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Our JD is starting an important new Blogspot

Another Michigander, "JD" of Battle Creek is starting an extremely important new blogspot which will be mandatory reading for those of staying abreast with what I have shorthand labeled for years as "The Cashless Society." I have been trying to balance my law practice and wrap my arms around his extensive research for some time now and I am thrilled that he is devoting an important internet forum to it.

I have much to say and little stamina to saying it right now. I have been asked to judge regional law school competitions in Detroit next weekend. To be asked is an honor in my profession and I am balancing that this week as well.

Needless to say, much is happening. It looks like chaos is breaking out all over -- we have to pray daily to survive it and stay in the Lord's will -- our only refuge from the trying times at hand.

Stay tuned -- JD's blogspot, Rich of Medford, Holly Pivec, Herescope, as well as here . . .


Over at THE 70TH WEEK link, there is a brilliant column on the Greece - European Union situation.


Thanks, I have just put up my first piece over there. I will be fine tuning the blog through out the weekend.

I just finished reading your first presentation. Great job in putting all the seemingly endless data together!!!

Glad to see your blog begin.
I have been looking forward to reading your research and wanted to thank you for work you have done for the ones here who are watching the fulfilling of the word of God.
Have been silent reader of Constance's site and a student of Gods word.
Have you contacted Katherine Albrecht with about your research? She could help
spread the word about your blog and I am sure this is just the interview for her radio program.

God Bless you all,

The first article is great and looking forward to the ones to come. This issue, often not given the attention it deserves, is an important part of our current reality and has important prophetic implications.

Thanks for your hard work!

Dave in CA

"-- we have to pray daily to survive it and stay in the Lord's will -- our only refuge from the trying times at hand."

Absolutely agree. What's so appreciated about this blog is both the incredible indepth research and the very open recognition that our only hope is in the Lord and His faithfulness to us.

Congratulations on your judging of the regional competitions!

Dave in CA
Thank you JD, May Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless and protect you mightily in this project. Well done to you, I've also bookmarked your blogspot. Once again, well done for your hard work and dedication here, and I also pay my respects to our Dear Susanna for her tireless endevours to help others whenever asked.

God bless you JD,

Rob in London.
I think it's great to be able to have one blog totally devoted to exposing the creation of the new world order and another one that focuses on the creation of a new world religion. This is kind of how I look at JD's and Rich's blog. Constance, though, is great to pull it all together. It's all happening so fast.

Just think, the writers of the epistles often referred to the "end-times" and Jesus' Second Coming as happening very soon. For us, it's right around the corner.

As always many thanks.


Thanks. I have not contacted Albrecht or anyone outside of our sphere yet. I have had a brief conversation with Dennis Cuddy on the subject, but have been primarily focused on pulling the massive amounts of information into presentable forms. Other forums will be considered once I have everything in order on my end.

Dave, David, and Rob

Thanks you all.
Joe Stack Hailed as Hero in American 'Patriot' Resurgence

This is from ABC news. I am not going to post it as it is 3 pages. However if one wants to see how this incident is being spun, look no further. There is even reference to the DHS report I spoke of before. As well as lumping him in with all of the "racist" anti-Obama crowd.
JD, Bravo! I read your first post this morning on my way to work and promptly forwarded to my friends.

It's amazing to see how much is happening under the radar.

I will be checking your blog often, please don't make us wait too long for the rest of the info ;-)

I won't make you wait too long for the next part. There is a lot of information to cover which will take some time, but my plan is to keep installments coming regularly. Thanks for passing the information along.
Constance and All

CNN is showing a simulated reaction to a cyber attack and how government will respond taking over cell phones, internet, etc..
This is a two hour program being replayed 4 or 5 times this weekend.
I'm sure many here would enjoy watching.

p.s. Constance have my last 3 faxes
made it through to your office?


18.02.2010 @ 09:41 CET

A French freemason has said that part of the movement is keen to open a bureau in Brussels to lobby against the rising influence of religious organisations in the EU institutions.

"The masonic orders should practice politics in the positive sense of the term: So that despite their own partisan divisions, they speak out on the side of secularism and voice their disagreement with this or that governmental or European decision," Jean-Michel Quillardet, the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France, told Belgian daily Le Soir in an interview out on Wednesday (17 February).

