Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My thoughts on Snowden and the NSA disclosures? CANONIZE HIM!

Time for everybody to re-read George Orwell's 1984.  IT'S HERE!  As for Mr. Edward Snowden being an alleged "traitor"?!  I frankly consider him a saint.  I am not alone!

Stay tuned!
Excerpts from Ron Paul speaking out on CNN Piers Morgan Live on Monday, June 10, 2013....

Former Congressman Ron Paul offered up a heaping portion of Constitutional liberty on CNN’s Piers Morgan Live yesterday when he addressed the recent NSA spy grid scandal, which has linked several high tech giants, including Facebook, Microsoft and Skype, to a secret program in which the government agency was allowed access to those companies’ servers.

Asked if he considered NSA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero, Paul answered, “Well… he’s done a great service because he’s telling the truth and this is what we are starved for. The American people are starved for the truth.”

According to Paul, these are the tell-tale signs of a dictatorial government: “And when you have a dictatorship or an authoritarian government, truth becomes treasonous. And this is what they do if you are a whistleblower, or if you are trying to tell the American people that our country is destroying our rule of law and destroying our Constitution, they turn it around and say, ‘You’re committing treason…’”

The former Texas rep and three-time presidential candidate also spoke of the NSA’s scandal in terms of violating the Fourth Amendment, saying, “So essentially there is no Fourth Amendment anymore, and for somebody to tell the American people the truth is a heroic effort, and [Snowden] knows that.

it’s very risky. He knows he’s committing civil disobedience and he knows that he could get punished, but he believes… that what our government is doing to us is so serious that somebody has to speak out.”

Continuing, Paul questioned what should be done with Constitutional traitors. “So my question should be to all of you who defend this nonsense is, ‘What should the penalty be for the people who destroy the constitution?’ They’re always worried about how they’re going to destroy the American citizens who tell the truth to let us know what’s going on, but we ask the question, ‘What is the penalty for the people who deliberately destroy the Constitution and rationalize and say, “Well, we have to do it for security”?’ Well, you know what Franklin said about that,” recalling Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, paraphrased, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”

Excellent points, very well said. Thank you and AMEN!

Is anybody watching the current riots in Turkey? It looks to me very much like an extension of OCCUPY WALL STREET and other aspects of the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.

Alabama Roadblocks at several locations asking for blood and DNA samples....

PELL CITY, Alabama -- St. Clair and Bibb county authorities are confirming there were roadblocks at several locations in their counties Friday and Saturday (June 7th & 8th) asking for blood and DNA samples. However, the samples were voluntary and motorists were paid for them as part of a study, they said.

According to Lt. Freddie Turrentine of the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department, it isn't the first time such roadblocks have occurred in the area.

"They were here in 2007," said Turrentine, the supervisor in charge of the roadblocks, which took place in several locations in St. Clair County Friday night, early Saturday morning and Saturday night and early Sunday morning. "It's just with social media and Facebook now, word of it has just exploded."

Turrentine said the roadblocks were part of a study conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. St. Clair County was asked to participate by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs because it had worked with the group six years ago.

Sheriff Keith Hannah in Bibb County said they too had previously participated in the study.

Here's how the road blocks worked, Turrentine said:

Off-duty St. Clair County deputies stopped cars at random at road block areas. The road blocks were marked with signs stating it was a paid survey. Cars stopped were asked for voluntary cooperation. Drivers were offered $10 for a mouth swab, and $50 for a blood test. If they refused, they were free to drive away. An official with the NHTSA said later that DNA was not collected as part of the survey, but only saliva and breath samples.

86 Civil liberties groups and Internet companies demand end to NSA spying....


More on those Alabama roadblocks....

Violence flares as Turkey PM cracks down on protests....

ISTANBUL: Riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to clear protesters from an Istanbul square on Tuesday as Turkish Prime Minister RecepTayyipErdogan warned he would show "no more tolerance" for the unrelenting mass demonstrations against his Islamic-rooted government.
Hundreds of police stormed the city's Taksim Square, the epicentre of nearly two weeks of unrest, in the early morning and brought bulldozers to clear the makeshift barriers erected by demonstrators after police pulled out of the area on June 1.

The police action surprised protesters, many of whom were dozing in nearby Gezi Park, because it came just hours after Erdogan agreed to hold talks with protest leaders on Wednesday, his first major concession since the trouble began.

But the premier made no mention of the olive branch Tuesday and resumed his tough stance against the demonstrators who have thrown up the biggest challenge yet to his decade-long rule.

"This episode is now over. We won't show any more tolerance," the premier told cheering lawmakers of his Justice and Development Party (AKP) in a speech broadcast live on television.

