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This one is especially disturbing to me.  It SHOULD BE to all the rest of you as well.  Because the selected victim THIS TIME is a Muslim, Anwar al-Awlaki, it probably won't be taken as seriously as it should.  Its constitutional and "due process" ramifications are overwhelming.  My understanding of the facts is that this Muslim cleric, believed to be hiding somewhere in Yemen is an American born citizen (New Mexico) of the United States.  He allegedly had email contact with Major Hasan, the army psychiatrist who mass murdered at an army base in Texas November 5, 2009.  There was also ALLEGED contact with the Nigerian young man involved in the Christmas day airplane incident occurring right here in my Detroit area,

I do not know if the cleric was implicated in any planning of these incidents.  I do not know if our government knows that for a FACT either.  For sure, there is obvious CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence.  But due process of law is designed to sort out truth from  false assumptions when used as courtroom evidence.  Giving an order to kill rather than take into custody and have a trial is extreme and one that could well to bite all of us, especially since "apocalyptic theologies" are being increasingly blamed for aberrational behaviors.

I remember well that one of the three aims announced on behalf of Javier Solana and his "Barcelona Process" the early morning of November 22, 1995, the date I first discovered him was "fight religious fundamentalism -- worldwide."  I also remember that a well defined strategy was to pit fundamentalists -- Jewish, Christian, Moslem -- off against each other, in the hopes that the remainder would be the "Phoenix to arise from the ashes."

I am especially smarting this week, realizing that the obvious reaction to Javier Solana's blatant flying of 666 symbolism combined with his overt declarations of war on 'religious fundamentalism' might lead some ragtag miilitia gangs to think him a logical suspect as a prophesied antichrist, if not the main man himself.  Since I was one of the very first to report on this, it is not a stretch to think I could be next on "shoot to kill" orders if somebody decided to blame the Hutaree militia of Michigan on Yours Truly.  If they had a connection with anybody, it was Mark Koernke, a person with whom I have been in violent disagreement over the years, but then again if there was an order to "shoot on sight," I wouldn't have a chance to tell my side of the story, would I?

Direct kill orders are a dangerous precedent.  They are no less dangerous because they are directed against Moslems -- THIS TIME!

Stay in prayer, stay calm, and stay tuned!

The article pointed out that it was very surprising that this news became public. Perhaps the Obama Administration made this public to intimidate people. This is the kind of stuff you get with non-democracies.
"I remember well that one of the three aims announced on behalf of Javier Solana and his "Barcelona Process" the early morning of November 22, 1995, the date I first discovered him was "fight religious fundamentalism -- worldwide." I also remember that a well defined strategy was to pit fundamentalists -- Jewish, Christian, Moslem -- off against each other, in the hopes that the remainder would be the "Phoenix to arise from the ashes."..."
I don't think there is anything more obvious than the fact that Islam is, and always has been militantly in opposition to Jews and Christians, so the intent of New Agers to equate Islam to either Jewish or Christian faith should be considered part of the illusion they wish to create, and we should not let them succeed at that.
Essentially that leaves a very real agenda framework to pit Jews against Christians and vice versa, as well as destroy any unity within Judaism or Christianity respectively.
Islam is not a threat to the New Age/New World Order group it is in effect the enforcement arm of them.
I submit that the real concern with the Barack Heussien Obama administrative policy is that he is capable of, if not already, engaging in a systematic attack/destruction of both Jews and Christians, and this is merely an enhancement of an agenda to continue.
Just my $0.02 worth.

Thanks for catching the links! I like navigating the links directly, following up on the hard work you do!

This article is sobering in view of the So Poverty Law Center statement, and Napolitano's announcement of who qualified as a terrorist.

Is this a conditioning process? ...make a big nasty statement (step) and then bring it back a bit, but the seed has been planted in the minds of those around, the ice already broken, easier to make the next big nasty step. See what the response is, or lack thereof.

How did Lenin put it... "If you strike steel, pull back; if you strike mush, keep going."

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I beg to differ with you and beg you to more carefully analyze the New Age literature. They consider ALL MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS a THREAT. They define JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and MOSLEMS as threats. My sources:


Of course there are vast differences in our theology and Islam is obviously a religion synthesized out of both Christianity and Judaism, but it plays very heavily into the dynamics of the New Age Movement.

HK (and others)

With the dangerous precedent of ordering a direct kill against a Moslem set, the precedent is in place to issue similar orders against others.


I love that they asked for “Public Defenders” (and they thought they could bring down our government), undercover FBI agent, sweet. Since their inception the Teaparty crowd (not a movement since they do have the numbers or clout) because they are haters not debaters or as others have dubbed them screamers not dreamers. The simpleton Tea baggers are the same whiners that were crying when the McCain/Bailin ticket lost. Now that their yelling and screaming failed to stop the health care debate and the bill from passing they are crying again. Lets face it the Republicans had eight years to deal with health care, immigration, climate change and financial oversight and governance and they failed. The Republicans are good at starting wars (two in eight years, with fat contracts to friends of Cheney/Bush) but not at winning wars as seen by the continuing line of body bags that keep coming home. Instead of participating in the health care debate of ideas the Republicans party turned inward to your old fashion obstructionist party. In my opinion the Republican Waterloo loss was caused by the party allowing a small portions (but very loud) of the republican party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” to take over their party. I will admit that this fringe is very good at playing “Follow the Leader” by listening to their dullard leaders, Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush, Savage, Sarah Bailin, Orly Taitz, Victoria Jackson, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the Blowhards and acting as ill programmed robots (they have already acted against doctors that preform abortions). The Teaparty crowd think they can scare, intimidate and force others to go along with them by comments like “This time we came unarmed”, let me tell you something not all ex-military join the fringe militia crazies who don’t pay taxes and run around with face paint in the parks playing commando, the majority are mature and understand that the world is more complicated and grey than the black and white that these simpleton make it out to be and that my friend is the point. The world is complicated and presidents like Hamiliton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt believe that we should use government a little to increase social mobility, now its about dancing around the claim of government is the problem. The sainted Reagan passed the biggest tax increase in American history and as a result federal employment increased, but facts are lost when mired in mysticism and superstition. Although some Republicans are trying to distant themselves from this fringe most of them, having no game plan/ vision for our country, are just going along and fanning the flames. For a party that gave us Abraham Lincoln, it is tragic that the ranks are filled with too many empty suits. But they now claim they have changed, come on, what sucker is going to believe that? All I can say to you is remember Waterloo.
I agree with you.
It's just that the Democrats offer
nothing better, and it seems obvious
that both parties are lost, and that
the whole Democratic Republic,
which is what The USA is, has been
successfully co-opted through
Hegalian dialectic tricks.
There is no political solution.

The only way out of this
mess is to make Jesus Christ
your Lord and Savior.
Then maybe you can help some
one else by pointing them to
that same savior.
I love this country, but this country
can't or won't help you.
This country has been highjacked.
My dad is one of the very last
WWII vets and I'm proud of him.
This country is not being run by
the puppets who are out there on
the firing line. It's being steered
and run by their handlers.

Obama, Clinton, Bush;
puppet, puppet, puppet.
Constance, I guess you missed this article published by abc news back in February, 2010. Yes, it has been made public by the Director of National Intelligence, the US can take out anyone they deem to be a terrorist, no trial, judge or jury!! It is disturbing indeed, where is the outrage from American citizens??


License to Kill? Intelligence Chief Says U.S. Can Take Out American Terrorists

Director of National Intelligence Says Intelligence Community Can Target Citizens Presenting a Terrorist Threat

29 comments By JASON RYAN
Feb. 3, 2010
PrintRSSFont Size: Share:EmailTwitterFacebookMoreFarkTechnoratiGoogleLiveMy SpaceNewsvineBuzzDeliciousMixxYahooThe director of national intelligence affirmed rather bluntly today that the U.S. intelligence community has authority to target American citizens for assassination if they present a direct terrorist threat to the United States.

Information gained from the Christmas Day bomber has officials on high alert."We take direct actions against terrorists in the intelligence community; if … we think that direct action will involve killing an American, we get specific permission to do that," Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Peter Hoekstra D-Mich., addressed the issue at today's hearing.

"The targeting of Americans -- it's a very sensitive issue, but again there's been more information in the public domain than what has been shared with this committee," he said.
"I beg to differ with you and beg you to more carefully analyze the New Age literature. They consider ALL MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS a THREAT. They define JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and MOSLEMS as threats."

Part o f the point I am trying to make is that the refrences you provide,in effect, can be used to force us into accepting their "established framework" of defining monotheistic religions, equivocating,i.e. defining Islam, as a monotheistic religion. I don't accept that tactic or defination. When one does accept that, it effectively allows for any New Ager to manipulate the truth to their advantage, while misdirecting any credible opposition.

The truth they manipulate is that when it comes to real monotheistic religions as a catagorial analysis, there are only two. Judaism and Christianity.

Inclusion of Islam into their writings as the equivelent of Judaism and Christianity, essentially becomes a "sleeper misdirection tool". The tendency is to look past it as such, and it is working masterfully.That is the more specific point I was implying.

All one needs to do to verify that, in my opinion, is look at the AoC and how accomodating, and promoting it is toward Islam.

Just my personal evaluation of the facts.


It's true that Islam is theologically very different. However what theists call God is the external world of reality that exists. According to the New Age, there is no objective reality so, god is what you say it is , including yourself.


Part of what I'm getting at is that Islam is a useful tool to the New Age agenda. I'm trying to raise an awareness, that I think is overlooked.

That Islam is, even in the opinion of those who deeply research it, an equivalent to Judaism and Christianity is conveyed to be an acknowledged fact. When and if they accept that, conceptually, when they research the N/A theology, and, respond to it that way, in effect,they grant it credability as a given in argument, and it becomes an oversight that should be noted and addressed.

You may catagorize Islam as a monotheistic religion if you wish, I share the opinion of those, they include former Muslims, that at best,see Islam as a death cult, but more to the point a psychosis.

Lest anyone think my posts were extreme or inaccurate here's a link for some very good books on Islam:

I would challenge anyone to just pick any three books in the selection and read them. Actually just pick one, and then get back to me.


I just might heighten your awareness.

HK-91 makes an argument that I have heard in evangelical circles.

In fact, Islam is very close to the truth concerning the concept of femininity. Islam means "Peace through submission". This phrase explains quite succinctly what the Virgin Mary must have felt when in the presence of God's messenger at the annunciation. The Virgin Mary was the example of a woman acting with perfect femininity while Eve showed the perverted strain.

Just as those in the Islam religion often share a fairly accurate understanding of femininity with followers of Mormonism and some "strict" Protestants, Muslims and these other good religious folk can drift into a perversion of masculinity too easily.

Muslims, Mormons and Baptists/Presbyterians have a tendency to embrace "conquering". "Conquering" is a perversion of true masculinity. True masculinity is a combination of imagination and sacrifice. An out of control senior pastor at an "Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church" is one clear example of "conquering" in the Baptist denomination.

Many times families in these monotheistic religions live happy lives because the fathers and husbands do not conquer and are an example of love, even if the leaders make bad examples. Sometimes the families follow the bad lead and are miserable.

It is interesting to me that one of the justifications for the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is "so that their women can be liberated like American women".

The very thing that Islam has right - a proper view of femininity - is what the world truly hates. There are plenty of non-Muslim conquerors, but there are not many religions that understand femininity.

Western Christians - and especially modern American Christians - must be careful to not let our view of the "equality of women" prevent us from seeing a clear truth expressed in a flawed, but monotheistic religion.
Anonymous 10:19 p.m.,

To quote you:"The very thing that Islam has right - a proper view of femininity - is what the world truly hates. There are plenty of non-Muslim conquerors, but there are not many religions that understand femininity."

Might I ask which of the following you would pick as the most prominent aspect of of Islam's "proper view of feminity" that is perhaps in your opinion your favorite?

1)female genital mutilation at the age of 5,6, or 7.
2)honor killing of daughters for such serious offences as dating a non Muslim, not wearing a burqua.
3)Being stoned to death if they are raped.
4)disfiguration of their faces by acid for Sharia violations.
5) arranged marriages of daughters as young as 8 to men in their 40',50's even 60's.
6)look up "thighing" in Islam and read what is ok to do to female infants.
8)amputation for violating Sharia.

Ok, so I only listed 8 in the interest of brevity. Perhaps you have some favorites you'd like to inject if I missed some pertinent ones.

Over the years I have met and socialized with Mormans, Baptists (even was a member of more than 1 Baptist Church),Presbyterians, and horror of horrors I was married by an "Independant Fundamentalist Baptist" pastor.In many a varied social engagements I'm disappointed to say that never once did any of them "enlighten" me to the "proper view of feminity" you claim for Islam. I'm guessing their incorrect, misguided view of women as someone to be revered,respected, protected, supported, considered a valuable counsel,equal partner, friend,individual with aspirations and talents, doesn't quite stack up to the "exhaulted" view of women that appearently you think Islam holds.

