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what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana and the new world order

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana and the new world order

Again, this column by "Farmer" (Far More? / Bjorn Freiberg) which is quoting from this German article translated, demands my attention.  It is a question and answer interview with Javier Solana.  I feel obligated to pass it on to you despite some of my many unresolved differences with Farmer -- to paraphrase the Apostle Paul commenting on those preaching the gospel for various and sundry motives, "for whatever motive he is disseminating the information, still the information is being disseminated." The link to Farmer's blogspot is above. below is the text from the translated German article.

Javier Solana welcomes the conversation in a salon of the Geneva Villa Plantamour. Through the open windows penetrate the glistening light from the nearby lake, and bird song from the old trees in the surrounding park set in this relaxed atmosphere for the first time rebel leaders and representatives of the Government of Burundi to explore at a table for paths to peace by Hutu and Tutsi. Since then met at the villa on Lake secretly opponent in many other conflicts. The terrain was preparing each of the Henri Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD before). Founded in 1999, non-governmental organization has its headquarters here. It comes into action when the traditional forms of mediation have failed.
Among the approximately 70 employees, many former diplomats. You have direct access to foreign ministries and heads of state around the world. Currently, CHD-mediator in 14 active conflicts, so in the Philippines, Burma, East Timor, Somalia, Kenya, Central African Republic and Sudan. The activities in other countries, considers the center a secret out of consideration to the rival camp. Javier Solana in early March became the honorary chair of the CHD. He also teaches at the London School of Economics and head of the department for foreign policy research at the renowned U.S. think tank The Brookings Institution.
Looking at your career, you were always at the right time, right place: after the end of the Cold War they were NATO Secretary General, and brought the relationship between NATO and Russia back in order ... 
In the history, the signing of the NATO Act-1997 in Paris as well be my most important achievement recorded Russia.

Then you switched to the EU ,as it went to the eastward expansion. 
I was allowed, the EU foreign policy set in the world, if you will. We have common foreign and security policy set up a. Nothing like this has not before. Today the EU is active on every continent in crisis management. If I wanted to be immodest, I would say that I all organizations, I could manage the "highest level have brought her on. [I have brought all organizations I have managed to their highest level.]

What logic is behind it now that you have entered a non-governmental organization in? 
What do you mean by logic? Since logic is not behind it. After 30 years I was in public office and the last 13 years never three nights in a row in the same bed I slept when the time was to come, start something new.

What does your wife to this impressive bed rotation actually said? 
You must ask yourself. No, seriously, I was allowed my long career major foreign policy positions filled in: First foreign minister of my native country Spain, and later as a NATO Secretary General, then as High Representative of the EU. I have not looked for these positions. I am by profession a professor of theoretical physics, not a trained diplomat. Only policy is in my blood. For me, politics is a way to serve the community. That was always my motivation. Now my office in Brussels was expired. But I had no desire to retire completely. Therefore, I am taken the commitment to CHD.

Are you a real peace negotiations involved? 
No, I advise the diplomats of CHD. I help make contact with, in the negotiations to develop imagination and ideas. The Center has an excellent international reputation.

The success is not guaranteed. You yourself have unsuccessfully mediated in the Middle East and Iran. How does one deal with such failures to? 
mediation and conflict resolution are lengthy processes. They require exceptional strength, energy and tremendous dedication. Nevertheless, success is not guaranteed. But even if you fail, you have to keep trying. Because a failure today may tomorrow be the beginning of a success. I do not think the energy we have invested in the case, both these were all useless. It has laid a basis created trust elements, subsequent processes can build on.

As the financial crisis has changed the world order? 
It has accelerated trends that were already under way. The most important trend is certain the impressive power shift from West to East, specifically to Asia. This will fundamentally change the management of the world without doubt. The shift in power is a transfer of resources, wealth, and even by people associated with shares. Europe's share will fall. The structures of world order will be adjusted accordingly.

Is it difficult to coordinate a multi-polar world such? 
We do not yet know how we have to organize this multi-polarity in order to multilateral cooperation to find. The political legitimacy and material resources are still very committed to nationally. We urgently need to strengthen the international organizations to act and do: This happens already to some extent. In the financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund is very much more active now.

