Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Barack Obama's refusal to participate in EU-USA summit may fuel intercontinental tensions

There is an interesting development on the European Union scene. Javier Solana went relatively underground in December, but his alter ego spokesperson, Cristina Gallach, is now serving as spokesperson for the Spanish rotating presidencies now in place for the EU and Western European Union.

President Zapatero of Spain is coming to Washington to participate in the Presidential Prayer Breakfast. He will be President Barack Obama's guest. At the same time, Barack Obama has apparently decided to insult the European countries by not participating in their summit. They are taking that as an apparent clue that the USA no longer regards the EU as a significant player on the international scene.

There are prophetic messages in the Book of Revelation that this situation could possibly fit. There were 10 kings who came together solely to hand their power to "the beast" who in turn would pull 3 kings (countries?) up by their roots. It appears increasingly possible to me that the powers would be handed over for those kings of relatively smaller powers to equalize themselves with a much greater power.

A literal and figurative USA snub of the European Union might just be enough to trigger the impulse! I wonder where Javier Solana is and what he is doing? When he was running the EU foreign policy, they had R E S P E C T to put it in Detroit singer Aretha Franklin terms.

I suspect that we might be seeing him again -- very soon.

Stay tuned!


JD was so right - they're saying just swallow a little pill microchip and you will be reminded to take your meds. Hitting the elderly first it seems.

"(CNN) -- If you have problems remembering to take your meds -- or whether you've taken them already -- some high-tech products on the horizon may be able to help you.

Companies are using wireless technology, the same mechanism by which you use a cell phone or the Internet, to develop devices that monitor whether you took your pills as the doctor ordered, beaming information back to you, your doctor or a designated family member. In some cases, this requires swallowing a microchip about as thin as a few human hairs.

The concept may sound invasive, but it has the potential to save as much as $290 billion annually in increased medical costs. That amount is lost every year because of people not taking medications as prescribed, according to the New England Healthcare Institute. Drug adherence is only 50 percent among people with chronic illnesses in developed countries, and in developing nations it is probably lower, according to the World Health Organization.

"The magnitude of poor medication adherence, sometimes labeled 'America's other drug problem,' justifies development of technologies that may improve important health outcomes," said Vicki Conn, associate dean at the University of Missouri School of Nursing, in an e-mail.

One innovation involves a pill that, once ingested, wirelessly transmits information about side effects and how well it's working. The product with the most recent buzz in this arena is being developed by Proteus Biomedical, a California-based start-up. Novartis AG recently invested $24 million in Proteus to secure licenses and options on the company's drug-delivery technologies.

Here's how it works: The patient swallows a pill that contains both medicine and an ultra-tiny sensor chip. This sensor is made of food and vitamin materials, in very small, safe quantities, said Proteus CEO Andrew Thompson.

These materials get activated by the patient's stomach acid, essentially making the human body a battery, he said.

Then, the chip sends a signal to a waterproof skin patch, akin to a bandage that the person wears.

The patch picks up data about heart rate, body angle, temperature, sleep, and other parameters. If the patient comes within 20 feet of his or her phone, the encrypted data are sent to Proteus, which processes it and sends it back in a readable form to a cell phone or e-mail account.

Although this has implications for how doctors treat patients, the focus is on the patients themselves and their families taking care of them, he said. The information that the pill picks up gets shared only with the patient's permission, he said.

Proteus is working with large technology companies on the privacy aspect of the device, he said.

The pill is in clinical trials for heart disease, hypertension, and tuberculosis patients, and will begin testing in psychiatric illnesses also, Thompson said. "

"The product should be on the market by late 2011, Thompson said.

That deadline could realistically be met for one of the conditions the pill is being tested for, especially because of support from Novartis, which has a track record of organizing definitive trials, said Dr. Eric Topol, chief medical officer of the West Wireless Health Institute, a nonprofit organization that tracks the wireless health industry.

"With many illnesses such as oncology and transplantation, compliance is a major issue, with an immediate cost to the system. From that perspective in terms of outcomes, the value of this kind of technology is clear," said Joe Jimenez, CEO of Novartis.

Wireless health solutions are a hot area of development when it comes to delivering medication, monitoring physical parameters such as blood pressure, and taking and sending images from inside the human body, Topol said.

"It's where there's more going on in innovation in medicine than perhaps any other area," he said.

Other companies are also looking into microchip-driven wireless medication devices.

MicroCHIPS Inc. in Bedford, Massachusetts, is developing devices such as a long-term implanted glucose monitor that delivers wireless measurements for diabetics. There is also the Philips' iPill, a drug delivery system that sends information about health parameters to an external control unit.

There are also wireless monitoring innovations that don't involve ingesting.

The GlowCap, made by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Vitality Inc., helps people remember to take their medication.

The GlowCap is packaging for your pill bottle that flashes orange when it's time to take your medication, then plays a melody if you haven't taken your medicine within an hour. It comes with a nightlight that communicates wirelessly with the cap, and also turns orange at pill time. Vitality sends you -- and anyone else you want to know about it -- a report with how well you stuck to your medication regimen.

Those who forget to take their medicines despite the reminder from the GlowCap will receive a call or text message after a few hours.

The product is being sold on for $99, but the makers envision it as a free add-on to pills distributed at pharmacies, said Joshua Wachman, president of Vitality. The company has implemented the technology with a transplant drug, a diabetes drug and a hypertension drug, Wachman said.

The GlowCap relates to the finding of Conn's group's research that strategies that signal people to take their medicine, such as visual and auditory cues, may help with compliance.

"The devices that provide feedback about the effectiveness of medications, such as physical changes in the body in response to medications, are also likely to be successful."

This as well as things like Verimed are tools being used to desensitize people. There are numerous others, but these are good examples. The same could be said for animal chipping. That being said I believe this is as close as we are going to get to a public debate, as my work has shown me that the next step is mass implementation. My first article explaining this should be up shortly. I am glad this is resonating with some of the readers, and look forward to the discussions that spawn from my articles.
Your mention of the National Prayer Breakfast causes me to wonder when you think you might be sharing more information about the Family. I just attended our Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast last week. We had 1100 business, education, media, govt, fire, police, and church leaders in our little city. A smashing success to all who want to rally behind "Jesus" as the key man figure of this great cultural war we are in. I for one who more easily identify with the little guy "worker" am still not so sure. This cultural elitism wedded with power "in Jesus name" smacks of facism to me. Is Islamofacism any worse than Chritianofacism? One of our leaders wife died recently - Dick Foth new head of Family at the funeral - well attended. I for one don't want want the "paternalism" of fatherly business men to take care of me. What is your take on the cooperation of "new age" and facism? I have included interesting definition below - sounds like taking back our "Christian" nation from the evils of secularism - homosexuality, vice, communism to me - who is really creating the culture war in our country?

