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What if you were in a coma? Would you want to be presumed "brain dead" or a "vegetable"?

I met Greta Emling, the wonderful author of the equally wonderful Wounded, Trapped, and Voiceless, at a wedding reception a little less than a month ago -- on December 18th, to be precise.  She was already acquainted with my husband, Barry.  She had heard I was also an author and wanted to meet me.  I downloaded her book to my Amazon Kindle on the spot.  It turns out my husband already had a copy of the hard copy book she had given him as a gift sometime earlier.  This was a book I could hardly put down.  I had a case as a lawyer involving very similar issues several years earlier.  In that case I obtained a restraining order against a prominent Detroit, Michigan area hospital and one of its physicians from "pulling the plug" on a man in very similar circumstances.  Watch the video clip above to meet both the author and the subject of the book.  I am blessed to have Greta Emling as my radio guest tomorrow night, 7 p.m. Eastern time, 4 p.m. Pacific time on my internet radio program, "My Perspective" at ""

How it was detected that the alleged "vegetable," was awake, heard every word, but was trapped in her own body as a result of a condition known as "slow brain bleed" is vital for all of us who might one day become either trapped in our own bodies and/or have loved ones that are.  We might need to be the advocate for such a loved one or have a loved one be one for us.

This book and this subject are important.  Please join us Tuesday night on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio!

Tune in and stay tuned!

A very different subject, but one I am as all of you know, following closely: The EUOBSERVER has a new article up today extremely critical of Israel. Of interest, as well, is that Javier Solana is prominently mentioned in the story.

I left my Job as a C.N.A. because of the hastening of death of certain patients, this was done by their Doctors prescribing we do things contrary to the needs of the patients, I also had to attend to the N.P.O. (nothing per oral) deaths of 2 additional patients I could not stand it and left.
The place I worked at had about 19 residents die that year, many who could not pay for their own Doctors and used the facilities "free" Doctors. This nursing home was strapped for cash, and word of layoffs was rumored if it didn't receive more paying residents.
Many of the long term residents were paying a reduced fee.
Constance - I'd be very interested to hear the show but doubt that I'll be able to stay up late (I'm in the UK). Is there anywhere I can listen to the recorded show on request?


It will be on at 7 p.m Eastern time, 4 p.m. Pacific time. It is also rebroadcast. Also, if you wanted to take advantage of downloading a lot of programs at the same time, Joe McNeill offers access to the archive for $20.00 unlimited access good for a month.

Hope this helps!
Again, slightly off target (not much), but this was just sent to me about Bill Gates' dream of having every child's birth on the planet registered for vaccine tracking. I'm not fanatically against vaccinations -- but the mandatory concept does worry me.

or tinyurl


Interesting piece over at Bjorn Freiberg's page (I know, we have serious differences, but he shares important information):

Carlos V Prize will be awarded 2011.02.11 to youknowwhom
The Princes of Asturias, Don Felipe and Princess Letizia, will chair on Feb. 11 in the Real Monasterio de Yuste (Cáceres) the ceremony of the 'Premio Carlos V 2010' to Javier Solana.

The former minister, former secretary general of NATO and former High Representative of the European Union Foreign and Security Policy will be recognized with this award which calls the European Academy of Yuste Foundation and honors those who have actively contributed to the European integration.

The decision was taken last February 2010. Then the jury president and president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, talked about the "wide consensus" with which he had been recognized Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga (Madrid, July 14, 1942).

Jurors chose from among 11 proposals from several European Union countries, namely Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Spain (farmer: that makes 10 kingdoms).

Vara showed his pride in this award because "no one like Solana represents the spirit of building the European Union and stressed the" fight of "the Spanish politician to strengthen" the sense and feeling of the European Union." (farmer: or with the ENP a convenant with many?) The jury, which normally meets every two years in Brussels (Belgium), has moved almost a year to Cáceres. ..." Link

You might want to click the link at the right of my site to his article and then explore his links.

David Rockefeller confronted at Chilean airport:

(By people who feel they have nothing more to lose?)

"Leave Chile right now....we don't want you're killing a lot of people....your world government will fail."
From World Net Daily (01/17/11)

What is Bill Gates scheming for cell phones, shots & kids?

Knowledge of births, locations could be used for vaccination plans

Microsoft mogul Bill Gates says cell-phone technology could be used to register every birth around the globe and track children to make sure they have been vaccinated as government advisers urge.

The massive effort was discussed by Gates at a recent mHealth Summit, which delved into the issues of technology and health.

According to a report today from Natural News, Gates told a conference late last year that the goal is a lower population, and using vaccines to improve early childhood health is a step in that direction.

WND previously reported when Gates commented at the Technology, Entertainment and Design 2010 Conference in Long Beach, Calif., on the world's population.

