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Javier Solana: He's back and seemingly all over the place at that!

Richard Lugar, Republican from Indiana
Chuck Hagel, now heading THE ATLANTIC COUNCIL
When the USA-EU joint venture on "Global Governance 2025 was announced, it was obvious, at least to this observer, that Javier Solana's imprint on the process was obvious.  It appears that his staunchest allies are United States Senators and former ones such as Chuck Hagel.  Richard Lugar, Joseph Biden (now Vice President), Samuel Nunn are among his biggest fans and are in serious places of global power.  Joseph Biden was once quoted as saying he wished he could vote for Javier Solana as President of the United States.  Not too bad for the former Marxist Javier Solana who was best known in the 1980s for his harangue, "We are radically opposed to Spain's entry into NATO."  Not too bad, either, for one who sent Spanish warships against Canada in 1995, only to be supported by that country later that year as Secretary General of NATO.  Richard Lugar is a Republican senator from Indiana.  Sam Nunn was a ranking Democratic Senator from Georgia.  Joseph Biden is now Vice President of the USA.

One cannot help but impudently wonder what the "collateral damage" citizens of Belgrade in the former  Yugoslavia think of Dr. Solana winning all these awards for "Peace."  I rather suspect they are cynical, if not outright skeptical!

The IISS presentation is of special interest to me.  It (International Institute for Strategic Studies) was organized initially by Sir Kenneth Grubb (brother of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship founder Norman Grubb).  Other co-founders were Anthony Wass Buzzard and Denis Healy.  Norman Grubb in his turn also had the deepest of links to International Christian Leadership now known as the C Street Foundation.*  That organization, allegedly Christian was deeply influenced by Institute of Noetic Sciences co-Founder Paul N. Temple.  Although Jeff Sharlet accuses the institute of being radically Christian, something I dispute, another prominent C Street analyst, Wayne Madsen has emphasized their highly syncretistic approaches to world religions, if not outright occultism.  Madsen is not particularly sympathetic to Christianity, but in this case, he is telling it the way it is.

Javier Solana and Mary Kaldor of the London School of Economics
The march toward Global Government (oooops, Global Governance) is clearly accelerating and Javier Solana is clearly one of those in its forefront.  Although he was laying low, it looks as though he continues to "emerge."

Again, my acknowledgments to Rich of Medford for putting me on to some of Solana's latest activities.  It started with his alerting me to a recent article by Javier Solana and Mary Kaldor of the London School of Economics.  Read it REAL SLOW -- he is talking REAL BIG!

International Institute for Strategic Studies
founded by Norman Grubb's younger brother, Sir Kenneth Grubb,
Anthony Wass Buzzard, and Denis Healy (also of Bilderberg fame)
Stay tuned!

This one really is a coincidence, no kidding, but this is my 666th Blog Post since starting it back when Herb Peters was living and we were actively sharing information!

Most disturbing of all is the newest information on Catherine Ashton who appears to be in trouble with diplomatic policy makers:

"The UK spying apparatus, MI6 is administering European foreign policy affairs in absence of an experienced diplomat in charge of the EU foreign policy, warn veteran western diplomats.

"The diplomats are increasingly worried about an inexperienced non-diplomat taking the reins as EU foreign policy chief and the Group 5+1 on eve of talks with Iran.

Baroness Catherine Ashton, a British national, as EU foreign policy chief will chair upcoming comprehensive talks between Iran and the so-called 5+1 group comprised of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council including the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany.

"Ashton sparked serious concern among her peers across Europe when recently unilaterally announced the time for Iran talks but she was forced to change it on Iran's insistence.

"Those concerns multiplied when it was disclosed that the EU's historic rival, MI6, the British spying agency was playing a strong role in shaping Catherine Ashton policies.

Most EU diplomats believe, the European Union has picked the inexperienced Ashton, who despite her predecessor Javier Solana, lacks enough knowledge in diplomacy and foreign policy.

"Probably, she is fiercely criticized because her predecessors such as Solana enjoyed valuable capabilities. The over 60 years old Ashton, in her diplomatic and non-diplomatic career, has only served as the head of National Council for Single Parent Families, the chief of National Documents Organization, Trade Institute Management, and parliamentary deputy to two unrelated ministries in Britain.

