a guest -- it wouldn't be fair of me to call anybody at this hour. I arrived home tonight from a very full day all practice related. I do have very important material, however. I am doing an article for on the material. I planned to write and submit it Wednesday night but people had legal emergencies that required attention and a lot of time both in court and in preparation.

On the docket for conversation tomorrow morning -- measures taken by the G8 and G20 countries this past week that indicate real world government may be here -- including taxing authority and all countries sharing all taxpayer information with all other countries in their compact area. The USA said it had its mechanisms completed. Great Britain was working on theirs. Russia, as I recall, said theirs was ready. Russia was the host country this year. See you on the internet radio in the morning.

I passed no sentence on anybody. It is not me who consigns people to hell or pardons them. But I can see very clearly where terrorists who claim to be Christians are headed. If you think that we are not to judge who is and is not Christian, then how do we decide who to preach to or marry?
To Anonymous @ 4:11 AM

Regarding your statement: "I can see very clearly where terrorists who claim to be Christians are headed."

Oh, this is hilarious. Now, you are calling the Irish people 'terrorists'?

Well, if we're going to play your 'game' of over-simplifying what actually took place....then I guess we'd have to say that all of those Northern Yankees (which included Protestants & Catholics) who fought against those Southern Rebels (which included Protestants & Catholics) in the Civil War were all 'terrorists' too? Hahahahahahaha!!!

With your arrogant judgmental attitude (not to mention limited world view), you definitely should not be 'preaching' to anyone!!!

Matthew 7:1

Judge not lest ye be judged.
Perilous times certainly are here.
Me: "I can see very clearly where terrorists who claim to be Christians are headed."

You: "Oh, this is hilarious. Now, you are calling the Irish people 'terrorists'?"

No; I am referring to the small proportion of Irish people who were terrorists. If you think anything in my words implies otherwise, say where. You have proved that you try to twist words; now how about addressing, rather than ducking, my question - If you think that we are not to judge who is and is not Christian, then how do we decide who to preach to or marry?
1) The Irish people are no more 'terrorists'....than you are a terrorist.

2) I feel deeply sorry for any person who is either being 'preached to' or married to you!!!

3) Go back and read the earlier post at 9:42 AM....

Matthew 7:1

Judge not lest ye be judged.

We can all see that you are ducking my question. If you think that we are not to judge who is and is not Christian, then how do we decide who to preach the gospel to (no point preaching to the converted), or who to marry? (We are not to be yoked to an unbeliever, as St Paul told the Corinthians.)
To Anonymous @ 6:36 PM

There is no simple 'black and white' answer to your question.

In other words, there is a very good reason why Jesus admonishes ALL of us to "Judge not lest ye be judged." (That's why HE is God and we are not!)

I can only illustrate my point by telling the following story....

Many years ago, I worked with a woman who professed to be a devout Christian (Southern Baptist). She faithfully attended church twice a week (every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening). She read the Bible every day; quoted from Scripture all the time; professed that she was 'born again'....that Jesus was her Lord and Savior who died for our sins, etc.

As the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO of an oil company, she was in a position of immense power, and she abused it. Over the course of a year and a half, I watched how she behaved with others in the office. I watched her undermine several co-workers, get them fired without just cause, and constantly gossip about everyone behind their backs.

Her words spoke one message; but, in peeling away the layers, her actions and behavior revealed a very cold hearted, ruthless person.

Since childhood, I have always been taught....

"By their fruits, ye shall know them." (Matthew 7:20)

My motto is to pray, pray, pray for others....and let God do the judging. (It is not my place to judge; it is not your place to judge.)
Thanks Ruth. Very interesting material.
Much research has been done by some of you on educational concerns which is primary plowing grounds for New Age activists. A major figure on that front is TED HALSTED who has been funded and backed by such New Age luminaries as Arianna Huffington, Eric Schmidt (Google). Halsted has been at it for years and his organization is THE NEW AMERICA FOUNDATION. This article in the Washington Post is 10 years old, but the information is useful.


Ruth, thank you for the Youtube link. The document she is referring to may be downloaded from this link:

Well, 7.38pm, you just judged her, didn't you?
Not at all.

YOU claimed that I was 'ducking the question' regarding 'how do we decide who to preach the gospel to (no point in preaching to the CONVERTED) and who to MARRY'....

My point is that you may decide that person is 'a Christian' just because he or she is 'a believer.' However, only after observing a person's actions and behavior over TIME (peeling away the layers) will it slowly be revealed whether what is deep inside of that person's HEART actually matches (or contradicts) his or her words and beliefs.

Again, my answer is: "By their fruits ye shall know them." (Matthew 7:20)

Either way, continue to pray for that person - but leave the judging to God.
The document Ruth refers to and the one Constance linked to may be valid, but I wonder about the stopthecrime and conspiracy con. Even though Monteith appeared at Conspiracy con, both those appear to be a strange bunch without a lot of validity. What do others think?
So the passage of time makes it OK to judge people?

The issue here, given that (1) Jesus said Don't judge, yet (2) we certainly have to form an estimate of who is and is not a Christian for purposes of preaching and marriage, and it is surely OK to have Christians as judges in the legal profession, is what Jesus meant. Let's settle that before anything else.

As a start: He said "Do not judge... do not condemn". Are these two different things, as Western minds presume ("Jesus would not waste words"), or are thy the same thing expressed in two different ways (Hebrew parallelism, as found in the Wisdom writings in the OT)?

Came across this on a leftist site.

Same stuff as the right has been warning about. Same stuff as found in anti-New Age writings.

Big chunks of information are missing, chunks that are connected to the New Age movement. Oh I know what is missing and why this has popped up.
the Baptist executive creep woman - I suspect her once saved always saved theology played a role in her behavior. Acknowledge Jesus and do whatever you feel like you don't pay for it later. Of course other denominations have had people just like her.

As for this "judging" argument, ALWAYS THE CONTEXT IS LEFT OUT.

Jesus said "judge not lest ye be judged FOR WITH WHAT JUDGEMENT YOU JUDGE YOU SHALL BE JUDGED" and elsewhere said to judge righteously and not just according to appearances, and the famous log in your eye vs. speck in another's eye ends with "and then you shall see clearly to take the mote out of your brother's eye."

Not judging has been hijacked to stop all effective challenging of evil.
Here is an example of the hijacking of evangelicalism. I am sure that there are many evangelicals who are involved with this group in good faith.

Soros-Backed Evangelical Front Group Prays for Rushed Passage of Gang of 8 Bill

by Michael Patrick Leahy 23 Jun 2013

......The EIT, which on May 2 began praying for Congress to pass the Gang of Eight bill within 92 days because it is "rooted in Biblical values," now wants the Senate to pass the more than 1,000 page bill within the next five days. The bill's final version, including the complicated Corker Amendment that Breitbart News reports contains several major loopholes, was only made available to members of the Senate late on Friday.

But a clear rift has emerged among the evangelical community over the Gang of Eight bill. Some evangelical leaders are alarmed by the EIT's actions. Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, told Breitbart News on Saturday, "Many good church people are involved with EIT and likely are unaware of its radical ties and the ramifications of their political involvement. I hope they will step back from EIT and step back from this mammoth legislation whose content and ultimate impact are at best murky."

Spokespersons for the EIT, nonetheless, continue to frame their efforts to hurry the passage of the deeply flawed Gang of Eight bill as part of a "Biblical mandate." The Christian Post reported that Keith Stewart, a pastor at Spring Creek Community Church in Garland, Texas, told a press call organized by the EIT on Thursday that his support for the week of prayer effort "comes from a Biblical mandate." Stewart added that " No one who reads the Bible can come away with any other conclusion than that the immigrant matters to God." entire article

Anonymous at 10:44 raised the question, "The document Ruth refers to and the one Constance linked to may be valid, but I wonder about the stopthecrime and conspiracy con. Even though Monteith appeared at Conspiracy con, both those appear to be a strange bunch without a lot of validity. What do others think?"

I'm not familiar with these websites or people. At 18 minutes into the video, Deborah Tavares says, "Our pineal gland is interferred with, we're never able to reach our higher consciousness ..."

I'd appreciate hearing the thoughts of other folks too.

~ K ~

Greetings everyone,

Been reading the comments from the past few posts, and would like to add some observations.

We all have a tendency to view things through "me-colored" glasses. That is, what I believe to be true, I hold in high regard, and if someone is going to change my mind about something, they'd better have some pretty good evidence to bring to the table. It is difficult to allow one's beliefs about a certain topic of inquiry to be formed by "following the argument".

Remember the story about a bunch of blind men trying to describe an elephant based on the different parts of the elephant they were touching? They each had a different view, and they all argued among themselves because none of them were willing to admit that what they believed might just be only part of a larger picture.

