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Will Israel Join the European Union? - Speculation or insight?

Below is published speculation by someone calling themself "Ron Paul Israel" asking if Israel would be joining the European Union. The author calls himself a Libertarian. He also calls himself "Israel's Financial Expert." What was most interesting to me was that Google News had this up on its current news spot. For what it's worth, I quote his February 3, 2010 article in relevant part below:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Is it possible that Israel will join the European Union?
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was on an official visit to Israel, said Monday that his "greatest desire" is to see Israel join the European Union.
He wasn’t the first to think of that idea. Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief said last year that his organization's ties with Israel are stronger than those with candidate country Croatia:

“There is no country outside the European continent that has this type of relationship that Israel has with the European Union.

"Israel, allow me to say, is member of the European Union without being a member of the institution. It's a member of all the programs of the union, and participates in all of them. And I'd like to emphasize and underline, with a very big, thick line [that Israel participates] in [helping us deal] with all the problems of research and technology, which are very important."

"I am sorry to say, but I don't see the president of Croatia here," Solana continued, referring to Stjepan Mesic, who is also attended the three-day conference.

"His country is a candidate for the European Union, but your relation today with the European Union is stronger than [our] relation to Croatia.” The EU and Israel have committed themselves to establishing a partnership which provides for close political and mutually beneficial trade and investment relations together with economic, social, financial, civil scientific, technological and cultural cooperation. The Action Plan concluded with Israel has an objective to gradually integrate Israel into European policies and programs. Every step taken is determined by both sides. There is also a financial assistance element to EU-Israel cooperation - Israel is eligible for €14 million in European Community financial cooperation over the next seven years.

As much as tensions have risen between the EU and Israel, "Ron Paul Israel / IsraelFinancialExpert's perspective is currently difficult to see, but then, who knows?

Stay tuned!




Speaking of the occult. This just sent chills down my spine.

New Video Games, mock Catholic Church, glorify Satan and invite people to kill Christians.

Thanks, Savvy:

I was interviewed by Johnnette Benkovic back in the 1980s in Tampa, Florida. I have not talked with her in several years. I am going to check it out. You're right it is EVIL!

I just saw CNN give a promotion for a program on "Threats to GLOBAL SECURITY: Outer Space AND CYBERSPACE" (i.e., the internet as to the latter.)

I suspect we had better pay close attention to it. I also cannot help but notice that the missionaries to Haiti accused of "child trafficking" have been literally thrown to the wolves by the U.S. government. I very much suspect that their alleged actions, even if misguided (assuming the allegations are true, of which I am skeptical) were not "trafficking" but rescuing children caught in a terrible disaster." The message going out now is very clear, in my opinion. If you are Christian, stay away.

I fear this bodes poorly for future religious liberty. I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect that the very perilous times are indeed upon us.


Check you gmail

Any one who uses gmail knows that Google places ads around the menus in your email. As I was responding to a email I happened to glance to the right of my message. These are the ads that were staring back at me.

Transportation Security
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Second Focus on the Family Ad on Tebow, Abortion to Air Before Super Bowl

Miami, FL ( -- If you think you have read all there is on the Focus on the Family commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother's decision not to have an abortion -- wait, there's more. Officials at the pro-life group announced today that they are unveiling a second ad that will air before the Super Bowl begins.

The second commercial plans to go further than the first and will reveal more details about Pam Tebow's decision not to have an abortion than CBS would allow in the first ad already planned for during the Super Bowl.

This Super Bowl surprise has Focus unveiling a second ad that will also feature him Tebow and his mother and it was filmed in Orlando at the same time last month as the ad that has garnered so much attention.

Focus on the Family won't reveal the details of this surprise second ad, but CEO Jim Daly confirmed to USA Today that this ad goes further and it appears to be the original ad CBS rejected before it worked with the station on a revised commercial fitting its standards.

In this second ad, Pam Tebow reportedly says "Both of our lives were at risk" when talking about her difficult pregnancy with Tim after suffering from dysentery and entering into a coma.

"They felt that was too much," Daly told USA Today. "So we dropped the line. We didn't fight them." The word "abortion" is never used.

Daly says this new ad is "an open discussion on the sanctity of human life -- not just the issue of abortion -- and he indicated it was made for less than $100,000 with "a bit of humor in it -- in fitting with the Super Bowl theme."

This second ad will reportedly air four times during the pre-game festivities and analysis before the Super Bowl begins.

Daly also told the newspaper that he appreciates those who credit Focus on the Family with supposedly creating a brilliant ploy to draw attention to the ad -- which some media experts say has received $10 million worth of pre-advertising buzz in terms of the media coverage it has received.

"I've seen this called brilliant marketing strategy," laughs Daly. "Well, I can assure you this was not something where we sat down to demonstrate brilliance."

He told USA Today the Focus on the Family ad department conceived the ad and the organization decided the Super Bowl was the best time to air it.

"I thought it was the perfect moment," he said.

The main ad during the Super Bowl reportedly will share the Tebow birth story of how Tebow was on a missions trip to the Philippines and, when she contracted dysentery from tainted food or water, she took heavy medication and her doctor suggested an abortion because the drugs could harm her baby.