Acrid smoke filled Taksim Square as police doused protesters with tear gas and jets of waters. Some demonstrators, in helmets and gas masks, responded with molotov cocktails, fireworks and stones.

"Can you believe that? They attack Taksim, gas us in the morning just after proposing talks with us? What kind of leader is that?" said Yulmiz, 23, after waking up to the clashes in his tent in Gezi Park.

"We won't abandon Gezi," he vowed. "I am not afraid of their water cannon, it'll be my first shower in three days."

The nationwide unrest first erupted after police cracked down heavily on May 31 on a campaign to save Gezi Park from redevelopment.

The trouble spiraled into mass displays of anger against Erdogan, who is seen as increasingly authoritarian, tarnishing Turkey's image as a model of Islamic democracy.

Erdogan said on Tuesday that four people, including a policeman, had died. Nearly 5,000 people have been injured.

Taksim 'tarnishing Turkey image'

In a rousing speech to lawmakers, Erdogan urged "sincere" protesters in Gezi Park to pull back, warning that their environmental campaign was being hijacked by "an illegal uprising against the rule of democracy".


Yes I'm watching the riots in Turkey and THEY DESERVE SUPPORT. They are peaceful and they don't want to live under fundamentalist Islam which is the drift in that country. Would you?

Dear Evangelical,

The rioters in Turkey are clearly allied with the worldwide Occupy Movement. It is clearly part of the worldwide New Age Movement -- the environmental wing. ALL "FUNDAMENTALISM" are their aims. CNN is currently calling it "a green protest." You should go to Youtube and search out "Occupy Movement." One of the first choices will be a meeting in London with Assange who clearly is a leader. They talk about how all these movements are aligned, from Tunisia, Egypt, Britain, Intifada (Spain). This is part of your worldwide New Age revolution in progress. CNN is rightfully comparing it to Chicago in 1968. All revolutions "eat their children." Erdogan is the alleged co-founder of the Alliance of Civilizations, although I do believe the real instigator on that was Javier Solana hiding behind Erdogan and Zapatero (then Prime Minister of Spain).

Betcha dollars to donuts that the Turkish protesters are busy singing John Lennon's IMAGINE behind their barricades!
Perhaps this action of Turkish state radio last year angered the New Age factions:

TRT refuses to imagine world without religion, censures Lennon song at Olympic ceremony
Added: Tuesday, 14 August 2012 at 10:25 AM

A presenter for Turkish state broadcaster TRT omitted part of iconic British musician John Lennon's lyrics that call for “no religion” during the broadcasting of the Olympic Games’ closing ceremonies, NTV reported on its website.

One of Lennon’s most famous songs, “Imagine,” was included in the Aug. 12 ceremonies and was translated into Turkish by the TRT presenter as it played in the background.

The verses of the song which called for people to imagine a world with no countries and no reason to kill or die for were correctly translated into Turkish, but the presenter skipped the part where Lennon sang for "no religion."

The presenter translated the remainder of the lyrics correctly.
Continue to website and comments on Daily News



If you'd rather live the way they do in Saudi Arabia and Iran than the way they did in Turkey before Erdogan then you will support him and not the protesters, who are complaining about Erdogan's Islamisation program. The secular Turkish State founded by Kemal Ataturk had religious freedom and Erdogan is dismantling that in favour of Islam. Do you really prefer his side?

The protesters are mostly secular idealists, which seems to mean here that you slap the label New Age on them and regard them as conspirators for a threat deadlier than a religion that beheads people for apostasy and licenses wifebeating (Quran 4:89 and 4:34 respectively).

Perhaps Islam gets an easy ride here because it acknowledges a Creator God whom Muhammad heard of from Jews and Christians. But the Quran gets the personality of our Creator wrong (it imputes a much more malevolent or uncaring personality to Him than the Bible) and it denies the divinity of Jesus. These differences have the outworkings that you see in lands that enforce Sharia law, which is basically the code of the 7th century Arabian desert nomads.

Talk about Islamic 'fundamentalists' clouds the issue. The Quran is not hard to understand, so interpretation is not the issue. The so-called fundamentalists correspond to what in Christianity we would call simply committed Bible-believing Christians. A Christian who takes his New Testament seriously is a man of peace. A Muslim who takes his Quran seriously is a man of war. Peaceful Muslims are nominal Muslims. If you doubt me, read the Quran for yourself.


Ezra Levant on Snowden, from


...One program Snowden revealed is called PRISM. It gives the US government "surveillance and stored comms" on any "target" that uses one of nine different Internet companies, from Google to Facebook to YouTube to Skype to Apple.