The capacity for self-delusion is higher than what most people would like to admit. Diana West has just published a book entitled "American Betrayal", and it documents so well this capacity for not only self-delusion, but the refusal to call something what it is. Enemies can use this tendency to great advantage. Here's a short video where she is interviewed by a Newsmax reporter:

I am leaning toward agreeing with "Evangelical" in that person's expressed concern over losing sight of larger enemies that pose a more immediate threat to the West and America than the New Age Movement. Isn't it a given that the NAM has claimed to rise from the ashes of the coming clashes of civilizations? If so, then the Next Big Thing is NOT the arrival of Betraya/Meitraya, it is world war. Most likely, it is a world war with either Islam, or the Eastern "ex"-communist powers, or some kind of combination of both.

The people in our government and in our military tasked with our safety and protection have certainly not demonstrated to me that they are serious about that task. In fact, it seems they are doing everything they can to make the enemy's job easier.

Hi Christine,

Not all baptists accept Once Saved, Always Saved (OSAS). I am the person debating about judgement with the person who knew a "very cold hearted, ruthless" businesswoman. I was once in a baptist congregation and I left it only because I moved town, and I certainly do not accept OSAS.

Let's get constructive about this. I'm looking at Luke 6:37: "Do not KRINETE... do not KATADIKAZETE..." generally translated as "Do not judge... do not condemn..." We need to know acurately what these words meant in Greek 2000 years ago, and we need to see what Hebrew words they correspond to when they appear in the Septuagint (2000-year-old Greek translation of the OT). Then we can take this forward and resolve some of the apparent contradictions with the need for Christians in the judiciary and deciding whether someone you want to marry is a Christian.

To Anonymous @ 1:41 PM

Re: "So the passage of time makes it OK to judge people?"

You are soooo completely missing the point. The passage of time allows a person's true actions and behavior to surface. Not every person who 'professes' to be a Christian 'believer' may, in fact, be a TRUE Christian!!!

(Also, anyone who rushes into marriage, without taking the time to really get to know that person, will have more problems than Jesus can help him with!)

Re: "It is surely OK to have Christians as judges in the legal profession."

Well, because the legal profession is separate (e.g. the separation of church and state).

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." (Matthew 12:17)

Re: "Do not not condemn. Are these two different things, as Western minds presume?"

Again, what part of 'DO NOT JUDGE OR CONDEMN' do you still not understand??? It is not OUR job; it is GOD'S job!!!


As I see things, through my own filtered lens of knowledge based on what I've been able to learn, I don't see the New Age Movement as having much influence at all in major world affairs - we are still operating under the "old" rules of guns and butter, or as Mao said, "Power flows from the barrel of a gun."

Many here, including myself, have serious concerns about the massive surveillance state that is all around us. And yet, as I step back from that and try to see an overall picture, I realise a few things:

1. All it would take is a couple of nuclear missiles launched over the continental US and detonated at a fairly-high altitude to put that worry to rest for the forseeable future - the EMP would wipe out all electronic and electrical infrastructure. Ooops...there goes Big Brother. Don't let the door hit you on the way out....

2. The reality described in books like 1984 is NOTHING like the relative freedom we still enjoy. The closest human beings came to a 1984-ish existence was during the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain. There are similar existences now - mostly Communist China and a handful of Islamic nations. Both of these pose a real threat to the West. China can achieve victory through military power, and Islam can achieve victory through our refusal to fight their ideology and religion because it might "offend" someone. This a variation on a theme put out by James Burnham in his excellent book "The Suicide of the West", which dealt more with Liberalism and Marxism infiltrating our institutions than it did the infiltration of the same by radical Islamic ideology. These are all interrelated, however, and still pose a great threat to the West.

Perhaps the best way to describe what Islam is doing to the West is by calling it an "assisted suicide". We are happily (or at least ignorantly) allowing ourselves to be taken over by an ideology that is foreign to us, and that is anti-freedom. It is one of the three great totalitarianisms of the past century: Islam, Nazism, and Communism.

What does the future hold? I don't know. The New Age Movement needs to be described in ideological terms that equates it with those other three. Or perhaps it is an "anti-ideology"? How can an anti-ideology be a threat? I believe it can and will be. But not until the current ideologies have been reduced to ashes.

Sun, June 23
I consider you are ducking my question about the incompatibility of not judging, and deciding whether someone you want to marry is a Christian. (Taking time to get to know someone, which is your response, is irrelevant to the fact that you still have to make a judgement at the end of that time.) You presumably think you are not ducking. I leave it to others to decide. To get anywhere we are going to have to look at those Greek words as I advocate at 7.46pm.
Test.... Blogger seems to be eating my posts......

Testing 1 2 3
To Anonymous @ 8:20 PM

OK, I have been very patient with you.

Obviously, this is some big psychological head trip or 'game' with you (of which you presume that you can dictate the rules).

Since you and I just keep going around and around....we are getting nowhere fast. I am not going to change your mind, and you certainly are not going to change mine.

Also, I am sure that others on this blog are becoming both bored and exasperated with this discussion (which has been going on for several days now)....not to mention the fact that there are so many other topics / issues that need to be discussed and debated.

Anyway, it's time to stick a fork in this particular subject. We're done!!!

Maybe you can find someone else on this blog who will come out and play.

I have been following the discussions for the past several posts, in particular the one between Constance and Evangelist about the threats we face, and their relative importance.

We all have a tendency to see things through "me-colored" glasses. That is, we tend to hold our own interpretation of the truth about a certain topic in high regard, and if our mind is to be changed at all, then the evidence being brought to the table of discussion had better be pretty strong in favor of a different view. It is difficult to set aside our own view of things and "follow the argument".

I am reminded of the story about a group of blind men each trying to describe what an elephant must look like, while feeling only one part of it (one had hold of the trunk, another a tusk, still another the ear, etc). They all argued among themselves because none were willing to admit that he was only "seeing" part of a larger picture.

Along with this me-centric way of viewing things, we also have a tremendous capacity for self-delusion. We only see what we want to see, and refuse to admit to the truth of anything that might contradict it (see the "Black Swan Fallacy").

A good illustration of this, and at the same time, a good illustration of why I think Evangelist has a good point about the NAM currently being less of a threat than Islam and Sharia Law, is Diana West's latest book, "American Betrayal". Here's a short interview video that I hope you will find fascinating:

As I see things, through my own filtered lens of knowledge based on what I've been able to learn, I don't see the New Age Movement as currently having much influence at all in major world affairs - we are still operating under the "old" rules of guns and butter, or as Mao said, "Power flows from the barrel of a gun."

Don't New Agers claim that they will "rise from the ashes" after a clash of civilizations happens? To me, that means that the New Age *cannot* come to power until the current system is "dealt with". Yet so many of us tend to worry about the current system of government and control.


For example, many here, including myself, have serious concerns about the massive surveillance state that is all around us. And yet, as I step back from that and try to see an overall picture, I realise a few things:

1. All it would take is a couple of nuclear missiles launched over the continental US and detonated at a fairly-high altitude to put that worry to rest for the forseeable future - the EMP would wipe out all electronic and electrical infrastructure. Ooops...there goes Big Brother. Don't let the door hit you on the way out....

2. The "Big Brother reality" described in the book 1984 is NOTHING like the relative freedom we still enjoy. The closest human beings came to a 1984-ish existence was during the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain. There are similar existences now - mostly Communist China and a handful of Islamic nations. Both of these pose a real threat to the West. China can achieve victory through military power, and Islam can achieve victory through our refusal to fight their ideology and religion because it might "offend" someone. This is a variation on a theme put out by James Burnham in his excellent book "The Suicide of the West", which dealt more with Liberalism and Marxism infiltrating our institutions than it did the infiltration of the same by radical Islamic ideology. These are all interrelated, however, and still pose a great threat to the West.

Perhaps the best way to describe what Islam is doing to the West is by calling it an "assisted suicide". We are happily (or at least ignorantly) allowing ourselves to be taken over by an ideology that is foreign to us and anti-freedom. It is one of the three great totalitarian ideologies of the past century: Islam, Nazism, and Communism, all of which are still alive, contrary to popular belief.

What does the future hold? I don't know. For me to see the NAM as an immediate threat on the same level as the spread of Islam or the behind-the-scenes machinations of Communists and other anti-Western groups, the New Age Movement needs to be described in ideological terms that equates it with those other three. Or does it? Perhaps it is an "anti-ideology". How can an anti-ideology be a threat? Indeed, the Anonymous / Occupy movements seem to be very anti-ideological. Their danger can be found in the dictum that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Whatever the New Age Movement is, I believe it can and will be a threat - the greatest the world has ever known. But not until the current ideologies have been reduced to ashes.