Fascism is best defined as a revolutionary form of nationalism, one that sets out to be a political, social and ethical revolution, welding the 'people' into a dynamic national community under new elites infused with heroic values. The core myth which inspires this project is that only a populist, trans-class movement of purifying, cathartic national rebirth (palingenesis) can stem the tide of decadence.

Roger Griffin
In fact, these very same microchip implant, pill-thingies could be advertised as the next cool thing. Forget iPods and iPads, you can download your favorite tunes, cell phone ringtones, movies, right into your head. Vote for your favorite American Idol contestant. Unlike iPods, you can't accidently drop it in the toilet, so there's no worries.

This is not too far-fetched of an idea.
In fact, these very same microchip implant, pill-thingies could be advertised as the next cool thing. Forget iPods and iPads, you can download your favorite tunes, cell phone ringtones, movies, right into your head. Vote for your favorite American Idol contestant. Unlike iPods, you can't accidently drop it in the toilet, so there's no worries.

This is not too far-fetched of an idea.

I have similar concerns regarding Glenn Beck and his "American restoration" project that he talks more and more about - returning America to its Christian roots.

There's something not right in what he is attempting.

Don't get me wrong - I'd like nothing else than to see a revival spread across this land of true repentance and changed lives. But to try and go back to the drawing board, and press the "reset" button on the American Experiment (and no doubt putting some kind of "Jesus stamp of approval" on it, based on what I've heard him say on the radio), just doesn't sit right with me.

There's a lot of new and popular things going on in American society, mostly within the church, that seemingly has this "Jesus Stamp of Approval" on it, which is feel-good, and arrogant, and appeals to the Christians who for generations have been weary of seeing their country literally going to hell. When they start seeing their church leaders and community leaders all rallying behind a movement that seems religious and cleansing and a way to "return to the good old days" and whatever other "feel-good-about-the-way-things-are-headed" euphemism you care to come up with, they will jump on board faster than you can say "Todd Bentley is my homey!"

I am quite certain that this will be part of the apostasy talked about in the Bible, and people will flock to this and cling to this, thinking it will save them, and thinking it is a "new work of God like nothing seen before", and its popularity and success will be very seductive for those who aren't in tune with the Spirit.

It's kind of hard to explain what I feel when I hear people like Glenn Beck and others who espouse a feel-good vision of the near future that includes Christianity making out pretty well in the numbers/popularity racket.

That's not what my Bible tells me about how Christians will fare in the end times.

I guess the term you used Roger, "Christianofascism", probably wraps it up pretty well. Wow. The more I learn, the more frightening and fascinating and close it all seems!


I have mixed feelings as well - I always thought of myself as a "fundamentalist" because I believe in inerrancy, literal interpretation of the bible (where warranted - when it's not raining "cats and dogs" and in the second coming etc. I even went to law school in 1988 so I could become a Christian lawyer and help save the family and the country from the slide "Jesus" on it is enough. The family says "Jesus plus nothing" I think it is more about Jesus plus everything. My biggest concern is that Christian's typically don't want to look at themselves - and when they do it is - well I'm a sinner and God does not expect me to be perfect - oh really?

Anyway - thanks for the comment - by the way - my name is Robert - the Roger Griffin at the end of my last post was an academician from Oxford studying facism.

Although not necessarily an endorsement of his blogspot, Farmer has a pertinent post for 2-2-10:
Marko: Glenn Beck is Morman and therefore has a different worldview and a different "gospel" than do those who base their worldview and truth and faith only on God's Word.

Dave in CA
Dave in CA

What are your views on Rushdoony? I personally am as disturbed by Christian dominionsim as I am on Secular Humanism, multilateralism, and the New World Order.

Rob in CA
Sorry Rob about addressing you as Roger. I got lazy and just looked at the last name at the bottom of your post. I even wondered why the two were different, but it was about lunchtime and my stomach was growling and, well, as they say, haste makes waste, but I hope something was salvageable from my post, haha. :^)

"Jesus plus everything else".... good description of the modern gospel. A mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly. A "form of godliness, but without the power".

Dave in CA: In know Glenn is a Mormon, but for those who are Christians who don't take the time to research what they hear, he doesn't mention it all that often, and his message sounds so refreshing and just so.... Christian!

I was actually advocating Jesus plus everything as opposed to Jesus plus nothing. To me if we just blythely lift up the name of Jesus and do nothing else in righteousness and truth in humilty with mercy and justice as our balanced goal then we end up with Jesus alone as perhaps nothing more than a figure head a key man that we all point to as perfect - with no expectations coming from ourselves. I'm with Oswald Chambers - My Utmost for His Highest - this tells me that I bring him everything that I am - and although this might appear as "nothing" and may be so theologically - he still expects me to act "everything" as if I was perfect. Maybe it doesn''t really matter that my righteousness can be thought of as "filthy rags" but this can never be an excuse for failing to do the right thing. It isn't about me - my whiteness to put on a shelf for display, but rather my willingness to see the "perfect" in the moment and then do what I see in obedience - or perhaps abandon because I trust that in doing so my righteousness becomes His righteousness and I act in concert - or in oneness with Him. And if I make a mistake - I walk in the light as he is in the light to expose the truth - including my fault and others fault. This is the only condemnation - that men love darkness rather than light because thier deeds are evil. Dominionism looks like darkness to me - just as does humanism. Humanism looks like personal responsiblity without God - Dominionism looks like responsiblity for the person by the dominance of some "other" rather than personal responsiblity directly to God. Liberty - the ability earned by practice to do the right thing!
Rob in CA

Christian dominionism is a distortion of and not supported by God's Word. It is often the focus of those "Christian" groups that are trying to cure the World's problems through human solutions. They have as a goal to "shape up" the world so that Christ will want to return.

Dave in CA

I agree - what is disturbing is that many Christian's don't see that they might be 'dominionists" and not realize it. I know alot of well meaning homeschoolers. I also know many Christians - that are seeking to restore this country to our "Christian Heritage" I thought I was one of those - but now wonder if we were a Christian Nation and we are not now - then if we are trying to take it back for Christ - isn't this "dominionism"?

