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Freethinkers, Atheists, Socialists gang up on Catholic Christians in Spain

I've often noted in the past that things got dangerous for Christians and other targeted minorities when "Freethinkers", atheists, and other anti-Christian elements teamed up with occult interests.  It happened in Mexico between 1926 and 1935 (in some states until 1939).  Catholics were targeted to the death in Mexico during that period and the laws were also applied to Protestants.  Read books:  NO GOD NEXT DOOR; BLOOD DRENCHED ALTARS; and MEXICAN MARTYRDOM for more information.   Similar things happened in Costa Rica as the occult world was then awaiting Jiddhu Krishnamurti's "ascent" as their "new Christ."

It appears to be going on in Spain right now.  Michael Voris is a Detroit area former TV sportscaster who now devotes himself to Catholic causes.  I addressed one of his earlier conferences vis the New Age Movement and European Union developments (2008).  Michael is now in Spain covering the Pope's planned Youth Conference this week.  He sent me a video link to what I have embedded here.    This is very important as it appears that anti-clericalism is growing in Europe.  This happened in Spain before:  from 1936-to 1939 in the Spanish Civil War.  I don't agree with Michael on everything, but I deeply respect his integrity and his work.  It might be interesting to follow him this week.  He also covers areas of what he considers apostasy and promotion of anti-Christian agendas in Catholic settings.

Obviously, there are threatening mob scenes that must be intimidating to pilgrims to this conference.  It appears, however, that the Spanish government has only seen fit to arrest one person -- a pilgrim from Mexico -- upon "suspicion" that he, a pope loyalist was planning a "gas attack" on the demonstrators.  I'm not the accused's attorney, but I would love to examine that legal file for sufficiency of evidence.  I suspect it is thin!

Stay tuned!


I am watching the broadcast of World Youth Day. The Pilgrims are so many and so happy, singing and dancing and praising the Lord.

The protestors are few in number, but are nasty and angry.

I think sane people can figure out who the extremists are.

The same thing happened at WYD in Toronto.

The number one question the media kept asking is "Why are these youth so happy?


I would love to watch it. Is it on EWTN? Any internet options as I am locked in behind my computer today.


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To Anonymous:

I saw that and almost posted it today. It was TWITTERED by JAVIER SOLANA on his twitter site. Wonder what his interest was?

Interestingly, the accused student pilgrim to the event was RELEASED WITHOUT CHARGE.

There were riots in the street by the demonstrators.

EWTN, as bad as TBN

Yes, you can watch it on EWTN, or online here.

I would also add that the pilgrims paid their own way with the tab also being picked up by Catholic organizations and people.

So what the heck are they protesting?

This is just raw hate.

Pope protest turns violent in Madrid as police attack civilians

Australia is not a country very friendly to Christians of any stripe. Looks like the slant on the news is to make the Atheist demonstrators look like martyrs.

Well, I'll admit I'm not enamored of Fr. Pacwa, but there are also some very good aspects to EWTN.


it says the protestors are gays and lesbians, atheist groups and alternative Christian and leftist groups.

I wonder what alternative Christian is.

"alternative Christian," huh? Probably "gays and lesbians," "environmental Christians," "emergent Christians", etc., ad nauseum.


Also, "Creation Centered 'Christians'" (Matthew Fox, Thomas Berry, Basil Pennington variety).

Matthew Fox had a large Protestant following as well. He was friendly with Sojourners and spoke in at least one Baptist Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan that I'm aware of.


Yes, the media is focusing on the protestors rather than the 1.5 million young people.

I am not a Michael Voris fan and he does have extreme views and has been banned from WYD.

I'm interested in your knowledge and opinions on Michael Voris, Savvy. I'm acquainted with him locally primarily because of his invitation to me to tell his audience about the New Age Movement which I did, I believe in 2008.

I have not had the opportunity or time to watch most of his video links, so I am interested in your opinions as well as those of Susanna.


