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The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain . . . Back Home in the USA!

Click on these documents to enlarge them to readable, full page size. The point here is that Spain was the FIRST COUNTRY to make MICROCHIPPING pets mandatory. It is now perceiving itself as in some type of military leadership and/or pre-eminence. Will it similarly pioneer human microchipping as it did MANDATORY animal microchipping in 1993?

I heard on WWJ (CBS) news radio today that the Obama administration wants Homeland Security moneys and operations to now be "community centered." The possibilities of a Gestapo like spying operation seem all too clear to me. I heard just the one news clip and so far have not located same on the internet. I would appreciate contributions from those who hear more about this.

The point was that the community would know how to "detect extremism."
Here is a link to the Christian Science Monitor Obama USA vs. "Homegrown terrorism" story. I googled "Obama" and "Extremism" to yield it and the others pictured:
Here's a link to the .pdf file. I just downloaded it from the White House website:

video real face of the EU
From Zero Hedge (08/07/11)

G7 Preparing Statement To Support Dollar, EU, In Fact Everything That Would Otherwise Collapse Tomorrow, Before Asia Open

Just out from Bloomberg: Finance ministers and central bankers are preparing a statement to release before the open of Asian markets, the Nikkei newspaper reported, without citing anyone. Japan may intervene in currency market if dollar falls.

G-7 finance ministers, central bankers expected to express confidence in dollar, pledge liquidity. U.S. to explain fiscal rebuilding efforts.” [so no more sniping at S&P and actually doing its job eh?] “Japan to express intention to maintain Treasury holdings. G-7 expected to show support for EU fiscal efforts.”
And while the G7 is about to realize that when faced with a $100 trillion (equities plus debt) market onslaught its printing powers are next to laughable, Dow Jones reports that the “ECB is weighing Italian, Spanish bond buying on a massive scale.” Two take homes: i) the Fed has just lost its competitive advantage of doing idiotic things on a massive scale as the world wake up to tits trickery (unless of course the Fed resumes said thing on a massiver scale, which it will), and ii) tomorrow is the day when the infinite force of central planning meets the immovable object of capital markets. We will find out who blinks first in a few hours.
Rioting, violence, disruption spreads across London...
Al Gore says that we need to have an Arab Spring here in the US. Just in time for Obama's new Community Intolerance Progrom. Oops I meant Violent Extremism Prevention.

(Via Born to Watch)
Al Gore has just shown what I have long known: his NEW AGE SUBVERSIVENESS. Thank you for the information!

I'm listening to the Al Gore interview now and do not disagree with him on EVERYTHING. I do agree that the wealthiest are both trying to avoid any tax increases when they are already at a low level and further I would agree with him that the WEALTHIEST are seeking to shrink down government so they can do what they want without interference. It is unfortunate that he cannot seek the interrelationship of this with the New Age agendas!

Yes, but we all do know that crisis equals opportunity. Why not instigate a great opportunity here with a US Arab Spring?
Riots in London; mass demonstrations in Israel; stock market falling in USA; Italy in disaster -- looks to me like "New Age" chaos / revolutions are now global! May the Lord help us all!


That's what it looks like to me -- it's happening here and just about everywhere else!

"When the Christianity of a country is reduced to the bare proportions of the domestic life, when Christianity is no longer the soul of public life, of public power, of public institutions, then Jesus Christ deals with this country in the manner he is there dealt with. He continues to give his grace and his blessings to the individuals who serve him, but he abandons the institutions, the powers which do not serve him; and the institutions, the kings, the nations become like shifting sand in the desert, they fall away like the autumn leaves which are gone with the wind."

-- Cardinal Pie
Please see my comment at 12:03 on the previous thread. I would like the views of others.
My comment was at 2:43. I was replying to Anonymous at 12:03.

Speaking of 'crisis equals opportunity'...

Did George Soros make $1 billion betting on credit rating downgrade?
EU Digital Action Plan for Europe:

George Soros' book FALLIBLE made it very clear that the USA was in for soon "correction" and that he was very much behind it.