According to the documents, PRISM can catch e-mails, chats, videos, voice communications, photos, stored data, logins and "special requests."

The documents suggest PRISM is for targeting foreigners. "Much of the world's communications flow through the US," the documents state... Another top secret document describes Boundless Informant. That's a "data mining" program that the National Security Agency uses to categorize records of communications being tracked around the world. The top four countries, with more than 50 billion hits amongst them, were Iran, Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt. But Boundless Informant also sorted 3 billion pieces of intelligence from the US That works out to ten per citizen, in one month.

Snowden also disclosed a secret court order that requires the US phone company Verizon to give all of its meta-data - basically who called who, at what numbers - to the US government on a continuous basis, and to keep that co-operation secret.

It's one thing for the US government to spy on enemies like Iran. But is it spying, en masse, on Americans? On all of them? Is it storing their information to create a historical record for every human being?...

It's not even possible to ask the communications companies if they're doing that - under the terms of the court orders, they're forbidden from telling the truth.

But what about when a US senator asks the director of national intelligence himself? Just three months ago, Sen. Ron Wyden asked James Clapper, "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?" and was told the unmistakable answer: "No, sir." But that seems to be completely false... how can Americans trust their government with an invasion of privacy so pervasive that even George Orwell's book 1984 could not imagine it?

It would be shocking if President Obama had access to the private e-mails, phone calls, Facebook messages or even family pictures of his political enemies. But this is the same president who won his first two Illinois elections after the shocking release of his opponents' sealed divorce records.

PS Regarding the origins of Islam, who would wish to get the human race misunderstanding the personality of the Creator God? Begins with S...


Are you per chance a Sojourners' brand one?

Just wondering?
From George Orwell's 1984 back when we still remembered:

How often, or on
what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual
wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable
that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate
they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to.
You had to live-did live, from habit that became instinct . . .

"Are you per chance a Sojourners' brand one?"

Sorry, I don't understand the question. Rephrase it and I'll do my best to answer in good faith. As a general comment, I would plead with people here not to let their awareness of one form of evil (New Age) blind them to the existence and challenge of another (Islam).


To Evangelical @ 5:27 AM
Re: "But the Quran gets the personality of our Creator wrong....... and it denies the divinity of Jesus."


And, of course, denying the divinity of Jesus is definitely New Age.

From Drudge this morning (06/12/13)

SNOWDEN: I'M NOT HIDING... More explosive details on US surveillance targets...
His plans for the immediate future...
Steps he claims the US has taken since he broke cover in Hong Kong...
His fears for his family...


Dear 1124am,

Denying the divinity of Jesus was Jewish a long time before it was New Age! A few centuries later it was known as Arianism. One of the problems I am having is that "New Age" seems to mean different things to different contributors here.

Keeping in mind the fact that we have over a hundred of Gulen charter schools in the US, check out "Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Muslim preacher who advocates moderate Islam rooted in modern life, and whose teachings have inspired millions of Turks to forge a powerful socioreligious community active in publishing, charity and above all education....and "the Gulen’s strictly pacifist brand of moderate Islam is upheld as a countervailing force to Sunni extremism across much of the globe. Since 2006, Russian authorities have shut down a string of Gulen-affiliated schools on the grounds that they were acting as CIA fronts." Gulen lives in Pennsylvania, read this article. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2013/05/erdogan-gulen-struggle.html

Then read this article. http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/05/the-gulen-movement-indoctrinating-for-jihad-in-charter-schools/

The Gulen Movement: Indoctrinating For Jihad In Charter Schools

Donna Garner has written many articles on the Gulen schools. Normally found at libertylinked.com, the site seems to be down for maintenance. Her articles have been carried across the internet, so just put her name in.

And here is a former Gulen teacher with information about Gulen's empire. http://www.charterschoolwatchdog.com/gulens-50-billion-empire.html

Questions asked...Are Erdogan and Gulen working together against the army? Are they competing for power? Are the Gulen schools a CIA front? Are the two involved in a power competition? How does this affect the average person in the US?

One fascinating fact about the book 1984. In the book the average person had no clue as to what was going on and 85% of the public was covered in 1-1/2 pages. The rest involved people who starting to learn what was going on.
Are we starting to sniff antisemitism popping up on this blog again? Of course the Jewish people denied the divinity of Jesus. Christianity was a different religion that evolved at the time. Christians deny the divinity of Mohammed, the Maharishi, Matraiya, and the rest of the supposed leaders who claim a superior position in the supernatural. The New Age movement is opposed to Judaism and Christianity, particularly the Catholics and has done that since its beginnings over 100 years ago. The movement formed when occultists from the Theosophical Society and Lucis Trust in particular came together with political people. Read the article about the beginnings of the Soviet movement and how and why the two had a bone. It supports occult ideas from the East as found in Buddhism, Hinduism. Christians and Jews gently say, as need be in these times, these are pagan connected religions.
Dear 1159am,

I wrote: "Denying the divinity of Jesus was Jewish a long time before it was New Age" and you have asked: "Are we starting to sniff antisemitism popping up on this blog again?"