"Ashton, in her sole diplomatic position, had run Disarmament Commission's financial affairs that her critics say major financial delinquencies have occurred during her tenure. "
George Soros tells progressives: Prepare to bail on Obama
Scientists Claim Breakthrough In Antimatter Hunt

GENEVA – Scientists claimed a breakthrough Thursday toward solving one of the biggest riddles of physics, trapping an "anti-atom" for the first time in a quest to understand what happened to all the antimatter that has vanished since the Big Bang.
An international team of physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, managed to keep atoms of anti-hydrogen from disappearing long enough to demonstrate that they can be studied in the lab.

For more...
Secret documents group was like 'bad Le Carre novel,' MEP says

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The European Parliament's Special Committee, which is to have access to classified documents on EU foreign relations, is getting ready to start work. But its previous incarnation, under ex-EU-foreign-affairs chief Javier Solana, fell short of expectations.

The outfit, an offshoot of the larger foreign affairs committee (Afet), will have five members: Italian centre-right Afet chairman Gabriele Albertini; German centre-right deputy Elmar Brok; Spanish centre-right member Jose Salafranca; Romanian centre-left MEP Adrian Severin; and Italian centre-left member Roberto Gualtieri. Belgian liberal MEP Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck is to be a substitute.

On the basis of a recent agreement with European External Action Service (EEAS) chief Catherine Ashton, the EU parliament president and other Afet deputies drafting reports on specific topics will also be given access on a temporary basis.

For more...
Re Anon 2.57 AM, I suppose CERN Scientists could claim anything they want as nobody else would ever be able to dispute it. What a powerful group they now are!
An article that is sure to make Karen Armstrong beam with pride:

Can anyone say, "Alliance of Civilizations"?......

Hope you're hanging on tightly with your seat belt buckled to God's Word! Tons of dialectic doublespeak!

Eboo Patel and John Espisito among others were active participants. May God have mercy on His people!
I like to read Madsen's article(s) on C Street. Do you have any links?
This is from the article Rich of Medford called my attention to the other day. Javier Solana here discusses setting up a "new security architecture between the EU and Russia."

" In a paper presented in Moscow today, we will be arguing that the EU should seize the opportunity offered by Medvedev's initiative and the new interest in revising and rethinking relations with Russia to propose a human security architecture for Europe. . . ."
To "Global Faith Forum" -- I'm sure that is your handle and not your official representation. THANKS for calling this apostate forum to our attention. Karen Armstrong's very close confederate John Esposito of the Alliance of Civilizations was there!

TO TERRY (and rest who are interested):

Here is the link to the Madsen article on C Street:


No, Global Faith Forum is not my handle.

It is my strategy for identifying the content of my post so that when we have those long, monotonous, and unproductive wranglings, we can "Collapse Comments" and still be able to choose what to open.

I began doing this a few threads back. I just forgot to post my handle at the end.--Sorry

Yes, I noted John Espisito and Eboo Patel, too!

Thanks. I remember seeing this before by haven't read it yet.
I found a bible on my shelf this morning, called The New Jerusalem Bible published in 1990 by Doubleday of 666 Fifth Ave., NY.

What a coincidence that on the same day I find this bible is the same day that Constance publishes her 666th post, which just happens to be about Javier Solana!

How incredible is that! WOOOOOOOOW!
The Bantam New Age Series was also published at that time (may still be there, don't know) at 666 Fifth Avenue, NY. I noticed that back in 1981.

The Bantam New Age Series was also published at that time (may still be there, don't know) at 666 Fifth Avenue, NY. I noticed that back in 1981.

