Thursday, May 06, 2010

Alliance of Civilizations gaining visibility -- tonight on MY PERSPECTIVE talk about Turkey/Armenians

UPDATE:  I had many inquiries as to how to acquire Virginia Haroutunian's important book.  Amazon does have it listed; however, if you want it faster, you may do it this way:  The book, ORPHAN IN THE SANDS, is available by direct order to Virginia Haroutunian, P.O. Box 391, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA 48303 ($15.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling or $20 flat)

This is interesting.  Javier Solana appears to have structured early moves on the "Alliance of Civilizations" through Prime Ministers Zapatero of Spain and Erdogan of Turkey.  In the early 1900s Turkey waged war on its Christian Armenian population and 1.5 million Armenians upwards perished.  Others had to flee.  Hitler reportedly was inspired to conduct his holocaust operations against the Jews by the Armenian genocide precedent.

Turkey has repeatedly tried to suppress awareness of that early religious and ethnic genocide.  Embarrassingly to Alliance of Civilizations, Erdogan has threatened retaliation by deportation of Armenians lucky enough to remain alive and still living in Turkey.   Tonight, my friend author an retired teacher Virginia Haroutunian, the daughter of an Armenian genocide survivor will discuss that event, the effect it had on her family, and her feelings about Turkey's current actions.  She is the author of ORPHAN IN THE SAND about those experiences..  We will be on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio TONIGHT, MAY 6, 2010 at  There are also satellite radio connections, which you can find by going to that website.  Plan to join us tonight by listening and joining us in the chatroom.  Your questions may be phoned to 888-747-1968 during the hour we are on the air, 8 p.m. Eastern USA time, 5 p.m. Pacific time.


Anonymous said...

There are many branches of the New Age agenda. The promotion of the homosexuality and variations thereof are part of that. They fit under the larger label Population Control which deals with more than abortion and euthanasia.

An organization called Mass Resistance, though the name sounds like a typical leftist one, documents what is occurring. It should seem strange to everyone that so much attention is given to a deviant from the norm group that is such a small percentage of the population, but by using emotional manipulation rather than statistics, the general population seems to have become very comfortable with everything they are being told by the planners.

The May 6 update is not on the main website yet, but if you come back to the website later you'll find:

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

1. Unbelievable: Millions of tax dollars available for homosexual programs in schools in 2011 state budget version passed last week in Mass. House! Last-minute gift to homosexual lobby by House leadership.

2. Friday is deadline for Judiciary Committee to decide this week on several major "culture war" bills -- the Transgender Bill and others!

3. Update on last Monday's forced "negotiations" between Peabody restaurant and transgender activists.

1. Unbelievable: Millions of tax dollars available for homosexual programs in schools in 2011 state budget version passed last week in Mass. House! Last-minute gift to homosexual lobby by House leadership.

It's unbelievable. Millions of taxpayer dollars could be made available to hardcore homosexual activists for the purpose of pushing homosexual and transgender programs in the state's public schools as part of the 2011 state budget crafted and passed by the Massachusetts House of Representatives last week! That budget now goes to the Senate for approval.

This would allow the homosexual lobby access to an enormous stream of money to fund their programs such as gay-straight alliance clubs, gay/transgender appreciation days, the Day of Silence, Youth Pride events, homosexual-themed library books, gay assemblies, off-campus homosexual events, and many other activities -- in the full kindergarten-12th grade spectrum. (More when May 6 update appears.)


Anonymous said...

From World Net Daily (05/05/10):

President Obama's "Internet czar," Susan P. Crawford, is tied to a Marxist-run liberal media think tank that advocates government intervention in the Internet, charges a new book released this week.

JD said...

Lieberman to roll out 'Terrorism Expatriation Act' Thursday

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) will unveil legislation Thursday that revokes the citizenship of Americans who join foreign terrorist groups.

Lieberman will be joined by Rep. Jason Altimire (D-Pa.), who is introducing companion legislation in the House, as well as Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.)

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee drew a brief sketch of the bill Tuesday, saying that it would amend existing law that prevents Americans from joining foreign armies, besides Israel's, at the cost of their citizenship.

Lieberman defended his legislation Thursday as similar in scope to laws which might have stripped citizenship of those who joined the German or Japanese military during World War II.

“It’s one thing to belong to a club, even a political group, that I might think is radical here in the United States," Lieberman said during an appearance on Fox News. "But when you join a foreign terrorist organization as designated by the United States Department of State, that’s not your freedom of association. You’ve joined a group, one of whose central purposes is to bring down America, to ruin our security, to change our way of life, and I think when you do that you’ve essentially said: I don’t want to be an American citizen anymore.”

Don said...


You raised some important issues in your May 3 comment, which I just saw today. I replied in the April 28 “Anti-Immigration Hysteria” post, but I am reposting my response here since several days have passed and you may not otherwise see it.

Here’s the bottom line to your concerns: a good, moral person will still go to hell without receiving Jesus as savior for his or her sins. This is not my thinking; it is biblical thinking. In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

You can choose to agree or disagree, but your real problem is with Jesus, not me. It is true that non-Christians can do good things, but the Bible is clear that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). In Isaiah 64:6 we are told that from God’s perspective “…all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment…”

The new nature I referenced in a previous comment is described in Gal. 5: 6-26. In Eph. 5:8, Paul puts it this way: “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.”

Please hear me that I am NOT saying that non-Christians cannot be honest or tell the truth; of course they can and many live good lives, at least by the world’s standards.

While high moral standards exist for other religious groups, they are operating by what the Bible calls “the flesh.” Col 3:9 says, “Do not lie to one another, since you have put off the old man with his practices.” The “old man” there refers to our old, fleshly nature prior to receiving Jesus into our lives, which gives us a new Spiritual nature. Every earthy teacher has the sin nature, too. We are born with it.

I think it is a fair statement, backed by real-world evidence, that the world is filled with lies and deceit. Doesn’t it make sense that Christians – who have the Spirit of God living in us and guiding us in all truth - ought to live by a higher moral standard than non-Christians who still have the old, sinful nature?

No one, no matter how good or morally upright, can meet God’s standard of perfection apart from personally accepting God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins. Jesus lived a perfect life, and He died for your sins and mine so that we can enjoy eternal life with Him. If you have not taken that important, life-changing step of inviting Jesus into your life, I encourage you to do so.

Don said...

Constance Cumbey said...

If you are into Aryan/Nazi thinking, I am thrilled and honored to say I profoundly DISAGREE and DISAFFIRM who you are and what you stand for.

7:25 PM

To Constance,

This is really unbelievable. You are completely wrong in your statement about my beliefs. Are you always this careless? I trust that you carry out your legal duties with greater care and diligence than you have exhibited in this matter.

It appears you either did not read my previous comments or you are intentionally distorting my views. I sincerely hope it is the former. If you are at all concerned about fairness and the facts, I suggest you go back to the April 28 post re “Anti-Immigration Hysteria” and review all three of my comments IN THEIR CONTEXT.

Dorothy accused me of “Aryan thinking” (I copied her words above my response) because I hold Christians to a higher standard than non-Christians. My comment about a higher standard was in direct reference to your smearing those of us who believe in upholding current immigration law as being “anti-immigrant.” I stated that was something I would expect from non-Christians but not from a fellow Christian. In no way do I affirm Aryan/Nazi thinking, nor am I “anti-immigrant.” I am pro immigrant, pro law, pro people of all races and pro Jesus Christ.

As Christians we are to love all people, and Gal. 3:28 clearly states, “There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” That’s why I find it so offensive that you would attempt to link Christians and others who believe in upholding the law as being against immigrants. Nothing could be further from the truth. I simply don’t believe we should reward bad behavior (i.e. entering this country illegally), especially when there are many people who have waited years to become U.S. citizens through appropriate legal channels.

You’re entitled to your opinion, but you are wrong to portray those who disagree as racists. I profoundly disagree with the way you distorted the issue and I disaffirm your tactics. There is no biblical basis to justify them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes the story coming from the governor of Hawaii is a bigger fool than God ever created. The truth is one night I looked up at the moon and what did I see? Obama's birth certificate written in the sky by the stars proving as the media says, he is a messiah! The star of Honolulu was real bright next to the moon. That's what the stars told me. Who ya gonna believe? Me or the governor of Hawaii? Neither of us has proof of what we've seen.


Anonymous said...

Don, I think I have to stay away from discussions such as yours as I am afraid I'm going to be talked to death.

You can have faith in what you want to have faith in. If you think Christianity is something special and is the only way, good for you. You nor anyone else has convinced me. As I've said I don't live in a cave, know Christians and have known of the New Testament since first grade, 64 years ago when I first attended a Christian school.

No, I didn't accuse you of Aryan thinking.

I wrote:
Talk about smearing with a big brush, you've done it. What in the heck makes you think that the majority of Christians tell the truth any more than any other group of people? Are they born into honesty by their genes? Do they have nothing to learn? Do they not need the commandments? Do they all listen to ministers and listen once and for all? Pity God didn't know that all people called Christians were born moral and perfect. Jesus told them there were commandments they had to follow, at the very least the two great commandments, which were based on the ones found in the Jewish bible. Ever heard of Aryan thinking?


9:35 PM

If you can't even get something straight that was written in the last few days, how can you get the New Testament straight?

I asked if you heard of it. Because if you did, you would understand that Aryan thinking was exclusive where perfection was concerned. There was no room for deviation from what leadership thought was perfection. Granted the Aryan view of human perfection was an extreme, which is why I used it. I used it to try and suggest to you that while you may have faith in your belief system, you are not unique in having faith in what you believe even though others see weaknesses in that system and won't make excuses for them.

Think slowly now. My disagreement is not with you nor with Jesus. He didn't write the New Testament. His followers did. My disagreement is with them regarding the nature of the supernatural and the laws by which we live that are given through religion. It's not that Christianity is negative in any way, it's just for me it's not complete.

Maybe the nature of these discussions is too subtle for this blog.


Constance Cumbey said...

Well, I have serious questions about parts of the Obama administration, BUT, I still believe it was born in Hawaii -- anything else would have been logistically unmanageable!


Constance Cumbey said...


Sorry for any misunderstanding -- I thought you were making a statement on your own, not reprinting somebody else's words. In the future, put quotes around the statement. When somebody tells me, "I am into Aryan thinking . . ." I tend to take them at face value, unless they do something to make it clear that they are responding to what they feel was an unfair accusation.


Constance Cumbey said...

I agree with Dorothy's analysis on the Homosexual Agenda.


Constance Cumbey said...

I can't think of much more financially and morally disgusting use of tax money than to spend it on the Homosexual Agendas.


History Maker said...

"Violent Movie Declares War on Arizona for Immigration Law"

Anonymous said...

In response to my post at the top of this thread, I received this response.

It would appear that it isn't even going to do us any good if we vote in Republican (RINO) candidate Charles Baker. Baker's brother is reportedly gay and Baker's running mate is openly gay.

From a web search:
Nov 23, 2009 ... GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker chooses running mate ... Baker recently revealed his brother is gay, and he has been a longtime ... - Similar
GOP throws full support behind Charlie Baker for governor ...

Apr 18, 2010 ... Baker dismissed questions about such terminology as “semantics” and said his pro -choice stance and choice of an openly gay running mate ... - Similar

We have a similar situation here in Illinois with Mark Kirk who is on the GOP ballot for Senator in DC.


Anonymous said...

The person monitoring this blog must be at dinner. Two posts I made haven't appeared yet. They may be circling the world in a satalite somewhere.


Anonymous said...

The person monitoring this blog must be at dinner. Two posts I made haven't appeared yet. They may be circling the world in a satalite somewhere.


Constance Cumbey said...

AND, I am going to have people here who get horribly angry with me for writing this, BUT, I AGREE with Governor Linda Lingle's well-expressed words that the birth certificate allegations, which appear to me to be unfounded, ARE A TERRIBLE DISTRACTION for the country. I was interested also in hearing the governor say she was a Republican who campaigned for McCain.


Constance Cumbey said...



Constance Cumbey said...

Well, I guess I'm a big fool then, but I totally disbelieve the story about the Kenyan birth. Furthermore, even if it had been a Kenyan birth, his mother was an AMERICAN CITIZEN and those born to an AMERICAN CITIZEN wherever in the world are still "natural born American citizens."

Criticism on this level detracts from our credibility on other levels where he richly deserves legitimate criticism.


JD said...


Would you be willing to change your view if the current comments or any previous could be proven to be false? Let us keep in mind that original reports had Barack born at Queens Medical Center, now the governor is stating he was born at a facility that did not exist until 1978.

Now this may have been yet another mistake, but I am begining to believe we were meant to find out about this. What would the revolutionists do with such information?

Anonymous said...

Constance, you may be right. Why don't we just throw all US laws into the trash and start fresh. Maybe we can ditch the Constitution as a distraction and move on to international law. After all, we know the goal is international government. As they say, why sweat the small stuff like the Constitution?


Constance Cumbey said...

VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE here on Israel and its pressure to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty and eliminate its alleged 200 nuclear warheads.



Constance Cumbey said...


I have seen NO credible evidence that he was born in Kenya and moreover it is the USA Constitution that provides that a child born to an American citizen is a citizen.

The aspersions on my upholding the Constitution are absolutely unfair and unfounded.

Somebody here has to keep a cool head and right now it appears to be me. Which hospital in Hawaii may be in dispute, but that a very pregnant woman would be flown half way around the world to give birth in a third rate Kenyan medical facility defies credulity.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it all so cute JD. The link you gave now appears broken. I do hope you saved the information.


Constance Cumbey said...

"WND also found on microfilm in the Honolulu downtown public library a notice published under the "Births, Marriages, Deaths" section of the Honolulu Sunday Advertiser for August 13, 1961, on page B-6, noting: "Mr. and Mrs. Barack II Obama. 6085 Kalanianaole-Hwy, son, Aug. 4."