It is critical to know that Senator Mark Hatfield's son, "Mark Hatfield" is the director of communications for the Homeland Security Department. They were hosting the conference on Public Private Partnerships last week, August 3-4.

I took the foregoing from an article by Wayne Madsen. However, other internet information is that he is "Federal Security Director at Department of Homeland Security."

Another more recently updated site, says that he is currently SECURITY DIRECTOR of the Miami National Airport. That site was "last updated 10-10-2008." I cannot determine the date of Mr. Madsen's article from the context.

The LONDON RIOTS are continuing and worsening. has excellent coverage.

From the World War 4 Report site -- headlines of the day -- Rene Wadlow is closely affiliated with this site:

From Our Daily Report

Tel Aviv protesters: "Egypt is here!"
More than 200,000 marched in Tel Aviv, under a banner with the word "Go!" in Arabic—a key symbol of the protest movement that brought down Hosni Mubarak, and a clear reference to Bibi Netanyahu. Below, in Hebrew, were the words: "Egypt is here!"

Israel-China military alignment advances
A visit to Israel by PLA chief of staff Gen. Chen Bingde to meet with IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen.Benny Gantz signals an effort by China and Israel to rebuild commercial military ties that have been weakened by US pressure on Tel Aviv.

Will FARC fracas unfasten Colombia's reforged ties with Venezuela?
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos says he will meet with Hugo Chávez to discuss accusations from his armed forces chief Adm. Edgar Cely that Venezuela is continuing to harbor FARC guerillas, even after the Andean neighbors had rebooted relations.

California unlikely to meet deadline to reduce prison population: report
California's Legislative Analyst's Office released a status report concluding that California is unlikely to meet the US Supreme Court's two-year deadline to reduce the state's prison population by 34,000 inmates.

Convicted Abu Ghraib ringleader released early
Afghanistan: NATO raid kills civilians —again
Tel Aviv rent protesters repudiate "West Bank solution"
Israel: Supreme Court orders watershed removal of West Bank settlement outpost
Mexico: police arrest Acapulco cartel boss wanted in massacre
Cuba high court upholds US contractor's 15-year sentence
Planet of the Apes: Relax, it's only a movie
Palestine: repression, air-strikes, restrictions of movement as Ramadan opens

and more side headlines:

Other News

Rent riots rock Tel Aviv

Anti-mine paro in Puno, Peru

Qaddafi emulates Israel

Here are Wadlow articles there:

by Rene Wadlow, Transcend Media Service The United Nations has tried to stop the ... as people are being killed on the ground. ---- Rene Wadlow, is representative to the United Nations at Geneva for the ...

Page - Bill Weinberg - 05/01/2011 - 19:45 - 0 comments

Issue #173, March 2011

Page - Bill Weinberg - 05/01/2011 - 23:16 - 0 comments

by Rene Wadlow, Toward Freedom While the People's Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt ... as the next structures are put into place. ---- Rene Wadlow is a representative to the United Nations, Geneva, for the ...

Page - Bill Weinberg - 03/07/2011 - 06:25 - 0 comments

... story, this issue: SYRIA: THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL by Rene Wadlow, Transcend Media Service World War 4 Report , May 2011 ...

Page - Bill Weinberg - 05/01/2011 - 20:07 - 0 comments

The nuclear terrorist threat: our readers write
... Central Asia: A Model for the Korean Peninsula? " by Rene Wadlow . It noted a real glimmer of hope in the terrifyingly bleak world ...

Blog Entry - WW4 Report - 01/24/2007 - 05:36 - 1 comment - 0 attachments

... story, this issue: THE LAST CIRCLE IN LIBYA by Rene Wadlow, Toward Freedom World War 4 Report , March 2011 ...

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UN Membership for Eurasia's Phantom Republics by Rene Wadlow, Toward Freedom The "Phantom Republics" has been the name given to ...