Was Francis Shaeffer a dominionist? How about Chuck Colson? Richard Land? James Dobson? etc etc etc - my heroes all!
Robert, Marko,

This is a interesting conversation and I hope neither of you mind me throwing in my two cents. Regarding Beck, yes he makes references to Jesus, but to completely take any of his comments in context regarding Him, the Mormon issue must be addressed. You see the Jesus Beck references is not the Jesus of protestant christianity, nor is it the Jesus of catholicism. It is Jesus in the context of the Mormon belief system. A Jesus who was misunderstood and therefore required another prophet to make his message clear. This isn't my Jesus! For me Beck's Jesus might as well be Marilyn Ferguson's Jesus, remember she spoke highly of a Jesus as well, and like the Mormon's, she claimed he was misunderstood and therefore required her as a prophet of sorts to clear the air. Do we see the slope yet?

What do we do about the proverb that the enemy of my enemy is my friend? I mean we'd rather support dictatorships in small regimes like Haiti and Somolia than give in to the scourge of godless communism/socialism? I mean isn't some theism better than none at all - particularly in the political realm - I mean look at what Mormanism has done for California Prop 8 - how about the Boy Scouts and the Family - I mean come on!! Let's pick the lesser of 2 evils and side with each other.


I couldn't disagree more with your assessment of some theism being better than no theism. I agree that it is possible to work on policy or debate with someone who isn't of the same beliefs as yourself. However a distinct seperation between such groups even within like projects still needs to exist. To simply lump one form of monotheism with another is dangerous to both yourself and to those looking to you for guidance.

Much of what is being overlooked in this debate is that there isn't as much a need for changes to laws and policies, as much as there is a need to return to morality by individuals. You can change all of the laws and policies you wish, but if the populace is morally bankrupt you haven't really changed anything have you? Now if you are able to effectively change the core of the populace back toward a moral standard, public opinion changes and with that so do laws and policies. The laws were not what was undone first, the moral structure was. If the moral structure was left intact and the laws were attempted to be changed first, you would have had a war on your hands. Instead they tore down the foundation first, then the people practicly begged for the immoral laws that followed. You wouldn't put a new roof on a house without a foundation would you? So why would the structure of our nation be any different? That is not to say we should do nothing, but simply trying to effect policy without first solving the cause of the problem will never work.

We are called to be salt and light to the world we live in and this includes living out our faith in the public arena. Holding up a Godly standard is not dominionism but is what all believers are called to do -- e.g., supporting those in government who will also honor God with their actions, votes, etc.

It's a different issue if we believe this effort will result in something other than what scripture teaches. There will be true peace and an establishment of a truly righteous world and government only when Christ returns.

We need to do all we can as Christ's disciples to live like Him and impact our world for Him but to expect His kingdom on Earth before He returns is not part of our expectations.

Dave in CA

I couldn't agree with you more and by the way I was engaging in some "slippery slope" argument because I feel like that is what the Christian Right has done when it has linked morality and capitalism and targeted communism and athesism simply because they are not theistic and concluding that there can therefore be no morality in these perspectives or conversely that there is more morality in a Christian perspective ergo to be Christian is to be more moral. I think that like Forest Gump said - stupid is as stupid does. I think the Bible says somewhere that if we say that we love God whom we have not seen and yet hate our brother whom we have seen we decieve ourself and the truth is not in us. I also have seen evidence that the Family over the last 70 years has used just this type of perspective to help further the cause of Christ by helping the US help dictators in fighting the cold war and turning a blind eye to atrocities committed by those dictators over their own people becasue they are God's chosen leaders and a morality unto themselves. Of course it didn't hurt that evangelicals could come in behind and begin ministries in Jesus name.
I used to be one who was all for "taking back" the institutions of our nation from the enemy - ie, let's vote Christians into office, let's eliminate via the legal system all immoral laws by bringing up lawsuits and hope to win some in our favor, etc, etc. As time went on, I found that some of the same people advocating these same things were Dominionists (with whom I've never agreed, although there was a time I found their writings very appealing - Rushdoony, Gary North, et al), and have somewhat taken a step back from the political activism I was involved in in my younger days. (The "Angry Young Man" syndrome I guess....)

Do we still try to "take America for Jesus"? You bet! But not the way that the Dominionists and people like Beck are doing it, because as JD says, their Jesus is not our Jesus, but instead is more of a "Jesus" that needs to be reinvented or re-tooled to assist them in their lofty goals.

The best way to increase God's Kingdom is to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus to a lost and hurting world, humbly showing the love of Christ by meeting the needs of those around us.

With all the warnings Jesus gave us about falling asleep and not being ready when He finally comes, and that there are few that find the narrow way, I can't see the Kingdom of God growing by leaps and bounds right before His return, which is why I don't believe in Dominionism, nor its prophets, who can be found everywhere it seems lately.
Quite honestly, there are times I have wondered if Rushdoony, Gary North and company don't consist of some type of a "secret society." They are certainly playing to our disadvantage in the New Age dialectics. Their writings calling for bloodshed of non-conformists to their doctrines give plenty of ammunition to those who would label us dangerous. Rushdoony's books are just plain dangerous. Gary North, supposedly his 'estranged' son in law was equally bad.

P.S. -- After meeting the needs of those around us, the gospel much be preached to them as well. They must realize that they are sinners in need of a Savior!

Charity alone will not save them.

Just thought I'd be a little more clear about that. :^)
I once engaged Gary North in a question and answer time. Thanks to Constance, I had fuel to use, because I stayed up all night with the material she gave me and studied his premises. By the time he had finished TRYING to answer me, the pastor of the church was so upset that he interrupted and told Mr. North that his church could not support him and asked him to step off the stage! The dominionists are a sneaky lot, but what is worse, is that Christians are going to expose themselves too much by getting into these political things. What we need to be doing in these perilous times is focusing on the commission given by Christ--no one else!
I think we're on the same page - I would just add that besides ministering to those that are hurting tha we also learn to clean up our own house. I have worked with too many "Christian's " that cheat their brother, don't keep there word, cheat on their wife, hide the sin in their churches, and then preach the gospel of salvation by grace. Kind of sickening sometimes, but I know that Jesus knew what was in man and yet he was never cynical, never bitter but always looked to the father in trust and hope and in peace. Whatever our hand finds to do we should do it with all our might and enthusisam, and be thankful to our God who is the source of all good things.