Sun, June 23

Thank you for that excellent article regarding the hijacking of evangelicalism.

Hopefully, those who are acting in good faith will become alert to the growing danger and work together to weed out that radical element.

Anonymous @ 8.51 pm, the main difference between us is that I accept there is a problem to resolve - the apparent incompatibility between the no-judging verses and how to decide whether someone you want to marry is a Christian, or who is an unbeliever to preach to. I have suggested a way forward by looking at the word 'judge' in the Bible's original languages. But you deny the apparent incompatibility by acknowledging only one side of it and ducking my question. I acknowledge your freedom to do that, although you might wish to ponder what impression it gives to blog readers.
Nazism and communism are really quite close. Nazi stood in German for National SOCIALIST. And socialism and communism had exactly the same goal for society, merely different ways to achieve it (violent revolution or the ballot box, since the working class were more numerous). Islam was very different - it did not come out of industrialising Europe and it is six times older. But it is prepared to work with the other enemies of the West, both within and without, to bring it down.


This is Evangelical. In response to your generous words I'd like to go further and suggest that the rise of an Islamic threat to the West constitutes God's impending judgement. Most people fail to see the wood for the trees but we have totally changed our sexual behaviour since the 1960s and the effect has been to totally wreck family stability, with disastrous effects for the next generation. The rise of the Islamic threat matches this. It is documented that every society to have gone promiscuous has soon fallen (JD Unwin, sex and Culture 1934; you don't have to accept Unwin's Freudian explanation). God is not going to send prophets to warn our leaders because the West is not a set of covenant nations. But I reckon this is why He is letting loose on us a politico-religious movement of extreme intolerance and violence that denies His son's divinity.

several subjects.

1. the problematic sites, programs, whatever Monteith (and someone complained a long time ago Cumbey) appear on - the thing is get the message out.

the people you want to reach are not the ones already on your team.

2. someone pointed out there is a difference between judging (especially with a self exalting attitude, and I might add that "judging" those who judge is judging also) and assessing.

as for marrying someone, there is a lot more to this than "is this person a Christian or not?" St. Paul argued over who was to accompany him on a trip because of flaws and weaknesses of one proposed for this, who took off with someone else, but while this person was judged or assessed as not suitable for this purpose, there was no implication the person was not Christian.

Between an unbeliever and a very carnal Christian is a very hard at times to discern line.

3. yes, Islam and so forth are a major threat. And in any dispute, you cannot assume one side is "the good guy" and the other not, it may well be BOTH are bad.

New Agers roughly split between wanting total individual autonomy for all, and those who want this for their own clique and power over the others.

In this regard I might add, that L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame (or infamy) once said, that the easiest way to enslave someone is to promise them total freedom.

The people back of the surveillance state to some degree track back to occultism and so forth. The dream of Rosicrucians, Masons, Templars, etc. of society ruled by a class of philosopher kings (such people always picture themselves as in this ruling class) fits quite well with the surveillance state and Nazism.

It is simplistic to complain that Nazism was national SOCIALISM. There are things mislabeled socialist now simply because they don't fit Ayn Rand (a major inspirer of anton la vey and a pro abortion atheist and adulteress who denounced her lover in front of her husband as immoral for dumping her to marry someone else, because she, Rand, being the perfect rational woman was properly the man's supreme value, indeed that of anyone, in the flesh or something like that).

True, Nazism split along ethnic while Marxism-Leninism split along class lines. But there was more to it than that. Communism being atheist and materialist was anti all religion, but Nazism was disguised occultism revival of pagan false gods, and so forth, therefore effectively worse.

Communism would lay the groundwork for people to go for false gods because of getting bored with atheism, but at that point The True God would make converts also. Nazism was the next step in the wrong direction already boots on the ground and running.

Therefore it was worse.

As a quiet observer to all of this, I am just curious as to how there can possibly be any other Christian view from that of Jesus Himself who actually said those words, "JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED"?

Those words were not made up by any anonymous blogger.

Dear 9.24am,

Far be it from me to disagree with my Lord! But we have Him as saying in Luke 6:37, "Do not KRINETE... do not KATADIKAZETE..." and we need to carefully translate those words. The verb "judge" is not unambiguous in English as Christine points out.

how can we ignore Jesus' words by not adding what He adds, "for [or therefore, or because] WITH WHAT JUDGEMENT YOU JUDGE YOU SHALL BE JUDGED,"

you shall be held accountable to the standard to pronounce. It is a warning against hypocrisy.
Some of the more 'radical' evangelicals may need to ask themselves whether they are in fact trying to twist and distort the words of Jesus and make them more complicated than they were meant to be.

The teachings of Jesus were pretty clear and not meant to be a puzzle to figure out 2,000 years later. He was preaching his message to the masses (many of whom had very limited education).

Therefore, it makes no sense not to take the words of Jesus literally. Please stop reading more into them than what He obviously meant for us.

I am not sure what you mean by reading more into them than what He obviously meant by them. your overall point is well taken, but I am not sure how you are applying it.

To take Jesus' words about judge not OUT OF THE CONTEXT OF THE ENTIRE SENTENCE HE SPOKE TO THOSE PEOPLE is twisting His words to the advantage of evil and the success of deceivers.


That is very simple, that is the entire quote people love to twist by leaving out the rest of the words, and that is the ENTIRE statement He gave those simple people, a clear warning against hypocrisy and a call to examine themselves to see if they are guilty of the same stuff they complain of in others, and if so quit it or face the same judgement they call down on others.

The similar statement of trying to take a speck of sawdust out of your neighbor's eye when you have a log in your own is in the same vein.

Jesus also said "do not judge by appearances but judge righteous judgement."

St. Paul in Hebrews bemoans his readers' needing still milk rather than strong meat, yet has to feed them the stronger meat anyway, but says their senses should have by now been sharpened BY DISCERNING BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil wasn't about knowing right from wrong, that they already knew in Eden, to obey God is good to disobey is wrong, but this was about standing beyond good and evil, experiencing choosing playing with both, like the later neitzschean philosophy.
Dear 1.14pm,

Only Christine here has actually had a go at defining what is meant by 'judge' and she found, not surprisingly, more than one sense of the word. Everybody else says it's obvious what it means but backs off when asked to get specific - which is revealing...

Those interested in how the New Age movement has infiltrated religion will find this site interesting.
I had some trouble going to articles in the previous link, so I took key words and put them in a websearch which led me to the articles in question.
Is the Anglican Church Turning Pagan?

Written on Monday, June 24, 2013 by Tad Cronn
Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 12.14.38 PM

The Church of England has drifted away from the Bible for years, but now it may be on the verge of a complete break.

The church’s leaders don’t think so, but what they’re planning may effectively sound the death knell of the church as a home for Christianity.

What they have in mind is “to create a pagan church where Christianity was very much in the center,” according to the Rev. Steve Hollinghurst.

In an addlepated bow to multiculturalism, the church is training ministers to create, quote-unquote, new forms of Anglicanism that will make people with “alternative beliefs” feel at home.

More at the link

My prayer

Dear, Jesus - do you mind coming back soon and getting more 'specific' with a few people on this blog?

Certain confused people are having trouble interpreting your words.

Or, maybe they just have a problem agreeing with your words; and, therefore, have actually convinced themselves that they are quite certain that you didn't mean them exactly the way you originally said them.


Dear 8.06pm, if you think it is obvious what Jesus meant in the Sermon on the Mount about not judging/condemning then please do me the favour of explaining. I am sure you would not want to be seen as someone who smirks at others for their ignorance without helping them. In order that God cannot be accused of inconsistency, your answer should be consistent with the fact that Christians are meant to decide whether others are or are not Christians when they marry and preach, and that Christians are free to join the judiciary. Incidentally Jesus spoke in Hebrew or Aramaic of which we have a canonical Greek translation about we are presently discussing the English translation.
Transhumanism debunked: Why drinking the Kurzweil Kool-Aid will only make you dead, not immortal
The Price Of Sand

Much is known about fracking, but little is known about its companion industry, frac-sand mining.

Smart Pills snitch you out to your doctor

Proteus Biomedical Inc., a California based company, has developed a smart pill also known as the Helius system, that has the capability of notifying your physician once a prescription drug has been ingested. The drug comes with a tiny digestible silicon-based chip that contains trace amounts of magnesium and copper. Once digested, the metals mix with your stomach acids, creating an electrical charge that’s sent to an external skin patch worn by the patient. This skin patch transmits the information to your iPhone or computer, and is then sent directly to your doctor.