The EU commission should be a secularist body, the freemasons say (Photo: European Commission)
He said that masonic lodges in Europe remain divided on the subject, with some more "shy" than others of attracting publicity by opening an office in the EU capital.

But he added that practical problems are more important than the divisions and sketched out an agenda for the future outfit.

"I think we will one day manage to create a general masonic delegation, for the sake of free-thinking in the European institutions. It's possible politically. It's less possible at the financial level, as we have infinitely smaller resources than the churches," Mr Quillardet explained.

The mason said that the Brussels bureau's first task would be to promote the idea of citizenship:

"It is necessary to impose the universal idea of the Enlightenment, which consists of the notion that people are citizens and European citizens before being Jewish, black, Maghreb, homosexual, heterosexual."

Mr Quillardet explained that the Grand Orient de France has already created a cell which attempts to bring together all the lodges in Europe.

In 2007 it organised a pan-European masonic congress in Strasbourg, with subsequent meetings in 2008 and 2009 in Greece and Turkey. The 2010 event is to be in Portugal.

He added that in 2008 European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso for the first time met with delegates from a group of lodges including his own and in the same year wrote a letter to the international congress in Athens.

"We told him that apart from its Christian roots, Europe owed much to Greek and Roman philosophy, Renaissance humanism and the Enlightenment. We obtained representation for masonic orders and for groups which defend secularism in Bepa," he said, in reference to the Bureau of European Policy Advisers, a high-level policy analysis unit in the EU commission.

The Barroso letter was "for us a recognition on the intellectual landscape," Mr Quillardet explained.

© 2010 All rights reserved. Printed on 21.02.2010.

Also posted on
Congratulations, JD . . . and may God be with you and give you strength and guidance on your research journey.
I wanted to leave a comment on your blog, JD, but I couldn't understand the various thingies one had to choose from at the end to put in a URL You see, I'm from a REALLY non-tech era. I can't even put my name, other than "Anonymous" at the beginning of these comments on Constance's blog.

I still remember, JD, how sweet is was for you to pray for my concern that there was "Indian drumming" outside all night (like a low chant)
the night my husband died, and how you got the feather dropped on your windshield as a sign that it was good. I am still in very deep grief over his loss, as he was my only close friend, due to me having two rare blood diseases which have kept me, (and us, when he was alive)
isolated from the social norms. I am just sick of living, JD, and I ask your prayer now for me to find courage to keep going until the rapture, or whatever end you think will come for us as believers in the Lord. I feel I can't keep going
much longer.

I seem to not care a lot about the RFID--isn't that odd? I think I have assumed for a long time that the gov't has our "number" and that the gov't is not our friend. I knew this after the 2000 Los Alamos fire, in which FEMA lied to us, distorted records, and robbed us of our savings. We never recovered, and that has been nearly 11 years I have had to live through, but it was bearable when Irv was alive.

So oddly, I gave up caring what the gov't does to "track" me. They tracked me well enough after the fire to decide I wasn't worth fully paying the insurance (which they had taken over) on my house in Los Alamos, even though they paid some people 3 times what their homes were worth. The gov't has always been a chiseler, and rewards those it likes, and destroys those it does not like. So what is new? But your research will be great for younger people who still care about the world and how it goes.


Mariel, sorry to hear of your grief, but know that the "Father" loves you. He knows your pain. Know to live is Christ, to die is gain. I pray you get a sense of God's touch on your broken heart. He knows you and knows your weaknesses, but He is made strong in our weakness. God has you here, as he is not yet finished with you and not time for you to go home. Know God's love. Please feel free to email me
I am deeply troubled by the teaching of Kabbalah on this site. More so that no-one has opposed what is in essence, the same teaching as Bailey and Blavatsky.

Omots and anyone else who may be interested in the dangers of Jewish GNOSTICISM
please feel free to contact me.

God bless

I do remember the troubles you were having, and remember talking to you, however I believe it was another poster who had the feather part. I have changed my posting parameters so that anonymous posts are accepted. Did not realize I needed to do so, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will continue to pray for you. I can't imagine your sense of loss. Focus intently on the Lord, He alone can sustain us through such trying times.

Please KNOW that others on this blog care deeply about you and are praying for you . . . that our dear Heavenly Father gives you the strength to go on in spite of your tremendous sadness over your losses.
"I am deeply troubled by the teaching of Kabbalah on this site. More so that no-one has opposed what is in essence, the same teaching as Bailey and Blavatsky.