In searching through the birth notices of the Honolulu Advertiser for 1961, WND found many birth notices were published between one and two weeks after the date of birth listed.

The notice in the Honolulu Advertiser does not list the hospital where the Obama son was born or the doctor who delivered the baby."

That the birth was listed in the Hawaii papers is even stronger evidence to me that he was born in Hawaii. The Kenyan grandmother's alleged statement is not credible evidence in my opinion. It is doubtful that even in a Kenyan hospital in 1960 or thereabouts that a grandmother would be allowed into witness a birth, especially considering the still segregated and racially tense situation that existed in Kenya in those Mau-Mau years!

Let's get real about this. How much energy has been wasted on the birth certificate situation -- how much credibility in our camp has been expended.

And, for the record, I don't like RACISM one bit better than I like ANTI-SEMITISM.


Anonymous said...

Constance, you appear to accept Obama's word. Why, I don't know. That's all we have. We have no real records concerning his background. For all we know he parachuted from Antarctica.
Being that Obama himself is such a liar, why you would accept any propaganda about him. He didn't even write the first book attributed to him which was supposed to be an autobiography.

I do think that we should do better than to be under the thumb of such an anonymous person and his handlers if we care about the future of the US. He's obviously a New Age one worlder who deserves no protection from anyone who is fighting the New Age movement.
It's hard taking a stand against the establishment insiders. So much easier to go with the flow.


Anonymous said...

Constance, skip the racism comment. It puts you on the side of the liberal New Agers who cry racism every time Obama is criticized. Facts are facts and you've used them wisely in the past. Now you are just conjecturing.


Susanna said...

Dorothy, Constance and All,

MassResistance is also disgusted that Charles Baker, the Republican (RINO)candidate running against Deval Patrick, has a brother who is gay and has picked an openly gay running mate, Senator Richard Tisei.

Mass GOP convention nominates most extreme pro-gay Governor & Lt. Governor candidates in history

Shuns challenger who promised "pro-family" judges

Conservatives sell out in droves

POSTED: April 21, 2010

The Massachusetts Republican Party has nominated the most extreme pro-homosexual, anti-family candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor ever to run as Republicans for a state's top offices. Predictably, the results were greeted by cheers in homosexual blogs and websites across the country. The delegates to the Massachusetts State Republican Convention last Saturday overwhelmingly nominated Charlie Baker for Governor and his hand-picked running mate Richard Tisei for Lt. Governor.

As some observers put it, the RINO takeover of the Massachusetts Republican party is now complete. Vast numbers of social conservatives essentially sold out their principles in favor of the party establishment's wishes.

Charlie Baker publicly supports homosexual "marriage" and abortion. While CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care the company had a policy of supporting "gender identity or expression." In 2008 Harvard Pilgrim scored a perfect 100% from the national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign for its employment policies. (This means it even paid for employees' "sex-change" procedures!)

Baker's fiscal history is also troubling. He was Gov. Bill Weld's budget chief during the expansion of the "Big Dig" -- the most expensive public works project in history -- in the 1990s. For the last ten years Baker has made millions as head of Harvard Pilgrim, as premiums went up by several times the rate of inflation. Baker also supports the Quinn Bill, seen as a fiscal boondoggle by many conservatives.

Richard Tisei, a state senator and Baker's hand-picked running mate, is probably the most left-wing Republican officeholder in Massachusetts history. He is openly homosexual and is a co-sponsor of the radical "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill (H1728) currently in the Legislature. He strongly supports same-sex "marriage" and voted NOT to let the people vote on it. He appears in a hideous pro-homosexual "marriage" propaganda video produced by the homosexual lobby (complete with phony statistics). He has a 100% rating by NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts and a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood. He co-sponsored the expanded buffer zone bill. He also co-sponsored the "emergency contraception bill" that was vetoed by Gov. Mitt Romney. On the fiscal side, Tisei has voted against bills to reduce taxes earning him the wrath of Citizens for Limited Taxation. more...

Anonymous said...

From World Net Daily (05/06/10):

Girl's 'forced' abortion blamed on government 'death panel'

Anonymous said...

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Compass Direct News) – Hundreds of people calling themselves the Muslim Community of the Puncak Route last week burned buildings under construction belonging to a Christian organization in West Java Province.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy 7:04,
Good job, thank you!

Anonymous said...


According to a World Net Daily article, dated August 24, 2009 (link provided below), a telephone interview took place October 16, 2008 between Ron McRae (an American Christian minister) and Sarah Obama, Barck Obama's paternal step grandmother. She admitted that she was present at the time of his birth in Mombasa, Kenya.

The tape of this telephone interview was also submitted as evidence in the lawsuit challenging the president's eligibility filed by Philip J. Berg, former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

In a 2008 speech, Michelle Obama is on record (see link to video below) stating:

". . . when we took our trip to Africa and visited his HOME COUNTRY IN KENYA . . ."

Unknown said...

Here's the information at the link JD posted:

"A Century of Care for Hawaii's Women and Children

This is the story of two hospitals: Kauikeolani Children's Hospital and Kapi‘olani Maternity Home.

Concerned about the welfare of Hawaii's mothers, Queen Kapi‘olani held luau and bazaars to raise the $8,000 needed to open Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1890. She endowed her legacy with “Kulia i ka nu‘u” or “Strive for the highest.”

In 1908, Albert and Emma Kauikeolani Wilcox donated $50,000 to start a children's hospital. The community, concerned that two of every seven infants in Hawai‘i did not live to see their first birthday, rallied to match the Wilcox's gift. A year later, Kauikeolani Children's Hospital opened.

The two hospitals joined in 1978 to become Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Staying true to its mission, the non-profit hospital has played a vital role in the health of Hawaii's women, children and adolescents. It is staffed with highly skilled, compassionate physicians and nurses, dedicated to providing the finest care for Hawaii's families:"

This is what I found when I followed the link.

Constance Cumbey said...

We don't seem here to know the difference between "admitting" and unfounded bragging -- Grandma was concocting a story to show a closer relationship than one that ever existed between Barack Obama, his mother and her estranged African husband. If Barack had never become famous, Grandma never would have made the statement.


Anonymous said...

Well, Constance - if Grandma wanted a closer relationship with her grandson, it would stand to reason that she would have ALLOWED those on the other end of that phone conversation to 'correct' her when they tried to 'prompt' her to say that Obama was born in Hawaii instead of Kenya. However, she stood firm and insisted that he was born in "Mombasa."

I also place a great deal of credibility in the fact that Philip J. Berg (a former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General) would not have entered a transcript of this tape as evidence in his lawsuit (that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court unless he was certain that all of his i's were dotted and his t's were crossed.

HK-91 said...

....If we all just pretend Barry Soetoro is a natural born citizen, our collective heads will be more comfortable burried in the sand and it won't hurt a bit that this "non issue" anesthetized us as the steam roller of Marxist tyranny that has usurped power in this country rolls over us all.

Anyone for ostrichburgers...???


JD said...


As you noted, the hospital in question did not come into existence until 1978. Now there were two previous institutions, but neither are where the governor was quoted as saying he was born.


For the record, I have no formal opinion as to where the man was born. I do have a lot of questions about the inconsistent stories. I do have questions as to why this story has changed, but I believe it all may be by design. This all could have been put to rest one way or another a while ago. Even if he was born in Hawaii, this plays into a very real problem growing in this country. That being that there are those pushing for revolution, and this administration through this and other means are poking them with a really big stick. As I have said before, I am of the opinion that ALL of this may have been by design. Can't sell the majority on the left? Easy to fix, let the left run loose, provoke a very controlled uprising leading to the perfect synthesis of ideals. The people who catch on will be the target of both sides in the conflict, making it nearly a certainty that such a plan would be achieved. This is just my opinion, but the facts seem to support it.

JD said...


Ostrich is actually quite delicious. lol (seriously though it is)As I said I have no formal opinion, but I do believe we the people deserve answers from an employee. It is not for him but the public to say when he has properly answered these questions. But as I said in my last post, I believe all of this may have been by design.

SV said...

Sorry Constance,
With that particular line of reasoning, then one could easily argue that because BO had become "famous" and "controversial", now she has a reason to hedge the, brag unfoundedly. Hence the motive.

Just saying.
By His Grace,

Anonymous said...

Two points that make me question whether he was born in Kenya.
1. The cost of airfare to and from Kenya at the time.
2. Would the airlines have allowed an infant or a woman in her 9th month to travel there?

Why would the grandmother have bragged?
1. Kenya was making a big deal about their connection to Obama. Patriotism.
2. Probably the supposed father told her to go along with the fabrication that he was the father somewhere along the line. We are talking about a large communist network that is used to

With that being said, we still know nothing. It's all guesses.

That still leaves many questions unanswered as to whether Obama is a natural born citizen based on laws at the time regarding Hawaii's entrance into statehood and what was the mother's status.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

Everything connected with Obama is a web of lies.

It may be that the cover-up over his birth is necessary because with one brick out the wall might come crumbling down.


paul said...

Regarding the Armenian Genocide;
It's interesting to note, for those who
might think that a better education
will protect them from such a horror,
that the Armenians who were murdered
by those angry young Turks, were
almost all better educated; better
read and more literate, than the
Moslems who committed the
Maybe that's why this great big
Change We Can Believe In was
preceded by a great big Deliberate
Dumbing Down from coast to
coast, and the fact of the Armenian
Genocide has been deliberately
left out of American education.
I never heard a word of it in
school, did you ?

see: Charlotte Iserbyt.

Constance Cumbey said...

Extremely important article here critical of both Catherine Ashton and the EU Commission and its positioning over Gazprom (Russia's) and Naftogaz (Ukraine's) proposed gas company "merger" (analysts read it as Russian takeover). EU analysts conclude it would be DISASTROUS for Europe, yet nothing is being done about it because of deficiencies in EU structures. Here is link to article:


Constance Cumbey said...

"These opinions go to show that, since the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, the executive branch of the Government, the one charged with the duty of protecting American citizens abroad against unjust treatment by other nations, has taken the same view of the act of Congress of 1855, declaring children born abroad of American citizens to be themselves citizens, which, as mentioned in a former part of this opinion, the British Foreign Office has taken of similar acts of Parliament -- holding that such statutes cannot, consistently with our own established rule of citizenship by birth in this country, operate extraterritorially so far as to relieve any person born and residing in a foreign country and subject to its government, from his allegiance to that country."

United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)United States v. Wong Kim ArkNo. 18

Argued March 5, 8, 1897

Decided March 28, 1898

169 U.S. 649

Anonymous said...

Susanna 7:27,

In a previous thread I asked the question, “So how many abortion clinics are in your town?”

You answered, “TOO MANY!”

My follow up question then is this: So how many are ‘too many’? Would just ONE be okay?

Such a question is relevant to the "Mass Resistance", or TAKE BACK AMERICA/TEA PARTY MOVEMENT, the very notion of self governance, let alone a critical look at any of the big brother authorities such as the EU, the UN, the IMF, WHO, or the Alliance of Civilizations.

Case in point: Massachusetts, where as you pointed out, it looks like the choice for Governor may come down to a leftist pro-abortion, pro “homosexual rights” Democrat, and a more fiscally conservative pro-abortion, pro “homosexual rights” Republican.

Few seem to want to face the truth. It makes absolutely no difference which one of the above “choices” wins the election in Massachusetts. As John Adams so eloquently put it, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.”

Adams further stated that, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The truth of Adams words are becoming clearer now that America is obviously no longer “slouching” towards Gomorrah, but wading ass deep in degradation. Despite the increased public outcry and new found political motivation of a remnant of folks who are still somewhat bridled by morality and religion, the simple fact is, there has never been a government on earth capable of contending with human passions. No so-called “Alliance” based on the “golden rule”, nor any conservative theocratic government based on “the ten commandments” is adequate.

We are not living in Eden. Man has proven incapable of governing himself, even under the best of circumstances, which we were blessed to have experienced here, in this place we call America.


JD said...


Herescope has a new article up concerning NAR, the May Day event, and the patriot movement. There is a link contained which takes you to a radio interview with Sarah Leslie, in which she explains the history of this movement and how it is linked with global consciousness. She also cites connections that these groups have to very important players. I can't stress enough how highly I recommend checking this one out, particularly the radio interview with Sarah.

Unknown said...

I posted the information just in case Dorothy and others could not link to it since I had success. Hopefully, it was useful. Could this be a hint of Obama's birth certificate being a hoax? What a hoax it would be?

I do find it fishy that a completed unknown could walk into the presidency with such a small political resume. This may happen on a show like "American Idol." A few years ago I couldn't even pronounce his name.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy @ 12:39 AM said...
"It may be that the cover-up over his birth is necessary because with one brick out the wall might come crumbling down."

Yes, and what may come 'crumbling down' (if it was ever discovered that he is not a valid, legal President) are all of the bills he has signed into law - like Health Care, for example - which would then be declared null and void. (Not to mention his role as Commander in Chief regarding any future declaration of war.)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Arizona bill that would require Presidential candidates to submit their birth certificates in order to be on the ballot has been set aside. Narrowly passed by the House, it has no chance of moving through the State's Senate.

The sheer AUDACITY of measly little Arizona to attempt to uphold the Constitution when the Feds clearly intended that the ball be dropped, must have earned the President's wrath, which is now RE-directed towards Arizona's so-called "racist" illegal immigration law.


Anonymous said...

And not only that, but...

Arizona, vee vill punish your state financially vith future boycotts for daring to stand up for yourself.

Susanna said...


Since I didn't specify a PARTICULAR number of abortion clinics that I would regard as "TOO MANY!" what is the point of your "follow up" question?

Tsk. Tsk.

But just for the record, I do think that even ONE abortion clinic would be one abortion clinic too many.

On a more serious note, I am pretty much in agreement with the rest of what you said.

