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I have a link to this video at the side and periodically I watch it because it brings everything into such deep focus.  It's a good refresher course for all of us on major players and schemes.  I posted many critical links to the comments section on the last article.  Take advantage of them and download them while they are still available.  Just as Teena Booth's materials on 'New Age Pride" promptly vanished, I remind all of the two popular New Age games:  1.  Watch the fundamentalists run!; and 2.  Now you see us, now you don't.  For that reason, I sometimes post critical news in the comments section before writing more openly on it - - so that it doesn't disappear even more rapidly from our ability to abserve it -- on the web!



Even though those of us, who study this movement, already know most of this . . . it is absolutely CHILLING to see this agenda laid out in video form!!!
Regarding the worship of Gaia:

In Greek mythology: "Hesiod mentions Gaia's further offspring conceived with Uranus: first the giant one-eyed Cyclopes."

Is that why Lady Gaga always covers up one eye when she performs?
To Anonymous 1:57

Other than a Larry King Live interview, I must confess I have seen little of Lady Gaga. Don't know! Her music is definitely not "my thing". Don't know!

For the first time, I decided to check out the author of this well compiled work. He is, per his blogspot, a 27 year old man, Matthew D. Jarvie. His blogspot is entitled "Dissecting the New Age." I will be adding a link from my blogspot to his.


This is what I just learned about Matthew D. Jarvie per his writeup:

"I am a researcher into the hidden forces behind the veneer of the presumed, so-called "reality" we have been conditioned to believe is real since birth. My focus is on history, and how it ties in with the dialectical nature of world events past and present. The common view of history we are programmed to believe is that world events (wars, revolutions, terrorism) are a series of unrelated incidents that happen by mere coincidence. Critical examination shows that this is not the case. We are entering into a new system of neo-feudalist control -- a global totalitarian government that is administered through a form of communistic rule or scientific socialism, but is fascistic at the top -- by the big multinational corporations in tandem with the Anglo-American establishment described by former Georgetown professor and CFR archivist, Carroll Quigley, in his 1966 epic, Tragedy & Hope. My hope is to help bring people out of their conditioning, so they will understand the system they were born into, and which their parents and grandparents were born into as well."
I find it somewhat confusing as to why it would be necessary to pay attention to the "research" of a guy like Jarvie, when it seems fairly clear that his "dissection" of the New Age movement, the NWO, etc., is not being done from the perspective of someone who understands the spiritual nature of all these things...

I am not assuming to know anyone's heart or level of faith, I just see nothing on this guy's blog that would suggest that he belongs to Christ...

At what point does all the "dot-connecting" and conspiracy talk prove superfluous? How deep into the weeds do we have to get before it's enough? Christ is coming back, and all this globalist/Luciferian junk will be done away with...

I guess I'm just tired of living life being shaken by all these "CHILLING" reports, videos, stories, etc... Enough already! If Jesus was really raised from the dead, then what is there left to fear?

Sorry.... Rant concluded...
Dear D,
Fear itself!
Dear D,
Fear God!

Philippians 2:12

12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
Indeed, "fear and trembling"...

But fear and trembling towards what?

Thoughts of the coming "population reduction" (which I am in no way discrediting...)?

Or the fact that we will all one day stand before the Creator of the Universe, and give an account...?

I have been wrestling with this issue a great deal lately, as I have been forced to admit that all too often I become engrossed with the former, instead of the latter...
I just find it refreshing whenever there is someone else out there who appears to be 'on the same page' with those of us who have studied and done research on the New Age Movement for so long.

Sometimes, it's very lonely here on this blog . . . while the rest of the world is too distracted (texting, tweetering, facebooking, shopping til they drop, etc.) to stop long enough to even notice that they need to be connecting the dots.

The 'chilling' part is that there are still are so many people in the world who will be caught totally unprepared.
"A meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels on Thursday and Friday will examine options but NATO action has appeared unlikely given Turkey's opposition and reservations among other NATO members including Germany."




