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As of June 9, 2009, the USA was officially "watching with interest" the Alliance of Civilizations, but with clearly expressed approval of its purported agenda:

"The United States supports the goals of the Alliance of Civilizations to improve understanding and respect among various religious communities and cultures, and to help counter forces that fuel polarization and extremism. We believe there is value in an ongoing dialogue among cultures and religions, encouraging mutual understanding and tolerance. In fact, President Obama is in Cairo delivering a majorbo address on precisely these issues as I speak. In our view the OSCE has made a positive contribution in this regard in the past, and should continue to do so in the future."
The flirtation was obvious, but now the marriage has occurred.  The USA is officially on board.  Israel has viewed this development with dismay as evidenced by the Arutz Sheva article shown in picture form here:

The Jerusalem Post has also expressed its dismay at this development which is rendered even more interesting by President Obama's declaration last weekend that he wanted military aid increased to Israel to guarantee its security.  The United States has suddenly approved long sought missiles to Israel for guarding its  security.  That development, unlike the Alliance of Civilizations is certain to a a disarming one to Israel.
Folks, as Herb Peters would have put it, "there's something happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear.  Stop, look around, everybody see what's going down."

Yes, Herb borrowed it from the apocalyptic street music themes of the 1960's.  It's even more relevant now.  And, the Alliance of Civilizations "religious clearninghouse" is now well underway.  Here's the picture:

Stay tuned!

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Great post about a sad event in our lives.

Just a quick question: has anyone noticed all the children characters that have just on eye? Did you see the new mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympics in England?

What's this all about?

I still have to get to your question, Randy. Maybe some of the others are quicker on draw on it.

As to Alliance of Civilizations, here's an example of what their "Religious Clearinghouse" is attempting to do -- this time with Orthodox Judaism in Israel:

Also, worth reviewing is the article I wrote that was published both here and on about the Alliance of Civilizations:

I wrote it in 2006 but if anything, it's even more current now.

Karen Armstrong in this updated video makes clear the war on fundamentalism that the Alliance of Civilizations represents. Query? Is she guilty of "incitement." YES! Will AOC do anything about HER incitement? Don't hold your breath!

This video by Federico Mayor is equally scary:

Rich of Medford just phoned me -- talked for half hour. He is working punishing hours right now but is still on case.


The following might be of interest to you.


Perhaps the following is a key to understanding what this is all about.


...Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville were unveiled today in London
CAPTIONBy Matt Dunham/APOrganizers of the 2012 London Summer Olympics have decided upon one-eyed mascots for their Games, and no, they're not pirates.

They are Wenlock and Mandeville, names for two small English towns, and they have no discernible gender.

Here is the related video entitled "OUT OF A RAINBOW."
Foreign 'terrorists' breach U.S. border

Illegals coming from Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen
Governments are suppose to protect its people; open boarders invites disaster for some woman, child, father, brother, sister, police officer, or other expendable American. It has been shown that since September 11, 2001 that the "war on terror", oops, this social confusion, is insincere on the basis of NO boarder control, yet Americans are ever more under surveillance and control, but don't step on illegal's toes.

"WSB-TV 2 published a population breakdown from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement staging facility in Florence, Ariz., dated April 15, 2010, which includes detainees from as far away as Afghanistan, Armenia, Bosnia, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Botswana, Turkey and many other countries.

Based on U.S. Border Patrol statistics, there were 30,147 OTMs apprehended in fiscal year 2003; 44, 614 in fiscal year 2004; 165,178 in fiscal year 2005; and 108,025 in fiscal year 2006. Most were caught along the U.S. Southwest border."
Susanna, thanks for the links on the 2012 Summer Olympic mascots. These two mascots are well rooted in the New Age Movement idea. I was also thinking they were fashioned after the two pillars of Freemasonry.
Constance, thanks for your article from's good to go back to remember how this all started.
Included in the program for the Alliance of Civilizations next week in Brazil are the following "THEMATIC SESSIONS". Note ALL V E R Y C A R E F U L Y!

16:15-16:30 Coffee break
21:00 Cultural Program
Saturday, 29 May 2010

I find it amusing that Karen Armstrong, a former nun as she states, cites Confusius as originating the golden rule. Maybe. Has she ever read Proverbs? Proverbs 24:29 states, "Do not say, 'Thus I shall do to him as he has done to me. I will render to the man according to his work."

I wonder which came first.
I wonder if Karen Armstrong and Benjamin Creme know each other.
To BattleCreekDavid (9:15 AM):

Speaking as a Catholic myself, I want to state categorically that 'ex nun' Karen Armstrong certainly does not speak for ME or any of my Catholic friends.

As a matter of fact, we don't even consider her to be a 'Catholic' (or even Christian) in any sense of the word!!!

She's just a New Age 'renegade.'
BattleCreekDave & Anonymous,

Karen Armstrong certainly does not speak for me either. Moreover, if she is still even going by the name of "Catholic," it is a "Catholicism" of her own devising and not the real deal.

Karen Armstrong is also, among other things, a fellow of the infamous "Jesus Seminar."

...The Jesus Seminar is a group of about 150 individuals, including scholars with advanced degrees in biblical studies, religious studies or related fields as well as published authors who are notable in the field of religion, founded in 1985 by the late Robert Funk and John Dominic Crossan under the auspices of the Westar Institute.

One of the most active groups in biblical criticism, the seminar uses votes with colored beads to decide their collective view of the historicity of Jesus, specifically what he may or may not have said and done as a historical figure. In addition, the seminar popularizes the quest for the historical Jesus. The public is welcome to attend the twice-yearly meetings. They produced new translations of the New Testament and apocrypha to use as textual sources. They published their results in three reports The Five Gospels (1993), The Acts of Jesus (1998), and The Gospel of Jesus (1999). They also run a series of lectures and workshops in various U.S. cities.

The seminar's reconstruction of the historical Jesus portrays him as an itinerant Hellenistic Jewish sage who did not die as a substitute for sinners nor rise from the dead, but preached a "social gospel" in startling parables and aphorisms. An iconoclast, Jesus broke with established Jewish theological dogmas and social conventions both in his teachings and behaviors, often by turning common-sense ideas upside down, confounding the expectations of his audience: He preached of "Heaven's imperial rule" (traditionally translated as "Kingdom of God") as being already present but unseen; he depicts God as a loving father; he fraternizes with outsiders and criticizes insiders....

It wasn't so very long ago that the "Jesus Seminar" decided that the Lord's Prayer was never actually taught by Jesus to His followers.

The Jesus Seminar also promotes the erroneous opinion that truth depends upon a majority vote.


I posted what they (the Olympic mascots) are all about on the previous thread. But then again, posting here is often like casting pearls...some get missed, some trampled, some picked up and added to the string.

So I'll try again, as some may need a little more info in order to make the connections.

Let's call this,

"Much ado about Wenlock"

Ah, Wenlock, birthed in Roman times, wherein was lain the foundation stone for the modern Olympics, the Industrial Revolution, and the theory of Evolution.

“Nestled in a beautiful wooded valley created by the magnificent River Severn… It was here, 300 years ago, that man first learned to forge the iron from which the British Empire was built.”

Ah, Wenlock, site of the 2009 and 2010 PAN Festival gatherings which embodied:

"...all aspects of paganism and how they are studied and taught in the UK and internationally, particularly but not exclusively in the British Isles….Topics addressed could include the study and practice of :

Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism
Prehistoric religions, Classical Greek and Roman religions
Egyptian, Slavonic, Germanic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon religions, Amerindian religion,
African, Polynesian, Indian and Asian religions."

"The conference aims to advance scholarship on paganism and to look at contributions of paganism to world culture. In a world where religion is too often a force for conflict, [shades of the A.O.C.] we are keen to understand the creative overlap between faith communities, and to explore how pagan traditions often underlie the more recent revealed religions."

This event is also being held as part of IIPSGP’s celebration of the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth, he being born nearby in Shrewsbury in 1809.

Ah, Wenlock, ancient and modern hub of witchcraft, druids, and all manner of abominations, the heart of the Peak District, site of the ancient stone circles (Arbor Low, Ninestones, the Nine Ladies Circle), where the twin rituals of life and death merge into one.

Ah, Wenlock, the perfect name for an Olympian mascot, wouldn't you agree?


'Artificial Life' break through announced by scientists...
Anon 1:45 PM

Why "May God help us all"? I mean, from a biblical stand point. What verse in the bible say's "Only GOD can create life"? The trick with God is that He created life out of nothing where all we humans have done is minipulate the matter He created.

Schools treat rosaries as gang symbols

Most of us know that rosaries aren't intended to be worn as jewelry -- but that hasn't stopped countless young people (and a lot of adults) from adopting them as necklaces. They're even being marketed that way by Dolce & Gabbana (see above).

And now, that's causing problems:
School districts in New York and Texas are cracking down on students who wear religious jewelry.

Raymond Hosier, a student at Oneida Middle School in New York, said he the principal told him to remove his rosary beads or he would be suspended. He didn't - and he was.

"I think it's not right to kick me out of school for wearing rosary beads," Hosier told WXXA. "They're in honor of my brother and uncle and that's how it's gonna stay."

Hosier's brother was killed by a car in 2005 and his uncle died of cancer several weeks ago.

The school district told WXXA the bead ban is based on concerns that the beads might be gang related.

Hosier denied being in a gang and his mother said he does well in school.

"He's got rights as a citizen," Chantal Hosier told WXXA. "He's got the right to demonstrate his religion."

A spokeswoman for the school said they can't comment on cases involving suspended students - but the family hopes the school will have a change of heart.

Meanwhile, an eighth grader in Texas City, TX, found himself in a similar situation. A resource officer at Blocker Middle School confiscated a necklace that resembled rosary beads and a cross

more at link
the Pope has full support for the alliance of civilizations:

however faithful catholics will always defend the Pope and the Vatican, because they are in danger of anathema and losing their salvation to speak against the Pope.

"if anyone says that
the Roman pontiff has merely an office of supervision and guidance, and
not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the whole church, and this
not only in matters of
faith and morals, but also in those which concern the
discipline and government of the church dispersed throughout the whole world; or that
he has only the principal part, but not the absolute fullness, of this supreme power; or that
this power of his is not ordinary and immediate both over all and each of the churches and over all and each of the pastors and faithful:
let him be anathema. "
Wherefore art thou Mandeville?

Admittedly, Wenlock's sidekick is not as interesting to research, at least as far as history, geography, and archeology is concerned. However I did find a connection to theosophy, although it's probably just a coincidence that the largest collection of occult texts on the face of the entire planet is:

The Mandeville Collection – University of Illinois

“This collection of approximately 16,000 volumes is supported by an endowment established by the late Merten J. Mandeville, a Professor of Management at UIUC. Under the terms of the endowment, works of a serious nature, and those which emphasize the positive aspects of the occult are acquired. The primary subject areas for which materials are purchased are astrology; the divinatory arts and palmistry; esoteric religion and mysticism; occult techniques for health, happiness and success; psychical phenomena and research, including clairvoyance, ESP, and out-of-body experiences; spiritualism, including apparitions, mediumship, and reincarnation; unidentified flying objects; and witchcraft and magic.”

But that's enough conjecture. Just enjoy the tele-tubby-look-a-likes for what they are, or what you want them to be.

To David in Battle Creek:

Benjamin Creme and Karen Armstrong undoubtedly know each other. She had an interview published in SHARE INTERNATIONAL, the official magazine of the Maitreya/Betraya/Benjamin Creme forces.


May 21, 2010 - by Emma Morton, Health and Science Editor

A scientist has created life in a pioneering laboratory experiment in which a bug was "brought back from the dead."

It was last night hailed as a breakthrough that opens the door to exciting new technological advances.

But opponents of genetic engineering condemned the experiment as dangerous Frankenstein-style tampering with nature.

Maverick US biologist Dr Craig Venter first extracted the genes from a bacterium called Mycoplasma capricolum.

Then he grew strands of artificial DNA and planted them in the dead bacterium, which revived and began to multiply. Dr Venter said: "This is the first synthetic cell that's been made. It is an important step."

Artificial microbes could be developed for tasks like making vaccines or clearing pollution.

But other experts fear the technology could create biological weapons.

Professor Paul Freemont, of Imperial College London, called it "a landmark study."

He said: "This is a key step in the industrialization of synthetic biology, leading to a new era."

Dr Eckard Wimmer, of Stony Brook University. New York, warned: "The possibility of misuse exists."

And Dr David King, of Human Genetics Alert, said scientists were "playing God."

Dr Venter insisted the bacterium he used is found in cows, not people. But a relative of it causes pneumonia in humans.

"Friday, May 21, 2010 Israel Today Staff

"Obama signs US up for anti-Israel UN movement
"US President Barack Obama has officially brought his nation into the ranks of the Alliance of Civilizations, a UN organization started in 2006 with the publicized goal of bridging the gaps between Muslim and Western civilizations.

"However, since its inception, the Alliance of Civilizations has pushed the idea that the overriding reason for the Muslim-Western rift is Israel, its "settlement activity" and very existence, and perceived Western support of the Jewish state.

"The Alliance of Civilizations has also highlighted "a perception among Muslim societies of unjust aggression stemming from the West" regarding America's response to the Muslim terrorist attacks on its cities on September 11, 2001.

Obama announced in a statement released by the White House that joining the Alliance of Civilizations is yet another way to forward his "vision of active US engagement with other nations and international organizations."

"But many in Israel fear it will only further drive a wedge between America and the Jewish state, and further embolden the enemies of both Israel and the US."


I was raised Catholic and was always taught that the rosary a help for praying and definately NOT to be worn as jewelry.

However it is possible that Catholics from other cultures wear it as jewelry.

That being said it is a difficult choice whether to limit religious expression and the need to discourage gang participation and symbolism.
From Yahoo news comes a grim reality concerning the euro and debt.

No Escape From Europe's Rubble

If the market hates uncertainty, as the saying goes, just about the only good news this week was that "uncertainty" over regulatory reform was removed.

But the reforms aren't necessarily positive, and major uncertainty remains about the euro and the outlook for the global economy -- among other small matters.

First, the grim tally: Thursday's washout left all major U.S. averages at least 10% below their 2010 highs. That the decline occurred less than a month after most averages hit those highs is at least as disturbing as the fact that the Dow and S&P entered official "correction" territory. (On Friday, the Dow dipped below 10,000 early on before rebounding to close higher.)

Inevitable Object Meets Irresistible Force

"The Euro-zone crisis has reminded the global financial community that despite all of the government liquidity and credit … the process of needed private and public sector deleveraging is going to be painful and -- to no small extent -- has been delayed/stunted by the government stimulus itself," says Daniel Alpert, managing partner at Westwood Capital. "It is, nevertheless, inevitable."

While many Americans rightly worry about the day of reckoning for our massive debts, the "inevitable" has already arrived in Europe.

As a result, expect the euro to remain the linchpin around which the global financial markets swing in the coming days and weeks. Reports of central bank interventions Thursday and Germany's vote to fund its portion of the $1 trillion rescue package Friday helped give the currency a boost heading into the weekend.