Page - Bill Weinberg - 09/28/2008 - 23:51 - 0 comments

The Janjaweed Spin Out of Control by Rene Wadlow The on-going conflicts in the provinces of Darfur in western Sudan ... and the need for concerted action. ------ Rene Wadlow is editor of the online journal of world politics Transnational ...

The riots in London are spreading. The rioters are being directed by social media (Twitter, Facebook) and using blackberry's to coordinate. Since I discovered the New Age Movement's existence in 1981, their books and pubications said their revolution when it occurred would come in that manner.

It is here!

Flash mob attacks taking place in US also. A while back there were attacks like this in Chicago. If they are still going on, they are not being reported. The mayor of Chicago may have stopped them.

Here's a report from Milwaukee.

Lessons from a Milwaukee Mob
By John F. Di Leo

On August 4, 2011, the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, the worst race riot in Wisconsin history occurred. As darkness fell over the amusement park area known as the Midway before closing time, hundreds of young blacks swarmed out into the parking lot, seeking out white fairgoers to attack -- pulling people off their bikes, out of their cars, to knock them to the ground and beat them: with fists and whatever blunt instruments they had handy. (more at the link)
The British riots are too largely "flash mobs." The NEW YORK TIMES (my husband gets it delivered here) this morning had a front page article about the worsening British riots. They are being directed by Blackberry, Twitter, and Facebook communicators.

Thanks, Dorothy for the USA inputs.

It's kinda creepy, all these mobs rising up. Like the "restrainer" is being pulled away, and the prince of this earth (Satan) is now being given more power to do what he wants.

Christianity has been one of the "civilizing" and preserving and restraining (from bad behavior) seasonings for Mankind, now we are seeing what happens when the salt has lost its saltiness.

And this is only the beginning.....
To Dorothy, I went back to previous post as you suggested to read the posts of Anon 12:03. And all the follow up posts. I just wanted you to know that someone did this, even if I find it difficult to come in in the middle and try to understand. I do have some reactions to what was being said, perhaps not the main one you wanted addressed. I agree with Constance that some people worshipping Allah are worshiping the One True God. I am just about 100% against Islam, but I believe there are many throughout the world who worship the One True God even if they have not read the Bible. This is probably gross heresy but I do find this to agree with
Constance on. Furthermore, I do not think she or anyone wasted 30 years in exposing the New Age.
It may all be coming the naught now, but think of the many people unknown whose opinions may have been changed. I myself was started into change by
hearing Constance one night in Seattle. I was ripe to exit the New Age, and her talk put me over the edge. I myself had done extensive research on New Age bastardization of faith and practice, and had even had some small influence helping a few people in the New Age to survive, and when I say survive, I mean literally to survive. But I was still making excuses, saying there were some good and bad New Agers. I finally realized they were all deceived, and my husband and I not too long after that returned to the faith of our early youths. We lost ALL our friends when we did that so we paid a great price, and I as the sole survivor of my marriage pay the price now pretty much alone.

Yes, it is VERY heretical (read New Age) and very much a violation of Biblical theology.
Noah and Job worshipped the one true God before there was a Bible. Were they New Agers?

The Indians in America worshipped the Great Spirit before they heard of the Bible.

The indigenous people in Australia worshipped God before the missionaries came and stole their children, meaning well, of course.

We will never know if Jesus will send these people to Hell until He returns. He did say that He came to bring not peace but a sword, and this is the lot of those of us who seek His truth in the welter of conflicting opinions which hem us in. We have to live by the sword of truth even though we are poor ignorant and blind, as He said we were. This is why we need Him to return imminently. It is too hard to live in a world like this.

An avid reader of the Bible,

Noah and Job had direct contact with the God of the Bible. You cannot equate Allah, Aboriginal Panentheism with the one true God of the Bible. You may have left the New Age Movement, but you brought its baggage with you.

As for you not knowing what God will do with those who worship false gods, perhaps you don't understand your scriptures or you're disregarding the stuff that doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy.
See my comments on latest blog.

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