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Picture:  To let all know how deep this is, this is the home page for the Association of World Citizens.  It was co-founded by Salvador de Madariaga and is a MOST VITAL PART of the New Age Movement!  I had not known before of Dr. Robert Muller's death.  Dorothy Margraf and I go back 3 decades tracking this aspect of the Movement.  The Rene Wadlow part was off both of our radar screens until he wrote his article boasting of their 'global revolution' coming off so successfully -- in Tunisia.


Rene Wadlow came under my personal radar only recently.  He should have, as one of Donald Key's main confederates, came under it long before.  He claims to have been a student of Salvador de Madariaga.  He is a long-time, ardent activist with Lucis Trust and all that it stands for.  I decided to do a Wikipedia search for Wadlow today.  I didn't find a Wikipedia article on him, but found him referenced in an article on David Littman, Ph.D., who it turns out is the husband and collaborator with Bat Ye'or, an anti-Islamic author that many have commended to me.  Somewhere I have both of her books in my personal research reference library.   There are, unfortunately, the very tightest of ties between Rene Wadlow, his World Citizens organization which Wadlow represents at the United Nations, and Littman/Ye'or.

Littman has been presenting on human rights issues at the United Nations in Geneva on behalf of various NGOs since 1986.[2][15] He appears before the United Nations Human Rights Council (formerly the United Nations Commission on Human Rights).[2] From 1986–91 he was main representative of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ).[1] In February 1992, he joined René Wadlow (main representative of theInternational Fellowship of Reconciliation; (IFOR)), then with the World Federalist Movement (WFM).[1] He has been an accredited representative for the Association of World Citizens (AWC) and for the Association for World Education (AWE) since 1997, and an accredited representative and main spokesman for the WUPJ again since 2001.[1] He has made oral and written statements (some jointly) at the UN Commission on Human Rights for the WUPJ, IFOR, WFM, International Committee for European Security and Cooperation (ICESC), Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Simon Wiesenthal CenterInternational Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), AWC, AWC, and other NGOs.[1]  From WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE, CEC

I have long warned that the operative New Age strategy is both infiltrate the Monotheist religions and then pit each against the other for their weakening and dissipation.  Then they, the New Agers, will be the "Phoenix" to rise from our ashes.

Having recommended Bat Ye'ors books myself in the past, I now sound a word of caution until we know more -- much more.  Something smells here!

For the record, this is what Rene Wadlow sets out, very publicly, as his own areas of professional interest:

Rene Wadlow is the editor of the on-line journal of world politics and the chief representative of the Association of World Citizens to the United Nations, Geneva, working on issues of human rights, conflict transformation, and arms control. Formerly, he was professor and Director of Research of the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, University of Geneva. He served as the founding Secretary of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), and as Book Editor of the International Development Review.
From 1992-1998, he was President of Partage, a French child welfare NGO active especially in Asia and in countries torn by conflicts such as Lebanon and former Yugoslavia. He was particularly active in setting up programmes in Cambodia and Vietnam.
From 1982 to 1995, he was the representative to the UN, Geneva, for Peace Brigades International as liaison for their non-violent efforts in conflict resolution, especially in Central America and Sri Lanka. Today, he serves on the Board of the International Centre for Peace Studies (New Delhi) and the Centre for South Asian Studies (Geneva) and as advisor to the Kashmir Foundation for Peace and Development Studies (Srinagar). He is an active member of the Peace section of the Theosophical Order of Service and a reviewer for its website Rene Wadlow is a USA citizen, educated at Princeton and the University of Chicago - one of Leo Strauss' students who did not become a neoconservative.
As to his relationship with Donald Keys, Wadlow wrote to Mark Satin:

I was sorry to see that Donald Keys, one of the Alliance’s Governing Council members, was not among your article’s 15 contributors. Don and I had been in communication, as I had been on the Advisory Board of his Planetary Citizens, and he was on the Editorial Advisory Board of my periodical Transnational Perspectives. The last we were in touch, he was living as something of a hermit on Mount Shasta in northern California, but that was several years ago.

Be careful, the whole thing is VERY TRICKY, and stay tuned!