Not on my part. I am in fact a Christian Zionist (although I prefer the term Zionist Christian). I hope it was obvious that the context in which I made my comment was as a corrective to the New-Age-is-the only-evil-that-counts point of view.


PS Muslims too agree that Muhammad was not divine!
This guy has his finger on what the New Age leadership plans. He never mentions New Age, and I don't know what else he may have said in the past, but gosh does he zero in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvv-Mp1dR-0&feature=player_embedded

Is the Turkish Uprising Manufactured?
1 John 2:22 (KJV)

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son."

Sales of 1984 on the increase.

interesting Larry Grathwohl former member of weather underground.

Blessings Constance, I find it interesting that this has become a big press issue. As a contractor, I have known of this at the company level, not goverment since the early 1990's. I would be surprised if the goverment actually gets it all together regarding dealing with the data.
Snowden is just the perfect straw man that Obama needed....

Edward Snowden Tells South China Morning Post: U.S. Has Been Hacking Hong Kong And China Since 2009....

The rest of the world is absolutely disgusted with our big brother spying methods....

PWhile the Pauls (Ron and Rand) did a lot of good, and are correct in opposing excessive power and information grabbing, one must ask "to what end?" their overall agenda is dubious.

Why Libertarians Are Basically Cult Members by Michael Lind Simply note libertarianism's fatal flaw and you'll get an enraged, hysterical response. They still don't get it
June 11, 2013 My previous Salon essay, in which I asked why there are not any libertarian countries, if libertarianism is a sound political philosophy, has infuriated members of the tiny but noisy libertarian sect, as criticisms of cults by outsiders usually do. The weak logic and bad scholarship that suffuse libertarian responses to my article tend to reinforce me in my view that, if they were not paid so well to churn out anti-government propaganda by plutocrats like the Koch brothers and various self-interested corporations, libertarians would play no greater role in public debate than do the followers of Lyndon LaRouche or L. Ron Hubbard.

An unscientific survey of the blogosphere turns up a number of libertarians claiming in response to my essay that, because libertarianism is anti-statist, to ask for an example of a real-world libertarian state shows a failure to understand libertarianism. But if the libertarian ideal is a stateless society, then libertarianism is merely a different name for utopian anarchism and deserves to be similarly ignored.

Another response to my essay has been to claim that a libertarian country really did exist once in the real world, in the form of the United States between Reconstruction and the New Deal. Robert Tracinski writes that I am “astonishingly ignorant of history” for failing to note that the “libertarian utopia, or the closest we’ve come to it, is America itself, up to about 100 years ago. It was a country with no income tax and no central bank. (It was on the gold standard, for crying out loud. You can’t get more libertarian than that.) It had few economic regulations and was still in the Lochner era, when such regulations were routinely struck down by the Supreme Court. There was no federal welfare state, no Social Security, no Medicare.”

It is Tracinski who is astonishingly ignorant of history. To begin with, the majority of the countries that adopted the “libertarian” gold standard were authoritarian monarchies or military dictatorships. With the exception of Imperial Britain, an authoritarian government outside of the home islands, where most Britons were denied the vote for most of this period, most of the independent countries of the pre-World War I gold standard epoch, including the U.S., Germany, France, Russia and many Latin American republics, rejected free trade in favor of varying degrees of economic protectionism.

For its part, the U.S. between Lincoln and FDR was hardly laissez-faire. Ever since colonial times, states had engaged in public poor relief and sometimes created public hospitals and asylums. Tracinski to the contrary, there were also two massive federal welfare programs before the New Deal: the Homestead Act, a colossal redistribution of government land to farmers, and generous pension benefits for Union veterans of the Civil War and their families. Much earlier, the 1798 act that taxed sailors to fund a small system of government-run sailors’ hospitals was supported by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton alike.