He said, "Let's take a look. First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."
David Rockefeller appeared to be a very old man in a wheelchair in that picture. I'm apprehensive that the shouts at him could be used to portray anti-NWO people as "dangerous." The shouter probably had truth to his message; however, I would have preferred to see a different presentation -- would have been nicer if it had happened when he was younger and less sympathetic in appearance. I rather suspect as well that the Chilean economy could use the money that David Rockefeller must be spending -- Detroit's sure could!


With all due respect to you, if David Rockefeller is spending money on Chile, I'm sure that the Chilean people (along with the rest of the world) would love to see evidence of that. Chile doesn't look much different today than it did the day after the earthquake hit a year ago.

I would also like to know where all the millions of dollars raised at George Clooney's telethon went. While celebrities like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn prove they have big hearts to match their wealth -- and are known for putting their money (and time) where they mouths are -- there may be dishonorable 'middle men' (with their own agenda) who have their own ideas on what to do with that money.

Last year, I kept hearing the word, 'rebuilding' mentioned many times. However, as yet, the world has seen little evidence to support this.
The movie stars are frequently used as fronts. I will say, however, that Sean Penn appears quite sincere and dedicated to his Haiti work. I have talked with volunteers down there that tell me he has really made a difference. I don't know what his motivations are, but so far, he appears to be there because he cares. He has been down there a year and says he intends to stay as long as needed.

Dear Constance,

How are you?

Would be interested to know what (if anything) you make of the following Euronews video clip, dated 1/17/11, with footage of the signing of Tunisia's association accord with Europe, in 1995:

Have a great day.


A fellow watcher
Dear Fellow Watcher,

Wow! Thanks! Noticed, inter alia the following:

1. A very familiar face showed up on the videos shown, the good doctor? Solana!

2. Not hard to envision a process of treaty breaking with obvious parallels for another country we have all been watching.

A clip showing someone yelling at David Rockefeller may not change things. What it does is get the attention of people who aren't into analyzing everything going on. We've been carefully analyzing the the New Age movement for 30 years now, and for all of the good it has done, we just might have done nothing. Sure, a few people were awakened, but if there has been change, I haven't noticed it. Ask the man in the street what he knows about the New Age movement and he'll give you a long stare.

Time to give screaming a chance.
..."if we do a really great job
on vaccines..." ?

How is that supposed to bring
DOWN the population ?
Very spooky to consider,
especially coming from a man
who considers himself a god.
Don't leave your children alone
with billionaire Gates.
To Dorothy,

You just might have a point there, although my experience practicing law is that when people start screaming they usually either get ignored or security is called. Fast track to marginalization, at least that's beem my observation.

Constance, the shouting hasn't marginalized the left. The continuous urgency in the voice of Limbaugh hasn't marginalized him. The video has already been seen over 101,000 times, probably encouraging many people not to just quietly slink away with great manners from confrontation with mannerly bullies like David Rockefeller. It lets people know it's OK to act out..... verbally.

You yourself have participated in support for behaviors that you deplore but excuse. Bjorn is only one example. The support for Mark Satin because he says something you want to hear about the Bible is another.

Have patience with those of us who feel the need to lead occasionally and not just follow.
By the way, my David Rockefeller story. As you know, the Rockefellers are well connected with the University of Chicago. When David Rockefeller's book came out, he gave a homey talk all about how his family life was valuable, blah blah blah. Then the reception at International House which was open to the public. He was signing his book. When my turn came and he signed the book, I looked at him and said with contempt, "I wonder how much I can get for this on ebay." He said "I'm sure I don't know" but his staff got a good laugh out of it. It certainly was a response he didn't get from the rest of the polite kiss-ups in the line.
"Abbas also said the visit confirmed Russia’s commitment to the Palestinian quest for a state with its capital in East Jerusalem. Russia already recognizes a Palestinian state based on its 1967 borders, but it recognized the state in 1988 under the now-defunct Soviet regime.

'We made our decision then and it hasn't changed today,' said Medvedev in a press conference.


This was especially acute as Russia is a member of the Quartet,..",
In a letter dated January 14, 2011, BK Lim, a Geohazards Specialist, wrote a letter to two congressmen, Fred Upton and John Simkus, noting problems that he believes are continuing with the Macondo well and the results that those problems could have with the adjacent New Madrid seismic zone.
I didn't give Mark Satin "support" for his New Age ways, but in the event he was genuinely searching in the right places in ways that might lead him from that disastrous path, yes, I would support him and anybody else seeking the truth. Hate to apologize for my Christianity, but doctrinally, I do believe in redemption.

We have had several ex-New Agers participating on this board. I have heard from many over the the years who did courageously come out of it. Several have participated on this very forum.


7.2 mw Earthquake hits SW Pakistan.

The quake was in the sparsest populated part of the country, but the tremors were felt through several provinces and as far away as Delhi, India.