Probably the happy, content, loving attitude they had for each other was just a dilusional indulgance in their baser natures, one that possibly you might think could be corrected if they would only embrace the Islamic "enlightened view". Well you learn something every day. Please keep posting on your most interesting educational discourse.

And please pick one from above just so I'm not left guessing if the one I'd pick is the best representative evidence of "enlightenment of feminity".

I went to the Religion of Peace website and was attracted by this article
The author based his conclusions about Muslims on hundreds of hours of therapy with 150 young Muslims in the Copenhagen youth jail.

Several sentences caught my attention. I think they point out something we should consider. We tend to lump all Muslims together by religion, all 1.82 billion in year 2009. It is easier making generalizations about their religion because as we've seen on the last thread religion pushers can to be very competitive. We find it easy to make generalizations about Islam even if Muslims don't practice the religion of Islam.

There seems to be a basic Muslim culture. Muslims are affected by the culture in which they were raised and tend to carry that culture with them to new countries. The Muslim culture is not a blended culture as the American culture is.

The goal of the New Age movement is integrate all cultures into one common culture, eliminating any effect of religion. A blended Western culture is far from a New Age culture. The Muslim culture is even further from the New Age culture.

With this in mind, look at the following sentences from the article.

"My speech at the conference was about the fact, that foreigners’ culture plays a significant role concerning integration, crime and religious extremism. "

"I was quite surprised since I thought that my point is obvious: some cultures fit better into Western societies than others."

"..there is simply a great need for a deeper understanding of how Muslims’ culture influences their chances for integration."

"Well, I would rephrase it as “Muslim culture” instead of “religion” because there are a lot of Muslims who don’t know what is written in the Quran and who don’t visit the mosques. But they are strongly influenced on a cultural level. And there we see that especially anger is much more accepted in the Muslim culture."

"There is however another and much deeper reason for the wide spread anti-social behavior in Muslim communities and their strong aversion against integration – namely, the very strong identification that Muslims have with belonging to the Muslim culture."

"In these riots, we saw Muslims who don’t practice the Islamic religion in their daily lives standing up for their culture and religion in a very aggressive way."

My comments: Are we demonizing the religion when it's the culture that that is the cause of their actions? Are we trying to force a New Age culture on Muslims?

Just something to think about. It's quite a good article.

To quote you:
"My comments: Are we demonizing the religion when it's the culture that that is the cause of their actions? Are we trying to force a New Age culture on Muslims? "

Man is many things but fundamentally he can be viewed as an idea machine. Sooner or later ideas get feet.You do a lot of research. Research the "footprints of Islam" upon history. They speak for themselves clearly. No one need "demonize" Islam, a sober reflection of the "culture" it produces historically is self-demonizing to anyone with a truely civilized perspective. The "culture" you seem to want us to understand is a product of Islamic doctrine, not some geographical coincidence of a population that "happens" to be in the proximity of Islamic influence. When someone's "cultural influence" causes them to attempt to behead me due to possibly some supposed "cultural misunderstanding" the last thought in my mind won't be one of trying to understand them, my mental processes will be engaged in a successful defence of my life, or that of my family, or some other person, who is in a situation of being the target of someones “Muslim culture” , Muslim religion, or whatever moniker you wish to use.

When the New Age agenda seeks to "blend" and that process sees me at the bottom of the blender inbetween the blades, ready for pressing the "puree button", my understanding takes on a new perspective.


The New Agers have bragged at various times that they can use ALL religions to their advantage:

1. Foster Bailey in THINGS TO COME wrote that once the curia of the Roman Catholic Church had been stripped of most power in Vatican II, that it could be used whereas it had been an obstacle in past.

2. Jeremy Rifkin in THE EMERGING ORDER wrote that the Evangelical churches would be used and the instrument would be changing the theological paradigm from "fall and dominion" to "stewardship."

PBS continues to use our tax dollars to run with the AOC line, most recently promoting the all faiths in common documentary, "Not in God's Name", hosted, appropriately, by the Dali Lama.

Other offerings this week included a Frontline documentary on the Mormons, and a most fascinating piece called "The Buddha".

Of particular interest, at least according to "The Buddha" documentary, is that any "new" emerging "Buddha's" out there will be known by their "ordinary" appearance. They don't walk around with a halo over their heads and a visible beam of light shining down on their being. They appear as one of us. Their sole purpose being to deal with the issue of "suffering", caused by "disparity", via teaching about "sharing".

Popping over to Share Internationl's website we find this same idea reinforced in the question and answers section under the heading "the awakening":

Question: "Maitreya, we know, will never say Who He is until the Day of Declaration. How was He introduced in His first television interview?"

Uncle Benny's answer: "As an ordinary man, one of us."

Again, Uncle Benny declares:

"His open mission has begun"

"He was introduced not as Maitreya, the World Teacher and Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, but simply as a man, one of us. In this way He “ensures that men follow and support Him for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His status”."

"He spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world’s resources."

Nothing new to report here, just noting that they/he/it are following the script.

Oh, and I just love my word verification needed to post this comment, "repig". Very fitting.

Violence is being blamed on RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM -- Catholic fundamentalism, Protestant fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism (orthodox Jewry). The strategy was to pit the fundamentalists of the world off against each other, inciting all three to violence. One is allowed to have a religion in the New World Order even now being enshrined by the Alliance of Civilizations.

The mandatory reshaping of religious curriculums under AOC guidelines is already underway in countries such as Saudi Arabia, I have been told this by Muslim clients who viewed it with alarm. The gentleman who told me is an engineer who just came back from there.

That's what the "Sword of Cleavage" is all about. Fundamentalists, of any persuasion, (except perhaps those who worship Lucifer or Gaia), just don't fit the new paradigm.

Death to the radical Moslems....death to the stubborn Jews....death to the fundamentalist Baptists....etc. etc...

Nice plan. Should work out well don't you think?

HK, you miss my point. The difference between the effects of culture and religion is not a "whatever."

Cultural standards are those things which people who live together agree to do to survive. Where there are small tribes of people and much control by whatever authorities, culture can be based on the religion of the people. The larger the number of people joined together, the less the impact of religion.

French culture is not based on a religion. American culture is not based on a religion. Russian culture is not based on a religion. Even Israeli culture now is not based on a religion. Through respect for its teachers religion can influence the culture. Cultural leaders can use religion to manipulate the culture.
People are pressured more by their culture than they are by the predominant religion in the culture.

Islam has had many coverts in many countries. Here's a line from one of the Wikipedia entries.
"For years the mosque was the site of Muslim teachings. Here they taught moral truths, humanity, honesty, tolerance, and conducted many national ceremonies."

Here is a list of converts to Islam.
Common sense should tell you they didn't convert because they liked the idea of mass killing or no stepping out of line without major penalties.

So why did they convert? They probably found what they thought was a better set of standards by which they and other people should live.

I doubt if anyone posting here could tell us what the moral teachings of Islam are. The religion has been demonized by association with the violent part of that community's culture.

Yes, the goal of the New Age leaders is to demonize any moral beliefs that differ from their own.

One important example from Wikipedia on Islam and abortion.
"Although there are different opinions among Muslim scholars on the topic of Islam and abortion, most agree that the termination of a pregnancy after four months - the point at which, in Islam, a fetus is thought to become a living soul - is not permissible. Many Islamic thinkers contend that in cases prior to four months of gestation, abortion should be permissible only in instances in which a mother's life is in danger or in cases of rape." This is quite different from that of New Age International Planned Parenthood.

I recognize the topic is complex and I've only begun to think about it.


Hamilton was never President, nor would we want him to be.

He was a big government statist - a precursor to the scourge that has overtaken our Republic.

You broad brush the tea party. A great many of the orginal tea party members are Constitutionalists who lament the loss of liberty and our Republic and the rise of tyrranical statism in its place - a reasonable reaction.

Islam is being used by the New Age to fight the other too. Now you might be right and it might be a false religion, even a vile one, however it's not part of the New Age. Most of the Muslim world is illiterate and can be easily manipulated.

The AOC is led by Western elitists, trying to use Islam as a weapon to fight the other too. Now I do agree that there might be Muslims delighted by this, but then again it's no more dangerous than using Christians to fight Jews or pitting Catholics and Protestants against each other.

In many parts of the world people are being told that Jews, Christians and Muslims, are trying to cause World War 3 and are therefore dangerous.

Now we can argue endlessly over who's more dangerous among the three etc, but it's waste of time, since the New Age holds all of them to be equally dangerous.

We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. Let's not go out and start fighting human beings, thinking we can eradicate their evil religions, because only God can rid of evil.


A interesting conversation being had here, and in some ways I believe it is a bit of both religion and culture that are bringing this dominence of violent ideals and I don't believe it to be a accident. This may take a moment to explain, so bear with me. It can easily be stated that the seperation between what we would call moderate muslims and extremist islam, at its core can be traced back to early New Agers and even Nazi Germany. What became predominate in this extreme section was a culture of domination or dominionism. This sect was fed and left to fester in their own idea of a ideal Islamic dominated world. While the more moderate end would be infiltrated by more traditional New Age ideas of cooperation and Left leanings through the UN and other groups.

Once this happened the culture was permeated across the Muslim world, some by the extremists, some by the moderates, but both sides had their moments where the New Agers had pushed them in one direction or another. Once the extreme right saw the infiltration within the left, we began to see a rise of militants who recognized the threat to their ideal world of Islam and thus the modern Jihad was born. The right having been fed hatred of Israel and Western Culture during the WWII era, was now in a position to do the job that they were designed to do.

Once you cross the ocean and examine the ideas perpetrated on Western Culture by the same early New Agers and understand how it grew to become the ideals of men like Vereide, Coe and others, you can easily see how we were set at odds from the begining. Now we find ourselves in a situation not unlike what has transpired in the Muslim world. The ideas of dominionism and building a "nation for Christ" were fed and left to fester. The left was permeated with more traditional New Age ideas, and now the right sees the left as a threat to their dominionism. We are now seeing the rise of the extreme militant right, which has been fed and cultivated by the left. Now the New Agers can turn the attack inward here. The death tolls show who the real targets in this conflict have been. Militants: less than 10,000 Civilians: 800,000 plus.

So where was the damage really done, to extremist islam, or to fundamental muslims? Of course there is far more to this, but I am simplifying it to the most basic description in a attempt to help others see the bigger picture of what is transpiring now.

Herescope has a good article speaking about the role that apostate churches have played in this shift.
This worries me too.

He should be taken into custody,and questioned.

No matter how ugly the situation is,we still need law to play the factor first.

This order sounds illegal to me.

As long as we're trying to simplify things...

If "fundamentalists" are constantly finding it "necessary" to fight each other, (something that is easily accomplished by provoking our fallen nature), thus creating a never ending spiral of "historical" violence, ie. Jew against Moslem, Catholic against Protestant, etc. .....well, we lose.

Yet, if we can all be persuaded to "compromise" and "just get along", which requires the "imposition" of some sort of "golden rule of tolerance"....well, I'd say we lose there too.

"The Plan" has a certain twisted perfection to it, wouldn't you agree?


Aren't these the same people who campaign against the death penalty?

"The New Agers have bragged at various times that they can use ALL religions to their advantage:"
a partial quote from your 9:25 am post to me which we agree upon.
"1. Foster Bailey in THINGS TO COME wrote that once the curia of the Roman Catholic Church had been stripped of most power in Vatican II, that it could be used whereas it had been an obstacle in past."
another partial quote from your 9:25 am post we agree upon. We're all aware of the present attack upon the current Papacy over the pedophile issue. It has the potential to fulfill point number 1 of yours above, again we agree.

"2. Jeremy Rifkin in THE EMERGING ORDER wrote that the Evangelical churches would be used and the instrument would be changing the theological paradigm from "fall and dominion" to "stewardship."..."
another quote from the same post we agree upon, thanks to the current efforts of the Emergent Church Movement, thanks to Rick Warren et al. Constance we're 3 for 3 on agreement.
I think we both share the importance of clarity in the use of words accurately in addressing vital important communication of the truth.When we battle in the arena of ideas using language, syntax (defined as the conveyance of an idea of the mind expressed in words) I think we all in the persuit of accuracy endeavor to distinguish true truth from exestential truth, something we both know, otherwise we wouldn't engage in the efforts of the exposition of those who would promote untruth.
I maintain that to take a strong stand on keeping the language, terms, concepts, and not to concede to an issue difference by the tactic of letting the opposition define the terms to their advantage, of great importance at this critical time.
There is no more critical time than the present.
For too long now, in my opinion, "New Agers" as we have allowed them to be named have dominated the language, terms, and concepts. That is precisely, again my opinion, why they are, at face value, "winning this battle".
Why not call them , define them, as they really are, and retake the initiative. They are LUCIFERIANS let them hide no longer behind benign labels and then we can offer the only clear, true, solution, their evaluation according to the one and only true source of True Truth, God's inerrant, infallable word, the Bible. Let God shine the light of truth on error. While humanly speaking, from the individual human perspective, that may cause humans some level of discomfort, and or inconvience, maybe even persecution. I think that what is needed most at the present, is a strong stand for accuracy, even if it is deemed uncomfortable or impolite, or, pic your favorite politically correct term and insert it.

