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Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Isaiah 5:20

This just in from the UK:

The full story may be read by clicking here:

Come quickly, Lord Jesus and DELIVER US FROM SUCH EVIL!

Stay tuned!



War on the church? I think so!

P.S. For the record, my non-birthday is today, February 28, 2011. As I was born on FEBRUARY 29TH, I only get one birthday every 4 years whether I need it or not!


It gets worser.

Gay protesters swarm Chicago cathedral, police do nothing

Happy Birthday Constance. I hope you have a Gr8 one.

God Bless,

Thanks, Savvy!

Wow a leap year baby! Happy Birthday none the less. Guess it's a great time to thank you for your awesome blog. It's a daily stop for me for news and commentary on the coming tribluation.
Jason in Arizona.
H.B. Constance!
Wow! Thanks to all of you! It was starting to feel pretty lonely out here!

Thanks, Savvy. Interestingly (perhaps disturbingly) google had sent your comment to "spam". I extracted it and have put a picture up of the linked story.

Did any of us ever see any movies about end times quite as wild as what we now see daily? I don't think so!


You might want to check this page out -- strong Lucis Trust connections including Wadlow and Ghislaine de Reydet (Lucis Trust, Switzerland). They are extensive materials on their proposed new "digital economy."

Savvy, living just south of Chicago I had heard nothing of the protest outside of the cathedral. When I did a search, I saw that the local television station, WGN, carried the story for 28 seconds and the Chicago Tribune had a small story. Neither mentioned that the protesters blocked entrance to the cathedral steps and the police refused to enforce the law. While the name of the organizations doing the protesting were in the news, the name of the group doing a counter-protest was not given. I found that quite interesting on several levels.

Just another case of news spin, this time in Chicago.
Happy Birtday Constance! all the way from SA.
The `end times` movies surely are scary! I also think that it is strange that they are screened!? Preparation for a `Planned Deception?` regards
“As Russia and China seem unwilling to back the idea of a no-fly zone in the UN Security Council, the US and its European allies may go for a Nato decision instead, as was the case during the war in Yugoslavia, a spokesman for the US State Department suggested.”

Or will it be the political “resurrection” of the individual who ordered those NATO strikes in Yugoslavia. Fwiw.
"The International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) is the largest defence and security event in the Middle East and North African region.

In 2011, the 10th edition of IDEX, takes place from Sunday 20th - Thursday 24th February, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Retaining the prestigious honour, IDEX 2011 will be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces."


"Solana lauds the IDEX, says Al Ketbi

Feb 24, 2011 - 06:53 -

WAM Abu Dhabi, Feb 24th, 2011 (WAM)--Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), hailed the growing role of IDEX, and the volume of EU participation in the event.

This came (out) today during reception of Solana by Staff Major General Obaid Al Haira Salem Al Ketbi, Head of Committees and Spokesman for IDEX 2011.

Solana expressed his admiration about the services and organisation of the IDEX...."



Fwiw, please note that there is no "former" attached to title of "EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)."

Thanks to Farmer for the links.

We need to take back the West from the experts. It was the experts who could not distinguish between a natural law and a positive one that once argued that blacks were inferior to whites or that eugenics was scientific. Thomas Aquinas was one of the first people to trash these experts.

Canadian experts now claim that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. They want to amend the criminal code.

Happy Bithday! Have a wonderful day and celebration.

Dave in CA
Thanks to Farmer, for noticing that a certain picture (see second link) was removed from the Justus Lipsius building, on 2/24/11, the same day as IDEX's reception for a special guest (see above); the following photo headlines the EU observer, 2/1/11, which may help to de-legitimize a current EU leader:


2nd, tinyurl:


2nd, long:

"They also 'discussed the importance of transforming the EU's approach to the region and agreed that an early European Council (or summit) was needed to consider further EU action on Libya.'"


Fwiw, Mr. Herb Peters originally surmised (albeit incorrectly, but perhaps still relevant) that WEU emergency powers might be instituted in the spring EU Council meeting, June 2010. Being that some have considered that the "midst" of Dan. 9:27 could be a bit ambiguous, it may be worth our while (understatement) to take note of the above referenced
"early European Council (or summit)."

Part of the spin is the impression, that the people who oppose gay activism are cruel or lack love. Love has been reduced to a feel- good approach.

"Moving quickly and with rare cohesion in hopes of preventing civil war and further bloodshed, EU nations agreed...


Up to 75,000 people have fled to Tunisia since February 20, with the situation reaching a "crisis-point" as tens of thousands await transport inland, the agency said.


