Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Corrected link for downloading my materials

The new link to access my downloadable books and materials is: http://public.me.com/cumbey/.

How Brussels Is Trying to Prevent a Collapse of the Euro


This is serious. The cracks have appeared. I expect this to become a chasm in days/weeks /months to come.

Watch this space folks.

God bless
I truly expect the Big Crisis to be economic in nature.

The debt tower that has built up for an entire generation is starting to collapse. When it goes, things will accelerate at a rapid pace. The old system is going to be replaced with something else.

Like a woman who is pregnant, you see the signs for some time, but when labor comes, and then birth, it comes quickly. (Maybe not as quickly as would be preferred. Or so I'm told... :^) )

I just have this gut feeling that this year will a year of many rapid changes.

"Please keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times...."
we are talking about soveriegn nations bankrupted.
There is no stimulus package that will work, (not that they ever did) Austerity measures are the only realistic alternative. It reminds me of an interview with Webster Tarpley about "internal looting"
The expansion of Nazi Germany could only reach so far before they find themselves overstretched. They turned instead to "Internal Looting" which was to employ slave labour to bouy up the economy. Webster compared the crisis within the west as a similar scenario.
There is simply no one left to plunder so we will also resort to forced labour, ie austerity packages. Of course taxation is a socialist principle so the scene is being set for a worldwide socialist dictatorship controlled by the financial elite through the medium of established government.

Praise the Lord.
Pete and Marko,,

From where I am sitting, there will be some catalyzing events in the future concerning the markets. It most likely will look like the entire system is going to come tumbling down again and there will be some severe effects felt by lower income groups as well as middle class. Large sections of the new system are already in place, we as a populace just haven't heard of them yet. They began moving these pieces in place after the market turned south in 07. Take a good look at what has been done and agreed upon via the Transatlantic Economic Commision, and you'll get an idea of what I am talking about.
Thanks Constance for the fix on you Downloads page!!

Is it possible to consider compiling all of JDs research there as a download, if he has no objection? Looking forward to it if it happens.

A great resource - THANKS everyone who contributes here!
If it is ok with JD and Susanna, I would be thrilled to put their compiled research there as a download.

Has anyone signed up to see where the Transmission Groups are in your area? These are the groups being formed by Share-International which Benjamin Creme runs. One of the videos on youtube about the Maitreya pointed me to it. To get the information about groups in your area you have to provide name, address, and phone number. Just curious as to what they send. The video itself creeped me out and I had to pray right then and there.


Greece on a knife-edge ahead of euro-crisis meeting

Eurozone ministers have held intensive telephone talks ahead of a crucial summit expected to focus on Greece.

Full report;


I don't wish to give those people my address and contact info. It is certainly a cult tactic to get your information. Once they get it, they never leave you alone. I'd rather get another two feet of snow than have those people contact me.
I agree with the contact info. That is why I was going to give them a PO Box that I can obtain and a wrong number. I have subsequently searched for a Transmission Meditation group in the Dallas area and came up with several groups. Reading what some had to say was very scary to say the least. Made me sad for them.

Smart idea! I never even thought about using a PO Box.
They all know where to find me so I guess I have nowhere to hide. Only refuge is in the Lord anyway!

Dear Pete:

Thank you for the link http://tiny.cc/dw6WN which I just read and saved to Adobe Pro together with the earlier article, "Is Germany to Blame." You are very right and it is required reading for all of us NOW.


Seems their problems were so big back when Uncle Javier was in charge. Then the Euro was galloping way ahead of the dollar.
correction: "weren't so big"
Article by Raj Patel denying messianic status but concurring with many Share International goals:


My skepticism: given the circles he has run in, I find it difficult to believe that he just now learned about Creme, Share International, etc.

As far as Share groups go we could all hook up with Gloria Crook(s) in Texas. She's the woman with the Robert Muller School. She's been holding her seances for years, her Triangle Meetings where she and her cohorts meditate on bringing about their New Age world.
This is an interesting video on the New Age Movement I just found on google videos. I'm not sure where it is going but what I've watched so far is interesting:


who is Harun Yaha? Does anybody know anything about him? I'm going to go try find out.

It so far appears to me to be an Islamic anti-New Age Movement thrust.

The basic information against the New Age appears sound -- somebody did some heavy work and research on it -- maybe we got through that the New Age Movement was targeting Moslems as well as Jews and Christians.

I am still trying to make heads and tails of this which I just discovered.

The name of the Moslem anti-New Age site is a "Harun Yahya"

I knew well a woman who meditated at the same hour every day that others in the Share International group were meditating world wide. She got involved to her detriment with some of these people who formed a commune.
She was their baby sitter. When she got too old to be useful she was starving from lack of support, and her son had to rescue her and bring her back to "civilization." She went into the cult a strong middle aged woman, came out a crippled old woman who could hardly climb two stairs. I knew her well, and it made me sad, too, Constance,
that this happened. But she didn't give up meditating with the world-wide group.

Information on Yahya



There are many links to Yahya. It appears to be a cult.

From the information on the video, it appears to have been made in the 80s. Old information.

It's easy to get confused. Octar is Yahya. He just is going by two names.

More on Yahya. That guy is a doozy.


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