But the outlook for the euro remains in doubt.
More from the Yahoo article:

"Why the Euro Matters So Much

The euro's fall vs. the dollar raises concerns about the profit outlook for U.S. multinationals, which have benefited greatly from a weak dollar in recent years. Suddenly, the optimistic earning forecasts for S&P 500 stocks are being called into question. That's a big reason why mega-caps like GE (NYSE: GE - News), IBM (NYSE: IBM - News), Boeing (NYSE: BA - News) and Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT - News) have been so battered in recent weeks.

Beyond the stock market, a weak(er) euro has major ramifications for the global economy because it will make European exports more competitive against rivals from the U.S., Japan and China, most notably. (For more on this dynamic, see: Outlook for Global Economy Is "Bleak," Former IMF Chief Economist Says.)

Concern about the economic impact of the currency crisis is a big reason commodity prices have tumbled recently, most notably oil. Historically, currency crises lead to trade barriers and protectionism, which typically bring slower economic growth, if not deflation and depression.

The euro will be a major issue when U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan meet next week for a strategic and economic dialogue.

Ahead of the gathering, Chinese officials said the euro's weakness means they are less likely to let their currency, the renminbi, rise in value, something U.S. policymakers have long agitated for. In sum, Europe's mess is further complicating an already highly sensitive sore spot between the world's largest and world's fastest-growing economies.

Meanwhile, in a world "intertwined by $500 trillion of derivatives," as Minyanville's Todd Harrison likes to say, Europe's crisis has also revived fears of "systemic risk" and financial contagion.

Fighting the Last War

The regulatory reform bill passed by the Senate on Thursday was designed expressly to address such an event, fear of which had diminished heading into the weekend. But whether the Dodd bill could prevent another "contagion" remains very much in doubt.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, key elements of the Senate bill include:

• Establish a new council of "systemic risk" regulators to monitor "too big to fail" firms and prevent bubbles from forming.

• Create a new consumer protection division within the Federal Reserve.

• Empower the Federal Reserve to supervise the largest, most complex financial companies.

• Resolution authority for the government to seize and liquidate failing financial firms without a taxpayer-funded bailouts.

• Give regulators new powers to oversee derivatives.

• Force banks to stop "proprietary trading," or making market bets with their own capital, and put limits on firms' ability to grow beyond a certain size of liabilities.

The WSJ labeled the Senate bill (which must be reconciled with a House version) "harder than expected" and said Wall Street is "bracing for seismic changes."

Considering prop trading and derivatives have become huge sources of income for Wall Street firms, maybe "certainty" over reg reform isn't such good news, after all.

No tears are being shed for the "fat cats," but if the reforms result in a contraction of credit, as opponents contend, the U.S. economy and our 401(k)s will feel the impact."
I just noticed a similarity between Karen Armstrong's words and Benjamin Creme. No, she doesn't talk about Maitreya and communicating with a "master," but she shares the idea of all religions coming together.

And she's not just talking about just merely getting along. She's advocating religions to ignore their fundamental core--as if it shouldn't matter that Christians and Muslims have vastly different beliefs about Jesus.

Her words are just as poisonous as Benjamin Creme. Whoever Maitreya ends up being, I'm guessing the AoC is doing it's part to prepare for his "day of declaration."
You are right about what happens to posts here. However you can't totally say that's what happens to the information posted. Not that many people post here. You may be adding to the databases of many who read here but aren't ready to post.

Nice job of researching the pagan/occult connections to the Olympic figures.

Battlecreek David

How is Karen Armstrong any different from the Popes or the outlook of the Catholic church? You stated the vast differences between how Muslims view Jesus as opposed to Christians. Do you realize that the Catholic Church teaches that you should accept all that is good and holy from other religions, and that the God of Christianity and Allah are one and the same? They are not!!!!!!!!!!!

Allah the moon god existed before the rise of Islam. Do you want proof? So, I ask again, how is this different from Karen Armstrong if Jesus is God?

Why no comments after Anon 5:21 post about the Pope supporting AOC? Things get eerily silent on comments like this that show the truth, even from Constance.

JD, before you chime in, I have checked your blog, and some of the sites you recommend are every bit as "catholic bashing" as anyone who ever posted here. So, if you know the truth, you should not stand quiet for fear of offending your friends.

You cannot pick and choose doctrines. If you pour poison in your cup of tea, it will be impossible to drink JUST the tea.
Hey, Anonymous (10:28 PM):

Nice try . . . now, why don't you slither back under that rock you crawled out from.

Your attempts to play people against each other (on this blog) is painfully transparent.

(YOUR pain, that is - not ours.)
I was looking for more information on AOC when I came across this link:
President Obama's Speech In Cairo
June 2009

My comment: We are living in a parallel world of information, parallel to that of the elite world leadership. They know the buzz words of their goals, but we are meant to hear of them by chance. How many average people actually know anything about the AOC. If it wasn't for JD and Suzanne, I wouldn't know anything about microfinance. Yet, here are a drips of casual information in the speech.

"Indeed, faith should bring us together. That is why we are forging service projects in America that bring together Christians, Muslims, and Jews. That is why we welcome efforts like Saudi Arabian King Abdullah's Interfaith dialogue and Turkey's leadership in the Alliance of Civilizations."

So I had to look up King Abdullah's Interfaith dialogue.
Turns out it's another effort at the religious blending which is New Age.

Interfaith dialogue: King Abdullah’ mission spreads faster...
Arab News’ efforts to highlight the message of dialogue, especially ‘positive dialogue’, as introduced by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, is of significant value and will catch the attention of millions interested in the global movements toward world peace....

"In February this year, an 'International dialogue between Islam and Eastern Religions' was held in New Delhi, which was inaugurated by the Vice President of India Hamid Ansari, and which was attended by leaders and scholars of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. On the national level, it was the first initiative of its kind which was jointly organized by major Indian Muslim organizations, and which was hailed by non-Muslim organizations and eminent scholars and individuals."

Did you know this was going on in the US?

"Meanwhile, the struggle for women's equality continues in many aspects of American life, and in countries around the world."

We have a struggle for women's equality here in the US? Who knew.


"That is why the United States will partner with any Muslim-majority country to support expanded literacy for girls, and to help young women pursue employment through micro-financing that helps people live their dreams."

All Obama's speeches should come dictionary or at least several pages of footnotes.


Website for the Rio program that Constance referred to early on the thread.

While looking for information on AOC, I came across the name Charter for Compassion. I think something about it was posted on an earlier thread, but it is worthwhile checking it out again.
About the Project
The Charter for Compassion is the result of Karen Armstrong’s 2008 TED Prize wish and made possible by the generous support of the Fetzer Institute. It was unveiled to the world on November 12, 2009...
"The Charter, crafted by people all over the world and drafted by a multi-fath, multi-national council of thinkers and leaders, seeks to change the conversation so that compassion becomes a key word in public and private discourse, making it clear that any ideology that breeds hatred or contempt ~ be it religious or secular ~ has failed the test of our time."

Could those ideologies be those promoted by fundamentalists as reported on by Christine Amanpour on CNN, in a series titled "God's Warriors", a while back?

There's a big event coming up in Dearborn, Michigan in June.

2nd Annual International Conference on Religion, Conflict and Peace

The program

Now it's the Common Bond Institute putting on the conference. What is Common Bond?
"Common Bond Institute (CBI) is a U.S. based Non-Governmental Organization that grew out of one of the first Soviet-American non-government human service exchanges initiated in 1982. CBI organizes and sponsors conflict transformation conferences, professional training programs, and relief efforts internationally, and actively provides networking and coordination support to assist newly emerging human service and civil society organizations in developing countries."

Now could those be the ones connected with New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard?

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard describes the evolutionary ... She co-chaired and designed large Soviet-American Citizen summits, ...

Could be because CBI is linked with the Institute of Noetic Sciences among other interesting groups.

Of subgroups to the New Age movement there seems to be no end.

I meant to include this list of supporters of Common Bond Institute. How many are real organization and how many are letterhead organizations I don't know.

The clincher names at the bottom are:

"These efforts have received encouragement over the years from:

* Office of the President of the United States

* Office of the President of Russia

* Office of the President of Costa Rica

* Office of the Governor of St. Petersburg

and Her Majesty Queen Noor, Chair, King Hussein Foundation"

At the very least they are sure active in getting endorsements.

"Blofeld [A FICTIONAL CHARACTER] would threaten a meeting of the UN; Strong would chair the meeting and script its agenda. Strangely, Strong once indulged his inner Blofeld, musing to a stunned reporter about a violent plot to take over the world through one of his many super-organizations.

In 1990, Strong told a reporter a fantasy scenario for the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland - where 1,000 diplomats, CEOs and politicians gather "to address global issues."

Strong, naturally, is on the board of the World Economic Forum. "What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude the principal risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries?...

In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about?"

"That's Strong talking, but those are Blofeld's words coming out. But this is no fictitious Bond movie villain speaking - it is the man who chaired the Rio Earth Summit and who is Kofi Annan's senior adviser.

"This group of world leaders forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse," continued Strong, warming to his fantasy. "It's February. They're all at Davos. These aren't terrorists.

"They're world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world's commodities and stock markets. They've engineered, using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies, a panic. Then, they prevent the world's stock markets from closing. They jam the gears. They hire mercenaries who hold the leaders at Davos as hostage. The markets can't close..."

Strong catches himself. "I probably shouldn't be saying things like this."


Anon. 10:38,

Since I'm not Catholic, I have no idea how to answer you. I'm only responding to the video Constance linked to regarding Karen Armstrong and comparing her to Benjamin Creme. I haven't even spent any time whatsoever analyzing the Pope. If you want to shine a spotlight on the Pope, that's up to you. Your question to me is a bit off the wall. It's like if you asked me questions about the Queen of England or Lady GaGa. I don't know anything about them at all either.
To All:

Perhaps you guys will recall that I posted a link to an article entitled:


Dead Wrong on the Cold war

Rarely has one man been wrong so often and been rewarded so much as Strobe Talbott. His Cold War writings on the Soviet Union would be great laugh lines on Jay Leno. He continues to have the ear of Bill Clinton, who has never opposed a single Talbott give-away to Russia, whether it involves expanded U.S. taxpayer credits for the Yeltsin government, the unilateral U.S. concession not to develop ballistic missile defenses, or the administration's intense lobbying of Congress to make sure no legislation is passed punishing Russia for its bad behavior in selling missiles to Iran and Iraq. Talbott's relationship to the president is so strong that one State Department colleague, quoted in an otherwise glowing cover profile of Talbott in the Washington Post magazine, revealed that no career diplomat would even think of opposing Talbott and his Russia-first policies, unless he was avidly seeking to join the ranks of the unemployed.

While at Time, Talbott repeatedly took positions identical to those being promoted by the KGB and its mavens of disinformation-primary among them, Talbott's friend Victor Louis. Talbott opposed President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative because he believed it would encourage the Soviets to increase spending on offensive weapons. "This was the same argument used by Soviet propagandists," says Herbert Romerstein, a former USIA specialist in Soviet disinformation. "In fact, SDI was one of the main factors that brought down the Soviet dictatorship." entire article...

Fairly recently, Javier Solana joined the Brookings Institution headed by Strobe Talbott.

Together, the "new best friends" Strobe Talbott and Javier Solana have been touring the former eastern bloc countries that were under the boot of the former Soviet Union.

Which brings me to today's article posted on the Breitbart news site:


"Why no comments after Anon 5:21 post about the Pope supporting AOC? Things get eerily silent on comments like this that show the truth, even from Constance."

yes, that is what worry me, for all that is said against AOC, faithful catholics will still support AOC if the Pope say so. Because for catholics, the Pope has final authority, not the bible.
Dorothy, we're just scratching the surface here...there's always another chapter, another verse....

Ah, Wenlock (and Mandeville)…..twin gods (little “g”) forged in the furnace of toleration and diversity….

The Alliance of Civilizations, the modern Olympic movement, in fact, you may as well put the internationalized Boy Scouts right in there as well, for the inspiration for each was birthed in the same period in that same medieval setting.

Drawing inspiration from his visits with Dr. William Penny Brookes in Wenlock, Baron Pierre de Coubertin went home to France and not only continued to pursue the concept of the globally unifying Olympic games, but in 1911, also founded Eclaireurs Français, the INTER-RELIGIOUS international scouting fraternity modeled on Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell’s successful militarization of youth campaign.

It was Coubertin's Eclaireurs scouting movement that really began to spread scouting around the globe. Think of Brookes and Baden-Powell as the seed, Coubertin as the sower.

As Eclaireurs Francias grew and merged with other like minded groups, the following five core values were delineated:

· Laïcité: The association and its members respect the diversity of mankind and fight against all types of discrimination and intolerance.
· Coeducation means to educate both girls and boys in the same groups for mutual understanding and acceptance.
· Democracy means to have the choice between equal opportunities, to allow everybody her or his rights and duties to participate in common projects and to take responsibilities.
· Openness and solidarity help to be open to the world and to others and to develop a spirit of exchange and working together.
· Engagement for the environment means to know and understand the world, to act for its protection and to respect its balance and harmony.

(Source- wikipedia)

Ah, harmony, balance, diversity, mutual understanding, toleration…sounds to me like Karen Armstrong’s playbook was written well in advance, (as was Obama’s Youth Corps ideals).

No wonder Samaranch paid special homage at Brookes’ gravesite in Much Wenlock.

Such nobility deserves recognition, or at least a fitting mascot.

Warning: Red Ice Creations is a website that contains occult, antisemitic, and their variations articles which is why I find their take on the Olympic mascots interesting. There are three stories there, followed by links to other stories.

Battlecreek David

The reason I responded to you, was that you seem to pay attention to where this site directs you to focus your attention. Should you not pay attention to all the areas of deception if they are brought to you?

I seem to remeber a few threads back when you commented that the new agers were ready to rush out maitreya some years ago, but Constance blew thier cover.

Do you really think that God's plan from the dawn of time was altered by Constance? I don't think so. The plan will play out exactly as it is supposed to at the precise time and day ordained by God and will not be hindered by Constance or anyone else. You should really pay more attention to other issues that this site does not discuss or does not want to discuss.
(I think i'm gonna be sick...)

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- President Obama on Saturday pledged to shape a new "international order" as part of a national security strategy that emphasizes his belief in global institutions and America's role in promoting democratic values around the world.

......"The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times,'" he said in prepared remarks. "Countering violent extremism and insurgency; stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear materials; combating a changing climate and sustaining global growth; helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick; preventing conflict and healing its wounds."

The administration is set to officially release the president's first national security strategy next week, and Obama's preview on Saturday suggests it will be far different than the first one offered by his predecessor in 2002. In that prior document, President George W. Bush formally called for a policy of preemptive war and a "distinctly American internationalism."
Anon 10:28,

Which site that I have refered do you accuse of Catholic bashing? Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between discussing and disagreeing with doctrine and hatefull unsubstantiated rhetoric. You will also notice that if you looked at my full list, one site belongs to a conservative catholic. Yes there are problems within the Catholic church, but there are problems in every church these days. So that being said which site catholic bashes? It certainly isn't this one, or FP as both have been accused of being ecumenical. Perhaps you are refering to Green Agenda? Nope that one is about the UN and Sustainable Development.