The information not only notifies your doctor that you’ve taken the pill, but it also offers up a full body health check reporting your current heart rate, body temperature, exercise levels and even decides whether or not you’re sleeping well. The Helius system also reminds the patient when the next dosage is due.

Big Pharma claims the technology is absolutely vital in ensuring that elderly patients are reminded to take their prescribed medications.

Prominent Mennonite theologian Donald Kraybill wrote a book "Upside Down" years ago that won a Christian book award. I was recently reviewing it as part of my library. Googling Kraybill and his CV, I learned that in 2006 and 2009 he received fellowships from the Fetzer Institute (formerly Fetzer Foundation). That institute located in Kalamazoo, Michigan is STRICTLY NEW AGE and does not take unsolicited funding requests. They operate strictly by invitation. What can people here tell me about Kraybill and New Age / leftwing takeovers of Mennonite churches?


article on new age buzzwords and doctrines and mindsets sneaking into evangelicalism

labyrinth use in a Mennonite church, scroll down for this part if you are already informed about labyrinths, if not read the whole article.
I couldn't get a preview on google books, but was able to read a few pages on kindle edition sample pages.

The two problems I see from this very limited view are as follows.

1. the use of the concept of interdependence which is the camel's nose in the tent door in terms of acclimatizing people to New Age terms. The focus on Christians as a collective, which is true enough a kind of organism, BUT this is so emphasized and uses terms like collective which have a more hard core kind of quality in modern terms, that the individual is potentially lost sight of and the flexibility of a living organism is also lost sight of.

This would be the sort of problem of semi heresy by wrong emphasis rather than obvious heresy (the latter for example would incl. denying either the full humanity or full divinity of Jesus Christ).

2. while overall the picture painted is biblically and pragmatically correct, coupled with these things opens the door to the reader going off to support any and all social and political movements that would use buzzwords and seem to push for compassion for the poor and downtrodden.

I think it is this sloppiness that made him of use to the New Age group at issue. Whether he understands or not, he was recognized as useful.

Whether he is in fact New Age or a useful idiot is something I can't tell from the small amount I could read.

Reading The Bible through an Ayn Randian shaped worldview only leads to one kind of heresy, reducing everyone to cogs in a collective is another.

The description of Kraybill's book definitely sounds New Age...

The Upside-Down Kingdom continues to change people's lives. In it, Donald B. Kraybill shows how the kingdom of God announced by Jesus appeared upside-down in first-century Palestine. Jesus wins by serving and triumphs by losing. Today, God's way still looks upside-down as it breaks into diverse cultures around the world. Translated into six languages, and with 100,000 sold, this book continues to call many to radical discipleship.
About today's Supreme Court verdicts, I can only echo what I'm told former Arkansas Governor Huckabee tweeted: "JESUS WEPT!"

To Christina 9:56:



Shift Network end of May 2013. In China.

from OZ
I always keep in mind Barbara Marx Hubbard's birthday is the 22nd of December and of course the book written about her by Neil Donald Walsch begins on her birthday dec 22 2012, its titled The Mother Of Invention. This day is considered DAY 1 for the current New Agers.
Sorry, the above is me from OZ again,,,I have a real problem with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her massive network of friends from those who work behind the scenes plus some very upfront in our face celeb types and money moguls. Dangerous woman. And, its all about Networking.

from OZ

This video is about a group that started up a couple of years ago with aims for a turn around on this planet within 4 yrs to make it sustainable for the next 1000 ! All the networked groups come up on the screen part way through the vid,,,,,,and as it states,,,this is NOT A NEW ORGANISATION. And we all need to Awaken! Barbara Marx Hubbard was right behind this. Looks lovely on the surface but there are key words etc here that tell us what its really all about. and one of Barbara's vids about it.

from OZ
This is the real New Age story at the moment... Obama, having kept totally quiet about global warming/climate change during his reelection campaign, this week gave a speech saying that global warming due to human CO2 emissions is dangerous even though industrialising India and China have greatly increased human CO2 emissions since the 1990s and it hasn't got warmer. It's a great excuse to tax and control us. He's doing it by executive decree via the Environmental Protection Agency in order to bypass Congress and Senate. CO2 is NOT a 'pollutant'. It is a normal component of the atmosphere and is historically at lower levels today than in the era when green plants evolved.
The Brazilian protestors gripe: "Dear Sir, I wish to protest most strongly about everything." Nothing unifies them, so they will fade away.

Review of the ultimate propaganda movie "World War Z"

Here is more on Donald B. Kraybill ~ co-author of the following book:

Mennonite Peacemaking: From Quietism to Activism

The central thesis of Mennonite Peacemaking is the documentation of a dramatic shift among North American Mennonites from passive nonresistance, the position prior to 1950, to activist peacemaking by the 1980s. The authors, sociologists Leo Driedger from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Donald Kraybill from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, use a descriptive and analytical method to interpret the data of historians, theological/ethical positions of church groups and individuals, and two sociological surveys (1972 and 1989) of five Mennonite and Brethren in Christ denominations. 1

Part one is a historical survey which first establishes that prior to 1950 passive nonresistance was the primary language of Mennonites, as well as the normative way of life (symbolized by Guy Hershberger’s book, War, Peace and Nonresistance in 1944). The authors acknowledge that this {105} position was held more strictly in the Swiss-South German tradition than in the Dutch-Russian tradition where there was more variety in the language, and more active peacemaking and involvement in politics. The authors then trace three stages of development: 1) the ferment of the 1950s (led especially by John H. Yoder, J. Lawrence Burkholder and Gordon Kauffman); 2) the growing activism of the 1960s and 1970s (fueled by civil rights and the Vietnam War), and the Mennonite movement away from a two Kingdom dualism to the concept of the lordship of Christ over church and world; and 3) the new theological formulations of the 1970s (John Yoder’s Politics of Jesus) and new linkages of peace and justice.

Part two primarily analyzes the sociological data from the two denominational surveys to see how Mennonites’ normative visions of peacemaking fare in the face of the corrosive impact of modernity. It also surveys several visions of peacemaking in the 1980s: Duane Friesen’s realistic peacemaking, Ted Koontz’s modified dualism, Ron Sider’s activist nonviolence, and voices attracted to liberation theology. An analysis indicates that urbanization and education do not undermine the Mennonite commitment to peacemaking. Increased education and attendance at Mennonite colleges is correlated positively with peacemaking. However, individualism and materialism do have corrosive effects. An Anabaptist theological orientation sustains a holistic vision of peacemaking that includes evangelism and peace action, whereas a fundamentalist theological orientation supports evangelism but undermines commitment to peacemaking.


The argument of the book is built upon a typology of contrasts between passive nonresistance and activist peacemaking: e.g., 1) between an attitude of meekness, even self-denial, and more assertive behavior (i.e., the use of nonviolent force) in confronting evil; 2) between a two-kingdom theology of separation from the world and a commitment to a common norm (Lordship of Christ, Kingdom of God, etc.) to guide in the witness to government; and 3) between a discouragement of political activity and more engagement in the political process.

In an epilogue the authors identify each of these three areas as enduring dilemmas for contemporary Mennonite peacemaking: 1) whether nonviolent force may be used by Christians; 2) whether Christians have multiple ethical norms (different for church and government) or whether there is one standard for church and world; and 3) whether or in what sense Christians are responsible for the shape of the political order. A fourth dilemma they identify is how the church can make peace an essential component of Christian commitment (since peace is integral to the gospel and not just an individual option) without a kind of legalism that could also undermine the gospel of unconditional acceptance and God’s forgiving {106} grace.

The book is a monumental achievement. It is readable, comprehensive in coverage, thorough and analytical, and provocative in raising the important questions. The argument depends, however, upon a sharp dichotomy between nonresistance and active peacemaking. Establishing nonresistance as a benchmark leads to two tendencies in the book. First, it tends to exaggerate the differences between earlier periods of Mennonite history and the present. Secondly, there is a tendency to overstate the discontinuity between elements of nonresistance and active peacemaking. For example, the 1941 General Conference statement at Souderton, PA refers to our peace principles, the 1947 letter addressed to Harry Truman calls for removing the causes of war, and the 1953 Portland, Oregon, statement uses the language of nonresistance but almost always together with the term peacemaking. 2 Contrary to what is implied in the typology, nonresistance was not a position that rejected coercion. Nonviolent coercive force was used within the family and the church as a means of discipline to achieve conformity to the norms of the Mennonite community. The issue is, then, whether nonviolent force is an appropriate form of social action in the world beyond the confines of the church community. Finally, throughout the entire period, North American Mennonite positions (from nonresistance to active peacemaking) have emphasized that Jesus Christ is the norm for ethics and have consistently rejected Christian participation in war.

my guess is, that this shift, though not in itself wrong or New Agey, by putting them into a position of attempted active influence on the world, without prior understanding of what else out there might claim to have similar goals (but really don't),

is what made them viewed as viable material to co opt and use, and infiltrate. (although activism is hardly wrong in itself, this shift as it first began, might even have attracted NA attention and infiltration to push it more in that direction, but this is all speculation.)