Keep the faith
Re: Gary North. He used to be a member of CNP. When he was asked about that fact he blew off the questioner. He can be very nasty when questioned.
Looks like Kinti Mining Lmtd and Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller connection to the building of the Third Temple have turned out to be a hoax.

Temple Institute Denies "Supriem Rockefeller" Links

In response to wide-spread reports that the Temple Institute of Jerusalem has linked up with "Supriem David Rockefeller" in a scheme to raise funds for the "rebuilding of the Third Temple," the Temple Institute has issued the following disclaimer:

"The Temple Institute strongly protests the use of its name and that of Rabbi Chaim Richman in a series of fraudulent press releases and advertising claims that are now circulating on the Internet.

"The Temple Institute has no relationship with Kinti Mining Group, “Supriem David Rockefeller,” Frank Love, or the “Temple Now Project.” Their claims that they “will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict co-ordinance with the Temple Institute and Rabbi Hiam Richman [sp]” are false and malicious, and their apparent intentions are to take advantage of the Temple Institute’s sincere supporters and rob them of funds. The Temple Institute advises its friends and supporters to avoid being taken in by this scam. We hereby reiterate and reassure our friends and supporters that these groups and individuals are not authorized to represent the Institute, speak in its name, or to solicit or collect funds designated for the Holy Temple, in any manner whatsoever."

What do you all think of the Manhattan Declaration?
Dear Constance,

On your post you wrote:

A literal and figurative USA snub of the European Union might just be enough to trigger the impulse! I wonder where Javier Solana is and what he is doing? When he was running the EU foreign policy, they had R E S P E C T to put it in Detroit singer Aretha Franklin terms.

I suspect that we might be seeing him again -- very soon.

Here is the latest on Solana from EUROPEAN AGENDA


January 21,2010


See also.....


I don't remember if you are aware of this or not, but recently, Javier Solana has been involved in the peace negotiations between Armenia and mean feat given the "Armenian genocide" at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in the final days of the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

The deal is reportedly being negotiated with a view to enhancing Turkey's eligibility for EU membership.

Another interesting report is the Reuters article posted at the Radio Free Europe site...


September 15, 2009

BRUSSELS (Reuters) -- Negotiations between world powers and Tehran on Iran's nuclear program scheduled for October 1 will most likely take place in Turkey, the chief Western negotiator has said.

"It has not been finally decided, but I think very likely it will be Turkey," EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, who has headed the Western negotiating effort with Iran, told reporters in Brussels when asked where the talks would take place.

Solana said Western policy remained to offer incentives to Iran to abandon a nuclear program the West suspects is aimed at producing nuclear weapons, while holding out the threat of further sanctions. But he said now was not the time to talk about fresh sanctions.

"At this point in time we are going to try to enter into negotiations," he said. "Let's talk about that."

Iran has agreed to wide-ranging talks with six world powers but has ruled out discussing its nuclear activities, which it says are for peaceful generation of electricity.

The United States and the European Union insist Tehran's nuclear efforts must be the focus of the talks.


Solana, who has been representing the six powers -- the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China, and Russia -- in long-running efforts to resolve the row with Iran, was cautious when ask how much he thought the new talks could achieve.

"I always intend to try and achieve as much as possible in the negotiations. But it is not the first time we meet. We know each other well," he said.

However, he added, "There are some things that are new: the Americans will be present in a formalized manner; that is new, and I think that has to be evaluated positively by the Iranians."

A senior Iranian official said on September 14 that Iran would not negotiate on its "sovereign right" to nuclear energy but, if that were recognized, Iran was ready to discuss any issue at the talks, including ways of upholding nonproliferation globally.

On September 14, a senior U.S. official called Iran's agreement to enter talks an "important first step," but the White House said Iran would show its failure to meet its international obligations if it sticks to its refusal to discuss its nuclear program.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said on September 14 that Iran's continued refusal of IAEA access to clarify intelligence material suggesting Iran illicitly researched how to design a nuclear weapon was unacceptable.

If the rest of the EU member states were to finally agree unanimously on granting Turkey membership in the European Union, Turkey would be the first Muslim-majority country to join the EU.

So far, most of the objections to EU membership for Turkey are over concerns about human rights.
Arianna Huffington has given a raving review of Jeremy Rifkin's new book:

Some highlights of her review:

"For this month's HuffPost Book Club, I have chosen a big book -- both figuratively and literally. Jeremy Rifkin's The Empathic Civilization clocks in at close to 700 pages and sets out to present nothing less than -- as Rifkin puts it -- 'a new rendering of human history and the meaning of human existence.'...

"As he does in all of his work, Rifkin really swings for the fences in The Empathic Civilization, challenging us all to rise above the clutter of our daily lives, and explore life's larger questions. He is that rare breed, one whose disappearance is often and rightly bemoaned: a public intellectual. Or, as the New York Times once called him: "a social and ethical prophet." Aside from authoring 17 bestselling books, he's the president of the Foundation on Economic Trends, an advisor to the European Union, and a senior lecturer at Wharton's Executive Education Program.

I am finding myself confronted by the very ideology you speak of. I need the same material. Could you forward the information to me?

I have been gathering and researching information on so many different fronts. I would be grateful for anyone to send me documented evidence of the dangerous statements from Rushdoony and North.

If anyone can also provide connection with the family, I would also appreciate it.

My email is

Thank you!
Jeremy Rifkin is one of the most evil, insidious proponents of the New World Order / Population Reduction / New World Religion I have studied.

I just ordered his new book and will be CLOSELY READING IT.

Arianna Huffington is a New Ager. She is a minister in John Rogers' MSIA (Movement of Spiritual Inner ?Awareness) church. Marilyn Ferguson and she became friend. Ms. Ferguson told me that personally on one of our conversations.

Rifkin was also close to Pat Robertson.


McGill Professor: Quebec Anti-Homophobia plan is a declaration of War.

A professor at McGill University has published a strong condemnation of the Quebec government's “policy against homophobia,” which was released in December. Warning that this policy represents a “declaration of war” against any who oppose the homosexualist agenda, Dr. Douglas Farrow, Professor of Christian Thought, calls on his fellow citizens to take a stand against it.
Spain's Socialists: Try Sex with Animals

My information about Rushdoony and North is just google research. I would love to share information. I am the connection with The Family as they have not yet kicked me out of the Bible Study that I go to most Friday mornings. I will communicate with you by email if you like. I am There - I am not anynomous but perhaps I should be. I am a little scared to confront these guys as I will become person non grata in my community or worse. Most in Bakersfield, CA are beginning to see the Prayer Breakfast as the best thing since sliced bread. We also have local leader president of IN GOD WE TRUST America that is working to change as many city mottos to same as she can. We did that in Bakersfield. I don't know which side I am on anymore. As Bob Dylan said - With God on Our Side!!!

