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California Eagle Forum President Orlean Koehle is Radio Guest Thursday

California Eagle Forum president Orlean Koehle has written an important, well documented book:  BY STEALTH AND DECEPTION:  USA Transformation and its Parallel to the EUROPEAN UNION.

She has also led a battle against "Smart Grid" in the State of California.  I found on the internet yesterday, that evidently her battle had caused the utility company no small degree of consternation.    We will be discussing both her book and the Smart Grid issues on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio Thursday night, 4 p.m. California time, 7 p.m. Eastern time.  Please plan to join us and call in with your questions to 888-747-1968.

Tune in then and stay tuned!

Needless to say, I cannot endorse all of what THEMICROEFFECT has. I just horrifiedly listened in to what is the third hour of RAYELAN ALLEN today. She is clearly a NEW AGER with a NEW AGE/GODDESS AGENDA and playing a pretty slick game of WATCH THE FUNDAMENTALISTS RUN at that. About all I can do is get out what truth I can on my own time slot.

“…analysts said that in the euro zone’s simmering debt crisis, the Battle of Spain would likely prove decisive in 2011.”
Dear Constance,

How are you?

A new book, "How to Run the World," by Parag Khanna, published yesterday, 1/11/11, states:

"As was the case a millennium ago, diplomacy now takes place among anyone who is someone; its prerequisite is not sovereignty but authority. (...)"

Also, following is the 4th result from an Ixquick search for "Parag, Khanna, Javier, Solana":

Home . Mike Moore; Parag Khanna; Hernando de Soto; Anwar Ibrahim; Muhammad Yunus; Javier Solana; ... - Proxy - Highlight

Perhaps you were already aware of the "Leaders for Business, globalization," website; if not, look who is listed 2nd and 6th, on the left (with photos to match):

Have a nice day.


A fellow watcher
I was not, up until your contribution, aware of the "Leaders for Globalisation" website.


Latest on "Barcelona Process": This is from TURKISH WEEKLY:

ANKARA (A.A) - Turkey and Jordan are getting ready to establish a free trade zone to promote and strengthen bilateral relations in the areas of economy, technology and industry.

The Free Trade Zone Agreement, which was signed between the two countries on December 2009, is set to enter into force on March 1.

The agreement aims to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade of goods between the two countries, promoting bilateral investments, creating suitable atmosphere for competition.

The agreement foresees new regulations on veterinary and phytosanitary measures, industrial and commercial property rights, rules of origin, taxation and anti-damping.

Under the agreement, Jordan will gradually reduce the tax over industrial goods imported from Turkey to zero until January 1 2018.

Statistics suggest, beginning in March 1, when the agreement takes effect, 80% of the goods exported to Jordan will be free of customs taxes or any other form of tax.

Considering the production quantities and export potentials, parties will also provide tax reductions or exemption for certain agricultural goods in line with tariff quotas under the agreement.

The agreement is part of the free trade agreements signed with Euromed countries within the scope of the the Barcelona process which was launched in 1995. With this agreement Turkey will have established Free Trade Zones with all Euromed countries except Algeria.

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (or Barcelona Process) started in 1995 with the Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean Conference. It comprises 44 members: 27 European Union member states, and 16 partner countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey).

The Barcelona Process is an initiative, which lays the foundations of a proposed new regional relationship. In the Barcelona Declaration, the Euro-Mediterranean partners established the three main objectives of the Partnership: "Definition of a common area of peace and stability through the reinforcement of political and security dialogue (Political and Security Basket)", "Construction of a zone of shared prosperity through an economic and financial partnership and the gradual establishment of a free-trade area (Economic and Financial Basket)", "Rapprochement between peoples through a social, cultural and human partnership aimed at encouraging understanding between cultures and exchanges between civil societies (Social, Cultural and Human Basket)".

Whoa,our doorbell rang this morning. It was DTE to install guess what, A SMART METER.