Moreover, it is my belief that some chastisements are on the way -the recent earthquakes, floods and volcanoes being but a "preview of coming attractions."

God will not be mocked!

Unknown said...

Here's an interesting article from Jerusalem Post. I found this over at Born to Watch.

Some excerpts:

'Special regime for sharing J'lem'

WASHINGTON – A group of Israelis, Palestinians and North Americans have formulated a proposal for sharing Jerusalem to help the sides resolve one of the thorniest challenges in Middle East peace-making.

The Jerusalem Old City Initiative, started by former Canadian diplomats who recruited erstwhile Palestinian and Israeli negotiators as well as American Middle East hands for the undertaking, suggests the creation of a “special regime” for the Old City.

The regime would be jointly created and run by the Israelis and Palestinians, rather than an international body as has frequently been suggested in other accords that have not materialized."

Unknown said...

More excerpts:

“We’re not talking about internationalization,” stressed Art Hughes, a former American diplomat who once oversaw the peacekeeping operation between Israel and Egypt and is currently an adjunct scholar at Washington’s Middle East Institute, which hosted the unveiling of the initiative Wednesday...

"The regime, however, would be headed by an outside administrator, envisioned as neither an Israeli nor a Palestinian, but someone with international standing. The administrator would preside over policing, movement and access to holy sites, archeological issues, zoning and planning decisions and other related issues; but not those linked to “nationality,” such as education and political rights.

The administrator would be chosen by a board of top Israeli and Palestinian officials, and international officials whose presence had been approved by both sides.

Unknown said...

It's okay to have a caricature of Jesus, but don't dare mess with Mohammed. This was at a CNN blog.

Jesus Christ Cartoon in Development at Comedy Central

"Jesus Christ is regularly depicted as a supporting character on one of Comedy Central’s staple programs, “South Park,” but now he might star in his own animated series.

The network announced their programming plans for the upcoming year Thursday, and among some of the shows in the script development phase is a half-hour cartoon called “JC.”

The series would be about “JC (Jesus Christ) wanting to escape his father's enormous shadow and to live life in NYC as a regular guy. A lot has changed in 2000 years and he is the ultimate fish out of water,” according to a press release. “Meanwhile his all-powerful yet apathetic father would rather be playing video games than listening to JC recount his life in the city. JC is a playful take on religion and society with a sprinkle of dumb.”

Anonymous said...

SEC to probe causes, exploitation of Stock-Market turmoil...

Anonymous said...

The Cover-up: BP's Crude Politics & the Looming Environmental Mega Disaster...

Anonymous said...

It is important to have absolute proof of Obama's birthplace. The first attack on the supposed Certificate of Live Birth was found at Atlas Shrugs where it was pulled apart, piece by piece, by an expert on forgeries.

Now these are two sites that go on and on challenging every question dealing with Obama's birthplace. The first comments about the status of his mother as a US citizen at the time of his birth and how it relates to Obama's status. or

Key lines: "Therefore, based on U.S. naturalization and citizenship law as I understand it (and I'm not a lawyer), it's apparently possible that Barack Obama would not be a citizen of the United States if he was not born in Hawaii, one of many claims made in a filed a lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court by Philip J. Berg, former member of Pennsylvania's Democratic State Committee and former attorney general of Pennsylvania, asking the court to declare Barack Obama ineligible for the presidency. Yet, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii according to his campaign, which makes the naturalization discussion moot." Right sure. Obama people always tell the truth. Right sure.

The general response to this kind of information is "I don't have time to go through all of that. All of these smart people must know what they are talking about."

It reminds me of one of those court cases I've heard of that can go on for years and years. No solid proof from either side, just a lot of legal yada yada. And yet all of it could have been settled simply by Obama producing his birth certificate.

It's almost a joke that we have a president who refuses to allow any important information about his background to be scrutinized. We get a lot of trivia and, even so, less trivia than we get about Madonna.

Our citizens have been so dumbed down, making our rulers so cocksure they can pull anything over our eyes. It's no wonder the New Age movement has such a foothold in this country.


Anonymous said...

White House doesn't rule out sabotage in Thursday's market fluctuation...

Anonymous said...

Recently, I got into a heated debate with a friend about whether John McCain (our 2008 Republican presidential candidate) was eligible to be elected President of the United States since he was born outside of the U.S. in Panama.

I replied that John S. McCain III was born in 1936 on a military installation in the Panama Canal Zone (Coca Solo Naval Air Station), where his father, John S. McCain, Jr. was stationed as a Naval Officer; and furthermore, the Panama Canal Zone was under U. S. control at the time (in 1936). Both of John McCain's parents were also U.S. citizens.

Constance Cumbey said...

The New Agers must be cackling in glee over our apparent diversion from watching them to being marginalized for questioning Barack Obama's "natural born" citizenship.

1. I am convinced Barack Obama was BORN.
2. I am convinced Barack Obama was born as the son of a full United States Citizen.
3. I am convinced Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.
4. Even if Barack Obama had been born elsewhere than Hawaii, his birth to an American citizen would give him standing as a "natural born citizen." (See Supreme Court case reference I published here earlier today).
5. I question where Jerome Corsi is coming from -- as I recall his book on Obama which I have and read in significant part prior to interviewing him during the campaign, he expressed some sympathy for New Age causes.
6. I am convinced Barack Obama is over 35 which is constitutionally required to run for office.
7. The whole "birther" movement debate is a tremendous distractino/diversion and I personally want no part of it as I have emphatically emphasized over the past two years.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you that you are convinced Constance. It makes your life easier with one less troubling thing to bother you. I'll wait for proof from either side and until then I will doubt.

A distraction and diversion from what? Since your main interest seems to be the New Age movement, I presume you are saying it is a distraction and diversion from research on the New Age movement. Or is it a distraction and diversion from research on the EU and Solana? Or is it a distraction and diversion from end time studies?

So who is studying the fingers of the New Age movement in the United States? Your interest for a long time now seems to be what is going on in Europe and anything connected with Solana and the EU. Has there been a book on Solana? The Obama issue is not a distraction from getting information out on the New Age movement in the US. The New Age movement is pretty much a dead issue as far as the general public is concerned. Oh there might be
some pieces of that thousand piece puzzle landing by themselves on the table, but a unified view of the movement is nowhere being put together.
It's a shame that no one was around to take the mystery up when you moved on to Solana and the EU. Yes those New Age people are certainly concerned when you got involved in that branch of the New Age movement, but Obama is here in the US.

Those who got the silly term birthers put on them are more of a threat to New Age leadership than anything we are doing. Those who were looking at Obama's birth place were digging into a lot of other questions about him and his associates and their agenda which appears to be connected to the New Age movement.

During Obama's run for office I dug up much information on Obama's connection to the New Age movement and the occult. It fell with a thud on the floor.

Now you might not want your blog to be tainted with someone questioning Obama's legality, but all along you've said you want a place where everyone can discuss openly whatever they want.

All in all though, I'm happy for you that you are convinced.


Anonymous said...


Here are just some of the arguments that former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General, Philip J. Berg alleged in his lawsuit:

· That Obama’s mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) was in Kenya in the late stages of her pregnancy and the airlines at the time would not let her fly back to Hawaii at such an advanced time of pregnancy.
· That Obama was born on August 4, 1961 but his birth was not registered in Hawaii until August 8, 1961 and that the registration and a Honolulu newspaper announcement of the birth were fabricated.
· That according to Wayne Madison, a journalist with Online Journal, a GOP research team sent to Mombosa, Kenya, found a certificate registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at a maternity hospital indicating his birth to a Kenyan father and a U.S. mother.
· That if he was born in Kenya, he cannot be a U.S. citizen because the law stated that his mother would have had to have lived 10-years in the United States, 5 of which were after the age of 14. Since she was 18 at the time of Obama’s birth, she did not meet the residency requirements for passing U.S. citizenship to Obama.
· That when Obama’s mother married an Indonesian man and took Obama to Indonesia when he was 6-years old, he would have lost his U.S. citizenship and become Indonesian. Indonesia at the time did not recognize dual citizenship.
· That when Obama was registered to attend school in Indonesia, the registration form listed him as “Barry Soetoro” (his stepfather’s last name), listed him as Indonesian, and listed is faith as Islam.
· That according to the law at the time, Obama’s mother would have lost her U.S. citizenship by marrying an Indonesian and living in Indonesia. Four years later she returned to Hawaii and divorced her Indonesian husband. Berg said that she could have regained her U.S. citizenship by taking an oath of allegiance to the United States but that there is no record that she did. Therefore, Obama would not have been able to regain his own citizenship until the age of 18 and himself take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. Berg said there is no record of that ever happening. Berg concludes that not only may Obama not be eligible to be president, but that he may be an illegal alien.
· That Obama traveled to Pakistan at the age of 20 and traveled using an Indonesian passport. Had he regained his U.S. citizenship, according to Berg, he would have traveled using a U.S. passport.

Lo said...

I'd just like to commend everyone for the research they do. All of your work and all of your opinions are extremely valuable to me and all the readers who visit this outstanding blog.

Thanks, Constance, for all you do.

Constance Cumbey said...

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 . . . .


P.S. But thanks to Lo for the kind words. I needed them!

Constance Cumbey said...

You all might better and more productively your time doing google searches on "global governance." What you find might amaze and dismay you! The birth certificate thing is chasing a rabbit hole and anyway despite what you think or GOP investigators and attorneys may have unsuccessfully alleged in court, Barack Obama's mother was a US citizen, which makes him a "natural born" one.


Leana said...

Not sure why, if your mother is a citizen then the Immigration department made me jump through hoops to become a citizen. I spent 5 years and tons of money to get my citizenship and I had lived here most of my life. My mother was and still is a US born citizen as were her parents. But since I was born in Canada, with a Canadian father, I had to apply for citizenship...I asked specifically at the time and I was told that the law was that I was not a citizen, not a duel citizen but only a resident alien. I had to renounce my Canadian citizenship to become an American. This was in 1999. IF Obama was born outside of the US, and that is questionable to me, but if, he was, his mother's citizenship is no guarantee of his.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lo. Thanks for the kind words to all of us who do research on the various topics and who have reported them on this blog during the last five years. We certainly do need them.

We are all indebted to Constance who has put much effort into setting up this blog for all of us, a continuation of all of our work for the last 30 years.


Constance Cumbey said...

This is available for watching:


Constance Cumbey said...


Did you have legal counsel walking you through that? I suspect you may have received bad legal advice, or more likely -- some attorney combined with corrupt immigration officials (yes, it does happen) saw you coming and made you their full employment project.


Leana said...


If only that was the problem. No, I had no legal counsel. I did it all on my own. It was a combination of changing laws and a massive amount of people trying to get their paperwork in all at the same time. The FBI changed their fingerprint requirements 5 times and I was travelling cross country for college, getting married, etc. My information came directly from the immigration officers at the border when they threatened to detain me in Canada and also every 6 months as I had to be re-interviewed/reprocessed. I had to resubmit my application 3 times because of the fingerprint thing. Anyway, the law was the law, it would have had to been a huge conspiracy since I never dealt with the same person twice. I know that during the 60's and 70's many immigration laws were changed and perhaps there were snafu's and loopholes galore. That's the best as I know it. Anyway, I didn't mean any disrespect. Have a lovely weekend,

Constance Cumbey said...

For what it's worth, this is from the Wikipedia article on US citizenship to a child born to one parent as a USA citizen:

"Through birth abroad to one United States citizen
A person born on or after November 14, 1986, is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true:[7]
One of the person's parents was a U.S. citizen when the person in question was born
The citizen parent lived at least five years in the United States before the child's birth
A minimum of two of these five years in the United States were after the citizen parent's 14th birthday.
INA 301(g) makes additional provisions to satisfy the physical-presence requirements for periods citizens spent abroad in “honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or periods of employment with the United States Government or with an international organization”. Additionally citizens who spent time living abroad as the “dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person” in any of the previously mentioned organizations can also be counted.
A person's record of birth abroad, if registered with a U.S. consulate or embassy, is proof of citizenship. Such a person may also apply for a passport or a Certificate of Citizenship to have a record of citizenship. Such documentation is often useful to prove citizenship in lieu of the availability of an American birth certificate.
Different rules apply for persons born abroad to one U.S. citizen before November 14, 1986. United States law on this subject changed multiple times throughout the twentieth century, and the law is applicable as it existed at the time of the individual's birth.
For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true [7]:
One of the person's parents was a U.S. citizen when the person in question was born
The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child's birth;
A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent's 14th birthday"

Anonymous said...


With all due respect to both you and your profession as a prominent, respected attorney, please explain to me HOW and WHY you differ with the opinion of Philip J. Berg (a former Pennsylvania Debuty Attorney General) on two of the following arguments he made in his lawsuit. (You don't seem to be giving him any CREDIT for making SURE that all of his i's were dotted and his t's were crossed when he took his case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.). . .

· That if he (Obama) was born in Kenya, he cannot be a U.S. citizen because the law stated that his mother would have had to have lived 10-years in the United States, 5 of which were after the age of 14. Since she was 18 at the time of Obama’s birth, she did not meet the residency requirements for passing U.S. citizenship to Obama.

· That when Obama’s mother married an Indonesian man and took Obama to Indonesia when he was 6-years old, he would have lost his U.S. citizenship and become Indonesian. Indonesia at the time did not recognize dual citizenship.

P.S. Also, while you encourage all of us to do extensive research, it is becoming increasingly clear and obvious to me that certain subjects are 'off limits' as far as you're concerned.

Anonymous said...

PPS: Also, we are talking about the rules as they applied back in 1961 -- and not as of 1986.

Don said...


For someone afraid of being “talked to death,” you sure leave a lot of lengthy comments yourself. My obligation as a Christian is to share truth, not convince you that Jesus is the only way to God.