Support Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad -

Printed from:
LookUpFellowship posted a story this morning about Jellyfish Aurora over Norweigen skies and the balance of the article continues to a link regarding "Earth-sized sphere's in vicinity of Sun" (links to GodLike Productions, an out there site IMO, but Nasa's images of the sun/spheres were put on a YouTube video (Nasa images with enhancements highlighting spheres in the corona). Googling on topic led to article in The Examiner, which includes someone's home-made video of Nasa's site photos of the sphere's from his own computer showing Nasa's address prior to Nasa removing them for their website. Nasa claims malfuntion.

Sorry, I don't know how to create tiny URL's, but the Nasa videos are worth a view.


Go to enter the adress you wish to make tiny in the window provided and click make tinyurl. Pretty simple once you know where to go.
JD, I do not use gmail, but I would be willing to bet that the ads placed by google are cookie specific. What I mean is, depending on what you spend your time searching for and looking at on the web, your ads could be many different things. Many sites use cookies to narrow their advertising.

On facebook, for example, the ads most of the time on the sides of the site for me are for new albums and tour dates from artists that I like. And whenever I spend time researching online or doing some Christian related reading, the ads mysteriously change to "find christian singles in your area" and things of that nature.

You're probably familiar with this method... And I might be wrong! I only bring up the idea because I myself have never seen any ads on any websites having anything to do with RFID.

I had thought of that, but here is the problem. I am not on my computer. I am using a computer that in most likelyhood has never had RFID typed into a search. Also if it was a cookie specific result that would still play into the data sychronization/collection aspect of the agenda. I appreciate your comment, however in this situation its not applicable as the most this computer gets used for is music and games.
Perious times indeed, Constance, are upon us.

I am in Seattle, and the anti-God campaigns are sickening.

Seattle Arts, a slick magazine which had several copies deposited in a doctor's office I went to, had a lead article on Brenda Peterson, an author who wrote a new book "Why I Want to be Left Behind". This is billed on the cover of the magazine as the author's story of leaving God behind after being raised in a "Rapture Family". She found God in nature, instead, and lives over a beach where she and neighbors "baby sit" seal pups while the seal mothers are away fishing. She says she gets her rapture from nature.

She is a former New Yorker writer and has several several books. She's writing a new one on the seals now.

In Seattle, where nature is lovely,
it is easy to get enraptured by Earth Mother.

Here, we recycle for the preservation of Mother Earth, according to some publicity, and the recycling is very specific and detailed and very hard to follow.

Some other Seattle publications are unexpectedly low-life. The UW Daily, which my parents served on back in the l920's when they were journalism students, seems so fixated on sex (sex of all varieties) that it cannot be considered to be any way a good training ground for future journalists. Not only the front page featured a new sex program to broadcast through the UW, featuring students and "health" experts to talk specifics, but there was a special many-page insert devoted entirely to sex. With pictures of sex toys taking up an entire page. Portraying it as a "health" issue will allow the new radio program to be explicit. The Catholic Newman Club
had taken out a half page ad on respecting others as humans rather than sex objects; good for you, Newman Club, but you are fighting a tough battle here; groups like Newman are simply tolerated by the intelligentsia as jokes.

I came here to see doctors to see if I need to live at low altitude for my condition; concensus is that I wasted my money moving here. I hope to return to somewhere else, but I have been sick and in the ER twice.



While you are correct that it is not cookie-specific - ie, tied to a local computer's searches, whenever you log in to Google, if you search while logged in, you can bet that ALL your searches are logged on THEIR servers, and hence no matter where you log in from, the ads are geared toward your searches. It's how they make their bread and butter.

Our lives are all bought and sold for a pittance.

It's time we start coming up with ways to search anonymously, I say.

The ixquick search engine says they do not record IP addresses. But they don't have the enormous web-crawler resources to gather all the information that Google does either, so you don't get as many results. I have found, though, that they have enough results for what I'm looking for usually, and some of the same top results are in ixquick as are in the top results on Google.

"Google is your friend." Yeah, but not for much longer. There is more and more about Google that I'm not liking.

Makes me think more and more about what Rick Wiles shared at the beginning of the year about Christians communicating via something other than the internet. This is all starting to remind me of a song....
Hi Constance, Have you seen whats being said about Raj Patel? Real interesting! Link off of BORN TO WATCH website concerning maitreya/creme, look at creme's you-tube video and go from there to Raj Patel... prince to come video/ tony in vt
"Law and Order" - Phil Manzanera / 801 (1977)


Saw your face on T.V.
You said it's alright, have no fear
I'm here
Panics ended
Your rights defended
From those who tried to tell you
About the other side of life
The strife that's going on
Go to sleep now
Count the sheep now
With us the dream will never end

It's easy to take what you are told
They said we need law and order
But now all your lives are bought and sold
And just for some law and order

Now the days grow colder
The plans they've got for you are clear
So clear
You're not sure
You want that cure
And those who tried to tell you
About the [crap] that's going down
Are found out on the moor
But just don't ask how
Curfew starts now
Get off the streets and bolt the door

We'll get away from here one day
I'll take you across the border
There's gotta be somewhere we can stay
Where they don't need law and order
Benjamin Creme does not confirm or deny Raj Patel as the "Maitreya!"

