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HALLELUJAH UPDATE:  Regained control of gmail account, approximately 4 a.m. this morning, primarily thanks to those of you putting me onto how to check filters for forwarding information!  IT IS NOW SAFE TO RESEND FORMER EMAILS TO ME AND PLEASE DO SO!  



This morning I arose unusually early.  The Lord probably woke me.  My entire Gmail/Google Account was hijacked.  Somebody had changed my password and TOTALLY EMPTIED everything.  I had priceless information in it -- upwards of 7 gigabytes of stored memory.

The same criminal perpetrator/perpetrators sent messages to all on my email lists or with whom I had ever corresponded that I was stranded in London and needed money for rescue.  For the record, I AM NOT IN LONDON, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN THERE!  The IP address of the perpetrator is traced to near Edinburgh, Scotland and it emanates from a blackberry user.  

What needs immediate rescuing is my email.  I am asking all who corresponded with me to retrieve as many messages sent from me or to me to my email address of to resend them for now to my  Also, please send copies to my alternate account of

Whoever did this committed a felony.  I hope they are prepared to face the music!


That would explain this email I got from you this morning with the tag line URGENT:

Apologies for having to reach out to you like this, but I made a quick trip to the UK and had my bag stolen from me with my passport and credit cards in it. The embassy has cooperated by issuing a temporary passport, I just have to pay for a ticket and settle
Hotel bills.
To be honest,i don't have money with me,I've made contact with my bank but the best they could do was to send me a new card in the mail which will take 2-4 working days to arrive here.i was thinking of asking you to lend me some quick funds that i can give back as soon as i am out of here,i really need to make a last minute flight that leaves in a few hours.

I can furnish you with info on how you will get me the money. You can reach me via hotel's desk phone, the number is, +447045749898.

Constance E. Cumbey

I am posting this so others can see what was sent out from your account.
I don't know if Google has any type of backups for a situation like this. My account was hi-jacked once before and Google caught it and shut things down before serious damage such as this could occur. I need to check facebook for damage as well. I discovered the problem when I tried to post here this morning and received an "incorrect password" message.

If you can resend old emails to and from me, it would help rebuild my box.

If anybody has special google expertise or contacts, let me know what I can do. I am going to look into making a criminal complaint and ask for an investigation.

I've never been to the UK in my life and certainly have enough sense to stay away from Europe, given my well-known research for the past 15 1/2 years.


It looks like Google does not provide telephone support. I found this link where you can report your account has been compromised. I would check to see if they can restore your mail file from yesterday's date.

I, of course, got the same email as JD. I thought it was fishy because normally you do your radio show on Tuesday. I hope that no one falls for this. Praying all gets resolved.


Maybe the authorities can be given the # in the email and something more can be done.
You must be doing something right, Constance.
Whoever hijacked me, changed my password, at least on Facebook, at 4:52 this morning.


I am sorry that you were attacked. I too recieved the "urgent" email from you and immediately knew it was fake. I comment only occasionally and I have no emails from you. However, I am praying that the Father restore you and make you stronger in the face of your enemies in Yahushua's name.

facebook used to have a way to check locations of where you logged in at. Perhaps that would start narrowing down "where" they are. I've known friends who were hacked and facebook found it because it appeared they logged in from a totally random location. The last time I switched computers and logged onto facebook, I had to answer the security questions- so perhaps those are compromised as well.

Hope you catch them,
All the best retreiving your emails Constance. Hopefully Google will have a back up to a given date and be able to restore your data.

This pathetic spoof 'stuck in London' thing has been doing doing the rounds for quite a while. A friend of mine in the US was hacked in the same way about a year ago. The irony is that if this was ever a genuine situation the hotel or your US Embassy would give you any money you needed! :)

Besides, Constance tends to write in a grammatically correct fashion. I think these scammers targeted the wrong people. We usually can smell something rotten.

I am very sorry to learn about your being hijacked.

Here are some more instances of the "Stuck in London" stranded traveler money scam.

New scam: Help, I'm broke, stuck in London
By Ellen Creager

Detroit Free Press

There is some very good information here about how the hijacker could have gained access to your account on protecting your account in the future.

January 3, 2009

See also.....
I know of someone else on facebook who had the same thing happen. I think it was a yahoo account. The person ended up changing their email and facebook.
I'd be concerned also that you picked up a key-logger, but I believe you use a Mac, so that really limits that option.