There are only two sources of true information to accurately define LUCIFERIANS and explain their agenda and purpose, the Tanakh the Hebrew Bible, and The Bible of the Christian faith. If we deviate in any way from the language, words, or syntax of these sources of True Truth, we effectively allow for the defeat of our opposition to the LUCIFERIANS. That statement is either true or not true.

That in sum is my point. God's word is either the only and the ultimate 100% accurate assesor of what truth is to define and understand all things, especially LUCIFERIANISM, or we have as an only alternative to succumb to endless rhetorical debate of a human construct of "moral ideas" in an existential forum in a mutitude of human's writings.

I will forever and always rigorously stand on the Word of God + nothing else. If that makes me narrow minded, then get out an electron microscoe to get the full picture of my narrow mindedness. Let God be true, and every man a liar. Here I will stand, I can do no less.


The issue is not a Golden rule but imposing an actually global religion/government to keep the fundamentalists in check, by killing them all.


"HK, you miss my point. The difference between the effects of culture and religion is not a "whatever."..."

My point is that a "religion" i.e. Islam has real damaging effects wherever it has an influence,reguardless of any geographical "culture".If that is an indication that I missed your point, please restate the point you made for me, and let me consider it.

Also when you state:
"I recognize the topic is complex and I've only begun to think about it." I submit to you it is not as complex as it seems. The historical record from many sources is clear, wherever Islam influences or rules, personal freedom of thought dies, and people are murdered for thinking or living contrary to what Islam teaches. That's not complicated.


I agree to an extent with your summation, but have to digress on a couple points. The "compromise" and "get along" they wish is actually neither of the two. I can get along with someone and not agree with them. They wish submission, in that they want us to deny our position and state all forms are equal. That is not true compromise, that is surrender. If we are to be able to stand properly, we must confront the lies and redefinitions of terms so that they cannot villify us with them. Someone who refuses to compromise or get along is vile, but someone who refuses to surrender or submit is noble.
You tend to speak in generalities about a huge number of people. Personally I do not like the Muslim culture or religion, but it becomes necessary to understand what I dislike.

JD, The Herescope article is very important. In the past I learned about the Dominion group. Thank you for providing the link. Your analysis of the situation adds to my thinking on the topic in that I more clearly see how intergroup fighting has been encouraged as well as fighting inside each religious group. As all factions are moved toward different political cultures it becomes easier to use things found in a religious system not as moral goals to be reached but rather as justifications for political action.


It seems to me that your foundation
is built on a solid rock.
I don't detect any hatred or animosity
in what you've said, only a vexation
at the fact that Christianity is under
continual attack by lies and deceit.

I just watched about a half hour of
Democracy Now!, with Amy Goodman.
She had a Muslim academic on who had
been disallowed to spread his message
in America under G.W. Bush after 9/11
but who can now, of course, preach
and teach all the Muslim rhetoric he
wants to, thanks to Obama.
That's called Progressive.
How adoring was Ms Goodman
as she helped him sanitize the true
religion of war, rape, murder and
Wake up people !
There are no Christian people blowing
themselves up in order to murder
as many Muslims as they can.
There are no Christian countries where
it's illegal to be Muslim.
There is no Holy war against Islam
coming from Christianity, basically
because Christians who read the Bible
know that God can and will defend
himself, and save his people. He doesn't
need any help from us, the way
Mhmmid seems to.

It's true that there is a double standard being practised everywhere. All the Human rights commissions do nothing about Christian persecutions in Islamic lands, but actively fight Islamaphobia.

It's not just Islam, there is a global war on Christianity.

Canadian universities are now arresting pro-life students.
These are my thoughts entirely, thank you for posting them.

And no I'm still not Babs Ahoo,
but the paranoia on this blog is really funny.

And yes Constance, you did say Javier Solana was the antichrist, and I attempted to disabuse you of that idea because I thought it was Obama. Its neither, and if you are freaking out about being linked to the Hutaree and shot on sight you will never withstand the hour of temptation to come.

Are you not willing to give our Lord and Savior your head? If not, christians should think twice about promoting you as a christian news site.
In the case of Islam, what was once a vehicle of good used by Divine Powers to extinguish an outbreak of the uttermost Evil in the 7th Century at Jundi-Shapur should have withered away. But, Evil, had understood that in the retarded, ferocious faith dominated religion of Allah it had a vehicle of great power and possibility if changed according to their image. Thus, Islam which had accomplished its great task of extinguishing Great Evil in the 7th Century had fallen away, its initial ferocity and passion abated and was slumbering in glorious isolation, inward looking and a nuisance rather than a great threat to Western Christian Civilisation.

But, Evil working to its Ancient Blueprint for World Empire bided its time and waited till it was apropos to re-ignite the ancient Islamic passions and use them in the final phase of the Ancient Agenda for World Government. Hence, the sudden reappearance upon the world stage of the ferocious, radical Islamists that sought to bring the Western World to its knees and the entire world under Allah. The radical Muslims who want not only to re-establish the Muslim Empire that existed a thousand years ago, but to bring about a Muslim World Empire by killing Infidels and destroying Christian civilisation.

Yet if one looks for the force energising this Islamic resurgence (the 20th Century phenomenon of the apparent resurgence of the Islamic religion that had swept all before in the 7th Century) it may seem at first to come from within Islam itself as a reaction to the Globalisation process and the moral and spiritual corruption of the Muslim World. However, although there is, of course, a genuine Muslim revulsion to Globalisation and the concomitant moral decay of Islamic society the modern Radical Islamic Movement is not a spontaneous Islamic reaction. The true energising force is not Allah but part of an ancient plan, an Ancient Evil Agenda, a five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government.
Just to add: Whatever else one may think about Mohammed, of Mahomet, and his creed, one thing that is indisputable about Islam is this: the rapid and victorious spread of Islam is wholly without parallel in the history of the world. This is not hyperbole but fact. Scarcely a century after the death of its founder, his creed had rapidly spread beyond the boundaries of Arabia, over Asia Minor, Syria, Persia, middle Asia to the borders of China, the whole coast of North Africa and into Europe as far as Spain. Yet, these spectacular early successes were not relinquished easily, the European bridgehead especially.
Anon 5:57,

You stated: "Are you not willing to give our Lord and Savior your head? If not, christians should think twice about promoting you as a christian news site."

And you also claimed you remained anonymous due to legal action that might be taken against you. You take a position of judgement toward Constance over a simple comment made to infer the seriousness of a given situation and the times in which we live. Yet you expect others to believe you would lay down your life, when admittedly you will not even stand in a court of law and defend yourself for what you post here?

I NEVER said JAVIER SOLANA was the antichrist -- NEVER TO ANYBODY. I did, however, say he could be an "educated guess."

Perhaps you are if not Barb Aho, Doug Krieger?


7:12 PM
JD, Savvy,

I agree with both of your comment replies, no argument from me on your responses. The only thing I take exception to is being misunderstood, perhaps as a result of my own poor writing, or of being too brief and not doing a good job of conveying complete thoughts. Perhaps I'm guilty of disguising my sarcasm a little too well. Whatever.

The point of putting words in quotes, when not actually quoting someone, is to draw attention to them for a specific reason. My reason for doing so was to make a point that such words, which we used to think we knew the definition of, have been hi-jacked, RE-interpreted by the AOC, the NAM, President O, etc. I agree we need to fight against the RE-defining of words, the RE-shaping and RE-interpreting of the rules. After all, such practice is just the most insidious form of lying imaginable.

However, I think the term "imposition" is still pretty clear cut to most everyone. That is why I used it.


In light of your clarification, your statement actually fits much more with how I am accustomed to you! lol and I could not agree more.
God in heaven, this is AWEFUL. What they do to one, they can/will do to many. The degree to which the Constitution and Rule of Law according to Natural Law are being chopped, shredded, grated and pureed is simple astounding. God be with you, God go with you, God bless you and God protect you. May the heavenly hosts of angels watch over you. May St.s Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and the four others that stand in the presence of God take you into their care in service to your Lord and their Lord, your God and their God.

Thanks for clarifying things omots.

Racing Toward Armageddon: The Three Great Religions and the Plot to End the World (Hardcover)
~ Michael Baigent

I don't know if anybody read this book, but look at the reviews at

a sample:

5.0 out of 5 stars Exposes a truly deadly mind-set, November 30, 2009
By Derek Grimmell (Clinton, IA USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Racing Toward Armageddon: The Three Great Religions and the Plot to End the World (Hardcover)
Baigent has written neither a history book nor a religion book. Rather, he has sounded a warning cry about the manner in which extremists of three faiths have very specific plans to attempt the destruction of the world. Baigent's information is relatively easy to corroborate, but he has "connected the dots" in an attempt to warn everyone else that these people genuinely believe in their lunacy and genuinely intend to carry it out.

The three groups of extremists begin with the Jewish extremists who are determined to expand the state of Israel to its Biblical dimensions, which some (basing their thinking on the book of Joshua) regard as extending into modern-day Iraq. They are also determined to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, and as a first step they want to demolish the Dome of the Rock, which is merely the third holiest shrine in all of Islam. Baigent records how a rabbi present in 1967, when the Israelis reclaimed Jerusalem, insisted that Moshe Dayan take the opportunity to blow up the Dome of the Rock then and there, and how Dayan courageously refused. But the extremists are determined to destroy it. The only problem: They can't attack the Dome without risking a sinful intrusion on sacred ground, and they lack the means of cleansing themselves of this sin.

Enter the red heifer. A pure red heifer with no more than one black hair is required for the ritual to purify those who would assault the Dome. An evangelical Christian cattle rancher in the American South has been working with Jewish ultra-orthodox rabbis to breed such a red heifer. They have almost succeeded on two occasions. The Christian extremist is helping because Christian extremists believe that the Temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem in order for the Apocalypse to come and Jesus to return. They expect that this will bring on a global catastrophe, a war that will surpass all past wars, but they don't care; they believe they will be magically raptured up to Heaven before the shooting starts, where they can sip tea with Jesus and watch us sinners getting slaughtered.

The key message of this book is not the details of the thinking of the lunatic fringe. Baigent wrote this book in an effort to shake everyone else out of their slumber. He is trying to warn everyone else that these people are determined to take actions that could easily lead to a global nuclear war. He warns us that they genuinely believe that they will somehow prosper in a global catastrophe, and are determined to bring it on. They are really, truly, as deluded and as dangerous as Charles Manson ever was with his Helter-Skelter plot, but with vastly greater resources in their hands.

Measured against his intent, Baigent has done a good job of making the true situation clear and compelling. He has sounded the warning and done it well.
Re Baigent:

I have been familiar with his Christian dissimulation work since the early 1980s when I read his terribly heretical "HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL. Dan Brown obviously copied much from him. I have yet to read this one, but I am certain he is part of the group that would like to eradicate us.

To Fred S:


Well, I have the new Baigent book on my Amazon Kindle (great product!). I would say it is EXHIBIT A on my assertion that the general strategy of the enemies of God is to pit Jews, Christians. and Moslems off against each other.

Well, Baigent may scoff at Revelation, but like Peter LeMesurier, he fails to see his own unrepentant role in prophetic fulfillment.

Yes you did!!
It was all you focused on, it really annoyed me and others who believed wrongly that Obama was the antichrist.

I am not suprised you think I am someone else, when in fact I am a nobody. (chuckles to self)
In fact I am a sparrow, and lowest of the low on the social scale, I own nothing, and find the saying true, freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose (save my head for Jesus's namesake.
Constance, did you delete the old posts on the other news articles?
That way anonymous cant dredge them up and use them as evidence.

Definition: Appreciation
1. Understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something.
2. Delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values).
3. An expression of gratitude.
4. A favorable judgment.
5. An increase in price or value over time.

As I read through this comments section this morning over coffee, this word came to my mind.

As I kept in mind everyone who commented, and what their comments were, I decided to take this word and apply it to both.

The result is a great appreciation of time. I appreciate the time Constance takes to research, consider what she researches, and give her perspective, opinion, on what she researches. The time she volunteers of her life to provide this forum.

I appreciate the time, each person takes to read things presented here, and the time they take to comment here.

I appreciate the capacity to choose to use time, and to be able choose to use time wisely.