Regarding penetration of the Mennonite Church by Leftists / New Agers:

This has been going on for decades. I live in a community that has a substantial Mennonite population (Northern Indiana area). Where should I start? There is example after example I could come up with.

Goshen College "went bad" a long time ago. They are the "official" college of the Mennonite churches in this area, and most of the poison originated there and spread throughout their denomination. There are a few holdouts, I believe, that don't like the direction things have gone, but they are getting fewer in number.

Some years back, after noticing that Goshen College flew the US flag and the UN flag at the same height, my cousin and I went to the center of town on UN day and burned a UN flag across from the courthouse. Sad thing is, very few people even cared to take notice. A Sheriff came over to see what we were doing, and gave us a strange look as we explained.

If you have a chance, take a day or two trip to Goshen. I think there are some Mennonite bookstores that you'd find interesting.....

Anything specific you want to me to check out?
New Age limits travel of those who disagree...

WND columnist Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, co-founders of Stop Islamization of America, have been banned from entering the U.K. because, the government says, their presence “is not conducive to the public good.”

Dave in CA
Big demos planned in Egypt this weekend. Mursi's government has made life much harder for Christians than Mubarak ever did. Constance, will you smear the protesters as a bunch of New Agers and support a government that has an Islamist agenda?
Geller and Spencer ill-advisedly agreed to address a rally of the EDL, essentially a bunch of streetfighting thugs who hate Islam. I hate Islam too but the EDL is not the way to deal with it. Nor is Pamela Geller's polemical style much to my taste. Spencer however is a man of stature who has written some serious books about Islam. And it is a disgrace that they are banned from Britain given who isn't. This has NOT been done in my name. And, Mr Cameron, if you are snooping, as we now know you very probably are, I don't care that you know it and who I am.


"And, Mr Cameron, if you are snooping, as we now know you very probably are, I don't care that you know it and who I am."

Who is Cameron and why are you so paranoid?

David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

That sounds grandiose. I doubt sincerely that David Cameron would have any motive to snoop here. There are others for whom it might be a different story.

Sorry, Christine, looks like somebody else was the instigator.

Might be interesting to check the Mennonite bookstores for the "Creation Spirituality" type books, e.g. Matthew Fox, Thomas Berry, etc. Also, global governance oriented works as well as any form of mysticism.

Thanks to the thoughtful posters on Mennonite. What drew my attention originally to New Age concerns was my observation of numerous Christian books that sounded nothing like the traditional teachings of their denominations. Some of those were Mennonite. I'm referring to 1981.

I'm going to look for the more recent Kraybill book you suggest. Knowing that the Fetzer Institute gave him two fellowships between the years 2006 and 2009, I am given great pause.

This is "Brit" at 7pm last night. What Snowden did was not only reveal that the US government was clandestinely recording 'metadata' from US (and other) comms, but that the UK government was clandestinely recording UK metadata. And as a citizen of the UK I am unhappy about that. Christine - it isn't paranoia if they really are snooping on you.
This is "Brit" at 7pm. What Snowden revealed was that, as well as the US government clandestinely gathering metadata of US (and other) comms, the UK government is doing the same with UK comms. As a citizen of the UK I am unhappy with that. Chrstine - it's not paranoia if they really are snooping on you.
Oh, no - it's really true. The paranoids are out to get us. LOL
so "Cameron" is a ref. to someone in your govt., not a poster here?

Yes Christine, I was being satirical and assuming that the Prime Minister of my country was able to read what I wrote here. I very much doubt that David Cameron is posting on this blog (although he might learn something useful if he did).
And together we can condemn an entire Christian denomination without even setting foot in any of their churches or worship. We just condemn Mennonites because one guy wrote a book. I guess they should not have joined us English, but go back to living without electricity and driving those horses and buggies. Oh no! They flew the flag of the UN? How dare they! Thou shalt not fly the flag of the UN. It's nothing but a witch hunt.
Not to change the subject, but I wanted to bring the following urgent matter to everyone's attention because - as Bill Donahue of the Catholic League has pointed out - this matter is getting very little if any coverage from the mainstream media.

I think this needs to go viral YESTERDAY.....or at least before August 1, 2013.

It is not only the Catholics and Catholic Bishops who are pitted against the Obama administration on this issue, but every Bible-believing Christian, devout followers of Judaism, and other persons of good will.


March 19, 2013 by Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue comments on media coverage of H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act:

Two weeks have elapsed since a bill was introduced by Rep. Diane Black that challenges the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate, and still no reporting on it by the mainstream media. The bill, which has the explicit support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), provides conscience rights protections in health care. Specifically, the legislation would ensure that the ObamaCare regulation that forces employers to provide coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization and contraception could not override the conscience rights of objecting parties.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who heads the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities, wrote to every member of the House on March 8 asking for their support. He urged them to make this a priority, incorporating it in the upcoming “must-pass” legislation. For a good analysis of this controversy, see today’s article by Terry Jeffrey at

When it comes to Catholic issues, the big dailies don’t lack for coverage. But on this dispute, which pits the bishops against the Obama administration, there has been a blackout. Among those not reporting on this story are the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Chicago Tribune, the Miami Herald, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, the Denver Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times. The lone newspaper that has covered this subject is the Washington Times. Not surprisingly, the failure of these newspapers to report on this story accounts for the lack of coverage by the broadcast news programs, as well as cable TV.

Religious liberty should mean something even to those who are not observant. At stake is whether the federal government can impose a secular agenda on people of faith. Catholics, in particular, have been involved in this fight ever since the HHS mandate was introduced. For the media to ignore this issue is simply irresponsible.

H.R.940 - Health Care Conscience Rights Act113th Congress (2013-2014)
Great job, Susanna!!!

Thank you so much for posting this valuable information.
Anonymous 2:17 PM

I don't believe that anyone is singling out or condemning the Mennonites. However, the reality is that there is genuine concern over New Age infiltration in many religious denominations these days, and the Mennonites just happens to be one of them.

If you have evidence to show otherwise, please share it.

no one is condemning a Christian denomination, infiltration by the New Age, to the point of takeover in some cases, is documentable regarding many, and especially among the no accountability evangelical crew. These are the usual targets here, though some denominations like Episcopalian have come under fire.

The OFFICIAL doctrines of Mennonitism are I am sure no worse than OFFICIAL Baptist doctrines and accept the Nicene Creed.

but the problem is what is being taught by publications and preaching on day to day or week to week basis.

Now, regarding Islam as a menace, according to this site, all the jihadi and Christianity persecuting action is from the Sunni, not the Shia category. (An Iranian Christian preacher is I think still in prison but the issue I think is conversion of Moslems as distinct from just being a Christian.)
Anon. 2:17...

Though your post has troll-like qualities, I'll feed you anyway. :^)

It is not a witch hunt to protest an illegal activity. It is illegal to fly any flag higher than or at equal height to the US flag, and anyone who symbolically elevates the importance and legitimacy of the UN's laws to those of the US by doing so deserves some attention. Symbols are important indicators of a person's (or organization's) intents and beliefs.

An overview of the Mew Age movement for 2:17. Takeover of any group appears slowly. Individuals in the targeted group generally are unaware and in the case of New Age takeover are totally unaware because it so fits in with what they see in their everyday life. Because they are emotionally connected, group members will tolerate deviancy coming from one of their own,rationalizing a change as just a new idea. No need to call John Jones a fool, a hypocrits, or any other such name. They do not know the crowd John Jones is hanging around with and probably will never check it out. If someone attacks the ideas of John Jones, their guard goes up because John Jones of one of them.

One has to know how the churches were changed in Nazi Germany to understand what is going on here.

I subscribe to a publication from a charity concerned about the persecuted church and Shi'ite Iran is regularly mentioned as a place where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Here is one of too many of our brethren who have suffered:

You can follow up the links if you wish.
This Christian wasn't persecuted for being a Christian who had not first been a moslem, but for having renounced islam to become a Christian and for converting other moslems. If he had merely been born of a Christian family and never been a moslem, he would have had no trouble.

"After the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Christianity in Iran is recognized as a "protected religious minority" and according to the Constitution of Iran have the freedom of religion and even have a Member of Parliament (MP) representing them. However, evangelism and missionary work and converting Muslims to Christianity is prohibited by law, and Christians in practice may also face some discrimination as well in their lives."