With up to 1.5 million would-be African migrants believed inside Libya, Italy, which sees itself in the frontline of migration flows, has warned of a human tidal of 'biblical proportions.'"

From above EU Business link.
Eurozone...Sees Middle East Inflation Threat

"Sarkozy said that Europe needed to adopt 'a common strategy in the face of the Libyan crisis, the consequences of which could be very significant for the stability of the entire region.'"


Note: He may be calling for greater 'common strategy" than that of the U.K. - France military alliance.


"The dilemma now facing the international community is how long it will allow the dictator to continue with his violent suppression before military action to remove him becomes the only option...The US appears to be wary of going it alone in a messy, fluid situation such as that rapidly unfolding in Libya, especially after the traumatic experiences it suffered in Somalia in the 1990s...With Libya located on Europe's doorstep, Washington could pressure NATO's European members to take the lead. However, the EU as a whole lacks a cohesive security force..."

Except for the 10-nation modified Brussels Treaty Powers, aka the Western European Union (WEU).
"How much worse can it get?"

Let's maintain perspective, this is nothing compared to what believers face in Saudi Arabia, parts of China, Iran and North Korea. In our lands such rhetoric for how quickly things are getting worse, rather than how bad they are.
Note the following two events scheduled for Friday, the 11th of March:

1) EU's Van Rompuy calls March 11 summit on Libya:


2) Potential Saudi Arabia ‘Day of Rage’ on March 11 could cause new oil high


FWIW, 3/11/11 is observed as "Moses' Last Day of Leadership (1273 BCE):"

Savvy wrote:
"Part of the spin is the impression, that the people who oppose gay activism are cruel or lack love. Love has been reduced to a feel- good approach."

Reply: Yes, I'm sure I don't want to get into the love thing with members of the gay community. I'll just keep it to a wave "Hi."
Just saw on the news that gold is at an all-time high, and silver is at a 31-year high; markets are jittery regarding possible unrest in Saudi Arabia, a major supplier of oil to the U.S. FWIW.
"Published 22:41 01.03.11 Latest update 22:41 01.03.11

Mideast Quartet due in Israel in bid to restart peace talks

By Barak Ravid

Mideast Quartet officials are due to arrive in Israel next week to meet with advisers of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in order to discuss new efforts to restart peace negotiations with the Palestinians..."


Thanks to WEDG for the link. Fwiw.
“The emergency summit was requested by British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who in a joint statement dubbed Kadhafi’s brutality ‘totally unacceptable’ and urged fresh options ‘for increasing pressure on the regime.’”


Fwiw, find it notable that the U.K. and France, who have a mutual defense pact, are basically requesting greater EU leadership (one should be careful for what they ask).


I meant to say "HAPPY NON-BIRTHDAY!!!!! LOL

To elaborate on one of your cover stories, here is World Net Daily's version 03/01/11):

Judges: People have only 'qualified' right to Christianity
Judges rule promoting homosexuality mandatory for foster parents

A court ruling has found that Christians who want to provide foster care for needy children must promote homosexuality to them and that there is only a "qualified" right to exercise their Christian beliefs.

The judgment comes in a claim by a Christian couple that their biblical beliefs in opposition to homosexual behavior were being used by the government to discriminate against them regarding their application to be foster parents.

The couple, Eunice and Owen Johns, previously had provided foster care in the United Kingdom and had applied to resume their work, but suddenly became the target of government rejection because they expressed their Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality.

For more . . .
"Published 00:41 02.03.11 Latest update 00:41 02.03.11

Netanyahu mulls Palestinian state with temporary borders as part of interim peace deal

By Barak Ravid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering a plan to cooperate with the Palestinians on the establishment of a Palestinian state with temporary borders, as part of an interim peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority that would be implemented immediately..."


Thanks to WEDG for the link.
From the Catholic News (03/02/11):

In his latest volume of "Jesus of Nazareth," Pope Benedict XVI says the condemnation of Christ had complex political and religious causes and cannot be blamed on the Jewish people as a whole.

For more...
What can be expected from this conference which is also being promoted by Illinois Family Institute.