Maybe Herescope? As far as I can see they are dedicated to exposing apostasy in the protestant churches. Peacebringer is a poster here who has little negative to say about anyone. Rich Peterson's work focuses on global governance and the AoC. Keith Thompson focuses on exposing Zeitgeist, Aquarian Age, Theosophy, and the lies associated with them. Which brings us to Threshing Grain. Sure there are some negative things said about certain elements within the Catholic church here, but Catherine is a Catholic. So which is it? I have seen everyone of the protestants I link to defend Catholics at some point or another against blatant false accusations. With the exception of Herescope I am in contact with the people who run every site I link to. If you want to accuse them of Catholic bashing, please name who it is you are accusing and I will be more than happy to arrange for you to have a conversation with them publicly on the issue.

I am not a catholic, as such if the Pope is supporting the AoC then I have no problem stating that I disagree with his position and thoroughly refute it. However, unlike the rest who seem to be quick to jump on a Catholic for this and lay condemnation on a entire group of believers, I will also be the first to say I refute any Protestant who supports these type of groups either. I will also stand against the protestants who are espousing New age thought and principles. Men like Rick Warren, C. Peter Wagner, Joel Osteen, Chuck Pierce, Pat Robertson, etc.

I take issues with anyone who will throw stones at anothers house yet refuses to clean their own. It's not the Catholic Church hoping to take this nation by force if neccesary for a new age Jesus, the Catholic Church is not who has infiltrated the Tea Parties in hopes of accomplishing this. It's not Catholics pushing for revolution in this nation in a attempt to establish a Kingdom of God warped in New Age thought. I have no problems with discussing or refuting any doctrine, the problem is most of what gets brought here to lay blame against the Catholic Church is blatant falsehood. Most of which originates from people like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, or Ted Pike. If you or anyone else actually wants to discuss something, I am fine with that, but don't start by laying it on every single member of a denomination or even their church as a whole. If one goes to the top of any group today, they find that the majority of us are in the same boat with leaders pushing this agenda. Why is it no one ever seems interested in exposing this type of activity in their own house where they may actually have a impact?
Anon 9:38,

Who are you to speak for ALL catholics? That is a bit judgmental is it not? Again, why are you jumping on this bandwagon accusing ALL catholics, yet not saying a word about what is happening in the protestant churches? It seems I could easily apply the standard you did to catholics to you as it relates to protestants.
Anonymous @ 1:43 PM:

Now, I have a question for you:

If you are so upset about 'other issues that this site does not discuss or does not want to discuss' . . . WHY on earth would you want to waste any more time posting comments on this blog???

(They say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same pattern of behavior and expecting different results!!!)
Battlecreek David

The reason I responded to you, was that you seem to pay attention to where this site directs you to focus your attention. Should you not pay attention to all the areas of deception if they are brought to you?

I seem to remeber a few threads back when you commented that the new agers were ready to rush out maitreya some years ago, but Constance blew thier cover.

Do you really think that God's plan from the dawn of time was altered by Constance? I don't think so. The plan will play out exactly as it is supposed to at the precise time and day ordained by God and will not be hindered by Constance or anyone else. You should really pay more attention to other issues that this site does not discuss or does not want to discuss.


Your understanding of human nature is flawed. God created us in His image with a free will -- we are not just passive victims and observers in salvation history. Through prayer and acts of charity--in short, through following His will--we can alter the course of the future. In fact, if you take the Bible seriously, we are very much obliged as His followers to do exactly this.

We know that prophecy WILL be fulfilled--antichrist WILL come--but to claim that we have no role in this spiritual war is simply bad theology.
Yes, it is true, God, who sees all, knows the precise day and time of exactly how this is all going to "play out" but to to claim that our individual actions have no consequence in the world because we in our creatureliness see "darkly through a glass" is just plain ridiculous. If this were true, what would be the point of praying, evangelizing, or warning about the deceptions of the New Age movement?

Did Constance play a key role in holding back the dark forces you mention? Perhaps she did, maybe even nearly single-handedly. God uses us for his Divine Purpose when we seek with a sincere heart to serve him and do his will.

His grace does not displace nature; it transforms it.
And, by the way, 'Anonymous' troublemaker:

We Catholics on this blog happen to agree with J.D. that there ARE problems within our Catholic Church . . . and we, even more that non-Catholics, want to see these problems corrected!!!
JD @2:19,

Thanks for saying what this Catholic reader feels.

You have missed it again, blinded by your own intelligence. The term "catholic bashing" was sarcastic, as the material that I am referring to on those sites is exactly some of the material posted here at times, but when posted here, it is considered "catholic bashing".

Some of the men you mention in your response are small potatoes, you think you are doing such a service by focusing on them, tea party, etc. They will all be crushed very soon. Why don't you use your intelligence to alert people and focus on all the major world religions that are so drenched with apostasy (yes, the Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, etc.), you would most definitely help more in that way.
To Anonymous (9:38 AM):

Actually, we Catholics believe that God, our Father in Heaven, has the 'final authority' . . . not the Pope NOR the Bible!!!

(You should think very carefully before posting your comments.)
Anon 2:46

I feel that you are flawed in your assessment. You are all to intelligent for your own good.

"Man's wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of God"
Anon 2:58,

What is the point of telling someone their reasoning is "flawed" without pointing out why?

Is your post just an opportunity to vent your feelings without contributing to the discussion? That's what it appears to be.

Why don't you respond to the arguments being raised?

In our psychotherapeutic, anti-God culture "feelings" per se are more highly valued than intelligence, but this is not so in the Bible.
Some of the men you mention in your response are small potatoes, you think you are doing such a service by focusing on them, tea party, etc. They will all be crushed very soon. Why don't you use your intelligence to alert people and focus on all the major world religions that are so drenched with apostasy (yes, the Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, etc.), you would most definitely help more in that way

That's a strange--and unsubstantiated--claim about JD. I'm familiar with JD's work, and he is doing an excellent job exposing apostasy in the major world religions. I don't have time to follow all the bloggers out there but I do read JD's posts here and they contain a goldmine of information and analysis.

As regards your cryptic claim that the "small potatoes will all be crushed very soon"--do you have a crystal ball? Do you have a direct line to God who whispers to you about the future?

I mean, really!
"Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted."

-- Matthew 23:12
Hey anon 3:27, I've read that book too:

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Anon 2:55,

No I believe you have "missed it", as the Catholic Bashing here falls into two categories. 1) Blatantly false information: this is usually quickly refuted and is actually less damaging than #2) Information with a level of truth to it: this in most cases becomes a form of catholic bashing because much like an above poster, the views or actions of a single member of the church are super imposed onto every single catholic and the church as a whole. I am sure you would not like the views of protestant leaders you disagree with, being used against you in judgement by catholics would you? Keep in mind also, it wasn't the material posted on the pope that was deemed anti-catholic, it was the way that such was applied to every catholic here, and used to bait other posters. That being said I still have not received a answer to my question though, what specificly could be deemed anti-catholic?

In the Lord's grand plan, you are correct to say any man is small potatoes, to Him. However to the layman small potatoes they are not. As it is these men and their false doctrines marching individuals to their destruction. It is these men and their false doctrines marching a entire nation to its destruction. One cannot make blanket statements about the world religions as a whole and expect to make any difference. Each doctrine and every teaching must be refuted individually, and every false prophet espousing them must be identified. Other wise you are simply barking in the wilderness. Did the Apostles simply spout off or did they refute false doctrines? Most world religions do not need discussing amongst the readers here, as the readers know they are false. However I have been called anti-christian HERE for exposing the false teachings within christian churches, for exposing the New Age influence in these modern false prophets. Why? Because these men were smart enough to wrap their blasphemy in patriotic tones and hang a cross on it so that it would be pleasing to a christians ear. So tell me, what is more dangerous to a american christian, the Muslim that he can easily refute, or the false prophet in his church who has wrapped his deception in trappings that would appeal to him?

You still don't understand, yes that is what I said, despite all your intelligence, you still don't understand. They were not blanket statements, just not enolugh space or proper (open and willing to discuss) intellect with most users here, and the ones that will have been chased off.

I have stated my opinions, some of you are downright boastful in your knowledge (or lack thereof), and are not willing to discuss other than to tell someone thier opposing views are wrong.

What are you going to do when you find out Benjamin Creme and Maitreya are a big FRAUD?! Will you wonder where you could have spent your time?
To Anonymous @ 3:30 PM:


And are YOU being 'persecuted' here? And just how so?
Well, Anonymous @ 4:18 PM...

Since you are so obviously 'above' the rest of us, my suggestion is that you start your OWN blog for all of those who are 'worthy' enough to come and join you!!!

May 1, 2010
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study, published in Environmental Science & Technology,1 that shows a correlation between the rise in autism rates since the 1980s and the use of fetal cells from aborted pregnancies. The study shows 1988 as a "change point" in the rise of Autistic Disorder (AD) rates and correlated data from 10+ year studies conducted in the U.S., Japan, Denmark, and other countries.

The study proceeds on the assumption that autism is a combination of physiological and environmental factors, most notably environmental stressors that could "trigger" an AD response in children. Two major stressors that were found to be potential "tipping points" in the 1988-89 time span were increased immunization rates (and amounts) and the introduction of fetal-based cells into common vaccines such as some measles mumps rubella (MMR).

Two other major dates in the study's findings and correlated with marked rises in AD diagnosis were 1981 and 1995. 1981 was two years after the new MMRII was approved and entered widespread use in the U.S. - using fetal cells. 1995 was when the chicken pox vaccine was updated, also including fetal cells.2

Currently, there are at least eleven vaccines commonly used in the U.S. that contain aborted fetal cells, according to Right to Life of Michigan.3. These are the most commonly-given vaccines as well, including those for polio and rabies.

Most Americans are probably unaware that not only is the use of aborted babies' cells in vaccines becoming a common practice, but the FDA also has no requirement that the resulting vaccines and medications be labeled as containing them. For many people, this may pose a moral dilemma (regarding opposition to or support of abortion) as one of the political chopping blocks that divides many Americans.

Of course, the evidence for a link between vaccines and autism's rise has been overwhelmingly obvious to those who read NaturalNews, and despite the mainstream and Big Pharma's attempts to discredit researchers such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield, parents and informed medical practitioners are steering clear of vaccinations.

Meanwhile, experts in other fields (eager to ignore the obvious) are pressing forward with more studies to prove various causes for autism. Genetics is a common and widely accepted reason for AD and ASD among scientists, though no hard evidence for this is anywhere available.4

The fact that no scientific studies have been released showing the correlation between vaccines and autism (or factually discrediting it) is testament not to any falsehood in the vaccine-autism link, but instead to the concerted efforts by Big Pharma and their minions to control the populace for profit.5

As the battle between Big Pharma and the health of the world's population continues, it's becoming obvious that the pharmaceutical industry will stop at nothing to profit. Everything from the bodies of aborted babies to the destroyed minds of future generations are fair game to them.
To the anonymous babbler:
You come here with a big head and babble on and on. It really diverts from the serious posts here. Sometimes I feel like repeating what I posted here again and again after the babblers take up so much time and space, adding nothing to the discussion on the New Age movement, spiritual or political.

Frankly, who here really cares what you think about Catholics? Are you some kind of great philosopher, some kind of big name theologian? You seem to be a person with an opinion but little in the way of analysis or facts.

The damn fool scientists who wanted to trick everyone about global warming have not cast a shadow on all scientists.

Obama the damn fool politician shyster's existence doesn't mean all politicians are corrupt. There are good lawyers and bad lawyers.

Tell us something about yourself and we will tell you the good and bad parts of your connections. No, you want to sling dirt like those Muslims who cover their faces and shout ugly things.

You want to take the Catholics on. Good! I'll take you on, slinging dirt on you for no reason except that's how you want to play.

Anon 4:18,

How is judging every catholic by the actions of one person like was done at 9:38 not a blanket statement? Debate and discussion are healthy, the problem is people don't want debate, they want to railroad others and expect no one stand up to them. Much like this conversation here, I have attempted to discuss your perceptions and views, giving mine freely. You have made some pretty accusatory comments toward me, and when I ask for evidence you attempt to change the subject and tell me how wrong I am on another level.

This is not a healthy discussion, this is attack and distract. Nothing of value offered to substantiate your claim about how wrong everyone else is, only bragging of your private knowledge of such. My point is, if you had anything that would validate your statements you would have posted it, especially since you seem so interested in proving me wrong.

I could take guesses at what you are trying to postulate, but that would be fruitless. I could go all day rebutting your posts, but something tells me that is what you are after. As far as watching Creme, he could be a smoke screen, that I freely admit. As for Maitreya or the world teacher, the ideas of this guy are written within the cornerstones of global governance. If you fail to realize that then it either shows how little attention you've paid, or gives away your purpose for being here.

But ICE chief says feds might not 'process' illegals arrested by state

The states where some form of immigration crackdown is under development include Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

To
Anon 6:14,

Thanks for posting this you beat me to it. I can attest to Michigan being on the list as I was at a Tea Party Rally this morning and both Mike Nofs and Tim Wahlberg mentioned it having passed the State Senate.

You have just epitomized the makeup of most of the users on this board. You should get a few pat on the back posts for your outburst, that is usually how it works here. I wanted to know why everyone can post on AOC, and be profoundly thanked,and congratulated, given kudos, yet NO ONE thanked Anon for thier contribution on the news of the Pope backing it. Everyone states who backs it, and how detrimental it is, but, nothing after the post from Anon, no thanks, no comments, no nothing. Does that seem strange to you?

I don't have any ambition to take on Catholics, I was just offering some information and RESEARCH on how they view interfaith relations as well as the false god Allah. Oh, but you all already knew that, right? Or did you? Or, did I make all of that up? Can you refute anything I said about the lack of acknowledgement of Anon's post? The lack of truth in it? The church's view on interfaith relations? Thier view on Allah? You may think what you will about me, I do not lose sleep over it, trust me. At least acknowledge truth in ALL areas, not just SOME.

Bring it on Dorothy, I can talk about anything you want. Muslims? Protestants? Evangelicals? Benjamin Creme? Maitreya?
I want to talk about you, who you are, what organizations you support. Bring it up.

There are many different takes on what the New Age movement involves. A simple Google search will show that. It's no shock that many different organizations will find themselves involved.

Constance, a long time ago, pointed out that they have something for everyone. A search of the Whole Again website will show that. Is it of some sort of surprise to you that there has been infiltrations of the monotheistic religions? The proponents of New Age beliefs, outside of those found in New Age bookstores, are not dummies. Early on they showed what they had to infiltrate and influence.

Now what about yourself are you willing to put out in public so we can examine your connections? Frankly, I don't give a mouse's snout about your opinions unless you are willing to share where you got them.



I used to be impressed by your knowledge, but it shows that knowledge means nothing, for if you really knew me and understood what I am saying, you would know that I am nothing like the person you described. I have no interest in fighting, sparking controversey, or insulting anyone with intention to hurt. I did not post to incite anything, or anyone. I just acknowledged Anon's post, just like the rest of you do with each other.

Some topics here are off limits, plain and simple. You can call them attacks if you wish, as some are just that. I have seen many that were not attacks, and you all were the ones attacking. I was not vague in responding, I explained to you that my initial post regarding your blog recs, meant that they discussed the very things on thier blog (and yes, I have read them), that on this blog are considered vicious attacks, and you being one of the chief accusers of such. So, please, make up your mind.