Omots and anyone else who may be interested in the dangers of Jewish GNOSTICISM
please feel free to contact me.

God bless

Dear Pete,

I am also deeply troubled by the promotion of Kabbalah here. I believe that people are afraid to speak out because they fear being accused of anti-semitism. To my understanding, there are many Jewish people who oppose Kabbalistic teaching. We should boldly do the same.

However, we certainly cannot compare Len, for example, to Bailey or Blavatsky, both of whom were Satanists.

As Christians we are responsible not only for what we say but for what we fail to say, and we are our brother's keeper.

We will be held accountable for what we have said and done and for what we have failed to say and do. For there is a way which seems right unto a man but it is a way which leads to destruction. We must love the Truth and defend it. Let us, however, be gentle and longsuffering towards one another.

God bless Pete, Len, and to all here,

Peace be with you all.

Rob in London.
Rob, Amen.

I agree it is a fear of appearing anti-semitic.

Exposing apostate Judeaism does not make one an anti-semite just as exposing Christian leaders who have turned aside from the truth does not make one the Anti-Christ.

My concern is that some who browse these boards are easily influenced and may be led astray by these blatent gnostic doctrines.

In His love.
Dear Mariel,

I am deeply sorry for your pain and your loss. Nearly three years ago I lost my brother. He was heavily depressed and drowned in a river. We did not find him until a week afterward. It has broken my heart for the rest of my life. I do not know if he took his life (or could'nt keep his life due to mental illness) or if it was an accident. The angers, gulits, confusion, and all that followed was well beyond awful, and there was nobdy outside my family that I could really talk to; because unless someone has suffered a loss in that way, they cannot, with all respect to them, ever understand.

I humbly, therefore, do not pretend to understand your loss Mariel, I just wanted to share a little of my experience with you so that you do not feel so alone. I pray that the Lord watches over you and eases your burdens. That in time you may begin to heal, and that for now He lets you know how much He loves and cares for you.

Please email me anytime you need to talk, if you need anything, or I can help in any way please let me know and I will do my best, God willing.

God bless you and keep you safe in His loving mercy,

Rob in London.
Pete Mc,

I agree with you, I am having to learn, however, that we need to be discerning and outspoken but gentle and loving with it.

God bless you,

Rob in London.
Results 1 - 100 of about 2,760,000 for kabbalah [definition]. (0.50 seconds)

Oh yes, I'm sure you know what you're talking about. Originally it was an exploration tool used by rabbis who had studied Judaism for many years, and even then there were warnings about the study of it.

No copyright on the Kabbalah. It was picked up by many, including manyChristians who called themselves scholars. The problem is that as an exploration tool it lent itself to all kinds of conclusions, each writer thinking he was the one that finally understood it. Then the critiquers came along with their interpretations of the interpretations. Then the scam artists came along with their interpretations.

An exploration tool is just that. It presents ideas for attempting to understand the human mind that go beyond what is given by whatever authorities are accepted by individuals wherever they are.

Socrates used them, The Matrix movie used exploration tools, philosophers through the ages have done the same. Mystics and saints and DNA researchers use exploration tools. You need exploration tools if you want to go beyond what others are telling you what you must think.

I am skeptical that 2,760,000 sources can agree what Kabbalah is or isn't, and you guys would make it 2,760,002. If you are going to write about kabbalah, please provide your sources of information.

The Kabalah is an anathema to any Christian who is worth his salt and has not lost his flavour Dorothy. I do not believe that any of the apostles, nor for that matter any of the prophets of the Tanach in obedience to God would ever dabble in the Kabalah. It is gnosticism.

That is my position. To state that a 'Christian' would do so, immediately would make such a 'Christian' apostate!

God bless you,

Rob in London.

There is no evidence within the Tanach nor the Holy Bible as a whole, to support Kabalistic teachings as having come from Moses or the Prophets as given to them as divine inspiration from God. I do not trust another source to tell me it is divine, that is my position. It is also my position that the Kabalah has its roots in the ancient mystery school teachings of Ancient Babylon and its seed comes straight out of Genesis Three, as does all gnosticism, when the Serpent beguiled Eve.