Note that Turkey is the only country listed in opposition. The 10-nation modified Brussels Treaty Powers (aka Western European Union) would have no such problem, as Turkey is not a member. Fwiw.
sometimes the children of darkness have more light, per the Bible, than the children of light. These things are actually happening. So many think they're going to get snatched away (and I hope they're right, but don't plan to lose my faith if they are not) and are set up for massive disillusionment and falling away from the faith if their expectations that they will safely be in heaven 3 1/2 years before the antichrist is revealed. I have observed closely the trends this author, a young man now discerns, for 3 years before he was even born. The warnings that these things would come upon the earth were clearly in scripture and it is frankly nice to have some secular corroboration (such as author James Webb was) that they are occurring.

Difference: Jesus said "when you see these things come upon the earth, lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh."

Those who see these things and have been raised in an era where it was unfashionable to believe often suffer from a form of what I call "existentialist dispair." We can reach out to them, too by showing them that these events were accurately foretold 2000 years and before by Scripture and that same book of prophecies is also a book of prospective hope.







To D:

Knowledge and acceptance of BOTH are important.
We were to resist evil -- the evil that was to come as a snare upon all who dwell upon the face of the earth. But if you never saw it coming . . .

According to the following article, the 1995 Barcelona Process (which was designed to bring peace and stability to Europe’s neighbours), has failed:




Since the “peaceful” route has apparently failed, one must ask what are the options of the EU. Fwiw.
"Jews to pay the price

Op-ed: Dutch bill against ritual slaughter will end up mostly harming Jews, as usual

Manfred Gerstenfeld Published: 03.09.11, 00:40 /

A few weeks ago, the Party for the Animals submitted a private law to the Dutch parliament to prohibit religious slaughter without stunning the animal first...Jews, however, would be the sole victims if the law passes, as kosher slaughter does not permit prior stunning...The law may not pass this time. However, it will garner at least 40% of the votes of Dutch parliamentarians. And, equally importantly, what started in The Netherlands may soon spill over into other European countries."




Note: Kosher slaughter was banned by Hitler. Fwiw.
From a Christian perspective you might see that the parable of the talents applies. The Master gave talents to the servants. What they did with them is how he judged them. You have been given knowledge. What you do with it is how you will be judged.

"Former Dutch PM tells Haaretz: European leaders can't trust Netanyahu
Dries van Agt wants the EU to make Israel pay for its policies, but says his own country is one of the main obstacles to recognition for Palestine."




A 7.2 earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan. A tsunami warning is in effect.
FIFTH SEAL EVENTS? Coptic Christians have been under intense persecution in Egypt. I heard on the radio tonight driving home that there were battles tonight in Cairo between Christians and Moslems. A church was burned over the weekend.

Catholic.online has a story about the Coptic Church events:


This tinyurl might work better:

Rick Warren & Tony Blair:
From Natural News (03/09/11)...

Millions of dead fish in Redondo Beach, California

In what is perhaps the most startling and disturbing mass animal die-off yet, countless millions of dead anchovies were found this morning floating in King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif., according to reports from The Daily Breeze. Officials say they do not know the cause of the event at this time and that investigations are underway.

....Reports say that some onlookers noted that the birds were not feeding on the anchovies the morning they were discovered, indicating that perhaps the birds knew something about condition of the dead fish that was not visible with the naked eye.

....Any number of factors may be responsible for the mass die-off, but one thing is for sure: the "scientific" destruction of our earth has consequences. The spread of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), the widespread use of pesticides, and the pollution of the environment with pharmaceutical drug waste all play a role in altering the world's delicate ecosystems. When will the madness stop?

For more...
Thank you Constance for your response, I totally hear your points, (and I totally agree that when I look at the scriptures, I do NOT see it presenting the idea that Christians will be whisked away before the Tribulation...), I guess I've just been wrestling with my own measure of "existentialist despair", even though I believe the Word and understand why all this is happening...

I apologize (to everyone) for sounding so judgemental earlier, thanks for showing grace and honesty in your responses...

Push ahead now for a solution in Palestine

By Marwan Muasher and Javier Solana
Published: March 9 2011 21:40 | Last updated: March 9 2011 21:40
As revolutionary change sweeps across the Arab world, it is easy to think that now is not the time to push for peace between Israel and Palestine. Until the dust settles on the new Middle East, the old road maps seem dated and conventional wisdom holds that progress towards a peace agreement is wishful thinking in the face of regional upheaval. But the opposite is true. There is a distinct window of opportunity for the US and Israel to push urgently for a lasting settlement.


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