I notice that contrary to some sunni countries, where apostasy is much more likely to get the death penalty, this Christian only spent several months in prison, though a death sentence was in play at first. (legal wrangling?)

the other allegations against him were never made formal, maybe because false, and maybe because they could not get the requisite four eyewitnesses lined up.

Absent three witnesses besides the complainer, or four besides the complainer, I don't know how they compute this, whoever charged rape would have been admitting to have had zina or unlawful sex with him, making her or him subject to punishment as a self confessed fornicator, if there were not enough witnesses to prove the sex was forced.

this is the fatal flaw in Islamic legal systems. Actually the Koran only said this rule was in play if a woman was accused of adultery, but it has been warped to apply to everything.
Dear Constance and others,
Javier Solana is very involved with what is called the "World Peace Forum" happening right now in Beijiing China. Here is his website with his commentaries on his perspective on how the forum is going.

Just go to Google Translate for the comments that are in Spanish to translate to English.
Anonymous 11:43 PM

Re: "Because they are emotionally connected, group members will tolerate deviancy coming from one of their own, rationalizing a change as just a new idea."


Excellent analysis....very well stated!!!

Constance, the link above takes you to an article on the New Age movement and the Antichrist, and they reference your research. I originally accessed the article via another Catholic website
12:10 The writer at Miraculous Rosary,while well meaning, is not accurate. The movement under the name New Age didn't begin in the '60s. It began over a hundred years ago when political people joined with occult people. Like Constance I've been researching the New Age movement for over thirty years. To help others be aware of what the New Age movement is, it is important to know accurately what it is.

Catherine Ashton, who took the place of Javier Solana as EU High Representative when he stepped down has an initial response here to the alleged US surveillance of the EU premises.

Rewilding - It hasn't gone away. Here is a push to get people to live inside city boundaries.

July 1, 2013
Obama's Court Marks Churches for Death
By Daren Jonescu

The American Catholic Church, along with any other religious institution that resists granting "equal status" to homosexuality, is about to be killed. If you doubt this, just wait and see. The death sentence has been issued and the U.S. Supreme Court, cheered on by Barack Obama, has just denied the final appeal.

"The SCOTUS decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act in effect promises the prestige of explicitly upheld constitutionality to homosexual marriage. (I love my language; "gay" still means "joyful" for me, even if I'm no longer permitted to use it for fear of being misunderstood.) Barack Obama has already reassured his enemies, i.e., people of traditional Judeo-Christian religious views, that this decision will not affect their church practices. Anyone who has seen a mafia film knows what the boss's reassurance means in this context: the reassured man is about to be driven to the docks, where someone is waiting with an ice pick....(more at the link)

The absolute arrogance of an American president telling religious people not to worry, that the Supreme Court decision will not affect their right to practice their religion. Did someone appoint him "Lord of the World" when we weren't looking?
I think we can still get around this. various states have different standards for legal age of marriage and for how closely related. I think some do not allow first cousin, for instance. Now, if a church married a couple under age it would not be legal in the state and if a couple married outside the church that doesn't recognize ANY marriage not done in it, some denominations are like this or used to be, or if the definition of consanguinity differed between the church and the state, you could have the same conflict. Normally the church would be expected not to perform a marriage without state licensing, which makes the marriage properly recorded and the parties having usual economic rights recognized. And a church would probably not be expected to perform a marriage legal in the state, but not legal by its rules on age or consanguinity

don't forget prior divorce and no remarriage allowed until a church annullment granted (RC) or church divorce (EO - mostly same standards as for RC annullments, we are just more honest about what we are doing) regardless of what the state says or recognizes.

I think therefore, that as long as such issues are upheld as not affectable by state or federal law, the pervert marriage thing can be kept out also.

However, my understanding is that the way DOMA was repealed, the wording, this was essentially thrown back to the states, i.e., rendered a 10th amendment issue, rather than ordering gay marriage to be allowed everywhere.

californians united against common core - they can probably refer you to some site for places other than CA.

talking points against common core


I have noticed something, for those who notice (as I do) that there is something wrong with radiometric dating. you can get the details at creationist sites like

there is no question that certain things happened. the issue is WHEN they happened. A genetic bottleneck occurred according to genetic studies. AND according to The Bible (all descend from Noah and his son's wives).

One researcher blaming this genetic bottleneck on some catastrophic event of a non watery sort, put it at 73,000 years ago. If The Flood was 5500 years ago, or you tweak the begats and put it at 6500 or 7500 yeats ago, a very sloppy equation of 73,000 radiometric to 7500 or less years begins to show.

Ice age geology indicates glaciers in several places, and if pangea the united continents actually split after the Flood (as per Genesis) these locations would have been closer to each other than now.

But there seems evidence of cyclic glaciation as well, which might indeed be the case aside from glacial geology being a mistake for Flood geology.

That plus patterns in known history of warming and cooling.

So even from a creationist perspective, young earth, old earth or midrange age earth (my own position which is somewhat older than young earth but not near the old earth position) this ice age on the horizon picture is credible. More so anyway than global warming.
reading along in the pdf is reference to ice cores from Antarctica. These layers are assumed to be yearly, reglecting warming and cooling during the 6 month day and 6 month night, but a plane buried in ice, of known age of provenance, when dug out, was found to have those layers a lot more than the years it had been there. I forget the source of this. anyway, those layers can form DAILY at least during part of the antarctic year, probably during the time that the sun fluctuates on the horizon and below it, coming out of the 6 month night or for that matter approaching the 6 month night.
There are a huge number of websites dealing with Common Core. I particularly like Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards which leads to many other websites. There are over 4,000 followers.
Well, Pat Robertson also dispels the creationist idea that the earth is 6,000 years old; but, then Pat Robertson is known for making both controversial and pro-New Age type statements.
The stink coming from our judicial system continues.

Excerpts: The judge emphasized that the school district stripped classes of all cultural references, including the Sanskrit language. The lotus position was renamed the "crisscross applesauce" pose.

The district is believed to be the first in the country to have full-time yoga teachers at every one of its nine schools. The lessons are funded by a $533,720, three-year grant from the K.P. Jois Foundation, a nonprofit group based in Encinitas that promotes Ashtanga yoga.

Yoga is now taught at public schools from the rural mountains of West Virginia to the bustling streets of Brooklyn as a way to ease stress for tense students. But most classes are part of an after-school program, or are offered only at a few schools or by some teachers in a district.

My comment: Some Muslims accept yoga as acceptable. Others do not. This should be an interesting confrontation in public schools.
Examining a good case for Jerusalem being the end times Babylon, and Daniel chapter7 and excellent evaluation of USA run by shadow govt. of elites as Babylon, I conclude the following.
1. USA doesn't have to be THE Babylon of Revelation to be acting a whole lot like it, enough to draw down divine wrath. Antipas Ministeries evaluation therefore may be substantially correct in pragmatic terms for now.
2. Daniel speaks of 3 beasts, then a fourth. one is a lion with wings, who loses his wings and stands upright like a man "and a man's heart was given to it." Since Daniel's visions were often for the latter days, we should look at symbolic relevance to now incl. location of animals described. (Daniel is told later by an angel, that is the latter days knowledge would greatly increase and men would run to and fro, sounds like the past 300 or 400 years especially the past 200. So these are latter days, but not the end yet.)

Britain is often associated with a lion, and USA is its child and long an ally and the starting point for modern known flight. commercial, military, space. even working on TAVs, transatmospheric vehicles, which can go up into orbit, lower to attack and return to orbit. google Richard Dolan for the possibility of a breakaway civilization.

So USA and Britain and the whole NATO scene will get taken down, lose the air superiority, etc. The change of a lion into a man is a lessening in power, but an increase in spiritual (biblical not New Age sense) quality, because now it is like made in the image of God. The heart is not emotions, but the deep part of the mind.

So there is a loss of worldly power, but repentance, and they no longer host the
evil even satanic elites and Nazi parasite or admire and seek to be like it.

The next beast is a bear, raised up on one side, 3 ribs in its mouth. Bear would relate to Russia. It will become the world power in northern Asia and most of Europe likely.
Probably be involved in wars in the Middle East.

The next one is a leopard with FOUR wings and FOUR heads. the habitat of the leopard
is Asia, Far East, China and Africa, mostly subsaharan, the north african populations being scanty. The most likely player to attain to such power is China, positioning itself to do exactly that. Four wings - commercial, military, local space, and far exploration space perhaps? colonizing Mars? and beyond?

the four heads might relate to four general centers of its power, China, Iran, part of Africa and part of South America and/or Mexico. This scenario fits its actual positioning now, though Iran is dubious but it is ready with Pakistan and Russia to support Iran in the even of it being attacked.