It's called the Family and Dominion Conference. Does it have something to do with Dominion theology?
Looking at that "Conference" it is put on by Gary DeMar. He is a preterist and a christian reconstructionist and believe amillenialist from that perspective. Make disciples of all "nations" view. Starts with the myth of "Christian foundation" of usa.
Constance how do we donate? We have tried to ask via email but no answer. Nkosazana
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Global list of animal / bird / fish deaths (updated 02/21/11)
Documents reveal TSA research proposal to body-scan pedestrians, train passengers...
France and Britain seek 'bold and ambitious' Libya measures
03 March 2011, 18:12 CET

(PARIS) - France and Britain want to put "bold and ambitious measures" to next week's emergency European Union summit on the Libyan crisis, British Foreign Minister William Hague said on Thursday..."We also agreed the international community including us and other partners will continue to plan for different contingencies,..."I continue to hold the view that the speediest way to bring about an end to the bloodshed is for Colonel Kadhafi to leave," he added, while warning that if the Libyan leader clings on he may face military action.

EU hoists its sails as Arab winds of change grow stronger

Published: 03 March 2011

Ahead of a special EU summit on Libya and the South Mediterranean next week, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso described the unfolding events as “a rendez-vous with history”…


On the conference with IFI, the MacDonalds and Swanson do have ties with Doug Phillips and Vision Forum.
I am not completely convinced that Phillips and his organization are not Dominion outright. But having done the research I have, I say that they at least lean that way. And at the very least may be promoting it without knowing.

Javier Solana: "There's no time to lose, it's time to boost Euro-Mediterranean policy"

This old “retired uncle” is driving the EU ship from the back of the boat! … Nothing like a back seat driver is there?

Iran Playing A Pivotal Role In A "New" Middle East

Iran now says a new Middle East indeed is on the way, but one with the Islamic Republic as its axis.

"Iran's pivotal role in the new Middle East is undeniable," Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Politburo Chief General Yadollah Javani said on Monday,

"Today the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation enjoys such a power, honor and respect in the world that all nations and governments wish to have such a ruling system," he added.
Iran To Build Permanent Naval Base In Syria

Just two days after two Iranian warships reached the Syrian port of Latakia via the Suez Canal, Friday, Feb. 25, an Iranian-Syrian naval cooperation accord was signed providing for Iran to build its first Mediterranean naval base at the Syrian port, Debkafile's military and Iranian sources reveal.

The base will include a large Iranian Revolutionary Guards weapons depot stocked with hardware chosen by the IRGC subject to prior notification to Damascus. Latakia harbor will be deepened, widened and provided with new "coastal installations" to accommodate the large warships and submarines destined to use these facilities.
It sure feels like God's timetable is in the high gear. I feel very sure that Iran is going to play a major role in the last days. Irans president is determined to do whatever it takes to usher in the muslim messiah. The scary thing is that the muslim messiah sounds ominously like the antichrist in Revelation.
If I missed this on previous threads I apologize, but I did not see any news about the official appointment of Pierre Vinmont as Secretary General of newly created EEAS arm of EU. Has anyone seen the powers that will be given to this individual in the future?

I posted about this several months ago but really got no response, maybe because it was not about Solana, Creme, Soros etc.

Hey Susanna, another Sarkozy crony appointed to very high profile and very powerful position. I know you all dismiss Sarkozy rather easily on this blog, but remember I posted previously that Van Rumpoy's term ends one month after Sarkozy's term as president ends. If he does not decide to run for re-election in France and this coincides with ending term for EU President......well.... those of you who dismiss him, I still say, KEEP your eyes on him.
European court could rule traditional marriage benefits discriminatory
George Soros predicts overthrow of Iran in "bloodiest of revolutions."

For more...
To Anonymous 11:35 and the rest


I could not help but notice that Javier Solana is in a position of TOP LEADERSHIP on this. His various deputies and cabinet members, Cristina Gallach, Robert Cooper, Jamie Shea, etc. are on its board.

It looks to me like the real shadow government of Europe!

Interesting logo, twelve stars (one hidden) around the NATO logo. Fwiw.
"A report issued by a Vienna-based human rights watchdog group has tracked five years of anti-Christian incidents across Europe and says that there is a growing recognition at the institutional level of discrimination and intolerance towards believing Christians."


NATO allies warn US on too much defense scrimping

While the Pentagon tightens its financial belt, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has hinted at reducing American troop levels in Europe..."


I am anon 11:35. I am not so big on Solana anymore as I feel his expiration date has passed, although I do feel he warrants MUCH watching. But....the EU presidency changes hands in a little over a year from now and I think we will see the real power then (Van Rumpooy was just a puppet basically handpicked by Merkel and Sarkozy) someone with much more clout.