I just found this on a google search on line. Is this part of what you are talking about?

He has also praised the institution of Catholic monarchy as a “benevolent dictatorship” and criticized democracy, saying the vote should be limited to those who are faithful Catholics.

If the information in it is accurate, I would have to reluctantly agree that Michael holds extreme views.


Yes, those are Michael's views. The thing is there are people who are frustrated with all the anti-Christianity/Anti-Catholicism so they want to strike back by bringing back Christendom.

This is a wrong approach not even shared by the Pope.

We win over our enemies through the witness of our lives and not by behaving like them.

"The official website of World Youth Day (WYD),, has been suffering particularly aggressive hacking attempts for several days."

Riot police, anti-papal protestors clash in Madrid

"On the eve of Pope Benedict’s arrival in Madrid, riot police clashed with thousands of protestors, some of whom were chanting “God yes, Church no” and “we are not the Pope’s youth.”

Eight protestors were arrested, and nine protestors and two policemen were injured in the clash.

The demonstrators taunted World Youth Day participants with shouts of “Nazi, Nazi”--a reference to Pope Benedict’s involuntary registration in the Hitler Youth as a teen.

The participants responded by praying, singing alleluias, and chanting, “Long live the Pope.”
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Dear Constance,

I don't know everything there is to know about Michael Voris, whose apostolate, by the way, is not a Church-approved apostolate.

I am still trying to get to the bottom of the Michael Voris story myself.

Ergo, to some extent, for me, the jury is still out.

Nevertheless, there are a few things I have learned that I would like to share here.

First, let me say that Voris' "RealCatholic TV" is not the same entity as the approved "CatholicTV" whose President is Fr. Robert Reed, a Roman Catholic priest who studied at the Pontifical North American College and has a reputation for being quite faithful to the Magisterium. ( a.k.a. Roman Catholic Church teaching authority ).


The following overview of RealCatholicTV is from Catholic Culture to which I subscribe.


Another of the reasons why Michael Voris has been banned in certain dioceses is because of his insensitivity to people of other faiths.

While we must certainly be careful to stand up for our beliefs and not cross over to the extremes of false ecumenism, we must also be careful not to go to the extremes of rank bigotry and hatred when it comes to our attitude about other religions. Respecting the sincerely held beliefs of others is not the same thing as agreeing with them.

Included in the following article is Michael Voris' video entitled "THE JEWS"


Regarding World Youth Day's disavowal of any connection with Michael Voris, the following article is from the blog hosted by Patrick Madrid. ( No pun intended on the name "Madrid" LOL )

World Youth Day Madrid 2011 officially disavows any connection with Michael Voris

Here is Michael Voris video about replacing democracy with a "Christian dictator." If I don't agree with Michael Voris' questionable political views as a Catholic, it is because it was Christ Himself who said "My kingdom is not of this world.!"

May God preserve us from "Christian" dictators!

Michael Voris S.T.B. :Why We Should Replace Democracy with Christian Dictator

Another interesting overview of Voris' "apostolate."


Have a good read.

You can also watch it live here.

From World Net Daily (08/19/11)

Muslim terrorists put chokehold on food to Christians

'There are those who do not allow aid to come in'

Members of Somalia's jihadi group al-Shabaab are on a campaign to starve the country's Christians by preventing food from being delivered to them, according to ministry groups working in the chaotic region.

While reports from a number of analysts say Mogadishu's population is swelling daily with people coming to the city to escape the famine-ravaged countryside, Christian human rights groups offer additional details.

According to the Barnabas Fund, it is the al-Qaida-affiliated group al-Shabaab whose members are putting a chokehold on international food aid that is being dispatched to Somalia but is not reaching the people.

For more....
Is the Tea Party a spiritual movement?
EU oil sanctions on Syria a 'done deal'...
There is A LOT of breaking news in many arenas. Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Israel; George Soros demands that the "Eurozone" be given "political legitimacy." Europe has "extreme needs" even worse than USA's which are bad enough.