State and local licensing rules and trade laws governed economic life in detail, down to the size of spigots in wine casks, in some cases.
It was precisely these state and local regulations that the Supreme Court struck down, in Lochner v. New York (1905) and other cases, to promote the goal of creating a single national market. At the same time, sharing their racism with most white Americans, federal judges in Tracinski’s “libertarian” America permitted the most massive system of labor market distortion of all: racial segregation, which artificially boosted the incomes and property values of whites.
The single national market that Lochner-era courts sought to protect from being Balkanized by state and local regulations (other than racial segregation) was walled off by the highest protective tariffs of any major industrial nation. The U.S. government between Lincoln and FDR engaged in a version of modern East Asian-style mercantilism, protecting American industrial corporations from import competition, while showering subsidies including land grants on railroad companies and using federal troops to crush protesting workers. This government-business mercantilism was anti-worker but it was hardly libertarian.

High tariffs to protect American companies in Tracinski’s alleged Golden Age of American libertarianism were joined by racist immigration restrictions that further boosted the incomes of white workers already boosted by de jure or de facto racial segregation. The 1790 Naturalization Act barred immigrants from becoming citizens unless they were “free white persons” and had to be amended by the 1870 Naturalization Act to bestow citizenship on former slaves of “African nativity” and “African descent.” Although the Supreme Court in 1898 ruled that the children of Asians born in the U.S. were citizens by birth, Tracinski’s libertarian utopia was characterized by increasingly restrictive immigration laws which curtailed first Asian immigration and then, after World War I, most European immigration.Calvin Coolidge, the subject of a hero-worshiping new biography by the libertarian conservative Amity Shlaes, defended both high tariffs and restrictive immigration. Here is an excerpt from President Coolidge’s second annual address in 1924:

Two very important policies have been adopted by this country which, while extending their benefits also in other directions, have been of the utmost importance to the wage earners. One of these is the protective tariff, which enables our people to live according to a better standard and receive a better rate of compensation than any people, any time, anywhere on earth, ever enjoyed. This saves the American market for the products of the American workmen. The other is a policy of more recent origin and seeks to shield our wage earners from the disastrous competition of a great influx of foreign peoples. This has been done by the restrictive immigration law. This saves the American job for the American workmen.

In 1921 then vice-president Coolidge wrote an article entitled “Whose Country is This?” inGood Housekeeping, in which he declared:

“Biological laws tell us that certain divergent people will not mix or blend. The Nordics propagate themselves successfully. With other races, the outcome shows deterioration on both sides.” (Amity Shlaes’s hero evidently believed racist pseudoscience about dangerous and inferior “half-breeds”).

Protectionist, nativist paleoconservatives of the Patrick Buchanan school might have reason to idealize the U.S. as it existed between 1865 and 1932. But libertarians who want to prove that a country based on libertarian ideology can exist in the real world cannot point to the United States at any period in its history from the Founding to the present.
Speaking of Ron Paul

CONFIRMED SOURCE! Bilderberg 2013 Ron Paul's Largest Donor
Published on Jun 5, 2013

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV elaborates on a confirmed source close to Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal) that Ron Paul's largest contributor for President in 2012 was the Bilderberg Group.
The constitution of ancient Israel that God wrote in the Pentateuch fulfils the criteria for being libertarian, does it not?
Dear Evangelical:

Perhaps you could answer what has become an increasing "Evangelical" puzzle for me: why the Evangelicals and the Theosophicals have the same "holy city" of Wheaton, Illinois, population 57,000 (est'd). Further, why the "Evangelical" school of Wheaton College contains a virtual shrine to the chief propagator of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy in the English speaking world -- Owen Barfield.

I do not agree with Islamic theology, but Anthroposophy which teaches per the writings of Barfield that when Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit, he actually meant the LUCIFER SPIRIT, is FAR, FAR worse!

The Alice Bailey teachings which are clearly foundational to the modern New Age Movement define Jews, Christians and Moslems as "Peoples of the Book" -- "3 dead and gone religions" that "must die" (Alice Bailey, appendix to the Rays and the Initiations).

Yes, just why do American Evangelicals and American Theosophicals have the same "Holy City" of Wheaton, Illinois???!!!

Regarding the attempt to connect Ron Paul to Bilderberg....

Peter Thiel, who happens to be a member of the Bilderberg Group, must not have had too much clout, as Ron Paul - in his 3 attempts to run for President - never even got the nomination.

The following information is from Peter Thiel's Wikipedia profile:

In December 2007, Thiel endorsed Ron Paul for President.

In 2010, Thiel supported Meg Whitman, who as CEO of eBay had purchased PayPal from Thiel and his co-founders and investors, in her unsuccessful bid for the governorship of California. He contributed the maximum allowable $25,900 to the Whitman campaign.