Anyway, it was interesting corresponding with you and I wish you the best. Jeremiah 29:13

Anonymous said...

Genetically modified food: feeding the hungry or population control?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Don (1:32 PM):

Matthew 7:1

("Judge not lest ye be judged.")

Unknown said...


Just brush it off. I am sure you can now see that there are snipers perched everywhere here just waiting to take a shot.

And by the way, I knew from the beginning that you were not into "aryan thinking", and I understood the point you were trying to make.

Constance Cumbey said...

Chaos in Europe and I can't help but wonder if they are going to seek the assistance of the guy under whom things ostensibly ran smoothly. I just read this language from the Munich Security Award Javier Solana was given in February this year:

"This year’s laureate of the Ewald-von-Kleist Award, Javier Solana de Madariaga, effectively shaped European foreign policy in particular – from 1999 to December 2009 he was Secretary General of the Council of the European Union as well as High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and simultaneously Secretary General of the Western European Union (WEU). During this time, the Spanish-born Solana provided the European Union with a unified voice in global affairs, prepared the ground for the European Foreign Service, and strengthened the EU’s role as an international conflict manager. He is also held as the leading strategic mind behind a European crisis prevention strategy. In the Russian-Ukrainian gas dispute, he took on a mediating role. In 1995, he initiated the Barcelona process for a closer neighbourhood-policy with the Mediterranean states. In the framework of the Middle East Quartet, he was significantly involved in the drafting of the Roadmap. In the controversy surrounding Iran’s nuclear program, Solana was entrusted with the conduct of negotiations by the group of six powers and insisted on a peaceful, diplomatic resolution of the conflict.

The political career of the learned physicist began with the end of the Franco-Regime in 1977, when Solana entered congress as a delegate of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). In 1982, he became cultural minister under the then-governing Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez and – after other posts – took over the foreign ministry in 1992. Surprisingly, in 1995, he was appointed to be the ninth Secretary General of NATO, as whose critic he had long been held. During his four-year-long term, Solana proved great diplomatic skills, for instance regarding the integration of Russia and the Eastern enlargement of the alliance. After the coming into effect of the Treaty of Lisbon on December 1st, 2009, Baroness Catherine Ashton succeeded Solana as High Representative of the CFSP.

"Peace through Dialog" – this is the inscription on the back side of the silver medal with which Solana will be presented for his lifetime achievements during a gala dinner at the Munich Residency of the Prime Minister of Bavaria. Sponsor and designer of the medal is the Munich jeweller Maximilian Heiden. Laudator for Javier Solana on Saturday evening will be the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner."

Leana said...


Thanks, still, according to the Wiki article you posted, since I was born before 1986 I would not have met the criteria for automatic citizenship, regardless of my mother's citizenship.

I appreciate the information.

Constance Cumbey said...

Attorney Berg was a Hillary Clinton partisan, whom most of you didn't particularly like either. Lawsuits like this are quite common when Democrats are running against other Democrats and seeking to disqualify opponents by any means necessary.

Apart from the law, the evidentiary considerations. I'm a woman, I've been pregnant -- while married and attending college, as Javier Solana's mother was. Pregnant women don't travel around the world in their last months of pregnancy -- the airlines then wouldn't knowingly sold tickets. Kenya's Mau Mau revolution lasted through 1960, the year before Barack Obama was born and things were still extremely tense there. They were certainly not wealthy people. It takes every last dime to prepare for the coming baby's needs. I'm sorry, I'm just not convinced that its rational or that there is any type of admissible evidence beyond hearsay that he was born anywhere but Hawaii. Back in the 1960's, unlike the uncivilized shortened hospital stays of now, when women had babies, they were hospitalized for close to a week and then had movement restrictions while healing. I think the whole Kenyan allegation story is a fantasy. That a stepfather lied about nationality and religion to get his new wife's child from a previous marriage into grade school somewhere hardly translates into a legal relinquishment of citizenship for a child moving into a third world country such as Indonesia.

I frankly am weary of the story and continue to insist that it is detracting from the more important issues. Do you seriously think you are going to secure a presidential removal by posting these allegations here? I suspect it will accomplish nothing more than to more seriously marginalize us so we won't be listened to on anything else.


Constance Cumbey said...

Barack Obama still had a living father when he went to Indonesia as a child and as such, there was no legal adoption by any stepfather.


Constance Cumbey said...

Now why anywhere would any relative as distant as a "PATERNAL STEP GRANDPARENT" be present in a delivery room? Doesn't sound to me like an "admission." Sounds to me like exaggeration as a form of "name dropping" to show she was closer to a now famous person than had ever been the case.


Constance Cumbey said...

Interesting points from the cited WND article:

"Critics point out many reasons to be skeptical of the claim, including the possibility something was lost in the translation between an American minister who presupposed Obama was born in Kenya and an elderly African woman who reportedly knows no English. Amid cross-talk in a combination of English, Swahili and the local Luo tribal dialect, could she have understood McRae simply to be asking where she was when Barack Obama Jr. was born?

Moreover, the critics argue, her interpreter immediately clarified that her famous grandson was born in Hawaii, not Kenya.

Many versions of the tape posted by bloggers who contend it is evidence Obama was born in Kenya are cut off immediately after the point where the grandmother apparently affirms her presence at the birth. The truncated versions leave out the section in which the interpreter insists she actually meant the birth took place in the U.S.

In addition, a March 27, 2007, story by Tim Jones of the Tribune News Service recounts how Sarah Obama received a letter from Barack Obama Sr. telling of his plan to marry Stanley Ann Dunham. Sarah Hussein's husband, Hussein Onyango Obama, was said to be angered by the news. Six months later, Jones reported, the Kenyan family received a letter announcing the Aug. 4, 1961, birth. The Tribune reporter noted an interview with Sarah Obama in which she said she was "so happy to have a grandchild in the U.S."

Aside from the inference that the grandmother first learned of the birth through a letter, the Kenyan patriarch's anger over the marriage makes it even more unlikely Ann Dunham would have traveled to Kenya during her pregnancy."


Anonymous said...

Obama birth....

The real mystery in all of this is why he doesn't just shouw his birth certificate (real one with attending Dr. etc.), release his college records, etc. It would all go away if he did.

Dave in CA

Anonymous said...

So we have the AoC stuff going on and EU meeting to solve their $ issues and crack down on speculators and here we are obsessing about Obama's birth certificate again...sigh

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes and all of this could have so easily been settled once and for all (stopping all of this controversy dead in its tracks) IF our President had just produced that original LONG FORM birth certificate - that everyone of us ordinary American citizens have been asked to produce (for one reason or another) over the years - and we have all willingly and happily complied.

Anonymous said...


Well, there was nothing 'lost in the translation' on these two video tapes where Michelle Obama is speaking: the first one at a Tampa, Florida fundraiser in December, 2007; and the second one at a campaign speech in New York City in June, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Daily Telegraph UK reports;

British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro

Britain faces paying out billions of pounds under a European Union deal intended to prevent another financial crisis like the one in Greece.

All 27 EU finance ministers have been summoned to Brussels on Sunday to sign up to a “European stabilisation mechanism. Britain will be unable to veto this as it will be put through under the “qualified majority voting” system.

The deal, effectively to shore up the euro, was denounced as a “stitch-up” last night after it emerged Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, had devised it behind closed doors and were attempting to push it through at a time when there is no clear government in Britain.

Full report;


Unknown said...

Anon 8:40

That figures, for the last couple of years, and currently, Sarkozy and Merkel wear the pants in the EU.

Anonymous said...

SEC to probe exploitation of Stock Market turmoil...

Anonymous said...

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewing Sean Penn on the ground in Haiti discussing the preventable Diphtheria epidemic and how time is of the essence...

Anonymous said...

As I understand this little part of Obama's birth place was that his grandmother, who lived in Hawaii, said he was born in Kenya. Shortly after saying that, Obama, in the middle of the election campaign, and no doubt with an entourage, went to visit his grandmother who was said to be sick. Shortly after that she died and was therefore unable to confirm to any interested party what she had previously said.

I am not a US citizen and have never lived in the USA.

Is it not correct that this president has had all his records sealed or removed so that nobody can check up on the facts?

I find it rather unsatisfactory that Javier Solana is fair game both here and on FP but the President is somehow protected from such scrutiny. Isn't that double standards and extremely unwise?

Check out this article by Cliff Kincaid -

And this link to his book -

There are many spokes to this evil wheel.

Anonymous said...

The Obama birth certificate issue is not something that will be settled on this blog. The story at the LATimes had 1,732 comments, both pro and con with many knowledgeable people posting their information about the posted birth certificate, information about times and places for for all of the parties concerned, what Obama is concealing, and information about systems in Hawaii. I'm sure across the internet there are many thousands of people posting what they know.
Probably across the internet there have been many thousands of such posts. It's not a matter of a few conjectures.

What is frightening is that so many people with titles in our legal departments seem afraid to ask for the bottom line. And yet hundreds of thousands of Americans are not convinced that the truth is available to them. Everybody concerned with what is going on is engaged in speculation based on what other people tell them is the truth. Stories upon stories, lies upon lies. And only Obama and his handlers have the truth. Why are they hiding the facts. Aren't we entitled to the truth about his background, particularly when our country is being hit with major storm winds under his supposed leadership?


Unknown said...

From the UK Telegraph

As we report today, Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has persuaded other members of the eurozone that they can interpret a clause in the Lisbon Treaty so as to force every country belonging to the EU to contribute unspecified, and potentially unlimited, sums to bailing out insolvent members of the eurozone. It means that to keep the single currency going, in the event of future Greek-style collapses, Britain will have to write a blank cheque.

This cynical, underhand and anti-democratic move has been prompted by the stresses that the colossal budget deficits of the weaker members of the euro – Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy – have placed on the currency itself. Last week, France and Germany agreed that Greece should receive an emergency loan of 110 billion euros. The injection of cash is at most a stay of execution, not a solution to the problem, whose root cause is that Greece, being in the euro, cannot devalue its currency and so cannot make its exports competitive, and thereby earn the money it needs to repay its debts. The obvious solution is for Greece to leave the euro. But that would be a humiliation for Europe’s politicians and bureaucrats, for it would show that the fundamental objection to it – that it could not be viable across countries that are at such different levels of economic development ­– is correct. So, instead, they have decided that in future all the other members of the EU, including Britain, will foot the bill.

This “European stabilisation mechanism”, as it is going to be called, takes rewarding irresponsibility to new levels. Using Article 122 in the Lisbon Treaty, which was intended to help areas hit by natural disasters, it will compel members of the EU to transfer vast sums to countries whose profligacy has led them to the brink of bankruptcy (perhaps including ourselves). The contributions are to be determined by majority voting. Britain may be outside the euro. We may have never entered into any obligation to pay for the failings of the single currency – indeed, our government may have specifically stated that it does not wish to have anything to do with it. But under the Sarkozy deal, it makes no difference. We will not be able to use our veto to avoid being forced to pay up

paul said...

Read all about the roots of the AOC.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 8:53 P.M.

According to some reports, Angela Merkel, who is originally from former East Germany, is said to be talking out of both sides of her mouth because the German people are NOT happy about being forced to shoulder the burden of Greek financial irresponsibility.

The "Eastern Burden" slogan embodies the liability that former East Germany still represents to former West Germany - who wound up having to bear the brunt of the cost for German reunification.

In 2007, Germany voted to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67. In other places in Europe the retirement is as low as age 52. In Greece, one in three persons reportedly works for the government.

The Germans want to know why they should be the ones making all the sacrifices.

Watch Germany.

Marko said...

My own personal opinion about Obama is that he is the beginning of God's punishment on America for turning away from him. "You want it your way? OK...let's see how you do...." is what He seems to be saying.

So even IF he is not legally qualified to be president, if God wants Him there, there he will stay.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 1:22 AM:
Re: "I find it rather unsatisfactory that Javier Solana is fair game both here and on FP but the President is somehow protected from such scrutiny. Isn't that double standards and extremely unwise?"


Can we have an AMEN???

It's a sad state (county) we're living in if we are more intimidated by demanding ANSWERS on the eligibility of our President (who works for us, by the way) . . . than we are speaking about the POSSIBLE 'man of Perdition'!!!

What's wrong with THIS picture???

Duh . . .

Unknown said...

Anon 8:34

Re: the man of perdition, I have a feeling, he is going to be someone that none of us ever imagined.

I think it will blow us all away.

Anonymous said...


In my 11:34 AM comment...
I meant to say 'country' (not county).

Anonymous said...

The following was taken from Ed Young (Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX) in his "Winning Walk" TV sermon this morning, May 9, 2010. This modern version of the 23rd Psalm was written by Ed Young's son, Ben:

“Technology is my shepherd. I shall not want. It makes me lie down in front of the High Definition screen. It leaves me with incessant noise. It makes me feel significant. Though I walk through the valley of no cell phone coverage (Can you hear me now?), you are with me. My Blackberry®, laptop; they comfort me. You set wireless access before me in the presence of my family. You anoint my head with Bluetooth®. My email overflows. Surely Microsoft® and Verizon® will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the database forever.”

Unknown said...

Sounds like Ed Young has a sense of humor.

Unknown said...

Anon. 11:34,

The bigger issue is that the implications of a hoax birth certificate could have a great deal to do with global governance. There is no doubt Obama certainly is advancing the new world order more than any other U.S. president. He didn't get elected president solely on his own. He had help. Building a one world government is much easier if the U.S. (or at least the U.S. government) is willing to go along.

Obama's birth certificate question I think has everything to do with global government. Obama's strategic way of playing the electoral college to win the presidency was quite smart. I think he managed to split just enough conservative votes away from McCain and to a third party candidate. 49% of the popular vote is not a clear mandate for change. Obama is smart enough to know this. Could he pull off a bogus birth certificate to pass any legal challenges?