These type of statements by Gates seem to indicate that he has a understanding of how the vaccines pushed in third world countries cause sterilization and miscarriage. He would definitely deny it if asked directly, but his open ended statements like this give him away.
When dealing with two-faced people, why play their game, pretending that the face they are showing is the only one. I've learned that planned manipulation to get a desired response from the target audience is very common. So, I try to avoid the box presented and give unexpected responses. If that's rudeness, so be it.
Constance, it appears to me that you could have commented to Mark Satin privately if Christian redemption was your goal. Posting publicly where he will probably not see it as you did sends a mixed message to readers here. New Age Christianity coming from Mark Satin is no more acceptable than New Age Christianity (or for that matter New Age Judaism) from any other source.

JD analyzed Satin's presentation very well.
Dorothy ...

that comment of yours sure has the minty sharpness of the windy city about it!

I doubt very sincerely that Mark Satin would have even opened something from me. He has described me in writing in the past as "scurrilous." I would have driven him from something, not to it. I did not write about it in an article where it was more likely to be read, but here in the comments section. I do not know what your specific problem is with the discussion!

Mark Satin was undoubtedly referring to me when he put this up -- it predates his "Bible study" newsletter:

Although my book New Age Politics was first published in 1976, and has been out of print for many years, I’ve continued getting letters and e-mails about it.

In fact, I'm getting more communications about it now than at any time since the early 80s. They seem to be coming from four quarters:

-- young, anti-globalist activists who’ve heard I produced (in my “radical youth”) one of the few SYSTEMIC analyses of what’s wrong with post-industrial civilization and what can be done to make it right;

-- spiritual activists of all ages who’ve heard I produced one of the few SPIRITUALLY INFORMED critiques of and alternatives to The System;

-- political seekers of all ages ISO fundamental critiques and alternatives that are also FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT from socialism, anarchism, and whatever it is that Michael Hardt is up to; and

-- good people who’ve been so upset by some of the scurrilous fundamentalist-Christian references to New Age Politics on the Internet that they had to find out more.

In my opinion, rudeness is seldom justified, but I would never say never.


Constance those words reveal the true heart of the man. Mark Satin while reading the Bible is good, it is with twisted intent. Note that Satan and the demonic do know the Bible and know how to twist it toward lawlessness. Given the history of the Grubbs with IVCF interesting that is one pointed toward as an example.

Yes, there are others with other agendas who "attack" or "came down" on satin. Those individuals have differening agendas and are divided. For know well that the systems of the true "enemy" are that of competition. The strongest survive, so a man who is as noted and persuasive as Mr. Satin (I am certain heard him on a local radio program advocating radical middle concepts) those with competing ideals will seek to finds ways to make him seem weaker. They all but serve a role as they will not be the one to come out on top. However, Mr. Satin approach to the word of God is concerning. I would not be surprised for an instance that one of the new books really gives "New Age" directives and interpretations to the Word of God.

On another note: Yes there are folks who are quite sincere in their efforts and attempts. There is likely a lot of sincerely deceived that are not walking in Surrender to the Most High God.

Slightly related: Sometimes we put too much credance on the potential redemption of the "known" and famous when often the only catch a brief moment and then falter or it does not take root. See Anne Rice, Bob Dylan, Jane Fonda and so on who either fall back when hard or truly are seeking after something "other than."
Landmark UK court decision ... Case brought by taxpayer-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission.

'Now some people are more equal than others': Despair of Christian hotel owners penalised for turning away gays

Read more:

or tiny:

Catholic priest, once involved with Eastern religions, warns on meditation and new age deception...
There are many stories online about atheists and scientists who have read the Bible to debunk it and have become saved.

Satin could become one of them too, we should pray he does, and be careful about his leaven at the same time.
While we're at it, let's pray for Dorothy to get saved, and for her heart to soften and reduce her rudeness.
You are not already praying for her and everyone else including yourself?
Oh absolutely, & encouraging others, as you've seen, to do the same.
"Apache Cassandra is a key component in cloud computing and other applications that deal with massive amounts of data and high query volumes," said Jonathan Ellis, vice president of Apache Cassandra and a co-founder of Cassandra professional support company Riptano, in a statement. "It is particularly successful in powering large web sites with sharp growth rates."

I am a database professional. This is the kind of technology they will use, along with mobile apps, to roll out global government. I guess by virtue of my job I am part of the problem not the solution. Such is the life of wage slaves like me who don't have the talent to be self-employed and are not independently wealthy.
The King James Bible: How It Changed The Way We Speak
Oh Bill Gates is familiar with
what vaccines can do all right.
He's been funding vaccines all
over Africa for years.
He's a philanthropist, don't
cha know...
Re Mark Satin
You know the story,
from Mark 4:

_A sower went out to sow.
Along the way, some of the
seeds fell by the wayside:
Some fell on rocky ground,
and there was no water and the
sprouts soon died.
Other seeds fell on shallow soil
and though it sprang up quickly,
it didn't have enough soil
to grow and it also shriveled
and died.
Still other seeds fell among
wild thorns and though
they took root and grew, they
were soon choked out by the
tough weeds.

But I wouldn't put Bob Dylan
in those categories. He still gives
glory to God, last time I heard.
Anonymous 11:24,
God knows what I need, and you definitely aren't God. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.