Part of Rene Wadlow's thinking on the needed syntheses:
Adding to the confusion is this:

Very interesting new article by Rene Wadlow in OVI Magazine on "The People's March [i.e., NEW AGE REVOLUTION] is on the March"
I do not agree that there is "the tightest of ties" between Wadlow and Ye'or. Wadlow is one of the session chairs of a secular conference at which Bat Ye'or gave a talk. Bat Ye'or is secular and the conference is on the subject Victims of Jihad, regarding which she is a noted authority. It is in order that she speak at it. Session chairs are sometimes conference organisers but more often merely people trusted by organisers who are chosen to chair a morning or an afternoon of the conference, ie introduce each speaker and manage questions-and-answers after each talk. I am a research scientist and I have spoken at many scientific conferences at which I knew my session chairman only by sight; and I have been session chairman and introduced plenty of speakers I had not done more than say "Good morning" to.
Do as much googling research as I did, including the World Citizens ties of Bat Ye'or's husband and collaborator, David Littman, and you may come to vastly different conclusions.

from the Wikipedia article on David Littman, Bat Ye'or's husband and collaborator:

Littman has been presenting on human rights issues at the United Nations in Geneva on behalf of various NGOs since 1986.[2][15] He appears before the United Nations Human Rights Council (formerly the United Nations Commission on Human Rights).[2] From 1986–91 he was main representative of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ).[1] In February 1992, he joined René Wadlow (main representative of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation; (IFOR)), then with the World Federalist Movement (WFM).[1] He has been an accredited representative for the Association of World Citizens (AWC) and for the Association for World Education (AWE) since 1997, and an accredited representative and main spokesman for the WUPJ again since 2001.[1] He has made oral and written statements (some jointly) at the UN Commission on Human Rights for the WUPJ, IFOR, WFM, International Committee for European Security and Cooperation (ICESC), Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Simon Wiesenthal Center, International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), AWC, AWC, and other NGOs.[1]
And from this one:

From 1986 to 1991, Littman was accredited to the United Nations in Geneva by the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) as its main representative at the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). In this capacity, he campaigned for the rights of Soviet Jews who were denied their requests for emigration (refuseniks). At the request of the U.S. ambassador, he accredited Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky to speak under WUPJ’s auspices on March 5, 1987, causing the Soviet delegation to leave the hall. A 1988 Special Report on the CHR, published by Harvard Law School's Human Rights Reporter, described Littman as "a byword for tenacity in the sisterhood of NGOs, deeply resented by some fellow lobbyists who are worried that he might enrage the Arabs by his attacks on Islamic calls for Jihad (holy war)… Littman remained convinced [on the refusenik issue] that the pressure must be maintained … Gorbachov may have opened the floodgates. If so a sea of Littmans is preparing to pour through."

After 1991, Littman worked with René Wadlow, main representative of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, then with the World Federalist Movement, and the Association of World Citizens. He has been a representative at the UN in

Again, I am very sorry to say it, but the time honored strategy of inflaming and pitting all target groups against each other comes to mind, knowing the Rene Wadlow links of this couple.

From the THEOSOPHICAL "Service" page by Rene Wadlow:

I believe that there are three points which we should stress in our efforts. These three points will probably not be on the agenda if people outside the governments do not first raise them:

1) Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip needs to be invited and should be a full participant. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, the Israeli Government, the US Government, and to a lesser extent the European Union, would like to see life conditions in Gaza get worse so that the Hamas administration will fail. Even if disintegration does not happen in the next two months, the idea is to leave Hamas “out in the cold” and have only Mahmoud Abbas negotiate for all the Palestinians. Such a policy is short-sighted and will lead to failure.

2) The second point is to stress the need for a wider economic zone so that prosperity will help integrate the Palestinians into a wider context. Such a wider economic zone would include Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The return from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan of the Palestinian refugees to Israel is impossible for political reasons. The return of the bulk of the refugees to the West Bank and Gaza is impossible for economic and ecological reasons. Palestinians have been prevented from playing an active and positive political and economic role in Lebanon. This Lebanese policy should be modified if relative peace is established in the area. Only economic prosperity will build the foundation for greater cooperation.