View the YouTube Video Here
Justice Minister reluctant to store data


Dictionary tool Double click on a word to get a translation

The European Court of Justice has told Sweden that it must implement a 2006 measure requiring telecom operators to store information about their customers’ phone calls and emails.

•Sweden has Europe's 2nd fastest broadband: report (15 Jan 10)
•EU closes in on banking oversight deal: Borg (2 Dec 09)
•Swedish intelligence agency hit by IT-attack (4 Nov 09)
The European Union directive, known as the Data Retention Directive, was approved by Brussels in March 2006, but Sweden has yet to implement the measure more than three years after its passage.

The Swedish government conceded to the court that it had not fulfilled its obligations and assured the court that the EU directive 2006/24 can be expected to pass into Swedish law on April 1st 2010.

But hours after the verdict was made public, Justice Minister Beatrice Ask told news agency TT that the government would not be preparing a legislative proposal on the issue prior to this autumn's general election.

"The extent to which private companies should be forced to store information about the activities of individuals is an important matter of principle. That's exactly what this is about," Ask told news agency TT.

The minister added that the government would at least wait until the completion of an inquiry into police methods, the findings of which are expected to come at the start of the summer.

The Commission decided in April 2009 to file a suit against Sweden in the European Court of Justice and the court published its decision against Sweden on Thursday.

The Data Retention Directive was championed by former Social Democratic justice minister Thomas Bodström, but the centre-right government has declined to present the legislation to parliament.

"It's no secret that I wasn't very fond of the proposal when it was initiated and I think there is good reason to exercise a certain amount of caution when it comes to gathering information," said Ask.

On two previous occasions, the Commission has questioned why Sweden delayed implementing the law, with the government claiming it was too busy working on the Treaty of Lisbon to turn its attention toward the directive.

Sweden has been told to pay court costs, in accordance with EU praxis.

The measure stipulates that telecom operators store data about customers’ telephone calls, as well as information about text messages and emails.

The directive was passed in the wake of the Madrid and London terrorist bombings. Seen as an important tool in combating terrorism, it raised concerns from privacy advocates.

The way Google decides the ads it places around you email, is because they scan your email for keywords. So if you are emailing anyone data with key words they will show up in your ads. Lets say you email a friend about Wayne Dyer, of which you are not a fan of, the system does not know that, but it sees his name and therefore you will get ads coming up for his latest book. Just try it you will see that is how they get the data. Google electronically reads you email.

Interesting article in about google and the NSA concerning privacy.
Bella, marko,

Thanks to you both for the input. Either way, Google is neck deep in the agenda, this I can provide mounds of evidence on. Whether it be them placing ads of their own or by searching my email it is of little difference. If it is by searching my email as Bella states (which I don't doubt) then it is more of the data collecting/synchronization type. Once my articles get rolling you both will have a better idea of what I am refering to here. It is hard to explain in a short post, but we have found connections to Google almost across the board in this agenda. I am hoping Constance will get the first one posted soon so that I have a better ability to discuss the issues without having to over inflate the board with posts. I am looking forward to being able to discuss this more freely with everyone and want to thank everyone for their patience.
well wrote an article last night about God's victory and Joy in the Lord.
As look to all that the enemy is doing, important to remember.
Mark @ 9:21pm:

Well, I never thought I'd see lyrics to an 801/Manzanera song on here! Presumably the lyrics were written by Bill MacCormick who (according to allmusicguide) dabbled in politics in the '70s in the midst of playing and recording on other's side projects. After quitting the music business altogether in the early '80s he got back in to politics as a liberal in South London.
old Creme seemed to have gotten all choked up over folks even beginning to wonder about raj patel as being a vehicle of maitreyas. That creme is quite a unit. thanks for commenting on it anonoymous. tt in vt/ p.s. raj's message is compelling, hey?!
Geeze i hate to see old Benji boy that choked up- perhaps we can mix him up a fresh batch of the lime in the coconut concoction to help him feel better. Hey maybe there will be enough to SHARE with david spangler and them.../tony/vt, just having some fun with this stuff. truely i wish them boys weren't in darkness
Thank you JD for the info on tinyurl

This one doesn't need a tinyurl

It's an all you wanted to know guide on enlightenment, the masters, and Maitreya - provided in an A-Z form, a primer. (1983, nine masters of wisdom descended the shaft of light to begin their work).

Does Maitreya have a vacation home in the Rockies? Gardiner, MT, the west entrance to Yellowstone is a headquarters/retreat. Google search: The Royal Teton Ranch, Gardiner, MT + Maitreya.

PS: West Yellowstone is rumbling from earthquakes - maybe these folks should move.

Let me rephrase that (LOL) - maybe they should "get the hell out of there".


Yeah, the song was most likely written as an "antiestablishment" song railing against the conservatives in power at the time.

They seemed appropriate for what we're about to face soon.

Truth can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Come to think of it, so can error.

I knew this girl who left Christianity to become a wiccan. She keep insisting she did not need to believe in God , because nature was her god. Talking to her I realized that it was not Christian beliefs that bothered her, but Christian morality. People say they don't want to many rules, such not engaging in pre-marital sex etc. They prefer spiritually without morality, because it's easy.