I've just posted an article on hyper-charismatic Bob Jones who seems to be the hub around which many false ministries/doctrines rotate including Mike Bickle's IHOP, Bill Johnson's Bethel, etc.:

Jones will be featured speaker at an upcoming "prophetic conference" at Johnson's Bethel church. Jones is still promoting the Manifested Sons of God doctrine using different terminology (of course) and false prophecies. The man is dangerous.
Dear Craig,

Thanks for all your hard work on the MSOG/Sonship Movement/School of the Prophets, etc., ad nauseum, which has been of personal concern to me for the past 30 years as well. I'm thrilled that there is such a capable person as yourself in this critical spiritual battle!


Interestingly, I spoke at Ernie Gruen's church in Kansas City in 1982 or 1983 as I recall it.


Thanks for your kinds words. I wish I would have had (had made) the opportunity to speak with Ernie Gruen. It must have taken a LOT of courage to do what he did at the time.
Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace Links to SANTEGIDIO.ORG
The app that can read your mind: iPhone brainwave detector arrives!

It's a device that would be more at home on the set of a Star Wars movie than the streets of Britain.

But an iPhone application has been developed that can read minds.

The XWave allows users to control on-screen objects with their minds as well as train their brains to control attention spans and relaxation levels.
Anon 11:42

Go back to the last thread and read my last post please. Wondering why you post so boldly and are so paranoid about your identity.
Parag Khanna, born 1977 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I wonder if it was July 8th? [1/11/11 is an interesting date to get a book publisheed] Could he be Creme's maitreya. Education: Bill Clinton's old haunt, Georgetown NWO-Jesuit University, & the London School of Economics (LSE), the same place that Javier Solana is a visiting lecturer at!

Here's an article by him titled,

How's That New World Order Working Out?

The multipolar moment has arrived -- and it's nothing like Americans imagined.

Parag Khanna, born 1977 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I wonder if it was July 8th? (1/11/11 is an interesting date to get a book published.) Could he be Creme's maitreya?

Parag Khanna's education: Bill Clinton's old haunt, Georgetown NWO-Jesuit University, & the London School of Economics (LSE), the same place that Javier Solana is a visiting lecturer at!

Here's an article by him titled,

How's That New World Order Working Out?

'The multipolar moment has arrived -- and it's nothing like Americans imagined.'

"IDF collecting settlers' weapons
Akiva Novick Published: 01.14.11, 12:49 / Israel News share

The Judea and Samaria Division has decided to collect hundreds of weapons handed to West Bank settlers by the army...",7340,L-4013641,00.html
P.S. Thanks to Pastor Brian for the Ynet link.
RAYELAN ALLEN has the website Rumor Mill News. Once upon a time they used to have Christian contributors in their Reading Room but many New Agers too. If you go there be very choosy and pray for discernment. I no longer visit at all.

Chinese Yuan: a new world reserve currency?
David Miliband - Antichrist???
Difficult struggle for Christians in the Orient

To be convicted of blasphemy, only need 'trustworthy' Muslim to testify to Muslim judge
Mediterraneau EU states block stronger action on Tunisia
I just found something very interesting and I am still mulling it over in my mind. MARK SATIN is the author of NEW AGE POLITICS. I just decided to take a look at his website. He indicated he stopped editing his paper in 2009 but his articles are still up. Interestingly enough, he claims to have lately in life discovered the Bible and is voraciously discovering it. It takes a long time for somebody immersed in the New Age Movement to sort things out as their perceptions have been so badly played with; HOWEVER, if one is really searching for truth, God will surely help them find it. Here's a link to what I just read. Pray for him and for the other searching New Agers.

Tunisia riots: President Ben Ali flees as chaos hits country

President Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, the pro-American leader of Tunisia, fell to a wave of student protest on Friday, fleeing into exile from a country that had descended into blood-soaked chaos
Mohammed Ghannouchi, the prime minister, announced he was taking over as acting president as the army moved in to seize control of the main airport in the capital Tunis.