Needless to say, check every account you have online, and beef-up the passwords. Also keep a thought for your financial records, and possibly put fraud alerts on your credit statement. If you had 7 GB of data harvested, I don't know what all they may have acquired access to.

It's a painful process, but the horse is already gone...
TO ALL: NOTHING IS COMING THROUGH ON MY GMAIL ADDRESS. Joe McNeil informs me that mail he sent me AFTER I changed my password is still going to them and they replied. No email other than what I sent myself has come through.

Somebody in on it has an EU address, hmmmmmmm??!!

Figure they just "wiped" the info on gmail... goes to needing to back up and have multiple sources of info want to save. Constance you may want to check account forwarding if you reaccessed you gmail.
I was just going to forward the email I got about being stuck in London - I knew it wasn't you because I've seen these spam messages before verbatim. I knew you were hacked when I saw it was sent to - I hope you catch the perpetrators. - Jackie
"The Republic of Ireland has become the first member of the European Union to recognize, albeit not in explicit terms, an independent Palestinian state, by upgrading the diplomatic mission of the Palestinian Authority to that of embassy status..Ireland is of course not the first country in the EU to upgrade its relations with the Palestinian Authority. Spain recently upgraded the status of its relations with the PA from General Delegation to Diplomatic Mission, affording the Palestinian representative all the benefits of an ambassador but without recognizing 'Palestine' as an independent state. But Ireland's decision goes one step further again...Analysts expect that other European nations may follow suit..."
KUDOS to Dorothy for quickly responding (within less than an hour) to send out an e-mail to everyone on Constance's e-mail distribution list . . .

"Warning Cumbey's email acct was hijacked"

The SCAM was sent at 7:06 AM (CST) and Dorothy responded at 8:05 AM (CST).

GOOD WORK, DOROTHY in attempting to do damage control!!!
Bottom line . . . FYI:


Constance would have let everyone know in advance IF she was traveling to the UK (or anywhere else) . . . and I can not imagine her being unprepared (not having funds with her) - and /or EVER ASKING US FOR MONEY!!!

(Duh . . .)
I just had a call from a concerned client who said he had sent $1500 in response to these criminals! I advised him to call and quickly have his bank undo it.

They have my gmail account still under their control. Evidently, they have figured out a way to have everything forwarded to them.
Don't use that account until further notice!

Worse yet, they have my facebook page as well! They changed that password at 4:52 this morning.


I have been working (as Allie permits) on getting some of the info we have exchanged back to you. I am sending it to both gmail and yahoo as requested.
I was hacked of my hotmail account a year ago, google refuses to give it back to me. I also deleted my facebook about 3 months ago and after that received an email from a high school friend stating he was mugged in London and begging financial assistance.

THANKS. Best NOT to use the Gmail account for now. The Yahoo and MSN accounts are fine for the time being. I greatly prefer my gmail account. I cannot for the life of me figure out how this could have possibly happened UNLESS there was some insider cooperation at Google! I hate to say it, but nobody had my password. My password was changed and all my accounts were emptied. SO, BEST NOT TO GET RID OF YOUR BACKUP HARD AND FLASH DRIVES!!!!

“Gheriafi learned from reliable European Intelligence sources in Brussels that at least two well-equipped Western military fleets were urgently ordered to move from the Arabian Gulf to positions close to both Syria and Lebanon in the Mediterranean Sea.

They carried strict instructions to fully monitor and watch the unfolding events in Lebanon, especially in case Hizbullah, backed by Syria and Iran, succeeds in taking over the new Lebanese government.

The intelligence sources did not unveil the identity of the Western fleets but confirmed that they comprise two nuclear aircraft carriers with 210 jet fighter planes on board, and more than 30 ships carrying about 5,800 marines armed with the latest technologies.”

Fwiw, wonder if the recent military alliance between France and the U.K. is responsible for the preceding, and if it might portend an eventual need to reconstitute the Western European Union (WEU). Fwiw.
P.S. Thanks to a poster at FP for the link.
“Gheriafi learned from reliable European Intelligence sources in Brussels that at least two well-equipped Western military fleets were urgently ordered to move from the Arabian Gulf to positions close to both Syria and Lebanon in the Mediterranean Sea.

They carried strict instructions to fully monitor and watch the unfolding events in Lebanon, especially in case Hizbullah, backed by Syria and Iran, succeeds in taking over the new Lebanese government.

The intelligence sources did not unveil the identity of the Western fleets but confirmed that they comprise two nuclear aircraft carriers with 210 jet fighter planes on board, and more than 30 ships carrying about 5,800 marines armed with the latest technologies.”