Genesis 3 (King James Version)

1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

I do not need to provide further evidence, for to claim otherwise is an extraordinary claim and it is indeed extraordinary claims which require extraordinary evidence.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Anyway Dorothy,

that is my position. I have certainly ont written it to cause you offence or to hurt you in any way or to place any kind of slur upon you or the Jewish community as a whole. THAT IS NOT MY INTENTION!

I have come to know you as a warm and an endearing person and friend, and I would certainly not want to hurt either you or Len.

I must as a Christian speak up for what I believe to be true and spiritually healthy for all here, I must also as a Christian and as a friend knowing the perilous times we live in, speak out in defence of Jewish people, especially given the enormous amount of propaganda against Jews and Christians at present; and unfortunately in the so-called 'truth movement'.

God bless you Dorothy,

Peace be with you. I hope we can remain friends despite our huge difference on this issue.

Rob in London.
Kabbalah - Why the different spellings for Kabbalah?
Kabbalah is found spelled in many different ways -- Qabbala, Cabala, Cabalah, Cabbala, Cabbalah, Kabala, Kabalah, Qabala, Qabalah, and Kaballah. The reason for this is because some letters in the Hebrew alphabet have more than one usage in the English alphabet. The Hebrew letter can be written as a K, Q, or C, but the “Kabbalah” spelling is the most common.

Kabbalah - What is it?
Kabbalah is derived from the Hebrew root for “reception and acceptance.” It is an esoteric (occult secret) system of interpretation of the Scriptures based upon oral accounts handed down from Abraham. It is also considered as secret oral teachings with a mixture of Jewish teachings, occultism, Gnosticism, and Neoplatonism. Jewish Kabbalah uses numerology to interpret the Bible’s message.

Kabbalah concentrates the attention of Jewish mysticism towards the nature of divinity, the creation, the soul’s beginnings and fate, and man’s place in this world. It is considered an esoteric off-branch of Judaism because it teaches meditation, loyalties, and mystical enhancements to a select few. It originated for Jews only, but many non-Jews have studied Kabbalah for the last 500 years.

The non-Jewish version of Kabbalah is called Hermetic Kabbalah. Some Jews have opted for the preferences of Hermetic Kabbalah. For centuries, Hermetic Kabbalah has grown in many directions with influences from Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and its continued input from Jewish Kabbalah. The strongest philosophies of Kabbalah are ideals of religious humanism.

Kabbalah vs. Christianity vs. Judaism

Primary Texts: Christianity uses the Bible. Judaism uses the Torah. Kabbalah texts are much like taking notes in a classroom setting, but utilize commentaries from Herchalat, Yetzirah, Sefer Chasidim, Malakh, Bahir, Zahar, Pardes Rimonim, Ets Khayim, and Sulam.
Explanation of the existence of evil: Christianity determines evil as a disobedient rebellion against God. Satan, as an angel, of light first exercised it, when the devil tried to be like God. Then, the perpetrator enticed man to exercise the same rebellious disobedience. Judaism understands evil as the same act of rebellion. Kabbalah’s philosophy of evil stems from the belief that both good and evil come from God.
An existing need for a Savior (Messiah): Christianity teaches that the Messiah came as the Son of God (Jesus Christ) to redeem man from evil. Judaism teaches that the Messiah has yet to come and redeem Israel. Kabbalah’s philosophy does not include the sinful nature of man, and therefore, there is no need of the redeeming qualities of a Messiah.
One God or Ten: Christianity is built on one God, but expressed in the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit. Judaism believes in One God -- Jehovah, no Trinity. Kabbalah’s ideals believe that there are ten parts to God, which they call emanations.

Kabbalah – Practices
Some Kabbalahists utilize divination and clairvoyance to foretell events or to know occult events, and some deal with potions and curses. Practical Kabbalah is termed for use in referring to secret sciences (ESP, psychic readings, Ouija boards, tarot cards, reading tea leaves, reading bones, numerology, mediums, spirit guides, channeling, mysticism, etc.), mystic art, or sorcery.

Principals of Kabbalah are intertwined with: Greek and Egyptian deities, the Enochian tradition of angelic mysteries (taken from the “Book of Enus” found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, not written by the prophet Enoch of the Bible), Hindu and Buddhist Eastern ideals instituted within the Masonic-Rosicrucian-Style secret orders, and the occult. The teachings of both Christianity and Judaism prohibit magical means in foretelling the future.
It is not handed down from Abraham!

Rob in London
Rob, A very good post.