The collapse of the 23-year dictatorship, the first ever collapse of an Arab leader to a "people power" uprising, was met nervously by Tunisia's allies.

Mr Ben Ali was first thought to have flown to France but was reportedly refused permission to enter by President Nicolas Sarkozy. A plane carrying Mr Ben Ali landed early on Saturday morning in the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah, a Saudi source said.

The US was keen to demonstrate it was open to a peaceful transition in the North African state.

"We believe the Tunisian people have the right to choose their leaders, and will monitor this latest development closely," said Mike Hammer, a spokesman for the National Security Council.
From Satin's site: (doesn't sound good to me)
"Some tips of the Bible-study iceberg are visible now.

On college campuses, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF) has broader reach among caring students than Students for Democratic Society or Young Americans for Freedom ever did in the 1960s.

ICF currently has over 1200 staff members ministering to over 34,000 students and faculty on 573 U.S. campuses. Besides weekly large group meetings, ICF sponsors student-led, small-group Bible study gatherings organized around dorms or burning topics of the day.

And don’t think ICF pulls in only traditional Christians. Some of its Bible study groups are designed for people who might not feel comfortable calling themselves Christians, or even religious.

Politically powerful Americans constitute another tip of the Bible-study iceberg. According to journalist Judy Keen, every week up to 50 people working in the White House / Eisenhower Executive Office Building complex meet during lunch hour Tuesdays or Thursdays for hour-long prayer and Bible study sessions."
I want to be charitable (perhaps optimistic) here. The good thing is that Satin is seeking. Even if he is using sources I have found to be unreliable and deceptive, he appears to be looking. When people come out of the New Age Movement it is analogous to having perhaps one eye on Paris, the other on Hong Kong. Their perceptions have been badly played with. God promised us that HIS WORD WOULD NOT RETURN TO HIM VOID. That Mark Satin appears, at least by his writing, to be engaging in Bible study, is good, at least that's MY PERSPECTIVE

God will be his, mine, and all of our's ULTIMATE JUDGE.

I think many Christians were way too hypercritical of Jane Fonda when she lost her marriage to Ted Turner by converting to Christianity. We should have been praying for her, not harping at her. Calvary Contender, a newsletter I usually respect, to my horror proclaimed her new and brave profession of faith "a fad." She was probably chased right back into the arms of radical feminism and gnosticism by this unloving and uncharitable response from Christians. Nobody has everything absolutely right the first day. On the other hand, there are the New Agers who make phony conversions in order to infiltrate and weaken our ranks. The Chicken Soup for the Soul crowd of Canfield, Blanchard, et al may well be in this category.

What I also found encouraging about Satin was that he stopped editing his New Age paper although his archives are still up there, BUT the same archives in one of the very last articles encouraged Bible study.

As I said before, God is our ultimate judge.

Constance, I totally agree with you on this, a person researching the bible and christianity could become saved.

Example: Then Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest and asked letters from him to the synagogues of Damascus, so that if he found any who were of the Way, whether men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem.

Would anyone want to stand in the way of a "paul" becoming saved?
The goals of the Barcelona Process and ENP(I) for a stable M.E. may have begun to evaporate, as can be seen by the following article, entitled "Protests set stage for change in Mideast and North Africa," dated 1/14/11. Note that the EU is apparently not withdrawing the ENP incentives "carrot" from Tunisia (Tunisia signed its ENP Action Plan in 2005). One can only surmise that such inconsistency may eventually result in a "stick" being used on an undeserving ENP party (i.e., Israel, God forbid).


