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JAVIER SOLANA: "Effective GLOBAL GOVERNANCE must be the goal of humanity TODAY"

In the midst of all the current chaos (United States credit downgrading, Norwegian slayings, Afghanistan war worsening, Syria, etc., etc.), where are we being "gently shepherded" by long time advocates of world government, ooops, "global governance"?  It seems, per this very recent  article by Javier Solana, we are being urged to that "happy kingdom" now.

Read it, in Solana's own words, by clicking here or here.  It is, after all, as Solana says, "THE NEW GRAMMAR OF POWER."  Of course, his good friend and fellow Twitterer, Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter says we are there already -- it just needs to be officially recognized.

I get it, I get it!  Crisis = opportunity??!!  None of this could have been manufactured, could it?  Nah!

Stay tuned!

Here's an article by Javier Solana and Anne-Marie Slaughter with a most fascinating conclusion:

Only when Europe and North America are willing and able to combine their capabilities to resolve conflicts will we be on the path to a more peaceful world.
'Controlled' power cuts likely as Sun storm threatens national grid

By Steve Connor, Science Editor, in Boulder, Colorado

Monday, 13 June 2011

Officials in Britain and the United States are preparing to make controlled power cuts to their national electricity supplies in response to a warning of a possible powerful solar storm hitting the Earth. In an interview with The Independent, Thomas Bogdan, director of the US Space Weather Prediction Centre, said that controlled power "outages" will protect the National Electricity Grids against damage which could take months or even years to repair should a large solar storm collide with the Earth without any precautions being taken.

Dr Bogdan is in close discussions with scientists in the UK Met Office to set up a second space weather prediction centre in Britain to co-ordinate a global response to a threat viewed seriously by both the US and UK governments. One topic of discussion is how to protect national electricity grids from the immense power surges caused by the geomagnetic storms which happen when highly energetic solar particles collide with the Earth's magnetic field.

The most vulnerable parts of the grid are the hundreds of transformers connected to power lines many miles long that can experience sudden current surges during a geomagnetic solar storm, Dr Bogdan said. "It points to a potential scenario where large parts of either North America or northern Europe may be without power from between days or weeks, to perhaps months and, in extreme cases, there are estimates that it could last years," Dr Bogdan said.

The aim of the joint US-UK collaboration is to improve solar weather forecasting to a point where it is possible to warn power companies of an imminent storm. There is a feeling that if a "category 5" solar storm – the biggest of the five categories – were to be predicted, then taking the grid off-line before it is due to hit Earth and letting the storm pass would be better than trying to keep things running, he said.

In 1989, a solar geomagentic storm knocked out the electricity grid across large parts of Canada. The loss cascaded across the United States and caused power problems as far away as California. The greatest fear is a massive storm as big as the one documented by astronomer Richard Carrington in 1859, which burnt out telegraph wires. (cont'd)"

P.S. Thanks to WEDG for the link.
From "News in Brief," top right.

* * *

Police raids rating agencies in Milan
05.08.2011 @ 09:38 CET

The Milan offices of Moody's and Standard & Poor's were raided on Wednesday as part of investigations into their role in the recent financial turmoil. The chief prosecutor of Trani told Reuters his office were checking whether the rating agencies "respect regulations as they carry out their work".
Solana got his degree in physics didn't he? Let's encourage him to find a better use for his time. His ego is large enough to control the sun. He thinks he's quite smart, so let him figure out a method of controlling solar storms and protecting the grids. If he takes care of those problems, he might be worth listening to in other areas. So far I can't remember anything productive that he's done. He jets around talking to heads of states. Obama does that also. (No, I'm not serious. The heat is making me silly.)
The WEU now called "The 10"

It was very interesting to hear that the WEU was fased out and formally replaced, in perpetuity, on July 1, 2011 by a committee including the same members of the original WEU and is now being referred to as "The Ten." They retain all of the powers and obligations of the original WEU.

Dave in CA
Dave in CA:

Can you provide a reference or link?


I heard this from this week's Hal Lindsey Reports program. You may be able to find it in your area today or tomorrow. You could also probably video stream the program from his website. Good overview of the change in the Turkish government's turning back to endorsing Islam also.

Dave in CA
Mr. Hal Lindsey speaks about the WEU near the end of his 8/7/11 report:

Excerpt from Mr. Hal Lindsey's (written) Report, dated 8-5-11, regarding the 10-nation Western European Union (WEU).

* * *

"Likewise, the European Union, though currently gripped in the throes of economic upheaval, is still moving forward to solidify its role in the final days of this Age. In fact, on July 1, 2011, a major milestone was quietly passed in the evolution of that body.

Remember Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream of an image constructed of various metals? Remember his description of the final kingdom consisting of "ten kings?" Remember hearing that this could not be the EU because it has 27 members? Well, on July 1, the EU formally invested certain critical powers always reserved to the core group known as the "Western European Union," in a new 'Permanent Council.' By its own choice and in its own official documents, that group is hereinafter to be known as "The Ten."

Eerily familiar, isn't it?"

* * *


Note: The WEU is aka the Modified Brussels Treaty Powers.
Here's a link to the European Union "Permanent Council" site. Many thanks for calling this development to my attention!

More links:


Considering that Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom agree that they shall, under international law, be jointly liable for fulfilling the residual administrative obligations of the WEU and that, to this extent, they will assume jointly the rights and obligations of the WEU; . . .
A vital key to the dreamed of revived Roman Empire is the TEN-T program (also a play on "the Ten"). Here is an excerpt from a June, 2011 article by Javier Solana about same:

To achieve this rebalancing, southern European ports need improved support infrastructure, specifically rail links connecting them to the main European rail network. The Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) policy, which the EU is currently revising, is fundamental in this respect, because it is the master plan that will guide the development of the basic European infrastructures.

Although this infrastructure is financed mainly by individual EU member states using their own funds, the TEN-T is binding and marks out the priority projects for each member. Thus, it is absolutely essential for TEN-T to reflect the importance of rail connections for the southern European ports.

In order to ensure this, policymakers must give priority to the efficiency criterion and bear in mind the environmental costs of both land and sea transport. If Europe and its companies are to remain competitive and attain the strategic objective of “Europe 2020” – a Europe that uses its resources efficiently – the Mediterranean rail transport infrastructure is vital.

Obviously, there is another, geopolitical condition that must be met to achieve this rebalancing: the Suez Canal must continue to be a safe and reliable shipping route. Any threat to the canal’s normal operations would shift the Far East-Europe route to the southern tip of Africa, marginalizing the Mediterranean (and sending costs soaring).

The Mediterranean played a crucial role in the first Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, was the sea of the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans, and was the center of the world first for the Arabs and Barbarians, and later for the Ottomans and the Spanish. Today, having faded as a result of advances that opened up the Americas and the East to European trade, the Mediterranean has a great opportunity to recover its lost prestige.

Javier Solana, formerly the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, and a former Secretary General of NATO, is President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (ESADEgeo). Angel Saz is Coordinator of ESADEgeo.

Here's the link to the last Solana article quote:

That nasty little woman, Niki Raapana, who hung around here for a while and was a guest on Constance's show several times is now infiltrating the tea party movement. She started a Post Sustainability group which had a conference this past weekend in California. The tie in is going against Agenda 21, etc. No problem with that. The problem is that some major antisemitism is surfacing along with what she is doing. I exposed her antisemitic connections in the past on this blog. She is working with Jeff Rense, another major antisemite.