"Netanyahu: Tunisia coup shows why Palestinian state is a bad idea
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | Ryan Jones

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week said the violent overthrow of Tunisia’s government effectively highlights why it is a bad idea to rush into recognizing or establishing an independent Palestinian state..."
Constance, following your last show, here's a lead to another one. Guardians appointed by judges for the elderly or for children are turning out to be a very big corrupt business where judges appoint friends to make several hundred dollars an hour that must be paid by those who they are supposed to protect.

As noted in one of the comments, the targets are those who have money to steal from. Those without savings are not targeted. I am aware of one case here in Illinois where the judge has been appointing people from her circle of friends and acquaintances until the woman who has tried to get custody of her children has run out of any funds available. Now that there is no more money to go around, she had gotten temporary custody of her children after two years. The scary part of the story is that the husband may be a pedophile. There has been medical evidence and witnesses supporting the mother.

Here is the story of stealing from the elderly and an organization that has been trying to fight this.;contentBody

Don't think it can't happen to you. No one questions what judges can do. And since money is involved that can be spread around, there can be no place to turn.

There are 464 comments. Read them all to understand the problem.

When I went to a meet and greet candidates, I talked to a mother who was in judicial hell and was looking for help. Her daughter was put in a guardian at litum situation and was repeatedly raped. Yet, she couldn't get custody of her teen age daughter back.

Read and weep. The US just isn't what it used to be.
What a ridicule you make of yourself Dorothy - full of hubris and puffed up with self-pride. Your idea is pathetic! Yet another demented arrogant critter you are:

"Constance, following your last show, here's a lead to another one"

I'm sure Constance has a mountain of great ideas for her next show, without her needing to stoop to the level of scooping the poop from your dunghill of a find!

You're certainly the epitome of deluded Dorothy... why don't you add it as a nom de plume for yourself?
Anonymous 10:05
My information is meant to help others. Why not write something helpful rather than what you did.
To Dorothy:

I just read the shocking story you linked to on the guardians. We have generally a pretty honest probate bench with the courts I have dealt with. When something like this was going on in Detroit a few years ago, there were several attorney disbarments and prosecutions. The story you raised deserves disbarments, judicial tenure commission hearings, and bench removals, if substantiated. Wow!

I must say how excellent this blog is. I have come to searching my search terms with "constance cumbey", and find all my research done already! Amazing work, and what a resource. You guys are a light in the dark!
A poster here sent me the following:

That is scary. My cousin, in her late 80s (recently died at 92), entered a
nursing home/rehab place. I was appointed co-guardian and elected to take no
fee. The other co-guardian was an agency who, of course, took a fee. My
cousin had savings of almost $200K that was wiped out, mostly by nursing
home fees but the agency got their monthly share. What did they do as
co-guardian? Aside from applying for Medicaid; nothing but manage the money;
paying the nursing home and themselves.
I've not included the writer's name.
This is a response note I received from a lawyer friend of Constance's.
"It's the increasingly unholy alliance between the judicial system and the "therapeutic" community. It seems the only people who don't know that "social workers" and psychologists are twisted sisters are judges, who use them like deus ex machinas every time they get a difficult case. Dunno how or when this will improve, sad to say."

Thanks for sharing information on GAL's.

With regard to the elder abuse, I would like to know how - apart from dysfunctional families and "social workers" at nursing homes and hospitals - these non-family GAL critters manage to get their foot in the door in the first place.
Constance or anyone else who can answer this,

At what point does Bailey and/or New Agers say that Jesus became the Christ? At birth/Incarnation? Baptism?

I've been searching through a number of Bailey's books including From Bethlehem to Calvary, Reappearance of the Christ, Destiny of the Nations, and others and have yet to find this. It may seem like minutiae; but, I need this if it's been published somewhere.

Thanks in advance.
One way they get their foot in the door is through custody battles where divorce is concerned. Where physically or mentally disabled children or adults are concerned, if money has been put in a trust for them by parents or other relatives or if there is a settlement of some sort, all it takes is another family member to challenge the status quo. Read the over 400 comments following the article to see how the elderly are being forced into giving up their money and freedom.

Where there is money to be stolen, someone will try and do it. If there are no savings, no property, or no trust money, no one is going to waste their time trying to get money.
Subject: The Queensland floods.

Early last year Queensland was seeking assistance with rain-making technology from Thailand and may even have signed a contract in June, 2010, less than 6 months before the deluge.

Why has this not been explained to the public?

What do you think?

Anyone smell a rat?
To All,

I just spotted the following Christian Newswire article posted at Free Republic and thought it might be of interest to everyone here.

January 13, 2011

See also....