In 2012, Thiel, along with PayPal co-founder Luke Nosek and Scott Banister, an early adviser and board member, put their support behind the Endorse Liberty Super PAC, alongside Internet advertising veteran Stephen Oskoui and entrepreneur Jeffrey Harmon, who founded Endorse Liberty in November 2011. Collectively Thiel et al. gave $3.9 million to Endorse Liberty, whose purpose was to promote Texas congressman Ron Paul for president in 2012. As of January 31, 2012 (2012-01-31)[update], Endorse Liberty reported spending about $3.3 million promoting Paul by setting up two YouTube channels, buying ads from Google and Facebook and StumbleUpon, and building a presence on the Web.

Re the video by a "108Morris108", I watched it. Then I watched some of his other videos and visited his web page. He is a very deep anti-Semite. His theory is the "International Jew" dunnit, therefore, we need to eliminate the Rabbis and the Jews.

Be very wary of him! The Jews are a target of New Age planners, even though there are secular Jews such as Barbara Marx Hubbard involved in the movement. The New Age Movement ultimately considers the Jews to have been a race wrongfully cloned by Jehovah from an aging Abraham and Sarah to interfere with planetary "evolution."

Furthermore, the strategy of the NAM was to pit all target groups off against each other and then THEY would be the PHOENIX to arise from our ASHES and rebuild their "new civilization" with their "New Golden Age." I don't know that much about 108Morris108 so far, but my guess is he was influenced by people such as the now deceased (good riddance!) EUSTACE MULLINS.

Speaking of financial issues, today's news is dismal:

By Marc Jones
LONDON | Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:01am EDT
(Reuters) - World stocks were pummeled and the dollar slumped on Thursday as a sell-off on global financial markets in thrall to central bank stimulus accelerated.

European shares .FTEU3 fell sharply in morning trading, dropping 1.3 percent after the second biggest fall in Japan's Nikkei .N225 in over two years left Asian shares at their lowest level of the year. <.

Heavy selling hit the dollar, which slumped 2 percent against the yen as investors spooked by the plummeting Japanese stock market unwound hedges. It fell as low as 93.90 yen, its lowest since April 4, giving back almost all the gains made since the Bank of Japan's aggressive monetary easing announced on that day.


I don't know if this matter has been brought up here but I wondered what the opinions were of the appearance of both David Icke and Alex Jones together at the alternative Bilderberg meeting in Watford last week?
Regarding the location of the Grove Hotel from the London Olympic Stadium I found it was exactly 33 kilometres.
Oddly enough this is precisely the same distance measured to the M1 where pop singer George Michael fell out of his Range Rover on 16/5/2013.
The distance from Michael's accident to the Grove Hotel is exactly 3.33 Nautical Miles.
From 16/5/2013 to 6/6/2013(6)Bilderberg meeting 1st day is exactly 3 weeks.Both dates add to 18 or 6+6+6.
Dear Constance

I have no idea, as I am not an American but a British


"I do not agree with Islamic theology, but Anthroposophy which teaches per the writings of Barfield that when Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit, he actually meant the LUCIFER SPIRIT, is FAR, FAR worse!"

And Islam says that Deuteronomy 18:15, which says that "God will raise up a prophet for you from among your brothers", which refers to Jesus, refers to Muhammad who had sex with a 9-year old girl.

There is no "worse" among evil. There is only more or less dangerous at any given time and place. The followers of Muhammad are a greater threat to Europe right now than the followers of Steiner. Who has made many suburbs of European capital no-go areas? Who beats up Jews in the street? Who beheads British soldiers in public - the followers of Steiner or of Muhammad?

New Age is evil. But it is not the only evil out there, and in 2013 not the most immediate threat either.
Anonymous 5:58
As Constance has often written, the New Age leadership works both sides, the right and the left which is why is very dangerous. They are not stupid people, not misguided crystal analyzers. They are promoters of a very pragmatic control system which benefits financially. They draw others to their point of view by having things they can provide, things such as power, money, prestige.

They organizationally can control their opposition. Let's say you are John Jones. You see things going on that you oppose morally, financially, politically. What's the first thing you are going to do? Look around to see if others are seeing the same problems and if they are begin to talk with them. If they have an organization, so much the better. You'll join that organization with your time and money or maybe just with support. It's been that way for decades.

That is why the New Age movement wasn't exposed on any scale until the early '80s when Constance's book came out. In their opinion that was a fluke. They didn't see it coming. They didn't plan it. Opposition to their planning is carefully watched and cut off at the knees if it has a chance of going too far.

I shouldn't have to spell out more. Read this article about Facebook for instance. http://dcclothesline.com/2013/06/11/facebook-purging-conservatives-are-you-next/

It is why several steps are needed for any opposition to the New Age movement to be valid. First one must know seriously what the New Age movement is about. Skip the foolish information. Second, very carefully watch the leadership of what appears to be the opposition. Third, find individuals rather than organizations to work with.