My college has X-rated Poker nights. Sex is being increasingly pornified . People who point out this fact are accused of being repressed and anti-sex.

@ VW,

Hahahaha.... 99% of the time i type "LOL" in reality there isn't so much as a grunt. That one made me chortle, therefore many ha's were necessary to express my e-amusement.

Amen Savvy,
Anton LeVay's motto was "Do as
thou wilt" -but they then follow
up with "but hurt no one",
which gives it a "show of godliness".
It's such a transparently shallow
philosophy. If the human race weren't
so corrupt, it would make sense, but
a quick glance at history shows
us that if we all do as we want
we all end up either filthy rich or
dirt poor, because the human race
is corrupt, greedy and self serving
by nature.
These people who worship
"nature" don't worship anything, They
just, as you pointed out, want to have
a free for all orgy of the well-known
appetites of mankind, which are,
basically, food, sex and money.

Don't get me wrong as I wasn't criticizing you for posting the lyrics. With a collection of about 3000 LPs (which I've been selective liquidating especially over the past year) I have a fair amount of knowledge of pop/rock and jazz music -- I just didn't expect that on this blog. :-)

You got me to thinking about another of Manzanera's tracks from K-Scope, "Hot Spot," in which the vocalist sings about this girl who was shooting atropine (he apparently thought it was heroin at first) as a sort of prophylactic in expecatation of nuclear war. (I sold this a few years ago; so, the lyrics are not fresh in my mind.)

I, too, am reminded of lyrics -- usually in a different way than the actual original context -- in reference to spiritual things. It could be something I'm going through at the time or someone who had been on mind that I was praying for.

Without going into details, I was once reminded of an old Jefferson Airplane tune and I related it to someone I was praying for at the time. I hadn't heard the song in YEARS; yet, later than same day when I went out to get a hair cut, there it was playing on the radio. This was a few years ago; and, I've not heard it since.
Thanks for you tube link. It's nice to know Maitreya is in a body constructed in 1977 in the Asian part of London. See also
Anonymous 4:56
Should have indicated

Don't worry, I didn't take your post as critical at all. I was just thinking out loud.

Funny you mention about the record collection, I have quite a few records (ha....don't hear that word very often from the younger crowd these days anymore!) as well.

I've been wanting to start selling them off too. If you know of a good way to do so, feel free to contact me at:



Actually LP/vinyl sales have been increasing as of late as it's become trendy amongst the younger generation. This is while compact disk sales are going the other way. Just look at Best Buy; and, you will see new vinyl releases (many of these reissues).

Mail will be coming your way...
Savvy, Sex poker sounds revolting. But it would indeed grind down the inhibitions. Getting people into the groove of wide-ranging sex, and combining it with gambling.

This is where I grew up (Seattle) and I realize that even in the tamer old days there was little good Bible teaching here...I'm sure it was somewhere, but my family was agnostic, in keeping with "intellectual" Journalism majors of the l920's. Sadly, my parents, although spouting all that thought, were tame in their own behavior. They were typical of the generation which broke from the standards of the previous one, but were still living on the "residuals". When I grew up, morality had really become loose, and I was confused, as I had some of those residuals, even in a third generation from the Source, but then there was all of that propaganda from the classes at the University. It was sick. I feel so sad for Ph.D's such as my son and my nephews and my first husband, who are lost in it now, with no guidance. I am really sad, not just saying it; sad at how it all driveled into a heap of nothing.

Benjamin Creme shares his opinion of Constance Cumbey:


Thanks for sharing this. Creme again talks about the sword of cleavage here and how christians who choose not to follow his false teacher will end up on the wrong side of this sword. Nothing like telling us exactly what will happen if we refuse to follow. This guy could have shut Creme down the second he started spouting off about us all being divine, if he would have simply referenced that this was one of Lucifer's lies told in the garden. He does speak of Constance a few times though, and makes a point of using her name in reference to the so called sword of cleavage. Sounds like a threat to me.

Tremendous video! Thanks for posting. Reveals Satan's strategy far better than anything I've seen or read or been able to post:

Christian (fundamentalists) who resist Maitreya, according to Creme, resist "love" itself, they resist "compassion", so it is really they who have the spirit of ANTICHRIST!

We can see how this is all going to play out, just from watching this short vid.

And to them will fall "the sword of cleavage".

Keep this young man in prayer.

And Constance, you are obviously a thorn in Creme's (and this "Maitreya's") side. That, I would say, is a real blessing. It may not feel like it in this world, but it will become apparent in the next.

Here's the kid's youtube page.
Just watched the video Nick linked to. For Constance to be specifically named by Mr. Creme must be quite an honor. Mr. Creme is so far gone, it's almost sad. He says Maitreya is full of love. Well, I'll tell you what he's full of. Deceit!

This is why Christians need to be so rooted in the Bible. Mr. Creme attempts to take the writings of John in both his Gospel and epistles and make it sound as if Maitreya is equal to Jesus in terms of Love. To come right out and deny that Jesus is the Son of God. It's rather infuriating. Whoa to Mr. Creme!

The best thing you can do for your family is pray. The problem with the world today is not that it does not sin, but that it has lost the sense of sin. We need to pray that God will awake the consciences of these people.