Fwiw, wonder if the recent military alliance between France and the U.K. is responsible for the preceding.

(Thanks to an FP poster for the link.)
From same article:

“The United States, European countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and many other countries have been conducting around the clock consultations on the highest level to abort this vicious Syrian-Iranian scheme. The Syrian-Iran full control of Lebanon will impose a dire threat to all the Arab countries, Israel, and Europe.”
constance, probably within gmail itself.. I know the preference for gmail as well. Did you check your settings and the "forwarding" bit in the setting part of your mail account yet?
An insider at Google is a strong possibility. I remember there was a time when one would do a search for the name
Constance Cumbey and millions of hits would come up, most of them connected to porn sites. Every day more websites would be added to the number of hits given. If I remember correctly, it ended very quickly when Constance threatened to sue Google.
constance.. sent in a report to facebook and here is there reply:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have taken the appropriate action to secure this person's account.

In order to resolve this matter, please ask the account holder to try logging in to Facebook. If they see messaging that their account has been disabled, they can follow a link to contact us directly about the account.

If they do not see this messaging because the email on the account has been changed, they can view the Money Transfer Scam section of Facebook's Help Center:

From here, they can use the form to contact us and reestablish ownership of the account.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations
The crooks are obviously diverting all my mail from " to "" No mail intended for my email box is getting there. They are actively pretending to be me and representing they are me in conversations with those thinking they are helping me (or more hopefully, entrapping THEM!)

They compromised my account. AMAZON was WONDERFUL in helping me fix it. There was a link to ask for a call from a live voice which called immediately and walked me through the entire repair process. GOOGLE was not so nice -- rather arrogant. I do not see how it could have happened without inside cooperation from Google employees!

Wow the hits just keep coming. Constance, were the passwords different across the accounts hacked? If so were they variations of a similar thing? This could be a indicator of how they gained access if the passwords were unique to each account.
did you check the settings option in gmail constance-
click on the setting button
select forwarding and pop/imap
select disabling forwarding...
then check filters
they shouldn't be able to forward outside of gmail...
more helpful info that will get you the IP and sign out anyone still logged in...
details section down at bottom of inbox-
info found here:
You don't say where the other account is from. But I'm more concerned about re-securing YOUR account.

In order to re-secure an account that has been compromised/hacked/stolen you will need to check and fix at least all of the following settings.

But first you need to check at the bottom of the Inbox and make sure your account is not open at any other locations. If it shows additional locations, open the Details window and "Sign out all other sessions".

Account Security:
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Change Password [pick a new secure password]
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Change Password Recovery Options [verify secret question, SMS and recovery e-mail address]
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Google Account Settings -> Email Address Edit [verify your name and other settings]

Potential Spam:
Settings -> General -> Signature [make sure nothing as been added]
Settings -> General -> Vacation Responder [make sure it's disabled and empty]

E-mail Theft
Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send Mail As [make sure it is using your correct e-mail address]
Settings -> Filters [no filters that forward or delete e-mail]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Forwarding [disabled or correct address]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> POP Download [disabled]
Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> IMAP Access [disabled]

Additional Information
Keeping account secure:
Protecting your account:
More account security info:
If your account is compromised:
Someone using your address:
Google Employee comments:
here is a clue how you mighta got hacked constance:

don't visit varied sites with gmail open is what that tells you. It is something I do a lot of...
looks like face book did disable your facebook page now following my report of your being hacked you need to follow the directions on contacting facebook
everything I see though is less than helpful and the details section is easy to overlook but if you check all the things mentioned you should be able to get your email back.
Keep wondering how they can ever get the world wide 666 system up and running when computers are so undependable. I heard about the WW2 coming, a pod like set up for the net, but if insiders of these companies are doing it, seems we ought to not put trusted info on these accounts.
The email i got this morning was the same one you already listed this post by JD, only gmail, not ymail-I sent it to you in a reply...guess the hackers got to read it.
Well, arose again -- too early, but probably divinely ordained. I think the perpetrators placed some pictures in my gallery -- looking at fascinating images of folks from India and from Germany. I discovered when going through google steps that they had gone into my mail forwarding to forward all messages to " ymail" instead of my gmail account -- a "change of address" in effect. They communicated shamelessly in my hijacked name with people investigating on my behalf. We have blackberry trails to Scotland and to Wichita, Kansas. Pictures appearing on my system from India and Germany might be more of the team -- they were never placed there by me.