I think Mr Solana may have some
Turkey stuck in his teeth.
Turkey is 97.5 % Muslim, and
64% of Turks have no formal
The government of Turkey
murdered over a million Armenians
in 1914-1916, essentially because
they were Christian.
This fact has been almost completely
covered up and/or left out of
public education and left out of
any dialogue or monologue coming
from the United Nations, even though
it was these very massacres of
innocents, in some of the most
brutal inhuman ways imaginable
that coined the term Genocide.
In other words, they invented
genocide as a way to consolidate
their power. ( By the way, the
Armenians that they murdered
were almost all better educated
than their Muslim murderers.)
But because of it's strategic position
on the globe as the physical
buffer between Europe and Asia,
as has been the case since before
the dark ages, this gruesome fact
has been all but completely erased
from the public record. Turkey
to this day denies that these
massacres ever even happened,
and apparently the United
Nations and Mr Solana agree.
These are the same people that
Mr Solana seems determined to
court and bring in to the E.U.
He calls them an "important
emerging player" and a candidate
for membership in the EU", etc.
Solana is a hypocrite of the highest
order. His constant positioning
of himself as a man of peace is
a ruse. The Turkish government
hates Israel just like Egypt, Saudi
Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon all
hate Israel.
It's on this issue that Solana's
true fascist roots shine through
his well cultivated socialist
__Just my opinion.

I'm just waiting for some nutcase
to attempt and maybe succeed to
assassinate him:
SEE: Revelations, chapter 13

November 19, 2010
I have a dear friend, Virginia Haroutunian, who has a book about the effects of the Armenian genocide on families in general and hers in particular. Her mother was an Armenian genocide survivor. Virginia's book may be found on and it is called ORPHAN IN THE SAND.

Check it out -- well worth the reading!

How many of you realize that the powers you speak of here each day are the very same who are using Islam as the international boogeyman to usher in tighter controls and fascism? The fact is, the so-called hijackers were all connected to the CIA. Al Quaida was created and trained by the CIA. These are NOT Islamic terrorist groups, but CIA terrorist groups. Stop blaming Islam and look at the Globalists for the real problem.
This is way off topic but, I was just reading 2 Timothy 3... and when I got to verse six, i suddenly felt as though he was pointing to television:

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
 (6)For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

Does that ring true to anyone?


You have made some fascinating points that if true would fit in perfectly with the scenarios of Alice Bailey and Peter LeMesurier respectively, not to mention the Book of Revelation in our Bible.

I did know that Bin Laden worked for our CIA. The official version of the story was that he decided after Somalia that the USA was a "paper tiger" only.

There is a book by I believe "Bodansky" 'BIN LADEN, THE MAN WHO DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA,' as I recall. Supposedly, part of his anger was the Kosovo war which he (bin Laden) said was not so much to help Moslems as it was to help Western interests to Caspian oil fields.

You gave me something to think about and research.

I thank Jackie Duncan for the e-mail alerting me to Solana's Human Security article.
Islam is the beast which wields the ten horns (kings/governments). Rome rides this beast thinking it is under its thumb, but the beast uses these governments to utterly destroy Rome with all of her pomp and circumstance. God has said it is so and He has prepared this beast to destroy Rome the harlot church which gave birth to all of the modern christian apostate denominations.
Truly Rome is a harlot and God intends to utterly destroy it. NO ONE CAN STOP GOD.

this blog is a total distraction and waste of time, as the people who run it are trying to make huggie and kissy faces at Islam thinking this will avert the destruction of Rome, maybe they do not even realize Islam is destined
to destroy them. What a turnabout God has planned for them and they truly deserve it.
You know He said He is going to laugh you to derision when your sudden destruction comes upon you.
For what it is worth.......


Turkish-American former FBI translator-turned-whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, is mentioned in the preceding article. Here is the lowdown on Edmonds.


Also way off topic but the bird flu is back and it's apparently airborne:

I think it's interesting that the gov't is trying to pass The Food Safety Act right now, to much opposition and BP is now in the business of making vaccines along with human genome genius j. Craig Ventner.

Re-read JD's blog post about transhumanism and especially watch this which was made two years ago and consider the fact that we now have a synthetic life form that was made by Venter with BP's money and its thriving in the GOM.

All things are leading to the fact that the technology of the Mark of the Beast is here and all that remains is for the global governments to find an excuse to make everyone on the planet give out a sample of their DNA, in order to qualify for a vaccine.

"About the IISS
"The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), a
registered charity with offices in London, Washington,
Manama and Singapore, is the world’s leading authority
on political–military conflict."