I am really curious, if there are falsehoods in the religions you mentioned, and your friends acknowledge them, am I really so wrong in saying it becomes difficult to extract the poison when it becomes intertwined with the rest?
Anonoymous Babbler,

I am not a scholar of Catholicism but I will bite. I read the link you posted about the Pope and my response was a big "yawn." First of all, it was written in May 2009 and the quote made during an official papal visit to Jordan. If you know anything whatsoever about politics, diplomacy, or theology, you will recognize this is not a philosophical treatise.

Second, it did not state that the Pope "backed the AoC" as though he is supporting the dangerous ideas of Karen Armststrong. The gist of the quote was that he "paid tribute to interfaith dialogue initiatives launched by Jordanian leaders" and supported an "alliance of civilizations."

"We can say that these worthy initiatives have achieved much good in furthering an alliance of civilizations between the West and the Muslim world, confounding the predictions of those who consider violence and conflict inevitable," he said in a speech.

He commended Jordan for curbing extremism and protecting the religious freedom of the country's Christian minority and said its leaders had promoted "a better understanding of the virtues proclaimed by Islam."

These goals are noble, and the Pope was right to praise them--such praise was most likely driven by genuine concern for the welfare of the tiny Christian minority who continue to suffer persecution in the Muslim world.

There is nothing in the article to indicate that the Pope in May 2009 actually had personal knowledge of the AoC's actual agenda.

Were I not familiar with this blog and Rich's, I myself would not have any idea; had someone informed me that there was an initiative to promote dialogue between these two religious groups with the objective of preventing violence, I too would praise it.

The Pope is not all-knowing when it comes to world affairs or how the New Age movement operates, particularly as regards infiltration. Further, he undoubtedly relies on the judgment of advisors for certain information about world events. I think it's safe to say we cannot, based on this article, assume the Pope is fully informed about the AoC.

The Pope is a brilliant man and superb scholar. When you can come back to this blog with citations from an encyclical by him which explicitly supports, in theological terms, the apostasy being pushed by the AoC by all means do so. Then we will have something to talk about.

Until then, I will have to agree with Dorothy that your agenda appears to be to distract from the discussion at hand.

WOW!! So that is what this is about? Someone didn't get a pat on the back! So your basicly admitting that you picked a fight with Catholics. It couldn't have been that some of us didn't see it until you had already picked said fight could it? It couldn't be that many of the Catholics have been absent lately could it? It couldn't be that they felt like this might be a bait could it?

For the record, it is detestable that any religous leader would give support to this group as it ties the hands of their faith. I am also thankfull someone brought it to attention, but your actions following are unjustifiable.

I feel like I owe you an apology. I meant no disrespect to you or your research on the olympic mascots when I replied that they looked like warped teletubbies.

Sometimes I have a bad habit of posting my initial reaction without reading every thing the original post was saying. I had erroneously thought that what you had posted was something else that I had already read. When in fact it wasn't.

Please continue to share what you find out. There is no way any one person can keep track of everything. I am glad that you are on this one.

I ask your forgiveness.
Anon. 10:38,

Well, I do take information posted by Constance more seriously than I take yours. I think you're barking up the wrong tree with the Catholic church thing. I know there are those who believe the antichrist will be an eventual Pope. I'm not one of those.

I am a 42 year old single male of Italian/English descent, with a 17 year old son who was raised Catholic, sampled Protestant and Evangelical of sorts. I read and researched extensively on many worldly religions and thier doctrines and beliefs. I believe any religion that does not profess Jesus to be Lord is false, other than Judaism, where I feel that God made an everlasting covenant (everlasting means forever, and God does not lie)with the Jewish people, and that one day they will accept Jesus. How many, when and where, I do not know.

I do not believe that everything is NEW AGE! NEW AGE! NEW AGE! Or at least not by your definition.

I am not affilated with any official political or religous organizations, and accept GOD'S WORD as truth. I love all people of all faiths and nationalities and would give any of them the shirt off my back.

I live in an apartment and own very little, I drive a 98' Jeep, go about 5'11' 210 lbs, salt and pepper hair, blue eyes and work everyday. That about covers it, unless you need my name, address, and phone number?
I recently started reading a very interesting blog, "Running from Babylon."

This writer has many interesting things to say about the oil spill and the Icelandic volcano:

If you only knew. it is not about any of those things that you mentioned in your last post. You are proving again, booksmarts mean nothing, you are still missing COMPLETELY who I am, and what my intentions were/are.
Anonymous 9:38 A.M. and 10:28 P.M.

Re: "Why no comments after Anon 5:21 post about the Pope supporting AOC? Things get eerily silent on comments like this that show the truth, even from Constance."

I will tell you why I haven't commented.

Because Anonymous 5:21 P.M. - who appears to be willfully clueless about what Catholics actually DO believe in spite of all the times it has been explained on this blog - hasn't made a convincing case that the Pope fully supports the NGO known as the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations.

Moreover, the fact that Anonymous 5:21P.M. and/or his/her confreres - Anonymous 10:28P.M. and Anonymous 9:38 A.M. kept chirping about the "eerie silence" after he/she/they were ignored indicated that Anonymous & co. were more interested in hatemongering and causing trouble than they were in the truth!!!

If any of the aforementioned "Anonymous" posters are all that disturbed by the "eerie silence" and find a little religious polemical "loud noise" more to their liking then they should do their homework and go back to check out past threads on this blog. Who knows? They might even learn something.

In any case, the author of the article (John Thavis of Catholic news Service) cited by Anonymous 5:21P.M. quoted Pope Benedict XVI as saying:

"We can say that these worthy initiatives have achieved much good in furthering an alliance of civilizations between the West and the Muslim world, confounding the predictions of those who consider violence and conflict inevitable," he said in a speech.

Unless I am missing something, this is the only article in which I have ever seen the words "alliance of civilizations" reportedly used by the Pope in any of his talks. And nowhere have I ever seen anything to indicate that the Pope actually supports the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations.

Are we to assume that because there is an NGO called the "Alliance of Civilizations" that said NGO has a monopoly on the words "alliance" and "civilizations?"

While I suppose anything is possible, I would have a hard time believing that given his efforts to promote goodwill between the Catholic and Jewish communities, the Pope would be such a political "dummkopf" as to support an organization that was boycotted by the Bush administration when it was founded in 2005 because it feared the group would become a forum for bashing Israel and the United States.....concerns that were magnified a year later when the alliance released a report that officials in Washington said unfairly blamed Israel and the United States for many of the world’s problems.

At his 2:14 P.M. post my RFID research partner JD wrote:

I am not a catholic, as such if the Pope is supporting the AoC then I have no problem stating that I disagree with his position and thoroughly refute it. However, unlike the rest who seem to be quick to jump on a Catholic for this and lay condemnation on a entire group of believers, I will also be the first to say I refute any Protestant who supports these type of groups either. I will also stand against the protestants who are espousing New age thought and principles. Men like Rick Warren, C. Peter Wagner, Joel Osteen, Chuck Pierce, Pat Robertson, etc.

For the record, if it were proven true beyond a reasonable doubt that the Pope fully supported the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations, then I too would respectfully disagree with his position - Daily Catholic "more-Catholic-than-the-Pope" pronunciamentos notwithstanding!
Anon 7:41

Well, why don't you TELL us what your intentions are instead of continuing to babble on here while hinting that you are holding back secret information that would be clear to us if we were only secret initiates or as enlightened as YOU?

I suspect JD doesn't have time to go seeking the hidden key which would open the door to the "secret knowledge" you hint that you hold. If you have something to say, say it! Otherwise, take your babble elsehwere PLEASE.

All I have asked is for you to back your claims with evidence. You said:

Do you realize that the Catholic Church teaches that you should accept all that is good and holy from other religions, and that the God of Christianity and Allah are one and the same? They are not!!!!!!!!!!!

Allah the moon god existed before the rise of Islam. Do you want proof? So, I ask again, how is this different from Karen Armstrong if Jesus is God?

No source to Catholic doctrine was given, which makes this nothing more than a accusation. A baiting one at that. Nothing is off limits as far as I am concerned, but if someone is going to level charges like this against a entire faith, they better be ready to back it up. You cannot deny that a fight was intentionally picked here, and it began before I ever made my first response to you.

I am not against posting anything that paints a denomination in a negative light, but it needs to be substantiated when it happens. If you are refering to material contained in one of the links on my blog that may hold a negative action by a member of the Catholic Church, then that is entirely possible. Here lies the difference, if it is on those sites, it is documented and sourced, and is done without bias, which can not be claimed by most that post anti-catholic material here.

Constance has tackled members of the Catholic faith, as have other Catholic posters here, including actions by the church itself. You don't see anyone claiming any of them as Catholic bashers do you? Why? Because they substantiated their claims.

As I said before, it is often not the material presented by some, but how it is presented. One can not lay out one negative piece about a member of the Catholic faith and then attempt to bait others into a fight with it, and claim it verifies every negative thing ever stated about the church. One can not post a single piece of info, and because someone doesn't respond to it, claim bias by others and use it as justification to launch attacks. If there was a bias, Karen Armstrong, Matthew Fox, and several others would have never been outed.

I have never once seen any of these posters actually ask some of the knowledgable catholics here about these types of things. I don't see them asking about what as Catholics they are actually required to believe to be such, or what is actuall doctrine versus what is simply accepted by the church. I would guess most don't even realize that such a difference exists. I don't see these same people speaking out about how equally prevalent these problems are within the protestant community. THIS shows BIAS!!

Many would be very suprised how little they actually know about the faith, versus what they perceive, or what they have been told.

This is an article from Tony Blair's Faith Foundation from April 23, 2010 titled: Turning Strangers Into Friends-Review Of report From Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. It is nothing new, and even cites older references outside of England that cannot be disputed ( I am quite sure that the scholars on this site will try to find a way out), how can you dispute it, this information has been around for quite sometime, I just chose this because it is fairly recent and addresses the issues that you questioned me about.

I am expecting some responses to twist around what was actually said by church authority (and I don't mean the Bishops of England and Wales)

The following is just one of many pieces on the subject of Allah, but I will only send this one, I am surprised you are not familiar with this:

According to the Quran and according to the Hadith, Mohammed grew up next to the well of Zumzum. Now today the Zumzum is considered holy water by the Wahab in Saudi Arabia. And in his youth he saw the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to worship at the Ka’bah. His father's name was Abdullah, the servant of Allah. So the Hajj already existed, the Ka’bah already existed, the well of Zumzum already existed, and even the worship of Allah existed in ancient pre-Islamic Arabia. There were multiple stones – some would say 360, one for each day of the lunar year in the Ka’bah. Mohammed began his reforms and crusades; he removed all of the stones except one. He said there was one God.

Allah” is a generic term in Arabic for “god”, but it’s also the specific name; it was the specific name of a moon-god. And of course we see the moon crescent on mosques to this day. That brings the question, was Allah, or is Allah, the same God as Christians and Jews because it is the Arabic word for “God”? It is an Arabic word for “god” – that is without dispute, but there is another word called “El” that we hear little about. Now in the Katub, in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, God is called – Allah is called – by a name. His name is not called “Allah”, His name is called “Yahweh”. Yes, the Hebrew “Elohim” – “God” can be translated into “Allah”, but “Yahweh” cannot be translated into “Allah”.

If the worship of Allah, the well of Zuzum, the Ka’bah and the Hajj all existed before Muhammad began Islam, how can we say Muhammad began Islam? If Islam itself acknowledges these things existed, was it not something that came from the pagan religions of ancient Arabia? For Mohammed was told of monotheism.

He met some Christians who were black Africans from Ethiopia who used the term in Arabic of puppy dogs opening their eyes. You see a little bit that there’s one God. Mohammed ventured with his uncle and he learned certain things from the Zoroastrians of Persia, but he saw in those days Jews and Christians did not fight each other because they had one religion. He lived at a time of tremendous social injustice and he believed if the Arabic nations out-monotheised, they would have the same kind of peace and tranquility that seemed to happen between Jews and Christians, that Christians and Jews had within their own community. That is what, broadly speaking, the Quran and the Hadith say about Mohammed.

But my first question would be if all these things existed, if Allah was first worshiped as a moon-god, if there was a Hajj – the pilgrimage was already there, if the well of Zumzum was there, if the Ka’bah was there, how is Islam the same religion historically in its origins as Judaism and Christianity? How is it?

I can prove the relationship between Christianity and Judaism – even the Quran acknowledges that. But the Quran is claimed to be a “third testament” correcting the errors in the other two. Even though the last thing it says in the Christian Bible is don’t add to the Word of God, (Rev. 22:18-19) the Quran comes along and has added another book saying it’s a third testament. My first question to you, my Muslim friends, is this: On what basis can you say that Allah is the same God as Christians and Jews, on what basis can you say it is another manifestation of the same Judeo-Christian, monotheistic belief? On what basis can you say Mohammed began this religion when its institutions, its fundamental tenets and practices – the Hajj, the well of Zumzum, the Ka’bah, the worship of Allah – already existed? I know you believe it does, but examining it historically and examining it in light of the Jewish-Christian scriptures I cannot see how it does. Can you please explain to me how it does?

Sorry, I should have added to last post. You a reference to an official document: The Vatican II document, Lumen Gentium, says about Muslims, “and together with us they adore the one merciful God”.

Instead of trying to find loopholes to prove me wrong, you had better make sure, I am not right about this, your very soul could depend on it.
to anoy 2:57

well you may believe authority is from God the Father, but there is no salvation without submission to the Pope

so you will still submit and follow what the Pope says, and if the Pope says AOC is good for world peace, the catholic faithfuls will submit.

Romans 10:2-4 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone, the Catholic church and the Pope cannot save us.
If a Muslim professes belief in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the god of Jacob, who are we to cll him a liar???
Anonymous 9:03 P.M.

I rest my case.

What proof do you have apart from that misrepresented CNS article that the Pope actually supports the ORGANIZATION known as the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations???
If the "Bible only" is all we need, then why are you still here yapping in our faces dictating what we need to do to be "good Christians???"

Starting with the piece from the Tony Blair Foundation, firstly this is an examination of a document from a single group of Catholics, not the entirety of the church. Second it takes parts of said document that it wishes to use to support it's cause without sourcing the original. Yes there are things quoted I disagree with, but it is not unknown for a interfaith group to take statements out of context to support it's goal, and let's not forget this is from one sect in Brittain. A area over run with interfaith and new age thought. You may wish to directly ask a Catholic about the VaticanII document, but even the snippet used here could be out of context in relation to how it was originally presented. As it does not state that Allah and our Lord are the same, just that Muslims had come together with some Catholics in adoration of the one true God.

You do realize that there are Muslims that would be willing to do so without a concession by another faith, particularly the Muslims involved in interfaith, as they are attempting to escape the image of extremism. I am not saying that is what happened here, just that there are other explanations. Further the Vatican has since distanced itself from some of the stances taken during the Ecumenical push. Further as I said before, if said church did recognize this, that does not make it doctrine, nor does it mean Catholics on a whole follow such.

Have you ever taken a look at the World Council of Churches and their role in Interfaith? One would be hard pressed not to find representation from the highest levels of most protestant churches involved here. I am not saying this in defense of any Catholic doctrine, but I have heard too many refer to the Catholic Church as the 'Whore of Babylon' for these type of things while neglecting to realize that the protestants are prostituting themselves the same way.
To Anonymous (8:45 PM):
Re: "Instead of trying to find loopholes to prove me wrong, you had better make sure, I am not right about this, your very soul could depend on it."