What was encouraging to me was to know how many people cared to check on my welfare yesterday. I generally answered the phone by saying, "No, I am NOT in London -- I have NEVER been there!"

Thanks to all

If everybody could not resend everything to, it would help! Thanks!


You remain in our prayers that all of this 'trail of damage' gets resolved and that those who were responsible be brought to justice (if not in this life - certainly in the next).

You are obviously doing something right to become such a target.

May God, the Holy Spirit give you strength and guidance.
It is with deep sadness that I am reporting the following:

Glenn Beck's New Book Reveals He Embraces New Age Theology, Is a Knowledgeable Mormon, and a Universalist

In August of 2010, I predicted on my national radio program that it was only a matter of time before Glenn Beck would release a distinctively religious book that would promote his New Age Mormonism and universalism. I sensed that Glenn was setting himself up to be the politically conservative alternative to Oprah. His new book, "7 Wonders That Will Change Your Life", could have been written by Oprah for sure.

Many self-professing Christians cannot see what Beck is up to but there are those in the unsaved world that seem to be exhibiting more worldview understanding than some in the Christian community. The Business Insider published an article on January 4, 2011 entitled, Glenn Beck's New Year's Plan Sounds A Lot Like Oprah's New Network.

For more...
Given the fact that we know that internet freedom can be curtailed at a moments notice, keep your contacts via other means, ie phone, address etc.
It could go awfully dark.
annony 9:27
good info on beck...
that should read 7:27
not a shock to me in the slightest about beck
quote from the linked beck article:

"As Keith likes to say, 'There's no original sin left in the world. Everyone's just recycling pain now.' "(Page 154.)
so in other words, same view as bhuddism...
When I first saw Beck's title of his book, "7 Wonders..."

It made me think of those 7 habits of...books. I knew these books to be New Age leaning.

So other than a gut feeling, I did wondered about the book. I will be interested to read the link more.
Glenn Beck confirms being an ordained Minister of the Universial Life Church:
More on...

Glenn Beck confirms being an ordained Minister of the Universial Life Church:
Yes Pete! I have the same gnawing thought-the internet has an `off` switch for sure! Good advice to keep another form of contact available-which one will be the question-

O yes and Constance-my son says gmail is one of the unsafest mail accounts.
Not sure why-will check with him again.
Seen this? A Visit to Rick Warren's Health Seminar

I don't know what story is on Glenn Beck and "Universal Life Church" BUT in the 1970s when I was working in political jobs, finishing law school, and becoming a young practicing lawyer, a number of people had "Minister" in "Universal Life Churches" which people could buy for $5.00 for a joke. I knew one prankster in Highland Park Michigan who actually was performing weddings under those auspices which is what they were selling for -- after I discovered the New Age Movement in 1981, I learned that there was New Age motivation on that. I have to say, however, that I never heard of anybody, at least at that time that became a "minister," in that church for any religious reasons. There were also IRS protestors who were buying it to declare there houses "parsonage". I understand it was generally an unsuccessful tactic; however, it was an open joke that it was happening.



A Visit to Rick Warren's Health Seminar:

I tried to post this before but it probably landed in Constance's Google Blogger spam folder because of the blue link. The spam filter isn't optional. So if comments go missing, they'll likely be there.

Constance, you need to get yourself a new Gmail or Yahoo account. Then use a program like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to retrieve your e-mail from Gmail and keep it safe on your PC. That's what I do.

The problem is you're very visible. These hackers are doing it out of spite, and just because they can. You may have to occasionally change Gmail account and reset your e-mail program.

Maybe I transposed it. The password is now working. I'm probably starting to get "paranoid."

My guess is from the context of the Christine O'Donnell bantering that is taking place is that Glenn Beck is using the "Universal LIfe" church "minister" in the same irreverent sense that everybody used it in the early 1970s and through that decade. Basically, they are saying that everybody was jumping on Christine O'Donnell and ignoring serious problems with her opponent.

On the other hand, there is ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, who really was a "minister" in the much more serious New Age "Church" operation of John Rogers "Movement for Spiritual Awareness", MSIA and Rogers called himself and believed himself to be "The Messiah." Huffington was/is a serious New Ager and was a close friend of Marilyn Ferguson. This was mentioned to me by Marilyn Ferguson herself in a conversation. This happened before Arianna married Huffington and her name was still ARIANNA STASSINOPOULOS.