The last step is very hard. It doesn't mean all organizations are negative. It just means you have to know your friends. It also is hard because strong people want to lead rather than cooperate.

Going back to the beginning of this note, the New Age movement has something they can offer to seduce.

Listen to what Glenn Beck says today. I am right listening now. It is important.
"CONFIRMED SOURCE! Bilderberg 2013 Ron Paul's Largest Donor
Published on Jun 5, 2013

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV elaborates on a confirmed source close to Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal) that Ron Paul's largest contributor for President in 2012 was the Bilderberg Group. "

Why am I not surprised? while some individuals Bilderbergers may have wanted Ron Paul dead rather than president most likely because he would have stymied some more fast moving extremist plans of theirs, in general libertarianism is the philosophy of freedom for the overman, and an elite element of such already exists, having established themselves and their ancestors having done so in competition,

which incl. eliminating rival competition as proof of superiority, and such can only profit from elimination of govt. regulation.

In the place of actual govt., you have rule by the rich and powerful who will simply hire as mercenaries those run out of business as regular army and police by the elimination of regular government!

Back to feudalism.
Christine, Ron Paul wouldn't have been put up unless he was trustworthy to the New Age leadership. Same for Romney and McCain. Back in the '70s the man who led the Libertarian Party also led the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies.
Regarding the attempt to connect Ron Paul to Bilderberg....

Peter Thiel, who happens to be a member of the Bilderberg Group, must not have had too much clout, as Ron Paul - in his 3 attempts to run for President - never even got the nomination.

The following information is from Peter Thiel's Wikipedia profile:

In December 2007, Thiel endorsed Ron Paul for President.

In 2010, Thiel supported Meg Whitman, who as CEO of eBay had purchased PayPal from Thiel and his co-founders and investors, in her unsuccessful bid for the governorship of California. He contributed the maximum allowable $25,900 to the Whitman campaign.

In 2012, Thiel, along with PayPal co-founder Luke Nosek and Scott Banister, an early adviser and board member, put their support behind the Endorse Liberty Super PAC, alongside Internet advertising veteran Stephen Oskoui and entrepreneur Jeffrey Harmon, who founded Endorse Liberty in November 2011. Collectively Thiel et al. gave $3.9 million to Endorse Liberty, whose purpose was to promote Texas congressman Ron Paul for president in 2012. As of January 31, 2012 (2012-01-31)[update], Endorse Liberty reported spending about $3.3 million promoting Paul by setting up two YouTube channels, buying ads from Google and Facebook and StumbleUpon, and building a presence on the Web.
Well, I would say that it looks like the Bilderberg GROUP put all of their money and support behind their #1 choice 'puppet' who was nominated and elected President in both 2008 and 2012 - Barack Obama!

If one LONE Bilderberg member, Peter Thiel, was trying to get Ron Paul elected President, he didn't do a very good job, did he?
Who said Thiel wanted to see Ron Paul as president? Paul was put up to split the ticket to make sure Obama got in. They can't split the ticket without putting up money to support the split. Does anyone catch on how the New Age movement take charge of things?
WASHINGTON, June 9 (Reuters) - The U.S. government has recovered 400 pages from the long-lost diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a confidant of Adolf Hitler who played a central role in the extermination of millions of Jews and others during World War Two

Well, then - it needs to be clarified (which is actually different from the 'slant' in which some posters are presenting it on this blog)-- that the Bilderberg GROUP per se did not actually 'support' Ron Paul for President -- that one LONE Bilderberg member, Peter Thiel donated money to Ron Paul's presidential campaign, for the purpose of manipulating the outcome and assuring that Mitt Romney would not win last November!!!

Dear Bjorn/Farmer:



That video was further down on the references to the tape mentioned above where the headline said one thing but the speaker mostly asked a lot of questions and didn't give answers. I do believe the first video mentioned was done as a diversionary tactic. Note that Paul and NWO was a topic elsewhere.

The voices of the true believers on the above video, none of whom did more than believe.

Just ask yourself how many people you personally know who check anything out on their own anywhere? Most people just depend on whatever information comes to them without effort. Most people don't care who is tickling their ears as long as the feeling, emotional or intellectual, makes them think they are important.

If it's just about money, half the Bilderberg crowd would be conservative in their leanings and there would be no need for secrecy. The saying is follow the money, but does anyone you know personally do that in detail about anyone in public life?

At the request of someone who didn't want to do it publicly I once went to City Hall to look at the list of donations to a particular candidate. I was grilled up and down and lets say advised. Try it.