Foolish me. All along I thought the tea party movement was for a social agenda along with a fiscal agenda. Lately I've been learning that the social agenda is to be totally ignored because it is divisive. The only thing the tea party is to do is be concerned about financial matters. This is putting the tea party in bed with such groups as the Lesbian Tea Party, the Gay Tea Party etc.

The concern I have is the emphasis being placed on bankers as the cause of all of our problems. This has been code for Jews and the banking system for a long time, even going back to the Nazi period. It is such a subtle infiltration going on now that an Alex Jones video was posted on the Jewish Tea Party page on Facebook.

Will it be that antisemitism will become a part of the conservative movement because no one is watching and warning? Where there is antisemitism, there is anti-Christianity. Know that.

Is anyone seeing what I'm seeing? Is this the New Age movement infiltrating something good or was this planned all along?
This is in reply to your comment several pages back. It is a weakness of humans in general to blame groups rather than individuals. Finding out the real source of the problem takes work. It's so much easier to say Christians, blacks, Jews, Muslims, communists, Republicans, Democrats, atheists, Poles, French, etc. than get to the source. We are more easily manipulated if we are told to focus on groups rather than what is wrong with the way of thinking they seem to be following. Your son will get past that stage of thinking with your help. The loss of your husband appears to be very difficult for you. We all want someone to turn to for support, someone who understands us and still values us. If it is any help, there are people here who value your contribution of thought.
And lets not forget that Constance broadcasts on a network that gives voice to some commentary that can easily be called anti-semitic.
Anon 4:20

I have always had somewhat of a problem with people when they associate with people, entities that have a darker side. The old excuse, just using a platform to get your message out, is not acceptable.

No offense intended to Constance, but doesn't the Word say "light shall have NO fellowship with darkness?"

That would be like me wanting to put my show on TBN, knowing that they are owned and operated by crooks making money from the Lord.

So, what should I do? Join TBN because it is a platform to get my message out? Or, stay completely away from it because "light should have no fellowship with darkness?

I know the answer. Do some of you?
Anon 4:40

I agree with you. Constance has plenty of astute people here who could point her to alternatives. Why she refuses them is anyones guess. Her equating of the Muslim Allah with our Lord, and her presence at her chosen network are deeply concerning to me.

She cannot continue to claim some higher ground while these two glaring issues remain. I pray that she will wake up soon.
The last few posters sicken me. Has Constance ever attempted to profiteer from you (unlike Texe Marrs and so many others?); has Constance ever done anything but repudiate anti-Semitism and Christian bashing (including Catholic and 'fundamentalist' bashing? It sounds like sour grapes from people who falsely perceive Constance as rich and famous; and those who want to justify their own Tea Party agendas which were obviously anti-Semitic from the very start.

How much would anyone of us have known about the New Age Movement? About Javier Solana unless Constance stepped out. Even Herb Peters profited. Constance was the only one who refrained from using us.
Vis a vis the TEA PARTY, I always thought that it was part of the New Age game plan -- WE MUST HAVE CHANGE! The anti-Semitism of it was always evident to me.

Well, I'm no Tea Part fan for starters. And excuse me, but Cumbey did publish a book that sold very well when it first came out,I might add. So yes, she has made a profit from it.

Secondly, even if she hasn't made any profit if late that still doesn't excuse her presence at a network that promotes an anti-semitic agenda. All of this "they give me a voice" hoopla doesn't work either Biblically or ethically. There are alternatives and after looking at the archives here I now know she's been informed of this. Yet she stays where she is. Cooperation of this sort with the Nazi's is what made the Holocaust possible.

Then her statements about Allah; they are straight out of the New Age ecumenical play book. You can't have it both ways. You can't expose the NAM while holding New Age viewpoints yourself. You can't decry anti-semitism while supporting it with your presence and money from sponsorships.

I've seen other names here literally shredded for less than these two things. The double standard here is quickly becoming obvious to those of us Christians who are aware of the New Age dangers, but also aware of the dangers of compromise right along with it.

You can attack those of us who bring these issues out all day long, but the facts speak for themselves. Cumbey is undermining her own mission. Some of us are just aware of that. To be truthful, we are better friends to Cumbey for saying so. Sycophants are no asset.
Well, I didn't see any antisemitism in the Tea Party movement until I'm seeing the threat of it now, and I've been active at the local level. In fact I only see support of Israel when I go to the local meetings.

"Change" is not a theme of the tea party movement and never has been. I don't know where you picked up your information Constance. Do you have some documentation? If so, I would like to see it.

If Rapanna hadn't been such a welcome guest on your show and an expose of her contacts was needed, I wouldn't have been on guard against her latest activities.

At this point I think warnings to tea party people should be made rather a blanket generalization on your part. This is not one of your finer moments Constance.

I think by putting out the warning I'm doing more against the efforts of the New Age movement than any information posted on Solana is useful.
God has mightily blessed the spiritual fruit of Constance`s book, `Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow`! I was pleased to hear of yet another person stumbling upon her book,(passed on from friend to friend) and who is very inspired to do some warning in her little circle here in South Africa.
I've liked what I have read from you both here and elsewhere.

I suspect you might agree that Cumbey is hurting her own mission by her current opinions and actions. While she is a very good researcher she sometimes makes huge, unfounded and irrational conclusions that surface as blanket statements.

You are exactly the type of person I mentioned before. People such as yourself and the rest of us who are encouraging Cumbey to a slightly different direction are her real friends, if only she knew it. Sadly we are the ones often attacked here.
To Disgusted:

Was there anything in those posts that were malicious? That were untrue?

I have seen where CC equated Allah to the Christian God. I have seen where she has admitted that there is anti-semitism at the station she broadcasts.

So, what are you disgusted about? Were there any untruths in the posts exposing this? NO, there were not.

I don't think it was my intention, or the other anon's attention to trash her. We all make mistakes, as I still do daily. It would be nice for someone like Constance to review these issues and admit her mistakes and just move on, as there are many who follow every word she utters.

And by the way Disgusted, how are we the bad guys for questioning her views that were expressed by her as previous threads prove?

I think you misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with asking for clarification on her views that she herself published.
Exactly! Nor is there anything wrong with telling her where she is violating her own principles or Biblical truth! This is the difference between discerning believers and sycophants. We discerning Christians are watchful, no matter what/who the source is, while sycophants would proscribe to Cumbey almost infallible status beyond reproach.
"Do you get on an airplane only if all the people on that airplane agree with your beliefs? Do you buy a house only in a neighborhood where everyone agrees with your beliefs?

And if your next door neighbor speaks against someone because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs, and you are seen talking to that person or helping that person, does that mean you agree 100% with his/her beliefs?

Are you guilty of their sins by association?"

From Lynn Stuter on NEWSWITHVIEWS
Let's see here: Just about everything Constance warned us about clearly over the last 30 years is now coming to pass and the other "anonymous" is intent on destroying Constance.

Anon 12:03

You are the kind that causes the real problems. Is there anything wrong with wanting clarification on someone's views that were published by the very same person.