I'm posting more frequently now to TWITTER links to these articles in Tinyurl form. My Google options allow for pages to be translated into English (although I'm getting lots better at reading the Spanish and French).

It is nothing short of PURE EVIL that anybody should block food coming to other human beings.

This blockade of food to Christians is PURE EVIL. It's not the first time I have heard of it, however. There was a priest in Detroit who used to be a missionary with a religious order to Africa, Somalia area as I recall. I was introduced to him and spoke with him at some length probably about 2002. He said the first time he had witnessed "pure evil" was when he saw available food deliberately blockaded from starving peoples.

I watched a couple of the speakers last night on the web live streaming video at the links I was given here for the World Youth Day. I was particularly impressed with a woman speaker talking to the Youth about family life and sexual issues.

Just saw on CNN. Egypt has recalled its Ambassador to Israel and Egyptian people are protesting outside Israels embassy in Egypt, demanding Egypt cut ties with Israel.
What happened to the Roman Catholic Church in the Spanish Civil War happened because that church in that nation was a deeply political entity. Jesus Christ, in contrast, declined the opportunity (when it came) to get into politics. I believe Mao said that war is the continuation of politics by other means...
Anon@1:52 p.m.

In the real world, there are going to be a variety of opinions.

Do you think Christians should just sit back and not participate in any civil society?

Should American Christians involved in politics have their churches burnt to the ground, have thousands of people killed?

Yes, that will teach the Christians to stay out of the public square.

That being said canon law forbids clerics from running for public office. In the U.S, you have Protestant pastors who have run for public office.

Hi Deb and others. The information on the recall of the Egyptian ambassador from Israel is deeply troubling. I saw that this morning and posted it to my TWITTER account which I am now taking advantage of for both monitoring and posting what is happening. I will post both places on some.

Thanks for watching and reporting here!

What happened to the Catholic Church in France in 1799, in Spain 1936-1939, in Mexico 1926-1935 and other "anti-clerical" revolutions including but not limited to Communism and Nazism was a portion of a declared war on God Himself! Terrible things happened in Spain. Churches and convents were set on fire with believers, monks, nuns, and clergy locked inside.


Freedom of religion cannot co-exist with freedom from religion.

Canon Law?? Canon law = man made law.

And, no, I'm not a Catholic basher. I was a devout Catholic for half my life and am VERY well versed with the doctrines and Canon law.

So, sorry if anyone is offended, but I am very disgusted. The diocese of Wilmington, DE ( I am no longer a member) is bankrupt from settlements of sexual abuse cases of almost 80 million dollars (and this is relatively smaller diocese). There have been billions, yes billions of dollars paid out by the church all over the world. Can you tell me that on that scale, that no one really important in the church hiearchy knew about these things over the years, and I mean all the way to the top?

There are MANY good Catholic people out there, but the church is, how do you say? Pure evil.
Anon@4:31 pm.

Please look at these pictures and tell me whose evil here. Nasty people attacking young Catholics praying

Nobody has been more disgusted by the sex abuse scandals than faithful Catholics.

But, the gates of hell will not prevail.

Most of us go to churches without abuse and studies have proven that the abuse rates are the lowest of any organization.

I am not saying, this makes this right.

My personal experience has been that Catholics, in name only, who rally against the church, generally do so, because they have ulterior motives, or disagree with her teachings.

That being said, there is a growing wall between baby-boomers who have destroyed our church and younger Catholics who are faithful.

Billions have been paid out in the Western world not all over the world.

There have also countless false allegations made.

There is no place today safer than the Catholic church, which has worked very hard to get rid of these things, once exposed.

Sex abuse is however still rampant in many other churches, schools, and organizations.

Please also take a look at these letters written by seminaries and by a former communist on how people through infiltration sought to destroy the Catholic Church.


