Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sarah Leslie will host my radio program tonight with program below



New Age Date Setting

24 Years Ago—The Harmonic Convergence & 2012

7 p.m. Eastern Time; 6 p.m. Central time; 5 p.m. Mountain time; 4 p.m. PACIFIC TIME

"My guest for Constance Cumbey's radio show will be Gaylene Goodroad, who is author of MY LIFE IN THE WAY."

I am in necessary paperwork up to my eyeballs and Sarah is kind enough to guest host for me tonight.  She always does an outstanding job, so please tune in and remember to go to www.talkstreamlive.com and vote for the program.  You may vote twice in an hour.  Dr. Stanley Monteith has been a loyal friend over the years, and if you could give him two votes tonight as well, I am greatly obliged!  Let me know how it went on the comments section to this posting.  Thanks!

Tune in and stay tuned!


I pray privately and publicly using “thee” and “thou” because that is how I was taught when I first got saved in 1955. My teachers taught me by example. They were all young men under the age of 25 and they came from a variety of denominations. We were all servicemen.

In those days no one thought of praying differently. This was largely because we all held to the Authorized Bible. This version maintained the singular forms even though they had passed out of common usage in the English language before it was printed in 1611 AD. They were kept because they made an accurate translation from the Greek and Hebrew. Their usage in prayer gives a more reverent approach to the Father.

I pray using these singular personal pronouns not because of tradition . I was not brought up in Christian circles.

I was able to pray in this manner from the day I got saved. This had nothing to do with my education. I listened and learned.

I find that usually those who pray in modern style have little regard for the AV Bible and move in liberal neo-evangelical circles.
“Thee and thou” forms are still maintained in wedding services and other ceremonial occasions; e.g “I Tom Brown, take thee, Mary Jones, to be my lawful wedded wife”. There is a connotation of intimacy and affection in this.

I thank God for the English language which allows me to address deity in terms not found generally on the lips of the ungodly. If other languages do not allow this its users are that much the poorer.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
My program is and never was anti-Semitic. Nobody would talk this way against two of the consistent greatest opponents of the New Age Movement than somebody who really is anti-Semitic and pro-New Age themselves and wants to shut down any remaining platforms.

I assume the nasty "anonymous" was listening. If so, what were you doing there if it was so bad?

Fulfilledprophecy.com has some important information on its site that may be very similar to some of that ferreted out by our participants. It's about "THE TEN" nations of the former WEU living on as "THE TEN".


WEU link to document is


IN part from the WEU document:

Considering that Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,
Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom agree that they shall, under international law, be
jointly liable for fulfilling the residual administrative obligations of the WEU and that, to this
extent, they will assume jointly the rights and obligations of the WEU;
- Considering that it is in the interest of the staff of the WEU and the States Parties that the
execution of the remaining WEU obligations with respect to personnel is ensured by a legal
entity, acting in its own name on behalf of the States Parties
- Considering that the States Parties and Member States of the European Union have jointly
identified the European Union Satellite Centre as the legal entity to which shall be
transferred the residual administrative obligations arising from the dissolution of the WEU . . .

Your pride is noted Constance. You think too highly of yourself. And I don't see where anonymous said your program was anti-semitic, just the network you choose to support with your presence and sponsorship. You're far too quick to declare anyone the least critical of your oddball views as a "New Ager". How very disappointing.
I'm glad God is my judge and NOT Senor Acerbic.

Or is it Senora Acerbic?

And what does the "Anonymous" think of Catholics? Of Jews? Of organized religion in general?
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Ignore the anon troll. My wise old mother said: Silence is also an answer. Constance we appreciate your dedication and stamina research and inform. If troll-anon has so many issues with you see it as a compliment because the ear will hear!
More sychophants to stroke the ego. How very nice.
The Jews were the Chosen People in the Old Covenant. Jesus said "many are called but few are chosen." The Chosen are the believers in Messiah. Guillermo
Let me guess Guillermo. You listen to the MicroEffect. lol
Why not rebut Guillermo's post directly instead of resorting to distractions? Your diversionary tactic does not inspire much confidence in your words or motives.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
So your justification is that if someone else does it, in your opinion, then no matter if it is right or wrong you should do it too. My prior statement about confidence in your words and motives rings truer now, after that admission.
"Catholics are well meaning, but misled into some erroneous doctrines."

From our perspective Protestants are well-meaning, but pretend that Christianity did not exist before some Prot peddling heresy came along.
Well, Anonymous 6:01, I believe the scriptures were originally written in Ancient Hebrew and Greek, some of the same language spoken by our Lord and Savior. Are you calling him stupid because he didn't speak English? In the King James Version (not the original Bible, since the Bible was not first written in English, maybe you should brush up on Latin) there is many uses of thee and thou, such as in the Ten Commandments. However, none of the Commandments state that "Thou Shalt only address me with Thee, thou, and ye." Give me a break! If God can pull a camel through an eye of a needle, he can provide salvation for people who don't use thee, thou, and ye. Your faith is quite shallow!
"Cumbey holds New Age views." That is a pure lie!