There are some who want clarification and are not trying to destroy anyone.

I have asked Constance before to explain her view on the quote she has used many times from the Word to explain that anyone who professes Jesus is Lord is pretty much ok. I wondered exactly how she came to that, as, even demons when they met Jesus knew who He was, and acknowledged his divinity. I was a little confused because a verbal affirmation that Jesus is Lord does not make anyone a true believer. I was not trying to destroy her in any way, only wanted some clarification, but she never answered me, on a few occassions.

I also remeber well over a year ago when they "found" Noah's Ark, that Constance jumped right on the bandwagon about how great the find was without giving it 24 hours to see it was an obvious hoax.

So, you are wrong to villify someone who just wants clear answers. I know if I make statements that seem to conflict, I EXPECT someone to call me on it, so that I may do one of two things:

Clarify my position so that someone who may still be a "babe" in their faith will understand.

Or, humbly accept my mistake and acknowledge it, and learn from it.
Anon 12:03 is an example of sycophantic behavior that ignores conflicts with Biblical principles in favor of some misguided loyalty to their perceived spiritual superstar. Nobody wants to "destroy" Cumbey. Are you really incapable of comprehending both the Biblical incompatibility of some of her views (the Allah is the Biblical God fallacy she promotes) and her presence at a place that gives voice to anti-semitism, as well as the fact that a few of us are doing the Biblical thing in addressing these issues with her? Nobody has called her names or demanded she be silent. We care enough about her not to indulge her in false ideas or to look the other way when she is clearly violating not only her own principles, but the Word of God.

Yes, she was able to read many of the political events of the day 30 years ago. Good for her. (Though I disagree that nearly everything she spoke of came to be.)

That doesn't make her infallible or above reproof. Hero worship won't help her see her errors.
Anonymous 12:03 pm
What the point of being warned if nothing is done with the warning. Information without action is just as valuable as gossip.

A few of us have worked to keep others informed about the dangers of the New Age movement. Constance is not the only one. If you've been around a while you know that.

No one is out to destroy Constance. I only know one person who posts anonymously, and she is a gentle soul. I don't know who the other(S) are. The questions are much bigger than Constance's feelings at the moment.

It's time to look and find out why the efforts we have made to spread the information and fight back have failed. All of the information about Europe and Solana shared by Constance has not changed one thing there.

It's the fight back part that is important. What I've seen is some people like the information because it keeps them on top of the news. Others like to see their religious beliefs affirmed. Others will share the information with a few friends. Getting a few people out of the New Age movement is not worth all of the effort put into exposing it.

I truly feel that after 30 years of major time, energy and money put into the fight under the most difficult of personal conditions the results are very, very thin.

If you are reading this and have done similarly but feel differently, please share your thoughts.
I wrote the previous note but didn't sign it before it was sent.

I am one of the anons, and I appreciate your opinions and candor.

I have even had a few run ins with you over the last few years, but, that is ok, because I respect when a person feels strongly about something and still voices their view rather than ignore me. Although I do not agree with all of your views, I do respect you.

This is also not to destroy Constance. I just wish she would answer some of the questions. I do understand why she remains silent at times, because some of the questions posed are obvious attempts to trash her or get her into some kind of argument, but, I think it mostly clear when someone is questioning her views for clarification as opposed to starting trouble.
With regard to Cumbey's clearly New Age ecumenical opinion on Allah, I'm pretty sure she avoids the topic now because she saw it was not well received and she received rebuke as a result. If she could correct her view and leave the anti-semitic platform provided for her, she would be far better off.
Yes, Constance should answer some of the critical questions, but the pattern is that when things get a little hot, she will start a new thread knowing that people will read the new information rather than go back to an older topic.

There are blogs that don't allow comments. If she is only open to compliments she could go in that direction.

To use a cliche, a few eggs have to be broken to move on and make an omlet. The other option is to stare forever at the eggs in the carton, marveling at how beautiful eggs are. After a while, the eggs will just go bad.
You may disagree with Mrs Cumbey on various issues, Anonymous, but if you question her honesty, dedication and sacrifice, then you are a fool or a troll.

I often disagree with her and Doctor Monteith, but would stake my life on their integrity and overall wisdom. God bless them both and give them strength and comfort.

My country is going up in flames as I write.

Can I recommend the work of Brian Gerrish, another of my heroes. Based in UK, but his work has application in America.
He and his group have launched a 'lawful (non-violent) rebellion' here in England. Though Brian is a Christian, and well aware of the spiritual side of the globalist deception, I'm afraid that all too many of his collaborators are New Agers, with their own agenda.
And you are exemplifying exactly what we discussed previously with regard to the name calling of sycophants. Nowhere in any of these discussions was her research on the New Age attacked. You created a strawman and beat it up with name calling and a generally typical sycophantic response.

The issues with which those of us who have expressed concern have been clearly stated over and over again. However, for your sake I will repeat them, since it seems you missed them:

1. Cumbey has stated that Allah is the very same God of the Christian. This is fallacious. Secondly, she made the comment that though Muslims may have created Allah in their own image, it does not mean they do not worship the same God as we Christians. This is essentially the exact same statement the New Age Movement makes, not just about Allah, but Krishna, Buddha, etc. She cannot avoid this fact, nor can she deny her own words which were provided and linked to in another blogpost.

2. She broadcasts from a platform that also promotes anti-semitism, though there are a plethora of viable options available to her, which she pleads ignorance of, though looking in the archives here you can see she has been made aware of.

Again, one cannot at once claim to stand against the New Age Movement while embracing a New Age position; nor can one decry anti-semitism while providing support for it through the sponsorships that make a broadcast possible.

As Dorothy noted very well, rather than deal with these issues they are ignored and another thread started.

None of us is seeking to silence Cumbey. She has valuable insights and can be very effective at times. However, these two issues undermine her own beliefs and Biblical truth and ethics. We simply want to see her prosper and correct those things which hold her back from the blessings she might otherwise receive.

Compromise is never good when it comes to the Gospel.
Ruth of Exeter

Come on now! I think the recent posts on this thread are clearly not the work of anyone wishing to destroy anyone else, but rather some who genuinely seek an honest answer.

I discovered this blog about a year and a half ago, and, quite honestly disagree with many of the opinions expressed here. But this blog does provide some very critical information and I learn things here...that is why I keep coming back, and to that I give Constance her due credit.

I would just like some clarifications on some of the questions posed earlier. I don't think that is too much to ask for, as I would do the same in return.
I like the comment made by Eric Barger - "The Jesus of the Koran is not the same Jesus of the Bible". This makes it very clear to me that they do not worship the same God as Christians.

Some of the commenters,
Christians broadcast spots on atheistic radio and TV stations.
Do we suggest that they are hyporites for using this platform?

If you can't see that from the start the same Militia Movement that blamed just about everything that was wrong on "Zionism" and Jews, you saw "blessings" in that Movement, I could not. One small item of many you may find on line for yourself!:

The anti-Federal Reserve Board Movement of Eustace Mullins was long a component of the Tea Party Movement. I saw it from the get-go. Why didn't you?