Anyone who denies that the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), and by extension, the 7-year ENPI, is central to the EU's dealings with Israel, is a fool [see Paragraph #4 (12 total), of following letter, recently sent by former EU leaders, to current EU leaders; note signatories].
P.S. Thanks to Adamantine for the link.
The ENPI mid-term review for Israel has been completed:

Some have postulated that the term "midst" in Dan. 9:27 (as regards the 7-year ENPI) could possibly be a bit ambiguous, if indeed, Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. Fwiw.
A Visit to Rick Warren’s Health Seminar – The Unfolding of a Global New Age Plan

January 20th, 2011 | Author: A Ministry in His Service

“Saturday Jan. 15th, 2011 will go down in the history books as the day Saddleback Church was sold a bill of goods. The masses had come out in droves for answers to their weight loss difficulties & health problems, but unbeknownst to them, they were being given a prescription for restructuring society & population control.

. . ‘Saddleback community’ would be an example of “sustainable living” and would set the course to “change this world” … and the crowd went wild!”

Dave in CA
To Craig:

Don't recall exactly what Bailey's terminology was, but I assume she follows the same New Age line as The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ that says he received his degree of Christhood at the time of his baptism in the River Jordan at age 30.

To 9:21

MANY THANKS for the Fr. Kneemiller article. Most interesting and encouraging.

A point of interest...

Enter the URL (illuminate spelled backwards) and you get the NSA / CSS

Dave in CA

Many thanks!

The reason I ask:

Christ is not Jesus' last name. The word Christ means "Anointed One" or "Messiah." It is a title that points to an experience. It was not sufficient that Jesus be sent from heaven to earth with a title. He had to receive the anointing in an experience to accomplish what the Father desired.

Two guesses on what this "experience" was...

This is a direct quote from Bill Johnson -- the main subject of most of my articles thus far. Now, I need to actually acquire the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to properly quote it. Part III will be a REAL eye opener -- to those without blinded eyes (II Thess 2:9-12).
To Craig:

Thanks for the information on Bill Johnson. I have a dear friend who is caught up in his heretical teaching. I would love to know what sources you're using for your research on Johnson. Are you posting that anywhere?


Dave in CA
Dave in CA,

If you click on my name here, you will be directed to my blog. The first article is here:

You may want to read the most recent as I think it's very damaging that Johnson is promoting Bob Jones - a well-known false prophet which this article illustrates:
To Craig:

I found your blog and am reading through it. I agree with you that Bill Johnson and the other "Prophets" he associates with are teaching a different gospel. I knew Bill's dad and I believe that, if he were alive, would be the first to say that what Bill teaches is not God's Word.

I would hope that not all pentecostal believers are put into the same group at Bill Johnson -- there are many who are living by God's Word and don't buy into those who teach a different gospel -- they know the difference. Unfortunately, many are being deceived into believing something that's not true.

All the best,

Dave in CA
Dave in CA,

A red flag certainly would've been when Johnson removed himself from the Assemblies of God (or, maybe it was the other way around -- don't know for sure and don't want to misquote).

It's interesting that you knew Johnson's dad. Perhaps you could contact me through my "About" tab as that would interest me.

I'm not charismatic/Pentecostal myself; but, I don't denounce it either. I don't see how one can read I Cor 12-14 and conclude that the "sign" gifts have ceased as I see this as taking some linguistic gyrations to do so. However, I DO NOT believe in an "office" of apostle or prophet (and neither does the AoG). My blog roll includes those of charismatic persuasion -- although I don't agree with all their views.
to Dave in California,

I just tried it and INCREDIBLE. Do you suppose it was created by them, or was it a variation on a theme on "tinyurl" url makers?

I'm cautious until I know for sure.



When Wes Howard, talk show host and New Age researcher took me to meet Carol Balizet, author of a popular end times novel, she told me that night that what I had described as the teachings of the New Age Movement were also the teachings of the Manifest Sons of God / Sonship Movement. She said, "they too are teaching that the Christ is an Office, not a man."

She produced the Bill Britton House of Prayer booklet Unlimited Glory for me after that conversation and revealed much to me about that movement which seriously started my research in that direction. There is significant material about it in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION, which you may pull down free from the link, "Presentations for Downloading," on this site. It is included on the chapter, "A SECRET KINGDOM?" which is about Pat Robertson.


I forgot to give the time which was early June, 1983.


I'm familiar with "A Secret Kingdom" as I've quoted from it (I have the hardcopy of your book).

I suppose the REAL question is when New Agers believe Jesus became "the Christ" as in the one for the Piscean Age. I'd think it would be similar to Maitreya; ie, supposedly he's here and waiting to be revealed. Similarly, Jesus (and presumably Buddha before him) would have to have a marker of some sort to announce him as the "Christ" for the Piscean age.

Bill Johnson has already stated numerous times that "Jesus is our model;" so, it seems reasonable to assume, given other evidence, that his belief could well be the one of New Agers. The clincher will be if I can show that New Agers believe that His Baptism identified Him as "the Christ" for the Piscean Age and thus receiving this "title" at that time.