"The EU also continues to negotiate the awarding to Tunisia of advanced-partner status, despite the government's long-standing failure to live up to its commitments to strengthen democracy and political pluralism.",,14765497,00.html


Hey, everybody remember JAY GARY, the Colorado Springs "Christian," who ran "March for Jesus" there? He teaches at Pat Robertson's Regent University. He used to work for Billy Graham and he and wife Olgy put together the US Center for World Mission's PERSPECTIVES series. He had his staunch defenders against his obvious New Age showings such as Walter Martin and the Passentino's. He gave speeches at the US Center for World Mission's inter alia praising David Spangler's book. WELL, it seems he is cautioning Mark Satin not to read the Bible too literally in this responsive letter he sent to the Satin article. The Cultural Creative finders didn't like Satin's stand either. Here's Jay Gary's letter to Mark Satin:

The “end times” have come and gone
Very perceptive article, thanks. On the “end times” issue, I have found thatmany folks of every era read themselves into the Biblical stories t-o-o-o-omuch. In other words, they take it that just because Jesus talked about theend times, therefore we are going through them.
I am a futurist, and I’ve just had published an article on the historical Jesusthat talks about his “mid-range” or “generational” horizon. I think this isimportant to emphasize – the great Revolt, the End, the tribulation Jesusenvisioned, was one his generation encountered.
The founding story of the Jesus movement was vindicated in the firstcentury. “The End” came in 70 a.d. – not of this world, but of the Temple-based system of God worship. That religious world was then re-inventedfrom the inside out, amidst chaos (e.g., Jerusalem’s collapse) and exile.
The concept of Jesus’ generational time horizon is a much-neededcorrective to those who assume the Bible is an unfinished story. In fact, thestory of redemption or covenantal renewal has already occurred. It isfulfilled. We now live in universal history, not Bible history.
The story continues to resonate, as you say. But we must realize we are notthe central characters.
Jay GaryForesight coachCo-chair, Christian Futures NetworkColorado Springs, Colo.

Well, now if I had to choose between buying a used car from Jay Gary and Mark Satin, I would be more likely to buy it from Satin!


Only God knows our hearts, and it is not for any of us to judge Jane Fonda's sincerity as to what she believes is a 'Christian.'

However, the quote from her (below) sounds very New Age...although, in all fairness to her, it is possible that she did not recognize it as such. She may have been influenced by others (who had their own agenda to use her and/or her wealth). After all, in the past, she has been greatly influenced by two of her ex-husbands (Roger Vadim and Tom Hayden) and their extreme radical leftist views.

Here is what Jane Fonda wrote in her memoir, "My Life So Far" (which came out in the Spring of 2005):

"I needed to be filled. An inner life had been emerging for some time, and I needed to name it. I named it 'Christian' because that is my culture. I began to pray every day, out loud, on my knees, and it was like being hooked up to the power of the Mystery that had been leading me for the past decade. It wasn’t so much a learning about the existence of God, because learning implies use of the intellect. It was more an experiencing of His presence, a psychic lucidity, that was allowing me access to something beyond consciousness."
From Jane Fonda's profile on Wikipedia...

In 2001, Fonda publicly announced that she had become a Christian. She stated that she strongly opposed bigotry, discrimination and dogma, which she believes are promoted by a small minority of Christians. Her announcement came shortly after her divorce from Ted Turner. Fonda stated publicly on Charlie Rose in April 2006 that her Christianity may have played a part in the divorce, as Turner was known to be critical of religion.[64]

Fonda has in the past practiced Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,[65] and more recently has engaged in meditation at the Upaya Institute and Zen Center.[66]
P.S. Post 2:48 should begin as follows:

Any hopes for achieving the EU goal of the Barcelona Process and
7-year ENP(I), a stable Middle East, may have begun to evaporate,...
Rick Warren hosts 'cult' celebrity docs

Features promoters of Eastern mysticism, universalism

When megachurch pastor Rick Warren decided he needed to take his health seriously, he responded in typically ambitious fashion, launching a year-long health program for his church, "The Daniel Plan," written with the help of three celebrity doctors who will appear at a kickoff seminar today.

But critics point out the physicians who crafted the program apparently don't share the church's professed evangelical beliefs, espousing instead various forms of Eastern mysticism and the tenets of a Christian cult, Swedenborgism.

Vowing to lose 90 pounds, Warren said he placed himself under the care of Drs. Mehmet Oz, Daniel Amen and Mark Hyman last fall and worked with each to develop "The Daniel Plan."

