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What they are planning now - "Planet Under Pressure"

The global governance is proceeding apace and perhaps the Mayan 2012 prophecies are a fancy diversion.  The planning for global governance is very much in progress and serious academics and their prestigious institutions, Indiana University, University of Michigan, Harvard, etc., etc. are impressing "Glocalist" goals (think globally, act locally) as norms.  Here's a presentation given to the March 2012 London "World Under Pressure" conference.

check it out, particularly the leadership structures being established and stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

This was a Power Point type presentation. Push on the arrows to view all slides.

I think everyone should read these two books,
Power Quest--Book One: America's Obsession with the Paranormal and
Power Quest, Book Two: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America on click that you want the publisher to make it available on kindle, and you can buy a cheaper electronic version if they do this.

They give you a preview of both however, which is informative in itself. I haven't read more than that so far but it looks good. Even the table of contents will give you an idea.
I just watched the presentation. The terms stakeholder not meaning owners or even just living on a property or in a village but anyone who might remotely be affected by something or think they could be, and "sustainable" are Agenda 21 terms. This IS Agenda 21 whatever name it uses.

Lord Christopher Monckton has done a lot of work to fight this stuff.

I notice all those people in the photos are too "nice" looking, kind of blurry personalities, the only focussed ones are probably enforcers or defenders for this.

I think we need to make a rival group, addressing such issues - a VERY FEW issues are legitimate, and being exploited for another purpose. Of course, our solutions would be very different, and would not include maneuvering people into dense housing which would then facilitate a major population reducing pandemic google georgia guidestones and notice that it says population should be MAINTAINED at 1/2 million, so how does population go from several billion to 1/2 million in the first place?

contraception is all very well, but this sounds more ominous. I don't see everyone just dying off because of old age and not reproducing themselves much, to achieve this. A massive dieoff would be anticipated.

and human population at 500,000 would put us in the endangered species category a point that can used as a talking point in fighting this.
oops, I made a mistake, the Georgia Guidestones don't call for a population of 500,000 but under 500,000,000. That would still put us in the endangered species category.
Has anyone seen 'David Icke Debunked'?

It's a very good, if long, study of the true nature of the spirits which animate Mr Icke and people like him. It's a great vindication of 1 Timothy 4:1.
The Planet Under Pressure was all part of the Rio+20 Conference, a.k.a. Agenda21 process.

I couldn't help but notice participating NGO Lorian Foundation'ss Ecovillage network participated. The GEN network is pointed out as building block model for sustainable global communities. I would suspect this includes a "Luciferic initiation".

Also serving as an NGO at Rio+20 was the "spontaneous" Occupy Movement.


I couldn't find Occupy onthat page maybe I didn'tlook well enough.

Occupy was rather infamously ineffective, and while it might have bred a Frankenstein (originally controlled opposition gone"rogue" from the perspective of the controller, and become a thing in itself as commies did to use a la rouchean analysis, I am NOT la rouchean myself)
since it drew attention to a major player in all thetrouble, and being anarchist was easily co-opted by all the wrong stuff and irritated more decent people,

Occupy also sometimes targetted some strange things, like when it released stolen private info of customers and attacked something that was of importance to the average person it supposedly wants to help.
David Icke is a classic case of either controlled opposition, or someone whose idea of love peace bliss doesn't incl. the fascistic elites plans, so is partly opposed to the NWO. The New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement is another good video.

Icke also serves tomake all the exposes of the evil look ridiculous. Starting with good information about pedophillia among elites and other evil stuff, which some New Agers and other occultists might balk at, he then goes on to make it all look silly with his shape shifting repilian story.

This also undermines validity of those who sense a reptilian similar quality about them, sensing a demonic presence, and confusing this with a physical shape shifting situation.

Just imagine the pure evil of reducing the world's population from the current 7 BILLION down to 500 MILLION people!!!
Bless you Susanna and Everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. God is Good.
Here is a link to the Occupy Movement on the Rio+20 portal

Here is a link to the Occupy Movement's Rio+20 web page.
denial of Second Coming is no part of RC doctrine ever, nor is confusing this with His presence in the Eucharist. It is not a resacrifice but a re presentation of the same event because He spans past and present and future we are at that moment also at that event.
If you go back through the links to what the Pope actually said, there is no implication that the Catholic doctrine of the real presence in the Eucharist is the Second coming referred to in the Olivet discourse.