I picture this stuff flying to my mailbox through the vast network of electronic synapses that links modern America, a strange post-modern mash-up of Am Joe's Kidney and A Scanner Darkly. At certain dark and dreamy moments late in the night, it feels as if I've woken up in one of the Great American Paranoid Novels by Thomas Pynchon or Don DeLillo. And that was how I felt before this remail arrived:

"We are very sad to announce the death of Eustace Mullins. The Honorable Statesman, Legendary Author, Historian, Speaker and friend Eustace Mullins drew his last breath yesterday around noon while in the company of his best friend Jesse Lee down in Texas...

Who was Eustace Mullins, you ask? According to the e-mail, he was the "greatest political historian of the 20th century," the author of "hundreds of books and pamphlets exposing the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media," including The Federal Reserve Conspiracy and The World Order. But apparently, many of the people on my e-mail list already knew all this — one remailer adds a "rest in peace" to the chain, another says "Thank you for the information. Eustace will be sorely missed. He was a great man."

Then I got to the part that made me feel like my head was going to explode: "A protégé of the political imprisoned patriotic poet Ezra Pound, Mullins compiled a well-researched corpus of works..."

Ezra Pound? How in the name of all that is surreal did the Tea Partiers get mixed up with a hyper-intellectual elitist modernist poet who wrote in Mandarin Chinese and ancient Greek and edited T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land?

Read more:

More from same ESQUIRE Magazine source -- and please remember, Dorothy, Richard Gilman and I were deeply researching the "Ezra Pound Connection" from 1986 on:

The e-mail gave some clues:

While studying in Washington, Mullins was asked to go to St. Elizabeth's Hospital to talk to the nation's most famous political prisoner, Ezra Pound. The outstanding literary figure of the twentieth century, Pound had seen three of his pupils awarded the Nobel Prize, while it was denied to him because of his pronouncements as a native American patriot..."

As the surprise passed, I began to see how it all connected. Pound thought the banking system was a corrupt scam. As he put it in one famous poem, "With usura hath no man a house of good stone, each block cut smooth and well-fitting." The idea was that our traditional virtues and past glories have been debased by the grubby modern world. As his economic views became more and more extreme he ended up in fascist Italy, broadcasting long radio monologues attacking on Franklin Delano "Rosenfelt" and the Jew bankers who were sapping the strength of real Americans in wartime (in a way, you could think of him as the first conservative talk show-host). That's how he ended up in St. Elizabeth's after a high-profile trial on charges of treason, legal commitment for insanity being a better option than a firing squad.

Somehow, Mullins's work honors all of this by joining Pound's Allan Bloomish obsession with the glories of ancient Greece to the Pynchonesque hunt for the "hereditary group of banker-killers who have essentially ruled the world from behind the scenes since ancient times." Incredible as it seems, he finds a way to marry the bohemian hipster to the crank. And sure enough, he has been influential — a Google search turns up an subculture of headlines like Ezra Pound: Prophet? Check out this group of surprisingly literate racists on the leading white-power Website, Stormfront.

I'm not saying the Tea Partiers are all racists or anti-Semites. On the contrary, I'm certain that most of them are not. But in the dream logic that moves masses of people, the Ezra Pound Connection explains everything. A populist social movement inspired by the elitists at the Chicago School of Economics? A president who is supposed to be a socialist and also, at the same time, a craven servant of Goldman Sachs? It all makes perfect sense when you start from the "patriotic poet" who was also guilty of treason, who was famous both for his kindness and his cruelty.

The author of the foregoing had some mistakes. Ezra Pound never faced trial -- before that could occur he was pronounced "NOT COMPETENT TO STAND TRIAL" and they hid him in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington D.C. until, as I recall, 1959. You may read all about it in THE ROOTS OF TREASON: EZRA POUND AND THE SECRET OF ST. ELIZABETH by E. Fuller Torrey. It was the Lucis Trust crowd that worked to institute the Bollingen Poetry Prize to give an aborted excuse to free Ezra Pound in the late 1940s. When that backfired after an article in SATURDAY REVIEW about the Olga Froebe School of Spiritual Research crowd (of which Alice Bailey was a full partner), he had to maintain the facade of insanity until 1959. Eustace Mullins was probably one of the most virulent and prolific anti-Semites who ever lived. He was clearly an occultist and that is provable from his books on their face, MY LIFE IN CHRIST and THIS DIFFICULT INDIVIDUAL, EZRA POUND, for two.

You were so anxious to get Obama that you completely overlooked obvious difficulties of the Tea Party and agendas of many of its movers and pushers.

The last remarks were in response to Dorothy and her defense of the Tea Party Movement. Yes, it was about CHANGE. That's the whole New Age Agenda: CHANGE, WE MUST HAVE CHANGE and everybody is convinced that somehow the "change" will be in THEIR favor and inure to their benefit.

It is in the change that we have the chaos that breeds the change sought by the New Agers!

Dorothy and the "anonymous" now seem to be VERY COZY! I rather suspect that Dorothy does not intend to destroy but that "Anonymous" does.
Dorothy, you have sometimes given people the impression that you have been the source of my knowledge for the past 30 years. While we have worked cooperatively together, you know I have done my own research and certainly wrote both of my books, one being completely finished and to the publisher before we even met.

I challenge the "Anonymous" to identify herself. I suspect it was the same one stalking me a year or two ago.

Dorothy's eggs just might have been those "going bad."
Of course the "Jesus" of the Koran is definitely not the same Jesus as the Bible. However, Moslems do believe they are worshiping the God of Abraham. Even Dave Hunt with whom I have had my disagreements said in talks where I was present in the pasty that ISLAM was a CULT based on Christianity and Judaism synthesized. I have said that I do not buy the argument that Moslems worship a pagan "Moon God." Even if they have inaccurate sources of information about God, it is their belief (at least the sincere and honest ones among them) that they are worshiping God. It is a false image of God, but it is not bowing down to a say, "Shiva," or "Buddha"

Rather than engage in diversions Constance, why not deal with the substance of the issues. Namely your continued presence at a network that promotes anti-semitism and your New Age ecumenical viewpoint regarding Allah and Islam.

Nobody is stalking you and nobody wants you silenced. At least not anyone in this thread. You're catering to a sort of cult mindset that some of your followers have fallen into Cosntance. That is, any criticism of your viewpoints holds some sort of nefarious agenda and you are above reproach. I'm sure you don't mean to do so, but you are.

Deal with the issues Cosntance.
A false image is by definition an idol and NOT the God of Christianity. How you don't grasp this is beyond me.
And you have literally stated 9as noted on another blogpost) that Allah is the same God we Christians worship, Constance. Do you stand by that or repudiate it now after reflection?

And what of your presence and passive support at your chosen network?
Biblically, I would point out that the Moslem interpretation that Ishmael, Isaac and Abraham maintained a close relationship in Abraham's old age is not incorrect. Ishmael and Isaac together buried Abraham at Machpelah. (Genesis 25:9)
Mark Hatfield, the former Governor of Oregon and United States Senator from Oregon died today. He was a bitter enemy of my work against the New Age Movement and desperately tried to block the publication of HIDDEN DANGERS. He was a close friend of Paul N. Temple and both were close insiders with Doug Coe and the Fellowship Foundation. Paul N. Temple was the co-founder of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences). Paul Temple was Willis Harman's employer at IONS.


EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I have has gone into this. I don't know what you mean by "fighting back". The only way I know how to do it is by educating the masses. Unfortunately, you have chosen to tell me to limit my access to the only outlets given me to reach larger audiences:


Up until you had your personal differences with Paul Walter, you were happy that I had that outlet which reaches 118,000 people DAILY. My message was clearly anti-New Age agenda, not a clear portion of the New Age agenda of "pit the target groups against each other" such as the Bat Ye'or/David Littmann one obviously turns out to be.

I think those who bow down to Shiva and Buddha also believe they are worshipping "God". Muslims bow (maybe not literally) to mohammed. Mormons have their own prophet they exalt above scripture. Putting aside what the cults think of themselves, do they worship the same God as us, or one of their own fabrication?
THEMICROEFFECT.COM is not "promoting antisemitism." Unfortunately, it has allowed a platform to some. If I abandon the platform, all the listeners will have left is the anti-Semitism with nothing to counter it. Dorothy has been a guest before on that network and even guest hosted for me.

Constance, there you go again. I never implied I provided any of the information you used in your two books thirty years or so ago. We linked because I could see a lot of what I had researched on my own previously was also in your material, primarily leftist and communist front groups. You had done your own research and I had done mine. You added the very important component of the occult connection which I not seen before. I checked out your material and found it to be very reliable. From that point on we shared information. I sent much printed material on to you over the following years because I was actively researching the New Age movement during the 80s and during the following 30 some years because of what you triggered. May I remind you that you led off your second book with a newspaper story from the thirties that I found and supplied to you. I was listed in the acknowledgements of your second book along with others.

You shared information on the telephone, promising to send me this or that which you never got around to because you were so busy. Still, to my mind, the goal of exposing the New Age movement was the important thing. Because of your very valuable professional credentials and your important connection to the Christian community as well as your ability to give presentations that were very detailed, you were in a position to gain first hand information and make major connections where you gained more information. I could respect that. My research was pulled together in a much more difficult manner.

I truly valued your friendship and your incredible research. Because I trusted you, I never kept a list of what I sent to you in the many packages and boxes. In the past 30 years I pointed many people in your direction, telling them to search your books and blog. You never returned the favor. You linked me with no one although I had asked you to link me in particular with anyone Jewish. Even when you had me as a guest on your Detroit radio show, I hardly had an opportunity to talk. You were so anxious to get your information out that a guest was just a kick off point.

No problem. If the information was getting out through you, that was good enough for me. Credit given was rather useless. Other than a lot of disinformation individuals, you were the only one carrying on straight information.

Your focus changed after 1995 when you became obsessed with Javier Solana and the European Union.

You also changed when you started making connections which you rationalized by talking about separating the wheat from the chaff. Those with a history of this blog know what I'm talking about. You were so anxious to gain more information that you willing let posters openly slander the Jewish and Catholic communities. Then there is your connection now with the Microeffect and NewsWithViews. I had to out NewsWithViews as well others you were friends with. (You know very well what I found out about NewsWithViews as I shared it all with you, and for you to pretend that it is just a "beef" I have with them is manipulative and not honest.)

Constance, you are not the only one who has made sacrifices to expose the New Age movement. Everyone who posts information here is doing the same thing. Some more than others. Your work at the beginning had great promise. Only you truly know where things became unraveled. I am describing what I see in order to make things better. Is the goal still to expose the New Age movement along with the work of others, or is it just a trophy to show what you have spent your life doing?

None of us, including you, will ever have acknowledgement enough of what we have done to fight the New Age movement. I've come to grips with that. You should too.
With all due respect, I've seen my fair share of "name it and claim it", "emerging Christianity," "Green Christianity" and, yes, "once saved, always saved" fabrications of God, too. Read Romans, Chapter 2.


You have caused false divisions here. You, of all people, well know that I am not a Catholic basher. On the other hand, I am not a Messianic Jew basher or Evangelical or Fundamentalist basher, of which you seem to have unfortunately taken up the cause. The lead story in my second book was THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier, the likes of which I called YOUR attention to. I have consistently given you credit over the years, here and many times on my radio program. Unfortunately, you seem to feel slighted. For me, as others, there are 24 hours in a day and I was both struggling to keep afloat economically and keep my house going during which there was a real cabal against me in the Christian publishing industry.

Constance, you need to read more books on how the Nazi version of New Age promotion grew in Europe and the US.
I have no apologies for having informed the public about Javier Solana and his obvious agenda. I would advised all to continue to keep an eye on it as this "global governance" agenda advances.


I read enough books on same to be able to see through the Tea Party Agenda!

Credit was nothing but flattery in this case. It resulted in nothing more. No Constance, you were not a Catholic or Jewish basher, but you never have taken a stand against those who were. Let me challenge you. Write a very strong piece about antisemitism and Catholic bashing, how these things are part of the New Age movement and who is promoting them now and get it published at News With Views where it will be seen by huge numbers.

So, big deal the past 30 years were hard on you. They were also hard on many other people, including me, but I never asked for sympathy from you or others here. The reaching out and research went on. You never would have listened about what I was going through. Trust me. I tried to let you know. At a certain point I stopped trying.

Your personality is what it is Constance, just as mine is. But this isn't about personalities. It's about what's best in the fight against the New Age movement.
And as usual you make excuses for your New Age position on Islam and your passive support for a platform that allows anti-semitism. No matter what your rationalizations Cumbey, you are violating scripture.

I think it is becoming more about you than it is Biblical truth. And I don't say that with any glee. I wish Dorothy had a blog. She seems the more scripturally consistent one. How very sad. I had hoped you were capable of repenting.

You should know though that these inconsistencies are becoming well known. You're isolating yourself and undermining your mission Cumbey.
Constance you aren't enough of an authority to make grand pronouncements on everything and have them accepted without questions.

If you are going to challenge the tea party activities, come up with some organizations and names we can check out. When I challenged your support of certain bloggers here and NWV, I was detailed.
Dorothy, do your own googling on the Eustace Mullins/Ezra Pound factor and then tell me I'm wrong.

ea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right - 15, 2010 – Oath Keepers, which has been recruiting at Tea Party events around the country and forging informal ties with militia groups, has an ...