A note to Len and any other adherants of Kabbalah here.

I geuninely believe that Kabbalah has not a single benefit for your soul..... and that truth, and life in all of its fullness is available to each and every one of us through the person of Jesus Christ.
He alone is the Way. May you find His light in your life.

God bless
Dear Pete,

Jesus Christ said, "I Am the Way the Truth and the Life, No man comes to the Father but by Me.", Amen, and Amen. He is surely the Light of the World and there is no condemnation for those in Jesus Christ. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! To not say so, is to deny Christ!

We must still show patience and love but we must stand up for the love of the Truth. We will each be held accountable on Judgement Day for all those people we have failed to reach out to in love and truth because we were to cowardly to tell the truth!

Jesus Christ is the only Way for there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. For God so loved the World that He gave his only Son so that whosoever would believe upon Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Amen and Amen.

Let us remember though to do everything boldly showing LOVE to our brothers and sisters whether they have yet accepted the free gift of Salvation given to us by Jesus Christ that He so dearly paid for with His blood and His life, and that in dying to our old nature and accepting Him, we can be alive in Him, for He Rose again from the grave and conquered death. One day we too shall be raised into new bodies, and we may sing forever joyously, 'How Great is Our God!'

For there is no other Saviour but Yahweh and Jesus Christ is Yahweh Saves! The Everlasting Father!

God bless you, Pete.

Rob in London.
Anonymous 5:54, what's your source for the post. I presume you didn't write it yourself.

One of the statements you give is:
"Kabbalah’s philosophy of evil stems from the belief that both good and evil come from God." I think you need to reread the Book of Job. Either you believe that God only created the good things and not everything or you understand that God created everything, the entire system, and then gave people free will. The belief that different parts of the supernatural were created by different things is paganism.

"The beginning of Christian Kabbalah is to be found in the teachings of the Catalan philosopher and mystic, Raymon Lull (1232 - c.1316). Living in a region where the Catholic Church was dominant, but a large part of the land was still under the rule of Moslem Arabs, and the Jews made an important contribution to the culture, Lull had the idea of unifying all three religions by developing a philosophy incorporating elements common to all. And although Lull's ultimate aim was still conversion of the heathens to Christianity, rather than simply tolerance and search for truth for its own sake, the way he intended to convert was through rational and mystical doctrine, rather than the tortures that the Church was to employ so efficently and brutally some two centuries later."

"Kabbalah proper only dates back to the twelfth century, to the Sefer Bahir or "Book of the Brilliant (Light)"."

Kabbalah as a secret part of Judaism? Sounds like the Jews just couldn't keep a secret for very long.

Whoever wrote the piece you posted is just a compiler of miscellaneous data, true and false, with no real understanding of the history of the occult. Probably since the beginning of human thought there were individuals who were trying to find patterns for understanding why they were stuck in time and place. They weren't satisfied by information provided by the local shaman who told them to worship the sun.

You may have great faith in Christianity, but it certainly doesn't satisfy everyone just as Judaism doesn't satisfy your understanding of the best way for you and others who have faith in Christianity.

If you have faith in Christianity, why not just leave it at that rather than try to demonize other religions just based on justification for your own faith. I'm sure you do not believe others should demonize Christianity to others to justify their own faith in something. There are plenty sources that do just that. As I see it, you are using challengeable information to justify your own stand and are breaking the commandment not to bear false witness for which you should answer to other members of your faith.

More damage is done to others as a result of false pride than anything else. Try to live by Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You remembering God is infallible but as a human you are not.

You claim that one should stand up for truth. I agree with you, and that's just what I've done with this post. I've cared enough about you to do that.

Rob, may I e-mail you?
Dorothy and other here.

Can you tell me is Kabbalah the same as Midrash but teaching under a different name?

Thank you all
In Jesus our Savior
Dear Pete,

yes by all means email me.

God bless,

Rob in London.

The internet as collectivist monster

by Gene Veith on February 23, 2010

in Media, technology

Jaron Lanier was one of the inventors of “virutal reality,” but now he is saying that the internet has turned into a collectivist monster. From a review of his book entitled You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto:


Okay, you can go there to finish Veith's review of the book....
Good lead to Veith's website which reports on a book with thoughts on collectivist thinking. This topic fits in well with what JD is writing about and the information I posted on the top thread about how cutting music and arts programs across the country will affect the thinking of students.

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