The attacks on the young Catholics are absolutely horrible. I think any sensible person should see across denominational, political, etc. lines that these actions are wrong towards any human being.

The issue is not - "check this out and tell me who is nasty here'. It is not about tit for tat. The issue is that the same church fathers who teach "canon law" to many of these young people, are the same ones who have participated in and knowingly concealed these horrible acts. That is REALLY scary.

And you are wrong. It is not one of one of the lowest of any organizations with these occurrences. But, we know it depends on which study you read - doesn't it?

I respect your right to respond, but I will remain silent on this issue after this post as it is not my intention to start one of those nasty denominational arguments I have seen happen here many times in the past.

God Bless
Anon@5:23 p.m.

"The issue is that the same church fathers who teach "canon law" to many of these young people, are the same ones who have participated in and knowingly concealed these horrible acts. That is REALLY scary."

You are making sweeping generalizations by attacking all priests.

Yes, I said we are all disgusted by what took place.

Catholic teachings however, have been handed down from the Apostles and not invented by these priests.

I make a distinction between teachings and actions that have been a gross violations of these teachings.

"It is not one of one of the lowest of any organizations with these occurrences. But, we know it depends on which study you read - doesn't it?"

It depends on the facts.

Sexual Abuse in Social Context: Clergy and Other Professionals

God Bless You Too.


You are also forgetting that the church consists of all the people in it, saints and sinners, not just the clergy.


I have noticed these days most of this nastiness is coming from gay activists, feminists etc.

We need to pray for our enemies.


In reply - you assume that Christians CAN be in politics. That isn't an option in Saudi Arabia or North Korea. In democracies, I believe that Christians should be in politics but the church as an institution should not. Clear?

Anon@1:52 p.m.
Anon@6:25 p.m.

Yes, I understand that the church as an institution should not be in politics.

However, it's a fact a religious Catholic or a religious Protestant politician is not going to compromise their principles.

If you are one of those people who think the church should shut up and sit down. I disagree.

Since atheists, socialists, The New Age are not doing the same.

Anon@6:24 p.m.

You have to also understand that Catholics are seen as the bigger threat, because everybody knows nobody is going to take a Bible-thumper's rantings seriously.

But, they just might take those who argue for their values using sound logic.

Eastern Orthodox church desecrated in Los Angeles.


What is the UN doing about this blockage of food from people?

That being said, I am wary of political religion, whether it's the Capitalist gospel or the Marxist Gospel.

Farmers speak out: GMOs are a trap that Monsanto is using to take over agriculture...
Hindus attack Christian church in Pune, India

Anon@6:25 p.m.

The Sisters of Life are Blogging from Madrid. If you were actually versed in Catholic teaching, as you claim you would not call it scary.


Episcopal Church promoting Pansexuality?

"The besetting sin that has riven the two sides is homosexuality, more specifically pansexuality in the form of LGBTQI (I - the latest letter in the pansexual alphabet -stands for something called Intersex - the abnormal condition of being intermediate between male and female; hermaphroditism.)."
Rockets from Gaza continue to strike Israel
Nations Race to Defuse Crisis Between Egypt and Israel

You are right! The atheists are losing sleep.

"In wake of World Youth Day success, atheist Richard Dawkins decries "extreme power" of Catholic Church, plans September 17 demonstration."

So Savvy,
Are you saying, at 7:11, that Protestants
are illogical Bible thumpers and only
Roman Catholics are logical ?

So Isaac Newton (Anglican)
was just an illogical fraud.

Right when I was about to say how
I heard the Pope speaking and I was
pleasantly surprised to hear him
lifting up Christ alone without all
the usual trappings.

I was referring to some Protestants, not all.

I am sorry if this came across as a generalization.

"I was pleasantly surprised to hear him lifting up Christ alone without all the usual trappings."