Surface thinking is like dipping one's toes in the ocean.
Supreme Court says genes can't be patented; patient advocates and researchers cheer.

Here's an article about the "sustainability of the Green Movement in Turkey". "Green Movement" is a synonym for New Age Movement, particularly the "Environmental wing" thereof.


I agree that "surface thinking" is risky. It's better than no thinking at all, but we have to dig deeper.

I can't help but wonder why "Evangelical" hasn't given any response to Constance's questions about Wheaton being a "Holy City" for both the Theosophicals and the Evangelicals??

Dear 1052pm

I did respond, at 9.24am above.


The New Age movement is a resurgence of Nazism. Maybe if someone else says it, it will register. Here is a list of parallels between then and America now, particularly focusing on how morality was gotten out of the way then and how it has been gotten out of the way now. Let others thank you for passing this on.


Here is the article linked to in the above piece on the similarities. It contains even further similarities.


Lee Penn is with me again in the morning - 2nd hour of my radio program at www.themicroeffect.com or TMEradio.com. Topics: Government snooping aka "surveillance" and religious developments.
I will be on first hour alone, 7 am. pacific time, 10 a.m. Eastern time.

Join us!

Dear Evangelical:

Thanks for letting us know your landscape is the British Isles and not Illinois.

Shipping Magnate Paul Soros, a successful innovator in shipping, philanthropist and the older brother of billionaire financier George Soros, died in New York City on Saturday (June 15th) after a long bout with a host of illnesses, said his son Peter Soros. He was 87. Soros was born Paul Schwartz in Hungary; his parents changed it to avoid Nazi persecution.


Reformist Hasan Rowhani surprises with Iran election win


Doug Hagmann is an investigative journalist for Canada Free Press who also has a daily evening computer radio show. A week ago he wrote a column that appears to have gone viral. http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/55749#at_pco=cfd-1.0 I personally found it a very frightening possibility based on what has recently been disclosed ..."DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly"

This story http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/55844 describes who he is.

Originally Glenn Beck covered the story without giving credit to Hagmann. He may have thought he could give further information when he said he had something to expose. That did not occur. On a side note, it appears that Beck often uses material from other sources without crediting them, making it appear as if his team did the original work. However, this follow up did appear later. http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/06/10/dhs-insider-it%E2%80%99s-about-to-get-ugly/ which substantiates the Hagmann information.

Based on other columns written by Doug Hagmann and his son, this is not a one shot scare column. If something occurs and I had not passed on this information, I would feel guilty. Check everything out yourself to determine whether or not you think the information is important.
thanks for share........

On GBTV.com You can watch "For The Record" Surveillance State. In this documentary there three whistle blowers from the NSA. They are clearly tormented by the unconstitutional aspects of the same surveillance systems Snowden talks about. NONE of them went to China. They are all whistle blowers and almost all of the information Snowden said they already said. So I recommend whistle blowers stay in the US get legal help and don't put our people at risk. Otherwise I will call you what Snowden is, a TRAITOR.
To whom is Snowden a traitor? Has he done anything that is detrimental to the interests of the American people?
Unless you were in the hotel in Hong Kong and unless you know what he has or whom he is sharing it with then you have no idea what he has divulged and no authority to canonize him. he only worked in Hawaii for 30 days and he didn't fit into the career he was sent to do. This could indicate a plot determined from the top. Fact is, we don't know.

There is a problem when you get stuck in one time period or grasp one set of values and one grouping of information as if suspended in time only searching for connections to that which you have decided is absolutely so.

Prayer changes everything, forward in time, right now and even backwards into time.

I think you may need to update some of your points of view Constance. Or at least defend them better than this,

Has he done anything that is detrimental to the interests of the American people?

I know you don't even know the answer to that question. We may never know, we may learn someday, but for now, we just don't know.
since you ask if Snowden has done anything detrimental to the American people, you don't understand what "canonize him" means.

It does not mean shoot him with a cannon (two ns) it means formally declare him a saint and revere him.

As for the technical definition of treason, that is a slippery issue. The American people have nothing to do with the issue, it would be the American govt. as an entity and the Constitution defines treason as giving aid and comfort to or adhering to the enemies of the USA. In the days that was written, "enemies" usually meant people the USA was at war with, either by declaration of war or because they were violently attacking us.

Violating national security laws would cover stuff not incl. the definition of treason, accomplishing what the Constitution tried to prevent by limiting treason to the definition it gives.

Sure he's prosecutable. but when the evil make the laws, that is not a guarantee of the wrongness of the accused even if he is guilty.

All this stuff has been going on and known about privately for decades, now it is out in the open.

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