Just remember these famous words from the late Johnny Cochran, "If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit." Now, how many honestly think that O.J. Simpson got away with murder? Well, according to our legal system he isn't guilty.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 11:40 A.M.

Signs of the End-Time

1 But as to the signs:
Look, the days will come when those who inhabit the earth shall be seized in panic. The Way of Truth will be hidden and the country barren of faith.
2 Injustice will increase from what we now see, more than you ever heard about.
3 The nation you now see ruling will be a desert, and all will see it a wasteland.
4 If the Most High allows you to live, you will see complete confusion after the third period:
Suddenly the sun will shine at midnight and the moon during the day.
5 The trees will drip blood and the stones cry out.
And the course (of the stars) will be changed.
6 One whom those who dwell in the land to not expect, he shall reign
Birds will fly away
7 and the Sea of Sodom will cast up fish.
And at night a voice will cry, unknown to many but all will hear the sound.

Apocrypha, , 2 Esdras 5:1-7 (or Esdras-Nehemiah in the Septuagint)

Susanna said...


Susanna said...

And this from Der Spiegel:

German Politics


North Rhine-Westphalia Votes

What to Watch for in Sunday's State Election

By Charles Hawley

State elections in Germany are often of marginal importance. But Sunday's vote in North Rhine-Westphalia has profound implications for Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany's political landscape and the future of the Social Democrats. Here, a guide to the issues to watch out for.

Generally, state elections in Germany are rather mundane affairs. Apart from minor shifts in the balance of power among the country's main political parties, not much changes.

Sunday's election in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state, however, could be different. For months, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been doing her best to avoid missteps ahead of the vote in order to give her fellow Christian Democrat (CDU) Jürgen Rüttgers the best chance possible to be re-elected as the state's governor.

The result, though, has been stasis in Berlin. Since Merkel's own re-election last September, all her party's main reform projects have been on hold pending the North Rhine-Westphalia vote. Tax reform, while a topic of considerable back-and-forth in Merkel's governing coalition with the business-friendly Free Democrats, has not been decided on. A pending health care reform has been put on the back burner. Even a decision on whether to extend the lives of the country's nuclear power facilities has been avoided for the possible damage it could do to CDU election results.

One of the only major decisions taken by Merkel's government since it was sworn in last October was this week's pledge to provide €22.4 billon ($28.6 billion) in aid to ailing Greece over the next three years. Even that decision, say many, came dangerously late as the chancellor tried to delay it until after this Sunday's poll.

A Major Shake-Up

It remains to be seen whether Merkel's strategy of keeping political feathers unruffled will pay off -- or whether it will fail completely. Indeed, with just days to go before the vote, it is looking increasingly risky. The CDU in the state has been beset by a number of campaign finance scandals, including accusations that the party had been offering local companies meetings with Rüttgers in exchange for money. The CDU has lost the 11 percentage point lead it enjoyed over its main challenger, the Social Democrats (SPD) in mid-January and a recent poll shows that support for the party is now equal to that for the SPD, led by Hannelore Kraft.


Susanna said...

Even more problematic for Merkel, should her CDU not be returned to power in coalition with the FDP in the state, then her majority in the Bundesrat, Germany's upper legislative chamber, will have vanished, making far-reaching reform on the national stage virtually impossible.

But Merkel isn't the only story of the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. The vote could pave the way for a major shake-up in German politics on the national level. It could mark a reversal in the SPD's declining fortunes in recent years. And it could be the coming out party for two new parties with national aspirations. SPIEGEL ONLINE tells you what to watch for.

Will Merkel Lose the Power to Enact Political Reform?

Few would accuse Chancellor Angela Merkel of being a proponent of political revolution. She is generally seen as a leader who prefers to watch and wait before making a decision, rather than one to push through controversial decisions.

During her first term in office, of course, her hands were tied by her Social Democratic coalition partners, the center-left yin to her party's center-right yang. But since her re-election last September, at the head of a coalition with the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), many expected her to embark on a path of reform.

Her coalition agreement with the FDP foresees a significant reform to German health care, which would change the way in which contributions to the perennially indebted system are made. Instead of employees contributing 7.9 percent of their salaries, the FDP is in favor of a one-size-fits-all, €150 per capita contribution per month. It is an idea that has found some support, though tepid, from Merkel's CDU.
Delayed Decisions

Merkel's government has also promised tax cuts and tax reform -- a project particularly supported by the FDP. The topic has been the subject of significant bickering between the CDU and the FDP since last September's election, given the strain put on the German budget by the financial crisis and a significant drop in tax revenue. Nevertheless, many politicians from within the governing coalition have insisted that some sort of tax cut remains possible.

Finally, both the CDU and the FDP are in favor of extending the lifespans of Germany's nuclear power facilities. A law passed in 2002 under then-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of the SPD, foresees all nuclear reactors in Germany being shut down by the early 2020s. But Merkel's coalition would like to extend that limit, despite deep concern about the safety of nuclear power among German voters.

All of these decisions have been pushed until after Sunday's vote in North Rhine-Westphalia for fear of hurting the re-election chances of Governor Jürgen Rüttgers and his FDP coalition partners.

Sunday's vote, however, could put an end to talk of any major reform. Most bills in Germany, in addition to requiring approval by the Bundestag, the country's lower house of parliament, must also be rubber-stamped by the Bundesrat, the upper legislative chamber made up in part of delegates from Germany's 16 states.

At present, Merkel's conservative-FDP coalition has a majority of 37 of the 69 votes in the Bundesrat. Should the SPD manage to get enough votes on Sunday to form a governing coalition with the Greens, or should the FDP not be returned to power as Rüttgers' coalition partner, Merkel's majority in the Bundesrat would vanish.

And that would mean that Merkel would once again head up a governing coalition with little power to effect change. more....

Susanna said...


By Peter O'Neill, Europe Correspondent, Canwest News Service

May 9, 2010

MANNHEIM, Germany — German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday became a victim of Europe's debt crisis, with exit polls indicating that her coalition has lost control of the German parliament's upper house.

Merkel deeply angered many Germans by dithering for weeks before her coalition government pushed through parliament a massive bailout package for Greece's flailing economy.

On Sunday, voters in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, considered a bellwether of Germany's political mood, handed Merkel's coalition a stinging setback in state elections, according to the exit poll.

If confirmed by the actual vote count, the defeat of Merkel's coalition, made up of her Christian Democratic Union and the business-friendly Free Democrats, will cost her control of the Bundesrat, which represents Germany's 16 states.

That means she will likely be unable to pass initiatives such as health-care reform and major tax cuts, though the latter is considered imprudent by many Germans due to the country's high deficit.

Analysts said Merkel is being punished by Germans who felt it was unfair that their country, with major debts of its own, was being asked to pay the price for Greece's mismanagement and generous social programs

Susanna said...

EU ministers pledge billions in a gamble to save the euro

Emergency bailout fund established for single-currency states amid fears that economic meltdown could spread worldwide

Ian Traynor in Brussels, Sunday 9 May 2010 20.46 BST

Susanna said...

Germany's vote projections indicate defeat for Merkel's party

German voters poised to punish Merkel party over Greece

Susanna said...

Merkel urged to put struggling Germans first

As the cash-strapped state of North Rhine-Westphalia goes to the polls on Sunday, it is clear many Germans want to put national not European Union interests first, the BBC's Oana Lungescu reports.

Susanna said...


...Financial experts concur that Greece’s woes may push the world back into recession just when people thought the worst of the crisis was over. Political leaders, meanwhile, are facing the possibility that their vision of Europe will come under threat, dooming to failure any future efforts to promote further integration.

The level of concern became apparent on Friday when an official from the European Central Bank went on the record to deny that Europe was “breaking apart” as leaders met in Brussels for an emergency summit. They agreed a package of measures to defend the beleaguered single currency, but this may not be enough to end the turmoil.

The survival of the European Union’s present structure could be at stake, according to Lüder Gerken, director of the Centre for European Policy, a German think tank, who said “the struggle will be to preserve the EU as it exists”.

Today, on the 60th anniversary of the conception of the European community, the gloom will be intensified by the release of a report by Felipe Gonzalez Marquez, the former Spanish prime minister. He predicts that Europe could end up as “an insignificant peninsula on the Asian continent”.

Part of the problem is the sputtering demise of the “Franco-German motor”, the impetus behind Europe’s grandest schemes. Another is public disgruntlement with Europe’s governing elite.

Germany, once the EU’s most enthusiastic champion, has emerged at the forefront of the backlash against European ideals, preferring to focus on national interests.

After paying for reunification with the east, fiscally prudent Germans are horrified at being told they must bail out the profligate Greeks. Thomas Klau, of the European Council on Foreign Relations, spoke of a “fundamental change” in the way Germans think.

“The almost instinctively Europhile discourse looks a thing of the past,” he said. “Any argument for further integration will have to be fought for very hard.” more....

Susanna said...

More from the same article....

Pro-European political parties will have “no choice” but to accommodate this German Euroscepticism, said Roland Vaubel, an economist who predicts a reduction in German support for expensive projects such as the European army and the EU diplomatic service headed by Baroness Ashton.

Federalists refer to the new Euroscepticism as a “virus” that could block further EU enlargement and must be fought at all costs. For them, the crisis shows that Europe needs more, not less, integration.

“Politicians must draw lessons from this situation,” said Laurent Fabius, a former French Socialist prime minister. “There can be no durable success for the euro without common economic policies. How can Europe function when tax rates vary from one country to the next? We need common investment programmes, harmonised budgets.”

Susanna said...

And here is the kicker......

.....If Germany had been reluctant to “open its chequebook”, he said, it was “because the weight of history is still there”.

He went on: “Hitler came to power because of the crisis and hyperinflation. This memory is still very much alive. And a lot of Germans who work until they are 67 don’t understand why they should finance the retirement of others at 53 and on 14 months [a year] salary.”

Susanna said...

The latest.....

German state vote curbs Merkel's power

Merkel loses in state vote- Hindustan Times

Poll: Merkel loses key state |

Susanna said...

And now for "dessert" - including Javier Solana's two cents worth:

Georgie Anne Geyer: Price of peace, unity in Europe

Published: Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WASHINGTON — The last time I visited the European Union offices in Brussels its top official quickly got to the core underlying hope for the unity of Europe in this era.

"After this, we will have no more wars," the impressive Spaniard Javier Solana stated firmly, but also with a touch of wonder, "because our states will simply be too intertwined for that to be possible." entire article...

Susanna said...


Polls show that a significant number of Germans would prefer to dump the euro and return to the Deutsche Mark.

Stay tuned.

JD said...

To all of the Mothers who post,

Happy Mothers Day, I hope your celebrations have been as joyous as the ones I have shared with mine and my soon to be wife.

Susanna said...



Susanna said...


I hope your wife has had a very happy "mother-to-be" day.

To all of the other mothers who post here - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Anonymous said...

On Constance's front page there is a link to the book Lord of the World by Benson written in 1907. In the book the mother goes to an establishment place to commit suicide.

Life repeats the book.

Because Switzerland practices euthanasia, the country has received a reputation for suicide tourism, and a recent incident has deepened that view.

Police recently retrieved up to 300 urns from Lake Zurich containing the ashes of people who took their own lives at the nation's most notorious suicide operation.

Alex SchadenbergAlex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC), notes that government officials agree that the nation's laws need to be revised.

"I know that the government of Switzerland has been talking about it over and over again," he reports. "They even proposed that there be a plebiscite, an initiative on the ballot that people could vote whether or not they want this suicide terrorism to continue."

The EPC executive director says they have also discussed a tax idea that would charge people a large fee if they are foreigners who have come to the country to take their own lives. But Schadenberg contends that what officials ought to be discussing is how to outlaw the practice altogether, because it directly affects the lives of so many people.

"It is absolutely crazy," he argues. "If you consider the collateral damage to the vulnerable that is going on with these assisted-suicide clinics, no matter what you think about euthanasia and assisted suicide, this should just simply be stopped for that reason alone."

The vulnerable includes those who are disabled or aged, those with psychological problems that can be treated, and the people who suffer from treatable, excruciating pain.

Anonymous said...

EU Preps $645 Billion Fund to Fight 'Wolfpack,' Debt Crisis

Anonymous said...

America has good reason to worry about Greece...

Constance Cumbey said...

I think I am with PEACEBRINGER on her fears about obsessing about Obama's birth Certificate.

Constance Cumbey said...

Contrary to his previous "bad boy" image, I think Sean Penn has conducted himself honorably and usefully in Haiti. Don't know what all his motivations might be, but he seems sincere, at least in his media interviews.


Constance Cumbey said...


EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT reporting on the European scene! Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

I should have noted I posted earlier on the suicide places in Switzerland.

On the Vanguard radio show yesterday, he told us that the ecomony of Greece is equivalent to the economy of the state of Michigan. The bigger problem will come from Spain, Portugal and Italy which are on the precipice of bankruptcy. Spain has the ninth largest economy, just before that of California.

That's how the world topples.


Anonymous said...

America needs to start worrying about Israel, because if Israel is destroyed, America is the next target.

Here a former US General warns what is going on now.

Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel

Potential Hezbollah offensive includes chemically armed SCUD missiles with a 450 km range, preemptive strikes on air fields, and a wave of tunnel attacks that cross from Lebanon into Israel"

The general warns what will be off our coasts next.

It is a video.


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear...

No one is 'obsessing' over Obama's birth certificate.

It's just that it's 'the elephant in the room' that has NOT been resolved.

Bottom line: As the President of the United States, he 'works for' the American people...not the other way around.

Either way, God will sort this all out - if not in this life - certainly in the next!!!

Anonymous said...

If its an "elephant in the room" its clearly an itty, bitty BABY ELEPHANT in the room and still one most silly discussion."

Annoying Anonymous

Anonymous said...