Soldiers, Cops Form Backbone of Growing Militia Movement - Newser - CachedFeb 22, 2010 – A growing militia movement convinced that President Obama will soon find an excuse to ... loading Dean: What's the Tea Party Smoking? ...
Tea Party Movement And Militias: A Threat To Democracy ... - CachedMar 31, 2010 – There is a lot of hate brewing in the Tea Party Movement, the militia movement and other outposts of right-wing America, and it's being ...
Axelrod comment that tea parties are 'unhealthy' stokes militia ... - CachedApr 19, 2009 – Axelrod comment that tea parties are 'unhealthy' stokes militia fears ... the so-called "tea party" movement continues to gather pace. ...
Little Green Footballs - NYT Exposes Tea Party Extremism - CachedFeb 16, 2010 – This article focuses, as it should, on the influence in the tea party movement of the conspiracy theorists and militias, including the ...
Rand Paul, the Tea Party and the Militia Groups | Blue Bluegrass - CachedMar 30, 2010 – 7 Responses to Rand Paul, the Tea Party and the Militia Groups. Montana says: March 30, 2010, 1:11 pm at 1:11 pm ...
IMDb: World Tea Party and Militia Movement: Poor but armed white ... - CachedWorld Tea Party and Militia Movement: Poor but armed white farmers and underprivileged workers. by Pepper Baggins created 5 months ago | last updated - 4 ...
Oklahoma Tea Party Plans To Form Armed Militia - CachedApr 12, 2010 – Tea party movement leaders say they've discussed the idea with ... They say the unit would not resemble militia groups that have been raided ...
Militia movement influence could destroy image of Tea Party and ... - CachedMar 25, 2010 – Could militia movements be influencing the Tea Party now? More than ever, there are growing threats being issued against Democrats and ...
U.S. Army Trains to Take On "Local Militia Groups / Anti ...
9 min - Apr 29, 2010 - Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel
U.S. Army Trains to Take On Tea Party Kurt Nimmo ... Army Trains to Take On " Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA ...
The Tea Party has pointed to very real economic issues facing America. The Nazis, likewise, gained support pointing to very real economic issues facing Germany. The parallels are all too ominous and rage is now being directed against the Tea Party and what is perceived as "conservative Christian" elements, giving all an excuse to hate us." The militia elements were obviously present in the Tea Party Movement from the start.
Anonymous 9:02
I think you make some valid points about the god of the Muslims and God of Christians and Jews. But do note that there is a difference between God as seen by Christians and God as seen by Jews.

When Constance made a point about New Age going against Jews, Christians and Moslems, I went along with it because I could see a point she might be making.

Mortimer Adler wrote that Judaism and Christianity were not acceptable as religions for the New Age because they had moral codes which couldn't be proven scientifically. One World Order people want a common culture with a moral code coming from the government. They do not want to fight the moral codes ordered by monotheist believers. Islam wasn't mentioned but it has a moral code. It's not all terrorism and primitive beliefs. If you look at the eastern religions and the occult, you'll see that they promote a vague moral code and lots of spirituality.

After they've turn the three religions against each other I have no idea with they are going to do with the Muslim community and its adherence to a moral code. Internationally they are working to destroy Judaism and Christianity and seem to be succeeding.

God is important to the world government structure not because they care about the details of our belief but because we believe in God we are willing to follow the moral code in which we have faith.

At one point I tried to find out if Muslims were informed about the New Age movement, but the Muslim mosque librarian and his wife were unaware of it. They thought there might be a connection to the Sufis, but that's as far as it went.
We know who Dorothy is. Let's have the hateful "Anonymous" identify herself/himself!


Why does the biblical verse of "rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft" keep coming back to me? Read 1 Samuel 15:23!

From the NYT article:

In the inland Northwest, the Tea Party movement has been shaped by the growing
popularity in eastern Washington of Ron Paul, the libertarian congressman from Texas,
and by a legacy of anti-government activism in northern Idaho. Outside Sandpoint,
federal agents laid siege to Randy Weaver’s compound on Ruby Ridge in 1992, resulting
in the deaths of a marshal and Mr. Weaver’s wife and son. To the south, Richard Butler,
leader of the Aryan Nations, preached white separatism from a compound near Coeur
d’Alene until he was shut down.

And while Arianna Huffington is far from an infallible source, this article from her site about the Oklahoma Tea Party planning to start an armed militia dating from April 2010 deserves close attention:



Hopefully,that (Armed militia) is not what Dorothy had in mind about fighting the anti-New Age battle we have been in. My bible says


Constance, it appears to me you haven't been to any tea party affairs nor have you followed their pages and information. People there are not aware of New Age, pro or con. No militia groups are involved. At a few things there were a few people trying to pass literature hand to hand, but nobody was talking with them or taking the information. It was extremely crude. This kind of things happens at conservative meetings. No speakers at tea party event I've been at have been anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, anti-Jews or militia people.

What I did see connected to the milia movement and New Age was David Icke. I also saw most of the people at the meetings were just locals who wanted to know what was going on. The leaders and those coming in were very skilled in conspiracy propaganda, but they couldn't pull any activity together outside of the meetings. The militia groups died off. There was more hype about them in the media than was taking place though.

People at tea party meetings aren't being suckered in as was tried at militia meetings. In fact, if the tea party groups were so dangerous, the government would have been collecting names as they did at militia events. At tea party events people are taught about local government, gun control, who is running for office, etc.

I'm very aware of Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins, etc. because of your introduction of that link. As I've written before, in the past 30 years I've made it a point to personally watch what is going on and not just read what others say.

I followed a local militia group and attended their meetings to see what was going on. There is no parallel between tea party information and militia information. I've seen nothing New Age at tea party meetings, no literature, nothing. I did see New Age information at the militia meetings. Don't put words in my mouth about what I thought about militia groups. You won't win at game playing because I play it straight. I wouldn't have been checking out the militia things if I was so accepting of them. I went with some Christian women who were friends.

You considering Jones a good source or Huffington Post another good source for information on the tea party movement is really startling Nor do I believe everything on youtube is valid and the New York Times has no agenda. The propaganda against the tea party groups is just that, not because there is anything going on. I really can't believe you would find the material you posted valid.

If the New Age/New World Order people are going against the tea party, it is because Christians form the basis for these groups and you know where New Age stands on fundamental Christians and Jews. NA/NWO people were working against Christians long before the tea party movement started.

I sent a ton of information on Ron Paul to people on my email list. I haven't seen Ron Paul people around tea party activity locally although I heard that at least one of the tea party umbrella groups gave support to his yacking. That's not enough to turn against the tea party in general.

I did hear from one woman in Washington, the state, where tea parties seem to have been taken over by liberal activists. I've heard nothing similar from anyone else.

As I said before, thanks for having Raapana on your show several times. I found out enough to warn others about her goals.
Constance, oh please.... you wrote
"Hopefully,that (Armed militia) is not what Dorothy had in mind about fighting the anti-New Age battle we have been in. My bible says...."

I'm more for fighting the New Age movement by expanding the number of people who are warning others what is going on and working together to do that. The movement is too big for everyone to think they are learning all there is to know by reading your two books and coming occasionally to this blog. If they learn what is happening in their school, religious institution or community, they will be better equipped to do speak out against those promoting New Age ideas. The fewer people who know what is going on just makes it very hard to take a stand.

We do not need another "provision made for dissidents." There are too many of those kind of phony conservatives who pretend to make a stand against New Age, who never make things happen against NA but pretend that there are so many people doing something.
Constance, Anonymous 9:02 is likely from a "Jack Hyles" style independent fundamentalist Baptist church, with the slight chance that he is from a dangerously strict reformed background.

Usually, the Dutch live and let live, so my guess he is the Northern Indiana variety, and has an anger/need to control problem. I know the type well.
"Northern Indiana," huh. Well, being from Northern Indiana (Fort Wayne) myself, I don't quite know what to say. I have been in Michigan virtually all of my adult life.

Dorothy, frankly I don't know which one of you turned on me more viciously: you or Nikki Rapanna


I must be doing something right. Both of you are mad at me!

Constance, stop feeling sorry for yourself. It doesn't work with me any more. I wasn't turning on you. It's just after 30 years of quietly being a mouse following you, I decided there was a need to speak up publicly after speaking with you privately did no good. You needed this action from others a long time ago. Instead I foolishly commiserated with you when it happened with others. Sorry I didn't speak up sooner. My fault.