Incidentally, I regard the Catholic-protestant argument over whether the Eucharist is a sacrifice as based on a misunderstanding over the concept of time. It is not a sacrifice in chronos-time, but it might well be seen as one in kairos-time.

A. Prot

Constance, and all others,...have you taken notice of theresa talea,....her booketc,........woe!///tony in vt.
I took a look at the description ugh.

the main reason I give credence to concerns about catastrophes. govt. according to these people, and private elites according to others, are acting like something is going to happen. Read his research books before criticizing. I will not answer anyone on this.
Oh Christine, I wish you hadn't posted this. I so wanted to come out from under the bed. Now I'll have to stay there for the next decades.
"Sure, liberals have it in for Fox News, but that deep-seated, anti-Fox agenda isn't just an organic response from the left. It's a George Soros-funded "echo chamber" "in which a message pushes the larger public or the mainstream media to acknowledge, respond, and give airtime to progressive ideas because it is repeated many times." That's how the strategy was described in a report by the Soros-funded Media Consortium called "The Big Thaw."

Wow, the idea behind Christine's system makes the big time news. Just substitute "those against the New Age movement" for Fox in the above paragraph. Substitute Christine for "progressive" and you'll get the picture.

Back in the real world we find this important article.

Will Obama Allow Americans to Practice Catholicism? No!

Didn't the Catholic community go through this some 75 years ago in a European country?
Obama has taken no action to prevent anyone from practicing their faith in America, let alone Catholics. That is simply false. I see no presence of any federal agent blocking the doors to any church. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy this case, the President.
Fox News was under the delusion that Mitt Romney was guaranteed the presidency. Fox News dwells in utter lies and distortions. Jon Stewart has the best analogy for what describes Fox News. It's synonymous with "Nonsense Mountain" although he doesn't use the word "Nonsense."
Well, there is that itty bit where the President insists Catholic businesses must buy insurance for their employees, insurance which funds abortion.
The left has now noticed this blog. Wow!!! This blog must now be of concern to the Obama people. They've sent one of their little trolls to post here.
Does anyone have any articles from the medical community on the dangers of self induced trances?

while this is about hypnosis by others, scroll down to "Summary list of complications associated with hypnosis"

here is this note from a pagan review of a pagan's book "Additionally, she discusses something many authors overlook–the inherent dangers associated with trance work. Not just medical dangers, which everyone talks about, but the fact that not everything you meet may be nice, and yes, you may have to fight."

googling on,I found this "warnings from psychologists and psychiatrists."
"Francuch, a psychiatric researcher, describes 500 levels of trance that people can be put into by hypnosis. "Up to the five hundredth, one goes through various states and levels that reflect different states and levels of the spiritual world and its conditions. At the 126th level, there is a state that corresponds to the state (Nirvana] described by the Eastern mystics.” -Peter Francuch, Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis, 1981, p. 79."

hah! well that blows Nirvana out of the water as the penultimate state! so much for yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism!
"Any technique or practice that alters the consciousness to an empty-minded state of passivity should be avoided." -David Haddon, "Meditation and the Mind," Spiritual Counterfeits, January 1982, p. 2.
Anonymous 10:41
Your question is very broad. For instance, individuals can attempt to go into a trance by concentrating, relaxing, repetition of sounds or by getting as complex as using biofeedback equipment.

I remember when biofeedback machines were being sold so that New Agers could get into alpha states. A warning went out saying that people who were using the machines too much often found themselves unable to get back into a state of alertness for everyday life.

I would think that warning would apply to anyone experimenting with trance states.
Thanks Christine and other responder.

The information posted so far was helpful. I still would like to obtain something written by a Ph.D. but doubt I'll find anything because I suspect most are on board with this new age technique.

I'll try to be a little more specific with the question:

A person is in the practice of putting himself or herself in a self induced hypnotic trance and does this daily. A skilled and unsavory hypnotist comes along and learns of that person's habit. How easily can the unsavory hypnotist take control over the person who induces the self hypnotic trance? Is the person practicing the daily self hypnotic trance now susceptible to a powerful hypnotic suggestion without their even knowing of it? Have there been any studies on the long term effects of self hypnosis?

I personally believe people practicing self hypnosis are compromising control of their own minds but I am not a medical professional and would prefer to present this with some solid medical information.