Oh my name it is nothin'
My age it means less
The country I come from
Is called the Midwest
I's taught and brought up there
The laws to abide
And that land that I live in
Has God on its side.

Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side.

Oh the Spanish-American
War had its day
And the Civil War too
Was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes
I's made to memorize
With guns in their hands
And God on their side.

Oh the First World War, boys
It closed out its fate
The reason for fighting
I never got straight
But I learned to accept it
Accept it with pride
For you don't count the dead
When God's on your side.

When the Second World War
Came to an end
We forgave the Germans
And we were friends
Though they murdered six million
In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too
Have God on their side.

I've learned to hate Russians
All through my whole life
If another war starts
It's them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side.

But now we got weapons
Of the chemical dust
If fire them we're forced to
Then fire them we must
One push of the button
And a shot the world wide
And you never ask questions
When God's on your side.

In a many dark hour
I've been thinkin' about this
That Jesus Christ
Was betrayed by a kiss
But I can't think for you
You'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot
Had God on his side.

So now as I'm leavin'
I'm weary as Hell
The confusion I'm feelin'
Ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head
And fall to the floor
If God's on our side
He'll stop the next war.
When I was in college, I was involved in a campus ministry that taught cult awareness education. One thing I remember from that is you know you're in a cult when you're terrified to leave.
It is not so much that I am terrified to leave as it is that one gets backlash from other Christians for even thinking of critizing any even where Jesus is lifted up. I mean our breakfast was completely evangelical with the speaker giving his personal testimony about coming to Christ followed by his growth in trust in God after watching his daugther lose her life in a drug overdoses at age 21. This is not cultish - this is mainline evangelicalism.

Here is local news report.

Eleven-hundred people gathered Thursday morning at the Rabobank Convention Center joining together in prayer. Organizers say it is the second largest prayer breakfast in the country, second only to the national prayer breakfast.

Choruses of the national anthem and rounds of "amens" rang out in downtown Bakersfield. "There's such a variety of us that still have tremendous faith and hope," said attendee Nancy Wren.

It's a decades old tradition in Bakersfield. "We kind of started off with the original group that started having prayer breakfasts in their local communities," said Ray Dezember, an original organizer. The breakfast draws young and old from our community to join in prayer for our civic leaders, teachers and first responders. "Police, fire, anyone that is in public safety, we'll be praying for them too. And we're really trying to just cover the entire city in prayer," said Garrett Ming, an organizer.

This year's key note speak was Keith Erickson, a former UCLA and LA Lakers player. Erickson says he was on top of the world when he was an NBA star, and still it wasn't fulfilling. "I was on top of the world but my life was empty there was a void in my life. So I went out on a search to find out what that was. And the Lord touched my heart and opened my life up to him," said Erickson.

Now Erickson travels the country speaking at events like Thursday's prayer breakfast. He called Bakersfield's prayer breakfast the biggest he's seen, and organizers say that says a lot about the faithful spirit of our community.

I have appeared on television advertizing the event as a publicity manager. I believe in our community - but something is wrong here!

No disrespect meant, but if you are involved with National Prayer Breakfast you may be involved with a enemy and not realise it. You have made a few references to the Family, I assume since you are refering to it in the proper that you mean Coe's Family. I am trying to understad your position (literally) and where you are coming from. I get a hint from you that you have some positive feelings about this group, which concerns me. If you don't mind, please induldge me and clarify your position on the Family and Doug Coe. I have already seen you cite James Dobson as a hero, which causes some concern as well. Please understand I am not trying to be harsh toward you, simply trying to understand where it is you are coming from. If you are a supporter of these groups and people then I would wager that there is a lot you don't know about them. If you do know, then it makes me a little more concerned as to what you are doing here. I am asking for clarification before I assume something about you which may not be accurate.

OK here goes. I was raised a Prebyterian. I rejected my in religion in college because I didn't like the country club atmosphere in Grand Rapids, Michingan. I became a Christian in 1981 in a parking lot in Bakersfield CA when 2 unknown Pentacostals approached me and asked if I was ready to accept Christ - I was - I spoke in tongues went to Word of Faith for a few services then picked a church out of the blue - Christian Church of course. Left after 8 years because of disagreement about eternal security and baptism. I attend a large influential Southern Baptist Church in Bakersfield. Along the way I have been involved in Campus Crusade, M2 Sponsors, Navigators. In 1988 I was concerned because I saw that the battle was for the family - the real family - so I went to law school at night so I could fight the good fight. In 2 years of practice I became disillusioned - hooked up with Christian Legal Society at Simon Greenleaf School of Law and confirmed "calling" into law by Sam Casey - then director but abondoned practice after family law custody practice. 5 years later I went to Focus on the Family attorneys conference - got reinvigorated - met Peacemaker Ministries Ken Sande and Pacific Justice Institute Brad Dacus. Became a certified Christian Conciliator in 2006 and an affiliate attorney wit PJI. I also became involved with Titus Task Force and California based church leadership discipleship - intentional interim pastorate ministry targeting troubled churches - led by George Fraser - ex CIA operative who found Christ in the late 1970's - I went through as training because of my intereste in mediation. He introduced me to his "prayer cells" of Fellowship of Christian Business men" and the Prayer Breakfst Bible Study - probabably abouat 2006. He claims to know Colson. I am also a trained mediator with the Pepperdine's Strauss Institute on Kern County's ADR panel and Bar Association. I recently read THE FAMILY after my research re Coe because the leader of our group regularly referenced him and Dick Halverson. I am disturbed by what I've found - and know that I'm involved with the "enemy" on may fronts. The issue is what to do. I also embrace the theology of Oswald Chambers. I have been Chaplain with the Boy Scouts. What else would you like to know - and by the way - who are you?