Do you think it is possible to see Solana in this position? Anything is possible,and he would be a perfect fit, wouldn't he? I was even surprised after doing google search of articles and images that he and Sarkozy have had some quite "chummy" gatherings in the past that I was not aware of and surprised me a bit. So... I am not counting out Solana, we may see him in this position. I think it is a possibility that is certainly valid. What do you think?
When we get close to the scent, they sometimes change the terminology. "World Government" becomes "Global Governance." Then "Global Governance" becomes "Global Civil Society." Here's one of their latest attempts to advance things by "EDUCATION."

Pull it down, QUICK, and archive it!

Hard to say. If he's "The Dude," the prophecy is pretty clear that "a vile person shall arise to whom THEY SHALL NOT GIVE THE HONOR OF THE KINGDOM . . ."


But then again, there have been wannabes to this in the past and it is possible for the foreseeable future. Again, your guess is as good as mine, but I still maintain that with Solana there are too many "coincidences" to rule him out.

Remember, Ronald Reagan didn't start his presidential career until he was in his 70's. We still giggle over his campaign remark that "I am not going to hold my opponent's youth and inexperience against him . . ."

Googling "FAST TRACK INITIATIVE" and "EARTH CHARTER" together, I found this one which you might want to peruse:


Go here:
Here is a PROPAGANDA FILM about "SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" worthy of Goebbels. You can watch it on Youtube and I recommend you save it by going to this tinyurl link:
It was 30 years ago that Afghanistan greatly diminished Russia. With some of the recent news, we are on the same path. Hamid Karzai said he would not accept the USA apology for killing 9 civilians. I'm not sure I disagree with his decision.

Another distinguished Spanish commentator who says Javier Solana is the GRANDSON of SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA:

F re d o Ar i a s -Ki n g i s f o u n d e r o f t h e a c a d emi c q u a r t e r l y
Demokratizatsiaya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization,
published since 1992 in Washington, DC. He is an analyst with two
regional think tanks: CEON (Miami) and CADAL (Buenos Aires). He
is author of the book Transiciones: La experiencia de Europa del Este.

He says, in part:

In any case, Spain’s perceived right to tutelage may be
misplaced. As Spanish thinker (and a founder of the Liberal
International) Salvador de Madariaga would say, Latin
America is not the child of Spain, but instead, Latin America
plus today’s Spain are the offspring of a Spain that has long
ago ceased to exist. His grandson, the EU high representative
Javier Solana, has wisely heeded this advice and shown
congruence towards Latin America
—unlike the newer
generation of his fellow Spanish Socialists.

Evangelical preacher says there is no hell
Houston Chronicle (03/07/11):

House gives final approval to abortion requirement

AUSTIN, Texas — A measure requiring women in Texas to get a sonogram before ending a pregnancy has passed the House.

The measure was adopted tentatively last week and Monday's 107-42 vote was largely procedural.

Democrats, who last week used procedural maneuvers to try to derail debate, were largely silent Monday as the measure passed without debate or discussion.

The legislation would require many women who want an abortion — even victims of sexual assault — to have an ultrasound probe inserted into their uteruses at least 24 hours before the procedure.

The Senate has passed a less stringent version and the two bills must be reconciled before going to Perry for his signature.

The vote was largely along party lines, with only a handful of Democrats voting for it.
Crater collapse sends lava spewing from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano...

Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano was shooting as high as 80 feet in the air Sunday after the collapse of the floor of the volcano's Pu'u 'O'o crater a day earlier.

Hawaii Volcano Observatory scientists said the floor of the crater dropped 377 feet over almost three hours on Saturday and a fissure developed between the Pu'u 'O'o and Napau craters on Kilauea.

The lava lake on Kilauea's summit has drop since the collapse, scientists said in a press release Sunday.

The volcano observatory was set up a webcam to provide updated still images of the erupting fissure and the Puu Oo crater.

Kilauea is the youngest volcano in Hawaii and perhaps the world's most active, according to the volcano observatory. The current activity is a continuation of an eruption that began in 1983.

Kilauea, the home of Hawaii's goddess of fire Pele, has erupted 34 times since 1952.

Source: CNN...
Zapatero advocates intervention in Libya

7 March 2011

Headlining with “Spain seeks Arab support for military intervention in Libya,” El País reports that Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Zapatero...However, at the start of a “crucial” week that will be marked by the Brussels meeting of NATO defence ministers on 10 March and a summit of EU leaders the following day, the international community remains very divided.



Epidemiologists, who lives just south of Chicago, I had not heard of the event in front of the cathedral. When I searched, I saw that the local television station, WGN carried the story for 28 seconds, and the Chicago Tribune had a story. Ni said that the protesters blocked the entrance to the steps of the cathedral, and the police refused to enforce the law.

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