I just learned of a friend who practices self induced trances. I would like to direct him to professional warnings rather than ask him to just take my word for it.
How to empower you and your family to survive the coming financial crisis:
Maybe I should flip the self hypnosis question around for a little different approach.

Is there new age literature (which may be easier to find) that points to meditative self hypnotic trances as a means to control the masses?
Dear Constance,

How are you?

Would like to know what, if anything, you think about the following WEU Assembly webpage (note the 11/18/12 date).

Have a great day.


A fellow watcher
I would say that the warning in other induced trances would apply to trances regardless of who induced them.

A predilection for trance states would make you susceptible to anyone else. Get it the habit of such and someone else could induce it in you with less difficulty.

that mass effect point is interesting. Do you have something in particular in mind?

A sort of mass hypnosis can occur with crowd phenomena, I guess, mob psychology. Some parents do this also.

Anon 10:41 / 1:50 / 2:06,

I hope your friend can see that self-hypnosis potentially opens one up to spiritual (demonic) influence. First of all self-hypnosis is achieved using essentially the same methods as meditation:

Here’s Alice Bailey’s The Consciousness of the Atom [© 1961 Lucis Trust (1st prntg 1922, 9th prtng. 1974 (2nd paperback ed.)), Fort Orange Press, Albany, NY; pp 110-112] on ‘proper’ meditation and its ultimate purpose:

…The stage at which a man awakens to group realisation, and becomes a conscious participant in the activities of the group is brought about in two ways: through meditation, and through a series of initiations…There is much misconception these days as to what meditation really is, and there is a great deal of so-called meditation which has been truly described by a person not so long ago, as ‘I shut my eyes, and open my mouth, and wait for something to happen.’ The true meditation is something that requires the most intense application of the mind, the utmost control of thought, and an attitude which is neither negative nor positive, but an equal balance between the two. In the Eastern Scriptures the man who is attempting meditation and achieving results, is described as follows… ‘The Maha Yogi, the great ascetic, in whom is centred the highest perfection of austere penance and abstract meditation, by which the most unlimited powers are attained, marvels and miracles are worked, the highest spiritual knowledge is acquired, and union with the great Spirit of the universe is eventually attained.’ Here this union with the group life is held to be the product of meditation, and there is no other method of attainment.

True meditation (of which the preliminary stages are concentration upon and application to any particular line of thought) will differ for different people and different types. The religious man, the mystic, will centre his attention upon the life within the form, upon God, upon Christ, or upon that which embodies for him the ideal…We need to find our own method of approach to that which lies within, and to study for ourselves this question of meditation.
[emphasis in original]

“Union with the great Spirit of the universe” is of course Satan.


If your friend sees the connection between the means to self-hypnosis and meditation, perhaps s/he’ll then see that this opens one up to outside influence. Bailey’s Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle [© 1950 by Lucis Trust, George S. Ferguson, Philadelphia, PA], which instructs on how to receive “impressions” from a group and/or Master (demon), issues this warning:

Any group work of this kind must be most carefully controlled; any group effort which seeks to impress the mind of any subject (whether an individual of group) must be strenuously guarded as to motive or method; any group endeavor which involves a united applied effort to effect changes in the point of view, an outlook on life, or a technique of living muste utterly selfless, most wisely and cautiously undertaken, and must be kept free from any personality pressure and any mental pressure which is formulated in terms of individual belief, prejudice, dogmatism or ideas. I would ask you to study the above few words most carefully.

The moment that there is the least tendency on the part of a group, or individual in a group, to force an issue, to bring so much mental pressure to bear that an individual or group is helpless under the impact of their minds, you have what is called “black magic”…
[p 39; emphasis in original except in last paragraph]

I’ve been skimming the book to find the specific method by which one gets into a receptive state to receive impressions, but I’ve not yet found it.

I had some of this stuff highlighted from a previous project.

I hope this helps.
This is an excerpt from a blog focused on the dangers of meditation. (Note that Michael Murphy and Steven Donavan are new agers).

"Another concern, explored by researchers Michael Murphy and Steven Donovan, is that advanced practioners rank high in suggestibility, meaning that their physical or mental state is easily influence by the process of suggestion. Whether they become more suggestible because of participation in meditation practices or are highly suggestible to being with, a state which might reinforce their continuation of the practice has not been determined. Either way, the suggestibility puts them at risk of losing personal autonomy.