Arianna Huffington I think needs to return to the "mother ship." Christine O'Donnell and Michelle Bachman need to go back to theirs as well. "I am not a witch..." I wonder why she didn't win.
Cash no longer king in Discovery Bay

DISCOVERY BAY -- Starting in May, residents no longer will have the option of paying for town services, including public records requests, with cash.
The Discovery Bay Community Services District board voted this week to ban cash transactions for all services, including water bills and park reservations.
Board members said the new policy will ensure the safety of town clerks and save the district time and money, but some say it is also a response to anonymous requests for public records the town has received. Those requesting records anonymously have been using cash to pay for the cost of copying the documents.

more at link

There are just too many bad omens in a story like this. 'Don't like what we as a government are doing and want to keep an eye on us? Not to worry, we will outlaw cash uses so we can keep an eye on you!' I am curious how this will play out because refusal to accept legal tender for services rendered is illegal at this point. If this squeaks through, after the challenges I am sure are to come, it sets a very bad precedent!
The "See Someting, Say Something" HYSTERIA...
What's the beef with Michele Bachmann on this board?

I've just stumbled upon this site and wondered if it might be of interest to others.

"Religion News Blog is a non-profit service providing academics, religion professionals and other researchers with religion & cult news"


Why do you always make excuses for Glenn Beck? It's obvious he's a shill for the NWO and a false teacher, whose leading people astray(and a Mormon to boot). Discerning folks can see him for what he is, and that's a wolf in sheeps clothing. I guess you don't get it. Hmmmm..... Mkaes one wonder about you...
Anonymous 1:41am was trying to trick readers here into believing that Beck was part of some scam church. When someone does 5 scripted hours and 15 unscripted hours a week for years, there are probably many things that can be taken out of context. Leftists are always trying to lead the generally neutral public by the nose doing that kind of thing.

As far as Beck being a Mormon is concerned, I do wish people would examine the religion they are born into as much as they examine other religions.

Beck has a following because he has exposed for the general public leftist politics better than many others who are supposed to be doing the same thing.

I'll wait until I see the book before I decide whether the new book is just pop psychology with heart warming stories or really New Age.
Dorothy, most of what is considered "pop psychology" is New Age related.

Now I do agree that one needs to attend carefully to context. Constance was right regarding the "minister" aspect of glenn beck as being a sarcastic shot. Yet, that being said the element of the article outlining some specific actions are accurate. For new age is not left or right, they all compete to be "the one." I think Glen Beck personally is trying to go down the "Oprah" road to success. Oh and Oprah, as new age as they get is the queen of pop psychology.
usually you are on target, but here you are saying so much in the way of generalizations. You need to narrow your focus and explain what makes a self-help book New Age.

There is a huge difference between Oprah and Beck. I stopped watching Oprah right after she started because of her marshmellow thinking. Every show was of the moment whether it was about her or some name in the news. It was the Star on television.

Most of Beck's shows are fact oriented. He primarily talks about history and politics. Some of his shows have become naggy, how to survive the coming upheavals or "how you, Glenn Beck, have changed my life." Beck didn't need to follow Oprah. His following came long before he was nagging.

Having researched the New Age movement for 30 years I am well aware that it's on the left and the right. That, early on, was one of Constance's themes. However, most of New Age is in the neutral middle, unsuspected by most people. Again, I would suggest you check out the Whole Again site

As one of the New Agers said, they have something for everybody, and you might find yourself involved in one of their efforts without even knowing about it.
My mind works in big picture so you are going to get what you call "general" to break it down would be more specific. Most of the "pop-psychology" stuff is recycling in one fashion or another law of attraction or various bhuddist thoughts/philosophies.

You take a look at say any self-help dealing with anxiety and won't take long for them to point to "mediation." There is frequent encouragements to use "yoga." Add in the "mindfulness" philosophies/understandings and it swimming in it. See Dorothy, while talking general one thing I do know is the "field" of psychology and the essence of pop-psychology. A lot of pop psychology is stuff recycled one way or another from stuff by Carniege and other new age pushers.

Now the stuff that is not directly new age is all focused on "self-elevation" at one level or another.

Now as to Glen Beck. Yes, he started out with a "political" voice but he is walking the path toward being "successful" and trying to be a voice for "people" which is the same essence the path of Oprah. Does he say and do it the same way, nope. But he is focused on "self-elevation" "god within" mindset which is in essence a part and parcel of mormonism.

And yes you are right, the New Age in general is ulitmately pushing toward the "middle." As n the whole "radical middle" concept.
you may appear throughout your do it yourself enclosed in one of the endeavours with out even knowing about it.
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