May I ask what the "anonymous" thinks of the following:

1. William Law?
2. Jacob Boehme?

I'm giving notice that I am considering deleting some of the "anonymous'" nastier accusatory posts which is against my nature which is to allow free speech and debate.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Let's see, let's see
Who could the other "anonymous" be?

Here's a few guesses:

1. Eric Jon Phelps?
2. Jacob Prasch?
3. Javier Solana (lol!)?
4. Shirley Maclaine (lol!)?
5. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (for the reincarnationist lurkers here)
6. Alice Bailey (ditto)?
7. Texe Marrs?
8. Tal Brooke?
9. None of the above?
10. All of the above?
11. Satan in person?
I'M 'ANONYMOUS' TOO. I agree with your name, just more diversionary tactics completely lacking any substance.
Annony 9:40
Constance has not said a word that you accuse, it is how you perceive and twist what she says. Then you pose questions that are loaded, such as "when did you stop molesting children" type where no response is right. Your responses are much like the Pharisees approach to Jesus, just looking for something to accuse and tear down.

You state you have problems with Constance equating "Allah" for YHWH" Allah is the Arab name for god and equal in orgin and roots to the english for god. When people are referred by Constance as "people of the book" she is really referring to the "Children of Abraham" those who have promises from YHWH. Arabs have been twists and pushed away with the twists of Islam, but they are not alone in twists.

As to your other concern, "claim that animists and shamans worship the same God." Those claims have not been made. What has been stated and not just by Constance, is those who do not hear the Gospel, God deals with what they respond to the truth He leaves. Either they respond to the Truth or reject it. And if they respond to the truth, the door is always and still is Jesus. God does not ignore those who through nothing of their own doing do not "hear" the Gospel. Reference was made even to the grace found in "Torah." That has nothing to do with those who seek after other Gods, but those who are drawn and respond to the Creator. But you twist that concept. Now, certainly you can argue the concept is not biblical but it is by no means new age. It is not rolling all religions to one, it is recognizing God works as he works and He draws people to Himself regardless of the "cultural." All those who Seek HIM, Find Him. And if you believe that is "New Age" well then guilty as charged.

Now you make claims about her suggesting that someone makes "graven images" of God, made in own image and still worship God of bible. My guess is that is reference to "Catholics." But guess what, I got news for you. We all limit God by our own understanding, shaped even by our own attachements and relationships. We all have idols and views that limit God. We all but know in part. So Catholics, Calvinists, Arminians, and so on all get parts wrong. I got stuff wrong, you got stuff wrong. Now either you can admit it or not. Everywhere there are those who truly follow YHWH, and those that do not, deliberately deceive, or are deceived and won't look. The letters to revelation end with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear for a reason. But perhaps you are too blind in your hate and rage to even grasp that fact.

As to constance deleting "hate filled" comments, there comes a time for everything. The bible does direct us to warn one who argues over meanings of words once, and then have nothing to do with them. Constance has gone far beyond that biblical directive and been patient in enduring your baiting and smears and twisting.

Now to whoever you are, may God deal with you as you deal with others. That is my prayer. May your debts you owe be met the same way that you collect debts from others. I pray that you reach a point of repentance and brokenness that God can get through to you.

Now feel free to call me a "fanboy" or "suckup" or "Sycophant" but I am but a follower of Yeshua and YWHW and have considered these words prayerfully not to tear down but to speak to you in truth and love. What you do with it is up to you...it is between you and God.

oh, and yes, Constance is far from perfect. Yes, she does focus on some things a bit to much. But she seeks and serves Yeshua and YWHW of this I have no doubt.
I wonder what the "anonymous" would say about Jesus' "Good Samaritan"? Was he hell-bound, too?
Im not the anon you refer to but...

bunk...Constance is steering people down the wrong path. the claims have been made if you go back and read other threads instead of jumping in the game this late. and no the comment about idols wasnt about Catholics but about people she clearly said created gods in their own image. your apologetic aint working "fanboy".

oh, and you're talking to at least three anonymous' here. lol
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anony 8:04

Please indicate the "Wrong path" you believe constance is steering folks down. Is she telling folks stay where they are cause saved? This blog monitors and reacts to world news and examines the depths of the system of the world and even how new age deceptions infiltrate the church. Or do you think she is wrong about Paul Temple and noetic science influence? You think she is wrong about perspective of new age? Please indicate the exact "wrong path."

I have not jumped in this late in the game and have following this blog for quite some time. So you do not "follow" the blog as intently as you suggest. The point about "own image" stands regardless of "Catholic" or not so clearly you missed the point made because got the "reference" wrong. And if it simply referred to whether people who have not heard the gospel, the same point made prior to that applies. I have engaged the discussion because I am a "fanboy" of YHWH and Yeshua. I spoke because felt God led me to do so. How about you? What is the motive of the "annoymous many?"