When meditators first reported experiencing depersonalization and derealization (feeling removed from ones body or as if one were watching oneself), it was believed that these altered states were connected to actual periods of meditation. Psychiatrists eventually recognized, however, that these were states of involuntary meditation, for want of a better name, that were intruding into the waking consciousness of meditators when they were not deliberately meditating."

Here is another warning from the medical community:

Meditation as Coercive persuasion:

And yet another resource.

These links should set you on the path to locate additional materials you may need.
that info is great, I copied it to a file, and will use it on some egroups.
Thank you Craig and everyone for the info. This is what I was looking for.

We know from the writings of the church fathers views on scripture, that the Anti-Christ will abolish the Mass/Divine liturgy. This has not been done as yet.

God is still gracious to us.

The other day I had a discussion, OK, a yelling match, with someone who knew a lot about the New Age movement, did nothing about it, was a conservative and yet asked, "How would things be different if people knew about the New Age movement?"

I said by putting the battles in a much larger context, conservatives could make better responses to those pushing that movement.

He suggested I set up a website. I said why bother. There weren't enough people left who would match the effort I would be putting into keeping the website going, by doing something themselves to oppose what is going on in the New Age network. What's the point in being a free encyclopedia for others? So, I will just continue to pass information on piecemeal. It will satisfy my conscience for now. I've been told not to scold because it turns people off. Most people are turned off already, not doing anything except reading, so what's the big difference.

Today over at World Net Daily there was a promotion for a book called The Divine Secret.

World Net Daily has the reputation of being a good source for politically conservative information.

Well, what do we have here - gosh, it's another push for New Age Christianity. As one of the one star reviewers at Amazon said, the book says we are all god.

I like to do searches where I put a topic in next to the term "New Age." I did this and what popped up was

Here's where they cover the book positively.

Another of the opinion pieces over there is
Why Christianity Is Dying While Spirituality Is Thriving ~ Dr. Steve McSwain

But what the heck. You can trust good old Joe. He's not a swami or a channeler. "Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND."

And after all is said, you too might be asking yourseslf what difference does information about the New Age network make in what is happening in the world. Information about New Age may have helped you personally, reaffirmed your faith in Christianity or Judaism, but now that you've been helped and you've helped a few others that way, all the rest is not as important to you as who was elected president. You will never run out of sources for information at that level.
UN to seek control of the Internet

"Old Man of the Ski" has been posting some excellent articles on "rewilding":
why not find or put together a tract on New Age influences in the churches,and distribute them outside any infected churches, also the good ones?
BTW Mormonism also teaches we are to evolve into gods. Romney was as new age as Obama could ever be.
"Tarpley writes:
What Ron Paul’s deluded followers do not seem to grasp is that secessionism, Balkanization, and the partition of large nations represent indispensable steps towards what they would call the New World Order. The New World Order aims at the destruction of the modern sovereign nation state and its replacement with a universal empire presided over by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Bank for International Settlements, and NATO ruling over a fragmented crazy quilt world map of petty, squabbling, impotent little microstates, ministates, rump states, and failed states, none of which would have enough power to oppose Exxon Mobil, J.P. Morgan Chase, Halliburton, or a medium-sized private military firm.

Ron Paul is totally on board for this kind of New World Order. He notoriously told the House of Representatives on March 13, 2001 that 'there is nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency.' These three elements are in fact the guaranteed destruction of existing nations.

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s theory of such a world prescribes micro-states and mini-states as a means of guaranteeing 'dignity,' meaning a localist, parochialist, and particularist polity for every affinity group on the planet. George Soros supports 'partition studies' at think tanks and universities to facilitate the demise of the modern state. Among reactionaries, Bernard Lewis of the British Arab Bureau has long studied methods for dividing Pakistan into four parts, Iran into five parts, and Libya into three parts, as well as for carving Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran by creating an independent Kurdistan. Iraq is already divided into three parts as a result of US occupation. The US and British have cooperated to divide Sudan into two parts.