WOW, I'll bet when J.D. woke up this morning, he had no idea that his very soul was in danger - until he was confronted by you, 'Oh wise one' (LOL).

It's pretty obvious, by your very arrogant attitude, that you came to this blog for one reason only - to be a distraction by posting your anti-Catholic rants.

So far, you have posted nothing substantial that support any arguments worth debating.

If 'by their fruits ye shall know them' - I'd say that your fruit simply doesn't pass 'the smell test.'

Just a suggestion: In the future, you better do your homework before going up against the likes of J.D., Susanna and Dorothy!!!
There are many who theorize about the very real possibility that the UNITED STATES could, in fact, be 'the great whore of Babylon.'
To Anonymous (9:03 PM):
Re: "Well you may believe authority is from God the Father, but there is no salvation without submission to the Pope."


Well, if you TRULY believe this, then you better run (not walk) to your nearest Catholic Church and sign up for instructions to become a Catholic immediately!!!

LOL . . .

(I mean, I wouldn't want you to get hit by a car or something and lose your soul!!!)
Here is the latest article about Javier Solana postred at Bjorn's Site:


I am familiar with the history of the Muslim faith, that wasn't what I was arguing against. It is how it was all snowballed together that may have added to the misunderstanding there. As you can see, there are some Catholics here that have formally stated if the Pope or anyone else in their church takes a formal stand with the UN AoC they would refute it wholley. My question still remains though why some are quick to jump on the catholics for things their leaders are doing or may do, yet does not take the same stand against the protestants who are doing so, and in the process helping merge it with government mandates?

I think this is where many of us are knocking heads. As your position seems to be that all of the Catholics need to own up to what their leaders are doing and refute it. Meanwhile you and others want to trivialize that the same things are happening in protestant groups. Let's not forget it is the protestant leaders who have the ear of the politicians in this country as well. This is a little one sided is it not? I mean, as protestants it is our own leaders hanging us out to dry. Or are you not familiar with men like Doug Coe?

This is what I think many fail to understand about me, I am not against any one denomination as a whole. That doesn't mean I agree with all of them either. But I would much rather stand with a Catholic who will help expose this, than a Protestant who will bury me. I don't want to see one sided blaming coming from either side, because the truth is neither end is clean. I have seen this admitted here today by a few Catholics of their own church. Why do Protestant's still try to marginalize and trivialize that their end is in just as bad of shape, if not worse?

Your comment reminds me of a statement made by a Franciscan Capuchin priest named Father Benedict Groeschel.

I have not always agreed with some of Fr. Groeschel's psychologizing tendencies - although he seems to have modified these tendencies somewhat since his accident - but one thing I do agree with is his following statement:

I'll take a good Protestant to a bad Catholic any day of the week!!!
Anon 9:36,

I don't know if this is because someone failed to realize, I AM NOT CATHOLIC or what. I wish it was easier to get people to understand that this is neither a Catholic nor a Protestant issue exclusively, but a FUNDAMENTAL problem. Fundamental Catholics and Fundamental Protestants are targets just the same.
At West Point, Obama Presses for New World Order to Defeat Al Qaeda

President Obama on Saturday vowed to press for a new international order "that can resolve the challenges of our times" and help the United States defeat Al Qaeda and other threats to freedom.

Delivering the commencement speech at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Obama ticked off a list of lofty goals this new order could accomplish; from combating violent extremism to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons to stemming climate change and sustaining global growth.

While saying he was "clear-eyed about the shortfalls" of the international system that has led many critics of the United Nations and other institutions to abandon multilateralism, Obama said the United States would move ahead on a policy of "national renewal and global leadership."

"We have succeeded by steering those currents in the direction of liberty and justice -- so nations thrive by meeting their responsibilities, and face consequences when they don't," he said.

Saturday's comments suggest the Obama administration may be ready to more vigorously court the international community's support, and further distance itself from the "distinctly American internationalism" pursued by George W. Bush.

more at link

I don't like the sounds of this at all.

And the bottom line is that Satan is 'an equal opportunity offender' and has infiltrated EVERY religious denomination.

Anyone who believes that theirs is the exception is in DEEP denial -
as in 'Denial' is a river in Eqypt, etc.
JD, Anon 9:17, Anon 9:36

I hold the same disatisfaction with Protestants (maybe more so), and Evangelicals (maybe even more so, for what that movement has morphed into), the reason I responded is the comment by Anon was not even recognized. Yes, there have been comments regarding negative Catholic practices as you have stated, but very few, as they are always met with swift retribution. If you are honest to facts about posts on this site you know this is true.

The statement from the Vatican document is what it is. I will not bother sending the other 150 pieces that show it to be true, but something tells me you don't need me to send them, as you already know them to be true.

If you would like to discuss many of the morally reprehensible leaders of the Protestant or Evangelical movement, who pervert the Word of God, some for ego, some for profit, and some for both, I would be happy to do so.

If you know the history of Islam and the info on the article I sent you, as well as the PROOF in the Vatican document among many other things, then you incorrectly labeled my post as accusatory rather than factual.

And by the way, the Catholic church has not backed away from the ecumenical movement in anyway, they are even stronger in it, and so are many leaders of the Protestant and Evangelical movements.

Anon 9:17
You said:

If a Muslim professes belief in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the god of Jacob, who are we to cll him a liar???

You are, I am, all of us. You should care enough to know whether a religion that does not profess Jesus to be Lord, that does not recognize he was crucified (they think it was Judas on the cross and God fooled us into thinking it was Jesus, so now I guess God plays tricks on people), or died for our sins is claiming to be the same God of Abraham. It is insulting and blasphemous. I do not bear any ill will towards Muslims, some of my closest friends and business contacts are Muslims. I pray for them, love them, but I fear for thier souls.

Anon 9:36
I do not worry about going up against JD, Susanna or Dorothy. There have been many throughout history far smarter than they, that have been wrong. God does not judge a person's worth by thier academic knowledge, so, why should you?
I almost forgot in the recent madness. The Senate passed a financial reform bill, it's not good. It limits the abilities of small business while letting the big boys who engineered the mess still play.
Well, we should ALL have an ecumenical heart, since it is written in the Bible:

"...and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd" (John 10:16).

Now, this should not be confused with how the New Age Movement has chosen to twist and distort this message to suit their OWN purpose / agenda (like they have 'preverted' everything else).

Again are we not being a bit selective? Many Catholics have come forward since this conversation started to admit to problems within their church, yet you still want to claim bias? As far as rebuttal towards anti-catholic posts, I suggest going back and reviewing them on a case by case basis and seeing WHY they were. This is the first time in months that a reputable source (if any at all) has been used as it pertains to anti-catholic posting, and even that in this case can be questioned. You are incorrect to state Muslims as a whole believe it was Judas who was crucified. Some particularly those in Interfaith believe it was Issa, and there are even some Messianic Muslims that have arose from such.

You have still failed to correct your labeling of the entire Catholic faith with such a broad statement. As one poster pointed out, NONE of what you listed is Catholic doctrine. It may be a position held by some leaders, but to pin this to all Catholics is still slander, and you run down a slippery slope by pinning the actions of a few on the entirety of a church. This is the point YOU seem to be missing. This is what makes such Catholic bashing, as it takes one piece of evidence and super imposes it over the whole of the faith. Would you do this to any Protestant denomination? Granted there are some doctrinal errors that could be attributed to entire denominations, but you wouldn't apply the role in Interfaith by one leader of a denomination to the whole of that group would you?

That being said you have supplied more evidence for actual discussion than most do. For jumping the gun on this I apologize.

Thanks, I appreciate your integrity, but no apology needed. They do, in fact, look like warped tele-tubbies.

I'm sure you agree that while the design of the icons is weird, perhaps interesting, it's the history of the ideas they represent that we should (by now) be cognizant of, and communicating to others.

"The sportive, knightly battle awakens the best human characteristics. It doesn't separate, but unites the combatants in understanding and respect. It also helps to connect the countries in the spirit of peace. That's why the Olympic Flame should never die." [Adolf Hitler, Berlin- 1936]

What do you suppose stopped the Tablighi Jamaat Mosque (a spiritual monstrosity with a planned capacity of 12,000) from being built right next to London's Olympic stadium? Officials say the permit was derailed due to a paperwork filing error. Some say it was stopped because upwards of 40,000 letters of protest were sent. Still others give credit to a group of Christian dominionists who claim they took the site back in the name of God. Who can say for sure?

One thing I do know, those absurd little metal mascots are absolutely perfect representations of the Olympic spirit. Forged from the fire, from the flame, from that very first Olympic torch, lit not in ancient Greece, nor in Berlin, but in that first stone circle erected to Baal.


Anonymous Catholic basher,
I asked where you had gained your information. You responded with an eharmony description of yourself. (an interesting should find a mate) You still haven't shared your sources. No one comes up with all of that commentary on Muslims off the top of their head.

You commented everything isn't New Age. It's pretty obvious you know nothing about the New Age movement or why many of us have spent years exposing it. I would suggest you take some time to learn about what is going on, the organizations involved, the individuals involved, the 100 year history of the movement, the international scope, the UN involvement. It might keep you busy for at least a year. The complexity of the movement and the interactions of those involved might cause you to run and sit in a corner, breathing quickly.

Those of us who know it is a resurgence of Nazism as part of that 100 year history worry about the future. It is an enemy of Jews, Christians and Muslims, even though the latter hardly know it.

For their own reasons many individuals have sucked up to what they think is the political and religious wave of the future.

Just as individuals and groupings have united under the banner of New Age, there are those of us who while we may disagree on which religion is truth will work together to fight the enemy of us all.

I have views which many here do not agree with. I'm Jewish. I am not really involved with questions about Maitraya, the Antichrist, end times, or whether the New Testament and Revelations has all of the answers needed to work through all of the world's problems.
I do not believe the idealized version of any belief system holds all of the answers because the beliefs are filtered through human beings who are flawed.

Being Jewish, of course I disagree with the theological beliefs of Christians or followers of Islam. Yet, for whatever reasons, God, as we understand him, has allowed these groups to continue. If it was up to me, I would have everyone follow a certain branch of Orthodox Judaism even though I'm not Orthodox. I'm not about to second guess how God operates however. Why Orthodox Judaism isn't the international religion right now is His decree. God might think variety is necessary to keep people thinking.

New Age is the enemy we are fighting here. We look at those who are obviously working
actively to bring it about. People standing on the sidelines cheering or booing it are like the those in the stands at a football game. You can drive yourself nuts looking at those in the stands who have no real idea of the football field plays, but it does no good.

The New Age movement has players, organizations and groupings. We concentrate on that operation.

If you have opinions in support of the New Age movement that attack Judaism and Christianity, including Catholicism, post them here.

Anonymous 10:56

Re: I do not worry about going up against JD, Susanna or Dorothy. There have been many throughout history far smarter than they, that have been wrong. God does not judge a person's worth by thier academic knowledge, so, why should you?

That is just the whole point. You have not "come up against us" - at least you haven't "come up against me" with convincing evidence that the Pope fully supports the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations.

Instead, you seem to be trying to change the subject.
U.S. drops criminal probe of AIG executives

On the previous thread, I posted the following article which is a must read. It discusses Strobe Talbott's handling of Russia's transfer of missile technology to Iran - an issue Talbott tried to sweep under the rug.

Talbott has been suspected of being a Russian agent...both before and after the "fall" of communism in the former Soviet Union.

Talbott currently heads the Brookings Institution.

Javier Solana recently joined the Brookings Institution and he and his "new best friend" Strobe Talbott have been touring the former eastern bloc countries that were either a part of the former Soviet Union or satellite countries under its heel.

It is to be noted that that Javier Solana
has been the top European nuclear negotiator with Iran for the past several years.

At the time the following article was written in 1998, Al Gore was Vice President.

Moreover, recently bailed out AIG was in the mix!



April 1998

By Kenneth R. Timmerman

A stunning conflict of interest

"...Talbott didn't want anything to interfere with his agenda of aid to Russia,"say congressional aides familiar with his role in quashing the information and lobbying to get Oehler fired. "Raising the issue of Russian missile transfers to Iran was sure to anger the Russians - something Talbott wanted to avoid at all costs." A top aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it more politely: "Israel is on the receiving end of these missiles, whereas Strobe Talbott views this issue in the broader context of U.S.-Russian relations." By mid-summer, however, with the Russian transfers accelerating, not slowing, Lott teamed up with Senator Joseph Lieberman to introduce legislation that would impose sanctions on the Russian firms engaged in the transfers and cut off U.S. aid to Talbott's pet Russian projects, including the high profile flights of American astronauts on board the Mir space station. To quell the storm, Talbott finally agreed to hand the issue over to retired Ambassador Frank Wisner, who in July was asked to be the U.S. delegate to a joint committee with the Russians to investigate the allegations of missile transfers to Iran. His Russian counterpart was none other than Yuri Koptev, the head of the Russian Space Agency - the very man the Israelis claimed was behind some of the Russian missile deals with Iran.

But Wisner also had a conflict of interest that should have been obvious to Talbott and to the administration: he had direct business interests in Russia through the American International Group, the gigantic insurance underwriter that had just launched the largest private investment fund in the former Soviet Union. AIG announced Wisner's appointment as Director and Vice Chairman on September 17, 1997, only two months after he was put in charge of negotiating with the Russians over their missiles sales to Iran. And AIG had a special reason for wanting to keep the missile issue out of the public eye: their $300 million "Millennium Fund," launched one year earlier to back Russian infrastructure and industrial projects, was being supported by another U.S. government program championed by Strobe Talbott, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. As part of Talbott's overall Russian aid package, OPIC was providing U.S. government guarantees to AIG and others to protect Russian investments..Under Talbott's watchful eye, OPIEC and the Exminbank and extended a whopping $8.3 billion in loan guarantees to support U.S. exporters and investments in the former Soviet Union....
read more....

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture???
JD, Susanna, Dorothy


I thought I was pretty clear that my issue was with church authority and not "lay people", if you will. If I inferred that all people belonging to a particular religous affiliation were to blame, I was wrong. My only issue is, when people blindly support doctrines from authorities without actually being open to the fact that they may be false.

On the issue of Muslims, I was not referring to Messianic Muslims or any other offshoot, I was referring to the core beliefs of Islam, many of which are still the cornerstone of practice and doctrine today. I thought that was pretty obvious, but, apparrently I inferred instead of being concise.

I am pretty sure that I stated I am just as disgusted with the Protestant and Evangelical leaders who pervert God's Word and twist people's minds for ego and profit. I may be wrong, but if my previous post were not read by anyone else (or fully by you), it seem that I am just picking on Catholics.


I am sorry if the purpose of my research and life does not meet your approval. I feel that God chooses different people for different purposes, and you really don't know or have the right to infer that my purpose, intellect and research in helping others is inferior to yours or any other on this site, and no matter what sources I cite or refer to it will not change certain minds who post here, I have followed this board long enough to know that.

If my posts are not New Age or intellectually stimulating enough for you, I apologize for falling short in your eyes, otherwise, if you do not want me or anyone else posting comments of a nature that disagree with or disappoint you or anyone else here, then lock it down and make it exclusive.

And by the way, I am not actively seeking "a mate", but it would be nice to have one. NO, I am not advertising here (that was a joke, just because we disagree, doesn't mean I can't jest with you).