Oz, host of the Emmy-winning "Dr. Oz Show" and professor of surgery at Columbia University, says he is inspired by Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century cult founder who taught that all religions lead to God and denied orthodox Christian beliefs such at the atonement of Christ for sin, the trinity and the deity of the Holy Spirit.

Best-selling author Amen, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California at Irvine, teaches Eastern religious meditation and the New Age energy-based practice of Reiki.

For more...
Jane Fonda's conversion had been such that she went to a UN Environmental Conference (she was still married to Ted Turner, as I recall) and when they went into a group "meditation," she upbraided them, refused to participate and told them they should be praying to Jesus instead. I'm very afraid she has drifted back into New Age and/or gnosticism. I cannot help but think that hostile Christians may have driven her back to that. I still pray for her. Yes, you can probably find plenty of New Age things now -- SAD.

Constance, I think I have heard Statin briefly on a look radio program and he is very much still "Radical middle" advocate...perhaps it could be someone else but my guess is statin. Now when you factor in this statement
"Dear Viewer, -- I will be spending the years 2010 & 2011 writing two books, a memoir (see reading list HERE) and a political tract (see research notes HERE). So after 10+ years and 120 articles, Radical Middle Newsletter has come to an end.

But this website shall remain -- and shall continue to be updated. Because political change is so slow in this country, most of Radical Middle’s articles are as timely now as ever! Here's how I've rearranged them for you:

our five most frequently viewed articles are summarized below;

my “Best of Radical Middle” selections (36 articles in eight subject areas) come after that; and

all 120 articles are summarized HERE.

Our articles are unusually rich in ideas and information. I hope you’ll not only enjoy them, but make good use of them. All best, -- Mark Satin"

So the newsletter came to an end but his advocating of 3rd way is not.
This is also clear of his view of bible which is very AOC, self-defining interpretation view of the bible.

His "7 commandments" in that linked article were particularly concerning:
The seven Commandments

Our emerging depthful and holistic approach to reading the Bible can be said to be based on seven interpretive Commandments, as follows:

1. Seek spiritual truth, not literal truth. “Stories can be true without being literally and factually true,” says Marcus Borg, chaired professor of religion and culture at Oregon State University. “Metaphorical narratives can be profoundly true even if they are not literally or factually true.”

Rather than focusing on “overly literal readings,” adds John Buehrens, former president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), we should look at every part of Scripture “in the light of the spirit of the whole.”

2. Don't confuse ancient people's prejudices with spiritual truth. The Bible may be God's Word, but it comes to us filtered through the appetites, predilections, and prejudices of people who lived over 1500 years ago. We've got to take that into account.

Sometimes it's laughably obvious when prejudices are being presented as gospel. Robinson enjoys pointing out that, just before homosexuals are famously condemned in Leviticus, we're told not to eat shellfish and not to plant two kinds of seed in the same field. So we can be pretty confident that those passages are not meant for all eternity!

Women and women's perspectives figure less in the Bible than they might have if Hebrew and early Christian power structures had been different. But according to holistic interpreters, many women Bible characters are deeper and more significant than one-dimensional Bible teaching can convey. Click on these recent books:

Lynne Bundesen, The Feminine Spirit: Recapturing the Heart of Scripture (2007)

Anne Clifford, Introducing Feminist Theology (2001)

Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Reading the Women of the Bible: A New Interpretation of Their Stories (2002)

Rose Kam, Their Stories, Our Stories: Women of the Bible (1995)

Shoni Labowitz, God, Sex, and Women of the Bible: Discovering Our Sensual, Spiritual Selves (1998)
3. Don't overgeneralize. "God may speak to particular situations in history," says Rabbi Burton Visotzky of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. Not every divine directive may reflect an eternal truth.

The prophet Isaiah told his people to beat their swords into plowshares, says Visotzky – and the prophet Joel told his people to beat their plowshares into swords. When peace was called for, God spoke through Isaiah; when war was called for, God spoke through Joel. Even God pays attention to context!