Modern imperialism thrives on partition and Balkanization. There was a good case to be made for keeping the USSR together, minus the Baltic and Tran Caucasus states, but the nomenklatura of all the union republics decided that secession was the best way of maintaining oligarchical privilege. This was also exactly what the Anglo-American imperialists demanded. The carving of Czechoslovakia into two parts soon followed. The breakup of Yugoslavia was promoted by NATO, which then proceeded to further detach Kosovo from Serbia, placing it under criminal rule. The British have long supported separatist movements in Spain, Italy, and many other countries, and these are being activated today.
Power will do anything to hold onto power including fighting their own citizens. And when there is a genuine rift movement, the powers-that-be will either co-opt it to steer or discredit it, or they'll break it by creating as much chaos as possible in order to appear to be saviors when the dust settles."
Craig, thanks so much for your information. I hope others pass it on to as many people as they can.

Animal rights work was very prevalent in Nazi Germany. Why they gave precedence to animals over humans was covered in Savitri Devi's book, The Lightning and The Sun. Check out Devi's connection to the Nazi movement. In there she said that animals didn't interbreed as humans did, so their line was pure. Humans interbred and as a result it resulted in damaged human beings.

History repeats itself in the New Age movement which is a repeat of the Nazi movement. You may want to say "No, No No." That won't change things.
Has anyone looked at the idea that the fascist New Age movement will work against the growth of the communist movement here in the US. There was a big confrontation in Germany in the '30s. I am seeing more and more about the communist connection in the US government. Who will be leading the charge against that here in the future? Who will be looking at the connection between that charge and the New Age movement? I have no idea how this is working out. They do love to play games with our commitments.

put that in your settings as startup page or home page. is like google, but unlike google it doesn't create niches, where you get a different result of searches than I do because of your search history.

they do not store log files either, so they can't report your searches and IP addresses.
"When Right-Wing Blather Killed
Irish Catholics peddling nonsense about "dependency on government" need to read a new history of the Great Famine..... they were so determined to end Irish “dependence on government” that they stalled or blocked provision of food, public works projects and other proposals that might have kept more Irish alive and fed. "

I am sure some people here will denounce me for citing alternet, but like ANY source,some more than others,it needs to be read with discernment,and sometimes it has it right.
"Check out Devi's connection to the Nazi movement. In there she said that animals didn't interbreed as humans did, so their line was pure. Humans interbred and as a result it resulted in damaged human beings."

That's actually true - Genesis 6:1-4 - although it's not what Devi meant.

Just an FYI so you can show your buddies you know more than they do.

Nothing wrong with linking to Alternet, if the particular article states something relevant or, in this case, true.

Right-wing social policies were indeed the driver of the Great Famine. Cecil-Woodham Smith argued this over 50 years ago in her magisterial study "The Great Hunger." Moreover, many Irish American Catholics, with their libertarian economic fetish, suffer from either historical amnesia or cognitive dissonance about this fact.

I have long been vexed by the fact that nearly all traditional (conservative) American Catholicism is as heavily Protestantized as Cafeteria ("liberal") Catholicism, but it wasn't until I read Philip Lee's book "Against the Protestant Gnostics" that I understood just how deeply gnosticized American Protestantism is. Once I did the math on this it all began to make sense.
David Ike exposed as an Anti-Semite
It would be nice to have some references to David Icke's own words for the claims made on that website (see 6.58pm) that he is anti-semitic.

Those of us in Britain who remember him as a sports TV anchorman still follow his subsequent career with bemusement. One of the more surrealistic sights on TV was a delegation of Jews heckling Icke on the grounds that when he said giant man-morphing lizards were taking over the world it was so absurd that lizards had to be code for "Jews," and Icke insisting back vehemently that he really did mean giant lizards.

I live in the Chicago area. David Icke was exposed by me when I was given copies of columns that appeared in the UK. I had asked a man at an alternative publications expo if he saw any New Age things. He put me in touch with people in the UK.

Icke uses a technique that is being used on a large scale by antisemites these days. He denies being an antisemite saying that he isn't going against ordinary Jews, just against some in leadership who are involved with destructive behavior. There is never a dividing line in his information when he talks about Jews. He never talks about other groups of people by labels. For instance Episcopalians, Catholics, Poles, Frenchmen, Britains etc. who are involved in conspiratorial works are never written about by him. It a nasty system that he uses.

I can tell you that his books were carried on a large scale in New Age bookstores in the Chicago area, and according to someone who worked at the New Age bookstore on North Ave., they were bought by Afrocentric believers. As you probably know, the Afrocentric movement is very antisemitic. He was also a speaker at various New Age seminars. As no one has seemed to care about my research, I never organized my information, so I can't put my hands on specific information.