Perhaps it's worth considering the One who made time, made us with the capacity to choose to use time wisely, and then maybe consider if we can make better use of the time spent here and why it is spent here.

The time we have to spend here, won't last forever, my hope is we all can appreciate what that really means.

I think Constance argued that Solana was in effect the better candidate for AC over others know at the time, including Obama. Some people who(and made comments on this blog) had once insisted that Obama was the AC were irrate over anyone else who did not share their opinion.

However, I know she had stated over and over that Solana was just an educated guess. This is why she and Herb Peters (and heirs of Fulfilled Prophecy) kept a close eye on this Mr. Europe. There have been commentors here that have jumped to the conclusion of Solana being the AC, but not Constance.

Even if Solana is not the AC, he certainly did his part in building the globalization machine that is nearing completion. He certainly did his part in building the New World Order that the AC will eventually take the reins of. Obama is another who is a major builder of this ugly machine. Their are others.

Who is the AC? I don't think anyone can say for any real certainty at this time.

I certainly appreciate your comments on Islam. Even though the New age movement has Islam as a target, we need a reminder that Islam is no friend to Christians. We reach out with love, they reach out with bombs. Okay, maybe not every Muslim is like this.

You can certainly see how the media though is trying to lump Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism as one and the same. They are not!

So, a shoot-to-kill order by the U.S. government of an Islamic cleric (who probably is connected to terrorist activities) may not raise much sympathy from us Christians, but it is alarming. What's to keep them from doing the same to some Christian leader they consider a "terrorist?"

This doesn't mean, however, I'm getting ready to join in a group hug with Muslims.

What I find most alarming is not that it is a order against a muslim cleric who may or may not have extremist ties, but that it is a order on a american citizen. Remember also that the two incidents in which this cleric is ACCUSED of being a conspirator (Ft Hood, Christmas day bomber) both had huge illogical inconsistencies in the stories put forth, most of which were discussed here in depth.

There is not a presumption of innocence, that as a citizen the ACCUSED would be entitled to. There is clearly not a intent to question so as to gain information. Just like both cases where this man stands ACCUSED, this order does not add up. We need to seriously be asking ourselves why our officials would want this man eliminated from the equation by any means neccesary? Even if this man is guilty of what he is ACCUSED, it should be obvious that we are not being told everything from our side. When people are allowed to be executed based on accusations, a very dangerous precedent is set.
I find this very confusing: When Obama reacted to the shooting at Ft. Hood, he told us not to jump to conclusions--now, what does this order mean? I believe O. is grossly unstable, and needs to be drafted by the NBA to play by reaction..since he has no ability to lead under rule of law...which he so smugly seems to hide behind.
I have shared some stories of late about nuclear disarmament and the role it plays leading into global governance. I found a story that has went unreported here in the States, but captures the importance of what we see transpiring. Remember the goal is to get nations to disarm and turn materials over to the UN or a member of the UN Security Council.

Chile Hands Over Highly Enriched Uranium To the United States

Chile became one of the first countries to hand over highly enriched uranium (HEU) from its nuclear reactors to the United States for safe storage. The Associated Press reported the story yesterday, the same day that President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev signed a nuclear arms control treaty.

The U.S. will also hold a nonproliferation summit next Monday in Washington, where Obama is expected to ask countries to work with the U.S. in removing weapons-grade HEU from reactors, as Chile did.
more at link
I must confess, I made a inaccurate statement in my last post. It appears this story has been reported, it has just been buried by other events, some which were no where near as important.
anony 8:16
I need to correct you as Constance has not outright stated Solona is "the antichrist" but she clearly lets it be known that for her things point in that direction. I have stated multiple times that what is going on is setting the architexture in place. We have yet to see what shakes out. Solona and Obama and others while not directly the antichrist are "the spirit of the antichrist" and who is yet to come is even more dangerous.
The identity of the AC is speculation for everyone. Keep watch on all the players.

Anyone heard of Pierre De Boissieu?
The Secretary General of Council for European Union, succeeding Javier Solana in December 2009. He is considered a legend in Brussels and respected for years by many, and has gained quite a reputation despite being unknown to many.

He holds a great deal of power and still manages to stay out of the spotlight. Not that he is the AC, but he might lead you to who is.
Baigent and Leigh's book, Holy Blood Holy Grail was definitely a New Age set up. The book opened with a poem in French. I had a friend translate it and it turned out to be in praise of te flower the Lotus, an occult symbol. They said they were exposing a group who planned to bring forth a king from a priestly line who would work to rule the world. Only there is no such group and all of the information they presented as truth had no basis in truth. The group was supposedly tied to the Jews, only the two New Age scam artists presented false information as factual information.

They got away with their story and sold a lot of books because the average reader is too lazy to check out the details in information presented to them and is gullible enough to believe that people who sound impressive don't lie.

From AOL News & AP . . .


(April 10) -- Poland's president, his wife and some of the country's most prominent military and civilian leaders died this morning when their plane crashed while coming in for a landing in thick fog in western Russia. There were no survivors aboard the plane, which carried 97 people.

President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria were heading to Russia's Smolensk region to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, where Soviet secret police killed thousands of Polish officers during World War II.

"The Polish presidential plane did not make it to the runway while landing. Tentative findings indicate that it hit the treetops and fell apart," Smolensk's governor, Sergei Anufriev, told Russian TV. "Nobody has survived the disaster."

Russia's Emergency Minister Sergei Shoigu said there were 97 dead, 88 of whom were part of the Polish state delegation. Initial signs pointed to an accident with no indication of foul play.

Local media showed footage of the crash site, where firefighters sprayed water on smoldering wreckage strewn through a wooded area. A tail fin with Poland's red and white flag colors stuck up from the debris. The plane reportedly went down less than 400 yards from an airport runway.

Also among the dead were the chief of staff of the Polish army, the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the National Security Office, deputy parliament speaker, civil rights commissioner and at least two presidential aides and three lawmakers.

"We still cannot fully understand the scope of this tragedy and what it means for us in the future. Nothing like this has ever happened in Poland," the country's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Piotr Paszkowski, told The Associated Press. "We can assume with great certainty that all persons on board have been killed."

For some, the plane crash evoked haunting memories of the Katyn massacre.

"It is a damned place," former president Aleksander Kwas'niewski told Polish TV. "It sends shivers down my spine. First the flower of the Second Polish Republic is murdered in the forests around Smolensk, now the intellectual elite of the Third Polish Republic die in this tragic plane crash when approaching Smolensk airport."
(Continued . . .)

The crash could also be a setback for Polish-Russian relations, which had been on the mend after decades of mistrust over the Katyn massacre. Russia never apologized for the murders of some 22,000 Polish officers, but Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's decision to attend today's memorial ceremony was seen as a gesture of goodwill. Putin has been appointed head of a commission investigating today's crash, the Kremlin said.

With 38 million people, Poland is the largest of the ten formerly communist countries that have joined the European Union in recent years. It was the only EU nation to avoid recession last year, posting economic growth of 1.7 percent.

Poland is also a key U.S. ally in the region since the fall of communism. "This is a horrible tragedy for Poland and we extend to the people of Poland our deepest condolences," State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said.

A nationalist conservative, 60-year-old Kaczynski was elected president in December 2005. He had said he would seek a second term in presidential elections this fall, and was expected to face off against Parliament speaker Bronislaw Komorowski.

According to Poland's constitution, Komorowski would take over the presidency on Kaczynski's death, and then has 14 days to call new elections.

In Warsaw, the Polish flag was lowered over the presidential palace as mourners gather to lay flowers outside and light candles. Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called an emergency Cabinet meeting.

Kaczynski is the first serving Polish leader to die since exiled World War II-era leader Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski was killed in a plane crash off Gibraltar in 1943. Kaczynski was born in 1949 to a father who fought in Poland's resistance during World War II. He and his twin brother Jaroslaw became famous at age 12 when they starred in a popular Polish film, "Two Boys Who Stole the Moon."

Under communism, the brothers became involved in the anti-government movement. Lech served as an adviser to the strike committee at the Gdansk shipyard, where Poland's grassroots Solidarity movement was founded in 1980. But by the 1990s they found themselves outside mainstream Polish politics after falling out with Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, who had by then become president.

In 2001, the Kaczynski brothers founded the Law and Justice party, which espouses traditional values of the Roman Catholic Church. As mayor of Warsaw, Lech twice banned gay parades and spoke in support of reintroducing the death penalty. But as president, his right-wing stance appealed to many Poles, especially religious or rural voters.
Moral judgments can be altered ... by magnets
By disrupting brain activity in a particular region, neuroscientists can sway people’s views of moral situations.
"I believe O. is grossly unstable, and needs to be drafted by the NBA to play by reaction..."
Anonymous 10:17 a.m.

The NBA has stricter eligibility rules, so he'd probably never make it on the court. Even if he did he'd foul out before he got his shoes tied.

Maybe Rajon Rondo should be president.

Have you read the Ratzinger Report. It was an exclusive interview with Cardinal Ratzinger in the 80's about the crisis of faith in the church and the marxist/new age hijacking of Vatican 2.

I wonder how many of us put credibility in population demographic statistics. If you haven't thought about it recently, or at all, you might want to consider thinking about it.

Here is a brief video that may encourage you to do that:

You might want to give it a serious viewing.

It says a lot in 7 minutes.


I have deleted NO old news posts nor any comments AND I said nothing there that the flaky "anonymous" nor you could use against me, supposing you are not the "anonymous" which I nowsuspect you may be, given the unfounded assumption and apparent arrogance.

Thank you HK for the link to the video. I have read similar statistics and it is a very worrying trend. Sometime we talk about it here in London, but it is not really discussed.

My husband and I were not surprised that the Registrar who registered our son’s birth at Hammersmith and Fulham council Town Hall, London, remarked that Mohamed has been the most popular name in London for the past FIVE years. We just happened to have a conversation about names… in light of my husband’s Sir name and mine being the same.

I think the real purpose behind the so-called Islamisation of Europe and its ideological bodyguards of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism is to subvert Christendom.

Surely, the presence of tens of millions of Muslims in the West is no accident. Could it be that they are here by design and that they will be used by the evil Lords of Power as Pawns in the Great Game towards World Empire?

On a more uplifting note, may I suggest another video you can find on youtube, entitled: A Muslim Man’s Amazing Testimony about Jesus, in two (10 min) parts.

Last thing, I re-read Constance’s The Hidden Dangers Behind the Rainbow. I am trying to recommend her books and this site to others.

God Bless
Here's the standard reason why so many Muslims are in Europe.
"The mass immigration of Muslims to Europe was an unintended consequence of post-World War II guest-worker programs. Backed by friendly politicians and sympathetic judges, foreign workers, who were supposed to stay temporarily, benefited from family reunification programs and became permanent. Successive waves of immigrants formed a sea of descendants...In a fit of absentmindedness, during which its academics discoursed on the obsolescence of the nation-state, western Europe acquired not a colonial empire but something of an internal colony....The state appeared unable to regulate the entry of immigrants, and society seemed unwilling to integrate them. In some cases, the backlash was xenophobic and racist; in others, it was a reaction against policymakers captivated by a multiculturalist dream of diverse communities living in harmony, offering oppressed nationalities marked compassion and remedial benefits."

Not mentioned in this CFR article is that the high rate of abortions in Europe contributed to the need for guest workers. There is an interesting parallel with this story. There are over 10 thousand comments to this story of a woman who adopted a child out of Russia but found herself in over her head with his dangerous behavior so she sent him back to Russia on his own. Some adoptees can adapt to a new environment; some can't. Some have been harmed by the disfunctional culture or environment where they came from. Some who adopt are willing to work with the problems; others find their lives disrupted to the extent they can't be repaired.

There doesn't always have to be a plot to destroy those who receive individuals from other countries. Often it's just lack of knowledge of the complexities of society before action is taken, or wishful thinking that always everything can be worked out.

Others see problems and then try to use them for their own agenda. There's a bit of humor I recently read. I don't do jokes well, so I'm paraphrasing. It goes like this: A man feels very depressed, suicidal. He calls a suicide hotline and his call is outsourced to Pakistan. The man in Pakistan gets all excited when he hears the man is suicidel and says, "Can you drive a truck?"

Be wary of people who seem overexcited. They may or may not have a reason for their heat.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.
HK-91, I believe that I have seen your posts for some years, but never have you been more right, to the point, and eloquent; I doubt that the truth will see fruition in this predetermined somewhat pseudo-Christian environment that has believers in the lie: The Devil told a host that Islam and Christianity are both equal in some manner, and that lie must be one hundred percent valid. [They have one point I have to agree with, Muslims and Christians are both human] The fact is that Dorothy, who has rightly introduced us to Atlas Shrugs, now seems to argue like an AoC member.
HK, you said it perfectly in an earlier post: "All one needs to do to verify that, in my opinion, is look at the AoC and how accommodating, and promoting it is toward Islam.
I guess I've joined you in striking a hornets nest: criticizing a major "undeniable truth" of this group. Paul, who in the past, has mentioned Islamic radicalism never seemed to get a response, and that reminds me of the MSM ignoring much of the harm done by this so-called religion of violence. Oops, peace.
Your posts are LONG over-due.
HK you do tend to speak in cliches.