I felt in no way that I was going against you, JD or Dorothy. I was just responding to the sideline fanclub. The knowledge and research that you and the others have displayed has been quite impressive, and although I disagree with some of your theological beliefs, much of the research by you, JD and Dorothy has been both enlightening and valuable to me.

I did not change the subject on anything. After reflection of my previous posts, I have answered every question that was asked of me other than citing exact sources. I do not feel the need to, I think you, JD and Dorothy are intelligent enough to know that I did not create them off the top of my head.

And by the way, the Anon poster with the info on the Pope and AOC was not me. I started my posts sometime after that.
Cardinal AMIGO VALLEJO is a key speaker in AOC first forum

you can read about his profile in Vatican’s homepage below:

Holy See issue press statement in support of UN’s AOC, report submitted by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See's permanent observer to the United Nations:
Anonymous (whichever one you are)
I think you need to step back and observe a bit more. Those of us seriously researching the New Age movement and sharing out information have agreed to disagree when it comes to which religion to follow. You are not the first and you won't be the last true believer who has come to these threads and wants to share their faith, a commendable thing in another kind of forum.

A while back in an "A HA" kind of moment while I was reading a book about the Pope, I realized the Catholic church is more than a religious organization. It cannot help but be a political kind of organization as well in that it has branches in all countries and is privy to what is going on in all countries. To protect as best as it can from the Vatican Catholics in all countries, it must engage in political activity to monitor governmental activity which by its nature is secretive, and in the case of New Age very anti-Catholic. It cannot depend on what is printed in local papers. It has to be a participant even though there are major disagreements.

A while back the Vatican did a major paper arguing against the activities in the New Age movement. It is my guess that clergy knew of this paper and could fight the movement at the local level to the extent they had not been infiltrated.

What goes on at the Vatican level regarding the New Age movement is just as complex as what went on in Germany in the 1930s between the Vatican and Hitler's movement, about which many, many books have been written. To say "Look, there's a Vatican connected representative sitting on a panel" is so simplistic.

We mostly deal with facts on these threads. No one sought you out. You came here, gave unsupported information. Of course we are going to challenge you, just as we have challenged those promoters of garbage New Age information.
Hold your own with facts or run away crying "You are picking on me," which is what you seem to be doing now.

We will respect you to the extent that you respect us.

No Muslims are posting here so arguments about Islam have appeared.

I have no doubt Constance soon will be telling you that everyone is welcome to post their comments on these threads. All who have responded to you would agree with that. Just be prepared to deal with the sharp minds of people like JD and Suzanne.

I wrote "No Muslims are posting here so arguments about Islam have appeared."

It should be "No Muslims are posting here so no arguments about Islam have appeared."

JD, that argument is getting really old! As a protestant, I have no trouble calling out leaders in the protestant movement.

Catholicism is so full of heresy, I don't understand joining hands with those who embrace one lie, only to fight another lie (nam). Can there be real converts in the Catholic church? Absolutely, but I also believe that as true Christians grow and study God's Word they should begin to see the vast divide between the Catholic religion and sound teaching as laid forth in Scripture.

I'm not talking about minor issues that we can all agree to disagree on. Catholicism departs from scriptural essentials, like the atonement, heaven and hell, they pray to the dead, worship idols...I mean the list is long.
"Catholicism departs from scriptural essentials, like the atonement, heaven and hell, they pray to the dead, worship idols...I mean the list is long."

Anon 7:52,

These claims about Catholics praying to the dead and worshipping idols are false and have been addressed numerous times on this blog over the years. If you actually bothered to take your nose out of "The Two Babylons" for a moment and persue the archives here you would know this.

Moreover, you base your claim that Catholicism is "full of heresy" on your own PERSONAL interpretation of scripture. By what authority to you claim that YOUR PERSONAL INTERPRETATION of scripture is superior to that of the Catholic Magesterium (the very institution that gave you the Bible, by the way)?

For that matter, by what authority to you claim YOUR PERSONAL INTERPRETATION of scripture is superior to that of Todd Bentley's, Robert Schuller's, or Rick Warren's, or Pat Robertson's (just to mention a few)? They are all Protestants who point to scripture as their authority yet cannot agree amongst themselves about key matters of Christian doctrine!

In short, your Catholic-baiting is merely based on opinion and cannot be supported with facts. That you have been so brainwashed with misinfornation about Catholicism is not a surprise but to expect all Protestants readers here (who also have access to a Bible and are perfectly capable of coming to their own conclusions about what it means) to fall into lockstep behind you is really and truly the height of narcissism.

The Tooth Fairy
The tooth fairy,
Anonymous is probably single because he couldn't stop telling his wife how he thinks the Catholic church is full of heresy while they were in bed or doing the dishes together. She wanted to talk about the shopping list and he wanted to talk about the church down the block.

Good Morning, Tooth Fairy!!!

-- from your dear friend, 'Tweety'

Hey, Anonymous @ 7:52 AM:

What is REALLY 'getting old' is repeating the same false claims about the Catholic Church over and over again . . . ad nauseum!!!

Like someone suggested yesterday, please do your homework before posting such garbage . . . otherwise, it is going to just come back and bite YOU in the butt.
If Anon (7:52) wants an ALL Protestant blog . . . then WHY don't you go start one???
I can see it is getting difficult to differentiate between Anon posters, but I think you are getting us mixed up (I am the one who is single Dorothy) and posted at 6:12 this morning and not since.

Regardless, you and the Tooth Fairy (doesn't that name have new age connotations?) are ignorant, nasty, know it all individuals who can be told nothing. You serve as a GREAT example of how NOT to conduct yourselves. I would personally appreciate more of your belligerent outbursts so I may use them as examples.
Anon 12:18,

If you don't like my posts maybe YOU should stop PROVOKING me with your anti-Catholic rants.

Or better yet: GET YOUR OWN "Protestants Only" BLOG!!!

The Tooth Fairy
To Anonymous (12:18 PM):

I can assure you that 'Tooth Fairy' is NOT a New Ager. (That's really very funny!!!)

And as far as 'nasty' . . . I would say that your post qualifies more as the 'example' here.

So, let's see: where your debating skills fall short, you are left only with insults???

That's really very sad . . .

Being armed with the necessary knowledge to accurately defend our Catholic faith does not make us 'know it alls' . . . but rather, sincere Catholics who absolutely refuse to sit back and allow anyone to continue spreading LIES & DISINFORMATION!!!

Maybe if you spent more time on your knees - instead of attacking Catholics - you would have a closer relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Love and hate can not successfully reside in the heart together...

If one doesn't follow the command of Jesus to 'love thy neighbor as thyself' - how can that person look in the mirror and call himself or herself a 'Christian'?
Anon 7:52,

For starters you are making claims here that are not substantiated with actual Catholic doctrine. ALL of these claims have been refuted here before, with actual Catholic doctrine. Second every one of these claims applies to one form or another of a Protestant denomination. In cases like that of New Apostolic Reformation, which covers several denominations, all of these apply in some form. You are being selective about who you choose to go after and for what reason. You claim to be willing to discuss protestant apostasy, but provide nothing showing where the same heresies you are screaming about in the Catholic church are taking place across the aisle.

Dorothy has pointed out, that yes the Vatican does have a political side, but so does the Protestant churches. Examination of WCoC, AoC, and many other organizations shows this very clearly. When someone complains of the clamp down on religous liberty in the USA, they need to realize that the above groups HELPED shape such, not the Vatican. The Vatican may be working else where on similar fronts, but if they ever kick in your door here in the US over a profession of faith, Doug Coe, Abram Vereide, Peter Wagner, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and countless others will be who you have to thank for it.

Yes the Catholics have problems, BIG ONES, but no more than any of the rest of us. To claim such requires complete denial of readily observable FACTS. The reason I have stated that I wished we could openly discuss issues is so we can compare notes. Leveling immediate accusations is not discussion, especially refutable accusations. Why not start a conversation with one of our Catholics and ask them about your concerns? Or is YOUR judgement cemented that firmly?
Tooth fairy

I am anon 12:18. Where are my anti-catholic rants? I am NOT a Protestant either, as I have stated my displeasure with them.

What on earth are you reading? You have real issues and I hope you fix them. Normal people don't act like you, and someone should speak up.
Anon non-Protestant (1:35),

If you aren't going to make a minimal effort to enable readers to follow your various posts (which are mixed in with other anonymous posts) by choosing some kind of alias, then one can hardly be blamed if they are unable to distinguish YOUR anonymous posts from the anonymous posts of others!

Perhaps you should stop lobbing insults at posters here and actually raise a point or two worth discussing!

As regards my so-called "issues"--maybe you should just sign yourself Dr. Phil (LOL!).

The Tooth Fairy
Anonymous 12:18
If you post without using a name, you are going to get mixed up with anyone who calls themselves anonymous. You chose to do so.

So, you don't like being slammed. Good. Join the crowd. You didn't like being the target of somebody's else's concocted theory. Take it as a learning experience.

I didn't say I don't like being slammed, you did. I didn't feel slammed at all.

Are my posts appearing in a different language?

Dr. Phil
Dr Phil,

For the sake of having a equal sided conversation, please define yourself and your beliefs. I mean this not in any negative way, but you must admit it unfair for you to assume that someone should be able to understand your thoughts or where you are coming from if you do not give a basic description for others. I am not stating you are such, but for all we know you could be Jehovah Witness, Seventh day Adventist, Mormon, or Mennonite. Most of us are fairly open when it comes to who we are and what we believe, thus leaving us open to anyones interpretation or judgement. Being cryptic is not a proclomation of faith.
Dr. Phil, you wrote:
"Regardless, you and the Tooth Fairy (doesn't that name have new age connotations?) are ignorant, nasty, know it all individuals who can be told nothing. You serve as a GREAT example of how NOT to conduct yourselves. I would personally appreciate more of your belligerent outbursts so I may use them as examples."

So, don't use it as a learning experience. It's pretty clear you have difficulty learning from anything someone says to you on this thread. It's hard debating with a rock. Makes you easy to ignore.

Back to serious topics.

The topic was the Alliance of Civilizations and the effort of its leaders to change how religions are to be seen in the future. I posted this earlier. It looks to me like the Charter for Compassion is going to be a base for uniting the religions under the AOC.

"While looking for information on AOC, I came across the name Charter for Compassion. I think something about it was posted on an earlier thread, but it is worthwhile checking it out again.
About the Project
The Charter for Compassion is the result of Karen Armstrong’s 2008 TED Prize wish and made possible by the generous support of the Fetzer Institute. It was unveiled to the world on November 12, 2009...
"The Charter, crafted by people all over the world and drafted by a multi-fath, multi-national council of thinkers and leaders, seeks to change the conversation so that compassion becomes a key word in public and private discourse, making it clear that any ideology that breeds hatred or contempt ~ be it religious or secular ~ has failed the test of our time."

Could those ideologies be those promoted by fundamentalists as reported on by Christine Amanpour on CNN, in a series titled "God's Warriors", a while back?

There's a big event coming up in Dearborn, Michigan in June.

2nd Annual International Conference on Religion, Conflict and Peace

The program

Now it's the Common Bond Institute putting on the conference. What is Common Bond?
"Common Bond Institute (CBI) is a U.S. based Non-Governmental Organization that grew out of one of the first Soviet-American non-government human service exchanges initiated in 1982. CBI organizes and sponsors conflict transformation conferences, professional training programs, and relief efforts internationally, and actively provides networking and coordination support to assist newly emerging human service and civil society organizations in developing countries."

Now could those be the ones connected with New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard?

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard describes the evolutionary ... She co-chaired and designed large Soviet-American Citizen summits, ...

Could be because CBI is linked with the Institute of Noetic Sciences among other interesting groups.

Of subgroups to the New Age movement there seems to be no end.


2:20 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to include this list of supporters of Common Bond Institute. How many are real organization and how many are letterhead organizations I don't know.

The clincher names at the bottom are:

"These efforts have received encouragement over the years from:

* Office of the President of the United States

* Office of the President of Russia

* Office of the President of Costa Rica

* Office of the Governor of St. Petersburg

and Her Majesty Queen Noor, Chair, King Hussein Foundation"

At the very least they are sure active in getting endorsements.


2:38 AM

By the way Anonymous Dr. Phil, what are your comments on the Charter for Compassion?

With all this arguing,the AOC will conclude that this bickering is the very reason the US signed on! We as believers need to focus on truth and less on attacking each others beliefs within denomination. The sad fact is the NA has entered the church and we should be mindful of what is happening.
JD, Dorothy

If you refer to my eharmony post (as Dorothy puts it) I think it is pretty clear where I stand theologically. If you need a denomination, sorry, can't help you there. Gave up on that a long time ago. That does not mean I do not fellowship with others, sorry I can't provide you with a brand name. I brought up the Vatican document and the islam/same God issue, along with AOC/Pope thing, I did not bash anything Catholic, I made statements that I think deserved some thought and was hoping for intelligent conversation. I also offered to discuss the vipers that run rampant in the Protestant and Evangelical movements. So, unless I was mistaken for another anon, I do not know what the issue is now.


You are really becoming rather comical.

Dr. Phil

I must say I am not versed on that topic at this time.

But I will study all night, teacher.

Dr. Phil
Dr Phil,

JD and Dorothy have both extended a hand to you in dialogue. Susanna moreover posted a response to the AOC article about Pope Benedict which you appeared to want to discuss. None of these posts however appear to have piqued your interest.

Your religious viewpoint as gleaned from your posts here is as clear as mud. On one post you stated you are "NOT a Protestant" yet on another you describe "Jesus Christ as Lord."

So if you are not a Protestant are you a Catholic? Are you Russian Orthodox? Or are you so superior to everyone else here that you feel we should be able to intuit your religious views via osmosis?

You are wasting everyone's time here with your game of 20 questions. The name of this blog is NOT "Dr Phil, Mystery Man."

Instead of telling us what a wonderful and loving person you are, how about trying to BE that person here on this thread? You might be surprised at what you could, over time, actually find.

The Tooth Fairy

P.S. Hi Tweetybird!

I must say I am not versed on that topic at this time.

But I will study all night, teacher.

Dr. Phil"


You are right: this guy is a time-waster.

Upward and onward.

Dr Phil,

The door is always open (this blog is unmoderated) if you want to actually join in the conversation instead of lobbing sarcastic comments. The topic is the New Age movement. Occasionally people do throw in a little anecdotal information about themselves but that is not the main driver here.

The Tooth Fairy
Dr Phil,

Like every other time I have asked a specific question you are attempting to dance around it. Just claiming biblical christianity as your faith MEANS NOTHING. All of the men I have refered to do just that. I will ask more specificly, do you attend a church? If not are you a biblical scholar? If you do attend, what are your churches formal stances? You claimed to have fellowship with others, of what type and in what setting? Just claiming you did or did not do something does not make it so.

You may not have intended something to be put on all members of a denomination, but by making a statement with a title such as the Catholic Church you do just that. You did not differentiate that your evidence only sites a select group, and you claimed it supported your view of the Catholic Church, which again implies the whole, not the specific part actually referenced in the article. You claim to want a intelligent conversation. Well such requires clear cut definitions, when confronted with such you infer others are being unintelligent or unreasonable. How can one have a intelligent conversation with you as you wish, if you will not adhere to the clear cut definitions put forth.