From IISS (London) and Institute of Contemporary Development (Moscow) JOINT REPORT on "Towards a NATO-Russia
Strategic Concept:
Ending Cold War Legacies;
Facing New Threats Together"

For the record, this organization IISS was CO-FOUNDED by SIR KENNETH GRUBB (brother of Norman Grubb), ANTHONY WASS BUZZARD (father of a participant at DISCERNMENT Planning Conference in Atlanta 1996 and East Lansing, MI in 1997) and DENIS HEALEY (a Bilderberg founder).

Something is very curious and ominous about all of this, particularly considering the relationship that existed between the C Street Foundation (Abraham Vereide / Doug Coe) and Norman Grubb who was Vereide's chief biographer, not to mention a pioneer in the highly gnostic movement which today is found on the web as Christasus.

Norman Grubb was very much into William Law and Jacob Boehme. Boehme was Madame Blavatsky's inspiration for THEOSOPHY. Norman Grubb also published Dave Hunt's first two books: CONFESSIONS OF A HERETIC and THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT which he claimed God directed him to FINISH for William Law who had died a few hundred years earlier.

All of this Islam being the "beast" stuff is just hatred disguised as prophetic insight.
Here is NATO's official history on its emblem. Notice the top of the page has that wierd spiral of 6's.
Let me try this again.

Don't worry, they do not like Catholics either. However, Muslims need to speak up more against terrorism and for religious freedom in Muslim countries. Blaming the West and Israel for all your problems is a cop-out.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has uncovered an alarming array of new EU controls over justice and home affairs for which no one has voted, and most are unknown to the public.

Read more:

an oldie but a goodie

Please no continuation of the battle re: Catholicism but I do find this talking out of both sides of his mouth interesting.
Anon 7:08,
What you don't seem to grasp is that the terrorisim is very often funded by and/or sponsored by western governmental agencies like the CIA. When you can get your mind out of the propaganda long enough to research it you'll find its true. Then you have no excuse for pointing the finger at us.

Don't you just love it when the press distorts and twists things all out of proportion? In his new book, "Light of the World," the Pope makes a two-paragraph mention of condoms. Guess which two paragraphs the press is quoting......while of course ignoring the entire rest of the book. Aaarrggh!

Here's the true story:
Vatican City, Nov 20, 2010 / 07:39 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Excerpts of Pope Benedict XVI’s new book are already causing a stir. Though some media reports claim he offers a change in papal teaching about condom use, Pope Benedict in fact says that a humanized sexuality, not condoms, is the right response to HIV......

......In the excerpts, just two brief paragraphs provide the Pope's response to a question on sexuality in the world today. He says that concentrating on the use of the condom only serves to trivialize sexuality.

This trivialization leads many people to no longer see sex as an expression of love, but as a self-administered drug. The fight against the banalization of sexuality is part of a great effort to change this view to a more positive one.

According to one much-commented excerpt printed in L'Osservatore Romano, the Pope concedes that there can be single cases in which the use of a condom may be justified.

He uses the example of prostitutes (other sources say he meant male prostitutes) who might use prophylactics as a first step toward moralization, that is, becoming moral. In such a case, condom use might be their first act of responsibility to redevelop their consciousness of the fact that not everything is permitted and that one cannot do everything one wants.

While secular outlets such as Time Magazine characterized this remark as “a stunning turnaround” for the Church, Pope Benedict goes on to explain that this is not the true and proper way to defeat HIV. Instead what is necessary is the humanization of entire article...


What the Pope is saying is that from a prostitute's point of view, the use of a condom to prevent the transmission of HIV - even though prohibited by Church teaching - might be that person's first step towards morality in terms of being concerned about the well-being of someone other than him/herself and seeing that "other" as a person, and not merely as an object for self gratification or profit.

Hardly the same thing as "saying yes to the use of condoms."
Are the acts of terrorism by hezbollah and hamas CIA instigated?
I knew the condom issue would come out. So here's the clarification. In Catholicism, sex has to be unitive and procreative. So condoms are not evil. Contraception is. In the case of gay sex, it is already contraceptive, so using a condom is not going to make a difference and might even prevent someone else from dying. This does not make gay sex right in itself.


I would be interested in knowing if the Pope's comments also apply to heterosexual sex, where one partner may have HIV.

Answers would be appreciated.