To attribute terrorist motives to all 1.82 billion Muslims is foolish. All the women would be in burkas or dead and men would be killing each other in the streets on a daily basis.

Every religious group teaches its offspring that their religion is the true one. Everyone of them teaches how to get along with each other but not how to accept the others religions which are considered untrue. Muslims are no different, only some believe it with a ferociousness seen only in primitive, competitive tribes. No one is as good, moral, intelligent, clever or knowledgeable as they are in their own minds.

Last year in Oak Lawn in Illinois there was a Khilafah Conference of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, with the theme Fall of Capitalism, Rise of Islam. I went to picket and found out anyone could go in and hear the speakers, pick up the literature, so I did along with some Christians. Everyone was given freedom to ask questions, and some Christian men did. They were polite to us outsiders. What I did pick up was arrogance, cockiness, and cool contempt for us outsiders. These are not traits valued by Islam, but they are traits found in their particular culture. On other occasions I've met Muslims who were open, warm and friendly.

Now ask yourself who in the Muslim community is of value to the New Age movement.

Pushers of New Age spirituality want to get rid of other religions, particularly those who teach morality comes from outside of the government. Do you really think that all Muslims will be left alone. Just as the majority of so-called Christians in Nazi Germany thought they were acceptable to the Nazis, so Muslims have been given a pass for the time being by the NWO because some of them are useful. As "Christians" were sent after the Jews, so terrorist minded Muslims are being sent after Jews and Christians. As a community they are not being held responsible for their actions just as Nazis were not holding so-called Christians responsible for their behavior toward the Jews. However there were plans for the ending of Christianity as soon as these "Christians" weren't needed for the war.

Just as some Christians took a stand against the Nazi government, I would guess there are individuals in the Muslim community working against the New World Order.

Rich's youtube video on the New Age movement, linked to on the first page of this blog, has had 18,045 views. Congratulations on reaching that number Rich.


After reading your 11:30 post to WillW, and re reading it a few times I've concluded 3 obvious things.

1) You have a fundamental nonunderstanding of Islam, what it is, what it seeks to accomplish, and what it's historical, and current accomplishments are and have been.
2)You have a fundamental nonunderstanding of what Biblical Christianity is, what it seeks to accomplish, and what it has accomplished historically, and is accomplishing currently.
3) You have a fundamental nonunderstanding of Nazis, Nazi Germany and especially what took place in Nazi Germany concerning real Christians and what would be best termed "Christians" in the dynamic you described as "Just as the majority of so-called Christians in Nazi Germany thought they were acceptable to the Nazis, so Muslims have been given a pass for the time being by the NWO because some of them are useful. As "Christians" were sent after the Jews, so terrorist minded Muslims are being sent after Jews and Christians. As a community they are not being held responsible for their actions just as Nazis were not holding so-called Christians responsible for their behavior toward the Jews. However there were plans for the ending of Christianity as soon as these "Christians" weren't needed for the war." This quote is at best pattently absurd, but more to the point totaly distorted from historical reality. Patently anti Christian.
Perhaps you have been researching too much Sal Alinsky and are engaging in his tactics by osmosis.For someone who can find antisemitism in as basic a phrase as "good morning" to in effect make such a feeble attempt to defend Islam in this post, when Jews everywhere in the world are under the most intense attack by Islam, today, at a more intense, astonishing, and historically significant rate, in order to eliminate Israel and all Jews around the world, is absolutily astounding to me.

Here's a fact Dorothy, Jews everywhere in the world, and the nation of Israel, have no greater ally, defender, friend, than a real, honest to goodness REAL Bible believing Christian. That is a F-A-C-T.

With that 11:30 post,all I see is a destruction of any credibiliy you had. Until you can post something that is historically and factually accurate and not utterly delusional, I'll just be collapsing the comments section to skip by anything you post which lately just seems to be an effort to entirely subvert anything on this blog is trying to accomplish to warn people of the spiritual dangers in the world today.
With that blatently anti Christian post you've lost any credibility to accuse anyone of antisemitism.
I won't be falling for anymore of your Alinsky/Hegelian Dialectical diatribes.

HK it seems to me that you are heating up the battle against Muslims for your own goals. In addition, you are playing up to Constance to get her to support your viewpoints. I'm stepping on your toes and you don't like it.

I really don't respect your intellect or your understanding of history, so your opinion hardly matters. I'm not posting to convince you. I'm posting so that you don't convince others, giving them information to broaden their frame of reference. They are then free to come to their own conclusions.

TL Winslow says:
10/04/2010 at 8:50 pm
Pres. Obama seems to believe that Islam can be appeased, much like Neville (Dorothy) Chamberlain thought about Hitler, with horrendously bad results. Through the power of the Internet you can now study history and try to figure out how the world got into such a mess and what can be done about it. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama [Constance Cumbey] doesn’t have time now, but you can start by cramming all 1400 years of Islam’s history free with the Historyscoper and see how deep the rabbit hole goes at

Dorothy said: "I really don't respect your [HK-91] [Mine too] intellect or your understanding of history, so your opinion hardly matters."
Well, as executrix, Dorothy carries on her dubious role of administering her two cents and following the script. With the waving of the wand all will be well and us nasty souls warning of the great danger to our freedoms, will go away. Dorothy, you may even have lunch in the Whitehouse with Steven Spielberg.
Dorothy, you step on everyone's toes.
You have been responsible for bullying most of the people off of here with your nastiness and ad hominem attacks when you have no intellect to refute them.

I have been witness to Constance's sophistry.

If these "ladies?" said the sky was blue, I would run outside to check it.

They are working the new aged side of the street, and as such should be treated with the same trust one would assign an alley cat.

They have been caught in so many lies it isn't funny, so many people have left this blog disappointed, that it mostly lies fallow, save for the few toadies and those who come back periodically challenge them.

The funny part is when they think the increase in traffic is a sign that it is springing back to life.
You missd that smashing post Constance made a while back, where she stated that islam was probably equal with christianity and a religion of peace, only they misinterpreted the koran.

Constance dear... you really need to comb through your older news stories and posts, and "wash" them of those "stains".
All I keep hearing from your toadies Constance.

And the lack of reading comprehension when it comes to slamming the opponent, all works out for your agenda. so misquote me and attack that straw man again.
History is a funny thing, especially where it concerns Hitler and the Nazi's. This time period has been written and rewritten so many times in a attempt to confuse others as to what actually transpired, that it becomes difficult to see history for revision. Most forget that the majority of Germany was clueless as to what Hitler's end goal was until it was staring them in the face. Just as many "christians" did not realize what Hitler's aryan race and history of was until it was too late.

It is sad to watch history repeat itself in such ways, but what can one expect when the truth about a situation is not learned in school. Most still believe Hitler invaded Austria, false. Most believe his ascent to power was immediate and of his own doing, false.

While I agree that Islam is not reconsilable with Christianity or Judaism, there are still misconceptions about its place that abound. Radical Islam is not a product of Islam itself, it had help from outside sources, some of which were Nazi. Yes the AoC panders to certain sects of Islam, but they also pander to certain sects of Christianity as well. To lump all Muslims into one group, when it should be obvious they do not all belong is to give the AoC the rope with which to hang you.

That is not to say we should bend at the knee and say they are a equivalent, but we must reconcile the FACT that Muslims were divided by the same groups that Christians were and that such division only serves the same end goals. I have said before, we can disagree with one another and still do so with love and respect. Some fear if we open dialogue in a respectfull manner that this will feed the AoC agenda. When in actuality this will remove their ability to conquer. The AoC does not wish cooperation or for us to get along, they want submission, for us to bend and say all are equal. If we can agree to disagree and do so in peace, we take away their power to force solutions on us. We gain the power to show them for the hypocrites they are, to show it is not peace they desire, but control and submission. Of course I doubt this will resonate with most, but I had to try.
It is undeniable that the AOC and Islam are linked.

The AOC foundation is the Islamic model/ideal. The goal is to place all the world's religions under "dhimmi" status, harkening back to a time considered the "Golden Age of Islam", when much of Europe, as well as the entire cradle of civilization, was dominated by the Caliphate(s).

Promoted as having been the most "peaceful" period in European history, a time when "tolerance", "science" and "reason" were allowed to flourish, it has been termed by some as the first and greatest "universal civilization". (Bernard Lewis -

Based on a "universal" (read: democratic) interpretation of the "golden rule", the AOC's mandate requires/supports/promotes a global governance system to insure compliance.

I'm sure that while administered by men, enforcement of any such "rule", even one so noble, will be quite arbitrary.

UN judge calls for prosecution of Pope Benedict

Geoffrey Robertson, a renowned human rights lawyer and United Nations jurist, wants to see Pope Benedict put on trial for allegedly protecting predator priests.

In a Guardian UK piece making its rounds this week in Catholic circles, Robertson demanded the pope be "put in the dock" so that the church might "feel the full weight of international law" over its thousands of pedophilia scandals.

The pope's conduct, he said, "amounted to the criminal offence of aiding and abetting sex with minors," making Benedict a justifiable target for either the International Criminal Court or a British court acting under the legal principal of universal jurisdiction.

Other international figures who've recently been pursued by various courts under universal jurisdiction include several former Bush administration attorneys and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for the torture of terror war prisoners, along with Israeli officials who helped launch the 2008 Gaza offensive.

"Universal jurisdiction — a concept in international law — allows judges to issue warrants for nearly any visitor accused of grievous crimes, no matter where they live," the Associated Press reported. "British judges have been more open to the concept than those in other countries."

more at link
JD - more on the Pope. It looks as if maybe some folks don't like the idea of his proposed visit to Britain later this year.

Telegraph Published: 11:26AM BST 11 Apr 2010

Richard Dawkins planning to have Pope Benedict arrested over 'crimes against humanity'

Richard Dawkins, the atheist campaigner and evolutionist, is planning to have Pope Benedict XVI arrested when he comes to Britain later this year for "crimes against humanity".

Full report here;

Ouch - I just came across this Guardian report on the Catholic Church via Richard Dawkins' website. I'm so thankful to Constance for alerting us to the possibility of 'friction' between the three monotheistic faiths.


Bishop 'blames Jews' for criticism of Catholic church record on abuse

full report here;
The Vatican does not care about what some ancient retired Bishop says. They are not buying into the anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

As for the UN I suggest they prosecute themselves for crimes against humanity.


The argument the UN is using is that since the Pope is the head of the Church, he should be tried for the crimes of his people. How about trying all heads of states for the crimes of each and every citizen in their country. Outrageous is not the word for this.

objective (adjective) - not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased
JD said:

"Radical Islam is not a product of Islam itself, it had help from outside sources, some of which were Nazi."

This is so true. The Muslim Brotherhood, among others, have extensive ties to Nazi Germany. For an excellent historical overview of this fact, please read the following, which is kind of long, but one of the more important articles I think I've read in the past decade. It shows some of the ties between the Reds (Communists), the Greens (Islamic radicals) and the Browns (Nazism and other nationalist parties) in their unified anti-West and anti-Israeli ethos:

I am aware of the Red-Brown-Green tie up. The thing is most people just read what the media tells them, and don't do their homework. Most of the population has been zombified.


Absolutely correct, and the Brotherhood is the predecessor to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Which in turn were funded and armed by the US. As I attempted to point out with the death tolls as it pertains to the current wars, who are the real targets and who are the real enemies?

This is villification through manipulation of perception, and it works very well. Just take a look around here and it is obvious how well. You are right though, if the UN wants to try others for crimes against humanity they need to start in their HQ and work their way out.

Lawyers in the UK are behind the Pope arrest plot along with the crackpots Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Maybe Catholics should boycott England. I am sure the Irish would be first in line.

I think there are at last three people here who need to go back to agent provateur school.

So, let me get this straight - because of an individual or organization's hypocrisy, we should look past violations?

We have all been hypocrytical at some point - so then, none of us should be held accountable for anything.
Google deleting opposition to the regime...
Tony Cox,

If your referring to the UN. You should know that the Pope is innocent in this matter. The CDF only started presiding over abuse cases in 2001. Until then local Bishops , were responsible for punishing and disciplining priests under their jurisdiction. The cover up was at the local level. Why not charge the priests and Bishops responsible instead?

I am referring to anything and everything.

Savvy -
Thanks for the laugh, I knew I would be hearing from you.
Tony Cox,

Since your post followed successive posts about the UN and the Pope. I assumed you were referring to this issue. Maybe I was mistaken.