You have made assertions toward a entire body of people, when called on such, you tip toe around it. This is neither fair, unbiased, or in good form as it pertains to intelligent dialogue. Why have you not answered that none of what you provided is Catholic doctrine? That is action by a select handfull within a group and thus shoots holes in your assertion that the whole of the church is heretic? You claim to have no problems calling out leaders from the other side of the aisle, yet after I have referenced several and explained how each is inherently more dangerous than anything you have referenced regarding the Catholic Church, you still refuse to speak on the subjects. As a matter of fact, you have attempted to trivialize such, and made no correction when called on it.

You may not realize this, but your prejudice is becoming more transparent every time you attempt to avoid rebuttal. Intelligent conversation begins with open dialogue, this you failed at from the start as you came with preconceived judgement. You have failed every test of someone honestly seeking the truth in a matter. I sincerely hope you prove me wrong, but the history of this conversation leads me to believe you won't.

You and Susanna were the only ones I received civil responses from whether in disagreement or not.

I will ask again, other than the Islam/same God issue, and the vatican document along with a brief comment about MY belief in thier current support of the ecumenical movement, where is all this lumping in, and baiting, and evading that I am supposed to have
done? Are you sure you looked at my posts? I don't believe I had anything else to say about Catholics in a bad light. I did question the AOC/Pope issue, and have still not seen anything to refute it.

I have already asked if you would like to discuss the many other vipers out there. Do I need to mention names? Rick Warren? Brian McClarren? Benny Hinn? Tony Campolo? Kenneth Copeland? Tony Blair? What about Kenneth Costa? A former VP of USB Bank in London and chairman of Alpha International, as in Alpha Course? Or excuse me, Alpha Curse. And Nicky Gumbel and her connections? This thing has been infiltrating Catholic and Protestant churches at an alarming rate for years.
This is New Age at it's best, this Alpha Course. Go ahead check out who it is really financed by and why they would be behind financing a Christian organization that has taken many churches and denominations all over the world by storm ( and is now being offered in many arenas as a dual course along with Ricky Boy's "Purpose Driven" course).

And I do not need your approval for who I fellowship with, and whether the name of my church satisfies you is of no value to me.

Dr. Phil
Didn't mean to call Nicky Gumbel a her. Keystroke error.
Dr Phil,

Well for starters as has been pointed out by several, the Pope was refering to a alliance of civilizations, not THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS. If you had paid carefull attention to your own source you would have seen such, notice no caps in the article, as in not a formal title.

Second I will quote you:
"Do you realize that the Catholic Church teaches that you should accept all that is good and holy from other religions, and that the God of Christianity and Allah are one and the same? They are not!!!!!!!!!!!"

As has been pointed out this is not Catholic Doctrine. Just because you can quote something from a leader of a group stating something, does not mean it is taught in their church. You have not substantiated any of this claim and yet you applied it to the whole of the Catholic Church. Your proper statement should have been that the Pope/ a member of the Vatican/ a group of Bishops in Brittain, etc. But that's not what you said, and you did not substantiate that this is formally taught in any church, only quoting a one off statement does not make this so. You have failed to correct this, or even admit what wrong you did. Further more, I am not the one you need to apologize to, the Catholics here are. Because whether you wish to admit so or not you have made false and slanderous comments regarding their faith.

I asked for your background in a honest attempt to understand you. Again, you are the one who claimed to want a intelligent discussion. Which is impossible when one side of such is completely in the dark. I didn't ask for where specificly you attend, or anything above the realm of what should be general knowledge in a theological discussion. You apparently don't want a fair conversation, why? Are you not secure enough in your own beliefs to properly identify and stand behind them? You claim to have a perspective on the truth, yet refuse to account for where it comes from? Watch out, you are getting more transparent by the post.
Sorry, that should have read "the source", not your source, as you have identified that said source was not yours.

What a shame, you have turned into the others. There was hope for you. If you only knew what it was you speak against.
Anon 5:54

Tell me, exactly where am I wrong? Where am I unjustified to correct such rhetoric? I have logicly proven my stand point, and all I can get are excuses or back peddling. Would you or anyone else have stood for such a fallacy about your church?

Is it just me, or is it becoming common place for others to come here claiming personal revelation, all while blasting someone else's faith, yet when asked of their views one can never get a straight answer?
You quoted me from one of my first posts:

"Do you realize that the Catholic Church teaches that you should accept all that is good and holy from other religions, and that the God of Christianity and Allah are one and the same? They are not!!!!!!!!!!!"

But neglected to include my quote from 6:12am this morning:

"I thought I was pretty clear that my issue was with church authority and not "lay people", if you will. If I inferred that all people belonging to a particular religous affiliation were to blame, I was wrong."

Who is being selective now? Playing up to the crowd are we? All I could do was offer the apology for my lack of clarification in my earlier statement. I guess that was not good enough. I expected better from you.
Anonymous 6:12 A.M.

As a rule, out of respect for my Protestant Christian brethren who post here, I try to avoid discussing things that are specific to Roman Catholicism except when needed for clarification or to occasionally correct someone who has misrepresented Roman Catholic beliefs and practices.

If someone wants to disagree with certain elements of the Roman Catholic faith, fine. But he should at least make sure he correctly understands what it is he is disagreeing with.

Of course, this cuts both ways. Catholics should also make sure that they understand what Protestants believe before engaging in religious debates.

By the way, it was not my intention to unfairly lump you together with the other "Anonymous" poster. You might want to think about getting yourself a moniker/screen name in order to avoid this in the future. :-)
You will notice, I clarified my statement that such a apology was not owed to me but to the Catholic posters. You are correct, you did assert that you were wrong, for this I apologize, but a apology is not present here only an admission. You still have not corrected any of the rest of the statement, i.e. that such is taught in churches. I am not being selective, I want you to tell the whole truth and properly apologize. I have willingly admitted where I was wrong and apologized, so I am not asking anything more of you than I have put forth myself.

As I have stated numerous times, I want a intelligent open conversation, I am just finding it hard to do so with falsehood still hanging out there. I also said I would like to know a little more about you as it may help me understand some of your positions better. I don't want or need great detail, but I would like more than what every apostate minister offers as a tag line.

Thank you for your 7:06 post. I have gained more respect for you than I already had. You have set a fine example for me and others to follow.
To Anonymous (5:54 PM)
You told J.D. "If you only knew what it was you speak against."


Correct me if I'm wrong, but that almost sounds like some type of veiled threat.

What is your purpose in being so VAGUE? Why not say EXACTLY what it is that you mean?

My quote on the "Catholics teach" was what I was referring to when I stated I was wrong in blaming all members, as my issue was with the church authorities for stating such, and my fear would be that certain members may be swayed if they knew thier church fathers expressed such a sentiment. I have never meant to infer this was taught in churches. Again, a miscommunication on my part, I guess my fingers sometimes get ahead of my brain on the keyboard.

As far as my church, I have no church. I have a group of 5 or 6 of us (some of them do attend organized services) who try to talk to people about anything we can, be it news events from this site, and your research (I have personally shared your piece on Traceability and many other things from Susanna, Dorothy and others here), to world events relating to economics, global governance and how they may fit (we do not have all the answers) prophecy in the last days, to the many false teachers out there, to the importance of finding your new life in Christ (so that we may not worry about what we once were, but be thankful for what we have now become) for the time left is short.

I am hesitant to discuss, but I have been given an idea from a contact of mine who I greatly respect from outside the US. To place tracts, or flyers in any high or low traffic areas such as food courts, bookstores, etc, and create an anonymous email account for any responses (anonymous for obvious safety reason). This idea is not new in any way, it is just hard for me to find the right wording so that it does not immediately "scare off" anyone so, I have not embarked on this project yet. Undoubtedly, most will laugh at it, throw it away, etc, that is ok, because if I leave 500 flyers and get just 1 response, it will most definitely be worth it (The Lord will rejoice at the finding of one lost sheep, than that of 99 righteous ones).

So this is my "church" if you will at the moment. We do other things, but this gives you an idea. I will not beat myself up, or let anyone do so over the fact that I do not have a specific religous affiliation, which is why I was probably hesitant to answer your question, but then I realized, I should not be ashamed, because this is where I am supposed to be for right now.
Anonymous 6:55
You wrote:
"I thought I was pretty clear that my issue was with church authority and not "lay people", if you will. If I inferred that all people belonging to a particular religous affiliation were to blame, I was wrong."

Just in case you don't know it, that is a standard style found in the writings of manipulators. Being Jewish I see a lot of it in antisemitic writings. It goes...

"I have nothing against Jews. It's Zionists I don't like."
"I have nothing against Jews, it's just Israelis I hate."
or the David Icke style..
"The average Jew is just being manipulated by their leadership who I dislike."

How nice of you to except those Catholics who don't agree with Catholic leadership. It reminds of of the line in the Bailey writings which says Jews who don't believe in Judaism are amongst the greatest.

Just think of it. All of you Catholics who don't follow Catholic leadership are special according to a certain line of thinking. Makes you want to be buddies with our old friend here.

Do tell us more why you disagree with that Alpha group.


I never once said that I did not accept catholics who reject thier leadership. That is what you said, or inferred by thinking you understand my thought process.

Please, if you want to disagree with me, fine, but do not claim to know what I am thinking or interpreting my remarks to incite further trouble. I have apologized for my miscommunication a few times. You do not know my heart, for if you did, you would know that I wish I would have expressed it better so that I did not offend or hurt anyone.
To others,
One of the reasons for the attack on the Catholic church now is the same as that of the Nazis on the Catholic church. Catholics are organized and have a power base because of their organization. The Catholic church is much harder to break than Protestant communities are. This is not an attack on Protestant beliefs. It's just a historical fact.

New Age propaganda is very similar to Nazi propaganda against religious systems.

The New Age movement is a resurgence of Nazism.

I'm not saying anything about our old friend Anonymous Dr. Phil here. Just reviewing some history in the course of chatting away.


I forgot to mention, before you respond with some other preconcieved notions about me, I remember what you called Rob in London, I remeber you basically accusing Don of being Aryan.
Yes Anonymous Dr. Phil, you are a nice person who we have grown to love and trust I'm sure. Now if you can teach us how we can be like you it would be helpful.


You did not know, and I am quite sure would not care, but I remember, my heart went out to you when you viciously attacked by that Anon poster a short time ago.
Meant to say "you were viciously attacked".
No dear sweet friend, I didn't accuse him of being Aryan. I just tried to remind him of the Aryan of thinking, those who believe in the Aryan ideal were those who were so very sure that their way was the way of perfected human beings.

We are all flawed human beings trying to follow what we think is the best system that God has given us by which to live.


Obama Finance Bill Will Allow Seizure of Companies

"The bill authorizes the secretary of the Treasury — a political appointee — to seize any financial company (bank or nonbank) simply because, in his opinion, it is too big to fail and in danger of insolvency.

"This power can be used for political retribution, pressure for campaign funding, or any other abuse bureaucratic whim or partisan politics can conceive. It is a power Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez would love to have!

"The legislation also requires that any business that extends credit, in any form, to clear the loan instrument in advance with the new consumer protection agency. The backlog of pending applications will strangle consumer credit.
(more at the link)

It's called centralizing power.

I haven't been able to get here much this weekend, but just a quick note, which I didn't see mentioned, Glen Beck said on Friday's radio show he is turning his focus on microlending. He thinks in theory it is a good idea, but he suspects it is a scam. I think he said it was connected with the big bank that is accused of being the Pres' bank and that in essence is used for money-laundering by the elite.
Dr Phil,

I can't speak for all of the catholics here, but I know a large percentage would probably lead the charge on the Vatican if this became formal doctrine. Some have contributed a large swath of the knowledge that is out there concerning the things transpiring in the church. Thank you for the admittance of your error. I still think a formal apology to those you may have offended might be nice, but that is between you and them.

I don't want to get into a huge rehashing of history, but I would not be quick in judging Dorothy for what you perceive as unfair attacks. She can often make comparisons like she did with Don that bite, but her intention is generally to teach, especially where thought processes are concerned. Yes she did compare the tactics used to Aryanism, but that is not the same as calling him an Aryan. We often forget that these thought processes and tactics can lead to deception and persecution.

Dorothy can be harsh with her assesments, but she often knows of what she speaks. If one takes a moment to get to know her they usually find that she is a much nicer person than they had previously thought, but she does call it like she sees it, which can be hard for some to accept. If she responds in a harsh way, it is often because she cared enough one way or another to do so. She doesn't need me to explain her this way or defend her, I am doing so in hopes that you may understand her method a little better and gather what she has to offer.

As for the subjects that have been the source of this debate, I am very concerned with the phrasing and tones being used. I am sure most of the Catholics would agree. I am as equally concerned about things transpiring in the Protestant groups mentioned, things transpiring in the Patriot groups and their affiliation with New Age Protestants. I am glad you have found our work informative, you will find most of us are more than willing to discuss it in greater depth. Thank you as well for sharing some of your self, it does help some.
Anon 11:00,

If he is refering to Goldman Sachs, they are definitely involved in microcredit, but then again so are most of the other big banks these days. If he is going to try to dig through all of the dirt on this end, he better have a Track Hoe rented. It will be intersting to see what comes of it, or if he bothers to get anywhere near as deep as Susanna and I have.

Germany is shrinking — and fast. New figures released on May 17 show the birth rate in Europe's biggest economy has plummeted to a historic low, dropping to a level not seen since 1946. As demographers warn of the consequences of not making enough babies to replace and support an ageing population, the latest figures have triggered a bout of national soul-searching and cast a harsh light on Chancellor Angela Merkel's family policies.

For more . . .
Of the topic... Now Australia is getting in the act following the UK. I am angry at our Aust. Gov. over this. Pray for the peace of Israel.

Hamas official Mahmud al-Mabhuh was assassinated in Dubai in January.

The Israeli embassy was not immediately available for comment.

Mr Smith said it was not the first time that Australian passports had been misused by Israeli authorities.

"The Dubai passports incident also constitutes a clear and direct breach of confidential undertakings between Australia and Israel dating back some years," he said.

The decision was taken by the Government for "national security interests", Mr Smith said.

The abuse of the passports was inconsistent with the "friendship and support" provided by successive Australian governments to Israel.

"Australia's relationship with Israel has always been founded on a basis of mutual respect and trust, but Israel's actions in this respect have undermined that," he said.

Mr Smith said Australia's relationship with Israel could continue in a "productive and beneficial" manner.

"Australia remains a firm friend of Israel, but ... our relationship must be conducted on the basis of mutual trust and respect."

Genuine friendship ran both ways, Mr Smith said, stressing that the incident must not be repeated.

Mr Smith said the United Kingdom reached similar conclusions after its investigation into the misuse of British passports in the Dubai incident.

"No government can tolerate the abuse of its passports, especially by a foreign government," he said.

"This represents a clear affront to the security of our passport system."

The fake Australian passports used were in the names of Nicole McCabe, Joshua Bruce, Joshua Krycer and Adam Korman.

Earlier this year, the British Government announced it was kicking out an Israeli diplomat over the "intolerable" use of fake British passports in the killing of al-Mabhuh.
To Anonymous 4:18

Indeed we are concerned about any support of AOC, including by Pope Benedict XVI. Lee Penn and I have done several radio programs about our concerns there. I have also noticed that the Pope took considerable flak for criticizing Buddhism, Moslems, etc. We don't know if the support he gave was over intense pressure. If Lee Penn can do the program, we will have more on this. I will say, however, that for all the problems and infiltrations, the Catholic Church did more housecleaning on the New Age Movement than many other denominations.