Others in my group knew Veirede personally. I also know and have wanted to support the Kern Leadership Alliance - attorney's I know work with this group religious/educational/political network to target local issues - they brought Ken Blanchard and Phil Hoges to train - I didn't go - I'm not buying it!! Key Man personality cult is seductive but wrong!! - - like I said above - Christofacism - but so many are seduced - even people like Richard Land and Al Mohler - sign the Manhattan Declaration - it just can't be this way!1
Wow, Robert.
Robert it is tough. Remember that Jesus did reference wheat and tares and there are many tares. Tares that are obvious upon examanition. There are tares that are not and have not come to fruit. Jesus did direct us not to work on uprooting the tares as some wheat can get caught in the mix. It all comes down to a matter of heart. As to the evangalism. Great, as God says, regardless of motive the Gospel is preach. The question is what happens afterward.

Getting caught up in "The Family" which is strict dominionism on the outside, and inside flat out deception, is not much different than getting caught up in Masonry, or Amway for that matter. They all offer a way and even point to some aspect of truth, but it is distorted. The family casts a wide net.

Ultimately it comes down to a focus on earthly kingdom vs God's Kingdom. I have learned a lot in the past year and half when God opened my eyes to things I hadn't seen before. Sure I was well aware of New Age, never took the encroachment in the church seriously, found it a little "conspiracy minded" and some of it is and was. Yet in all that there is true evil at work. There are the seeds being sewn to hook the great falling away. So things like the family and others that initially promote the Gospel, for those that are evil it is but temporary and the Goal of the enemy is to set the hooks.

People go where they want to go. THank God Robert you have awakened as well. Do not let anyone tell you what God's calling is for you in the midst of this, but listen and follow God.
"I am a little scared to confront these guys as I will become person non grata in my community or worse."

I probably exaggerated with the word "terrified." When I read what you wrote, I immediately thought that perhaps the "Family" was somewhat of a cult. There are cults out there that seem like normal Christian churches, such as the Unification Church. They sing familiar Christian hymns and appear to have a worship order much like other churches. They prey on those who are vulnerable in their spiritual life or some other aspect of life. Suddenly, you're off on some retreat with this group that's suddenly full of the friendliest people you'd ever want to meet (a technique known as love-bombing). Suddenly, you're selling flowers or spending gobs of time in service to your new church (if they can get you to do what they want, they can get you to believe what they want). They make you feel there could be some retribution if you dare leave their organization or even question the leadership. And those are just some of the brain-washing techniques they use. Many of these cults people join not realizing they're in a cult.

Hopefully, this is not the case with you, Rob. It seems like you're in a situation that's a far cry from that Presbyterian church in Grand Rapids.
I forgot to add,

God Bless
Dear Robert,

Just starting to read your posts. I had an extremely busy (and under paid, under collected) week as an attorney -- I don't have to tell YOU what that's like, I'm sure you know. Interestingly, I have a distant cousin who I have yet to meet who is a fairly new attorney at a Bakersfield, CA hospital -- Teri Vieth. Her father, Robert Vieth, PhD is a long lost cousin I remember fondly from my younger years whom I looked up on the internet and established some prolonged telephone contact. He is a retired senior scientist -- don't remember where -- and he lives in Thousand Oaks, CA. I believe Bobby Vieth's degrees were in physics.

We need to talk -- soon.

Yes, it is a war between earthly kingdom and God's kingdom. That sums it up, if anything can. I have been so distressed by Christianofascism that I don't attend ordinary churches.
I attend fringe churches if any.

I too have had a long search for the right church, but my present hope is that Jesus will take us home to His kingdom soon so that the search may end, and that He may define what He wants in the way of social organization.

Concerning chipping for drug reminders, I do recognize the danger of where this might lead, but I know that reminding seniors of their medication times has become BIG business. In nursing homes and group homes catering to elders, the additional cost of medication monitoring is typically $500 to $1000 a month. Yes, that is no exaggeration. The cost are generally beyond most people's means, even without this added cost.
The days when families cared for elders even if it was very difficult are gone, I fear. I cared for Irv until he could no longer "transfer" to the bed, and within two weeks he died in a hospital...I see no one to take care of me, so I am hoping Jesus will, and I won't have to pay $500-$1000 a month for medication reminders; they will have to phase me out because I can't afford that.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. The only advice I am willing to give is to pray and seek guidance from the Lord. We are in perilous times, and while it may seem you are surrounded by enemies, you may be right where the Lord wants you to be. There may be work that He may call you to do that can only be done from your position. I was uncertain from where you were coming when I asked for your explanation, I hope I didn't come across as callous as it wasn't my intention.

As for me, I am simply a average guy in Michigan who a few years ago was looking for answers that I couldn't find within the church. I had noticed things which were happening within the church that were in direct opposition to the Lord, I had also noticed things within the world that didn't make sense in the context of what I was being told by media and politicians. It was here that I began praying for discernment and shortly thereafter discovered Constance and the body of work that had been uncovered about the New Age movement in its many forms. I have since learned much and become a regular contributor myself and more recently have taken on a huge research project of my own with the help of Susanna(another contributor)
I can only imagine how conflicted you must feel being in the midst of such things. I will pray that the Lord gives you the discernment you need. Welcome aboard.
Hello, I had a question. I recently read a very disturbing article on John MacArthur. It stated that his church was allowing the influence of the Purpose Driven Church/ Church growth movement. In addition, allowed Mohler to speak in his church. Does anyone know if this is true? I have always liked his books and have felt that he was solid biblically. I pray that this is not true, but with so many churches moving towards the Emerging Church movement it would not surprise me though. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

here is the link to the article:
As far as I am aware John MacArthur is rock solid. Because for many years he has been at the forefront of defending Biblical Christianity (for want of better words) I'm sure the blogosphere would light up at any indiscretion.
This is from Holly Pivec and Fulfilled Prophecy:

Alliance of Civilizations co-founder Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero attended the breakfast, Thursday, as President Obama’s special guest... The Spanish prime minister used his speech at the breakfast to praise the alliance’s work.

President Obama pushed hard for Zapatero to get an invitation to the breakfast, according to this column from Politics Daily. Zapatero’s invitation to the breakfast is both bewildering and alarming.

It’s bewildering because he’s an atheist — he doesn’t believe in a God who hears prayers. And it’s alarming because the Alliance of Civilizations — an initiative of the United Nations — has identified Bible-believing Christians as a threat to global security. One of the alliance’s stated goals is to “counter the influence of those who feed on exclusivism and claim sole ownership of the truth.” It’s High-Level Group has recommended requiring all religious schools to register with authorities and use pre-approved curriculum.

So what was Zapatero doing at the prayer breakfast?


I will have to take a deeper look at this. Anytime you have the Family and the AoC represented in one place, it can't be good. I will also ask Rich what he knows.
I believe I long since proved that at its internal core, "The Family" is far closer to "New Age" than "fundamentalist Christian."

