Sunday, March 13, 2011

White House Cruelty? Forcing somebody to sleep naked in a prison cell is TORTURE, IMHO

Regardless of what one thinks of the wikileaks situation (and my personal jury is still out) I cannot characterize forcing somebody to "sleep naked for a brief period" in what was undoubtedly a horrible jail cell could be termed anything but TORTURE.  I admire P. J. Crowley's courage in speaking the truth.

Stay tuned!

last post of farmer : an article by JS and a former minister of Jordania: urge to promote peace for Palestine.

the 10th of march 2011 an earthquake hit China. Who heard of it ?
Hey Constance........

Isn't it about time you updated your picture?

A more modern day, and a more realistic view of who you are, might reflect that the news you are sharing is not deceptive as an outdated picture (although very nice) that you have posted on your main page. It's no longer 1960.
Hey, Anonymous (5:42 AM):

Your remarks are both inappropriate and uncalled for.

I hardly think that picture of Constance is from 1960, since she didn't begin her research into the New Age Movement until 1981.

With catastrophic events happening throughout the world, don't you think you need to concentrate on more important issues than posting petty, unkind remarks about someone's photo?
Look Anonymous(8:33 AM),

I don't want to take away from Constance's message. But what you and others need to understand is that if anyone is going to take her and her message seriously, then she needs to be TRUTHFUL about who she is, and what she represents.

That photograph is not a True Representation of her current look.

So get a grip. The message was not inappropriate, nor was it unkind. If one is serving God, then they should be true to themselves first, before they can seriously reach out to others.
That picture of me is from the mid 1980s. The picture of me on News with Views is about 3 years old. The picture of me on my facebook page is current.

My pictures from the 1960s are MUCH, MUCH BETTER. Ditto for the 1970s.

How about your picture, anonymous? People can still recognize me from my photo.

Yes absolutely can they recognize you. Beautiful Picture Constance!

See my comments on the other thread.
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