If what's said on Dorothy's video links is true, then Herb and Constance may have well been on target about the 7 year treaty being half up and disregarded mid 2010!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (2:29 AM):

Will it still be 'silly' to you if the day ever comes that someone comes forward to produce clear evidence/proof that we have an ineligible President in the White House...and, therefore, every bill that he has signed into law becomes invalid - null and void???

Anonymous said...

$1 Trillion to halt the EU's debt crisis...

Hmmmm...the exact same amount that totaled the 'drop' (within minutes) in the Stock Market last week!!! (Vel-ly int-til-esting!)

Anonymous said...

I'm on your side 7:39 am. In the White House we have what appears to be the beginnings of a totalitarian dictatorship style of government. He wants this, he wants that and he gets it, despite what the public wants. Democrats in office no longer are allowed backbones. Dictators have no problem "pulling a fast one" and I think that he came into office because a fast one was pulled.

On the lighter side my son said the reason Obama supports Kagan for the Supreme Court is because she doesn't have a legal paper trail, and if the problem of his presidency ever comes before the Supreme Court, she would vote for him as in birds of a feather.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be unkind, but couldn't help thinking that Elena Kagan looks a little bit like Nathan Lane in drag.

Anonymous said...

iPad is iBad for democracy, Obama tells graduates

Last Updated: 5:48 AM, May 10, 2010

"Yet in a speech before members of a generation that never knew life without a computer, Obama came close to declaring technology -- and the information it spawns -- the enemy.

"With so many voices clamoring for attention on blogs, on cable, on talk radio, it can be difficult, at times, to sift through it all; to know what to believe; to figure out who's telling the truth and who's not," Obama said."

He might as well have added, "You will think what I tell you to think and life will be better for you. See how simple that would be."

I believe I read on this blog that Solana was also complaining how information technology could be used by his opponents.


Anonymous said...

AFP Editor Reports On Secret Gathering Of Trilats in Ireland

Unknown said...

Re: Dorothy's video and Anon 3:19am

Can the halfway point really be mid-2010? I ask because that is a little over a month and half from now.

I recall reading a few weeks ago about the speculation on the sacrifices being stopped and whether that would be the Jeweih Temple, of which there is obviously not enough time for that to be built, and how Catholics perceive it to be the host in thier mass, of which I find to be completely unfounded.

So, even if it is not the actual Temple or some replica, or it is the host in the mass, can we really expect the antichrist to reveal himself and stop any of the above scenarios in the next month and a half?

It is possible, I do not have the answer, just looking for feedback.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 8:46 A.M.

RE:$1 Trillion to halt the EU's debt crisis...

Hmmmm...the exact same amount that totaled the 'drop' (within minutes) in the Stock Market last week!!! (Vel-ly int-til-esting!)

And some were originally trying to write it off as a "fat finger trade?"

Vel-ly int-til-esting indeed!!!

Anonymous said...


Susanna said...

Sorry. I meant to sign the above post.

Susanna said...

Here is a "vel-ly int-til-esting" development reported in the English language edition of Pravda:


Newsweek, a well-known publication of The Washington Post Co., has been put up for sale. The magazine has not been returning profit during the recent several years, and its owners expect more losses this year. As a result, Donald Graham, the WashPo chairman, decided that it would be better to sell the magazine to someone entire article...

Susanna said...

Germany's Merkel admits "bitter defeat" in state poll

Susanna said...

Pension Reform Spain - The legal age of retirement will be delayed until 67

Susanna said...

Looks like Spain may have been taking the hint from the IMF

The IMF calls on Spain to apply “fast” of measures to reduce the deficit.

Susanna said...

But not everybody in Spain was happy about the new retirement age.

Higher retirement age in Spain brings protests in the streets

Anonymous said...


Susanna said...

ECB to finance the Greek banking system

9 May 2010

The European Central Bank, in an unprecedented move, decided to accept as collateral for every financing activity in the Euro system, all the debt paper and guarantees issued by Greece, until further notice... In this way Greek banks will continue to borrow from the ECB using as collateral debt and guarantees issued in Athens. It must be noted that the “Greek Tragedy,” has left the banking system of the country in a very difficult liquidity position due to large outflows of capital. And this is despite the fact that Greek banks do not possess toxic assets and during the credit crisis had no problems what so ever.
Now however, the fiscal dead end in the Greek state is being transformed into a credit problem, not only for the sovereign borrower but for every borrower in the country. Until recently the Greek banking system was financed regularly from international markets and lent money at home, with high profit margins and low percentages of non-performing loans. Now, however, the dead end of the sovereign borrower has sent the Greek economy into a deep recession and a strong outflow of capital. The credibility of the entire country is dropping quickly reaching levels not seen before in Eurozone. This is not all.
All 3 rating agencies, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch IBCA, in a concerted action have targeted Greece over the past weeks and continuously downgraded the credibility of the country, attaching to it ratings lower than... Iraq. Furthermore, over this past week those 3 houses also attacked Portugal and Spain, calling them the soft underbelly of the Eurozone. Overall it turned out that those agencies painted the South of Europe of having a creditworthiness lower than many third world countries.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:33

In response to your request for feedback, in regard to the third temple being rebuilt and sacrifice being abolished - when Jesus was in the temple he referred to Himself as the Temple (Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up - John 2:19). In Exodus 29:39 the daily offerings are described "One lamb you shall offer in the morning, and the other lamb you shall offer at twilight". Jesus became the Lamb offering on the cross and raised the temple in three days.

Many implements for a future third temple have been prepared (candlesticks, robes, etc). I'll ask for your feedback on this - was Jesus not the temple and sacrifice? Why, in anticipating the fulfillment of prophecy are we waiting for a temple made of stone and an animal to sacrifice on an alter? Jesus was the Lamb of God and He said it was finished.

If there is anything that will be abolished it will most likely be the freedom to speak of His sacrifice.


Susanna said...


In view of this treatment of Greece and the Eurozone as a whole, the ECB recently reduced the rating level for Greek debt paper to be used as collateral. Spurred on, the 3 agencies rushed to downgrade the Greek credit rating even further as well as other Eurozone members as if they were in a race to overshoot the decisions of the ECB. Fortunately this past week Greece struck an agreement with a joint group of experts sent to Athens by the European Commission, the ECB and the International Monetary Fund. The agreement provides financial aid to Greece to the tune of €110 billion, in return for a far reaching austerity program to be applied over the next 3 years. The target is to arrest the out of control state deficits and reduce the accumulated sovereign debt. The program comprises of large layoffs of personnel in the state sector, pension cuts, relaxation of labor market rigidities and deep changes in the pension system. The new measures have already provoked a series of protests and strikes, but so far reactions are kept under control in the sense that they are staged by the established political parties and unions. There are no, probably not yet, wild reactions of the type of sabotage and the “terrorists” arrested recently, are politically motivated reveres and intellectuals, capable only of putting together some noise bombs. In any case Greece has entered into an austerity diet to cut down fiscal deficits and state debts. Even after this, a number of Anglo-American agents continue to doubt the effectiveness of this prodigious program in Greece and also spread the doubt elsewhere in the Eurozone.
The ECB, however, participated from the very beginning to the negotiations with Greece along with the European Commission and the IMF. On many occasion the demands by the central bank vis-à-vis Greece exceeded even the terms set by the usually tough IMF. In any case ECB is in a position to have a very deep knowledge of the Greek economy, much better than any of the three rating agencies which traditionally base their assessment on circumstantial evidence. That is why ECB decided to altogether put aside the three and give Greece the chance to reorganize its economy on better grounds.


The European Central Bank (ECB) is the institution of the European Union (EU) tasked with administrating the monetary policy of the 16 EU member states taking part in the Eurozone. It is thus one of the world's most important central banks. The bank was established by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1998, and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The current President of the ECB is Jean-Claude Trichet.

Susanna said...


Here is an interesting article by Paul Belien at the Brussels Journal. As you will recall, Belien wrote some interesting articles about Herman Van Rompuy.

The Euro Crisis: The Insolvent Are Expected to Bail Out the Bankrupt

....German Chancellor Angela Merkel long resisted the plans to bail out the Greeks. Last week she changed her mind. One of the people who rang her to ask her to bailout Greece was U.S. President Barack Obama. Merkel insists, however, that the Greeks implement harsh measures, “not just for one year but for several years.” Merkel said on German television that due to the bailout she would not be able to keep her election promise of a tax relief.....

.....Spain, meanwhile, is trying to convince the markets that it will be able to solve its budgetary problem independently. “Spain is able to pay its debts. We will not need help,” Elena Salgado, the Spanish Minister of Economics, said last week, assuring that Spain would cut its deficit from 11.4% to 3% by 2013. The general expectation is that if the Greek and Portuguese dominos fall, Spain will follow. The irony of the situation is that Portugal is expected to contribute about €2bn of the €120bn in bilateral loans to Greece, and Spain some €8bn. Italy and Ireland, who are also burdened with debts, are to contribute some €12bn and over €1bn respectively. In other words: The insolvent are expected to bail out the bankrupt.... entire article....

Unknown said...


I find your theory interesting and plausible. I do not have the answer, and feel I should look at all angles, so, I appreciate your feedback.

So, what about the ac sitting in the temple and declaring himself to be God?

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

While all the financial chaos is occurring in Europe, look what else has been happening in relation to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Look who the ringleaders are.

Europe Mulls Recognition of Palestinian State

From the desk of Soeren Kern
Thu, 2010-05-06

France and Spain are laying the political groundwork for the European Union to recognize a Palestinian state — possibly as early as October 2011 — even if negotiations for a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are not concluded.

The initiative is being spearheaded by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and his Spanish counterpart Miguel Ángel Moratinos, whose country currently holds the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union.

Palestinian Authority leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad have repeatedly said they intend to unilaterally declare Palestinian independence before the end of 2011, with or without a peace deal. Abbas and Fayyad have been visiting European capitals in recent months to drum up political and financial support for Palestinian statehood.

Kouchner and Moratinos laid out their vision for Europe’s role in creating a Palestinian state in a recent opinion article titled “A Palestinian State: When?” The article, which was published in French by the center-left newspaper Le Monde, reminds readers that the European Union is the biggest single provider of financial aid to the Palestinians. Often described as a “payer but not a player” in the Middle East, the authors argue that the European Union must work more aggressively in bringing about Palestinian statehood.....

....Kouchner added: “If by mid-2011, the political process has not ended the [Israeli] occupation, I would bet that the developed state of Palestinian infrastructure and institutions will be such that the pressure will force Israel to give up its occupation.”

Moratinos has said that Madrid sees the foundation of a Palestinian state as one of its main priorities under its six-month leadership of the EU. “We in the international community are all defending the two-state solution. Why should we wait for a Palestinian state? We have Israel as a state, we want its neighbour, the Palestinians, to have the same status,” Moratinos said. “My idea, and my dream, and my engagement, is to work for having in 2010, finally, a Palestinian state that could live in peace and security with Israel,” he said.

It remains to be seen how Spain’s current EU presidency will affect the EU’s relations with Israel. The government of Socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (as well as the previous EU rotating presidency, which was held by Sweden) has often raised eyebrows over its consistently antagonistic approach toward the Jewish state.

During the Swedish EU presidency (July 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009) the EU adopted a resolution that for the first time explicitly called for Jerusalem to become the future capital of both a Palestinian state and Israel. Backing away only slightly from a more controversial Swedish proposal to officially call for the division of Jerusalem, the EU declared: “If there is to be a genuine peace, a way must be found through negotiations to resolve the status of Jerusalem as the future capital of two states.”..
read entire article...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:32

Does the word sitting imply a literal "sitting" (i.e tushy in a chair) or another meaning of sitting (i.e. "holding of a seat" as in titled position, court, etc?

The word that comes to mind is usurp (def: to seize and hold the office, rights, or powers of another).


Unknown said...


Good point.

Unknown said...


I was wondering what you think of the following excerpts from the bailout news:

Their meeting was scheduled for 7 p.m., but French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived about three hours early. In that time he held bilateral meetings with most of his euro zone counterparts, rallying them towards a deal, EU sources say.
By the time German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose backing is essential for any euro zone deal but who was the most reluctant to approve a bailout, arrived just before 6 p.m., Sarkozy was ready to present her with a "fait accompli".

But even as leaders travelled on Friday for their fateful encounter in Brussels, some participants were angling for a soft-pedal approach. European Council president Herman Van Rompuy circulated a draft statement which was long on aspiration but short on actual measures. This drew a withering response from Barroso and from Nicolas Sarkozy, who argued that the time for talk had passed. Soon, three separate texts were in circulation. Dinner was delayed.
Sarkozy and Barroso were supported by Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, who travelled to Brussels from Lisbon after the bank’s governing council took stock of grim news from the markets. For the ECB, guardian of price stability in the euro zone, the issues were now “systemic”.
Sources said Sarkozy practically burst into gear when the meeting finally started. Sources said all leaders were particularly engaged in the exchanges that followed.

"Once again, it was French President Nicolas Sarkozy ... who grasped the historical moment and managed to style himself as the leader amidst the turmoil. This time he led the negotiations as though the idea was to isolate Germany and force a stubborn chancellor to do his bidding.
Alongside Sarkozy is a chancellor who will have difficulty in explaining her radical change of position within a few hours to the public -- and getting backing for the massive pledges of support in parliament. Now she will have to live with the verdict that a rescue package a la Francaise could have been put together weeks ago, but that she unnecessarily pushed up the cost of it."

Trichet - Pres. of ECB

Strauss-Kahn - Managing Director IMF

Barnier - EU Commissioner for Internal Markets and Services

De Boissieu - Van Rumpoy's #2 man

Sarkozy - well, he is Sarkozy

Is this French connection a coincidence? Maybe.

Unknown said...

It sounds like the Canadian plan is the official plan.

"Canada unveils proposal to resolve conflict over Jerusalem

"Canada has formally unveiled a proposal to resolve the conflict over the future of Jerusalem's Old City, the Montreal Gazette reported on Saturday.

