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Has Catherine Ashton thrown a dangerous gauntlet to Spain?

An interesting power struggle may be developing between current High Representative Catherine Ashton and the current Spanish rotating presidencies of the European Union and the Western European Union. It is possible that Catherine Ashton's old allegedly Communist ties will enter before it is over. She has announced that she is exploring visa free travel between Russia and the European Union.

She further announced that the Lisbon Treaty made it clear that the responsibility for European foreign policy lay with her office and not elsewhere.

Perhaps the greatest gauntlet she has tossed down is her proclamation that no Spanish officials will attend the forthcoming European Union - Russian Summit, scheduled for March, 2010.

Quoting from Moscow Times coverage it appears that Catherine Ashton is angry and defensive about recent questioning of her surprise appointment and subsequent administration of her office:

Spain, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, announced last month that the EU would start a process to ultimately lift visa requirements. But similar attempts have yielded few results in the past, mainly because of technical difficulties and fears among EU members of a mass influx of refugees.

Migration rules are stringent on both sides, although Russians must undergo interviews and demonstrate that they have sufficient funds for travel before obtaining visas to the EU’s border-free Schengen zone. Europeans wishing to travel to Russia are spared those procedures but face stiff bureaucracy, having to register and deregister if they spend three or more working days at any place in the country.

Asked if registration rules might be eased during visa negotiations, Lavrov denied that the rules posed a bureaucratic burden.

“There is no registration requirement. There is a notification requirement that involves no permits. You fill out a simple form and send it stamped by post to the nearest migration service office. … If you stay in a hotel, you do not have to do anything," he said.

Yet the registration process, which is the bane of foreign visitors, has been further complicated with the introduction of a fee in late January. A registration now costs 2 rubles for each day of the visit, with a ceiling at 200 rubles ($6.50). “You must present a receipt from Sberbank showing that you have paid the fee," said Alexei Filipenkov of the Visa Delight agency.

Ashton has faced a series of challenges since assuming her job in December, when the Lisbon Treaty amalgamated the jobs of high representative (formerly Javier Solana) and external relations commissioner (formerly Benita Ferrero-Waldner).

Brussels has been awash with reports about doubts on whether the comparably unknown British Labour politician, who served as EU trade commissioner for just a year, has enough international experience for the job.

Questions have also been raised on the rotating presidency’s future role in foreign policy, and critics have said Spain stole the limelight from the high representative’s first weeks in office.

But Ashton was adamant Wednesday that she was the sole person in charge, having also assumed external policy obligations formerly held by the rotating presidency.

“The Lisbon Treaty is clear about my post. … The presidency will not disappear, but the responsibility [for foreign policy] will be in my office,” she said.

She added that no top Spanish government officials would attend the next EU-Russia summit, which is scheduled to be held in Rostov-on-Don in May

I rather suspect that the European Union officials who have been jealously guarding their past prerogatives will not react kindly to this. I further suspect that Javier Solana or one of his designees might well be a beneficiary of actions taken as a result of their anger.

I rather suspect that the European Union officials who have been jealously guarding their past prerogatives will not react kindly to this. I further suspect that Javier Solana or one of his designees might well be a beneficiary of actions taken as a result of their anger.

I have a feeling that Catherine Ashton might soon be the victim of a predictable coup. Her political fall could come just as rapidly as did her rise to sudden illusory appointive power. She appears to me to be dangerously isolated.

Time and events will tell. One thing for certain: She may have been appointed to the office of Europe's chief diplomat; however, she has handled this awkward situation far from diplomatically!

Stay tuned!


Was she appointed for the purpose of failing?
FP has an article up entitled "The Plot against Lady Ashton"
Off subject (my specialty), but somehow
precient music by David Bowie and Pat
Metheny, written over twenty years ago.
This makes me cry, because it's true:
This is one CREEPY headline, they are beginning to condition the public!!

One In Four Germans Wants Microchip Under Skin

It sounds like something from a sci-fi film, but one in four Germans would be happy to have a microchip implanted in their body if they derived concrete benefits from it.

The survey, conducted by German IT industry lobby group BITKOM, was intended to show how the division between real life and the virtual world is increasingly coming down.

In all, 23 per cent of around 1000 respondents in the survey said they would be prepared to have a chip inserted under their skin "for certain benefits".

read full article here:

If they can convince people to voluntarily become microchiped, this could be part of a planetary initiation into the NWO. Susanna listed states looking at laws against involuntarily implementation, but this won't stop people who may want to do this. Look at all the people who voluntarily get body piercings. It does seem like a sci-fi flick.
I believe they are very stealth in their agenda and first they have to condition and prime the public, making them at ease with the concept. If you read such headlines long enough it all becomes "normal".

Although I agree that at some level it will be associated with some kind of highter meaning/, it's all happening so fast.

Throw in a few disasters/terror attacks, the world is thrown into chaos, in an effort to restore order, this agenda could unfold very quickly. (Just my opinion)

Thanks for sharing this. It does show some of the conditioning at work.