More game playing Constance? Putting me in the same package as antisemitic Raapana? She didn't like that you didn't let her talk on the radio show it seems. "I can hardly believe it, took three shows to get there, but I managed to finally discuss Communitarian Law with a practicing American attorney."

She jumped on you when she couldn't get her own way. Three shows and probably some off the air talk? She should be glad you kept having her on so many times even though she showed her true colors early on. The link you gave verifies what I said about her.

You are doing a lot of things right, the main one continuing to maintain this blog where information about the New Age can come out based on the research done by you and many people and their efforts to hash out differences.

As I see it, God gave you the gift of being able to be useful to others. You didn't earn it. You like referring others to things in the Bible. Let me refer you to
the parable of the talents Matthew 25:14-30. Maybe you did all you could with the talents you were given, but I don't think so. I'm just as weak in this area as you are. I could have done more I think, but I didn't have enough confidence in my own research. I was too busy supporting you and your efforts.
From the World War 4 Report site -- headlines of the day -- Rene Wadlow is closely affiliated with this site:

From Our Daily Report

Tel Aviv protesters: "Egypt is here!"
More than 200,000 marched in Tel Aviv, under a banner with the word "Go!" in Arabic—a key symbol of the protest movement that brought down Hosni Mubarak, and a clear reference to Bibi Netanyahu. Below, in Hebrew, were the words: "Egypt is here!"

Israel-China military alignment advances
A visit to Israel by PLA chief of staff Gen. Chen Bingde to meet with IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen.Benny Gantz signals an effort by China and Israel to rebuild commercial military ties that have been weakened by US pressure on Tel Aviv.

Will FARC fracas unfasten Colombia's reforged ties with Venezuela?
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos says he will meet with Hugo Chávez to discuss accusations from his armed forces chief Adm. Edgar Cely that Venezuela is continuing to harbor FARC guerillas, even after the Andean neighbors had rebooted relations.

California unlikely to meet deadline to reduce prison population: report
California's Legislative Analyst's Office released a status report concluding that California is unlikely to meet the US Supreme Court's two-year deadline to reduce the state's prison population by 34,000 inmates.

Convicted Abu Ghraib ringleader released early
Afghanistan: NATO raid kills civilians —again
Tel Aviv rent protesters repudiate "West Bank solution"
Israel: Supreme Court orders watershed removal of West Bank settlement outpost
Mexico: police arrest Acapulco cartel boss wanted in massacre
Cuba high court upholds US contractor's 15-year sentence
Planet of the Apes: Relax, it's only a movie
Palestine: repression, air-strikes, restrictions of movement as Ramadan opens

and more side headlines:

Other News

Rent riots rock Tel Aviv

Anti-mine paro in Puno, Peru

Qaddafi emulates Israel

Here are Wadlow articles there:

by Rene Wadlow, Transcend Media Service The United Nations has tried to stop the ... as people are being killed on the ground. ---- Rene Wadlow, is representative to the United Nations at Geneva for the ...

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Issue #173, March 2011

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by Rene Wadlow, Toward Freedom While the People's Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt ... as the next structures are put into place. ---- Rene Wadlow is a representative to the United Nations, Geneva, for the ...

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... story, this issue: SYRIA: THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL by Rene Wadlow, Transcend Media Service World War 4 Report , May 2011 ...

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The nuclear terrorist threat: our readers write
... Central Asia: A Model for the Korean Peninsula? " by Rene Wadlow . It noted a real glimmer of hope in the terrifyingly bleak world ...

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UN Membership for Eurasia's Phantom Republics by Rene Wadlow, Toward Freedom The "Phantom Republics" has been the name given to ...

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The Janjaweed Spin Out of Control by Rene Wadlow The on-going conflicts in the provinces of Darfur in western Sudan ... and the need for concerted action. ------ Rene Wadlow is editor of the online journal of world politics Transnational ...


In many, many ways you have behaved worse than Nikki Rapaana. And a MOUSE you have NEVER been! You have betrayed confidences and personal details about me and made unfounded innuendoes that I would have never dreamed of doing to you.

Skip it Constance. I'm not going to be put on the defensive. I'll continue to fight against the New Age movement and I'll point out when you try to state things about me that aren't true, ugly things. What's your point in doing that except to make yourself look good. Everything I've written can be documented. If you don't like what I've said, tough.

I joined the fight against the New Age movement because of the antisemitism involved. I will not buy your rationalizations which work against that goal.

Oh yes I was a mouse when I worked along side you. Of course you didn't see that. You thought it was natural behavior. I knew it was necessary in order to work toward the goal of fighting the New Age movement.

In spite of everything I've said, I think you can be a pretty decent person. I won't attack you as you've attacked me in this thread with false charges, and everyone reading this should know what they are at this point. It doesn't become you.

I'm sure you will continue to hang around with the Raapana types if you find it important enough for your research. I just can't go that route in silence. By the way, I've never shared floor space with Christian bashers, either before or after my work as a researcher on the New Age movement.
I am not a Baptist nor from Indiana, nor do I have "anger" issues. So am I now to take it that Cumbey and fans do not embrace fundamental Christian Biblical principles and exegesis?

Its very sad to me that Cumbey and her sycophants retreat behind name calling in the face of her very own statements!

Now I'm beginning to see why Cumbey is isolated. She's doing it to herself. While she and her sycophants cast aspersions on literally everyone who dares to disagree with her, she can accept no critique whatsoever. What I'm taking from all this is she and her sycophants think her infallible and above reproach.

Cumbey embraces a New Age view of Allah, like it or not.

Cumbey should not be at a network that supports anti-semitism and she has been informed of alternatives.

The word is getting out Cumbey. You're really hurting yourself and you seriously need to repent both of your spirit of pride and the New Age teachings and association with an anti-semitic platform.

I admire your research of the past, and much of the present. However, you are prideful and that is leading to greater isolation and gradual theological error, as evidenced in your New Age position on Allah and Islam.

I urge you again to repent.
Dorothy..please start a blog.

When I started and was diligently pursuing my work against the New Age Movement, you called a Chicago TV station and told them I was anti-Semitic! They told me and gave me your number. I called you and demanded an explanation. You told me that you had reached that conclusion based on papers you had collected (which before you later sent me same, I had never seen), that people who were disseminating similar information to mine (as I recall, a "Ron Miller" of "Distant Drums" Lonsdale, Minnesota) were Catholic anti-Semites. I truthfully told you I had staunchly fought anti-Semitism all of my life. I told you that my findings were as a result of my own original research for which I had spent my own money and obtained sourcebooks (Alice Bailey, THE OCCULT AND THE THIRD REICH, Foster Bailey (RUNNING GOD'S PLAN, pages 14-15). etc. Finally when you persisted, I blurted out, if that's what he (Ron Miller) wrote, he lied. The Jews are most clearly a target of the New Age Movement as are Christians and even Moslems.

You then said to me, "I'm going to check out what you said and if you have told me the truth, I'll be the best friend you ever had. If you have lied to me, you'll never have an enemy like me."