I learned the truth about Rick Warren in the book, Reinventing Jesus Christ, by Warren Smith. Free on line...

Stayed up until 3am reading this book.

I think it is a MUST READ
Savvy 3:43,

Most of the articles I have read seem to indicate that the Pope was not referring to heterosexual sex.
Yes, I know Susanna. The principle of double effect does exist in Catholic moral theology. So the best thing for a heterosexual with HIV would be to abstain from relations with their spouse, but if they can't then it should be taken care to see that they do not transmit a life-killing disease to their spouse. In this case blocking life would be the unintended consequence of such an action. Not the end result.

I am still looking into this. I hope a clarification letter comes with this, since this is only an interview comment.

That NATO logo clearly contains double swastikas! I noticed that years ago.

This is just so crazy. If the Pope speaks for Christ he should have said Hey, you homosexuals, stop having homosexual sex and repent or you're going to Hell. Is it better to go to Hell without AIDS or with AIDS?
If you think Israel is some wonderful state-think again! It is a secular state based on Zionism, which is at its core ethnic hatred. It is the Jewish version of National Socialism. They routinely displace families, leaving children in poverty and homeless just so Jews can build more apartments and homes for themselves. You apparently have never lived there and seen this as it really is. Your news outlets are certainly pro-Zionist so you get lies.
i have come to this blog for a while now---never wrote anything here before but i have seen some distortion from both the protestant and catholic sides frankly-in my opinion-for what it's worth and that is not much-but God's word has the final say-not the catholic pope or any of us. sorry-but truly some of the most tortured answers have come from catholics and i mean tortured-as in susanna's post (9:49)while it makes some good points i believe that it actually begins to trivialize itself. whew! read the bible and stick to it! immorality is sin and you can't "medicate" it with that pitiful answer about condom use being some kind of steps toward the Lord. the bible claims that there are two kinds of people-saved and lost. romans 10:1-13. no pope has the nails scars of the Lord Jesus Christ in his hands and feet so it is to Jesus alone that a/any soul must go in repenting and trusting His righteous blood's cleansing power for alllllll sin-yours and mine! all the hair-splitting really misses the point! i'm tired of this blog. it's been invaded by the "religious" instead of those like me who are just inquiring of news pertaining to the subjects constance first brought to our attention. lots of other good sources to go to for my info. bye folks.
Anon@7:57 a.m.

The Pope fully agrees that gay sex without repentance can send one to hell. However, if there is a way to stop you from killing someone, it should be taken, because the person committing the sin would be guilty of sodomy and of murder.

If people start realizing that they are killing someone else, then they might start realizing that all is not right in paradise and may seek to change their ways.
Anon@1:34 p.m.

The Pope does not call condom use as steps towards the Lord. He does not call it a real solution. I think you have misunderstood what he said.

Your views on Israel are outright offensive. You claim to be a moderate Muslim. Even Irshad Manji does not hold these extreme views.

Offensive to who?? Zionists? I'm not concerned if a Zionist hates me or finds my dislike of Zionism an offense. Zionism is definetly ethnic racial policy. How is it any different from any other form of ethnic cleansing? If you want offensive go to Palestine and see with your own eyes how unfair the policies are. I am most moderate. That does not mean that I give Israel a pass on its misdeeds. Are you one of those Christians who supports Israel no matter what they have done or will do?? If so, you're not thinking or researching. You've simply turned a secular state into an idol. My views aren't extreme by any stretch. I don't demand the destruction of Israel, or that Jews be hurt in any way. Those things are counter-productive as well. However, I do expect Israel to be held to the same standards that nations like South Africa, Kosovo, Bosnia, Darfur, Sudan, Rwanda etc. were held to! Your apparent support of Israel despite their ethnic policies is offensive.

I have met Muslims who live in Israel. They have more freedom there than in any Muslim country. Your comparison of a democracy in the Middle East to genocidal regimes is a cheap shot.

Why don't you bring up Saudi Arabia, where people are not permitted to pray even in their homes, if they are not Muslim?

I don't blindly support Israel, but let's not forget the suicide bombers on the other side and their non-stop anti-Jewish propaganda is not right either.

What kind of a parent let's their kid become a suicide bomber?