Well, I may have found what I'm looking for; but, unfortunately, if my understanding is correct, it doesn't make my case. It's in The Rays and the Initiations:

"....This high point of attainment of the Christ -- as related in the Gospel story -- was reached in Gethsemane...It was this event and spiritual crisis in the life of the Christ (taking place as He ["the Christ"] overshadowed His disciple, Jesus) which enabled Jesus on His own level of spiritual development to the take the fourth initiation, that of the Crucifixion..." [p 290]

I'm assuming this is the first time "the Christ" overshadowed Jesus; but, perhaps I'm wrong...
...well, I'm wrong :)

"These three energies are faintly symbolised for us in the life of Christ when overshadowing the Master Jesus two thousand years ago.

"The purificatory aspect of the monadic force is indicated at the Baptism episode..."
[p 86 Rays]

The indexes are quite handy when one knows what to look for. Now, if I can just her using the word "title" or "office" in conjunction with the Baptism...
QUEENSLAND, Australia; Thailand; and JORDAN all employed the King of Thailand's cloud seeding processes to "end droughts." ALL THREE of these countries have since experienced very recent CATASTROPHIC FLOODS which GREENPEACE, of course, is blaming on "global warming."

Thanks to the reader who put me on to this on the post last night which I read this morning. I did further checking and learned that THAILAND and JORDAN had both experienced catstrophic floods. Now, I'm wondering if Brazil had bought some of the Thailand rainmaking as well.




Something about "destroying those that destroyed the earth" comes to mind. And GREENPEACE is still beating their "global warming" war drums!!!!

S N A K E S !!!!!!

THAILAND to help JORDAN make rain, read all about it here:



January 19, 2011: "Massive downpour causes flash floods, accidents"

Well, I guess the seeding technology works -- TOO WELL!

I don't know anything about the Protestant community.

Using the Master Index of the books of Alice Bailey, this is how I see it. There are several levels. First there is the Father who the Christ reports to. There is only one Christ. Underneath Christ are the Masters and Jesus is called Master Jesus. There are a lot of them, reincarnated many times spirits. They have jobs to help humanity move toward perfection.

If you look up Masters, it tells you to also see Adepts; Brotherhood; Brothers; Custodians of the Plan; Elder Brethren; Great Ones; Great White Lodge; Guides of the Race; Hierarchy; Kingdom of God; Magician, white; and a couple of other titles. You get the message.

There are at least nine levels of initiation. From what I can understand, initiation levels mean the Master comes closer and closer to the whatever Christ is pushing. The Master gets in sync with Christ more and more. They call it greater understanding and acceptance. I'd call it something else.

Now according to the book Reappearance of the Christ,
"There are, as well we know, five crisis or initiations which concern the Master Jesus - the birth at Bethlehem, the Baptism, the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection --but lying behind this obvious and practical teaching, lies an undercurrent or thought of something much higher and of greater importance --the affirmative voice of the Father, recognizing that which the Christ has done."

The Christ is a bit ahead in experiencing initiations if I read it correctly.

Hey, it's exciting. You can join the New Group of World Servers, aspire to be a Master and really be in the know as to how the supernatural system works after a few reincarnations.

As I've written before, New Age religion is spirituality without morality. There is no section for Morality in the Master Index. Regular Monotheism puts a very large emphasis on Moral behavior.
Dorothy ... what???

I don't understand ... you despise protestants, or just don't understand a thing about them?

Are you speaking about the apostasy that has taken over protestantism?

I really want to understand if you think this is typical for all protestants.

sincerely your fan
the fat a** illiterate

the captcha is byfano by-fan-o

Thanks for the help. There are pretenders within Christendom who are actually New Agers; and, I'm doing my best to definitively show this. I cannot have only part of the info or I'll be dismissed as a loon -- which I already am and will continute to be in some camps anyway. It comes with the territory.

This website actually illustrates the various meanings of "Christ" quite well:


The five initiations of the "Master Jesus" are explained in Bailey's "From Bethlehem to Calvary." However, she does not definitely state just at what point the "Master Jesus" becomes the Avatar for the Piscean Age -- at least not that I can find. The main focus here is to show Jesus as the model for all to follow eventually.

And, these five initiations overlap the other nine initiations which makes things very confusing. One day, I hope to map them out and correlate them in order to gain a better understanding of this as it may (or may not) help unlock other things I'm finding within Christendom. However, it's apparently at one of these five initiations that Jesus became the Avatar - the Christ for this Age. And, it would seem logically that he would have received his "title" or "office" of Christ at one of these "initiations."

The "Father" is the Head of the Hierarchy which may also be Sanat Kumara. The way this is presented it's rather hard to make out -- which I do believe is the intent.