"The proposal, which was released after seven years of research and planning, calls for a "special regime" comprising Israeli and Palestinian officials headed by "an effective and empowered third-party" commissioner to oversee a 0.9-square-kilometer district that contains the city's contested Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites.

"The proposal was funded by the Canadian government but initiated by University of Windsor, with a number of former top Canadian and American diplomats, who helped craft the plan that is outlined in a 144-page report, the Gazette reported.

"The "special regime" concept was first published last year in a Foreign Affairs article co-authored by Michael Bell, Canada's former ambassador to Israel, Egypt and Jordan, and the former U.S. ambassador to Israel and Egypt, Daniel Kurtzer.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit Canada at the end of the month to discuss the resumption of peace talks."

Anonymous said...

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan just made a funny comment (about the as yet unsolved oil leak problem in the Gulf of Mexico) . . .

'BP' apparently does not stand for 'Backup Plan.'

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court choice, Elena Kagan's views on everything from the Second Amendment, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, etc.

Susanna said...

Anonymous 4:08 P.M.

These are some of my thoughts.

From the reports I have read, it seems that Angela Merkel was dragging her feet and talking to her German constituents as if she were against the Greek bailout with a view to stalling any final decision until after the Sunday elections were over.

However, this only made matters worse and when the Greeks began clamoring for a bailout as a result, she wound up having to make the politically toxic bailout decision before the election.

Apparently Sarkozy saw an opportunity to make political hay out of Merkel's political conundrum.

Not only is the bailout unpopular in Germany where many municipalities are themselves on the brink of bankruptcy, but an effort has also been made in Germany to decalre the Greek bailout unconstitutional on the grounds that according to Article 125(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union: "A Member State shall not be liable for the commitments of another Member State."

Remember what Javier Solana was quoted as saying?

"After this,(unity in Europe) we will have no more wars," the impressive Spaniard Javier Solana stated firmly, but also with a touch of wonder, "because our states will simply be too intertwined for that to be possible."

IMHO, Solana's statement which I quoted above doesn't exactly appear to square with Article 125(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.


Economically, Germany is stronger than France.

Interestingly, last November, Germany's export-driven recovery was threatening to undermine European Central Bank president Jean-Claude Trichet's efforts to slow the euro's record rise. At that time, Spain, France and Portugal advocated weakening the euro to lower the price of their products overseas.


Susanna said...


Not for nothing, but the following article may be a good description of the "politics of envy" in terms of what seems to be French angst over German prosperity. What do you think?

I don't think the "French connection" you mentioned is a coincidence at all.

The rivalry between France and Germany is legendary!!!

So legendary in fact that for a while, the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) found it necessary to employ two CEO's -one French and one German.

From April 1998 until June 2005 Forgeard was CEO of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus SAS.

In late 2004 he was nominated as the next French CEO of EADS. This position is shared with a German—then Thomas Enders—in a system that was established at the creation of EADS in 2000. Forgeard had suggested that this system should be abolished in favour of a single CEO—a move that some of EADS's German shareholders saw as an attempt to engineer a French dominated management team.

Following protracted arguments, which caused embarrassment to EADS at the Paris Air Show, the appointment was confirmed by the EADS Board of Directors on June 25, 2005. At the same meeting, the Board—in consultation with partner BAE Systems—named Gustav Humbert as President and CEO of Airbus.

When the doody hit the fan on the Airbus insider trading scandal involving the French EADS CEO, Noel Forgeard, who, by the way, was a creature of Jacques Chirac, (similar to the way in which certain executive officers of U.S. corporations like General Motors are creatures of Barack Obama), the French couldn't blame the Germans fast enough for the problems at Airbus.


Susanna said...


When I read about Germany shelling out billions of euros to bail out Greece, I am reminded of the reparations demanded of Germany under the viciously punitive Versaille Treaty - a treaty that Sir Winston Churchill believed was among the factors leading to the rise of Hitler and the Second World War. French "ravanchism" was one of the forces behind the Treaty of Versailles.

Of the many provisions in the treaty, one of the most important and controversial required Germany to accept sole responsibility for causing the war and, under the terms of articles 231–248 (later known as the War Guilt clauses), to disarm, make substantial territorial concessions and pay reparations to certain countries that had formed the Entente powers. The total cost of these reparations was assessed at 132 billion marks (then $31.4 billion, £6.6 billion) in 1921. This was a sum that many economists deemed to be excessive because it would have taken Germany until 1988 to pay. The Treaty was undermined by subsequent events starting as early as 1932 and was widely flouted by the mid-1930s.

The result of these competing and sometimes conflicting goals among the victors was compromise that left none contented: Germany was not pacified or conciliated, nor permanently weakened. This would prove to be a factor leading to later conflicts, notably and directly the Second World War....

The United States was a far more magnanimous victor to the Germans after World War I.

....There had been strong non-interventionist sentiment before and after the United States entered the war in April 1917, and many Americans were eager to extricate themselves from European affairs as rapidly as possible.[citation needed] The United States took a more conciliatory view toward the issue of German reparations. Before the end of the war, President Woodrow Wilson, along with other American officials including Edward M. House, put forward his Fourteen Points, which he presented in a speech at the Paris Peace Conference. The United States also wished to continue trading with Germany, so in turn did not want to treat them too harshly for these economic reasons....

On the occasions I personally had to be in Europe, there was one thing I learned very quickly. No one seemed to like the French!

paul said...

Well, the French don't really like anyone,
so that works out about right.

Unknown said...


I am aware of the sentiment towards the French, which is precisely why I find it strange that they have secured so many prominent positions in these last days.

For example, Sarkozy, he is considered to be brash, arrogant and obnoxious, not only by many of his peers internationally, but his own cabinet and people as well, yet, he has been influential in shaping many of the things we are seeing come to fruition today. Since his presidency began almost three years ago, he has "grabbed" more of the headlines for his globetrotting adventures to save the world then any of his counterparts, including, Solana, Obama, Merkel, Blair etc. With Merkel's current troubles, she may not even be around politically when it is time to collect on some of the "backdoor" deals she entered into with him.

How is this happening? The man is a self serving snake. I certainly do not believe him to be the AC, but I do feel there is something diabolical there.

Constance Cumbey said...

There was nothing wrong with Elena Kagan's looks! He could have made a far worse appointment, from what I have heard about her. She seems to have a steady temperament which is one of the most important Supreme Court (or any judge, for that matter0 temperament. I am reserving judgment, to see what else I learn about her, but her nomination sat far better with me than the last one.


Constance Cumbey said...

Regarding AMERICAN FREE PRESS, unfortunately connected with WILLIS CARTO and the old LIBERTY LOBBY, New Age brand of anti-Semitism. You'd better triple check everything coming from that source. I met Tucker's former wife who was the deserted mother of his 7 children. That was in Washington, DC in the 1980s. Tucker was publicly active in various New Age causes including out of body experiences along with others from Liberty Lobby, THE SPOTLIGHT. To the best of my present knowledge, nobody's repented from that crowd which includes my old nemesis EUSTACE MULLINS ("Useless Mullins" to me).

Now,that crowd really is ANTI-SEMITIC, and beyond!


Constance Cumbey said...

This particular opinion by Ms. Kagan encouraged me

"Same-Sex Marriage

As part of her confirmation for Solicitor General, Ms. Kagan was asked whether she would defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, which said that states need not recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Ms. Kagan’s said, as solicitor general, she would defend any acts “if there is any reasonable basis to do so.” She noted this was “a low bar for a statute to climb over.”
“There is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage.”


Related Documents


Anonymous said...

Elena Kagan's connection to Larry Summers / Goldman Sachs / Cass Sunstein...

Anonymous said...

Legalizing free speech

Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Americans’ Right To Most-Basic Political Speech: Talking to Their Neighbors

Seattle, Wash.—Washingtonians from both sides of the political spectrum filed a lawsuit today to stop their state from monitoring, collecting and publicly disseminating information about the political activities of private citizens who do nothing more than urge their fellow citizens to take political action. They seek to vindicate the belief that if the First Amendment protects anything, it protects the right of all Americans to speak to one another about the issues affecting their lives without having to first register with the government.

There are few things more distinctly American than grassroots political activism. From town hall meetings and statehouse rallies to talk radio, blogs and “meet ups,” Americans are constantly finding new and innovative ways to participate in politics. Through such activities, people can alert elected officials to constituents’ preferences, educate fellow citizens about how to make their voices heard, and even persuade the public to adopt new views. In fact, it’s hard to imagine our system of government working without an active and engaged populace of grassroots activists.

(more at the link)


Anonymous said...

The Trilateral Commission scheduled a meeting in Dublin, Ireland May 7-9, 2010.

Anonymous said... spoke with Wendy Wright, the president of Concerned Women for America, who said Kagan was Associate Counsel to President Bill Clinton and Deputy Assistant to him for domestic policy -- which, under Clinton, advocated abortion.

Kagan was credited by the ACLU with “shaping Clinton’s policy on hate crimes," Wright noted.

"The Clinton Administration treated pro-life activists like violent criminals, creating a task force in the Department of Justice and a grand jury to investigate peaceful pro-lifers. This raises serious concerns that she shares the hostile view that religious beliefs are a form of 'hate,'" she said.

Anonymous said...

This is one of nine as final arbitrator I want deciding my future right to free speech! Not!
"Kagan's name was also on a brief, United States V. Stevens, dug up by the Washington Examiner, stating: "Whether a given category of speech enjoys First Amendment protection depends upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs."'

Anonymous said...

From Breitbart blogger:

"Just ONE person has ever seen Obama’s original 1961 birth certificate. The Director of the Hawai’i Department of Health claims to have seen the document, and to have it in safekeeping, but no one else admits to seeing the document. Further, no one has seen Obama’s college records at Occidental College, Columbia University or Harvard Law School either.

Beyond the absolute insanity of these facts, the core question that must be answered before it is just too late to save the USA: exactly what is Obama hiding?

Why won’t Obama’s controllers release the original typewritten 1961 document? There is obviously information on Obama’s original typewritten birth certificate that Obama and company do not want the American people to learn about. As for Obama’s college records, not a single page has surfaced in the public domain. Here again, what are they hiding? Could it be related to the 2008 evidence that surfaced that his law school career had been partly financed by an anti-Semitic, Black nationalist agent for Saudi Arabia?

Last Friday a prominent blogger announced he would sue Hawaii GOV Linda Lingle over her role in the “Birther” controversy. His threat to sue was prominently reported in Honolulu.

Just two days later, Lingle went on a “friendly talk show” and disclosed that it was Lingle, not Fukino, who had initiated a review of Obama’s birth certificate in 2008.

A bomb-shell of an announcement. But did you hear about it? Of course NOT. The ENTIRE MEDIA OMITS THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS SURROUNDING OBAMA AND HIS CONTROLLER’S.

Lingle dropped this bomb-shell featuring her SHOCKING DISCLOSURE but no coverage to speak of in the other 49 States. WOW…Fukino had lied when she said ‘No state official, including Governor Linda Lingle, has ever instructed her to confirm Obama’s birth certificate existed in Hawaii.

So once again there are more questions than answers and no investigative journalism. Why is Lingle in 2010 once again vouching for Obama, this time openly? She is now ‘confirming’ Obama’s alleged place of birth, while refusing to release any supporting documentation to back up her claims. What are her motives?

It is clear to even the most dense fools among us, Obama & Company have sought and succeeded with the complete outright ELIMINATION of the truth and the facts by putting forth conflicting explanations about EXACTLY where & when Obama was born.

Why does the MEDIA continue the cover-up, its very existence is on the line when the truth finally hits the fan, and it will.

Only release of the actual document of live birth itself will end speculation.


Obama & company are clearly extremely worried, this last weekend he gave a lecture directing people NOT to read blogs on the internet. Imagine that."

Susanna said...

Anonymous 11:04 P.M.

Re: The man is a self serving snake. I certainly do not believe him to be the AC, but I do feel there is something diabolical there.

I couldn't agree with you more. I think he is a lying weasel. The way I learned it, hints of the "diabolical" are inevatably revealed by the appearance of the "cloven hoof" known to us as murder and lies.

As for Merkel, if the "Eastern Burden" mindset gains the status of legend in Germany on account of its economic woes - as did the "Stab in the Back" legend did after World War I - this could very well spell big trouble for Europe.......especially ( IMHO/as I see it ) if Germany decides to dump the euro as a symbolic gesture of a national unwillingness to tolerate non-German EU "looters" demanding a "free lunch" (i.e. bailout) at the expense of the hard-working, frugal German people. And you can bet that there are some astute German politicians waiting in the background for their opportunity to spin things exactly in those terms!

Moreover, what many people are not aware of is that it has been recently learned that France was one of the countries that did not want German reunification after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

This alone ought to give us a whole new appreciation for - among other things happening in Germany - the recent change in German attitudes about the euro - including rumors that a significant number of Germans would like to dump the euro and return to the "mighty Deutsche Mark."

British and French opposition

According to Kremlin records that became public in 2009, the British and French governments did not want German "reunification". Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher told Soviet President Gorbachev that neither Britain nor Western Europe wanted the reunification of Germany. Thatcher also clarified that she wanted the Soviet leader to do what he could to stop it. Thatcher said to Gorbachev "We do not want a united Germany". Similarly, a representative of French President François Mitterrand reportedly told an aide to Gorbachev, "France by no means wants German reunification, although it realises that in the end it is inevitable." Ultimately, however, both the U.K. and France ratified the Two Plus Four Treaty in September 1990, thus finalizing the reunification for purposes of international law.


Susanna said...


In October 2009, France released its archives from 1989–90 relating to the process of German reunification. It was revealed that President Mitterand agreed to German unification in exchange for a commitment from Chancellor Kohl to the European Economic and Monetary Union.