The fourth beast has ten horns, and is something unlike anything Daniel has seen
before, he cannot describe it in terms of a known predator. At this point, go read
Revelation for more information. It apparently tramples and destroys all the foregoing
and gives rise to the antichrist.

This scenario makes the most sense in terms of both Scripture and what has been going on lately.

regarding leopards and south america, though there are no leopards there, the jaguar strongly resembles a leopard, and China has been building relationships in south america and mexico.
The news is so ugly these last few weeks, I can hardly stand to view it: same sex marriage; extreme heat in the West (did the Same Sex Marriage advocates ever hear of 'divine judgment'? Maybe they should review the sad fate of Sodom & Gomorrah! The USA ruthlessly chasing the person who told the truth -- we were all being spied upon! "Politically correct" vendettas upon some making them scapegoats and supplying Roman Coliseum type entertainment of bread and circuses for the rest of us . . . where does it stop? The news posted here about the Church of England going pagan is even more depressing.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!


Not related to he post but thought this would be interesting....

Thank you for sharing that link. I didn't even know they were preparing to do this in South Africa. I found that very interesting. We need to keep watch on what is happening in this world.

To the mat: Parents to appeal ruling allowing yoga in public schools
A San Diego judge ruled that teaching yoga in Encinitas, Calif., public schools does not violate First Amendment protections against religious indoctrination. The attorney for the parents says there are several avenues for appeal.
(more at the link)
Egyptian President Morsi ousted by coup:
Texas pro-abortionists and pro-life protesters at Capitol. The pro-abortionists have some 'ugly' slogans, but at least one that's brutally (pun intended) honest:

Abortion on demand without apology

Yes, let abortion be your birth control of choice.

As Christians sing "Amazing Grace", some pro-abortionists chant "Hail Satan", probably mocking, but ya never know...
Another New Age push =

After Common Core and an attack home schooling, will parochial schools be the next target in creating generations of mushy thinkers?
Education in the New Age
I watched a 2-1/2 video on the state of education. The first part featured the speakers. The second part was a question and answer session. I would suggest starting off with that and going back to the speakers. This was a very conservative program put on by the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. Every parent concerned about Common Core, what is happening from K-16+, the educational establishment, politics, etc. should take the time to listen to this excellent program. Activist parents were part of the Q + A. You will not believe how dumbed down the schools have made everyone and will continue to do so.

Common Core: Direct Ties to Agenda 21
The purpose for which something is created matters.

I've been mocked for saying that Common Core supports a global sustainable development values system which negates my own values system. There's nothing nefarious, CCSS proponents tell me, about a set of basic academic standards.
Indeed. Standards cannot think, feel, or discern between values. (more at the link)
I think the solution to these problems is not either you put them in the public schools (called private in Britain) or in private schools (called public in Britain) or homeschool, but (since many can't afford private schools and even parochial schools charge tuition) sabotage the dumbing down and wrong information at home.

In addition to any homework, have at least half an hour of homeschooling on the side each night.
"I think the solution to these problems is not either you put them in the public schools (called private in Britain) or in private schools (called public in Britain)"

In England SOME private schools - the most exclusive - are confusingly called "public schools" (because, historically, access was not restricted on grounds of parental religion or occupation, merely wealth). Also it is not true that publicly funded schools in England are called "private schools" today.

4/10 for schoolwork!

what does 4/10 for schoolwork mean?

four hours every ten days?
Sometimes it's good to go back to basics about the New Age movement. This is the June newsletter of the Theosophical Society. I've visited the Wheaton, IL bookstore and library many times. The bookstore is huge enough to be broken down into sections including one called Science and Spirituality. I've never seen much activity there and I am assuming the place generally is set up for "seekers" and is more of mail drop for the more political activity. I've seen the concept of a mail drop operating with other organizations. Scan the newsletter for general information.

The July issue is not on line yet. There is a new book which reminds me of how I got started chasing this kind of information down in 1979. I learned that Humanism did actually exist as a movement and the article that caught my attention in the Humanist magazine was an article titled "From Orthodox Judaism to Humanism, a Traumatic Gratifying Experience." I thought I had better learn what was going on.

I hope a few people will have my experience. The July issue of the Theosophical Society is promoting a book called

Faith Beyond Belief, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind Margaret Placentra Johnston 360 pages

You must see the writeup about this book to understand how the pull to get people away from established churches is taking place. It is quite long, so I'm not copying it. Look at the credentials of those promoting the book. When the July issue of the newletter comes on line, you can get more information. More books can be found at Older issues can be found at Much additional information to be found here.

This is not a promotion for New Age. It is teaching what is going on to turn our country.
Christine it means you have been given 4 marks out of a possible 10 for your research on British schools!
Thanks John Rupp for your reply on the unrelated post` Yes , here in SA it is just matter-of-fact;the next step. Interessting though is that on our NEWS24 Website it was mentioned that Altech is the company to activate or encrypt the cards. (not sure the techno jargon) and that a company in the Netherlands will produce the cards. They said hoewever that the security breach can happen at the beginning of the onlaoding of the info?

What was more staggering is trhat ALTECH is also the no 1 vehicle tracking company for vehicls in Africa. Think it is OZ based but skimmed the info to fast to recall 100% now.

I find it significant that the same tracking expertise will be overseeing the human smart cards.

well, considering I didn't do any research, just stumbled on the linguistic oddity years ago, that's pretty good.
If you are well aware of how New Age operates, skip this. This is for new people who happen to come here. When I posted the information about the Theosophical Society someone expected to get the whole New Age picture in one place. I replied:

Don't expect to find the whole range of New Age themes there. It isn't as if both organizations lead the New Age movement. As described by Marilyn Ferguson it's more like a spider web with ideas meeting and a new organization or tie is formed. What comes out of both organizations are seminal ideas, themes if you will, which are used to develop other organizations, things to be promoted in schools, etc. At the beginning of the movement political people worked with occult people like the Theosophical Society. From that a growing pyramid of ideas developed through organizations, layer after layer of spider webs. Under the people and organizations that got together in the beginning there were eight ten or 16 organizations (no one has ever made a chart) and so on down the layers of the pyramid until over 100 years later the people involved in the pyramid may not even know how it all came about and what started the pyramid growing. What you should get from looking at the Theosophical Society links I posted is saying to yourself "I didn't know that was part of the New Age movement."

What did I tell you who thought Russian support for Iran wouldn't be physical troops and weapons? Look what they are doing to support Syria.
90,000 troops and warships.
Suits me Christine. By siding with the opposition in Syria the USA has put itself on the same side as al-Qaeda and other charming organisations. Assad tolerated no challenges to his leadership but he tolerated Christianity. This was a good opportunity to agree with Russia for once, but Obama has completely messed up.
The whole regime change in the Middle East thing has so far always ended in trouble for Christians. Whatever trouble the Christians (albeit miaphysite copts nee monophysite) had under Mubarak, it got worse.

something of interest from herescope from discernment ministries.
Nothing wrong with monophysites Christine. They agree that Jesus is both God and man but believe that the two natures are somehow fused into one in Him. We don't. But it is not something that God has pronounced on, for it is not considered in the Bible. Christians should not divide over that regarding which God is silent. It should be enough that monophysites and ourselves agree that Jesus is both God and man.
Actually, God has pronounced indirectly on it, because while you could interpret the fusing to be merely another way of saying that He is fully man and fully God, this condition being permanent, without either nature being altered, you can also view it as indeed involving alteration of one or more of the two natures. This would put either His full humanity and/or His full divinity at issue.

When you dig into the history of all this, and the various forms and arguments, what comes out is that at best monophysitism represents an officialization of what an imperfect understanding might have of Jesus Christ, but the presence of miracles among them would seem to point to their deviation not being totally destructive to their relationship to God.

However in my own experience, Coptic Holy Water (which was quick blessed by a priest not the Epiphany Water and not from a Holy Water container) was almost worse than useless against an entity.

That they do have good Holy Water sometimes would be indicated by the effective use of a Coptic exorcist of some online.

There are other issue about them.

on the subject of judging, here is the often quoted phrase, misquoted because taken out of context, but here is the ENTIRE statement. Clearly it does not prohibit judgement but even requires it and requires you apply it to yourself as well, and not be a hypocrite.