3) The Israel-Palestine conflict needs to be placed in the wider Middle East context which currently lacks a security organization in which all States are members. There is a need to establish an Organization for Security and Cooperation in the Middle East on the lines of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe which played an important role in ending the Cold War.

(Rene Wadlow is the Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, of the Association of World Citizens and the editor of

The above piece was from this link:
Dear Constance,
Regardless of the Littman associations, the content of his work and his wife's work is solid. It is important to take into account that he works from within the UN to destroy the work they are doing. For example they have been outspoken about letting the OIC make it an international crime to criticize Islam. This is very important because it's a first step to implementing global sharia law!

Obama adopted the very same policies as the UN with regards to not using words like "jihad", which are words Muslims themselves invented many centuries ago. They have also been very outspoken against the work of the Alliance of Civilizations, which I know that you oppose too.

This couple has courageously helped Jews and speak boldly on many of the problems confronting the world today at great risk to their personal safety. You certainly have reasons to question their affiliations but given the nature of what they are doing, which is working through a UN NGO to attack the UN and everything it stands for, I would give them the benefit of the doubt though. My recommendation is to go first to your brother and hear his explanation before you openly destroy his reputation. That's just a suggestion. David Littman's address is not available, but his wife's is:


I am Anon of 6.40pm as you can verify. In that post I was writing about the evidence for "the tightest of ties" which you gave in your article and which was far from conclusive. Thank you for further information. Littman and Wadlow are certainly connected. To assume that Ye'or supports Wadlow's agenda on the basis that she is married to Littman is unjustified. Her books on the menace of Islam are excellent, and their marriage proves nothing other than that at the time thy married they probably shared a broad consensus.
Majority of victim's of the Christ Church earthquake were inside ChristChurch cathedral when the earthquake struck. Antipode of Christchurch is Madrid. Is the work of Satan beginning all out war on Christians?
Anon of 6:40 and 2:40

Based on Bat Ye'or's book ( pg 12) where she gives credit to Rene Wadlow, it would be difficult to say that she didn't know him. What the exact nature of the relationship between Wadlow and David Littman and Bat Ye'or is is anybody's guess.

Another anonymous
Wadlow speaks at events Ye'or puts together. Wadlow is cited as credible references in Ye'or's books. That went over my head before. They are close collaborators as a couple and far too literate to have not not seen the obvious in Wadlow's work.

Probably his relationship with Ye'or (an assumed name) and Littman helped him hide from the rest of us and gain LEGITIMACY in circles where he should never have had it.

I have to now suspect that what was happening was what Marilyn Ferguson happily reported about in the early 1980's: "in many different places in many different times the kindling has been carefully laid -- for the real conflagration -- the one that will forever alter the landscape."

Query: Did these people help lay kindling, kindling that we all helped spread?

From Anon@6.40pm & 2.40am

To Anon@9.36am

I'm sure she does know him given that her husband is involved with him. The question is whether she AGREES with him. God will judge us according to our own views, not the views of our friends or even our spouses. I am an evangelical Christian and as a scientist I know, I cite, I am personally fond of and I often have a drink with many atheists. I understand that like often hangs out with like but that is not decisive. Can we please be careful here not to smear by association?

Constance: please would you give a URL for "Wadlow speaks at events Ye'or puts together". Thank you for the hard work you do in your ministry.
See a detailed interview with Bat Ye'or where she talks about this conference.

It is strange how many “human rights advocates” are impervious to the violation of the human rights of Israelis, of Christian and animist slaves and of Christian dhimmis. On April 18, 2005, three nongovernmental organizations (NGO) established at the Palais des Nations (Geneva) a one-day conference on “Victims of Jihad: Muslims, Dhimmis, Apostates, Women” parallel to the 61st Commission on Human Rights. These organizations were the International Humanist and the Ethical Union, the Association for World Education and the Association of World Citizens, none with connections to Jews or Israelis. There were 12 lecturers and four moderators. Of this total of 16, only two lecturers were Jewish. All the others−that is, 14 participants−were Muslims or former Muslims and Christians. The most moving testimony at the conference came from a former Sudanese Christian slave who described the terrible ordeal of jihad enslavement. Apostate Muslims spoke of the threat to their lives, while Christians: Copt and Assyrian, testified to the harsh realities of dhimmitude. Muslim and Christian women spoke on the discriminations against Muslim women.