If no other evidence existed,and plenty does, Paul Temple's role at the center of both Fellowship Foundation / International Christian Leadership and THE INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES proves that.

I have always enjoyed John MacArthur's commentaries and sermons, but we must all be aware that Satan will use the most trusted among us to creep in deception to the massses that almost worship them as infallible. They are not infallible and we must always sift EVERYTHING through the written Word.

Though MacArthur seems doctrinally sound I am concerned that in his testimony he can't remember the point where he was convicted of his OWN depravity and desperate condition before God. Here is a link to listen if anyone is interested.

Just remember that it is always dangerous to put anyone on a pedalstool. They will all disappoint you eventually. Christ is the only one to whom we can look.

Yes Na,

Hello. Zapatero was there to hear Obama's speech, the full text of which, follows right down the AOC line.

"...we have seen faith wielded as a tool to divide us from one another – as an excuse for prejudice and intolerance. Wars have been waged. Innocents have been slaughtered. For centuries, entire religions have been persecuted, all in the name of perceived righteousness."

"We know too that whatever our differences, there is one law that binds all great religions together....It is, of course, the Golden Rule.

"In a world that grows smaller by the day, perhaps we can begin to crowd out the destructive forces of zealotry..."

Yes, crowd it out. That's your purpose Mr. President. But before doing so, maybe you should define "zealotry", after all, most of the people on this blog could be considered zealots of one sort or another.

The "Messiah" revealed? Well, the revealed person doesn't like it very much.

Here is who Benjamin Creme of Share International claims is "Maitreya" the "Messiah!"

View the article here
Anon 10:11,

Creme has not named anyone as his guy. There have been some that have associated Patel with Creme's declaration, but Creme himself never claimed it was Patel.
Concerning Mac Arthur, if you want to know more about Fuller go to
There is a lot of research about it.
Well, now this link at share-international....
Well, if Patel is "the one", he'll have to grow his beard back in order to make the Muslim's happy. He will also have to continue laughing of his Hindu baggage, (which he does quite well actually.)

Otherwise, he fit's uncle Benny's description to a "T". Just a common man, with a slight stutter, and an otherworldly sense of humor.

Patel has done a great deal of work identifying the failures of our present world system. He's used humor to rip into virtually everyone associated with the present world order. His "apology" to Obama is a work of sly genius.

Raj, (don't call me RA), does preach another way to organize the world, something he mysteriously refers to as, "the commons". I say mysterious, because from what I've been able to gather from reading his blogs, articles and speech texts, he never does tell us anything really specific, except that we have to do something different than what we are currently doing.

Well duh.

Maybe he does a better job of spelling out the solutions in his new book. I wouldn't know, since I refuse to pay for it and have placed my name on a long waiting list at the library. The local librarian did tell me they ordered a lot of copies.

We do know that before the great "day of declaration" can come, the financial system must totally collapse and the world must appear to be on the brink of complete disaster.

That day may be at hand, as we've reached the point where it appears to be mathematically impossible to pay off the US debt.

We need another way, folks. We need to RE-organize the world in such a way that it will provide much fanfare for the common man.

Or so he, they, it, (whomever "he, they, it" turns out to be), will claim.

problem with Patel is he really doesn't fit with someone the jews or muslims would accept. It will have to be someone that would put both of them at ease. STill a bit early even.
One thing is sure about Raj Patel--he's gonna sell a lot of books. It's great talking about sharing our resources and criticizing capitalism, but it's even nicer to make a great deal of money doing so. I guess capitalism isn't so bad after all.
Concerning Macarthur, if you go to his page "Grace to You" you will see the sun, triangles, the A of grace is a triangle !
all this is very much like signs of freemasonry. The sun is very visible on the grey part of the page.
At the first page of his book the truth war, the W is a freemaconique signal, like at volkwagen, or Aglow international !
I spent quite some time watching the video of Walter Veight and he speaks and shows quite a lot about signs. He tells us that since Babel, they decided to speak by language. and to quote a french politician, talking about Babel saying : "this time we will arrive or achieve" (some one gave the name of W. Veight in this blog !)
At Share International I read an article that freaked me out. Here's an excerpt:

"When humanity sees Maitreya, whether they recognize Him or not, they will feel obliged to support Him or to reject Him and all He stands for: sharing, justice and peace. Thus will men be divided and known. Thus will the Sword of Cleavage perform its destined task, and thus will Maitreya know the readiness of men for change. Appearing before men as one of them, the Great Lord ensures that men follow and support Him for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His status."

This took me back to "Hidden Dangers..." where Constance points out what the plan is for Christians, Jews, and Muslims who refuse to go along with the "Plan." Benny (as Old Man of the Ski refers to, which I think is humorous) and his master mentions a "Sword of Cleavage," a clear distortion of Jesus' words in Matthew 10:34, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

Sword of Cleavage? What does this mean? Anyone who doesn't accept Maitreya will be terminated? Yipes!
Here we go again...Possible "third wave" outbreak of H1N1 is being reported:

We're going to need those chips real soon!
Sorry, that link was cut off:

Re MacArthur - everything he teaches is contra-ecumenism. In fact some even accuse him of being somewhat legalistic with his “Lordship Salvation” views. Don’t go by innuendo; listen to what the man preaches. I checked his site and see no overt occultic symbolism there. I imagine it would be hard to produce a graphic that didn’t remind someone of something pagan if they were looking for it. Keep in mind that Green Peace,the NA and Gay Activism have hijacked the rainbow symbol. How many of us would willingly put a rainbow sticker on our cars celebrating God’s promise not to destroy the world by water? As far as the seekgod site is concerned – that reads like a veritable Who’s Who. Some of those people mentioned there are staunch biblical Christians warning against ecumenism.
Peacebringer 1:04,

Uncle Benny has repeatedly said that Maitreya does not come alone. He's simply the top dog, (at least according to Creme).

Everyone who blogs here is well aware that there are MANY anti-christs, a few here and one over there, and another one over there, so many in fact, we can say they are legion.

Maitreya's position as "the one" is not going to be "declared" or revealed for some time, (again, according to Uncle Benny). There's likely another to fit most any expectation.

It's a cosmic shell game. What we do know, is that Uncle Benny is not in control. God is.