Some of the same Scriptures that Bailey/DK distort these guys are distorting as well. This provides some of the evidence of their New Age leanings. I'm wanting the smoking gun.
From the site referenced above:

In the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, we can recognize that Christ has at least five different aspects, or meanings:

1. The inner Christ, which refers to one’s “inner glory,” the human soul.
2. The historical Christ. The historical Christ came to the planet to build, in the soul of humanity, a prototypal being, an ideal man and woman that would be exactly what was in the mind of God.
3. The Christ, Head of Hierarchy. Christ, in this aspect, is a name that is considered to be a title or office. When the present head of Hierarchy surpasses Himself and moves on to a greater position, the One who will replace Him will also be called “the Christ” The Head of Hierarchy does not belong to any one religion but to all religions, to the whole of humanity.
4. The Cosmic Christ, the soul of the Universe. The Cosmic Christ can be recognized as the link standing between matter and spirit. The Cosmic Christ is not only the bridge between Hierarchy and humanity but also the bridge between Hierarchy and Shambhala.
5. There is also the term Christ Consciousness, which refers to awareness on the Buddhic Plane.

"The Christ expressed Himself as Jesus. It is not Jesus but the Christ Who is coming, and the Avatar of Synthesis is going to express through Christ and the Planetary Logos will enter into His aura. When Christ was expressing through Jesus, He was the Avatar. The Avatar is the revealing one. The revelation is coming through Him."

"...Those who oppose this idea of unity will be slowly eliminated from life’s arena." -- This one speaks of "Christ as Head of Hierarchy."
Oh yes I understand what is involved in the various Protestant communities, but I'm not needed to do what Christians can do better among themselves in defining what is going on. I read what they write and learn from it. No one can be knowledgeable in all of the different areas of the New Age movement. Take a look at the Whole Again website to see what I mean. The last edition listed 3,000 sources in their network.
Dave in CA, & Constance,

I ran across that website
which has "illuminati"
spelled backwards as a
URL, three or four years ago.
I don't know what it signifies,
but I do know that it's been
floating around in cyberspace
for at least that long.
Constance has pointed out
a NA trick that she terms
"watch the fundamentalists
run" , which may be the
story here... ?
Craig, in the Master Index there are nine and one half pages with reference to the Christ, and each page has at least 60 links to multiple pages found in the Bailey books. Add this to the gobbledy gook language they use and it becomes impossible to know exactly what they mean by the Christ.

By their definition Jesus isn't the Christ. He may have picked up some of the thinking of Christ through those initiations, but it's two different levels of initiation.

The Christ is supposed to come after the Masters prepare the way, getting the general population up to speed so the Christ doesn't meet resistance. Keep in mind that the Aquarian Age people say that everyone will be as god. That means people will absorb the good Christ stuff through the Masters preparing the way. But even that's not the end scenario if you add the rings and rounds path that different groups are supposed to themselves on.

I don't have the book Esoteric Astrology, but from the Master Index this is where you will find the connection between the Master Jesus and the Piscean Age. At one time the books were on line, but I haven't checked in a long time. If you put in Esoteric Astrology, Pisces, Jesus and do some searching, I'm sure you can dig up the information you want.

If I remember correctly, the initiation at Bethlehem was when Jesus (as their version goes) was chosen by the hierarchy, the initiation at the baptism was when he first became over shadowed by the Christ/Maitreya/Master, it was at this point that he began acting as representative. The garden was where he finally achieved the state of perfected man, while the crucifixion and resurrection represented the transformation from perfected man to his place within the hierarchy.

With the New Age versions, everything is achieved through process. In both ends New Age and those of mind like Johnson's, the baptism is the pivot point though. Are you interested in more quotes other than simply Bailey? If so I can certainly send you some extras that may be of help.

I do have the Esoteric Astrology (got it CHEAP on eBay with 3 other hardbacks); so, I'll check there. I sure thought it would be in the Rays book, but nothing thus far (I've been distracted doing other things; so, I've not been as focused as I'd like to be.)


Yes, by all means send my way! I feel certain that the Baptism IS the point in which "Master Jesus" was recognized as the Avatar for the Piscean Age; but, I REALLY need a definitive source. At this point, I can show that Baptism is the first point in which Jesus was "overshadowed" so that's a step in the right direction.
Lucifer's game from the very beginning was CONFUSION. When things get this confusing, I start to think it is time to go back to basics and do a careful re-reading of my Bible so as to remind me that God is fully in charge. I'm feeling that way right now. I've been reading some of the accounts of the Kings of Israel and Judah in I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles.

Of course, New Agers, Alice Bailey included, generally do not believe that Jesus is the Christ. That is one way I spotted the movement back in 1981 to begin with. I will tell you this, they will run away fast WHEN YOU MENTION THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, as did Benjamin Creme and his 'channeled' Maitreya/Betraya that fateful night of November 4, 1981 at Detroit's Unity Center for Holistic Living, the 1300 seat hall where Benjamin Creme was speaking to a full house that night.


Read1 John 2:22!