You checked my information and found I was accurate and happily we were friends for many years. I will have to confess that dealing with you, however, has sometimes been like walking on eggshells.

I do not like the way you have used intimidating methods of what is tantamount to stalking to chase good people from the blog with whom there are disagreements on some areas. I am referring to Joyce, Rudi. I also was troubled that gentle souls such as Mariel would be less than enthusiastic about being here because of the divisiveness of your posts.

I have done the equivalent of biting my tongue many times. I have also come to your defense when I felt people were unfairly baiting you.

Yes, most definitely, you should get your own blogspot.

At a time when there are CRUCIAL obvious ongoing developments in the street fighting phase of the New Age Movement now known as the NEW AGE REVOLUTION, you have diverted attention to personal attacks on me. Why? Because you are angry that I placed important information on NEWSWITHVIEWS. At the same time you fault me, a woman with incredible burdens on the home front for not organizing bigger fights against the Movement.

I know, Dorothy, you are not a Christian, but I am. My Bible says very truthfully that "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

I have felt it was my job to strategically place the evidence was best I could, educating people to the "Hidden Dangers" which are now becoming increasingly "obvious dangers."

I have said nothing ugly about you. Unfortunately, you have said much ugly about me, for which I forgive you.

It is my position that everybody deserves at least one kind warning. There is, unfortunately, sometimes limited place for sarcasm and abrasiveness. Definitely, there is no place for an ego game. I have given you plenty of recognition. Unfortunately, you seem to dismiss all that as "a pat on the head."

I don't know what more I can do. I am using this opportunity to invite at least Joyce and Rudi to come back and I hope that they in turn will be kinder to our very valued Catholic contributors such as Susanna. I hope this rancor has not frightened her and JD away.

Anonymous 9:02,

No one is attacking you for wanting to follow the fundamentals of truth.

Rather, I am saying that you do not have the necessary education to understand the correct premise. It has been popular for seventy years or so for uneducated men to use bullying tactics and dogmatic statements to give credibility to statements that are simply not true.

Go to Oxford or Harvard for a few years and then you may tell us about the Muslim religion.

Reading whichever version of your American Bible and then using your interpretation plus a healthy dose of Fox News helps no one.

Get Wisdom, pursue education. All truth is not contained in your interpretation of your version of the Bible.
Constance, last comment. You made what is going on very clear when you commented about Raapana and compared her with me.

Raapana and others you have supported can do and have done much damage to Jews and that community. The effects of their actions are long term as they turn others against Catholics and Jews in the same way as the New Age community has done.

As I have an extended Polish Catholic family and converted to a belief in Judaism many years ago, I have a foot in each community and have an understanding of both belief systems. Anyone who attacks them attacks me. Anyone who supports antisemitism or takes an anti-Catholic position is not some neutral academic looking to find truth in the world. There is a big difference between a search for truth and ugly, untruthful accusations. Some people know that.

You aren't bothered by the damage these people do as much as you are bothered by a criticism of your actions.

Yes, there was a similarity between what I was told you were saying by our mutual friends in the Kansas area and what was in the very detailed Ron Miller newsletters. They were having you out there to speak. Enough that I told them about the newsletters and called the station. I hadn't read the information on the same occult sources elsewhere. Those newsletters were blatantly antisemitic. As I have written elsewhere, I've made it a point to check things out as much as I can and that includes reading what the Jew hating community puts out.

It turned out that your research and his were used differently, but I couldn't tell that as I was only given your name and what you were to talk about from those friends. I didn't want the Christian television station to be suckered in and I didn't want my friends to be suckered in. There was enough of that going on and is still going on.

I sent you copies of all of the Ron Miller newsletters.

And as Paul Harvey used to say...that's the rest of the story.

And no, Constance, you didn't come to my defense on the blog. You attacked me for exposing some lying individuals, saying that I chased them away. There were others involved in exposing those creeps who remember what went on.
Anonymous 10:42

I have a Doctorate in Divinity Studies with an emphasis on world religion and religious culture. Your petty attempts to disregard my comments with regard to Cumbey's New Age beliefs regarding Allah and Islam are nothing more than empty rhetoric and juvenile insult.

Constance is promoting a New Age idea with regard to Islam. Period. Additionally, she is passively supporting anti-semitism by remaining on the network she has.

People such as yourself lending her some very weak apologetic are doing her no good.

She is in violation of the orthodox theological principles of Christianity. Full stop.

Dorothy should start a blog so that people are no longer misled by Cumbey's subtle New Age leanings or drawn to listen to the anti-semitic pablum on her network. And Constance, Dorothy isn't to blame for your increasing isolation. Your New Age error and pride are. You've listened to your sycophants too long. You react as if you are above reproach.

I pray you will find humility.
Anonymous 9:02,

Please tell us the name of the Institution where you studied your "Doctorate of Divinity Studies". Was it even accredited?

If you are going to use your authority as the basis of your argument, at least let us know where you gained your knowledge.

More likely, you found a belief system and a church where you have a certain amount of authority. After you were offended by Constance a year ago, you are looking for every chance to attack her.

You think, "no one attacks me for I know the truth as God gave it to me." The reality is that your personality disorders have deluded your thinking.

Your attacks are not about theology, as you do not have an analytical mind. Rather, they are to punish Constance for challenging some of the beliefs that you memorized at your particular cult correspondence course "doctorate" program.
Who in the world do you think I am? LOL

Your entire post is directed at someone you obviously have mistaken me for.

Whatever your issue is you have with them I suggest you contact them and not bother me with your personal grudges with other people.

I never made my educational background the force of anything. You attempted to do so, and now you erect a strawman that you want me to indulge you in. Keep attacking windmills my friend. Cumbey's words indict her very well on their own.

You exemplify the sycophantic behavior I mentioned before. You just put a more arrogant, pseudo-intellectual mask over it. I am not impressed.
Dorothy, having been raised in the Catholic world, how could you have ever given Jesus up?
Shock! I had not read this newest blog before becoming embroiled in controversy on the penultimate blog post and comments. I can't believe the horrible accusations here. It was like my husband's family calling us "Jew Hating Christians" when Irv left the New Age and returned to the Christianity of his youth. Irv's daughter was a convert to Judaism, and very very hostile to both her father and me when we became serious Christians. We lost our family and our friends.
This is serious meltdown here. We need the Lord. We are unable to resolve these hideous arguments. They are inspired by the Devil.

Calling people "Jew Hating Christians" was what Dorothy was doing to Joyce who with her husband practiced Messianic Judaism. Constance was very unhappy that Joyce was in effect chased off the blogspot, even though she obviously had her own quarrels with Joyce about the length and sometimes tone of some of her posts.
Re Dorothy,

Raised Catholic, converted to Judaism, "one foot in each camp." Maybe Dorothy has more in common with Joyce than she thinks! Say, a "Messianic Jewish Catholic"?

As the Catholics clearly affirm Jesus is Dorothy with Him or Against Him????

Curious lurking observer
I've read your comments. Thank you for your concern. Over the years I've answered the questions many times. There is no need for debate. In the future I'm sure you will learn all that is important to you from Constance.
I for one miss Dorothy. She kept things lively here!
I really hope she starts a blog. At least we won't see endless Solana garbage and have to compromise with anti-semitism and the New Age view of Allah like we do here.
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