The common denominator is that they will all preach a "common destiny". They all will be leading a democratic "social" rebellion against the established order. And here's the rub- WE WILL LIKE THEM! In fact, we will find ourselves agreeing with so much of what each of them have to say, that it will make it all the more difficult for some of us to resist their pull.

The unity, peace, and compassion for the poor these "world teachers" speak of will tug at our heartstrings. Their common sense solutions will sound profoundly logical, especially in the face of economic collapse wars, famines, and civil unrest. So much so, that if it were possible, they will be able to deceive even the elect.

After all, don't you think it was a bit harsh for God to kick mankind out of Eden? Don't you think it's a bit cruel to make us obtain food from the sweat of our brow? Did we really deserve such punishment for the simple act of nibbling on the very fruit God put right in the middle of the whole freakin' thing? Food is our RIGHT, is it not?

These are questions that require a sure and steady answer. These are the questions that will test our faith in the coming days.

The man of sin's destiny lies in leading the final open rebellion against the Creator God, whose rule he will declare unjust. He will take as many with him as possible.

It all boils down to one simple question. Did Lucifer deserve to be kicked out of Heaven simply because he looked in the mirror and liked what he saw? Alice Bailey said no. Benjamin Creme and his Maitreya also say no.

What do you say?

What does God say?


Settled the most contentious file in my office today!

A good way to end the week, Constance!

I'm trying (rather unsuccessfully) to muster up enough ambition to finish updating a project spreadsheet...
I agree with you, pretty much, but I
disagree that all Lucifer did was
"look in the mirror and like what he
Lucifer thought that he could actually
overthrow The Lord God !
He said to himself "I will ascend to
ther most high and become greater
than The Lord".
He was planning mutiny !
Are you deceived ? I hope not.
There is no mention of Satan
looking in a mirror OR liking
what he saw...where did you
hear that ?

I was speaking metaphorically.

"Liking what he saw" implies exactly what the scripture says, that he (Lucifer), was filled with pride and started thinking, "Hey, I'm pretty awesome, maybe I should be God."

I believe whenever this Maitreya emerges, he's going to look pretty darn good to most of us also.

So therefore, see that you are not deceived.

We all need to keep working on that, (lest you think you are somehow immune?)

To omots @ 3:25 PM:
Re: "After all, don't you think it was a bit harsh for God to kick mankind out of Eden? Don't you think it's a bit cruel to make us obtain food from the sweat of our brow? Did we really deserve such punishment for the simple act of nibbling on the very fruit God put right in the middle of the whole freakin' thing? Food is our RIGHT, is it not?"


It was never about the 'fruit' . . . it was simply a TEST of obedience given by God . . . and Adam and Eve flunked that test!!!

God gave Adam and Eve everything. He provided them with the Garden of Eden . . . a PARADISE where they would never experience unhappiness, sickness, poverty, physical pain, hardship, etc.

ALL he asked of them was not to eat of the fruit of that ONE tree.

Adam and Eve were unable to control themselves by avoiding the temptation from the serpent (Satan) . . . who succeeded in convincing them that they would 'be as gods.'

Their sin was the ultimate sin of PRIDE . . . just as those who become permanently seduced by the New Age Movement today commit the sin of PRIDE.

The wages of sin are 'death' . . . death of that immortal soul for all eternity.

I was also trying to paint the fall of man, as well as Lucifer's fall, from the viewpoint of Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme, Donald Keys, A. Crowley, et. al. and especially the coming "man of sin". They all share an antagonism to God's kingdom which knows no bounds.

Yet, sadly, many "good" people are going to buy their argument that God's rule is unjust, especially when these "ascended masters" seem to offer mankind "a better way", a more "just social order", everything BUT an escape from judgment (which they believe is unwarranted anyway).

And when I say "they", it really all gets boiled down to the one who looked in the mirror and liked what he saw.

That's the way I see it.

To clarify my post @ 5:50 PM:

Romans 6:23 (King James Version)

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Your research and insight is greatly appreciated, as is your writing style. I miss the mark occasionally in my research (Patel) but have not missed the points you try to make. Keep up the good work.

I apologize. I thought maybe
you weren't speaking metaphorically
and that your belief regarding
the devil was just as you wrote. Duh.
It sounded very new age, and it
only now occurs to me who you are.
By the way, I'm not the anonymous
poster who also responded to your

Q: What does Tammie Faye Baker
have in common with Mt. Sunapee?
A: Five inches of fresh powder
on a twelve inch base.


A Canadian man, once heavily involved in the occult, is launching a boycott of both Hasbro and Toys-R-Us for marketing a new pink Ouija board for girls ages eight and up.

“This is the mainstreaming of the occult,” said John Cain, 50, of Ottawa, Canada. He first spotted something about the pink Ouija board on a Jan. 28 post appearing on the Catholic Answers Forum and decided to look into it.

He found an ad for the toy on the Toys-R-Us website which proudly proclaimed: “ . . . Now the OUIJA Board is just for you, girls.” The new flashy pink board comes with 72 questions to ask the board, a carrying case with storage pockets and instructions for how to use it to contact the dead. “Make up your own questions, and let the OUIJA Board satisfy your curiosity in virtually endless ways,” the site says. “OUIJA Board will answer. It’s just a game - or is it?”

To join the boycott, visit



Javier Solana is going to receive an award this year at the Munich Security Conference:

" . . . The Ewald-von-Kleist Prize of the Munich Security Conference will also be awarded for the second time. It is supposed to honor leading personalities of foreign and security policy who have committed themselves in an outstanding manner to the international peace and to conflict management. The prize winner of this year is the former EU Envoy and former NATO General Secretary Javier Solana. The tribute to Solana also underlines the creed of the Munich Security Conference. "It is a central place to deal with strategies of conflict prevention and conflict resolution ", Ambassador Ischinger explains. Also this 46th Munich Security Conference should trigger decisive impulses for the implementation of these strategies. '2010 shall be a year of actions", Wolfgang Ischinger sincerely hopes.'"

Dr. Monteith resigned from CNP years ago. I think Barbara Aho has done much valuable work. I also think she has gone off on some wild tangents. The "bloodline" part concerning the Monteiths is ridiculous.

Dr. Stanley Monteith....

I have met and talked with Dr. Monteith on several ocasions and have heard many of his radio programs, read many of his materials, attended his conferences for several years, etc. He is as solid as they come and definitley a watchman on the wall for all of us.

Dave In CA
Thanks Paul.

No apology needed. And I really appreciate your humor, needed a laugh, perfect timing.

Thank you too VW.

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