Oh yes, I referenced I John 2:22 (and I John 4:1-3) in the first Bill Johnson article after it was shown that his "Jesus" looked more like Cerinthianism which is essentially like New Age. I didn't speak of the New Age aspect until the the 2nd article. The 3rd will show even more.
In the O.T., there were only three
types of people who were anointed;
Kings, Priests and Prophets.
Jesus was/is all three.
He is King of Kings, High Priest
of the order of Melchisadec, and
He is the essence of all the
prophets. In fact every prophet
in the old Testament is a
picture or 'type" of Jesus.
Christ is a Greek word; Kristos,
which is the best that Greek
can translate the Hebrew word
Messiah. It means THE Anointed
ONE. There is only one Messiah.
There is only one Christ and
all the Alice Bailey hokum to the
contrary is not only blasphemy,
but it shows a shallow lack of
understanding of the Bible, along
with a stubborn refusal to believe
Gods Word. Actually it shows
contempt and hatred of God.

I don't mean to rain on this
parade, but,
I don't know why anyone
would want to study a heresy
any more than just to identify it.
It's a pack of lies. What more do
you need to know ?
Be careful ! You are what you
ingest and digest, including
what you read and hear.
I'm saying this out of love
for you all.

I wish I had a copy of "Rays
and Initiations" so that I could
burn it.

What you say doesn't "rain on my parade" as this is not a parade for me. I'm doing this to warn others of the deception and the only way to do that is to show definitively that this guy (and others) ARE teaching New Age and leading the sheep astray.

I know who the REAL Jesus is; and, yes, I've done a fairly exhaustive study on Christos and its derivations. I presume you've not read my blog; but, that's OK. It's on apologetics. To get an idea, read through the first article and you'll get an idea:

The body of Christ has many members with different functions.

Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.
According to the index you might want to look at pages 262, 565, and 345-6. Not everything is included in an index. For instance in EOH I found many instances of antisemitism that were never mentioned in the index under Jews or Judaism. Also later editions of the books do not contain some of the earlier material that they would rather ignore.

No surprise. Why would anyone expect liars to be truth tellers.

What I've never been able to be sure of is whether Bailey was channeling a demon or whether it was just bull to support a political agenda. The UN connection supports the latter idea. The large volume of words really means very little as cults can churn out huge amounts of material to support their beliefs.

I've checked a number of the references; and, while some get close,they just don't quite state anything definitive. I'll keep digging.

I had already checked your 2nd and 3rd ones above but not p 262. Well, I'm glad you pointed me there. While it doesn't have exactly what I'm looking for presently, it does have something else of interest -- namely:

"...She [Virgo] stands also for the womb of form and for the nurturing mother, guarding the Christ principle within her own material substance until the "fulness of time" she can give birth to the Christ child..."

I just wrote about this which is termed "Birthing the man-child" in hyper-charismatic circles. While I knew this was New Age in origin, I had not seen a quote to compare with. Now I have one.

This, to the hyper-charismatics is purported to be the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Bailey here is referencing Maitreya.

My take on Bailey is that she was a vehicle for demonic writings. While she does ramble and repeat herself quite a bit, some of the material is so complicated that I believe there was a "higher power" at work. I believe there was a confluence of demons working through many different individuals to accomplish goals such as the whole UN thing. One of the stated goals was to subvert Christianity and this has certainly been done -- both without and within. And, some, I have to say, are done in rather clever ways.
VERY IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS ON ISRAEL - PALESTINE FRONT from GUARDIAN.CO.UK: "SECRET PAPERS REVEAL SLOW DEATH OF MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS." The gist of the matters alleged and claimed backed by 'documentation' is that Palestine offered many extraordinary concessions, all of which were declined by Israel.

The British press, at least, is making much of this.

what about what has been exemplified by the New Age propoganda. Take a good look at the movie Avaatar. I also just reading through comments see connections to episodes of the last season of Lost symbolically. Jack took over from Jaacob there was "water" baptism of sorts involved. Same with Hurly when he became "the guardian."
Re Constance 3.37PM, the article about the floods in Jordan was actually dated January, 2010 and not well before the other article dated September 2010 explaining the Jordanian-Thai cooperation on rain making technology.

Good observations; but, as for me, I've not seen this movie and I confess I rarely watch movies. So, I'm a bit out of touch on stuff like this.

Since Constance has posted a new post, I'll move further discussion (if any) over their.
To Anonymous 3:37

I'm going over to check it right now. If I made a mistake, I'm sorry!


YOU ARE RIGHT AND I AM SHEEPISH. I looked at the date at the top of the Jordan Times which was January 2011. The correct date is at the very bottom of the story. Evidently, there is a field update which appears to be the date of the story. Jordan floods were in January 2010, not February 2010. They may have well had another drought since then. When we had the great USA drought of 1988, ground was soaked just about everywhere when I left for the State of Washington for a month at the end of May, 1988. When I returned on July 1, 1988, it looked like everything west of the Cascades was under a Biblical drought plague.

Thanks Constance, yes we all rush sometimes and don't notice some important details.
The main point still is that Thailand has several agreements with other nations or states concerning them using its weather modification technology.
I will endeavour to get information about the Queensland contract and post here what I can find.
Another interesting point is that of the radar anomalies recorded by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in Jan/Feb/Mar of 2010. They were seen as perfect circles at various locations in Australia.
See here -
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