4. Think about how the Bible applies to our own world today. It is NOT a dead historical document. Independent Bible and religion scholar Karen Armstrong puts it well when she says that the Bible “must be read in conjunction with a sustained reflection on our own times.” Not to facilitate “facile interpretations,” but to “enable us to enter more deeply into the complexity” of Biblical times and our own times. Both at once!

5. Be compassionate. Armstrong argues for a “charitable” and “compassionate” reading. Try to find “truth and reason” even in the worst behavior of others, she says. Try “to ‘feel with’ the other.” Assume everyone is essentially like us. You’ll be surprised at how much richness you’ll find by such a reading. . . .

6. Be humble. The Bible is more than just another book. Borg urges us to think of it as a mediator between humans and the sacred, “a vehicle by which God becomes present, a means through which the Spirit is experienced. [It is] a true story (and a collection of true stories) about the divine-human relationship.”

7. Spill your blood. Read properly, the Bible calls us back to ourselves – our deepest selves. “For the interpretation of Scripture to be revelatory,” says Visotzky, “we must reveal ourselves, too.” That self-revelation may hurt sometimes . . . but it will be worth it in the end. (To ease that process, Visotzky recommends studying the Bible with trusted others.)

So, as much as we could hope that Statin is taking to the word and being open to see the truth, the fact is those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will hear.

I think he clearly falls into the seeking something "other than"
Ah reading other posts, Jay Gary seems to be one of the Preterist view.
New Age religion - spirituality without morality. I think I'll wait until these socialists start teaching that it's a sin to covet.
Rick Warren now seems to be "hiding in plain site" vis a vis his New Age ties. This is certainly a sign of the times.

Constance, please remind me what "Watch the Fundamentalists Run" consists of. You have mentioned that New Age game before but I forget.
Jay Gary IS a Preterist. You'd be surprised at the others who are.
Satin would like The First Community Church in Upper Arlington, Ohio. It is made up of affluent and influential types and is run by "Christian" New Agers. A Course In Miracles is taught there and the second in command is a Borg-type guy.
Satin is just helping in his own humble way to lead us into The Third Way. The Dialectic. The merging of New Age and The Bible. We are living in the era of The Third Way. The Left and Right merge. The Dems and Repubs. Clinton and Bush. Communitarianism.
And a note toward the "third way" "radical middle" new age propagation we see that being trumpeted over and over from the media secondary to Az shooting.
It is the "Political rheotoric" it is the extremes that make this stuff possible, blah, blah, blah.

Mark it well though, the kind of statements such as the ones from Satin really are part and parcel to what the New Age are looking to do and can even see it coming from an AC proponent. Take a look at the article and how defines the "stories" of the bible and what they are about. Some overall "lesson" for man to work out of his own effort to make improvements to make this world better. Domionist and New Agers are very similar.
It is also worthwhile I think to take a look at events in Tunisa and Sudan right now. TPTB certainly are looking to have sway. Even Haiti is still worth watching even though it is slipping from our awarenes.
Exorcist priest exits public spotlight, mystifying many
Rick Warren has a new seminar- The Daniel Plan, telling his followers how to get healthy:
US Violates NPT, Aggresses Against Iran
Posted by Daniel McAdams on January 16, 2011 12:42 PM

It should, sadly, come as no shock to learn that the United States, along with Israel, is behind the destructive Stuxnet computer worm targeting Iran that has, according to a newly released report, “apparently shut down a fifth of that country’s nuclear centrifuges.”

Imagine if the tables were turned and Iran had developed a computer virus that had successfully taken out one-fifth of the United States’ nuclear power generation capacity. How do you think “peace president” Obama would react? What would the neo-cons say? Would not even those hesitant to support the use of force agree that something must be done?