God Bless,

The New Age definition of love is "respect me and I will respect you the same way." Jesus said "love your neighbour as yourself." Love is a duty we owe to people, it doesn't consist of loving people if they only we accept our views. Such a love is self-centered.

The young man who made the video started to point out something quite important, the only thing is he didn't quite emphasize it enough, which he obviously can't be blamed for since I'm sure he was a little bit nervous..
Creme is doing is something that has become a trend in recent history. They offer the people and ideal that can not be met, whether it be the “perfect equality” of communism or the “perfect genes” of Naziism, and then when perfection is not met, they must find a scapegoat.
Creme, Raj and the Maitreya crowd are offering world peace and an end to hunger – obviously something that can not be attained. But the worrisome thing is that people are buying into it, and when they see their efforts start to fail, they will certainly look for someone to blame. And yes, they will first look to the people who are directly opposing the one that they call their savior.

More on Raj...

Benjamin Crème’s Maitreya? American Hindu man worshipped as god

From The New York Times:

Raj Patel’s desk sits in a dusty, cement-floored nook in his garage, just beyond a parked gray Prius, near the washer and dryer. They are humble surroundings for a god.

“It is absurd to be put in this position, when I’m just some bloke,” Mr. Patel said.

A native of London now living on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, Mr. Patel suddenly finds himself an unlikely object of worship, proclaimed the messiah Maitreya by followers of the New Age religious sect Share International.

He was raised as a Hindu and had never heard of the group. He has no desire for deification. But he may not have a choice.

Dave in CA
Hello Constance the links to your work and other websites are not displaying on your blogpage anymore. Have they been moved?

Thank you Constane,JD , Dorothy, Susan and all that research and contribute here I so appreciate your work!

m in dallas
I apologize for spelling your name wrong. :(

Thanks m. Many people contribute here. All of our contributions appear like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. I've just been around a long time. Quite often I just follow up on what others post without being able to contribute new information on my own. I sit back and think how their new information fits in with what I already know. It's impossible to thank everyone by name who contributes. If we did, the threads would look like a Hallmark card store. Just a comment to others who post here without getting a response. I recently read a comment that said many people read what is written by bloggers, but 97% of them never respond to anything written; they just absorb. I have a small email list and hardly ever get comments on what I send out. So to everyone who posts here, just keep going. Yes, you're appreciated by all of us.


Thanks, Dorothy, and all posters!
A Christian teacher told today how he lost his job after complaining that Muslim pupils as young as eight hailed the September 11 hijackers as 'heroes'.

Nicholas Kafouris said he was forced from his £30,000-a-year post because he would not tolerate the 'racist' and 'anti-Semitic' behaviour of children.

Read more:
Dorothy and All

I second that Amen! I to sit back and read... absorb ... them share it out with others who are not aware of what is going on.

Many Christians don't even want to know what is happening out there. They just ignore or dismiss what you say altogether.

The look you get "says it all".

God Bless you all. ((Hugs))
Links to my work and others are showing on my browser (Chrome) -- you might check your browser settings if they aren't showing on yours.

Hi Nick,

Haven't watched the Creme pontification on YT yet, but if he dislikes me, I'll wear it like a badge of honor!


Dave In CA,

I don't think this Raj Patel is Maitreya. Creme clearly says that Maitreya will make himself known to people. Raj Patel hasn't done that yet.

I read a passage in Galatians (1:6-9) that seemed to fit my thoughts of Benjamin Creme:

6 I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel;

7 which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you and want to distort the gospel of Christ.

8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

9 As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!

You are entitiled to your opinion.

But I would point out that Creme's Maitreya is supposed to remain incognito until the day of "declaration".

Uncle Benny posted the following on the SI website:

"His open mission has begun."

"He was introduced not as Maitreya, the World Teacher and Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, but simply as a man, one of us. In this way He “ensures that men follow
and support Him for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His status."

"He spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world’s resources."

"This is the first of many such interviews which will be given in the USA, Japan, Europe and elsewhere, bringing His message of hope to the world."

Benjamin Creme, 14 January 2010

I am currently reading Patel's "Stuffed and Starved", skipped ahead to the sub chapter entitled "666 and All that", regarding barcodes, RFID, and EPC. (Maybe it's just me, but that particular chapter sounded more interesting than the others!)

In it, RAj details the historical use of the technology, how it is presently used, and how it will be used in the future (to further control production and distribution among other things.) Patel appears to be no fan of chipping, yet it makes perfect sense. How else could "the one" insure that we all share equally?

I have to admit, it sounds "absurd" to think that "just some bloke" could turn out to be "the one" doesn't it? We shall have to wait and see if this really does play out a la the life of "Brian". Perhaps there will be more impressive "signs" later on, after the day of declaration.

Can hardly wait.

Presentations for downloading is empty...has been for a while.
Cute isn't it. Patel writes a book called Stuffed and Starved . Michelle Obama's project is obesity in children. I like to go to Amazon and read the comments about books that are mentioned. Here's a comment from a critical comment about the book.

"Readers should know first that the book's title is cleverly misleading. The book is only tangentially about the unhealthy make-up of the modern diet and the agribusiness oligopolies that have created it.