What makes you think it will succeed at the end? " 
I come from an organization that is multinational and multilateral working simultaneously. The EU has shown that a voluntary transfer of power and sovereignty of nation states to an international organization of the possible. Even in such sensitive fields such as in the monetary area. I am not saying that the EU model for future world order is one. But she has shown that you can move in the direction of this himself.

What role can the Switzerland of the changed world order play in? We have called many times since the end of the Cold War had its good services less in demand. 
In my work I have agents in Geneva and Zurich always hospitality, support and help in the resolution of conflicts experienced in. I do not even remember how many times I met representatives of Iran in Geneva and informal contacts of Swiss diplomacy have benefited from it. Switzerland has also helped, between Turkey and Armenia to mediate the agreement, signed in Zurich, I was allowed to participate in the. It is not from the stage so the agent disappeared.

Switzerland is currently under international pressure - in the U.S., the EU, especially in Libya. Already head of state Khaddafi? 
I used to do with him.

How do you best with him around? 
In many, many meetings (laughs). In very long sessions (still laughing). It takes lots of patience. He is not an easy negotiating partner.

What makes a good mediator in such a situation from? 
To be successful in negotiations, it needs a lot of preparatory work. You have to know very much about the culture, power structures, the history of the counterpart, everything plays into it. It will achieve nothing without the other party to win the confidence. It does so in particular perseverance and optimism.

Was it wise to use the Schengen Agreement, to the EU to implicate Libya affair? 
A solution to this difficult conflict is not a question of the size of the party to the conflict or the money. The difficulties stem from the fact that the personalities involved are very difficult and different cultural backgrounds come from. Switzerland has overcome difficult situations without EU assistance. Others with EU assistance. I am convinced that it is very helpful to Switzerland in Schengen to be there. But I do not want to continue to express Libya affair.


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If you can read the original German, which evidently Bjorn Freiberg can, the story can be read in that language by clicking here.

By all means, STAY TUNED!


by golly, that ole farmer...he's out ther diggig' in the dirt...searchin' fer clue after clue. He takes and strikes me as to be a "good egg". besides that, i kinda like that name "farmer". now as for solana, gee boy, just you wait till i get my hands on him, i'm gonna fix his wagon! peace,wellness and all / from up here in vermont, tony.p.s. hi constance, your my favorite of all and i could never say, tony
i hope Jesus is comin' back fairly quick and that we don't have to wait all the way till 2040-2047 for all that business of jake's trouble- you know, the 7 yr. trib. and all. ole Bob Wadsworth from www.biblical says according to the gosple in the stars{bullinger like type of stuff}it appears that-a-way. reckon he could be right, but i'll tell you what, i've got me a notion to beg to differ. me and my dog "wiffer" got a different timeline than his. Thats fer dog-gone sure. then again me and my dog ain't really all that smert, you know, IQ wise. However we just sit around and kinda sense stuff. One never knows...ain't that what the little prince allways says. Ole well, good night to all for now.sweet dreams from me and my dog./ tony in vermont out here wiff ole wiffer, just star gazin' to beat the dickens!!
...and a wonderin'....
Halliburton may be culpable in oil leak explosion . . .
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The once mighty Jordan River, where Christians believe Jesus was baptized, is now little more than a polluted stream that could die next year unless the decay is halted, environmentalists said on Monday.

The famed river "has been reduced
to a trickle south of the Sea of Galilee, devastated by overexploitation, pollution and lack of regional management," Friends of the Earth, Middle East (FoEME) said in a report.

More than 98 percent of the river's flow has been diverted by Israel, Syria and Jordan over the years.

"The remaining flow consists primarily of sewage, fish pond water, agricultural run-off and saline water," the environmentalists from Israel, Jordan and the West Bank said in the report to be presented in Amman on Monday.

"Without concrete action, the LJR (lower Jordan River) is expected to run dry at the end of 2011."

The river -- which runs 217 kilometers (135 miles) from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea -- and its tributaries are shared by Israel, Jordan, Syria and the West Bank.

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I forgot to email you and tell you I would be away for several days. I am in the airport now and cannot acces my email account. Talk to you later!


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