In addition to being an illegal act of aggression against Iran, which I am sure observers of US foreign policy will find shocking (not), this action also blatantly violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to which both the United States and Iran (but not Israel) are signatories. At the least, it is a violation of Article IV of the treaty, which affirms that each signatory state has “the right to participate in, the fullest possible exchange of equipment, materials and scientific and technological information for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.” US action denying Iran that right is clearly a violation of the treaty.

Interesting that the timing of this report being made public “coincides with a two-day tour of Iran’s nuclear facilities by a group of international envoys. Iranian officials say the tour is designed to show the country’s nuclear program is peaceful.”
After reading through the Satin article, several things have jumped out at me. One of the first is that Satin is not talking about the Bible as a book of testament to our Father's love for His creation. Satin is talking about it as a political tool to be used to advance universal principles. He is talking about it's use as a binding point between cultures and ideologies. He touts it as a instrument for social change.

The social change he is talking about is framed by his understandings of writers like Marx, Malcolm X, and Ram Dass, while his interpretation of how the Bible fits into this paradigm is directly effected by people like Karen Armstrong.

I am not saying that Satin's reading of a Bible could not lead to a true understanding of our Father, or a real moral change within the man. I pray that such would be the case. I am saying that after reading this article, not one thing contained seems to indicate that such is the case. All I see here is the typical New Age use of the Bible as a toll to advance change.
"toll" should read tool
" will be weeks or even several months before the details of expected [Hariri] indictments are made public."

One might be forgiven for wondering if it could turn out to be the spark that starts a firestorm, may God have mercy.

From Drudge Report (01/16/11)...

Chinese President Hu Jintao questions future of U.S. dollar

BEIJING—Chinese President Hu Jintao emphasized the need for cooperation with the U.S. in areas from new energy to space ahead of his visit to Washington this week, but he called the present U.S. dollar-dominated currency system a "product of the past" and highlighted moves to turn the yuan into a global currency.

For more... runs out of silver in Germany

With the US Mint selling silver at an unprecedented pace, it was only a matter of time before the silver shortage would be spotted across the Atlantic, where distributors ran out of both gold and silver on a daily basis during the first time Europe became insolvent some time in early May 2010. Sure enough, has announced that it has run out of silver in Germany "due to high demand."
"Execution of the plans that call for driving out Jews from parts of Judea and Samaria would involve evicting at least 128,000 Jews - 16 times the number evicted in the 2005 Gaza 'Disengagement Plan.'"

Has a "conditioning" process begun.
What throws doubt on the various interpretations of Mark Satin doing his digging here purely for a New Age agenda is the sneering thrown at him by the very New Age "Cultural Creatives" author,

One movement, two minds

Alas, alack

And thus is “a noble mind o’erthrown.”

Paul Ray
Co-author, The Cultural Creatives (2000)
Co-creator, Cultural Creatives website
San Rafael, Calif.

There were other New Agers expressing dismay at him also. As all will recall, "Phyllis," the one who first told me it was called "the New Age Movement" was of a mind that the Bible should not be allowed.

Here's another "radical middle"/New Age telling off he got for letting it out that he was seriously exploring the Bible:

Your article consisting of responses to your article on the Bible and politics [“Listen, Centrist!,” August 2008] was an interesting read. And I’m wondering as you are reflecting on it – have you noticed that atheists and secular humanists can manifest their beliefs at a fundamentalist level?

There’s a knee-jerk reaction – humorlessness, eagerness to condemn, lack of curiosity about other positions, etc. – that always seems to signal a fundamentalist point of view. Fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, fundamentalist atheists, fundamentalist humanists – the reactions are surprisingly similar, and are NOT compatible with the Radical Middle!

Judy Graves
Housing and homeless advocate
Coordinator, Tenant Assistance Program for the City of Vancouver
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Got links for those comments?
All of the preceding comments came from Mark Satin's website which is searchable.


-- GOD
Many thanks for all your work on the MSOG/Sonship Campaign/Schooling in the Prophets, etc., advert nauseum, containing been recently of non-public fear in my opinion for the past many years likewise. I'm just pleased there's a real capable mortal every bit by yourself in this decisive spiritual combat!
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