As to whether there is one or multiple of you seeking to "tear down" is irrelevent as the points apply to each one of you and the words are still truth. I don't care if it one or 100 of you. Hateful and divisive behavior contrary to scripture is still just that. What is being engaged in is not "righteous judgment" but rather systematic mockery and attempts to say "gotcha" and for what intent? Note that you did not address one single word I said, other than say oh, it wasn't about Catholics. I wonder if you are "many" anony, do you sit around and talk to each other about how awful constance is?
annony 8:20

Personally I don't have problems with people questioning Constance. I have made my thought clear on ways I disagree. I don't have problems with questions, but I have problem with certain ways folks engage. Now your post is rather odd because you are implying thoughts you think she is straying from the truth with the "solomon" comparison. Personally I don't care about her track record or research. I care about ongoing engagements and thoughts. I don't think she gets all things right. We all but know in part. Now let me ask you this, are you questions the same as the ones stated? It seems a few issues keep beign repeated..

1: Allah issue, which is making a mountain out of a mole hill. It loses site of who "Ishmael" is regardless of the twisting that they mostly are under.

2: Unsaved issue: that is a matter of theological debate and understanding. Either those that never hear are lost, period or God has a loving and just way of dealing with them where people are dealt with how they respond to truth.

3: Use of microeffect. I haven't addressed that one, but hey, anywhere we go there are people who are not in line with truth. She uses blogger which is tied to google, which is tied to many things going on. If she used wordpress there certainly are many on that who speak in untruth. If she were on any "radio station" there are many profiting that are contrary to the message. Such a view of being away from those that are in the dark is foolish. We are to let our light shine. Guess what, your ISP provider is likely one that is in the dark.

Now, here is another point, lets say you legitimately have all those issues. Well then you express them in a clear concise manner. Then you leave it at that. Or you can take the tack of mocking, tearing down, and seeking to trap with leading questions. Again, the pharisees "questioned" jesus over and over in order to seek to destroy. So the question is what is the intent of questions, loving confrontation seeking to clarify or examine truth or mock and ridicule or even attempt to "destroy" one who is voicing certain thoughts an opinions? Each knows their own motive. Each should examine self before GOd. That goes for Constance too, and me.
I'm suspecting it's not CONSTANCE having a high opinion of herself, but rather the hidden "anonymous" with one of him/her/itself.
To Anonymous @ 8:20 AM:

Anyone can handle constructive criticism, but 'the tone' of your attacks on Constance does not sound very 'Christian' at all.

Each one of us is a 'flawed' human being . . . thus the word 'human.' You are the one who seems to be 'elevating' Constance while, at the same time, declaring her unworthy to be elevated. (Constance certainly doesn't go around elevating herself.)

Personally, I view Constance as a very intelligent, humble woman who (I believe) has been guided by the Holy Spirit to do research exposing the New Age Movement. For the past 30 plus years, it's been very hard work with very little reward in this life . . . but plenty of reward in the next.

Maybe a better use of your time would be spent looking into your own heart and examining your motives behind lashing out at Constance non-stop . . . and so publicly?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
To Constance @ 9:26 PM:
Re: "I'm giving notice that I am considering deleting some of the "anonymous'" nastier accusatory posts which is against my nature which is to allow free speech and debate."

I say 'delete' away . . . because this is becoming a real distraction here on this blog.

Light bulb moment: And just maybe that's the whole point . . . and it's that person's true agenda!!!

(We've got bigger fish to fry here.)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I ACCIDENTALLY deleted PEACEBRINGER7 instead of the posts I was encouraged to so do.

Peacebringer7, could you please repost and accept my apology? I appreciate your contributions here!

Well, I deleted a few and it hurt me to do it. I hope the tone will now improve. I welcome constructive criticism and even rebuke when I deserve it. I do not welcome AGENTS PROVOCATEURs which I feel the hidden anonymous probably was -- somebody to wants to bait me into saying something that others can jump on to th e detriment of those needing solid information exchanges that this board is designed to host.

To clear up the PEOPLES OF THE BOOK matter. My reference to this was in the context that New Agers call Jews, Christians, and Moslems "Peoples of the Book," all of which are alleged "cancerous cells in the global body" and hence need elimination.

There is a factor, of course, that Abraham is the forefather of both Jews and many Arabs as he sired Ishael, Isaac, and others after Sarah's death through, as I recall without opening my bible, Ketura.

The first place I read this expression referring to the New Age characterization of Jews, Christians, and Moslems as "Peoples of the Book" was as I recall in David Spangler's REVELATION: THE BIRTH OF A NEW AGE. It has been 30 years since I read it in 1981, but it still stands out in my memory. I have seen it in numerous other places since, but my memory is not that specific on those sources.

Power cuts threat as sun storm hits earth
Thursday, Aug 18 2011 6PM

A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight.

Scientists expect it to trigger one of the most violent geomagnetic storms ever recorded.

The result could be widespread power surges and even blackouts, disrupted TV and mobile phone signals, and broken down communication satellites.(cont'd)



Constance, no biggie, it was a reaction to one of the deleted posts and fine with that last post being deleted. The point really was none of us elevate you, none of us are perfect. So probably just more repetition.
Terror attack today in Israel followed by hit back response in Gaza.
You can try to hide the truth but its already out Cumbey.
annony 1:46,
what hiding that fact that some of you are engaging in mindless insults, don't deal with what is presented to you fact wise and just keep insulting and pointing fingers. You are right, that truth is out there. Congrats.
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