I am still reading up on some of the state bans Susanna has linked to. However I think it important to state, while there is terminology in some that indicates a ban on forced microchipping, the actual terms in the state laws are not neccesarily applicable in this sense. You see, what the states have actually used as terms in some of these cases is a ban against "the mark of the beast". This becomes subjective to what the state or fed deems the "mark" to be. If the state or fed states that a microchip is not the "mark" then these laws do not apply. It also gives deniability, as the states can reference the laws and the chips together as a argument that the chip is not the "mark". There are some states where chipping specificly is banned by these laws, however most of these are the "stupid fundamentalist southerners". This can work in the way of marginalization as well.
It all really goes back to Adam and Eve. All Satan had to do was make the fruit look almost too good to be true. Satan didn't make them eat the fruit. He doesn't make anyone sin, he just tempts us. Then he watches as we use the freewill God gave us to disobey God's commandments.
Pat Robertson had his Regent University theologian, Joseph Kickasola on his program a few years ago to tell viewers that there was no theological danger in having the computer chip implanted. He did this when he also featured the Jacobson's of Florida -- the first family to be "chipped" as honored guests on his show. Kickasola solemnly informed the viewers that only if they were COERCED into taking the chip would it count as a sin.

I note cynically that before one starts drafting, they always take VOLUNTEERS. There is no biblical defense to taking the mark, but if I were to argue in mitigation of sentence, somehow, it appears to be a better mitigating factor that "I did it because there was a gun to my head," rather than I DID IT BECAUSE IT WAS MY FREE CHOICE!

Out of the mouth of babes: As this dear young thing says here: Do your research! Dorothy would be proud of her, I think. This YouTube video is entitled, Maitreya Linked to NWO:

Was not even looking for this, just stumbled upon it. Therefore, led to share it, even tho it is somewhat off topic for this current posting.
As I type this, the system I am writing about is being sold to the american public. I have been sitting with CNN on in the background, when I have been caught off guard by two commercials back to back. The first was for Visa's new digital currency system, fully selling a cashless system. The second was for GE's digital medical records system, again selling information integration to the public.

From Visa,

Visa is a global payments technology company that enables consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments to use digital currency instead of cash and checks.

You can see the GE commercial here.

They are selling this system to the american public. Next they will sell the benefits of a chip in conjunction with these systems. It's all down hill from here.
Visa... Not surprised

I did some work with Visa a few years ago and, at that time, they had as a mission to eliminate cash - not just issuing credit cards. They have been into biometrics for a long time and, having talked to the lead person, could tell that putting biometric info on the card was only a step toward putting it on the person.
Benjamin LaCreme, I love it. She's so earnest.

Health care news:
Doctors threaten Medicare backlash

ObamaCare contains an insidious provision to financially penalize your doctor if he or she consults a specialist for your medical care.

Scott Gottlieb of the Wall Street Journal explains:

Primary-care doctors who refer patients to specialists will face financial penalties under the plan. Doctors will see 5% of their Medicare pay cut when their "aggregated" use of resources is "at or above the 90th percentile of national utilization," according to the chairman's mark of Section 3003 of the bill. Doctors will feel financial pressure to limit referrals to costly specialists like surgeons, since these penalties will put the referring physician on the hook for the cost of the referral and perhaps any resulting procedures.
(more at the link)

I also learned that doctors are not equally reimbursd by Medicare. In Illinois Medicare covers 80% of what Medicare thinks is the right price to pay for a service, a pittance. In other states that percentage might be less.

So if it passes, in the future you may not find a doctor who will accept Medicare, and if you do find one, he will be scared to send you to a specialist.

You will still be paying for Medicare out of your Social Security check and putting out money for the secondary insurance. Right now between the two of them I pay out close to $300 a month for medical care I'm having difficulty getting. Oh yes, for those of you not retired and don't know this, there is a deductible not covered at the beginning of the medical year. A side note, when I was at Ultra, a poor man's supermarket, the pharmacy was checking out a man whose drugs cost him over $4,000 a month which he was paying out of his own pocket. I saw the amount rung up. The way the government presents it is "We are taking care of your medical costs out of the goodness of our heart."

I don't think it's going to get better.

Just a startling but true comment: Maybe ten years ago I put my Visa card into a bank's automatic cash machine. I was startled to hear a voice saying, "Good afternoon Dorothy Margraf. How are you today." Until then I thought I was a number to them.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Saturday that he hoped peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians will resume in the coming weeks after negotiations stalled over Jewish settlements on occupied lands...

...he cautioned that bringing both sides back to peace talks depended on more than just the issue of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, including east Jerusalem.

The Palestinians say there is no point in negotiating while Israel expands the settlements.

"Settlements are important, but they're not the only issue," Blair said. "The real question is can we provide Israel with security and the Palestinians with a genuine, credible belief that they will have a viable state."
Kickasola solemnly informed the viewers that only if they were COERCED into taking the chip would it count as a sin.

I'm sure there will be a choice. I know the choice I'll make:

11And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name."

nuff said.
Scripture reference above is Rev 14:11.
Given Constance recent suggestion of checking Farmer's site as to the where abouts of one Dr Solana. I decide to do some cross checking with the work I have been doing. Most notably the subject of my recent article. So in cross referencing La Caixa and Grameen Foundation, I came upon some interesting statements about a joint project.