I spoke to Icke when he appeared at a militia meeting in Crete, Illinois. While many who came to these meetings were just individuals who were trying to find out what was going on behind the scenes, the militia group leaders were very Jew hating.

I have a few Icke books, but they would be useless in answering your request for information as he played hate games in those books. You have to decide how far you want to trust liars when you look at Icke material.
Several popular Sydney (Australia) beaches, including the iconic Bondi, resembled scenes out of a apocalyptic film today after an algae bloom turned the water blood red.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. The President (tears of allegience rolling down his face) alongside the Republican and Democrat party members of both the House of Representatives and the Politburo .. ehem, I mean the Senate invite you to stand with them for the National Anthem.
... oops ... wrong one! Try this:

I found this very interesting. This is a Muslim warning about the new age philsophy and even claiming that Raj Patel is Maitreya. The discussion of Maitreya or I should say the debate over him is showing up in a lot of places now. I also found a site called the LDS Freedom Forum in which Mormons are in a debate over Maitreya. Here it is.

Here they are talking about Maitreya being on 70 TV interviews so far.
I almost forgot, in this warning by the Muslim, he says that Obama and Raj Patel are the 2 devils.
The rumon of Raj Patel filling the role of Maitreya has circulated for a long time. To Patel's credit he has declined the role saying he is too much of a "bad boy" to fill that role. Apparently Patel believes the role is to be filled by someone who is pure. Isn't he in for the surpise of his life.!

excellent anti new age video, with refutation of archarya s
This is a great Christian testimony from an ex-new ager now born again Christian lady. In this video she admits that before being saved she believed that for humanity to 'evolve' necessitated murdering all Christians. Praise God that she is now born again and exposing the 'new' age for the demonic sham that it is!

My Testimony: From New Age to The True and Living God

The New Oxford Review offers email subscriptions. In general the emails give
links to articles showing activity that is going on to support conservative
religious circles or expose what others are doing.

At various times there are links to archived articles on a particular topic.
Here is a link to the New Age topic giving links to many articles dealing with
the religious side of the New Age movement. . I'm not Catholic. However, I
respect the fact that there are those following that religion who are willing to
notify others what is going on while other religious groups either promote the
New Age movement or ignore the changes taking place. Check out the following
links. Good stuff there.
Henceforth, morality is to be determined by what is good for the ecosystem, and
man is to aim at "noninterference" with the Earth, even if we have to change our
entire way of being -- economics, politics, education, morality, religion --
from top to bottom.
Here are some of the people you — or your children — will meet up with in
Questions of Faith: Catholic feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether, who
wants to replace Yahweh with Gaia, the earth goddess; Katherine Keller of Drew
University, who advocates a deity with breasts and a “eucharistia” involving
milk and honey; Delores Williams of Union Seminary, who has declared that, “We
don’t need folks hanging on crosses and blood dripping and weird stuff”; Matthew
Fox, a former Catholic priest and New Age mystic who advocates worship of the
universe; Sallie McFague of Vanderbilt Divinity School, who believes that the
earth is a part of God; James Forbes of New York’s famously liberal Riverside
Church, who advocates the acceptance of homosexual practices; Joan Chittister, a
politically outspoken nun who defended Marxist movements in Central America
during the 1980s; Tex Sample of St. Paul’s Seminary in Kansas City, who is a
leading proponent of ordination for practicing homosexuals within United
Methodism; Hyung Kyung Chung, who advocated the worship of ancient Korean gods
and goddesses at a recent World Council of Churches assembly; Madeline L’Engle,
a writer based at New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine, where pantheism
has displaced traditional Episcopal worship; and James Lawson, a United
Methodist pastor who is a strident abortion-rights activist.
I found this at the Vatican's home website. It is a very detailed commentary on the New Age Movement and the difference between New Age philosophy and True Christianity. The Vatican also seems to be very concerned about New Age thought creeping into Christianity including Catholicism. It is a long read but I found very thorough and informative.

Here is another shorter document about the New Age Movement by the Vatican at their official website. It really gets to the point.
This goes right with your present topic here. This is really worth taking a look at. Here is GALA, (Globalization And Localization Association). This is their official website.
Vatican hails UN Palestine vote, wants guarantees for J'lem


11/30/2012 02:26

'VATICAN CITY - The Vatican hailed the United Nations' implicit recognition of a Palestinian state on Thursday and called for an internationally guaranteed special status for Jerusalem, something bound to irritate Israel.'