"What you don't seem to grasp is that the terrorisim is very often funded by and/or sponsored by western governmental agencies like the CIA. When you can get your mind out of the propaganda long enough to research it you'll find its true. Then you have no excuse for pointing the finger at us."

Does the CIA fund Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran etc?

It's true that the U.S. is to blame for some things.

But, the fact that Saudi Arabia funds most of Islamic terrorism, and funds the teaching of radical ideology in Western universities, under the disguise of Islamic studies is not being addressed by CAIR or any other Muslim organization.

"I have met Muslims who live in Israel. They have more freedom there than in any Muslim country. Your comparison of a democracy in the Middle East to genocidal regimes is a cheap shot."

Hardly! The ethnic policies are obvious. Zionism is an ethnic political movement. For you to deny that (or at least hide that fact) is outright dishonest! So, if a democratic nation supports ethnic policies, then that nation should get my support because it is "democratic"?? You cannot be serious. They tear down whole neighborhoods to build homes for Jewish citizens, yet you find no problem with that. Seems to me you're a Christian Zionist.

"Why don't you bring up Saudi Arabia, where people are not permitted to pray even in their homes, if they are not Muslim?"

I garee this is wrong. And lets see...the money in Saudi Arabia comes primarily from the USA, as did the support for the Saudi ruling family. The CIA is all over that country and you can bet pulls some of the strings there. Save the drama for someone who believes network news is real.

"I don't blindly support Israel, but let's not forget the suicide bombers on the other side and their non-stop anti-Jewish propaganda is not right either."

I agree again. However, your outrage here is because I dared criticize your precious secular state of Israel. That is why you are whining at me. So your actions speak louder than words.

"What kind of a parent let's their kid become a suicide bomber?"

A confused, poor, and most often uneducated family who are manipulated by both propaganda and misfortune. I would NEVER encourage, condone, or allow any act of violence to occur on behalf of my faith. I am a pacifist myself. And I condemn anyone who does engage in violence. That includes your precious Zionists.

How do you explain that there are Israeli Muslims who serve in the IDF.?

You are full of excuses aren't you? It's always someone else's fault or some conspiracy theory making the rounds.

A Zionist is someone who supports Israel's right to exist and not be thrown into the sea.

Bravo, Savvy.
Sabina, You say you are a kind pacifist who wants to fight for justice and peace in the world. Since you are in the heart of the Muslim community, why not make sure your own Muslim neighborhood is free from sin. That should keep you busy for a few years.

You have started posting here, agitating a primarily Christian blog against Jews.
Why? You seem not to be someone who is willing to expose the infiltration of New Age ideas into the Muslim community. Why?

You can be a better activist for peace and justice by exposing what you know about that infiltration and we will join you in fighting it. You might start out by giving more details on the Muslim push for Sharia or one world government.

You aren't going to get us to believe that you are some kind of exception to Muslim totalitarian ideas. We aren't going to buy it. And if you really are, so what. It doesn't matter in the bigger picture unless you are running one of the sicking totalitarian Muslim countries.
A Zionist is not simply someone who supports Israel's right to exist. That kind of ignorance demonstrates you have absolutely ZERO clue as to the history and philosophy of Zionism. And my position is not against "Jews", but against Zionism. Not all Jews are Zionists. Some Jews recognize the ethnic hatred inherent in Zionism and choose not to be part of it. Apparently you Christian Zionists are not just blind, but willingly blind. You, like the Zionists, desperately want all Muslims to be your boogeyman. Sorry, we're not buying it.
Chew on these facts:

"[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs."

-- Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' New Statesman, June 25, 1982.

"(The Palestinians) would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls."
-- Isreali Prime Minister (at the time) Yitzhak Shamir in a speech to Jewish settlers New York Times April 1, 1988

"Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."
-- Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

"It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands."

-- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998.

"Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial."

-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News Online

Apparently these people ignored the following counsel:

Palestine must be built up without violating the legitimate interests of the Arabs.. Palestine is not Rhodesia... 600,0000 Arabs live there, who before the sense of justice of the world have exactly the same rights to their homes as we have to our National Home. [Chaim Weizmann, addressing the Fourteenth Zionist Congress in Vienna, 1925, quoted in Tessler, Mark, A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1994 p. 181]

Jews and Muslims can live together in peace, but only when the current politicians stop the kind of thinking posted above. My two best friends are Jewish women. We went to high school and university together. I love them like my own sisters! Even they don't like some of the things they see. This is not to say it is all one sided. Some desperate and uneducated Muslims do engage in violence and it is WRONG! Absolutely wrong! Peace is the ONLY way!