For the record, as everybody here presumably knows, Lee Penn is the Catholic author of FALSE DAWN, about the New Age Movement and zoning in on one New Age organization, United Religions, that seems to have some influence with Cardinal Levada. As Levada and Bishop Swing, founder of URI were both San Franciscans, that might not be so surprising.

United Religions is an important NGO component of Alliance of Civilizations.

From World Net Daily (05/23/10):

Up in flames: Melting false teachings of 'The Shack'
Professor takes torch to 'blasphemous doctrine' of best-seller

Millions of evangelical Christians are among the masses who have embraced William Paul Young's "The Shack" as though it were gospel.

Even three years since its release, "The Shack" has remained on numerous best-seller lists for more than 100 weeks – a claim no other book can make.

Yet it is infused with counterfeit Christianity, argues "Burning Down 'The Shack': How the 'Christian' Best-seller is Deceiving Millions," a new title from WND Books that publishes June 1.

Worse, says author James De Young, its depiction of God as an African woman who suffered Christ's crucifixion – and the book's exclusion of any existence of Satan and hell – represent just some of its many dangerous deceptions.

If such deceptions, which upend biblical teachings on sin, redemption, salvation and damnation, go unchallenged, says De Young, this "feel-good novel" could prove terribly divisive and destructive to millions of Christians.

"The Shack" has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. A film version is reportedly in the works.

'The Shack' presents a depiction of God that changes, 'the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man,'" said Joseph Farah, publisher and CEO of WND Books, citing Romans 1:23. "But Paul Young also offers a warped portrayal of the Trinity, denies the supreme divinity of Jesus Christ, diminishes the realities of sin without redemption and shrugs off damnation.

"Christian leaders can no longer countenance this cancerous manipulation," continued Farah. "I'm heartened that Jim De Young is exposing and opposing it."
(Continued . . .)

De Young brings some interesting credentials to his critique. A New Testament language and literature professor at Western Seminary in Portland, Ore., he's also a former longtime colleague of Paul Young, and was his Portland-area neighbor when Young wrote "The Shack." In 1997, De Young and Young even co-founded a Christian think tank, called M3 Forum, and for the next seven years they discussed and probed topics, doctrine and problems facing the church as it approached the New Millennium.

"It's often said that one can understand a book better by knowing the author," said De Young, who wrote "Burning Down 'The Shack'" to "expose the greatest deception to blindside the church in the last 200 years!"
As De Young explains, while writing "The Shack," Young, a victim of child molestation, had recently embraced "universal reconciliation." Identified as far back as the 6th century as heresy, universal reconciliation emphasizes that God's nature in essence renders him "too loving" to let anyone who has refused to seek forgiveness and salvation actually suffer the eternal consequences of sin.

As a seminary professor for 34 years with degrees from Dallas Seminary, Talbot Theological Seminary, and Moody Bible Institute, De Young delivers a chapter-by-chapter evaluation of more than 15 heresies within "The Shack."

He also takes unique creative license and shows readers stories and instruction in Scripture that would have helped Paul Young's fictional character, Mack, find the forgiveness and restoration he so desperately sought – but was not offered.

"Unfortunately, mass acceptance of a viewpoint that denies the existence of evil and the costs and consequences of unbelief isn't surprising," said Farah. "As Americans, we're only now beginning to pay the costs of living as though our choices carry no consequences. As Christians, we're charged with alerting a fallen world to the Truth of eternal consequences. Jim does that by relying on the strength of God's Word to overpower Young's blasphemous manipulations."

From Washington's Blog
May 24, 2010...

As of today, May 24th . . .

35 DAYS and the oil is still gushing!!!

Who will step up to the plate and stop this madness???
Obama tells military: prepare for North Korea aggression

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has directed the U.S. military to coordinate with South Korea to "ensure readiness" and deter future aggression from North Korea, the White House said on Monday.

The United States gave strong backing to plans by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to punish North Korea for sinking one of its naval ships, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

The White House urged North Korea to apologize and change its behavior, he said.

"We endorse President Lee's demand that North Korea immediately apologize and punish those responsible for the attack, and, most importantly, stop its belligerent and threatening behavior," Gibbs said.

"U.S. support for South Korea's defense is unequivocal, and the president has directed his military commanders to coordinate closely with their Republic of Korea counterparts to ensure readiness and to deter future aggression," he said.

Obama and Lee have agreed to meet at the G20 summit in Canada next month, he said.

Late last week, a team of international investigators accused North Korea of torpedoing the Cheonan corvette in March, killing 46 sailors in one of the deadliest clashes between the two since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Lee said on Monday South Korea would bring the issue before the U.N., whose past sanctions have damaged the already ruined North Korean economy.

The United States still has about 28,000 troops in South Korea to provide military support.

The two Koreas, still technically at war, have more than 1 million troops near their border.

"We will build on an already strong foundation of excellent cooperation between our militaries and explore further enhancements to our joint posture on the Peninsula as part of our ongoing dialogue," Gibbs said.

Gibbs said the United States supported Lee's plans to bring the issue to the United Nations Security Council and would work with allies to "reduce the threat that North Korea poses to regional stability."

Obama had also directed U.S. agencies to evaluate existing policies toward North Korea.

"This review is aimed at ensuring that we have adequate measures in place and to identify areas where adjustments would be appropriate," he said.

The assault on Catholicism keeps getting cranked up. I have noticed over the last few weeks at Rapture Ready forum that most of the threads at the subforum "Modern Cults & Religions" are about....Catholicism. Some examples:

Pagan Sun Worship and Catholicism,
Pope welcomes United Arab Emirates' first ambassador to Vatican,
The Catholic Supreme Court,
Witnessed the Deception of Hundreds.

If this is indicative of a trend, it appears that the New Age tactic of "divide and conquer" (turning the monotheistic faiths against each other) is gaining serious traction in some parts of the larger Protestant community.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

It looks like the Jew-hating trolls are back. Time to use your administrator privileges at the blog and clean house (delete these posts).

As for you, anonymous Dorothy-stalker: Dorothy's dealt with much worse than you during her life, you spineless little troll!

Get a life!
Isn't it strange when somebody who wants his sources and himself to remain anonymous does a serious search on me?

I don't monitor what my adult sons put on Facebook. I only read Facebook occasionally.

That could have been one of the many used cars we've gone through over the years. My husband took it as a challenge never to pay over $1,000 for a car. One of my sons, on the other hand, refuses to believe any car we own has a value of less than $3,000 whether or not it is running. Right now he is trying to sell his old something or other that has 300,000 miles on it. (He doesn't read this blog so I'm safe in making that comment. He doesn't realize how thrifty he is.) Makes life interesting. Most have just gotten towed away.

Any other questions? You're the one who has things to hide.
Although I understand what you are concerned about has nothing to do with New Age and it may just be another attempt on your part to divert from that topic.

I should have added that my thrifty son really knows cars. One that I thought should have towed away he said was a classic. He found a buyer from Georgia who wanted it for his collection, cleaned it up and won first prize in a major restored classic auto show.

I am deleting the two anonymous postings from the obvious Jew-baiting troller.

I deleted two obviously viciously anti-Semitic posts personally attacking Dorothy with evidence of stalking her family. I have not, however, deleted them PERMANENTLY in case Dorothy needs them to pursue action against stalking.

Hey, Anonymous @ 3:32 PM
(although I see that Constance has already deleted your post):

OK, it's time for you to slither back underneath your rock.

We have more important work to do on this blog than to be bored to death trying to 'pacify' some obnoxious narcissist whose only agenda is to make outrageously offensive inflammatory comments just to be the center of attention.

-- A friend of Dorothy's
Hey Anonymous Troll,

Your five minutes of fame are up!!!

Another Friend of Dorothy's

p.s. It looks like Constance has your ip address (whoops!)
"It's called centralizing power."

Just read this pithy comment at another blog (an economics blog):

"It’s unconscious back-door socialism. The government won’t take control of the economy, instead, it will take the economy in receivership. Nobody, including the government, will really understand that this is what has happened until after it’s happened."
Thanks Constance. Keep the posts around. The poster might be a little more dingy than we now know.

Fulfilled Prophecy has an interesting link regarding a speech given by Obama. You could just link to it here. The title says it all.

"At West Point, Obama Presses for New World Order to Defeat Al Qaeda"
This was posted at Born to Watch.

Some excerpts:

"Obama Turns to Pope to Back Mideast Plan"

"U.S. President Barack Obama is turning to the Pope to back his vision of a new Arab state on all of Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. The president told the Catholic Italian newspaper Avvenire, one week before a scheduled meeting with the Pope in Italy, “It [the Middle East] is a subject I am keen to discuss with the pope. I think he will share my approach

"President Obama has dug in his heels in insisting that Israel stop all building for Jews in Judea and Samaria, and the State Department has indicated that the ban should include all of Jerusalem that was restored to Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967..."

"On one hand, it is not just Israel's fault," President Obama added, pointing out that the Arab world needs to understand that “the Jewish state has security needs like any country.” His use of the term “Jewish state” and not “Israel" may have been a hint that the PA must accept Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s demand for the same recognition.
Now perhaps you wisely stay away from Television and the propoganda. I still am hooked on stories and weaning off. I did watch the full series of lost and the finale was emotional yet quite disturbing. It was filled with symbolism rife of new age and where things are moving. There was a church at "end" which had cross, menorah, and bhudda. It had stain glass with 6 symbols including cross, ying yang, crescent moon and one was a wheel as in wheel of life. I think more and more this kind of message and imagery will be used. This show was watched by millioins if not billions globally.
actually the distrubing bit goes even deeper. As the message is that is all about loving and being loved. It is all about engaging in connectedness. Our connections here matter to what is ahead. Add in that belief matters not, all just part and pieces in game of life and the wheel of time.

Also emphasis on the need to be special, work out a purpose.
This is purely speculation. But it is an interesting theory. The tiny url below is an article about a 6,000+ square-foot structure built next to Sarah Palin's home (with pic)

Just wondering if this has anything to do with Dominionism and future plans.

Just wondering.....

Interesting, maybe Peter Wagner or Chuck Piece are getting her to erect a New NAR megachurch in her backyard complete with a TV studio so they can brainwash the people of Alaska 24/7. In all honesty though it is a bit puzzling, keep us updated.
Sorry shoul have been Pierce not Piece! lol
Gulf Oil Spill - Day 36 (05/25/10):

ABC's "Good Morning America" video coverage of an interview with Sam Champion and Phillipe Cousteau (grandson of Jacques) after their dive off the coast of Venice, Louisiana (25 miles out and 25 feet down) into a 'toxic soup' sludge mixture of oil, gas & chemical dispersant while wearing protective hazmat suits.
A few days back I mentioned the Alpha Course in one of my posts and was wondering if there has been any info about the course on this blog in the past. It is nothing but New Age and has infiltrated many dednominations like wildfire, including Catholic and Protestant churches. One only needs to look at Nicky Gumbel/Holy Trinity Brompton's endorsers and/or connections, and this is the small list:

Rick Warren
Bill Hybels/Willow Creek
Brian Mclaren
Tony Compolo
Dan Kimball
Joyce Meyer
Rick Joyner
John Arnott
Luis Palau
JI Packer
Billy Graham
Desmond Tutu
Protestant Leaders(too many to list)
Catholic Bishops and Cardinals(to many too list)
Toronto Blessing
Kansas City Prophets
Third Wave
Citizens report nationwide mobilization of National Guard
Anon 6:38,

Lets not forget C. Peter Wagner (Warrens teacher) and the majority of the New Apostolic Reformation crowd. Lets also not forget to add Tony Blair and his Faith Foundation to that list as well.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous 6:38 P.M.

I am just learning about Alpha Course myself. I had never heard of it before reading your comment on this blog in which you mention Alpha Course.

So far, I haven't seen any evidence that Alpha Course has made any headway into my own parish or diocese, but I am certainly going to keep watch now that I have learned about it.

Alpha Course reportedly has certain similarities to, for example, its weekend retreat which hints at an experience of some sort of "mystical" phenomena.

Here are a couple of links that discuss Alpha Course from a Roman Catholic perspective and how it has been introduced into various Roman Catholic communities.

I prefer to leave it to the Protestants to discuss the possible infiltration of Alpha Course into their denominations.

Hunt, Stephen - The Alpha Course and its Critics: An Overview of the Debates

Is ALPHA for Catholics??
William J. Cork, D.Min.

Here is some general information about Alpha Course:

The following is an excerpt from the wikipedia link. I include this because even if you have not heard of it, I gaurantee someone you know has taken it or knows someone who has. A very close friend invited me to this course approx 1 year ago, I had never heard of it, but thank God I had NO interest. This friend of mine thought it was wonderful because they talked about Jesus and the meaning of life. She also has no idea what New Age is, even though she has been embroiled in it searching for answers her whole adult life. Even if you have not heard of this, IT IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY as evidenced by the many powerful church/world leaders who endorse it.

In 2008 over 33,500 courses were offered in 163 countries by Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, British New Church Movement and Orthodox churches and the Roman Catholic Church. By 2009 proponents claimed that over 13 million people worldwide had attended an Alpha course (two million in the UK)
Wanted you all to see some of the financial background/history behind Holy Trinity Brompton/Alpha Course:

The congregation and friends of Holy Trinity Brompton financed the Alpha development, and resource courses were sold at a profit. Since the goal was to involve the whole world in their project, Alpha International was founded in 2001. Capitol investment became worldwide, and was headed by a Jewish banker, Ken Costa, Chairman of Alpha Partners.

This banker just happened to be Vice Chairman of UBS -Warburg, London. UBS stands for Union Bank of Switzerland-Warburg. The banking firm of Walburg has long been linked to the giant international Marxist Rothschild banking conglomerate based in the City of London.

Isn't it strange that Warburg would be running a Christian organization?

Our Federal Reserve System had as its prime mover the late Mr Paul Warburg whose brother was involved with the international banking house of Kuhn, Loeb that included Jacob Schiff . The Schiff's are the oldest contemporary Jewish family dating back to 1370. These men, besides implementing our Federal Reserve System, helped found the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland that is scheduled to become the World Bank. The huge Rockefeller Manhattan Bank united with the Chase Bank controlled by Kuhn, Loeb. Then the Rothchild/Warburg took over control of this bank.

Many are under the false impression that banking conglomerates J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller are American. They are not. Rockefellers owned a small portion of their bank and J.P. Morgan was founded in London. "British" control of our banking system dates back to the original founding of the Virginia Company.

Books authored by the Warburgs contain communist propaganda. James Warburg was a member of Franklin Roosevelt's Brain Trust, masterminded Eisenhower's presidential campaign, and was chief financier of the United World Federalist World Government movement.
The nasty anonymous one is back again. This is part of the name of the website he got his information from
http://www.benabraham, a nasty little Jew hating site.

From what we've discovered, yes the Alpha course is New Age. There is much information on the web that opposes the program. In fact there is so much scepticism about it that the Jew haters have taken the opportunity to blame the Jews for promoting the course, which like most of their material is false and creepy.

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