I am all for holding the guilty responsible, but that is not what this conversation is about, they are not holding the guilty responsible, they are leveling accusations against someone who was not. In this case, yes their hypocrisy has everything to do with the situation. If they wished to charge the priests and bishops responsible with crimes against humanity for their roles, fine, but they want to charge a man for a crime he did not commit. Do you really believe those leveling the charges are ignorant of this?

I understand - and I do not agree either that he is personally responsible, but, at some point, you have to be responsible for what is going on in your own house - and that goes for the pope, the athiest, the Jew, the Muslim, the guy across the street, etc.

Let's not pretend that certain people did not know what was going on. You know they are not going to arrest the man.

What would happen if one of your children or relatives were committing illegal acts on your property and you knew about it?

You know what would happen - you would be in big trouble.
A Russian judge who jailed neo-Nazis responsible for dozens of hate killings was gunned down in a 'contract'-style killing at his Moscow home today.

Read more:

The problem is, this is nothing like that. This is the equivalent of me being charged for crimes commited in my house by the previous owner. Or to put it fairly, like Obama being charged for crimes commited by George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. As much as I disagree with how this was handled in the past, Benedict has been the one pushing his church to come clean and for those under him to answer for what they have done. To charge him for crimes commited prior to his appointment, shows this for the witch hunt it is.
I am reading the Baigent book (exactly 1/2 through). One of the things apparent to me now is that this is how the New Agers are sorting things out:

Moslems = Sharia, Taliban, Al Quaeda
Catholics = Opus Dei
Protestant Dominionists = Rushdoony, Gary North, Dominion Movement

It has crossed my mind that Gary North could be our mystery poster here. Barbara Aho and em tDouglas Krieger also come to mind.

I have long suspected that Gary North and company are more part of the problem than the solution.

Baigent's book is serious evidence that the fifth seal of Revelation may well be opened -- with a propaganda war, par excellence, in full progress.

Who is "Anonymous 8:51"?

I guess the war must be in full throttle against me as well. I just read this post from the ever courageous "anonymous"

You missd that smashing post Constance made a while back, where she stated that islam was probably equal with christianity and a religion of peace, only they misinterpreted the koran.

Constance dear... you really need to comb through your older news stories and posts, and "wash" them of those "stains".

8:58 AM"

If you have this, put it forward. I think you are the person guilty of sneak attack "sophistry."

Regarding my suspicions on Gary North's possible role in current dialectics, I find these links between Salvador de Madariaga and Ludwig von Mises (Gary North was in 2004 awarded a Rothbard Medal -- after speaking at the Mises Institute:

"Between 1961 and 1963, while an undergraduate student, North became acquainted with the works of Austrian School economists Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard. Starting in 1967, North became a frequent contributor to the libertarian journal The Freemanwhere he had first read their work.[1] He later joined the senior staff of the publisher, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), 1971–73. North received a PhD in history from the University of California, Riversidein 1972. His dissertation was The Concept of Property in Puritan New England, 1630–1720.
He served as research assistant for libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul in Paul's first term (1976). He shared a small office with the Calvinistic political philosopher, John W. Robbins, who later became a noted anti-Van Til author and publisher. Also on the staff was economist and historian Bruce Bartlett, although in his pre-supply-side economics days. Many of North's articles have appeared on

Pasted from
4/12/2010, 5:14 PM

McFall, I would encourage you to read "Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism" if you have not yet. Mises was not a fan of anarchism nor secession. In 1953 letter to SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA, Mises wrote, "Liberals have always maintained that it does not matter for the people as a whole and for individual citizens whether their own state's sovereignty streches over a large or smaller territory. The size of the relam........concerns only royalty and aristocracy." Likewise, even a casual read of Mises denotes that he favored a nightwatchmen state and believed taxes were necessary. In fact on page 282 of "Human Action", he supported conscription. Rothbard built on Mises, but Mises would not be happy today with what passes for "Austrian" economics today in many cases.

Pasted from
4/12/2010, 5:15 PM
Omnipotent Government - Google Books Result
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If the Catholic Church won't hold it's own pedophile priests accountable, then it's up to somebody else. Sure looks like the Pope is complicit in covering up these crimes. Maybe a trial would bring out the truth, but I seriously doubt any formal charges we'll ever see the light of day.

We will agree to disagree ( I am not saying that he is guilty of the current crimes of which you speak).

On the last topic, someone referred to me as a bully, intimidator and manipulator - I can assure, I am none of these - and whether in agreement or not, I consider you brothers and sisters in Christ - we may all need each other some day.
Tony Cox,

I don think you understand how canon law works. The Pope is not the CEO of a company. . The Bishops have an autonomy of their own. Not to mention billions have been given out in compensation to families affected and hundreds of priests defrocked.

Most of the priests accused define themselves as gay, should all gays be tried for this?

No to mention GLAAD is now out to silence the Catholic League, because they don't want the gay priest issue brought to light.


Thanks for being fair. Punishing the wrong man is only going to let the ones really responsible go free and they must be happy the media is out to get the man they despise.

Lutheran Pastor John Stephenson has a good analysis of the subject.

I wonder what the percentage
of false accusations is.
Any Psychologist can tell you
about the well known phenomenon
called Transference, which can
happen to any councilor or priest
who hears the confessions of
a troubled person and then later
becomes that persons' enemy
because they've transferred their
hatred of the peretrator to the
confessor. It happens all the time.
God knows which priests are guilty,
but God also knows that there are
probably thousands of false
Why, I remember being called an
anti semite right here on this blog.
Remember that Dorothy ?
Another well known phenomenon
is called "piling on" ( not exactly
a technical term ), but very real and
very common to a mob mentality.

Was it Rosie O'Donnell who accused
her father of molestation, through
"regression therapy" and then after
quite a while changed her story
and withdrew the accusations ?
And lets not forget Tawana Brawley,
etc etc etc.
What an easy way for an idiotic
self centered loser to get the
attention they crave and ruin a
good man's life in one move.

While there are false accusations, there are legitimate ones as well. It's true that Lawyers have made a fortune in this racket. The reason why priests were transferred from one place to the next, is because it was lawyers and Psychologists who came up with the bright idea of subjecting them to Psychotherapy.


With respect, you do not understand - I do know what canon law is, and I thought it was clear that I DO NOT subscribe to it, recognize it, or validate it in any way.

I once saw things your way - and do not any longer - we should just leave it at that.
Tony Cox,

I am not asking you to validate canon law. It's just that if the media knew what the heck it was, it would spare them a lot of confusion trying to figure things out and they wouldn't be spreading falsehood.

Hey Paul, why don't you tell us the story of a concentration camp near railroad tracks, complete with barbed wire in your town. I called the city hall and found out it wasn't true and you were just bulling. I posted the information here. Yes, you are an antisemite, a low key one, but one nonetheless and it came out when you slipped several times with posts here. If you want to keep bringing it up, I have no problem with that.

Prove it.
Show it.
Find it and post it.

You're a slanderer.
I was trying to give you a chance
to apologize but I guess that's
not in your repertoire.

I mentioned before that I like your passion, and I meant that.
Do you ever use it to witness to anyone? Without the doctrinal stuff? This may not "be the board for that kind of commentary" - but I was curious - if you are not, you might be good at it.

I am at a point in my life where that is very important to me, but have very little experience - I am not interested in getting anyone to join any particular denomination - just to have a closer relationship with Jesus, of which I am in dire need of myself -so if you have - I would like to hear about it.
Also, I was talking abiout POSSIBLE
FEMA camps with someone, not you.
And like I said then, you were looking
at the wrong train station, so, since you
made a mistake, and you were
embarrassed, you opted to call me
your schoolgirl type names.
I even gave you the Google earth
exact coordinates of the building,
which is still there by the way, vacant
but with barbed wire all around it, but
nobody is allowed to disagree with you
or correct you when your on
one of your web trollings.
Tony Cox,

Since you asked I will bring this up . I live with a form of Autism and Jesus in the Eucharist helps me function. I know you don't believe in the real presence, but trust me I wouldn't be making progress without it today. I can't leave this part out of my testimony.


Weasel wording Paul.
I am going to repeat my often ignored pleas for basic civility on this board. We can make our points without unnecessary rancor which triggers migraine headaches for yours truly!

I perceive that the war on us is beginning with the

--Calls for prosecution of the Pope
--Calls for disqualification from public life for those with "apocalyptic theologies" (Baigent & Company
--Calls for prosecution of Jews for "war crimes"

It seems like we are all getting our incendiary "Kristallnachts" and it promises to get worse.

To Paul 6:54 p.m.

Excellent point re false accusations. These are accusations easily made and difficult to rebut -- especially 30, 40, 50 years after the alleged acts supposedly occurred. There are also the real cases of abuse which, unfortunately, didn't just occur in Catholic circles.

With that being said, however, I'm staying out of the fight between Paul and Dorothy. I hope you two will promptly kiss and make up.

Tony, I hope you're not using issues with the RCC as a way of distancing yourself from all churches. Hopefully, you're not on a search for the perfect church. If I ever found the perfect church, I wouldn't join it. Then it wouldn't be perfect anymore! (That's suppose to be a joke.)

Without a church home it's hard to be in worship with God. And, it's where two or three are gathered, that that is where Jesus will be also.

Savvy, I have something in common with you then. I mean with that autism thing. My son, too, but more severe than myself.
I'm just saying, Tony, that I pray that you find a church that works for you.

That's interesting. I have Aspergers.

Dear Constance,
I think you are right to be concerned about the circumvention of due
process, because such a circumvention undermines the rule of law in
society, furthering the transformation of society into a tyrannical system
ruled by the whims of its leaders.
Denial of due process for a person is lawlessness regardless of who that
person is or whether one likes or dislikes that person's views, country of
origin, or background. That is a non-negotiable point in any just society.
The question about the NAM's attitude towards "monotheistic religions"
is a separate issue. I consider it entirely wrong to classify
Christianity in the same category as Islam for the following reasons:
First, Christianity and Islam have very different ethical systems
(compare the Golden Rule and the parable of the Good Samaritan on one
hand with "believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you.
Deal firmly with them." and similar "pearls" found in the Quran).
Second, Christianity spread initially through preaching and missionary
activity, when pagans (including their rulers) saw the superior ethics
offered by Christian missionaries, whereas Islam spread initially
through conquest and violence. It is very convenient for the NAM (and
others) to classify (and equate) Christianity and Islam as "monotheistic
religions", and each time Muslims commit an act of violence(in the name
of jihad), to point fingers at "Christian fundamentalism". That being
said, we must consider things in perspective. There is the oft-repeated
fallacy that religion is to blame for the misfortunes of mankind. This
fallacy is refuted by Carl Teichrib in his article "Under War's Bloody
who points that the largest numbers of casualties in history
belong to regimes which were communist or national socialist (his
approximate numbers of killed: People's Republic of China (Mao Zedong):
40 Million ; Soviet Union under Stalin: 20 Million). Quote: " terms
of the largest concentration of outright killing capacity, communism,
national socialism, and imperial expansionism -- all power struggles
based on centralist methodologies -- have been the grandest contributor
to war and human-caused mass death. Nothing else comes even closer.".
I am afraid that the NAM/AoC are preparing the next combination of
communism/socialism/fascism which may have even more victims. Perhaps
the gradual abandonment of the rule of law in Western democracies is a
prelude of the coming nightmare. Yes, it seems likely that they
(NAM/AOC) will try to pit adherents of some religions against each other
through set-up accidents. In that sense, classifying Islam in the same
category with Christianity may be expedient for the NAM, because it sets
up an "arena" for this "pitting against each other".
Dear Constance,
I think you are right to be concerned about the circumvention of due
process, because such a circumvention undermines the rule of law in
society, furthering the transformation of society into a tyrannical system
ruled by the whims of its leaders.
Denial of due process for a person is lawlessness regardless of who that
person is or whether one likes or dislikes that person's views, country of
origin, or background. That is a non-negotiable point in any just society.
The question about the NAM's attitude towards "monotheistic religions"
is a separate issue. I consider it entirely wrong to classify
Christianity in the same category as Islam for the following reasons:
First, Christianity and Islam have very different ethical systems
(compare the Golden Rule and the parable of the Good Samaritan on one
hand with "believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you.
Deal firmly with them." and similar "pearls" found in the Quran).
Second, Christianity spread initially through preaching and missionary
activity, when pagans (including their rulers) saw the superior ethics
offered by Christian missionaries, whereas Islam spread initially
through conquest and violence. It is very convenient for the NAM (and
others) to classify (and equate) Christianity and Islam as "monotheistic
religions", and each time Muslims commit an act of violence(in the name
of jihad), to point fingers at "Christian fundamentalism". That being
said, we must consider things in perspective. There is the oft-repeated
fallacy that religion is to blame for the misfortunes of mankind. This
fallacy is refuted by Carl Teichrib in his article "Under War's Bloody
who points that the largest numbers of casualties in history
belong to regimes which were communist or national socialist (his
approximate numbers of killed: People's Republic of China (Mao Zedong):
40 Million ; Soviet Union under Stalin: 20 Million). Quote: " terms
of the largest concentration of outright killing capacity, communism,
national socialism, and imperial expansionism -- all power struggles
based on centralist methodologies -- have been the grandest contributor
to war and human-caused mass death. Nothing else comes even closer.".
I am afraid that the NAM/AoC are preparing the next combination of
communism/socialism/fascism which may have even more victims. Perhaps
the gradual abandonment of the rule of law in Western democracies is a
prelude of the coming nightmare. Yes, it seems likely that they
(NAM/AOC) will try to pit adherents of some religions against each other
through set-up accidents. In that sense, classifying Islam in the same
category with Christianity may be expedient for the NAM, because it sets
up an "arena" for this "pitting against each other".
Do any of you understand what a legal precedent means and that it does not mean that a bad precedent once set, even against a despised Moslem, can't be applied against the rest of us? Please remember I am trained in law! I am not disputing the vast and irreconciliable theological differences.

