Saturday, March 19, 2011


My thoughts at the moment keep going back to Javier Solana's speeches in his NATO days (1995-1999) when he repeatedly said, "the plan is to use NATO assets with European control of those assets."  The United States is already under water with two deadly wars on its hand:  Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now, we have committed assets "short term" for Libya.  The operation is named "Operation Odyssey Dawn."  That brings back disturbing memories of a creepily named NATO / EU / USA military maneuver operation in May 2004.  It was called "Operation Black Dawn."  It was headed by Javier Solana.  Sam Nunn and Chuck Hagel were invitees.  Herb Peters and I both had deep concerns about it. I wish Herb were here to chat about it, but he's not.

Stay very closely tuned!



Anonymous said...

Re-drawing the map of the Middle East
and another page

I read something about the redrawing of frontiers some years ago on cutting edge. Now with all the turmoils in the arabic countries I wonder if it is working in the same idea.
God bless you

Anonymous said...

It's also interesting that this new war was started on March 19th, the date of the 'Super Moon.'

A possible occult connection?

Check out these photos...

Anonymous said...


I have a question for you (or anyone else out there who might be able to answer).

Yesterday, as about 112 Tomahawk missiles were fired on Tripoli (from both American and British ships), President Obama was quoted as saying that he had authorized “limited military action in Libya.”

How does he have the power to call for military action when, according to Article One, Section Eight of the U.S. Constitution, only Congress has the power to declare war?

Anonymous said...

European Governments 'completely puzzled' about U.S. position on Libya

Constance Cumbey said...

Very important BREAKING NEWS. The same ARAB LEAGUE which endorsed a "no fly zone" over Libya has NATO/USA/EU bombing campaign. That is deemed "a setback" in the military adventure.


Deb said...

To Anonymous at 10:56
The same way Bush declared war on Iraq without consulting congress...
executive order.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the War Powers of the president has a clock attached, with only 60+30 days to use military force without declaration of war.

That said, there are matters of risk and waste. The US can't go into Mexico legally - without impunity and liability - on military or police excursions, because they have no authority there.

Chavez or Ahmadinejad could assert the right to enter the US and wage military action on a "humanitarian mission," but they'd be bald-faced liars. Same goes for the US.

The president right now is guilty of war crimes and should be both impeached and prosecuted.

All the while end time puzzle pieces continue to fall into place. Demons don't care about risk since they don't die. They entertain and distract themselves in each generation with their versions of video games and movies. Their chess games are played with nations.

The hell they create is exposed in Daniel and the Revelation. Rome is revived with its northern and southern legs straddling the Mediterranean.

The UK lion, EU leopard (Germany), and Russian bear of the King of the North (which was of old also prince of Grecia) are becoming obvious. The southern kingdom from Morocco to Iran, composed of the revived empires of Egypt and southern Rome and caliphate Islam, is headed by the King of the South (Allah / prince of Persia).

Both will combat and fall to the superhero domination of The Antichrist, who will establish the 10 toes / 10 heads of his reign.

I wouldn't be surprised if genes from Solana, Juan Carlos (or son), and Putin had already been combined in some #666 cloned abomination - along with that of a wolf or fallen angel.

But I would be surprised if a mere human could rule over demonic kingdoms without being possessed by legions of demons.

Our war is foremost with them.

ali said...

My question - hoping someone might have an answer.

WHERE were all these countries when the people of Iran were begging for America, for anybody, to help them? People were dying in the street there and no one seemed to take notice and if they noticed - they didn't care.?.

Why Now.??...

Perhaps I already know the answer to the question - O-I-L.

Brings Revelation 18 to mind: This chapter laments things lost - in order of importance - the souls of men being last.

May God have mercy.

Anonymous said...

From The Real News (03/20/11):

UN Resolution on Libya Allows Invasion

Francis Boyle: UN resolution prohibits occupation but does not stop attack on land.

Francis Boyle is a Professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign, Boyle said today: “Without authorization by the United Nations Security Council and express authorization from the U.S. Congress pursuant to the terms of the War Powers Resolution, for President Obama to establish any type of so-called ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya would be illegal and unconstitutional.” While serving as the lawyer for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, Boyle procured the NATO no-fly zone over Bosnia. He is author of “The Bosnian People Charge Genocide.”

Anonymous said...

To 'Watchman' (6:01)

Yes, we all need to wake up and smell the oil!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of oil... the grout job that BP did on the floor of the GOM has apparently coming undone. Oil slick 100 miles long 6 miles from coast of Louisiana:


Anonymous said...

Floridians in Flagler County report ground shaking on Friday:

Anonymous said...

Operation Odyssey Dawn:

Odyssey= a spiritual journey, an eventual journey

Dawn= refers to Venus, the morning star.

According to Wiki:
"In Latin, from which the English word is derived, Lucifer means "light-bearer" (from the words lucem ferre). It was the name given to the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, which heralds daylight.

So could this be a spiritual journey that will result in Satan/Lucifer/Venus taking his throne on earth? The beginning phase towards the final capstone?

Curious name for a military operation, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,
I would like you to know that I think you are a beautiful and special person, but I do not agree with everything you say even though I have learned a lot from you and this blog of equally wonderful people.

My father would describe how a roman gladiatorial victor on his ride through Rome, would have a slave put in his chariot to whisper in his ear "remember, thou art but a man"

I am a fan of yours but I am not a yes woman, this is probably why I also like Dorothy too, she can dish it as well as take it.

I am sorry if my frankness and opinions offend you, I hoped you would take them as a battle hardened warrior of the debate system of which you make a living.

Anonymous said...

From Ron Paul forums I found this:

"Only this morning, by the light of the slowly rising sun, did the terrible implication of the code name for America’s new war occur to me. The war is called Odyssey Dawn.