The Gospel of Matthew 7:1-8

The Lord said, "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you. Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

If monophysites accept the NT and agree that Jesus is both God (in the OT sense) and man then they are totally Christian. I regret schism over the question of HOW He is both. That issue is nowhere implied to be important in God's written words. We have too much division already.
The original eutychian monophysitism which held that His humanity was swallowed up in the sea of His divinity ergo nearly nonexistent was repudiated by the monophysites and politics did play a role in all this BUT when we have a view of Jesus' humanity as being modified so it is no longer human as we are, we compromise the Crucifixion and death and Resurrection. The less human and more divine He is the less actual the death and Resurrection are. This is the issue the problem seems to hinge on. Modern monophysites range from miaphysitism which is blurry and nearly chalcedonian to real monophysitism.
Re: Miaphysitism/monophysitism discussion, I'll have to agree with Christine. As to the latter, it's important that Jesus was fully man - not a divinized human hybrid - in order to make proper Atonement. Monophysites end up with a tertium quid, a third thing, rather than the fully divine / fully human Person Jesus Christ is.

However, IMO, the miaphysite position is fine, as it seems their reluctance to affirm Chalcedon is predicated, at least in part, on an initial language barrier. Some of the terms in the Chalcedonian Definition have overlapping meanings, and did not transfer well to other languages. To compound the problem, physis (nature), hypostasis (person) and ousia (being, essence) were previously used in describing the interrelationship of the Members of the Trinity, yet also used in the relationship between the divine and human natures in Christ, resulting in confusion at Chalcedon. And it's these facts, among others, which led to the misunderstanding that Chalcedon was promoting Nestorianism (a human person and a divine person within the one Person of Christ - two persons in one), among those at Alexandria, Egypt.

To provide a simplified analogy, imagine the divine as blue and human as yellow in the Person of Christ. Monophysites see Christ as one ‘green’ Person (mixture of blue and yellow), a clearly problematic view; whereas, the miaphysites view Christ as one unified Person but with the blue and yellow separated and unmixed. The miaphysite position seems congruent with Chalcedon to me.

Yet, in the West, there IS a tendency towards Nestorianism. But I think it's unintentional carelessness on how one describes the Person of Christ, in large part.

About two months ago, I had the occasion to meet with an Egyptian Coptic Christian, and we briefly discussed Christology. Unfortunately, while He spoke very good English, I didn’t get the feeling I could properly convey the true Chalcedonian distinction and decided to not get too deep in the discussion.

Interestingly, he told me of how he, as a Coptic Christian, was concerned over the growing Islamization of his country (he left 15 or so years ago to become a US citizen – not sure if this was the primary reason). He expressed how Muslims would forcibly try to convert Christians in his home country.
I should clarify the above. The miaphysite position is in agreement with the basic thrust, the spirit of Chalcedon, but not the letter of Chalcedon.
currently there have been a lot of conferences and ongoing contact between EO and Copts (all the nestorian and monophysite churches are called "Oriental Orthodox," which is linguistically the same as "Eastern Orthodox," but using a different more exotic sounding word in English I guess makes a distinction), which have mixed results. The late Pope Shenouda III supported this but in a document for Coptic consumption seemed to support more classic monophysitism as the only way the Atonement could be certain, I guess he figured if there wasn't a full mix of human and divine then the Atonement was compromised.

The carelessness in American Nestorian trend is a good description of what is involved with the monophysites and perhaps modern nestorians. Except there, the carelessness and confusion have become institutionalized, while in EO if it cropped up the institution would gently explain to the person.

OO says that Christ is two natures in theoria or contemplation, one in reality. This is backwards. In fact, at first glance, He appears to be one nature if viewed while acting merely human, and another while at the Transfiguration, but in reality He is two.

"One divine nature incarnate," which they think supports their position stated by St. Cyril of Alexandria, was stated against Nestorius, and thought to be a statement of St. Athanasius when in fact it came from Apollinarius the effective ancestor of monophysitism.

Even so, the statement by dragging in enfleshment which is what incarnation means, would point to two natures.

Nature and person were confused a lot back then.
Are there no other people who have researched or are researching the details of the New Age movement? Is there no intellectual curiosity left? Christine is well meaning, but for the bigger picture???? Have we turned into a nation of smug individuals sitting on cushions waiting for other people to tell them what is going on? If so, what happens deserves to happen to every smug cushion sitter. I have no sympathy for excuse makers.
Die in a fire? Someone kills you in the street? The government steals your property and kills you in your old age? Tough. You made your own future.

Common Core: In pursuit of the new Soviet man

Glenn Jacobs
Co-Founder, The Tennessee Liberty Alliance

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a federal initiative designed to homogenize diverse state educational curricula.

It is also the latest example of destructive federal overreach into the education system.

Like its predecessor No Child Left Behind, Common Core will not produce vibrant, inspired thinkers eager to tackle the world.

Instead, Common Core is designed to churn out young people who will be educated enough to work, consume, and pay taxes, but who are not encouraged to be creative, or to use critical thinking, or to develop anything remotely characteristic of those who possess superior minds and the ability to achieve great things.

Common Core proponents seem more interested in producing what Russian communists called “New Soviet Men” — people who are selfless, moderately educated, and stripped of all nationalist sentiment — than they are in delivering the next Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, or Steve Jobs.

David Coleman is the architect of the Common Core standards. According to Coleman, supplanting classic literature with mind-numbing material such as government documents, court decisions, and technical manuals is necessary because informational texts are “what will give students the world knowledge necessary to compete as workers in the global economy” (emphasis mine).

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a worker if that is what one chooses. However, it should be students, not bureaucrats, who determine what path their lives take: be it as workers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, artists, or whatever.

Like most government education programs, Common Core sets a very low bar for students. Its language arts component is so lacking that Dr. Sandra Stotsky, a professor emerita at the University of Arkansas and a member of the Common Core Validation Committee, refused to approve the program.

Common Core’s mathematical component is no better. The Validation Committee’s Dr. James Milgram, a professor emeritus at Stanford University, also refused to sign off on Common Core, saying that the math standards are “as non-challenging as possible. … The Core Mathematics Standards are written to reflect very low expectations.”

Unfortunately, since the mid-1800s, the object of government education in the U.S. has not been enlightenment and diversity of thought, but indoctrination and conformity.

In 1843, Horace Mann, the father of American public education, traveled to Europe to investigate the Prussian education system. Mann thought that American youth were unruly and needed a dose of discipline.

The highly regimented Prussian system provided the answer.

The Prussian model of education included compulsory attendance laws, teachers who specialized in specific subjects, a national curriculum, and national testing standards.

The autocratic Prussian government was not concerned about educating citizens, but controlling them. What better way to produce compliant people who think the same way than to take children away from their parents, limit their exposure to “inappropriate” information, encourage unquestioning obedience to authority, and discourage critical thinking?

Common Core is one of the ways in which the socialists/New Agers of our time are once again attempting to drag everyone and everything down to one dead level of mediocrity.

The old "cog in the wheel" apparatchiki mentality is apparently still alive and well....and the idea of "Soviet man" still survives even if the Soviet Union didn't.

Thanks Craig, this is Anon@3.57am. I should have used the word "wholly". With that change I stand by my comment at that time, ie

"If monophysites accept the NT and agree that Jesus is both wholly God (in the OT sense) and wholly man then they are totally Christian. I regret schism over the question of HOW He is both. That issue is nowhere implied to be important in God's written words."

Please note the word IF. I am not sure where the differing varieties of monophysites stand.
New Age education bring Eastern religion to the classroom. This is major mind manipulation, already past the planning stage. All under the banner of the sweet little words Common Core.

This is a matter of the same individuals pushing social and emotional learning in the classroom as a legally mandated component of education reform and the Whole Child initiative of the Common Core. Then turning around and pushing the same programs and practices as core components of incorporating Buddhist and Eastern spirituality practices directly into the classroom.
I received this note from a friend after I sent out the information on yoga in classrooms.

"I was at the Washington National Cathedral Saturday they are practicing and promoting Hindu and pagan practices called contemplative prayer and centering. They teach it to military people and first responders. The cathedral is a trap. The building and name church lure people in and then they introduce them to this crap. In one if the main prayer rooms they have a rug with a sign "For our Muslims friends". They let all religions use the church. They say Islam is a religion of peace. What's happening to the Church was foretold by Jesus Christ. This great apostasy that is taking place in the Western nations precedes the second coming."
Anonymous 3:05 A.M.

There are also ties between Common Core and the Gulen charter Schools.
Sorry, I tried to post a new article and had google blogger difficulties in saving my draft. Will try tomorrow.

"Common Core proponents seem more interested in producing what Russian communists called “New Soviet Men” — people who are selfless, moderately educated, and stripped of all nationalist sentiment "

the trap here is that there is a certain overlap between Christian and Communist ideals of humanity, but the resemblance quickly ends with the atheism, the brute force, and other stuff.
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