I have nothing against Palestinians. Why do you have to turn everything into a for and against Israel war?

I do support a two-state solution. Although, Hamas and Iran and many Muslims do not want this.

Where did the Jews come from Mars? Are you saying the Hebrews never existed? Are you trying to say an entire people did not exist?

There were Jews in Palestine before there were Arabs. Do you know about the Arab refugees in Palestine from Jordan and Syria?

Let's take a look at these ethnic policies of Israel that you keep talking about.

Within Israel itself, Arabs and Jews share the same shopping malls, benches, hospitals, theatres and, in many cases, suburbs and the privilege of voting is given to all. The Israeli Knesset has Arab members of parliament, and Jews, Arabs and Palestinians often work together at construction sites, businesses, hotels and elsewhere. Most important of all is the fact that Israel is a democratic state.

Out in the disputed territories, some 98% of the Palestinian Arab population now lives under the governance of their own Palestinian Authority, where they have the right to vote and change their leaders – at least theoretically. True, Israel has adopted security measures that curtail their movement, but these have been necessitated by the conflict thrust upon her and are legitimate acts of self-defense, rather than acts of racial discrimination.

It is also important to remember that there never had been a Palestinian State in the region, as even Jews were called and registered as “Palestinians” in 1948! British authorities held a Mandate over the country and accepted the right of Jews to have a state of their own in what was their ancient homeland. Even the United Nations accepted and voted for this right. When Israel implemented this decision by declaring its existence, she was immediately attacked by no less than five Arab armies!

This brings into focus the real nature of this conflict. That is, it has very little to do with politics or peace agreements but everything to do with theology! By this I mean a radical jihadist theology that considers the whole Land of Israel and not just the West Bank as part of the “House of Islam.”

This theology dictates that all this land must be returned to Islamic rule, whether by peaceful, political or violent means of jihad. So from 1948 to 1967, when the Palestinians had everything they say they want now, they neither protested against the illegal Jordanian occupation of the West Bank nor even remotely demanded a state of their own. They did, however, found the PLO in 1964 with the distinct mission of destroying the State of Israel. They subsequently launched a terror campaign to force this end and throughout the Oslo era refused to remove the infamous clauses from their Charter calling for the “elimination” of Israel!

The same jihadist theology drives Hamas and its affiliated militia al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades, as well as Hizbullah, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, and all the rest of the “resistance” front.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Apartheid!

Sabina, before you post quotes out of context or plain phony quotes, you ought to look around the internet. CAMERA checked on these back in 2004 and found them to be manipulative garbage.

Gosh if you are a representative of nice Muslims, only God can save us from "Some desperate and uneducated Muslims [who]do engage in violence.." The only violence you can do over the internet is verbal violence. Are you desperate and uneducated?

Since it appears you deliberately lie, why should anyone trust any thing you write. Once a liar, always a liar.
Human Rights of Christians in Palestinians Societies

Christians Under Palestinian Authority Rule

1. Sharia and International Human Rights Norms Under the Palestinian Authority

2.The Growth of Islamic Religious Extremism and the Marginalizing of Christian Arabs in the Palestinian Authority.

3. Emergence of Islam as a Political Force

II. The Pervasive and Variegated Nature of the Persecution of Christian Arabs

1. Social and Economic Discrimination

2.Boycott and Extortion of Christian Businesses

3.Violations of Real Property Rights

4. Crimes Against Christian Arab Women

5. Palestinian Authority Incitement Against Christians

6. The Failure of the Palestinian Security Forces to Protect Christians .
This is from the perspective of the left, but it is worth the read.
Keep up to date with the Muslim efforts by reading

Today read
ISLAMIC LIES ALERT: FBI Just Released 2009 Hate Crime Stats...again completely debunking myth of anti-Islamic backlash in the U.S.