"Instead, author Patel seems to be mainly concerned with fixing blame for the world's food problems, and that blame rests almost exclusively with Britain and the U.S."

More garbage about equalizing the wealth around the world through government planning. Unfortunately it works because the average person knows so little about the world around them. Dumbed down people believe whatever the propagandists want them to believe.

Hi All,

I just thought that this was scary and at the same time funny. Interesting though.


Please explain what the implication would be if Israel joined the European Union. I know it's significant but I'm not sure why.

Thanks so much!
People are going to have to crank up their discernment a notch in reading or listening to Patel. I'm sure everybody reading this blog has their sensors on high alert.

Patel's right about market forces, "free" (yet highly monopolized) trade, corporate power profit motive, and human greed creating our current techno controlled global food system with it's ever declining nutritional content and environmental degradation fueled by limited choices of unhealthy low cost mass marketed food products flooding richer nation's "supermarkets" despite the real (moral and social) costs to the "consumer" and the devastating effects on mainly poor subsistence "southern world" producers.

(Whew, that was a mouthful! Sorry!)

Do you see that the dialectic is in major play here? Two choices. Continue supporting the current world system, World Bank, B.I.S., UN, corporate top down controlled monopolies, (the Pfizer's, Google's, and the Monsanto's of the world)....


....move off the marketplace model to something called, "Food Sovereignty" grass roots democracy. In theory, the bottom tells the top how it's going to be.

Only problem is that in moving away from one system towards what people may be convinced is a better way, lies a period of total chaos and societal collapse.

By design.

Stop beating about the bush. Say what you mean Omots.
When it comes to mass marketing sustainability (Agenda 21), Audi is ahead of the curve. Another perspective on their "Green Police" Superbowl commercial:

Whether or not Raj Patel is Maitreya only time will tell. But he is very dangerous. And all the questioning about his identity only serves to prompt the curious to check him out, leaving them prey to his ideology.

Nick at 2:00 said, ” Creme is doing is something that has become a trend in recent history. They offer the people and ideal that can not be met, whether it be the “perfect equality” of communism or the “perfect genes” of Naziism, and then when perfection is not met, they must find a scapegoat.”

Nick is right. And our young adults are the vulnerable ones because their Biblical foundations have been swept out from underneath them. Even those raised in the church have no moorings. A huge number are being influenced by Emerging Church philosophies, which in addition to liberal theologies also has New Age roots. Constance has highlighted this in past interviews.

Just further evidence of the “Perfect Storm” brewing.
Does anyone know about David Jones and this One Young World summit that is supposed to happen in Feb 2010? They talk about global issues: food, money and religion were mentioned.

The webpage for One Young World

As far as being introduced to his ideology, where you been? The movie FOOD INC. is making the rounds across the country in our schools, my son saw it a couple months ago. Avatar is the biggest grossing (pun intended) movie of all time. So much for protecting our youth from the ideology.

May the Lord have mercy on us, and keep us from being deceived in the coming days. Psalm 23 comes to mind.

Besides, looks like our focus is going to shift pretty soon, Feb. 11 big day for Iran, supposedly.

Has any other man come forward recently to outline the changes needed to save the planet?


The Value of Nothing -
How to reshape market society and redefine democracy,

Naomi Klein writes:

“This is a deeply thought-provoking book about the dramatic changes we must make to save the planet from financial madness”

Yes, let's not talk about Patel here, people might notice that he seems to be the only one that has it all figured out.

I have to admit, I like him. I agree with much of what he writes. That is very, very disturbing to me, and should be to any of you.

None of us see all things clearly. But I won't heed any warnings about not sharing what I do see and/or what the Lord has placed on my heart.


Yes, you are right. "Introduced" might not be the correct word. "Where I been?" --right here for several years now. I am learning and processing. Can we have patience with one another?

But you are right. The youth have it already ingrained in them. What I meant was that this could be the opening--what they have been waiting for all along. They will have an "introduction" so to speak to him particularly with all the ideology coming together.

But it is also true that even Christian youth who have been sheltered by well-meaning parents are vulnerable to be swept up by this, because so many are not aware of Satan's devices. Many parents who keep their children from movies like Avatar, Twilight, Harry Potter, etc. (and they should!), fail to teach how this is deceptive and what the deception is because they don't know themselves. Just hide our heads in the sand and stay away from it. But curious children are attracted to the forbidden fruit. These children will be introduced to the ideology when they discover Patel.

I understand this because it is happening in my church. Young adults have been swept away because they were not taught to recognize the deception. What Raj Patel says sounds soooo good.

But I do acknowledge that it would have been better to say, that what is already ingrained in them will find its fulfillment in Patel.

Blessings to you!

What you said about engaging and teaching youth instead of just saying "Don't!" is so important.

As I've probably stated before, I work with youth (not in any official way, just as a youth sponsor and mentor of those God entrusts to me through friendship), and I can tell you that if many of the parents and church leaders really knew what they youth are ALREADY exposed to on a daily basis, they would be fasting and praying for their divine protection on a daily basis.

That is why I went with a couple of youth who were planning on seeing Avatar anyway, so that afterward we went to Hacienda and talked about the dangers that were hidden within all the 3-D action.