At the end of the session, the veteran anti-Zionist campaigner Tom Getman, speaking for what he described as the “Interfaith” organization World Vision International, attacked the legitimacy of the conference, suggesting that Christians, Jews and humanists should focus on human rights violations committed by fundamentalists within their own communities and not highlight violations committed by Muslim jihadists.

NOW, I WOULD AGREE WITH BAT YE'OR THAT WORLD VISION HAS BEEN BAD NEWS, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME 'SACRED COW' IN THE EVANGELICAL COMMUNITY. BUT, the organizations she named as sponsors: "International Humanist and the Ethical Union, the Association for World Education and the Association of World Citizens" had their own ugly Lucis Trust/Theosophical agendas.

As I said, something smells here and I'm still feeling it out myself. I feel that Bat Ye'or and her husband, David Littman are far too literate NOT TO KNOW what Rene Wadlow and the rest of the New Age Movement of which Association of World Citizens is clearly an important component!

I'll post more here in the comments section as I find it.

Remember the "dialectical process" and how the New Agers like to control both sides . . .

This is really interesting to me personally -- the TOM GETMAN / WORLD VISION aspect that Bat Ye'or wrote about. TOM GETMAN was the aide to Mark Hatfield, as I recall who called Bill Keith, then President of Huntington House Publishers, threatening them that Mark Hatfield would sue Huntington House if my book mentioned Mark Hatfield. Bill Keith relayed to me that he curtly informed him that one could not be both "a public figure" and "not a public figure." Bill Keith was a state senator from Louisiana.

From that same interview, I would agree with Bat Ye'or on this, BUT, what makes her think that those she and her husband have obviously affiliated with have the best interests of the Jewish communities in mind . . . ?

BY: First, I want to stress that European and Arab interests coincided on many plans. Otherwise, the European Community (EC), replaced in 1992-93 by the European Union (EU), would not have agreed on such cooperation. Those mutual concerns were the oil, Arab markets and European interests in Arab industrial developments, which created a Euro-Arab economic interdependency as was planned by European politicians and economists. On the political level, the Euro-Arab solidarity is essential to the economic collaboration between the two partners. This political solidarity refers to the anti-American and anti-Zionist militancy. Both represent strong and permanent trends in Europe, on the extreme right as well as in the Leftist movements where the Arafatian cult replaced that of Stalin. The rebirth of the powerful Nazi and communist parties machineries and ideals into Palestinianism!a jihadist anti-Western cult that subverts its values–is a European phenomenon. Europe itself wants to fulfill the Arab dream: to be a stronger power, rival and opposed to America. Both Europeans and Arabs share the desire for the fusion of the two shores of the Mediterranean and anti-Israeli policies based on Palestinianism, as well as anti-Americanism.
Does anybody remember the UNITY AND DIVERSITY COUNCIL of ardent New Ager Leland Stewart which was the group which first brought Benjamin Creme to the USA in 1979 to tell Americans about "Maitreya the Christ"? Well, RENE WADLOW is on its "World Board"
Planetary Citizens was evidently much bigger than I had ever guessed. According to Rene Wadlow in a newsletter encouraging revival of the networks, 200,000 people joined Planetary Citizens in Japan in the mid 1970's! I had no idea Donald Keys commanded an organization of that size.

Pam Geller's interview with Bat Ye'or on Alliance of Civilizations:

Concerned European
Per Rene Wadlow the New Age shift 'from Pisces to Aquarius" involves a 'fading of both Christianity and Islam."