What you mean is what you "think" are the usual trappings?

so when did this blog turn into an
argument blog between Catholics and Protestants?
I dont' come here for that kind of posts and think its very inappropriate considering the state of the world right now.
I'm working on a new article about an ostentatious new New Age book from the Institute of Noetic Sciences called GLOBAL SHIFT by Edmund J. Bourne. It is endorsed by many of the "bubble gum card" New Age leaders, i.e. Hazel Henderson, Corinne McLaughlin, Duane Elgin and James O'Dea.

In the meantime, I found a valuable resource on Eugenics and its relationship to the New Age Movement and Nazism. You can find it at this link:


EZEKIEL 22 AND EZEKIEL 44 distinguishes between good and wicked priests. I suspect it is just as applicable to Catholics and sincere Protestant ministers as it was to priests in Old Testament times. Read both chapters.

As the prophesied war on the saints deepens, I suspect we will have much more of what happened to the Orthodox church in Los Angeles.

Further, the ongoing struggle to fight God by "termites from within; wrecking balls from without" will continue until the end of time.

Who is on the Lord's side?

A couple of years ago, Dorothy Margraf sent me a 1935 book by George N. Shuster, LIKE A MIGHTY ARMY. It detailed the intense persecution Jews and Christians were receiving and of numerous persecutions and martyrdoms of both Catholic and Protestant Christians well before even the start of World War II. It detailed Catholic resistance to Hitler and some double agents inside the Church.

I regret to say I am still reading it after all this time. I read a significant chapter last night. It looks like that ugly history is repeating itself -- this time on a much wider scale than the internal boundaries of Germany from which Shuster reported.

What is the UN doing about the food blockage? Very, very interesting question, particularly considering that the head of the UN's World Food Agency is Josette Sheeran, who says she is a "former Moonie," but there is every indication that she is still one and that she was appointed to her job as a payback to Rev. Moon for generosity to the Bush family and probably continued in office by Obama for similar motivations to his camp.

Here is some of Josette Sheeran's testimony about what happened to a British inquiry about same. She claims that many of the UN trucks were blocked and some of the UNFP drivers lost their lives.

There are NO PERFECT CHURCHES for one very basic reason: THERE ARE NO PERFECT PEOPLE. Beyond that, we have the HOLY SPIRIT to lead us into truth. We are all sinners in need of God's grace and salvation which comes through Jesus Christ to those who receive Him.

Or as John the Baptist would have put it, REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED, EVERY ONE OF YOU.

Catholics and Protestants have been arguing on this site for a long time as sometimes have Jews and Moslems. Occasionally, we have had pagans ("Baal") stick their heads in and also argue. We have had arguments here between Messianic Jews and Jews who don't like Messianic Jews.

That's just the way it is and has been. Fortunately, apart from the "Baal" components, most were duly concerned about the New Age Movement which is a major focus here.

Isaac Newton didn't believe in satan or the Holy Trinity.
Sleepless in Michigan: It has been a suspicion to me that the New Agers' final battle has been in deep progress at least since the 911 episodes of that date (September 11, 2001). There have been deep debates over the use of waterboarding and other techniques such as extreme food and water deprivation as to whether such techniques did or did not constitute TORTURE. In my opinion, it was TORTURE. I found this while nursing a horrible cough and unable to sleep this morning from a blogspot that links to mine. I don't know for sure who the author is, but the observations from that June 2011 post are compelling:
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Military hides from ... the Red Cross???
I'm not a lawyer, but common sense and every Mom in the world will tell you: when the kids are hiding something, they know they're guilty. If we can apply that same logic to Lt. Col. Diane Beaver, a retired military lawyer, then the Bush argument that waterboarding is not really torture disintegrates in a puddle of useless lies. In documents released by the Senate Armed Services Committee, Beaver said this in a 2002 meeting at Gitmo:

"We may need to curb the harsher operations while ICRC [Red Cross] is around. It is better not to expose them to any controversial techniques."

On the same subject of torture, we have another classic defense from CIA spokesman George Little: the ends justify the means.