Some will disagree with my method, but we gotta start getting aggressive in what we discuss with our youth and how we can break through and rescue them. Goodness.... things like "oral sex" are to them what smoking a cigarette was to us. It breaks my heart to see so many being swept away by deception and even the demonic, and the "spirit of this age", which leads to death.

In New Age and other Academic circles, Christianity is portrayed as the enemy that colonized Asia, Africa, South America etc, and robbed these people of their cultures, religion etc. What they don't tell people is that it was Christianity that put an end to temple prostitution, infanticide, human sacrifice, cannibalism etc, in all these places. If missionaries leave Africa, they'll be left with witch doctors, and the axe.

An Atheist who says Africa needs Christian Missionaries

Read the comments section, where Christianity is said to be the worship of Jews as living gods, people wrote that Christians killed those who refused to worship the evil Jew as God.


I don't know who runs It's a pathetic website that accuses Christianity of every crime under the sin.

In addition to Acciona, the Business School, and Spanish Security Policy, Javier Solana has just become a SENIOR POLICY FELLOW at the BROOKINGS INSTITUTION in Washington, D.C., very, very close to the Obama Administration.

Google him and Raj Patel together. You'll get a bunch of hits.

Check your gmail and your Goggle Documents.
Opps that should have been Google not Goggle. lol

Sorry. I can be overly sarcastic sometimes. My wife says I'm short on diplomacy skills. She's right. I'll work on it. No harm intended.

That said, I'll post this last comment on the same topic, then shut up for awhile.

I skip around in books like Patel's, so it took me awhile to read the introduction. On page 17 of Stuffed & Starved, Patel writes the following:

"There is no pure ideology made flesh, no holier-than-thou land in which resistance is perfect and untrammelled."

In a worldy sense, he's absolutely right.

But it sounds to me like a not so subtle attack on Jesus Christ, (John 1:14) and the sovereignty of God.

True colors showing?

Guess who's joining the Brookings Institute?

Javier Solana Joins Brookings

Washington will have an important new resource as it moves into the tough pressure stage of its Iran policy.

The top European nuclear negotiator with Iran for the past several years, Javier Solana, is joining the Brookings Institution as a distinguished senior fellow.

Solana, former NATO Secretary General and EU high rep for foreign and security policy, will advise Brookings' Foreign Policy program, headed by Martin Indyk, and the Global Economy and Development program, headed by former UNDP chief Kemal Dervish.

"We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Solana with us," a Brookings hand writes. . . .

"We are deeply honored that Dr. Solana has agreed to join Brookings and look forward to benefiting from his vast experience dealing with the world’s most critical challenges," Brookings' President Strobe Talbott said in a subsequent statement. "With his many years of outstanding service as Europe’s leading diplomat and as leader of NATO ... he has been a major figure on the world stage who has showed extraordinary leadership on such international crises as the Yugoslav and Kosovo Wars and the efforts to bring peace to the Middle East and curb Iran's nuclear program."

Posted by Laura Rozen 09:03 AM

Well, isn't that special!
"Am I calling, then, for breakup of the euro. No: the costs of undoing the thing would be immense and hugely disruptive. I think Europe is now stuck with this creation, and needs to move as quickly as possible toward the kind of fiscal and labor market integration that would make it more workable."
-- Paul Krugman
URL for Krugman article:
To echo anon@10:22 pm, your Presentations for Downloading page is empty.

I can't get to your "Rainbow" book. I've tried Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE, and other computers.

Could you please check it?
Serious problems emerging with the Greek economy and no obvious answer. Is this the unravelling of the western free market economy?

It has to be. The western economy has no other place to go.
There will be repercussions from this one. Hard hitting cuts in public spending and increased taxation are just around the corner, for us all.

We can expect some movement on geo-political strategy as those who have waited patiently for the right time, now find it expedient to make their move.

Our God provides.

I notice that Constance has linked to News With Views. I am hereby distancing myself from anything posted there. All I can say to everyone is Buyer Beware.

Savvy, I do pray that those in my family will acknowledge that sin exists and is responsible for a lot of the trauma we have suffered.

"The sword of cleavage"--whoa, that sounds pretty threatening. Sort of like the old New Age concept that those who don't get with the new program will be eliminated, some way, humanely perhaps? Raptured out of here for re-education by the space masters? But taken out of the way, for sure, of the forced march to human perfection.

As several said, including OMOTS, there is truth in some of what Patel says, and Michelle Obama, when they talk about denatured food. In my own experience, much supermarket food and much restaurant food is denatured. If I do not eat organic food I now am exhausted and useless.
Anyone over the age of (you name it) who exists on our denatured food
will become candidates for euthanasia rather quickly. I think maybe about 50 one runs out of the capacity to live on denatured food, which is most of what we get.

One can eat an empty-calorie meal occasionally and get away with it.
If one keeps eating that same food,
one will collapse.

So when those we disagree with state things we do agree with, we must use our own sword of cleavage to draw the line on what we will accept that they say, and what we will not accept.

I have had the link to NewswithViews up since I started this blog. There is nothing new there. I think I'll go eat worms or something.

TRY THE "presentations for downloading" link and if that doesn't work, try this to get my books:

Evidently, Apple changed the server links and as usual, I was the last to know because I hardly check that site.