Thus, to advance the hypothesis of a Piscean-to-Aquarian progression, we should look for a shift away from the Mediterranean-influenced civilization and for signs of a fading of both Christianity and Islam. The shift in symbols for the age would also indicate a geographic shift in power and influence from the Piscean fish (the sea) to Aquarius -a person pouring water, indicating land in need of irrigation or water conservation. We can look for signs of a shift toward states or combinations of states with large plains in need of water management for prosperity. Such a hypothesis would indicate at least four states with large plains that would take the lead in the transition to a new era: the United States, Russia, China, India, and perhaps Brazil. There is less agreement by the general consensus on the fading of Christianity and Islam given the emotional attachment that some have toward the religions and the energy with which some spread the faiths. Yet as Ray Grasse notes, "The Aquarian Age will probably sweep away many of the emotional and religious trappings that characterized Piscean-Age consciousness and replace them with a more sober and clear-eyed approach to reality." He goes on to describe the shift from the Piscean climate that has been largely pleasure-denying in character even to the extent of fostering guilt over experiences of pleasure toward self- realization, happiness, and freedom. The Aquarian Age ushers in a more self-affirming philosophy and a greater emphasis on personal empowerment.


There was definitely an agenda here by Wadlow -- it is hard for me to believe the Littman's (Bat Ye'or included) could have been ignorant of the rest of his agenda. Again, I query: "were they helping to lay the kindling" or more kindly, 'bit players in the Armageddon Script' (hopefully unwitting ones!)

I agree with what Bat Ye'or said in that about the 'Alliance of Civilizations.' I would submit, however, that where they are headed is not more Islam, but EARTH CHARTER. Again, we are in tricky territory. I'm not sure what all the answers are, but I know there is much that is not right here -- right now, I believe that the linkage between the Littman's and Rene Wadlow on World Citizens which began back in 1992 points to sophistication on the rest of the agenda, UNLESS, that is, they went in on an agenda of their own to that group. HOWEVER, it so plays into Armageddon Script type scenarios that I can't help but wonder.

Here's another indicator of where at least Wadlow is coming from -- his approval of RICHARD FALK who has NEVER been a friend to Israel:
I notice that Donald Keys was "living as a hermit on Mount Shasta".

Someone who I believe is a real prophet of God was told in the early 1990s to anoint Mount Shasta, because it and much of California were going to be destroyed. The prophecy also mentions a New Age "Harmonic Convergence" taking place on the mountain.
Part 1
So, what's my view of this controversy and the information Constance has found? It's that things are extremely complex where New Age is concerned. There are so many organizations and individuals inside of these organizations that it becomes impossible to make a generality about all of them. I would suggest that those who research and read here what is involved know more about the movement than most of the people involved. It is imposssible to keep up with every individual or group named in connection with the movement. Rene Wadlow's name was on a list in Constance's second book, Planned Deception. The academic community is most concerned with New Age as a new religion which some follow. Glenn Beck has been talking about the political end of the New Age movement. Various Christian groups pick at the spiritual end of the information on their websites while ignoring the political end. Constance, along with a few others, has been holding talking about both parts. Yes, both parts organizationally come together, but that is at the upper levels of the entire movement. If there is spying on the New Age movement being done by some funded organization, I don't know about it. We know the conservative movements are infiltrated, but New Age?

Where does this leave the political end of New Age? Hidden from most of those involved and hidden from those attempting to learn what is going on. It was even more hidden before the internet. If those involved in the political end are told of the Theosophical Society and Lucis Trust roots, the information isn't checked out. While the groups and individuals are bringing about the changes in the culture through their efforts, they are not told where the movement started or where it is going. Check this out for yourself. Those of us who do research have, like Hansel and Gretel, to follow the breadcrumbs to the house of evil, going from one website to another, going from one book to another to see where the links are. It's not easier work for others.
Part 2
It is said the church and state always compete with each other for followers. What are the two sides about? We have those who adhere to religious faith and a religious pattern of daily behavior. The behavior is adherence to laws on ethics and morality based on commands in the written material. Faith without commands or vice versa can be and are manipulated. Most New Agers are individuals who do not have faith and find religious beliefs illogical. They believe high intellect human minds can develop better governing systems. Faith cannot be commanded. So where do people go who do not have faith in a religion? Over to New Age organizations if they feel a responsibility for the world they live in because those organizations do not appear to be involved with religious or occult activity. There is no getting down on one's knees to pray to Mother Earth as part of environmental work. The ideas are sold as carefully thought out with up to date scientific analysis. As Constance once quoted a New Ager, they have something for everybody. How many people get into the upper levels of New Age and study the occult writings? Occultists believe no one should know what is involved unless they are ready to receive the information.