January 1990, Mitterand told Thatcher that a unified Germany could "make more ground than even Hitler had".

In March 1990 the French ambassador in London reported that Margaret Thatcher had told him, "France and Great Britain should pull together today in the face of the German threat." Opposition in both countries was limited to older people and there were no large-scale organised protests in either country.

Thus, it would appear that Germany only went along with the European and Economic and Monteary Union as a condition of Mitterand's agreement to German unification.

Here are a few more interesting articles about Britain's and France's opposition to the reunification of Germany

November 2, 2009

The following echoes some points made in one of the articles you quoted.........


.....The real reason for the abrupt cancellation of the meeting between the German chancellor and the French president involved the contentious issue of Paris’s vision for a Mediterranean Union. The creation of a formal bloc of Mediterranean states, in many ways analogous to the European Union, that would connect countries in Southern Europe with North African countries as well as Turkey, Israel, Syria and Lebanon, has been a dream of Sarkozy’s since his days as a presidential candidate. Making this dream a reality has been a focal point of his presidency, and the primary reason for his recent jaunts across North Africa and the southern Mediterranean.

Germany—and this is putting it mildly—is patently unenthused by Sarkozy’s designs for a French-driven Mediterranean Union.

The perception in Berlin is that Paris’s Mediterranean dream is driven by a desire to reassert French influence in the EU, North Africa and the Middle East, and amounts to little more than an expensive distraction from the real task at hand in Europe, which is the creation of a German-dominated, Christian-based European Union..

Gee. Come to think of it Greece is part of the Mediterranean Union, right???

Unknown said...


Thanks for the feedback. You are definitely on top of your game with providing information.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is informing others at the New Age movement without ever using the words. First he talked about the progressives which we know is the political end of the New Age movement.

Today he talked about Pelosi telling the churches they should be involved in social justice. He said this idea had infiltrated all of the churches. Even though they don't talk about politics from the pulpit in his church, he said people in the church bring up the topic as a good thing.

The Social Justice idea is what H. G. Wells said in his book The Open Conspiracy. It can be read free on the internet. Wells was around at the beginning of the deliberate attempt to change the culture.

Here are two stories found on the news at Google if you put in Pelosi and church.
Pelosi Urges Catholic Church to Play 'Major Role' in Immigration Overhaul
American Thinker
The Gospel According to Pelosi

From the last story:
Pelosi's a clever woman. She has a two-fold game plan going on here. She makes it look like the government is softening its stance on that pesky separation of church and state issue, while she speaks in a commanding voice to church officials, thereby subordinating the church to the state. In Marxist movements, the state must either do away with religion or control it; either way the bishops lose."


Susanna said...

Anonymous 11:08

You are more than welcome.

The situation in Germany is something I am watching closely and with great interest.

During the very early days of Christianity, many of the Germanic peoples were converted from paganism to the heretical paganised form of Christianity known as "Arianism."

Isn't the name of the heresy ironic given the German "Aryan" myth that was a main ingredient of Nazism ???

Anonymous said...

Obama Administration Seeks Internet Control
Monday, 10 May 2010 03:40 PM
Article Font Size

By: John Lott

The Obama administration just refuses to take no as an answer to its desire to control the Internet.

Just a month ago, the Federal Appeals Court for the District of Columbia unanimously ruled that the FCC didn't have the power to regulate traffic on the Internet. It seemed pretty clear, but last Thursday FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced a new plan: redefine broadband services to be something it can regulate, in this case telephone services.

This is like a kid being told that he has to eat his "green beans" and then claiming that the "cookies" are really "green beans." The Obama administration has very sticky fingers and doesn't seem embarrassed by this power grab. The notion that the government can redefine things to extend its power is pretty scary.

This distinction between telecommunications and broadband is quite clear. Congress made the distinction clear in the 1996 Communications Act.

Nothing in that act gives the FCC authority to decide on its own what is and what is not a telecommunications service. Indeed, the broadband Internet is defined in the act as an unregulated "information service." (more at the link)


Anonymous said...

From a friend in Washington state.

"We went to a town hall meeting last night held by a Demorat by the name of Inslee. The only reason we went is to see how bad he, incumbent Rep. Jay Inslee (D, has become. And yes he is bad, He talked about how good it was in the old days where there was only one news station supplying all of our news. Yes, we all must believe only in old Walter and we will be better off."

They do seem to decide on what the message will be and then get it out in any way they can.

Add that to the information on Kagan's views on free speech, and you can see how those in power now are pushing to control what we can say to each other. Thanks to the person who posted the link to the World Net Daily article exposing Kagan's far left view.

Right now many people are afraid to take a stand because they don't want to get into disagreements with people at work, at church, at synagogue, with the family. They don't want to be labeled or are afraid of repercussions down the line. Usually it is the conservatives who keep quiet because the liberals use hot emotion to rather than clear thinking to get their message out.

With what may be the coming clamp down, just who will be around to get the hidden news out? Will we be passing each other notes as we stand on corners? Don't laugh. Every place where it has happened thought they were too advanced to let that happen.



Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather.....

Kagan Argued to Ban Political Pamphlets
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 10:41 AM
Article Font Size

By: Dan Weil

Some free speech advocates are going to be very unhappy with President Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court vacancy, Solicitor General Elena Kagan.

That’s because, as reports, she argued to the court in September that Congress has the constitutional right to forbid companies from engaging in political speech such as publishing pamphlets that advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for federal office.

The court, in its 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, ruled against Kagan’s contention that the government can limit political speech by corporations.

In a scathing concurrence to the opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts blasted Kagan’s argument.

“The government urges us in this case to uphold a direct prohibition on political speech. It asks us to embrace a theory of the First Amendment that would allow censorship not only of television and radio broadcasts, but of pamphlets, posters, the Internet, and virtually any other medium that corporations and unions might find useful in expressing their views on matters of public concern,” he wrote." (more at the link)


Anonymous said...

David Cameron is the new Prime Minister of Great Britain (making him the youngest PM in 200 years).

The Conservative leader has just left Buckingham Palace amidst uncertainty about the shape of his coalition with the Lib Dems.

Front page story...

Susanna said...


Anonymous said...


We've followed JD, Susanna and Dorothy's information about traceability. That is, traceability for all of us little people. Many have been concerned about the census and its intrusive questions and the GPS pinpointing of our homes. Many of us have followed with alarm the government's spying on the American people. The most offensive aspect about the Obama birth issue is the fact that our elist government officials expect to track, photograph, listen to and eventually chip us and yet we can't even see our "President's" school records. The hallmark of tyranny is when government officials exempt themselves from the laws they create for everyone else. Regardless of where he was born, the lack of transparency shows an arrogance and total disregard for the people of this country. It is not a distraction, it's the essence of global governance; two sets of rules: one for the elite and the other for us. We're seeing a practical application and you're excusing it.
Our lives are opened to the scrutiny of government but theirs are concealed. This is the anger of the birthers.


Susanna said...


By John Glover

May 11 (Bloomberg) -- Germany and France are among top- rated euro-area states that may compromise their AAA grades by standing behind the debts of weaker members with their 750 billion-euro ($955 billion) stabilization fund.

The package is “making debt profiles deteriorate, potentially damaging the ratings of core sovereigns,” said Stefan Kolek, a strategist at UniCredit SpA in Munich. “It’s a kind of Ponzi game at the highest level.”

The unprecedented loan package was designed by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to halt a sovereign- debt crisis that threatened to push Greece, Portugal and Spain into default and shatter confidence in the euro. As part of the support plan, Germany’s Bundesbank, the Bank of France and the Bank of Italy started buying government bonds yesterday.

Bonds of Portugal, Spain and other deficit-plagued nations on Europe’s periphery soared yesterday and bunds -- the safe haven for holders of European government bonds -- weakened as the threat of a Greek default receded. The cost of insuring against sovereign losses using credit-default swaps tumbled yesterday, with contracts on Greece sliding 370 basis points, their biggest one-day decline, to 577, according to CMA DataVision.

The average Standard & Poor’s rating for the five biggest countries using the euro is AA-, three levels below the top, without adjusting for size, according to Gary Jenkins, a strategist at Evolution Securities Ltd. in London. After Germany and France, the largest top-rated nations that use the common currency are the Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

‘Another Look’

“The fact that they’ve made clear that there will be no defaults, plus the sheer size of the fund, may make S&P take another look at all the ratings,” Jenkins said. “At least, it should do.”

S&P officials in London didn’t respond to a phone call seeking comment.

Credit swaps on Greece declined again today, dropping to 562.5 basis points, CMA prices show. Italy fell 2 to 155 and Spain was 2 basis points lower at 172.5. Swaps on Portugal increased 6 basis points to 260.5, according to CMA.

The euro weakened 0.7 percent against the dollar to $1.2685, erasing yesterday’s gains.

The stabilization fund risks creating “more debt instead of cutting debt, as it obliges EU countries to buy troubled debt from member states,” said Kolek.

Moral Hazard

The rescue package, which may be a first step toward quantitative easing, may compromise the independence of the European Central Bank, according to Jim Reid, head of fundamental strategy at Deutsche Bank AG in London. It’s also part of a process that is increasing so-called moral hazard “exponentially,” he wrote in a note to clients.

The package “is not particularly pro-growth,” Reid wrote in the note. It may “be looked back on as a landmark day for the ECB. Their total independence may now be increasingly questioned.”

As well as the risk of hindering growth, by reducing the likelihood the euro area’s weaker members will default, the stabilization fund may slow down fiscal consolidation in the stronger members, according to Eric Sharper, an analyst at Credit Agricole SA in Paris.

“This raises the possibility that stronger EU members, with more financial flexibility and under less scrutiny, will show less urgency in their own deficit-reduction programs,” he wrote in a note.

It is to be noted that there are still many differences between the former communist East Germany and former West Germany that remain - despite the "reunification."

Susanna said...

US economic worries spark calls for swift euro action

Agence France Presse (AFP)

Wednesday May 12, 2010

WASHINGTON (AFP) - – Worried the fragile US economic recovery may be scuttled by the European debt crisis, President Barack Obama's administration is pushing EU leaders to take firm steps to contain the turmoil.

The US Federal Reserve has also moved to provide critical support to the embattled eurozone economies, reopening a lending program in which it funnels US dollars to the European Central Bank and other central banks overseas.

Obama, who inherited the biggest financial crisis in decades when he entered office in January last year, and his Treasury chief Timothy Geithner were busy at the weekend prodding for swift action in telephone calls with European leaders and other officials.

The US president made two calls to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in three days and also spoke to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, as European Union ministers held crisis talks in Brussels before adopting a trillion-dollar war chest Monday to support the beleagured euro. more..

Slumdog said...

Our lives are opened to the scrutiny of government but theirs are concealed. This is the anger of the birthers.


4:33 PM

Anonymous said...

Deanie, beautifully succinct. I hadn't thought to look at that larger picture. I thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Susanna said...

Well said, Deannie!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back! Your contributions have been missed.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting!

"Two private investigators working independently are asking why President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state.

In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979, yet Obama's earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii. "

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dorothy, Slumdog, Susanna and Anonymous X 2 for your nice words.

I was in a bit of snit yesterday. The government feels the need to require my child's body mass index and yet we can't even see our President's classes and grades (when the rest of us would have to open our college information to prospective employers). We're the employers of the President, show us the details. My child isn't even looking for a job, just going to school. Which is more personal and intrusive: a person's BMI or their college grades? And from whom should we expect more information: A person whose actions will affect us all for generations or the middle school child whose actions affect only their small circle of acquaintances? How have we all been trained to acquiesce to the invasion of our privacy and the President of our country given a pass to refuse the release of even the most basic of his? What has become of the rugged individualism that was a hallmark of Americans? I ask because it wasn't too long ago that Roe V. Wade was decided on a woman's right to privacy regarding her own body. (Not that I agree with that decision.) Now, we turn over intimate details about ourselves for no better reason than some petty bureaucrat wants it.

I agree with the birthers because, if our government demands my intimate details, than I damn sure want to see those of all the elected officials. In fact, anyone who aspires to elected office should have a much greater requirement than the average citizen to provide their details - no exceptions. We could even say that about unelected officials. If we're paying your salary, than you owe much more transparency than we owe to you.

Sorry for the length, I guess I'm still in my snit.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Joy, my annoyance is now to become a nation-wide, unConstitutional intrusion of privacy:

A bill before Congress will require states to track and report the BMI of all children ages 2-18; and yet, we still do not have a single college transcript (or long form birth certificate) for our President. So the Federal government will track the BMI of children until age 18 but in some states they can be referred for abortions without parental consent. Our government elite think they are entitled to intimate details about our children until they are adults but parents aren't entitled to know if their minor child had surgery. Aaarrgghhh....


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
A thought on this "TRANSPARENT" administration:

"A nation-wide network of researchers has sprung up to attempt to fill in the blanks, but at every opportunity Obama’s high-priced lawyers have built walls around various records or simply made them disappear. It is estimated that Obama’s legal team has now spent well over $1.4 million dollars blocking access to documents every American should have access to. The question is why would he spend so much money to do this?"

May 14, 2010 3:01 AM

Anonymous said...

Deanie, thanks for the additional information which I'll send out to others. It led me to other information on what is going on, now in the US.

I've called him Obamama because he thinks we are children who need his guidance. He has no respect for us as adults, so why should we have any respect for what he controls. While he is only part of the chain, his arrogance makes him think he is wise enough to be in control. Anyone who goes along with Obamama and his views needs to learn how arrogant they are.

We should read every day the lesson of the Towel of Babel.


Anonymous said...

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COMPAQ EVO N800 Battery
COMPAQ Presario 700 Battery
COMPAQ Presario 900 Battery
COMPAQ Presario 1200 Battery
COMPAQ Presario 1700 Battery
Acer Aspire One battery
ACER Ferrari 3200 battery
ACER TravelMate 290 Series battery

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