"The agency program, which has been carefully reviewed within our government, has disrupted terrorist plots and saved innocent lives."

Using this logic, we could send NYPD out to, say, shoot everybody in Manhattan. Then we could justify our actions by pointing at the reduced crime rates.

The scariest part of all this is that these Washington types seem to believe their own words, and expect us to believe, too. It's like ... they've been deluded or something.

And then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. And for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they might believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.
2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

Regarding the foregoing. The author of the "Yeah right" blogspot where it was taken from is "Not a lawyer." However, I am a lawyer and the conclusions seemed as compelling to me given the facts:


That reminds me of one of my favorite Bible passages describing the Godly king Josiah where of him it was said he walked neither to the right hand, nor to the left, but strictly in the paths of the Lord.

Most excellent policy!


If someone told me that their church had no sinners. I would not go there. It would be to good to be true.

The battle for Libya is almost is the battle for its 144 tons of gold!!!
"The [EU] elites have invested seventy years and tens of trillions of euros (once financial assistance, bond purchases and cross-collateralisation of debt are all added up) to make European institutions work. The European Union is the key to their political and economic positions. They have already made it clear that they will pay any price to keep the European Union alive."

"There is now a complete power vacuum in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. That is most of North Africa. With the fall of Libya, the revolution in Syria (cont'd)"
"Divisions exist between rebels who defected from the Gadhafi regime and those who had never been integrated into it," Dr. Kristian Ulrichsen, a North Africa and Middle East expert at the London School of Economics, told Deutsche Welle. "The killing of Younis in July exposed the rifts and basic distrust between these two groups."


According to Thorsten Benner it is vital that NATO recognize that political stabilization is not something it excels at.

"NATO had a very limited UN mandate in Libya which it consistently overstepped so it should now scale back its involvement and let the UN and regional organizations such as the African Union and European Union take the lead on the international front." (cont'd)

INTERESTING BREAKING NEWS: Standard and Poor announces its president is stepping down. This comes in the wake of its USA credit downgrade.


This is interesting. I'm "following" twitterers: Javier Solana, Cristina Gallach (his spokeswoman) and Anne-Marie Slaughter for obvious reasons (World Government, oooops, "Global Governance."

Looking in on Cristina Gallach, I discovered her reference to this obviously deeply anti-Catholic Church article. While she wrote "no comment," about same, it does reflect the same type of anticlerical sentiment that brought deep persecution on many in past episodes in Spain, Mexico and elsewhere.

Mexico was going to be kept out of the League of Nations because of its anti-Catholic in particular and anti-Christian in general combined with the bloody persecutions of same. It was Solana's GRANDFATHER/COUSIN/UNCLE/WHATEVER (depending on which version of his ever changing genealogy one accepts) SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA who stood up in the League of Nations and gave the impassioned speech which resulted in Mexico's admission to the League in the height of the bloody slaughter of Christian faithful.

Whether the attitude is Cristina Gallach's / Javier's or not, that it exists is an ominous foreshadowing of what so many of the global governance folks would like to see come to pass.

Another Cristina Gallach TWEET, this time a "re-tweet" from Javier Solana:

“@javiersolana: Why the United States Must Support Bid for Palestinian State - Brookings Institution” Totally agree!

This is the URL for the Brookings Institution reference:


Things are happening very fast!

Things are happening very fast!

And, it seems the 'prophets' of hyper-charismaticism are saying theres to be some sort of acceleration in Sept/Oct. Bill Johnson appears to be getting more blatant as evidenced by his most recent tweet:

“Jesus is returning for a bride whose body is in equal proportion to her head.”

I do believe Colossians 2:19 applies [NIV especially]
Craig, thanks. Here's another one. Syria is preparing for war from NATO. Brings to mind old prophecies to effect that "Damascus shall be a heap." I suspect some days that NATO might be the beast nobody wants to fight!

and see

Armageddon draweth near????
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