I also thought News With Views was a good site and recommended it for a long time. Only when I did some research on Paul Walter who runs the site after opening one of his banners did I learn things. Anyone who wants to know more will have to do their own checking. I already paid a price for what I know.

Why am I commenting now? It's time.

I am with you Dorothy.

I hereby distance myself from anything posted there also.

We all had to distance our self from other sites. NewsWithViews is now on the list.

Thanks Dorothy I'm behind you 100%.
Why don't we all distance ourselves from all media Dorothy doesn't consider 100% pure and then nobody will have anywhere to post anything?
The link to NewswithViews has been up as long as I have had this blogspot and Dorothy used to be delighted that I had the outlet and told me I needed to use it. Once Dorothy called me and was upset that my name was not appearing on its list of authors.

It has served useful functions. If it was not for NewswithViews many important articles by Dennis Cuddy and myself would not have received circulation -- period.

There are no perfect churches because there are no perfect people. Ditto with websites.

Shall we demand our books be excluded from libraries because the libraries include books with which we disagree.

Dorothy has been my friend for many years, but like her, I reserve the right to think for myself.

All I can say to readers here is do your own research. All things are not what they seem. I can't say here if Constance has been informed of what I found. As far as the columnists over there, they were informed at the time. The world is full of people who are willing to overlook things if there is a benefit to themselves. It's a weak side of human nature. This goes beyond seeing the other side of issues.

When I said human weakness, I can say that's how Obama got in office, coming out of Chicago politics. Mayor Daley of Chicago said two rules of politics are "Don't make no waves, don't back no losers."
In Chicago nobody knows nobody.

If you don't make waves and say "I see nothing," you get Obama types in control.

"Why don't we all distance ourselves from all media Dorothy doesn't consider 100% pure and then nobody will have anywhere to post anything?"

I don't the anon said they are making a judgment about News With Views purely based on blind obedience to Dorothy. Rather, they are stating they agree with her. I suspect the grounds for that agreement is a principled one, based on their own research and their own free will.

I want to add myself to the list of people who agree with Dorothy on the News with Views issue, and who think for myself. Like Dorothy I have to agree to disagree with Constance on this one.

I also lost complete confidence in Farmer (Bjorn) momnths ago based on the scary occult ties he was flaunting and has not repudiated, to my knowledge.
Does Raj Patel live alone ?
Why would he move to San Francisco ?

I'm thinking maybe he's gay.
God help anyone who would critisize that.
"I also lost complete confidence in Farmer (Bjorn) momnths ago based on the scary occult ties he was flaunting and has not repudiated, to my knowledge."

Absolutely, and we all had to distance ourselves from Johnny's Say No To Global Governance blog because he is a hateful anti-Semite and is disgusting to all women.

Our blog is behind those decisions we all decided upon months ago.

If any of you are still visiting those sites you are being deceived.

If any of you have a problem with our decision then leave now.

YOU are not welcome here.

Dorothy WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU 100% INCLUDING>>>>>>>Constance<<<<<<<<.
YEAH!!!! Dorothy

Absolutely Dorothy!!!!!!

Bjorn is an adulterer, so he and Johnny can both be disgusting towards women together. 100% Dorothy for women everywhere.
How dare you speak for this blog. YOU can leave this blog MS. Goddess. LOL
Unfortunately I can't say why I oppose NWV publicly, but I have solid reasons. You know why the other two sites were opposed. While I appreciate the support, you need to know why you oppose anything. Some readers here already know as a result of an earlier effort of mine, but I would ask them not to share what they know publicly. Sorry it's got to be that way, but things can get complex.

That's right Dorothy secrecy is the most important complexity;-)
When we desire to confine our words, we commonly say they are spoken under the rose.
This discussion has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. I am not running a cult on this board and I will not permit anybody else to do so either. "Take the wheat and leave the chaff." For the record, I was the first to warn about Bjorn and took plenty of heat for doing so. I have deep reservations about the say some handled Joyce and Rudi on this board. Can't we all be adults and agree to disagree from time to time?

Constance, you're right. This blog isn't a cult. How can there be disagreements if disagreements aren't allowed to come out in the open. Are we to just talk past each other, never confronting one another? Then these threads would be just entertainment with no more value than a daily television schedule. I thought the goal was to expose the New Age movement and EVERYTHING connected with it.

Yes, but if we all bite and devour one another, what's left?

Worms to eat.
With a side of relish.
I don't think the threads are composed only of comments by manipulators viciously attacking each other. If we just agree to disagree with everything in the world of ideas, we will be left with mush on the brains singing about peace and meditating on our bellybuttons. There are things one has to stand up against no matter how painful, difficult or challenging it may be. As the lawyer that you are, I know you know that and have lived that belief.
VW 2:51 pm

Great post. Wow, I couldn't make that stuff up if I tried! Lots of catholicism in that sight. I've speculated that mary the queen of heaven would be used to unify the worlds religions, and here we see a perfect example of that.
Marko 3pm

Love the quote about error found!
Hello constance my name is zach im also known as theendishere1 on youtube. I recently sent you an E-mail and would really like for you to read it and reply we do have somethings we need to talk about. Not for my own sake, I am just doing what i am told. I'm sure you can figure out who told me.
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