The Odyssey is the story of a warrior who was trapped for years in a military quagmire on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and then took seven more years in his struggle to return home.

Why on earth would anyone choose a story of a man stuck for years in the consequences of a rush to battle as the code name of a new war?"

The seven years caught my eye. Is this the dawning of the tribulation?

Dorothy said...

Anonymous 9:19
Are you referring to little ole me? I'm the perfect example of restraint. Criticizing gently is my style. Different people have different points of view and I respect that. It's that if someone deliberately puts a burr in my bed, I wait, and I wait, and then I have to respond in the kindest and most gentle way possible.

I've learned from a friend that the best response to a differing point of view is to state, "Your arguments certainly have validity but I have resolved the situation to my own satisfaction."

Don't you agree that's the perfect answer?

Anonymous said...

From the Drudge Report (03/20/11):

Their source:

'To my Dear Obama, our son', says Gaddafi, defending attack on rebels

19 Mar 2011, 1757 hrs IST, AGENCIES

Calling Barack Obama as "our son", Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi sent a message to the US President defending his decision to attack the rebels fighting to overthrow him.

Gaddafi(68) also wrote a letter to the French and British leaders, and the UN Secretary General, saying the Security Council resolution was "void" and violated the UN charter, warning them that they would "regret" any intervention.

"Libya is not for you, Libya is for the Libyans," he said.

Details of Gaddafi's letters were released by the Libyan government spokesman at a news conference in Tripoli.

Defending his decision to attack rebel cities, Gaddafi told Obama, "Al Qaeda is an armed organisation, passing through Algeria, Mauritania and Mali. What would you do if you found them controlling American cities with the power of weapons? What would you do, so I can follow your example."

Trying to strike a personal note, Gaddafi prefaced his letter saying, "To our son, his excellency, Mr Baracka Hussein Obama. I have said to you before, that even if Libya and the United States of America enter into a war, god forbid, you will always remain a son. Your picture will not be changed."

In his letter to Nikolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Ban Ki Moon, Gaddafi said, "Libya is not yours, Libya is for the Libyans. The security council, their resolution is void because it is not according to the charter to interfere with the internal affairs of the country."

You have no right. You will regret if you get involved in this, our country. We can never shoot a single bullet on our people, it is Al Qaeda organisation."

Anonymous said...

From the Miami Herald (03/20/11):

Officials: South Florida water table rose after quake

(AP) The devastating earthquake that shook Japan caused a temporary jolt in groundwater levels throughout much of Florida, officials said.

The South Florida Water Management District reports that a network of groundwater gauges registered a jump of up to three inches in the water table from Orlando to the Florida Keys about 34 minutes after the quake struck on March 11.

The oscillations were observed for about two hours and then stabilized.

"We were not expecting to see any indication of the geological events in Japan given the island's great distance from Florida," Susan Sylvester, the water district's director of operations control and hydro data management department, said on Saturday.

Shimon Wdowinski, an earthquake researcher with the University of Miami, said the water table likely rose because of Florida's porous limestone, which allows water to easily flow beneath the earth's surface and respond to changes in pressure caused by a wave.

For more...

Constance Cumbey said...

Looks like in some respects, it was a 'global quake.'

Thanks for the interesting Florida information anonymous 10:45!


Don said...

How can the occult stay hidden when it's broadcast to and from the rooftops (by satellite dishes)? Note that "Operation Odyssey Dawn" was scheduled to coincide with the traditional four day celebration of (goddess of war) Minerva's birthday, March 19-23.

nonsense said...

anon. 10:36,

Please...Korea, Vietnam, the first Libyan air strike by Ronald Reagan, the Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq. These were not official declaration of wars. The Commander in Chief does not have to ask permission to launch a military action, just a declaration of war. Where have you been? Under a rock for the last 50 to 60 years?

Anonymous said...

Don, the occult establishment doesn't broadcast their activities. Why should they? It's not like they are running a business which needs income and more recruits from the general population. Those who are of value are scouted out to see if they can be turned and used. It's like a personnel office for an organization.

Do you really think the Theosophical Society is going to provide information about their network? When have you read the history of Lucis Trust or when have they opened their files to academics?

The World Future Society lets out what it wants to as does Lifebridge. I have yet to see a pyramid network showing the offshoot organizations of Lucis Trust.

Sure, Crowley's connection with Duranty is old news, but are there Satanists out there these days?

James Webb documented occult history. It was a hard job needing someone who knew many foreign languages. Oh sure, there are many who get up on a stump and claim to know what is going on, but it's not like they were invited to private meetings.

Knowing what is going on is a hard job for anyone. It takes time, energy, patience and persistence.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 8:39

I was small when the Korean War broke out, but I remember it as a terrible time. All of the other military adventures I remember as an adult and with dismay. What is now disturbing to me is that Barack Obama pledged he would not repeat those mistakes and would take steps to immediately end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Instead, it appears to me that he succumbed to the Eisenhower warned of industrial military complex and enlarged those wars.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that is the better way to address a disagreement.
Thank you for the advice.

Dorothy said...

Anonymous 12:30 pm
...and you can still keep getting out the information you want to get out to others. It's just is a way to deal with some who are so set in their ways that civil dialogue is impossible.

Anonymous said...

aww how sad that you deleted my post about the Blaze :(

Dan Bryan said...

Derision At It's Finest!!!!
It apears that Iron and Clay does not mix!
Just where is the Suit?

Can you name the countries of the Islamic Crescent?

Dan Bryan said...

Post-Revolution Egypt govt passes law criminalizing protests?
It didn't take long!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers under attack by govt powers that want to operate in secret and have no accountability to the public.