Battlecreek David and All:

Thanks - I pray that I find the right church too. I am not using my issues with the RCC to distance myself from all churches - I know there are some good ones out there.

I do not follow an endless amount of blogs - I only follow three, one for some time, and this one as well as another only just recently - my point is that - for some reason I feel I have been led here, and not for me to save you, or you to save me - I don't know what the reason is. I disagree with many of you on doctrinal issues but, I have never doubted anyone's love for Christ - that is not for me to decide.

I very much desire to serve Christ, and am very disappointed in my progress (forgive me, I know that is not the usual commentary or forum for this board), so maybe through some of the articles posted here, some of your knowledge, and even some disagreements, some of you may even shed some light on that for me. I honestly don't know.

I mentioned earlier, some day those of us who post here may need each other - and when things really go down - doctrines, denominations and disagreements will go right out the window - because we will unite as the Body of Christ.
OK, it's time to stop the insanity and the 'piling on' long enough to ask the question: WHY is the mainstream media so focused on exposing child abuse scandals within the Catholic Church - yet, totally ignoring child abuse scandals within the Protestant denominations?

Here is an example:

As a matter of fact, Time Magazine ranked Southern Baptists' rejection of a sex-offender database as a top 'underreported' news story of the year 2008.

It's time for everyone to get a reality check. Satan is alive and well and coming to a family, neighborhood, school, church, etc. near YOU!!!

The Catholic Church does not have a MONOPOLY on all of those flawed human beings who are led astray.

The Catholic Church has a worldwide population of 1.5 BILLION (with 65 MILLION Catholics in the United States alone).

Those 'rotten apple' priests (who succumb to the temptations of the flesh) number about 1% out of that 1.5 billion. Granted that just ONE bad priest is one bad priest too many, but we are working on it.

We have realized, much too late, that allowing gay men to enter the priesthood - and expecting them to be disciplined enough to honor a vow of celibacy - was an unrealistic expectation.

It is ironic that the Liberal Mainstream Media made the decision to 'label' this as a 'pedophile scandal' only because it is not 'politically correct' to call it what it really is: a 'homosexual scandal.' PROOF is that experts (outside of the Catholic Church) have pointed out that pedophiles are not gender specific (and the majority of the victims of this scandal have been young boys).

In the year 2002, the U. S. Bishops Conference met in Dallas, Texas and drafted a 'zero tolerance' policy. Also, Pope Benedict XVI (more than his predecessor) has been credited with taking the necessary steps to try to clean up this mess.

In the United States, at least, the vast majority of the abuse cases are now decades old, and the current policy is quick to remove accused priests from duty. And in some cases, the most recent news stories concern whether priests had been defrocked or not, even though they had long ago been removed from priestly duties or access to children.

But, of course, there are some venomous anti-Catholics out there who won't be happy with anything less than seeing the Pope drawn and quartered through St. Peter's Square.
This is what happens when men (or women) think they are above reproach.

The cases being filed alleging sexual abuse by religious authority figures seem to be growing exponentially. While there are certainly a fair number of money grubbers and non victims in the mix, I think it's preposterous that anyone would accuse the vast majority of victims of either lying or experiencing false memory syndrome.

The argument that it's just a small number of victims, a small number of cases, and a small number of pedophile priest's, doesn't hold water either. Google the subject.

That said, the fact that so many abuse victims are stepping forward now is likely due to the fact that they no longer feel isolated because so many others have already stepped forward ahead of them.

Over time, the fear and embarrassment that a sexual abuse victim feels often gives way to anger and a thirst for justice.

As I was researching this issue, I came across an organization that has become a sort of clearing house for information. The last sentence in their introduction is especially noteworthy....

"SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is the nation’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. We’ve been around for 22 years and have more than 9,000 members across the country. Despite the word “priest” in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, and Protestant ministers."

Mean Men
"The priesthood is being cast as the refuge of pederasts. In fact, priests seem to abuse children at the same rate as everyone else...."We don't see the Catholic Church as a hotbed of this or a place that has a bigger problem than anyone else," said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "I can tell you without hesitation that we have seen cases in many religious settings, from traveling evangelists to mainstream ministers to rabbis and others."
"Most child abusers have one thing in common, and it's not piety—it's preexisting relationships with their victims. That includes priests and ministers and rabbis, of course, but also family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, youth-group volunteers, and doctors. According to federal studies, three quarters of abuse occurs at the hands of family members or others in the victim's "circle of trust."

Anon 10:49,

So now they’re saying it’s not a “pedophile crisis”, it’s a “gay crisis”? What a crock! Rape and child molestation are not “gay”, plain and simple. Although I’m not a lawyer, as far as I understand, complicity, the act of aiding and abetting or attempting to cover up a crime, IS a crime.

Hmm, that Dallas diocese policy statement isn't worth the paper it's written on. Here’s some facts about the Dallas diocese:

The Dallas diocese was found to be 85% at fault in the civil trial Pawlik v.Rudy Kos…

Yes, the following excerpt is from a 17 year old article, but nothing has changed. It lays out the issue fairly succinctly...

The Phoenix Gazette, Section A, Tues November 30, 1993

Dozens reported abused by Catholic friars
By Jeff Wilson
The Associated Press

GOLETA, Calif. — For more than two decades, Roman Catholic priests sexually abused boys aged 7 -to 16 at a boarding school in a Santa Barbara seminary, a panel organized by a Franciscan order concluded. A board of inquiry for the St. Barbara Province of the Franciscan Order said Monday that 12 priests engaged in nude games, fondling and other sex acts with students at St. Anthony's Seminary from 1964 to 1987, when it closed because of financial problems. So far, 34 boys, mostly teenagers, have been identified as victims.

"The abuse perpetrated by our own brothers on the victims and their families is truly horrific," said the Rev. Joseph Chinnici, minister of the Oakland-based Province of St. Barbara and leader of Franciscans in seven Western states...

At a news conference Monday night, the chairman of the order's panel said they were stunned by the results of their investigation. "We found that in the years in question, a serious problem of sexual abuse of minors by friars existed at the seminary," Geoffrey Stearns said. He said the investigation would continue and that the panel expects other alleged victims to come forward.

A message left after business hours Monday at District Attorney Thomas Sneddon's office was not immediately returned. Lt. John Thayer, a police spokesman, said prosecutions of the priests were unlikely because of the statute of limitations, which is six years on child molestation cases in California. Of the 12 priests, whose names weren't disclosed in a 72-page report, eight were being treated by therapists. One left the order, one died and another priest's case was being investigated by the panel. The other priest served six months in jail after pleading no contest in 1989 to oral copulation of a minor at the seminary….

The Roman Catholic Church has been criticized for not addressing abuses openly in the past. A flurry of lawsuits accuse the church of quietly reassigning offenders to other parishes….

The panel said the Franciscan friars involved children in nude games, nude photographs, fondling, masturbation, oral copulation and examination of genitals under the guise of hernia exams. Chinnici said the order has paid $90,000 so far for counseling for the victims. He wouldn't disclose whether the victims have been paid anything else to make amends for their suffering. "When the process first began, I was under the impression that there were only a few cases of sexual abuse at the seminary. I was wrong," said Chinnici. "To the victims and their families, I want to express on behalf of all the friars, our most profound apologies," he said. "The report gives graphic testimony to the humiliation, loss of faith and betrayal of trust."

Sickening, isn’t it? And don’t try and tell me these 200 deaf boys are out to get the Pope, that's just nonsense!
Anon at 11:22 p.m.

Yes, there is a horrible mess, and the ones responsible should be held accountable and punished. We just don't think Pope Benedict is one among them. Since Local Bishops are in charge of punishing and discipling priests, they should be charged for the cover-up.

Pope Benedict is doing the best he can.

We also cannot ignore the fact that the accused priests identify themselves as gay. These things need to be discussed.

Scottish Gay Rights Activists Found Guilty of Pedophilia Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Leader of Brazil Homosexual Movement Under Investigation for Pedophilia

Catholic Bashing and Pedophile Priests - Michael Medved
Dear Constance,
Perhaps you did not read my previous post in its entirety.
I concur with you that this "direct kill order" is a dangerous precedent. We must not forget that dangerous precedents, or outright violations of law, began taking place under the Bush administration -- the prison in Guantanamo with the invention of the "unlawful combatant" status,
where the accused was neither considered a POW protected by the Geneva convention, nor given a right to defend himself in a civil court. Other examples of lawlessness: so-called "extraordinary renditions", so-called "enhanced interrogation", secret prisons abroad, etc., all in the name of "getting tough on terrorism". Unfortunately, most of those policies continue under Obama's administration. Many people had their heads, figuratively speaking, burried in the sand like ostriches, saying "these terrorists are not U.S. citizens, so they have no right to a fair trial in court", oblivious to the possibility that one day they themselves might be labelled "terrorists" and denied due process. Well, that situation is now "fixed" -- the "war on terror" lawlessness turns out to be useable not only against "non-citizens", but against U.S. citizens on "equal opportunity" basis.
There is an interesting article by Andy Worthington at Campaign for Liberty
"The Black Hole of Guantanamo"
which discusses discusses the extraconstitutional law of the Bush regime continuing under Obama.
Glad I visited today. On Gary North: He IS a frequent contributor at the Lew Rockwell site. From personal experience: If you challenge him on things he writes he attacks you viciously. When he was asked about his early association with the CNP he tried to blow it off and deny he had any interest. I DO suspect many at the Rockwell site of being part of the Dialectic. It's a jungle out here.
To Anonymous 11:22

Far and away the vast number of alleged pedophile acts by priests have involved alleged male victims rather than female which leads to an inescapable conclusion of sexual preference, i.e. homosexuality. It is also observable that more came after than before Vatican II after which morality standards in church seminaries loosened when seminary students were handed handouts from Matthew Fox saying, "we do not deny our sexuality, we affirm it."

Res Ipsa Loquitur


For the record, I spoke out about civil rights abuses in the Bush the Younger administration long before most -- Herb Peters and I disagreed on Bush's alleged "Christianity."

Two wrongs, however, do not make a right. The secular press, CNN, CSPAN made a distinct point last week of saying that Obama had gone even beyond Bush in ordering a direct kill on an American citizen.

On March 31, 2010 - Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, stated:

"The Times continues to editorialize about the 'pedophilia crisis',: when all along it's been a homosexual crisis. Eighty percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse are male and most of them are post-pubescent. While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay."
Constance 9:23,

As a lawyer.

Please define "rape".
Please define "child molestation".
Please define "homosexuality".
Please define "complicity".

Homosexuality is not a crime, at least in most places these days. All the others are.

Traditionally, alter boys are boys and seminaries are made up entirely by male students. Obviously the opportunity for Priests to abuse females is very limited. The homosexuality defense is spin. Do you support that defense?
Anonymous @9:50,

There are altar girls around everywhere, even in my conservative Catholic parish. The number of women who attend church is higher than the men who do across all denominations.

Anonymous @ 9:50,

As a lawyer do you think gays are above the law? Predators are predators gay or straight.

A new report published by the Family Research Council (FRC) reveals that there is a body of evidence indicating a definite link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Statistics show that homosexual men, who represent less than 3 percent of the adult male population, commit a disproportionate number (one-third or more) of the cases of child sexual molestation.

The report, "Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse," authored by Dr. Timothy J. Dailey, is being sent to parents, youth groups, school administrators, Catholic bishops, and religious organizations.

FRC's report comes at a time when the nation has been rocked by scandals of child sexual abuse and when homosexuals argue that youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts should be forced to include homosexuals as leaders.

Similarly, gay activist organizations are encouraging homosexual teachers to share their sexuality with their students. Many parents have become concerned that children may be molested, encouraged to become sexually active, or even "recruited" into adopting a homosexual identity and lifestyle.

"Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse" examines the following evidence linking homosexuality to pedophilia:

* Pedophiles are invariably males: Almost all sex crimes against children are committed by men.

* Significant numbers of victims are males: Up to one-third of all sex crimes against children are committed against boys (as opposed to girls).

* The 10 percent fallacy: Studies indicate that, contrary to the inaccurate but widely accepted claims of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, homosexuals comprise between 1 to 3 percent of the population.

* Homosexuals are over represented in child sex offenses: Those among the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is sexually attracted to the same sex are committing up to one-third of the sex crimes against children.

* Some homosexual activists defend the historic connection between homosexuality and pedophilia: Such activists consider the defense of "boy-lovers" to be a legitimate gay rights issue.

* Pedophile themes abound in homosexual literary culture: Gay fiction as well as serious academic treatises promote "intergenerational intimacy."

"Children have become the last sexual frontier," FRC President Ken Connor said. "Those given the task of protecting our nation's children should give a serious look at these statistics and think twice before complying with the demands of homosexual activists."
The main point being made here is that the Catholic Church does not have a MONOPOLY on individuals being led astray by sins of the flesh.

Wake up everybody and smell the scandal in your OWN churches, families, neighborhoods, schools, boy scouts, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. -- BEFORE picking up that stone (or rock) and throwing it at any SINGLE organization or individual!!!

In other words . . . just be careful that your 'glass houses' don't fall in on YOU and leave you cut and bleeding.
Some thoughts.
Not all pedophiles are homosexual and not all homosexuals are pedophiles.

According to the book The Homosexual Network by Enrique Rueda, a priest, homosexual behavior was encouraged in some seminaries. It is probable that some of the priests coming out of these seminaries were primed to look for male partners who they found among altar boys. Altar boys were considered safe and the priests didn't have to cruise where other homosexuals were found because this could have exposed their behavior to other homosexuals in their parishes.

NAMBLA is specifically short for North American Man Boy Love Association. It is part of the homosexual network.

In the downtown area of Chicago several free homosexual papers
were offered in record stores, book stores, and outdoor boxes by the stack. I made it a point to do firsthand research in almost every area connected with the New Age movement that I could. To that end I skimmed these newspapers for over a year as they were available when I worked in the downtown area. Regularly the ads featured young males in provocative poses. No old guys. Most people assume when the words child and altar boys are used that who are being described are little kids seen on Christmas cards. Minors would have been a more descriptive word making a clear connection between homosexual behavior and pedophilia in the church.
"An overwhelming majority of the victims, 81 percent, were males. A majority of the victims were post-pubescent adolescents, with a small percentage of pre-pubescent children.[19]

"Some sources have asserted that most of the victims were between the ages of 16 and 17, making the sexual abuse instances of hebephilia rather than pedophilia. These sources argue that, by failing to make this distinction, the media has fostered a misconception of the problem. In fact, 15% of the victims were 16 or 17 years of age, while 51% were between the ages of 11 and 14.[17] The John Jay Report determined that just under 6% of victims were 7 years of age or younger. 16% were between 8 and 10.[17] The vast majority of the victims (78%) were aged between 11 and 17."

There are many, many reasons to discourage homosexual behavior in society. Yet we see little discouragement. We only see encouragement. Just last week on Ugly Betty, a popular television show, a theme was a family encouraging homosexual behavior by a male teen who is a main character.

What next....


The irony is that very people who want to kill the Catholic church over this are the same ones who support graphic sex education for kids in elementary schools, want to hand out condoms to 12 year olds, etc.

AAAAAWWWWW!!!! I am so sick of all of the defenses of my church!!!!!!!I am so sickened and fed up!!!! I hope it really hits the fan and shame comes upon all those who did it without getting away from children and without getting help and upon all those who shamelessly covered it all up!!! All we hear from the church "Other people do it just as much. Stop picking on us!!!" "It's the press ~ they are so biased against the church." "It's happening because you people are spiritually secular..." ad NAUSEUS If the church has to feel the sting of these things.....GOOD!!!!! Let us feel it and suffer it and clean this crap up!!!!!The church doesn't even have the moral authority to tell people not to molest children or adolescents!
Way to go bookofblue!

It's about time somebody around here spoke up and stopped making excuses!

We have got to this stage because there are too many cafeteria nuns, priests, bishops who disagree with everything Catholic and are still Catholic. So do us a favour ask your friends to pack their bags and leave the rest of us in peace, because their chickens have come home to roost!

"From today’s crisis, a Church will emerge tomorrow that will have lost a great deal. She will be small and, to a large extent, will have to start from the beginning. She will no longer be able to fill many of the buildings created in her period of great splendor. Because of the smaller number of her followers, she will lose many of her privileges in society. Contrary to what has happened until now, she will present herself much more as a community of volunteers... As a small community, she will demand much more from the initiative of each of her members and she will certainly also acknowledge new forms of ministry and will raise up to the priesthood proven Christians who have other jobs... There will be an interiorized Church, which neither takes advantage of its political mandate nor flirts with the left or the right. This will be achieved with effort because the process of crystallization and clarification will demand great exertion. It will make her poor and a Church of the little people... All this will require time. The process will be slow and painful."

In 1969, that, in a series of radio lectures, broadcast in Bavaria, was Cardinal Ratzinger's own prophecy.
Anonymous @ 1:06

I am speaking out and asking all disloyal, disobedient , cafeteria Catholics to leave, because we have had enough !


Do you have the right to tell anyone whether they should stay or go on this blog? Was thier commentary vulgar or offensive? NO to both questions.


Where are you? As the blog owner shouldn't you speak up? Or do you have to be a member of the "clique?"

Bookofblue and Cafeteria Catholics-

You should not be told to go regardless of your position - just because it doesn't fit with many of the poster's opinions here.
Tony Cox,

I asked them to leave my church, not this blog. I would rather they repent and start taking their faith seriously without compromise.


I think that is exactly what they are doing.
Tony Cox,

Don't expect them to run to any Evangelical churches either, because people who like cafeteria religion, and not faithful to any.

Savvy -

Same old song and dance.

I knew there was a reason I came to this site - I am learning some valuable lessons.

Please continue.
Hey, bookofblue @ 12:43 AM:

'my church' eh?

Well, then - as a 'cafeteria Catholic' - you should already be fully AWARE that it's already 'hit the fan' DECADES ago and that there's plenty of 'shame' to go around.

No one is denying that we have a mess that needs to be cleaned up --just that, it is important that everyone stops to realize that the Catholic Church didn't INVENT sexual abuse and that this problem exists everywhere in society today.

So, those on the attack for justice should also be going after families, neighborhoods, schools, the boy scouts, nursing homes, and OTHER churches as well.

After all, IF you really are looking for justice, this is only FAIR.
Thanks Tony for tha attack. Have started already. In my own family. I was a victim, and this is really frustrating. All the covering up that goes on. And the children get the brunt even the blame. Yes, I know how long it's been going on.
OOPS, not Tony. Sorry.
Thanks Tony! I'll go anyway. I'm a cafeteria catholic in a clique. Yes it's my church, too. Geesh.
Just a few numbers that speak to the make up of comments - I am new here but, have seen many times where people are referred to as "catholic bashers" and "catholic haters" and it just didn't jive with me, as there seemed to be far more pro-catholic sentiment then anti-catholic - but I was told I was wrong.

The comments posted on the latest topic as of this writing are this: 31 comments pro-catholic and 12 anti-catholic. So let us be accurate when we speak.

This does not deter my desire to look at this board at all, as I am not anti-catholic - I am pro-truth.
To Tony Cox:

Yes, let's be accurate.

What you do have on this blog are at least 4 devout Catholics who won't just sit back and take any 'crap' from anyone. We will not hesitate to speak up and challenge anyone who intentionally (or not) decides to post disinformation and / or half-truths.
To Anon:

Oh yeah - you are the ones who are "taking crap"

Oh yeah - you are the ones "speaking the truth"

And you actually spoke correctly when you said devout catholics - not that you said devout christians or devout believers - you always must separate.

Oh brother - this is quite enough for today. God Bless
Well, Tony - you are not exactly behaving like a 'Christian' right now, are you?
Actually - I am - standing up to all of you for the truth.

Jesus, Paul and Peter didn't have use flattery to get to the truth, and niether do I.

Good day and Good night.

Nobody here blamed any victims. I don't know where you got that from.
Tony Cox:

You are full of contradictions:

1) In your 2:53 PM post, you state, 'I am not anti-Catholic.'

2) In your 3:30 PM post, you state, 'I am standing up TO ALL OF YOU.'


It is extremely ARROGANT of anyone on this blog to falsely assume that they have the 'truth' and Catholics don't.

If it wasn't for the Catholic Church, you Protestants wouldn't even have a Bible to READ!!!
CONSTANCE - are you doing a live radio show tonight?

I just intercepted this corporate memo
from Exxon/Mobile to it's affiliate
gas stations;

_to all our dealers



3) GOUGE !
One of the most sacred duties of the adult is to protect the child. Paedophiles not only repudiate the sacred duty but they also glory in their transgression of it. This evildoing to children is a grievous act against Natural Moral Order and against God.

The scandals besetting the Roman Church is an organised effort to destroy the confidence of Catholics in their Church. The organising intelligence is Evil and the human agents of this Evil orchestrate this agenda on Earth.

That is why I can say that sodomy is the preferred sexual act of Satan, for it is a parody of the beautiful act of love that leads to the procreation of our species and the accomplishment of God's purpose on Earth.

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" (Psalm 94:16).

Heavenly God, please hear our heartfelt prayers and help us through these times.
Anon @5:07 p.m.

Well said! If homosexuality has nothing to do with this, then maybe people should explain why YMCA has been the gay national anthem for the past 30 years or why the gay lobby keeps pushing to lower the age of consent.
Anonymous 5:07,
For the written manifesto of what's
going on re: sodomites these days,
just check out the book "After The Ball"
which was published in the early
nineties. Apparently it is well known to
gay people but barely heard of by
straights, ( or "norms" as I like to call
them ).
It pretty much spells out the game plan
which has been in effect for the last
twenty years or so.
You better believe it's an organized
effort: Organized, plotted, planned,
envisioned, painstakingly followed
through, practiced and viciously and
heartlessly foistered on the public.

On second thought, don't bother
reading it. Read theBible instead.
For instance:
I Kings 14:24
I Kings 15:12
I Kings 22:46

I think you said you were leaving because your job at this blog was done more than once on a previous thread.

Now I see you are back here with a vengeance with no explanation for your change of heart.

It looks to me like you are someone who talks out of both sides of your mouth.

If you have actually posted something about the New Age movement since you joined this blog, please let us know. It looks like I missed that post.

Just to let you know that I have nothing against Cafeteria Catholics or against you per say. I used to be one. Until I realized it doesn't work. The church is the bride of Christ and marriage only works if you take it seriously. I do think that all people need to question their own commitment at times, whether Jewish, Catholic or Protestant.

People sometimes pretend that they have no free will and if they just believe in God all their problems with be solved . God helps those who help themselves.

To Anon 7:23

You are right - I should have left when I said I would. I had every intention of doing so, and the next day, I was drawn back in by a poster who claimed Bob Mitchell and myself were posting anonymously - I should have let that go and kept my word.

I still meant what I said last night when I commented that I felt I was led here (and I know this will offend, but it honestly is not my intention), It has shown me not to respond to people the way some of you (not all of you) have responded to me (and I too was guilty of some snide remarks, so I am just as much to blame).

You know, I work as a vendor in a mall besides Israelis, Turkish, Indian, and many other nationalities and faiths - and they have become my friends, we have all discussed our faiths and the differences, and tried to persuade each other - but never have we come to the level of what I have seen on this board (don't rush to your keyboard to type me a scathing response yet, I am including myself also).

Denominational discussions can be so ugly, and that is why I do not belong to one at this time - many of you don't agree with that, and that is ok - it is my choice, and I will find out some day if it is the right one.

Life is funny - I still say we may need each other some day.

God Bless

Thanks for you thoughts, thought I must add that Catholicism is not a denomination. It's a lot more than just a creed. It's a way of looking at the world that's at the heart of the incarnation. God become man and dwelt amongst us.


My interpretation of what Savvy said was that "cafeteria Catholics" should leave the Catholic Church, NOT my blogspot.

I repeat I that want nobody chased off this forum -- even when disagreeing, it gives me an insight to what perceptions and/or misperceptions are out there.


P.S. I did do a radio program tonight and probably most of you missed it because you didn't refresh your browser to see my new article.
2 Timothy 2:22

22Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 23Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. 24And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

Perhaps less defensiveness and quarelling and more gentle instruction would be profitable here.

No weapon formed against those who love God shall prosper. Keep up the good work.
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