Saturday, February 27, 2010


MASSIVE 8.8 EARTHQUAKE HITS CHILE! Tsumani warnings are in place for most of Pacific.
CNN is reporting a attempt to evacuate Hawaii. Tsunami reported and projections have the wave slamming the islands at over 400 mph.
they are saying Robinson Crusoe island was hit by the tsunami already and is devastated
Early reports have the wave at about 3 meters. Fairly relative in size compared to the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami. Hawaii and many of the surrounding islands have mountainous terrain, so I am praying the devastation isn't as severe.
There is lots of "up country" in Hawaii. The populace must go there rather than try to get off the islands in the relatively few carriers available. Even that will be difficult on a highly populated island like Oahu.
Not too difficult on Maui. Some of the hotels and condos are actually a bit below sea level on Maui, so the folks better get going wiki wiki.
147 confirmed dead in Chile.

Tsunami warning for Hawaii . . . with expectations to come ashore at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (4:00 PM Eastern Time).

Advisories for California, Oregon, Washington and Western Canada.

For more . . .
From AOL News . . .

On the island of Robinson Crusoe, a huge wave from the tsunami covered half the village of San Juan Batista and three people were missing, said Ivan de la Maza, the superintendent of Chile's principal mainland port, Valparaiso.

A helicopter and a Navy frigate were enroute to the island to assist in the search, he said.
I thought this post from a previous thread by "m in dallas" was important; so, I'm reposting it here:

thought this was interesting. I don't know what other airlines are offering this. As I was booking a flight from Boston to Dallas through Continental Airlines I was offered the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets reduce the environmental impact of my trip. My offest was estimated at $5.46 which Continental would contribute to Sustainable Travel International.

STI supposedly takes that money and invests in environmental organizations and projects to develop sustainable energy.

I would say VERY interesting indeed!

From Wikipedia . . .

"Approximately 1,655 killed, 3,000 injured, 2,000,000 homeless, and $550 million damage in southern Chile; tsunami caused 61 deaths, $75 million damage in Hawaii; 138 deaths and $50 million damage in Japan; 32 dead and missing in the Philippines; and $500,000 damage to the west coast of the United States." (USGS)
CNN is reporting that in Hawaii, the water is 'starting to pull away' or recede - one of the first signs of a Tsunami approaching - although it may take some time before it approaches the shore.
From UPI (02/27/10)


International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said Friday a new reserve currency should be explored as an alternative to the U.S. dollar.

Strauss-Kahn, answering questions after a speech at IMF headquarters in Washington, said a new reserve currency would be “intellectually healthy to explore,” The New York Times reported.

The IMF chief declared the need for a “renewed vision” of the world monetary body, which was formed in the aftermath of the 1994 Bretton Woods Agreements in New Hampshire, saying the organization must find better ways to uncover financial crises before risks metastasize throughout the global financial system.

“As long as the United States maintains sound macroeconomic policies and deep, liquid, and open financial markets, the dollar will continue to be the major reserve currency,” the Treasury Department said in an October 2009 report.
This is sad. Let's keep these people in out prayers. I do think these things are warning signals from heaven, calling us to repentance.

Does anyone else feel like this could turn into something more (especially in light of JD's most recent blog)?
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