So why do we have to put up with days in public schools devoted to showing how wonderful Islam is? There are Sabinas all over with their manipulative, forceful, immoral tactics and too many people who think "making nice" can change those who freely use those negative tactics.

A war is on people. Trust the enemy at your own risk.
"Making nice" is wrong? Guess so! But Jesus said to "turn the other cheek". I guess I never fully understood what He meant by that, since He did drive out out the money changers and issued stern warnings.I don't think we really know what "Making nice" would be on a localized level, devoid of some of the internationalist rhetoric.
Maybe it would be like Governor Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee on Fox tonight was talking about "making nice", that is, being civil, to those with whom one does not agree. Governors and Presidents have to do that, he said. He came out in a dead heat with President Obama in a poll for who should be next President. I supported him and would have voted for him if my state had gotten the chance. He faces real issues but still is polite to those he disagrees with. Sounds like a statesman.

wars and rumors of wars...
Off topic, but hopefully someone here will find a new age connection and therefore deem it important enough to think about..

More vultures found swimming or dead in the Florida Keys in Florida Bay over the weekend. Last week it was Biscayne Bay, near Miami, now this week it's Florida Bay. In September there were dead swans in Sarasota on Longboat Key. The swan doctor doing the autopsies and testing on the swans has since "Disappeared".

Not good news. These birds can't fly because they have ingested toxins that are paralyzing them. The rest of the country is in a total news black out about this but the Deepwater oil disaster is far from over.
Anon. 10:40

Revelations 11:18 says;

_And the nations were angry,
and thy wrath is come, and the
time of the dead, that they should
be judged, and that thou shouldest
give reward unto thy servants
the prophets, and to the saints,
and them that fear thy name,
small and great; and shouldest
destroy them which destroy the
I've been thinking for a long time of the verse Paul quoted, but I wasn't sure where it was or what it said, but I remembered there was something about God judging those who mess up the Earth, and I was wondering if it applies to these times.
Anon. 4:21
The word "earth" appears in
the Bible well over a thousand
times, and in the book of
Revelations alone it appears
about eighty times.
All this "Green", "global awareness",
"Gaiaa", "planetary awareness",
"earth first" stuff of the last
twenty years is just the latest
propaganda from those who
think that they should be our
"gods", and not the God of
the Bible.
The Bible repeatedly makes a
very clear distinction between
the "world", which is the world
and work of mankind, and the
earth, which is the Lords'
The devil always highjacks
Gods Word and twists it just
enough to throw people off,
if possible. The devil is a liar
and the father of lies.
He wants us to worship the
creature (him), not the Creator.
Maybe there is a 'price' to pay for all of that 'free loot' given away by Oprah on Monday in Part 2 of her "Favorite Things" program...

Two of the items given to audience members were two New Age books:

1) "The Book of Awakening" by Mark Napo

2) "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson
Anonymous 10:40AM

More on the story- "Turkey vultures fall from the sky":

I keep thinking about Luke 16:37

Jesus replied, "Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather".

Hopefully the Gulf of Mexico is not becoming a dead body with all these unusual bird stories popping up!
My husband just called to my attention that there is a major story in the November 29, 2010 THE NEW YORKER (Magazine) about Benjamin Creme and company.

The article is entitled "Are you the Messiah? The seekers of Raj Patel."

Interestingly enough, the article notes that Raj Patel is married and has an infant son.

Personally, I believe Raj Patel is far too young to be Creme's 1981 candidate as he was then discussing a fully grown man all ready to "emerge" and take over. Raj Patel would have been a child then.

You people talk of termites, what of termites in bed with carpenter ants?

Don't forget to note the anti-Semitism, or is that just anti-Israelism in this report!

Anybody keeping an eye on this bunch? Trouble here for sure.
Anon 12:04,

THAT IS A HUGE DEVELOPMENT!!! Thanks for posting, I certainly find it of great value.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Jury convicts Tom DeLay in money laundering trial
The Senate agreed to final passage of S. 510, Food Safety Bill, as amended, by a vote of 73-25

Senator Scott Brown, Richard M. Burr, Susan Collins, Michael B. Enzi, Grassley and Lugar all (among more Republicans) voted FOR the food safety bill.
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