'The 193-nation UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution to upgrade the Palestinian Authority's observer status at the United Nations from "entity" to "non-member state," the same status as the Vatican.'

' "The Holy See welcomes with favor the decision of the General Assembly by which Palestine has become a Non-member Observer State of the United Nations," a statement said.'

'But it also said it was a "propitious occasion" to recall a "common position" on Jerusalem expressed by the Vatican and the Palestine Liberation Organization when the two sides signed a basic agreement on their bilateral relations in 2000.'
think globally act locally - yes, indeed, to fight this skubala. stop Agenda 21 and all its variants.
I like it Christine.
Let's co-opt that silly slogan just like they
co-opt anything and everything that they want
to control.
THINK GLOBALLY:: Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
ACT LOCALLY: Help the poor in your neighborhood,
_and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


For once I agree with you Paul.
Why would anyone want to think about "dung" or shit (meaning of skubala) if thinking globally is thinking about shit? Someone should tell Constance that when she writes about global New Age she is writing about shit. She might not know she is doing something bad. That's if one believes everything outside the local stuff is shit. Now don't get puffy. Biblical writers say that's what Paul meant.
This is a Greek word that is the equivalent to the modern English word "shit." Skubala is a rare word, used only in Philippians 3:8 in the New Test...
We have to fight this, and to fight it globally we need to act locally against it, incl. stop Agenda 21 or roll it back where it is already in place, and get people in other countries to do likewise. This really brought a smile. I wonder how abortion pushers will spin this one.

The two are fighting for space, pushing and shoving.

And yes, abortion is something pushed by New Age organizations.
Anon 7:40
So, your point is ...?

Paul, I do wish you were intelligent enough to follow the implications. The interchange of ideas would have shown you to be the shallow intellectual you are.
the obvious implication is that infants in the womb are conscious.

In Panicky Russia, It’s Official: End of World Is Not Near

The Mayan New Age idea has gone nutso in Russia. I do wish they actually new what the movement was aboug.
I do wish they actually new what the movement was aboug.

Lazy fingers should have written:

I do wish they actually knew what the movement was about.
I'm most definitely not an intellectual at all.
To call me a shallow one is as meaningless and
childish as it is to insist that you can say the word
sh*t, because... you're a deep intellectual ?
I still don't know what your point was at 7:40,
other than your insistence on using crude
language, which in itself is juvenile.
Do you need to use that word to communicate ?
Oh well, I have actual work that I have to go and do
Hope you don't catch any poison ivy as you
lay there in the weeds.
Agenda 21 works mostly by using zoning rules and comprehensive plans in cities. Also counties.

Zoning has been repeatedly upheld in court as Constitutionally okay, therefore what we need to do is work to render Agenda 21 plans zoned out or so altered if zoning won't eliminate them as to pull the teeth from the plans. Comprehensive long term planning should be modified ditto or eliminated where possible.

restriction on development is not a bad idea - prevent wasting agricultural land on this and keep housing off dangerous mudslide prone locations and so forth.
If anyone has a doubt that Constance has an international reputation, get their fingers over to this link. Important Americans in the French Wikipedia

And here's her page

We know that her first book was translated into several foreign languages, but not which ones.
What do you know!! Zuukie provided the link to the information about Solana that appears on the Cumbey page.
Who is Zukkie?
Oh Constance knows that person. I knew when I saw it I just had to call it to her attention. She'll get laugh from it.
Zuukie is part of the email address of a former poster here called Dorothy, 7:57.
you are all a bunch of crazy american tea-party, bigot, christo-fascist. christo-taliban loosers. thank god you are disappearing very quicly from america too, and become every day less and less irrelevant,

Thank god i live in the civilized europe were i ve never met people like you. people of your trype over hereare unimaginable and laughed at. you are freaks and history will remeber you for what you are FREAKS
Anon@7.09pm, Islam is looming over Europe in a way it is not over the USA. (Which continent gave the world Nazism and communism, by the way?) I pray Islam will not take over Europe but then you would discover what bad religion REALLY means. You can do that for yourself right now if you take the trouble to read the koran and contrast it with the New Testament.

Nützliche Informationen,ich danke Ihnen sehr
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