What does this have to do with Wadlow, Littman and Ye'or?
David Littman's history is that he wanted to help Jews in Morocco in the late '50s.
"Littman did not yet know that the Agency was working on that operation with Isser Harel’s Mossad, and that he was entering the world of clandestine activity." Probably once he became involved, it was easier to enlist his help on other insider projects.
Part 3
I searched to see if there was any connection between Littman and Ye'or and World Goodwill, The Theosophical Society, New Group of World Servers or any direct New Age religion. I found nothing. A very large percentage of Jews just don't accept Jewish history as presented in the writings of Judaism. They do identify with the Jewish culture and a history devoid of reliance on Judaism. That appears to be where Littman is involved, in a Jewish organization where member groups do not have to accept historical Judaism as accurate or have faith in God where there is no material proof. The Littmans can work on the political end of the New Age movement without getting involved in the occult/gnostic end. Wadlow probably accepts the Bailey line which says that Jews who leave their religion behind are among the most blessed. I do not think that Bat Ye'or's writings are meant to foment war between Christians and Jews. I do not find her writing that the Sufis are exceptions. On the other hand if I was working with her in some way, I think it would be important to withhold sensitive information lest it be passed on.

Who's at fault? I would say Jewish and Christian leaders are. Why? Because they concentrate on selling faith when they should be selling their superior governing and individual developing product which has been tested over hundreds of years. What I've seen over 30 years is that the followers of New Age ideas have been working very hard to sell their product while not being tolerant of other ideas. Religious groups have taken their followings for granted while becoming more and more tolerant of New Age ideas in order to make their numbers grow. They should have fought back when the government told them they could lose their tax exempt status if they talked politics.

Constance's information on Wadlow is important and accurate.
Based on my reading of Bat Ye'or's books and this thread I suggest that she sees herself principally as an anti-Islamist, rather than an advocate *for* any belief system whether theist or atheist. As such she would accept sponsorship from her enemies' enemies, and if those sponsors are actually against her at a deeper level then more fool them.
Significant article today in der Spiegel today about how divided Europe is over Mediterranean/African situation.,1518,748074,00.html#ref=nlint


"U.S. officials have been pushing European countries to take the lead in world powers' response to Gadhafi, arguing that the Europeans have closer ties and more leverage. U.S. officials also want to limit military involvement in what could be a protracted civil war, coming at a time when U.S. forces are overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan...'This is predominately a European problem, in the sense that they are the ones who have the most at stake,' said a senior U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive diplomacy."


Thanks to Adamantine for the link.
P.S. One must wonder whether the 10-nation Modified Brussels Treaty Powers (aka the Western European Union) may be called into action, at some point. Fwiw.
From "News in Brief," top, right:


Buzek invites Pope to speak in Brussels
Today @ 17:43 CET

EU parliament president Jerzy Buzek has invited Pope Benedict XVI to come and speak at the assembly in Brussels. 'It was very important for me to see today's Europe from a different perspective, not only through the lens of a politician,' Buzek said in a statement after his trip to Rome on Monday."
Gmail glitch wipes out 150,000 accounts
Another thing has occurred to me. As part of the effort to regulate religious belief, the Europeans (Javier included) used to make references to 'root causes." That is what Bat Ye'or's and husband David Littman's work is about in substantial part -- ROOT CAUSES. I am also disturbed by their uncritical acceptance of "global standards" and "world government." What makes anybody think it will logically inure to good?


This may be the best post that you have ever sent. Very well put together and easy to understand. I think that this should be required reading of anyone that is going to be studying and understanding the New Age movement. Really, there are definite parts of this email I wish I could have read before I started looking into NAM myself. Because I got to be honest with you I get caught up with the names more than anything else and do loose sight of the actual movement going on.

As a side note. The part about going to mother earth reminded me of what happened at the Great Wolf Lodge. Right before story time every night they have a presentation of "the rhythm of nature" which is full of that kind of thing.

Thanks again for the post.

I just discovered an interesting blogspot reporting on similar issues as here: CIRCLE OF THIRTEEN. Here's the link:

I found it doing a google search for "Fellowship of Reconciliation" AND "Lucis Trust."

Check it out!

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