Mr. Carlos Slim address on the creation of Fundación Inbursa.
September 7th, 2009.

Good afternoon to all of you,

Her Highness, Infanta Doña Cristina,
Social Area Director of Fundación La Caixa.

Don Isidro Fainé,
Administration Board President of Fundación La Caixa.

Don Jaime Lanaspa,
General Director of Fundación La Caixa.

Mr. Marco Antonio Slim Domit,
President of Grupo Financiero Inbursa.

I am pleased in welcoming you to the creation of Fundación Inbursa. In less than a year, we and La Caixa of Barcelona have jointly created a great society which is a big stimulus for Grupo Financiero Inbursa, well beyond capital increasing, managerial synergy and experience interchange during the last few months, specially for Inbursa.

This is an alliance which have allowed us to reach strong capitalization and intense lending and financial activity during 2008 and 2009. In spite that the current global financial crisis has restricted the financial flux, Inbursa has kept opened its credit and financial offering for big projects, big firms and big commercial credits, and also for small and medium-size enterprises. About 20,000 small and medium-size firms are already getting financial capital from this offering, and between 800 and 1,000 new ones get incorporated to these credit programs.

During the last few months, we have made a society with Muhammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank to lending microcredits for the poorest with rather competitive rate interest. This lending activity has just began and we expect to finance about 90,000 or 100,000 small enterprises with microcredits. I stress the importance of these financial activities for Inbursa.

Yet, beyond all of this commercial activity, I underline the importance Inbursa gives to our society with La Caixa, beyond its structure and organization. I underline the importance we give to our alliance with La Caixa’s persons, to our community of ideas and values, specially to the motivation of the present gathering, the non-entrepreneurial and support activities for the society in which we work and live. Such is the reason for the creation of Fundación Inbursa with an endowment amounting one thousand million pesos to support health, education, culture, and mainly human capital formation. These activities are part of Fundación Inbursa and La Caixa commitment, not only in Spain, but in many other countries.

Finally, I would like to thank your presence, specially to our partners who have procured these contributions to support the common programs for our countrymen.

Thanks to all of you.
I am still studying some of this material, but from what I have thus far gathered, these groups are moving together to build a societal structure based on social justice. These projects began in third world nations, but are now finding their way into more prosperous nations. I have seen some indications that there is a intense focus on the EU and US, which I will update on as it becomes clearer to me. Interesting that Javier now finds himself in the midst of these groups. I will be doing some tight study of the actual projects and will update everyone as I find relavent info.
Missile Defense Agency, Obama Campaign Logos Cause Internet Stir

Understanding the Settlement Moratorium by Max Singer found at the Begin-Sedat Center for Strategic Studies
More EU press coverage today of Lady Ashton's "Baptism of Fire."

Important new news up at Farmer's site. I may have to reluctantly link to him again and pray that he takes the times we are in as seriously as he ought. According to his site tonight a GLOBAL HEALTH INSTITUTE has been formed and Javier Solana is part of it.

After having so much influence in defence, foreign policy, energy, and climate policy now Javier Solana found a new area for pushing forward global governance. The new Global Health Institute of Barcelona (Barcelona ISGlobal) is a body just created to combat diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS / HIV, pneumonia and diarrhea on a global scale. The challenge is to move global health which is "anchored in a postcolonial concept", as explained the director of ISGlobal Barcelona, researcher Pedro Alonso, to join synergies of research, training and other resources already available in the city in a new way, since it will have four areas: research, a laboratory of ideas and foresight, academic training and consultancy. . . . The ISGlobal-Barcelona will be in contact with the World Health Organization (WHO) and also have the active participation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation and Inbursa of Mexico and internationally relevant figures as Javier Solana. Link
ISGlobal become operational within two months.

After their words another objective of ISGlobal-Barcelona will be to have a "laboratory of ideas" (for world government? . . . "Ideas that contribute to the debate in the field of global health, providing relevant information to policy makers, technics and management". "Promote and disseminate knowledge, both nationally and internationally", is the third major priority of the new center: "Lead and coordinate training in Global Health, the University of Barcelona as a framework and in collaboration with other academic institutions and scientists from Spain, Europe and the rest of world". Read more here: Link

This move also links Solana further with head of Alliance of Civilizations Jorge Sampaio, . . . Interesting enough Jorge Sampaio, just last week urged greater decentralisation of European governments and better balance between powers and budgets at "all levels" of its administrations
His Most Eminent Highness Angelo de Mojana di Cologna, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, on September 2, 1983
prison officials, lawyers and other professionals representing more than 30 countries, is dedicated to promoting studies in the field of the prevention of crime and the treatment of offenders.
The IPPF has consultative status to the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and the United Nations Economic and Social Council, as well as to the Council of Europe... In 2002, Rapoza was awarded the rank of Commander (Comendador) in the Portuguese Ordem do Infante D. Henrique (Order of Prince Henry the Navigator) by President Jorge Sampaio "for promoting closer relations between the judicial systems of our two countries." Link
My last post here consists of excerpts from Farmer's most recent article.


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accent ?
They do around here.
I think that speaks volumes,
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